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Guidelines for Fanatic Fans

Guidelines for Fanatic Fans

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Published by: natasha088 on Sep 22, 2010
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Guidelines for Fanatic Fans What is a Fanatic Fan ? Why should I become one?

A Fanatic Fan is a fan who has access to posting in the Fan Club section. Fanatic Fans must actively contribute to the community to retain their fanatic fan status. The Fan Club rewards Fanatic Fans by highlighting their status across the website, and by occasionally inviting Fanatic Fans to cover special events are Bloggers / Photographers / Podcasters / Videographers. Fanatic Fans occasionally get special invites to RCB Fan Club events and we re always looking for creative ways to reward active participants. Fanatic Fans are expected to maintain good behavior on the site and assist community managers by answering questions raised by other fans online, and by helping to douse out online flame wars. Fanatic Fans should contact community managers directly via email should they have any concerns. What are the responsibilities of a Fanatic Fan? Fanatic Fans can do several different things to retain their status. 1. Put up at least 2 cricket related posts a month. For writers, these can be blogs around cricket, quizzes around cricket, analysis and links to great articles on cricket. For photographers, these can be photos, links to great photos on the web, tips on photographing cricket. For Podcasters / videographers, these can be interviews with players or fans, updates on cricket news/gossip, compilations etc. *These are just some suggestions; we love out-of-the-box blog posts as long as they are related to cricket and the Royal Challengers. 2. Become a Fan Moderator. If you re not a writer / photographer / quizzer, you can still contribute to the community and become a Fanatic Fan. You can become a moderator of a discussion forum. If you re forum is routinely cleared throughout the month (i.e., threads are in the right places, inappropriate language is censored), you can retain your monthly status. 3. Become a City Ambassador. For our fans who would rather contribute offline you can become a City Ambassador and organize meetups (both sponsored and un-sponsored) in your city. Meetups are events where RCB fans can come together to discuss and watch RCB matches, and to discuss any fan activities. Community Managers help promote these meetups, and City Ambassadors are responsible for putting up a post-meetup blog and photos to share with the Fan Club.

How can I become a Fanatic Fan ? There are three ways:

1. A fan has to apply to a specific contest (E.g. IPL Review Contest) 2. A fan as to be invited by a Community Manager (based on site activity / fan recommendations) 3. A fan has to reach out and email a Community Manager with details on a. What they intend to post online and how it will benefit the other fan fans b. Arranging a meet-up in a city based on Meet-Up Guidelines. If the meet up takes place and is successful, the fan can earn the title of City Ambassador and therefore become a Fanatic Fan How do I retain my status as Fanatic Fan ? You have to maintain 2 posts / month to retain your status. You also have to maintain good decorum on the site. Inappropriate behaviour (language, personal attacks etc) may result in termination of your status. If there are circumstances preventing you from posting 2 posts / month, do email a Community Manager and we will address your individual situation. (E.g. you have exams and need a two month leave). If you have been idle on the site for a period of 1 month or longer, you will receive an email warning you that you may lose your status as Fanatic Fan. You must reply within 2 business days, or become active to retain your status. If not, you will lose your stats us a Fanatic Fan. Can I re-apply after losing my status as Fanatic Fan? If you have been removed for being inactive, you may or may not be allowed to re-apply. This will be decided on an individual basis. I have more questions. We ll get you answers. Email natasha@royalchallengers.com I have suggestions! Great, we would love to hear them. Email natasha@royalchallengers.com

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