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Index of VMware Knowledge Base Articles ESX Server Clustering Notes Preventing the DHCP Server on a Virtual Network from Serving a Physical Network Enabling Verbose (Debug) Logging in Lab Manager 2.x Backing Up and Restoring Lab Manager Configuring tape drives and media changers on ESX 3.x Security Response to RHSA-2007:0095, "Critical: krb5 security update" ESX Server 3.0.1, Patch ESX-1000039: vmkernel Update Obtaining a VMware Converter 3.0 Enterprise License LUN suddenly becomes unavailable to one or more ESX Hosts Delay Separating Prompts Between Failed Logon Attempts Cannot Be Modified My Computer Does Not Hibernate and I Receive the Error Message, "Insufficient System Resources Exist to Complete the API" Disruption of VMware Tools Service Can Cause Error Messages to Appear During Virtual Machine Reboot Fully Qualified Domain Name Length Limit is Changed in ESX Server 3.0.1 and VirtualCenter 2.0.1 Pocket ACE Is Storing Session Data on a Remote File System and Displays the Error Message, "This Pocket ACE may have reduced performance." ESX Server 2.5.4 Patch 7 ESX-1000068: An Error Is Displayed when Attempting to Install the VMware Remote Console for Windows Locating VMware Workstation Serial Number ESX Server 3.0.1, Patch ESX-1000070: Timekeeping in Microsoft Windows 2000 SMP, VMware Tools Update for 64bit Virtual Machines ESX Server 3.0.0, Patch ESX-1000072: Timekeeping in Microsoft Windows 2000 SMP and the Windows Multimedia Timer Service ESX 3.0.1, Patch ESX-1000073: Kerberos Security Update VMware ESX Server 3.0.0, Patch ESX-1000074: Update to the esxupdate Utility ESX Server 3.0.1, Patch ESX-1000075: LSI MPT SAS Driver Update ESX Server 3.0.1, Patch ESX-1000077: Update to Host Agent ESX Server 3.0.1, Patch ESX-1000078: Update to VMkernel; Fixes for Critical Issues ESX Server 3.0.1, Patch ESX-1000079: Updates to Emulex Driver ESX 3.0.0, Patch ESX-1000080: Kerberos Sercurity Update ESX Server 3.0.0, Patch ESX-1000081: Update to Host Agent Migration with VMotion Fails When Destination Host Cannot Find Swap File New vmkerrcode Utility Displays VMkernel Errors Warning "UNSUPPORTED flags (0x1) -> EINVAL" Sent to Log During Virtual Machine Initialization Cannot Connect to Remote Client (CD-ROM or Floppy) from the Devices Tab of VMware Tools On NUMA Systems With More Than 64GB RAM, ESX Server Host Might Fail to Boot Virtual machine cannot be powered on because its working directory is not valid Purging old data from the database used by vCenter Server Determining whether virtual machines are configured to autostart Security Updates to Service Console Kernel The Pocket ACE Deploy Utility does not detect some high-capacity USB hard drives when running on the Microsoft Vista operating system. The IP Addresses in Instance View and Help Desk Are Out of Order Cannot Undo Revert Snapshot Security Response to XFree86 and X Server Integer Overflow Flaws The ACE Server Configuration Web Application Does Not Support Secure Remote Connections ACE Management Server and Trust Relationships Between Multiple Domain Controllers Cannot Block DHCP Traffic for an ACE Instance on a Linux Host USB Devices Don't Work Well with Linux 2.4.x Kernel Host Systems Do Not Connect a USB Device to a Pocket ACE Instance Problems Occur if You Unplug a Pocket ACE while the Pocket ACE Is Running Pocket ACE Performance Issues Problems Connecting to the Server Configuration or Help Desk Web Applications Display Name of Virtual NIC Does Not Change after Upgrading VMware Tools Migrating a Lab Manager Environment Apache Server Fails to Restart Requested by ACE Management Server Configuration Application Certain Characters Cause ace_upgrade.exe to Fail Activation Limits Are Not Working for Groups Inconsistent ODBC Driver Versions Cause Apache to Crash ACE Management Server Leaks Private Virtual Memory Load Balancing ACE Management Servers with chain.crt Certificates Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February, 2010, 17:49

Pocket ACE Performance Test Creates Inconsistent Results 64-Bit Virtual Machine Will Not Power On or Reports OS Not Found on ESX Server iPod Driver Doesn't Load in Guest Using Remote Desktop from a Guest to Connect to the Host Machine Freezes the Computer How to Make the Host Mouse Pointer Follow the Guest Mouse Pointer XFCE4 Default Icon Theme Can Cause a Core Dump Guest Crashes If Display Settings Specify Too Large a Size on Too Many Monitors DNS and WINS Information Sometimes Cannot Be Customized When Using File > Import Favorites List Sometimes Is Erased Pressing the Middle Button on a Thinkpad Releases the Cursor Shared Folders Might Not Appear for Ubuntu 6.04 Hosts with Windows Guests Can't Run Applications with the VMCI SDK on Windows Hosts "esxupdate -l query" Output Shows Missing Package Changing a Virtual Machine to Use a Different vSwitch Affects No Change Until Virtual Machine Is Restarted Configuring networking from the ESX service console command line Invalid Format Message When Creating or Changing a User Account Password Using VI Client Warning Messages Related to CCISS Driver while Starting HP Insight Manager on ESX Server 3.x Reading Files from DVD Optical Drives Seems to Consume an Unusual Amount of Time on HP ProLiant DL380 G4 Servers with ESX Server 2.5.3 Recreate Service Console Networking from the Command Line Using Samba shares with vcbRestore on ESX Server Service Console using domain logins Fedora Core 6 Virtual Machines Require LSI Logic Adapters Default Firewall Filter Does Not Allow for DNS Traffic Over TCP ESX Server 2.0.2 Patch ESX-1000271:No lspci Entries for Devices Assigned to VMkernel The vdf -h Command Displays Attributes of First Volume Only Unable to create a VMFS3 partition on a metaLUN or LUSE LUN Test connection fails with error -1073738824 - The specified object is not found on the system Named Pipes are Not Deleted If Relative Filenames Are Used "Unable to save snapshot file" Error Occurs When Taking a Snapshot VirtualCenter UI Is Not Refreshed Properly After Deletion of CD-ROM from Virtual Machine Changes in the Configuration of a Hardware iSCSI Card Not Reflected in the Properties Dialog Box Enabling VMotion for HP DL580 G3/G4 or ML570 G3/G4 Servers with Different BIOS Revisions Path Failover on Symmetrix LUNs Is Not Working on ESX Server Is a Server Reboot Required on ESX Server Hosts In Order to See Newly Presented LUNs from an EMC Symmetrix SAN? Repeated Extent Operation of the Same LUN to Existing VMFS volume Might Cause Data Corruption Controlling Which Virtual Machines and ACEs Run on a Host Setting up a VMKcore partition to capture purple screen output Advanced Disk Usage and Setup Options Recovering from a failed uninstallation or removal attempt How can I determine if a VMFS volume is on local or SAN-based storage? Unable to restart VirtualCenter after SQL Server fails Installing ESX Server 3.0.0 or 3.0.1 on Sunfire V40Z Server with Dual-Core AMD Opteron Processors Using Your ACE Option Pack ESX Server 2.5.5: System with Mixed 4GB and 2GB HBAs Might Fail to Operate If Divided Inconsistently Converting a physical blade server fails Adjusting the VMware High Availability failover timeout value Web Server Runs Slowly in a Windows 2000 Virtual Machine ESX Server 2.5.5: The mii-tool Does Not Operate Correctly on e1000 Network Adapter Collecting diagnostic information for VMware ACE 2.x Unable to Open Registry Key Error Occurs when Lab Manager Tools Is Configuring Guest A Case Mismatch Between the Backup Policy's Backup-List Mount Points and BACKUPROOT Might Cause VCB Backup Jobs to Fail Problem Installing VirtualCenter 1.4 with Web Service FAQ: VMware ACE 2.0.x Licensing VMware ACE Licensing Scenarios Guest operating system information is incorrect in VMware Infrastructure Client Windows XP SP2 Virtual Machine Fails to Boot (Can Only Boot in Safe Mode) - Error: "NOT_IMPLEMENTED vmcore/vmm/main/busmem.c:984" Dealing with iSCSI I/O Errors and Rejected Logins on iSCSI LUNs/Targets That No Longer Exist Problems with ACE 2 Virtual Printer Output Error Message About SCSIPORT.SYS Version or STOP 0x1E Error on Resulting Windows 2000 SP4 Virtual Machine Latency Problems with the Virtual Machine Console View Visual Studio Integrated Virtual Debugger Can Debug Only One Project at a Time esxupdate -l Query Shows Missing Packages and Wrong or Duplicate Package Versions Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February, 2010, 17:49

ESX Server Configuration Backup and Restore procedure Custom Attributes Are Not Always Being Displayed in VirtualCenter Client Console ESX Server 2.5.5: Unable to Perform Scripted Installation Using Virtual Media VMware HA Configuration Errors after VirtualCenter Server 2.0.1 Update Troubleshooting missing templates IPSec error within a Windows virtual machine Windows XP setup cannot find any hard disk drives during installation ESX Server 2.5.4 Patch: Proc Node Not Updated When QLE2460 HBA Speed Changes to 2Gbps in BIOS Capturing virtual switch traffic with tcpdump and other utilities Virtual machines fail to power on with a "Bad address" error after rebooting the ESX host ActiveX Console View Control Installation Error on Linux Moving or copying a virtual machine within a VMware environment License Administration Using an Options File Creating a virtual machine snapshot fails with the error: The attempted operation cannot be performed in the current state (Powered Off) VirtualCenter errors: "The Specified Key, Name, or Identifier Already Exists" and "Invalid Configuration for Device error" Invalid Search DN message received when configuring ACE Management Server to use LDAP authentication. Virtual Machines Won't Power On, Host Supports Only a Single CPU MSCS Requires 2Gb Fibre Channel HBAs on ESX Server 2.5.5 Error Occurs when Attempting to Add More Than 1024 Addresses to the IP Address Pool Workstation 6 Is Installed, but Cannot Locate and Install ACE Option Pack SQL Server Recovery Model Affects Transaction Log Disk Space Requirements Cannot install ESX patch with a No upgrade path exists error ESX Server 2.5.5: The vmware-cmd -H remote-host Command Does Not Work from a ESX Server 2.x Host for a Remote ESX Server 3.x Remote Host Not Enough Licenses error when using SMP or SAN on VMware Infrastructure 3 Starter Edition Disk I/O problems and poor performance with LeftHand NSM160 iSCSI storage array Performance module (vcpSysPerf) crashes in OLEAUT32.DLL with Windows Error Configuring the ESX Server firewall to use a custom heartbeat port to communicate to VirtualCenter SSL2 Is Required for the Return Proxy of ESX Server 3.x FQDN Is Limited to 31 Characters during Lab Manager Installation VMware license server tools (LMtools.exe) fails when the system settings tab is selected Red Hat 4 U4 64-Bit Guests Kernel Panic, Out of Memory Mapping a world virtual machine number to a virtual machine name in a vm-support dump ESX Server 3.0.1 Support for Built-In NVIDIA nForce Gigabit Ethernet on Sun Blade X6220 Server Modules VMware VMFS Volumes are Displayed Twice in HP Insight Manager Web Interface of the ESX Server Cannot use iSCSI or NFS over an etherchannel bond to a Cisco switch Script Recommends Change in Network Configuration Before Upgrade from ESX Server 2.x to 3.x VMotion fails with the error: problem detected at CPUID level 0x80000001 register 'edx' Exchange server peaks a virtual machine's CPU usage at 100% LMTools Crashes when System Settings Tab Is Selected ESX Server 2.5.5: Pegasus CIM Listener Does Not Operate Correctly on Some IBM Servers While IBM Director 5.20 U1 Installs ESX Server 2.5.5: IPMI Service Must be Started Manually After Installation of IBM Director 5.20 Update 1 ESX Server 2.5.5: Installation of IBM Director 5.20 Update 1 Displays Benign Warning Message Regarding Driver Error Messages In /var/log/vmware/esxcfg-firewall.log During Installation of ESX Server Editing or viewing virtual machine settings fails with the error: Value Cannot be NULL Identifying the ESX Service Console MAC address Not all Inventory Data Uploaded to Dashboard even if Force Full Export is Used and Data is Collected Correctly Error Message: "Could not perform operation because this object is busy" Determining detailed build number information for VMware ESX 3.0.x and 3.5.x hosts ESX Server 2.5.5: "kernel panic: Fatal Exception" After a Forced Reboot of RHEL4 U4 Virtual Machine Multiple duplicate characters for a single keystroke when working in the VMware console Number of Network Cards Supported During Default Installation of Solaris 10U3 64-Bit Virtual Machine ESX Server 3.0.0, Patch ESX-1001204: Samba Security Update ESX Server 3.0.0, Patch ESX-1001205: vixe-cron Security Update ESX Server 3.0.0, Patch ESX-1001206: BIND Security Update ESX Server 3.0.0, Patch ESX-1001207: Shadow-utils Security Update ESX Server 3.0.0, Patch ESX-1001208: OpenLDAP Security Update ESX Server 3.0.0, Patch ESX-1001209: PAM Security Update ESX Server 3.0.0, Patch ESX-1001210: GCC Security Update ESX Server 3.0.0, Patch ESX-1001211: GDB Security Update ESX Server 3.0.0, Patch ESX-1001212: Kerberos Security Update ESX Server 3.0.1, Patch ESX-1001213: Samba Security Update Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February, 2010, 17:49

5.5 Installation Stops on Sun Fire X4200 and X4100 Server Systems Certain graphical elements are not drawn in a virtual machine running Windows Conversion fails on a source running Windows NT with a Dell PERC 3 or 4 disk controller ESX Server fails to boot due to read-only file systems Availability of test automation tool plug-ins with Lab Manager http://www.5: Unable to Boot IBM LS21 Blade into linux-up Mode ESX Server 2. or file is denied" Restore Fails When Backup Client Agents Are Configured With Hostnames Collecting Inventory with WMI fails with error "Provider load failure" ESX Server and Reinstalling Managed Server Agent Software Generates NFS Datastore Error Creating a local VMFS volume generates the error: Error during the configuration of the host: Failed to update the disk partition information Cannot install LM Tools to a template that belongs to a domain VirtualCenter Server IP address change causes ESX hosts to disconnect How to Terminate a Long-Running Operation Using a Screen Resolution of 1024 x 768 in a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Virtual Machine Unity Is Not Working Across Multiple Monitors Microsoft Office prompts for activation after running Boot Camp virtual machine under Fusion Best Practice for copying a virtual machine to make a backup Corruption in Video Playback When Using Wyse Multimedia Support No Audio During Video Playback After Guest Operating System Resumes From a Suspend State Video Output Is Lost When Transitioning from Wyse RDP to Windows RDP on Another System Video Playback Performance Degradation After Migration with VMotion VMware Tools Upgrade on a Virtual Machine with Wyse Multimedia Support Installed Fails Fusion menu bar interferes with the operating system menu bar Using the Apple iSight camera in a Windows virtual machine High CPU utilization on a virtual machine after adding a VNIC Inventory Collection Fails with Error "Generic Failure" -2147217407 on SWbemServicesEx (WMI) Non-Maskable Interrupt (NMI) Errors Virtual Machine Crashes with a "NOT_REACHED C:/ob/bora-36983/bora/devices/mainmem/mainMemHosted.1 Using ISO Fails How to Register a Managed Server to a Different Instance of Lab Manager Remote console does not open with error "Access to the specified device.5. 17:49 . 2010.5.5.5: System with Mixed 4Gb and 2Gb QLogic HBAs Missing COS Device Files for SAN LUNs After Boot Installing ESX Server Licenses Data Collection fails with runtime error 70 "Permission Denied" on a Windows 2003 server Loss of network connectivity on some Sun servers using NVIDIA network controller Starting and Stopping Recording of Virtual Machine Activity from Within the Guest VI Client Times Out when Adding New Storage License server cannot read license file if name is too long Messages log contains "floppy0: disk absent or changed during operation" Cannot deploy a new virtual machine from a template .c:964 bugNr=45226" Error Message Taking a Snapshot of a Virtual Machine with Independent.1.5: Unable to Restore Data Backed Up Using Commvault 6.gronau.1 SP4 Server in Windows Virtual Machine Security Response to CVE-2007-1861 A security alert is seen from external security software about a possible SMURF network attack IIS Port Details are not Collected When Generating VirtualCenter Server Log Bundle VirtualCenter Server Crashes and Logs an "unable to allocate 272 bytes of shared memory" ODBC Error VMware Converter agent fails to install due to a connection error Unable to upgrade existing VMware Tools Cannot re-add an ESX host to VirtualCenter Unable to Disconnect Virtual CD-ROM or Floppy Disk Template customization fails on Windows Vista with the error: Object reference not set to an instant of an object How to Determine the Version of the Managed Server Agent ESX Server 2. path.4 and 2.Invalid configuration for device "1" Replacing the Existing Statistics Rollup Stored Procedure DNS and Routing do not display in the Virtual Infrastructure Client [Archived] vmware-cmd fails with error about missing PERL Libraries Troubleshooting not enough licenses when connecting an ESX host to VirtualCenter Collecting diagnostic information for VMware Infrastructure SDK Reverting from a Snapshot Fails to Capture the Earlier Change in RAM Uninstalling Lab Manager 2.ESX Server 3.0. Patch ESX-1001214: vixe-cron Security Update Templates Are Missing from Inventory All console networking suddenly stops in ESX 3. Non-Peristent Disks Fails ESX Server 2.0.5: Installation of IBM Director 5.1 Conversion wizards fails with error Can't determine guest OS when converting a source running Windows 2003 Optimizing iSCSI software initiator performance and NIC teaming ESX Server Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.20.

1.0.Client Backups Fail with Firewall Enabled Unable to Launch VMware Tools Help in Solaris 10 All servers stop collecting performance data after a local network outage Windows applications do not appear in Dock when using Unity Mode.x Reusing a Capacity Planner installation Expanding a Volume in a Lab Manager Environment ESX Server 3.HostNotReachable" Cannot Convert a Windows 2003 Enterprise Ed (SP1) Machine to a Virtual Machine Backups Fail if the Virtual Machine Name Contains Spaces Using iSight in Mac OS X After Using in a Virtual Machine Corrupts Video Troubleshooting VMware High Availability (HA) Reverting a snapshot fails with a permission denied error Cannot log into the ESX host service console after setting up Microsoft Active Directory authentication Troubleshooting a dashboard password reset not allowed message Choosing a Complete Install in the VMware Tools Installer Does Not Install Wyse DLLs After Upgrading An ESX Server Host. VirtualCenter May Fail to Start MKS Console Does Not Appear Over Remote X Authentication pcnet32 loads Instead of vmxnet on ESX 3.1. Patch ESX-1001693: OpenLDAP Security Update ESX Server 3.0. Patch ESX-1001691: BIND Security Update ESX Server 17:49 .2 Moved Virtual Machine Does Not Retain Information About Applications Displayed in the Mac Dock VMware Fusion Virtual Machines Become Unresponsive or Quit Unexpectedly During Suspend and Snapshot Operations Some File Systems Unable to Support Very Large Files http://www. Patch ESX-1001694: PAM Security Update Switching to Unity View Might Cause Failure When Sheet Dialog Box Is Open in Virtual Machine Window VMware Fusion Virtual Machines Displayed on Secondary Monitor Have Incorrect Screen Resolution Installing Wyse Multimedia Support in ESX 3.b prompt Option Enabling trivia logging in VirtualCenter New VMFS Volumes Exposed to the VCB Proxy Requires Rescan vcbMounter Fails and Reports the Exception: "vmodl.0.fault.0.gronau. 2010.20.1 Server Console Does Not Display Emulex Fibre Channel Card Information in Inventory>Hardware>Adapter VirtualCenter fails to start with a Primary Key Constraint error Cannot connect to the WebAccess website Virtual Machine Becomes Unresponsive When You Open a Document from a Fusion Shared Folder Windows Explorer Becomes Unresponsive or Quits When You Access Fusion Shared Folders [Archived] Files in DivX Digital Media Format Do Not Display Correctly in Windows Media Player Fusion Windows Easy Install Does Not Work for Vista [Archived] VMware Fusion Fails with an ASSERT When I Run a 3-D Application Using VMware Fusion with the Cisco VPN Client Adding three or four-day choices to lease times menu VMware Fusion Fails to Remount the Boot Camp Partition Tips on using a Macintosh keyboard After Installing VirtualCenter 2. or "unable to remap drive" Error Message Generating a manual memory dump in a virtual machine Windows Vista Cannot Detect CD-ROM Drive Troubleshooting Email Issues Virtual machine does not power on and there is high CPU reservation Runtime error when temporary directory path contains non-English characters ESX Server 2.x Restore Fails When Using vcbResAll With &ndash.fault.0.5: Error Message Appears During Tools Installation Propero workSpace Server Agent Settings Unable to upgrade VMFS file system: Function not implemented Sound Does Not Work in Virtual Machines Running Windows 2003 Server 64-Bit Enterprise Edition R2 Mac System Software Unexpectedly Disables Intel Vanderpool Technology IBM Director 5. VMX Configuration Values for Ethernet Are not Retrievable Using Current Perl Scripting API and vmware-cmd VMFS Datastores Are Inaccessible After Upgrading the PERC 4 Firmware on Systems with ESX Server 3.0.OsVersionNotFound" Reverting a snapshot fails in VirtualCenter with the status: In Progress Synchronizing Archived CSV Files to the Information Warehouse Solaris DHCP Clients Might Not Get Hostname if DHCP Server Is Not Solaris Some space missing from a new VMFS data store due to hidden files Converter Fails at 97%: "No Active Partitions". Installing Wyse Multimedia Support Fails From Command Line Conversion fails at 99% with the error "Unable to determine guest OS" or " Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February. Patch ESX-1001692: Shadow-utils Security Update ESX Server 3. "Unable to determine guest operating system".1.

Patch ESX-1001734: Daylight Saving Time Update ESX Server 3.dll and vielib. Patch ESX-1001732: VMkernel Update: Fix for Duplicate Packet Issue ESX Server Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.0 Beta Fusion Does Not Support Multiple Displays In Unity View Windows in Unity View Become Frozen in Position ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1001729: GCC Security Update ESX Server 3.2.0. 17:49 . Patch ESX-1001731: Kerberos Security Update ESX Server 3.x to the latest version ESX 3.2. Patch ESX-1001727: OpenLDAP Security Update ESX Server 3.0 Quits Unexpectedly After Change to the Floppy Settings Virtual Machine's Windows Program Applications Are Not Correctly Displayed After Upgrade from VMware Fusion 1.2.Changing the Resolution on a Host Mac While a Virtual Machine Is in Unity View Causes Mouse and Display Problems VMware Fusion 1. Patch ESX-1001735: Daylight Saving Time Update Quitting the application from the Mac dock does not work in Unity View Unity View not supported when mulitple users are logged into Windows Configuration File Option Causes the Mouse Not to Work in Unity View Switching to Unity View While a Snapshot Operation Is in Progress Can Result in Unpredictable Display Behavior Turning Off Debugging Might Not Work Some Files Are Not Correctly Uninstalled When You Uninstall VMware Fusion Virtual Machine Responds to Mouse Input Incorrectly VMware Tools CD-ROM Icon Does Not Mount when Installing VMware Tools on RHEL 5 with CD-ROM Connected Powering on multiple virtual machines may cause system to run slowly The alarm triggers for virtual Machine disk usage and network usage report numbers over 100% On Macs with More Than One CD-ROM Drive. ESX-1001902.2. 2010.2. Patch ESX-1001728: PAM Security Update ESX Server 3.66. bnx2 Driver Upgrade. Patch ESX-1001733: Daylight Saving Time Update ESX Server ESX-1001903.0. Support for Broadcom 5709 Based Network Card (NIC) ESX 3.4.2 Unable to add a physical mode disk mapping (RDM) to a virtual machine stored on an NFS datastore Manually forcing VMware Fusion to use specific network interfaces or connections Setting Custom Video Memory Size in Fusion "Please insert the Disk:1" Alert Dialog Box Appears when Upgrading VirtualCenter 2.0.0.x USB Is Not Working after Upgrading to ESX Server cciss Driver Upgrade to 2.0. ESX-1001904. Physical CD-ROM Drives Cannot Be Moved Between Running Virtual Machines Guests display a solid white screen when very high resolutions are used on Mac or virtual machine Virtual Machines Stored on Drives Formatted with FAT32 Can Fail in VMware Fusion X Graphical Windows System Not Supported in Linux Unless VMware Tools Installed Sound Problems in Virtual Machines Running Microsoft Vista 32-Bit When a Virtual Machine Is Running on a Writable Removable Device.0.0. nVidia Forcedeth Interrupt Storm Fix http://www.2. Removing the Device Causes Problems Copied virtual machines do not show a Fusion icon in the Finder An error is randomly seen stating that the database cannot be opened After upgrading the virtual hardware the virtual machine still shows that it is the previous version "Internal Error 2738" when installing LMTools in a Windows guest VMware VI3 support with NetApp MetroCluster Security Response to CVE-2007-4059 and CVE-2007-4155: ActiveX Vulnerabilities in IntraProcessLogging. Patch ESX-1001726: Shadow-utils Security Update ESX Server 3.0. Patch ESX-1001723: Kerberos Security Update ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1001730: GDB Security Update ESX Server 3.dll Choosing a network adapter for your virtual machine [Archived] Fusion Does Not Restore Virtual Machine to Unity View After Mac Dock Launch Unable to Install or Update Sun Solaris Guest OS Applications that use MDI might not display correctly in Unity View VMware Fusion Does Not Support Drag-and-Drop Operations Between Linux Virtual Machine and Host Configuring the SVGA Video Driver on Older Versions of Windows Virtual Machines [Archived] Control-Clicking in Unity View Does Not Work If Boot Camp Virtual Machine Was Created in VMware Fusion Beta 3 ESX host shutdown displays the message: Syncing hardware clock to system time [FAILED] Local SMB Storage Capacity Information Displayed in the Lab Manager Web Console Is Incorrect New virtual machine creation fails with unable to access file message [Archived] Customizing Virtual Machine's Mouse Settings for Playing Games in VMware Fusion [Archive] Options for Migrating GSX Server Virtual Machines to ESX Server 3.2. Patch ESX-1001725: BIND Security Update ESX Server 3. Security Updates ESX Server 3.x & VirtualCenter 2.gronau. Patch ESX-1001724. Support for 16+ Logical Drives ESX 3.2 Udpate 1.0.2.

0.1.2. Updates to VMware-esx-vmx and VMware-esx-tools. only the Industry Average ESX Server 2. vpxa Upgrade Failure.x Product Home Page.0. Patch ESX-1002084.2.DLL with an error Virtual machine fails to power on with the error "the parent of this virtual disc cannot be opened" VirtualCenter does not start when connecting to Oracle Database Inventory data collection on Linux Servers does not return RAM (memory) values Guest operating system cannot connect to the physical serial port vmdk file copied from the command line cannot be found or used Server Groups on Dashboard do not update when changed from Collector Product key field in Windows Easy Install does not accept serial number Installing Guest Operating Systems from ISO Images Powering on a virtual machine or accessing the console fails with a handshake error Physical raw mapped drives are now showing up as unknown and unallocated Virtual machine stops responding during backup Virtual machines are removed from VirtualCenter Resource Pools Automatic Configure Option to Format a VMFS Volume from a Solaris Virtual Machine Fails Resolving a "VMWare converter agent interface version is not compatible" message VMware High Availability isolation event occurs when one of the teamed vmnics is disconnected and reconnected Setting Isolation Response and Restart Priority values at the cluster level in VMware Infrastructure Client Best practices and advanced features for VMware High Availability ESX Server 3.0. Patch ESX-1002096.0. Support for OEM Windows SLP ESX Server 3.0.0. Patch ESX-1002094. Patch ESX-1002083. Patch ESX-1002101.2.5.0. Patch ESX-1002087. Patch ESX-1002088. SMBIOS Fix. ESX-1001907. Update to VMware backuptools ESX Server 3.0. Support for the LSI Logic 1078 HBA ESX 3.2. Fix for VMware vdf Utility No more space for the redo log error when attempting to start a virtual machine Enabling VMware SNMP Support Benign Warning Message When Running vm-support Consistent EMC CLARiiON LUN presentation to ESX hosts [Archived] slow performance during transfers Setting Multiple Isolation Response Addresses for VMware High Availability QLogic Host Bus Adapter does not show any targets on the iSCSI array Cannot power on virtual machines in VirtualCenter Backing up virtual machines from the command line VMware HA Agents Fail to Automatically Reconfigure After Network Connectivity is Restored How to attach and configure an XRAID storage Attempting to activate license features produces an error [Archinved] backup jobs fail at pre-backup.0.2. Support for New Network Interface Card (NIC) ESX Server host requirements for link aggregation Performance module (vcpSysPerf) fails in PDH. AMD CPU 64-bit Guest Operating System Support ESX 3. Support for 64-bit Guest Libraries. Networking Issues. ESX-1001908.rpm Updates ESX Server 3.5: The Command /proc/version Shows Linux OS Redhat 7. Installing vmxnet Correctly. 2010.2. ESX-1001905. PBMs for SLES 10 SP1 ESX Server 3.0. Fixes for vmklinux Heap Allocation Failure. 17:49 . Update to VMkernel.2. Patch ESX-1002082.1. Updates to VMware backuptools ESX Server 3.1. VMkernel Updates ESX Server 3.0.0. Updates to VMware Tools.1 (for ESX Server mode) and 7.1. Update to Allow Snapshot with RDM Disks Attached.bat VMware Tools install/upgrade stops responding on Veritas Storage Foundation VMware HA cluster node Changing the virtual SCSI controller of a virtual machine Performance Dashboard Enterprise Summary shows no servers.0. Update to Allow Snapshot with RDM Disks Attached. e1000 Driver Upgrade.1.0. Extraneous Warning Messages ESX Server 3.2. Latent Ping Response.0. Patch ESX-1002093. Updates to VMware-esx-drivers-scsi-vmkiscsi and VMware-esx-iscsi. Support for NetApp specific OpCode.1. Patch ESX-1002097.ESX 3.gronau.2 (for UP http://www. Updates to VMware-hostd-esx ESX Server 3.0.2. Other VMware-hostd-esx.1.1. megaraid_sas Driver Upgrade. Patch ESX-1002081. Patch ESX-1002086.0. QLogic 4Gb HBA Firmware Upgrade ESX Server 3. PRE-enablement Support for AMD and Intel CPUs ESX Server 3.0. Patch ESX-1002085. Fix for iSCSI Path Bring-up Failure ESX Server Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.0. Fix for Time Gain in Windows OS.0.1. Other VMware-hostd-esx. ESX-1001906.1. Support for 64-Bit Guest Libraries. PBMs for SLES 10 SP1 ESX Server 3. Fix for Time Gain in Windows OS ESX Server 3.rpm Updates ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1002090. Fixes For Detecting LSI Logic Controller. vpxa Upgrade Failure. Fix for Time Gain in Windows OS ESX Server 3. Internationalized ESX Server 3.0. VMkernel Updates ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1002095. Patch ESX-1002100.1. Compilation Failure With GuestSDK Header Files ESX Server 3. Support for NetApp-specific OpCode. Patch ESX-1002089.

2 or Later [Archived] Unable to add new VMFS partition to local array Committing snapshots when there are no snapshot entries in the snapshot manager Removing an ESX host with running virtual machines from VirtualCenter ESX vmnic device numbering considerations for blade servers http://www. but shows up fine on second host.5.x to 3. Line5.2.0.1 Allows Anonymous Access to Guest Operating Systems as the Console User on Workstation 6.Cannot power on virtual machine Disabling Shared Folders After the Next Session On Older Virtual Machines with Windows 95. After migrating a virtual machine from ESX 2.1 Cannot create an ACE package without VMware Tools installed to the virtual machine Forcing the virtual machine's real-time clock to match its host on each power cycle VirtualCenter Disallows User Names With Non-ASCII Characters One LUN could not be opened only using fullvm backup mode error in VMware Consolidated Backup [Archived] clone from template with customize causes vi client to lose connection and the VC service stops Adding a network adapter to an ESX 2. adding another disk file fails MSCS cluster configured in Windows 2000 cannot access the shared RDM LUN Modified coldclone.and SMP mode). 2010.iso CD fails to boot Creating a virtual machine snapshot fails with the error: File already exists "Out of Memory" error when running Inventory Creating floppy images for use with Fusion [Archived] VI Client does not show the red-orange-green status dots Swapping CDs when software installation needs multiple discs [Archived] LUN scaning errors Adding a Program to the Unity Applications Menu Swapping the Option and Command keys in a virtual machine Shutdown and suspend guest menu options are missing Third party launcher may cause an error on Fusion launch Troubleshooting Windows 2003 guest operating system performance issues on ESX Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.0 [Archived] VirtualCenter Service fails with the error: Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_VPX_TASK' Cannot power on a virtual machine from VMware Infrastructure Client because of low disk space Non-US date and number format regional settings may cause errors in Stage Manager and Lab Manager [Archived] Do not see LUNs in the "add storage" menu Abnormal CPU spike with Anti-virus installed in virtual machine Debugging a Request Sent to the Server to Create a New Virtual Machine Incomplete Uninstallation Prevents Installing an Update Memory Slider Control Might Be Missing from Virtual Machine Settings and Wizard on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Hosts Stale samba/smb mounted on /tmp .vmx) on an ESX Server Broadcom BCM5715S (NC326m) does not link at 100Mbps to a Cisco 2950 switch port Cannot mount ISO files because Browse Datastore is disabled Troubleshooting when a virtual disk is either corrupted or not a supported format Cannot backup using VMware Consolidated Backup on the Fujitsu Eternus 4000 storage array Configuring fibre switch so that ESX Server doesn't require a reboot after a zone set change MSCS Support for Both 4Gb and 2Gb Fibre Channel HBAs on ESX Server 3. is an invalid character.2 host Cannot install VMware Tools because a virtual machine's CD-ROM drive does not work Adding a Managed Server yields Error '' hexadecimal value 0x1B. The Add Extent wizard includes a warning message regarding data loss after extending a LUN ESX cannot access VMFS datastore after the VCB (VMware Consolidated Backup proxy server) connected to this VMFS volume [Archived] Adding iSCSI LUN crashes ESX host Virtual machine power on error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object VirtualCenter randomly fails when connected to an Oracle database [Archived] Host machine only support one CPU Message appears with deploying tempate ESX host cannot contact License server because license server is not working [Archived] the properties screen is blank for datastore on 1 host.5. 17:49 .0.gronau. VMware Tools Upgrades Are Sometimes Incomplete Datastore size and free space do not update when VMware Infrastructure Client is connected to VirtualCenter CD-ROM or networking does not work on the virtual machine after converting a physical Windows NT server Qlogic qla4052c iSCSI Host Bus Adapter cannot see the storage array Recovering a lost partition table on a VMFS volume Write-cache disabled on storage array causing performance issues or failures Temporary directory on the VMware Consolidated proxy is not cleaned up after a successful backup Resolving SCSI reservation conflicts Recovery of a lost or deleted virtual machine configuration file (.0. position 12 Mouse cursor and networking stops working after installing VMware Tools on a Windows virtual machine converted from Microsoft Virtual Server or Virtual PC VIX API 1.

2. Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.5: Option to Avoid Server Reboot Prompt During Upgrade Using upgrade.5.0.1. Patch ESX-1002423. Patch ESX-1002430.0. 17:49 . and Honduras [Archived] Blue screen on Shutdown and error: bug code USB driver Using a VMware Workstation virtual machine in Fusion Accessing data on a FireWire hard disk in from a guest operating system Unable to open the Remote Console from the VMware Infrastructure Client Test Connection fails both Remote Registry and Perfmon tests Edited CSV files are rejected when uploaded to the Information Warehouse How to Delete Raw LUNs Safely with ESX Server 2.gronau. Updates to VMware-esx-vmx and VMware-esx-vmkernel. Updates to VMware Tools.0. Fix for VMware vdf Utility ESX Server vmkping and ramcheck VMotion fails with the error: Migration to host failed with error timeout (0xbad0020) Updating the SQL login credentials for VirtualCenter Enabling guest customization if it is greyed out Install of Windows XP via RIS is taking a long time VMware HA not enabled after ESX Server reboot Revert to snapshot causes virtual machine to be suspended Deploying a virtual machine from a template generates a general system error Virtual machine does not boot after being converted from a physical RedHat machine Editing a Virtual Machine with a Duplicate UUID.0.x No access to machines on different domains: Error "2147481648" during test connections.5.2.0.x Legacy Templates Using VirtualCenter 2. Fix for iSCSI Path Bring-up Failure ESX Server 3. Updates to VMware-hostd-esx ESX Server 3.0. Support for PCI-X NICs on IBM System x3655 ESX Server 3. VI Client Updates ESX Server 3. Updates to VMware-esx-vmx For Detecting LSI Logic Controller ESX Server 3. Fixes For Installing vmxnet Correctly. Fix For Detecting LSI Logic Controller.bios Determining the amount of memory installed from ESX command line VMware Consolidated Backup fails for non-administrative user After updating the kernel on a Linux host.2. Turks and Caicos Islands. Patch ESX-1002426.0. Patch ESX-1002431. Fixes for Issues With Incorrect IP header.5 Incomplete SOAP Message Sent to the Web Services API Can Increase CPU Usage in ESX Server Host or VirtualCenter Server iSCSI LUNs Are Not Accessable After Reboot Until Rescan VMware Consolidated Backup file level backup operation fails with: Error while opening disk ESX Server 3. Heap Allocation Failure. VMware Workstation stops functioning ESX host stuck "in progress" when entering maintenance mode Identifying the firmware of an HBA Guest Operating System Standby Feature Removed in VirtualCenter Server 2.2007 Daylight Saving Time Change for New Zealand.0.2.5. Patch ESX-1002428.0. Compilation Failure With GuestSDK Header Files ESX Server 3. Updates to VMware-esx-drivers-scsi-vmkiscsi and VMware-esx-iscsi.0. Patch ESX-1002435. QLogic 4Gb HBA Firmware Upgrade ESX Server 3.0. Support for PCI-X NICs on IBM System x3655 Shared LUN Fills Up When Upgrading ESX 2. Haiti. Patch ESX-1002424.0. Exchanging Windows Workstation and Linux serial numbers http://www.x Administrator role cannot perform VMotion Embedding Virtual Machines in Web Browsers Virtual machine does not start after starting previously ESX Server requires two rescans to detect all available paths to virtualized storage from Hitach Data Systems NSC/USP arrays LUN detected as a snapshot because LUN presentation settings were incorrect CPUPerf and CPUPerf2 Time Fields VMkernel Generates "ALERT: MTRR: 103: BSP has 36 physical bits but AP 7 has 38" During Boot ESX Server 2.2. Patch ESX-1002436. cciss Driver Upgrade ESX Server Installation Fails with "Kernel Panic: Attempting to kill the idle task!" Message Troubleshooting a virtual machine that appears as invalid Using esxupdate to upgrade an ESX host [Archived] Attempting to enter the file path produces an error Deploying a template fails with the error: Failed to deploy template from a specified parameter was not correct MAC and IP address conflict in a virtual machine How to import a virtual machine with snapshots [Archived] VCB mounter fails on NFS share ESX Server 2. Megaraid SAS Driver Upgrade ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1002422. Patch ESX-1002438. Patch ESX-1002427: Update to the bnx2 Driver ESX Server 3.0. Patch ESX-1002425.1. Patch ESX-1002437. Updates to VMware-esx-vmkernel and VMware-esx-vmx. Patch ESX-1002429.5. Updates to VMware-hostd-esx ESX Server 3. Support for OEM Windows SLP ESX Server 3.

5.2 Converting a VirtualCenter database running on Microsoft SQL 2005 Express to Microsoft SQL 2005 Standard Renaming a virtual disk The command "/usr/bin/killall -q -s KILL VMap" fails and returns the error code 1 [Archive] One ESX host cannot see any primary nodes Capturing virtual switch traffic on ESX 2.x template to ESX Server 3.Poor remote console performance to a virtual machine through VMware Infrastructure Client [Archived] Tomcat process using high CPU Changing the virtual network card from 10Mbps operation [Archived] Virtual machine operation cannot be performed in current state Virtual machines cannot power on an ESX 2.5 Understanding the Memory Active and Memory Usage indicators on the Performance tab http://www.X using tcpdump Adding a new host to a VMware High Availability cluster fails with the error: User Not Found.0.0. 2010.5.0. due to template registration problem ESX host boot process fails to complete with a Kernel panic error 64-Bit Windows Host May Crash with Blue Screen When Booting a Linux Paravirtualized Kernel Unable to configure VMware High Availability because the Default Gateway cannot be reached Virtual Machines not listed under the ESX Server on the Hosts and Clusters View of VirtualCenter VirtualCenter error "Check if the name is properly formatted" A second VirtualCenter server does not licence after upgrading to VirtualCenter 2.2 Update Release Concurrent Cloning of Virtual Machines Using A Single Template With Guest Customization Fails Disabling Balloon Driver Cloning fails when source has multiple partitions or disks using the BlockClone method to ESX host Inventory collection is slow across WAN [Archived] VMotion of Linux VM from ESX 2. VI Client Might Incorrectly Display RDM LUNs in Physical Compatibility Mode as Available Disk when Storage Virtualization Devices Are Used [Archived] CPU0 will spike to 100% until it is taken out of the cluster and then rebooted VirtualCenter fails when removing the last host from a cluster Unable to edit VM bios from Virtual Center BootRun Service May Prevent Power On of VM Deployed From Template [Archived] How to clone an existing virtual disk and create a VM to use it Determining if the Current Session Is Still Active After Reboot Changing the Timeout Value in C# .0.0.2 or Any VirtualCenter 2. ESX Hosts Might Experience Read Performance Issues with Certain Storage Arrays Troubleshooting a general system error that occurs when powering on a virtual machine How does Capacity Planner handle clustered servers? InstallShield Sometimes Stops Responding When Upgrading From Any VMware Consolidated Backup Version Prior to 1.x is compatible with what version of SVC? NLB Cluster can't route to remote subnets in multicast mode.2 host that have recovered from a power failure Preventing data loss during upload due to "black hole" proxy MSCS Requires 2Gb Fibre Channel HBA on ESX Server 2. Access Denied Performing V2P (virtual to physical) migrations What are the differences between Converter Starter and Converter Enterprise? ESX host displays the message "Configuration changes were not saved successfully during previous shutdown" Creating a virtual disk within a virtual machine with VMware Infrastructure Client fails with an insufficient disk space error VMware HA configuration fails with the error: VMAP_hostname process failed to stop VirtualCenter administrators may lose admin rights when members of restricted groups Recreating a missing virtual disk (VMDK) header/descriptor file Fail to log on to Web Interface Disk space error when running vm-support from an ESX Service Console Convert an ESX Server Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.4 with Existing SCSI Driver When performance collection is run.x template File System Becomes Read-Only on Ubuntu-7.gronau. 17:49 .5 to ESX 3.NET for Web Service Requests Updated Localized Resources Not Installed When Upgrading to VirtualCenter 2.x to Novell eDirectory.5.5 VirtualCenter failing to start. an MSI installer window appears on the remote server Cannot Enable HA on Hosts After Upgrading VC and ESX Server Failed to deploy template: a general system error occurred: unexpected customization error Newly extented VMFS datastore fluctuates between the old size and new size Upgrading an ESX host that is managed by Lab Manager [Archived] Setup LDAP authentication on a ESX 3.x causes a Purple Screen Administrator Users Do Not Have the Ability to Clone a VM Correctly configuring firewalls for data collection Agent prompts for location of MSI file during uninstall What version of ESX 2.0.

4.0.x when updating from a IIS Web Repository Adding a SCSI passthru device on a SCSI adapter bus causes SCSI reservations on Windows clusters ESX host can't write out new initrds while running esxcfg-boot or during an upgrade with esxupdate Enable Browse Datastore for Users at Datacenter Level VirtualCenter only displays the IP address of the last virtual NIC in a multi-NIC virtual machine Determining the number of ESX host CPU licenses a server requires Results of pre-built reports do not match results of a similar custom report Legato Networker hangs with 0% progress when VCB Integration module is used Service Console Redundancy for VMware High Availability Ensuring Counters Are Unique Across ESX Server and VirtualCenter Versions ComputeResourceSummary. 2010.x Cannot deploy a template or mount an ISO image after upgrading from ESX 3.1 Host Migrating a virtual machine fails with the error: Validation migration exception .Running Symantec Veritas NetBackup fails with the error: Status Code 57 VCB Commands Return Wrong Version on ESX Server 3.4 Server root file system goes read-only on HP server Unable to add a host to vCenter and cannot establish SSH connection using the hostname [Archived] Moving a VM from the Discovered folder in VirtualCenter to the Datacenter is not permitted. 17:49 .66-1VMS Adding a host to VirtualCenter fails with the error: A general system error occurred After upgrading VirtualCenter the error message A General system error occurred: pending vpxa update appears Managed Servers page is not updating/refreshing Storage page (virtual machine or media) is not refreshing/updating VCB File level mount fails with the error message: "Error: The System Folder could not be found.2 [Archived] Improve SAN Performance by Enabling Write Back Cache Unable to Delete Snapshots After Restore From Backup Unresolved Symbols Logged During Application of ESX Server 3. ESX hosts disconnect after building new a VirtualCenter Server with old Hostname and IP Address Virtual machine stops responding in a Power On state in VirtualCenter vcbMounter backup fails with error: A general system error occurred: vmodl.1 VMnix Patches VMkernel default route gets removed after reboot when the service console uses an IP address acquired via DHCP.0.5.0.MethodNotFound." Email alerts are not being sent/received as expected A time out occurs when exporting or importing a template or configuration Inconsistent Datastore Labels in Cluster Cannot Manage ESX Servers With VirtualCenter After Upgrade to 3.0.0.fault.0.0.1 to 3.2. With S/W iSCSI enabled. Failed login to ESX host using VMware Infrastructure Client http://www.0.x or Virtual Center 2.2 When doing a Clone of a SQL Server sysprep fails to update the SQL Server Name Red Hat Virtual Machines Can Hang due to Red Hat Network Monitor Problems VirtualCenter host error: Error during the configuration of the host: Already exists DRS migrations are not logged by VirtualCenter ESX 2. Loss of access to iSCSI targets will occur upon reboot VirtualCenter randomly fails with Oracle error Configuring VMware HA fails when trying to contact a removed host [Archived] How to redirect Web access home page on ESX 3.totalMem Returns a Negative Value Getting Events or Notifications of Events as They Occur Virtual Floppy I/O Error Messages Seen in /var/log/messages after System Boot Up Required NetBackup Integration Module Components Installed on VCB Proxy 1003147 [Archived] Obtaining information about RAID configuration on Perc5/i disk controllers Using VMware Converter to convert Microsoft Cluster (MSCS) nodes to virtual machines Unable to set VMkernel gateway as there are no VMkernel interfaces on the same network ESX Server 3.0.0 or 3.Permission to perform this operation was denied [Archived] Esxupdate -n -r HTTP fails for 3.1 Stops Responding After Installing Driver Update CD CCISS Driver Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February. esx hostd logs report: Failed to find the guest family for guestos Changing the swapfile location of a virtual machine Problems when using your own SSL certificate VI Client connected to VirtualCenter cannot create a virtual machine on the NFS datastore RHEL4 virtual machines running Oracle/Java randomly kill processes by OOM killer Cannot discover shared disks on second node of Windows 2000 MSCS Cluster after first node is activated The ESX Server Management service fails when scanned by network security scanner How to rescan a Fibre channel HBA for SAN Luns from qlogic BIOS utility hostd and vpxa exceed hard limit for memory use during VMware Consolidated Backup Exporting templates and configurations fails ESX host enters a Not Responding state after connecting to VirtualCenter Increasing VirtualCenter timeout settings Dedicating specific NICs to portgroups while maintaining NIC teaming and failover for the vSwitch VCB is performing very slow on ESX 3.gronau.

2 with Patch Bundle ESX1001907 Installed Tools show as "Not Running" in VirtualCenter virtual machine DHCP and FTP Timeout Issues When Installing ESX Server Using Kickstart Virtual Center prevents deploying from template .gronau. 2. volume Name not valid" if the NAS/NFS device is not available vcb fails when the path from the VCB proxy is connected to the standby storage processor on an active/passive array License File Generation for academic and commercial licenses Loss of network connectivity when port security is configured on the physical switch VirtualCenter fails or stops after Synchronizing host task Unable to access the specified host Forcing host status from 7 to SCSI_HOST_OK is logged every few seconds in the VMkernel log Adding an extent to a VMFS volume fails after a local LUN extension Premature Storage Heap Exhaustion Might Occur on ESX Server Hosts with More than 32 Core Physical CPUs The "admsnap start" Command Issued from a SUSE 10 Virtual Machine Hangs Instead of Reporting an Error Message when All Paths Are Down How to increase the performance of the VirtualCenter Database Cannot install VMware Infrastructure Client Using the VIPerl Toolkit Web Services Debug Utility PermGen Memory Size Increases by 10MB When Using Java Stubs Generated by Axis Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.x.x may stop responding when correctable memory threshold is exceeded on some ProLiant servers Why snapshot removal can stop a virtual machine for long time Virtual machine cannot communicate with the network when physical switch port has jumbo frames enabled Virtual machine boots very slowly when Memory Limit is less than Physical Memory assigned Unable to register a virtual machine from an NFS datastore Two Windows virtual machines configured for multicast NLB do not converge Troubleshooting vmware-hostd service if it fails or stops responding [Archived] What kind of Dynamic disks function with VMware Consolidated Backup? Tools Status is Reported Incorrectly After Host Upgrade to ESX Server 3.0.X Best practices for physically moving an array VirtualCenter Server Fails To Start When Installed on the Same Machine That has the VirtualCenter Database Custom Network Settings Do Not Reflect on the Cloned Virtual Machines Sharing a virtual disk between multiple virtual machines Free space from an extent added to a VMFS3 datastore is not seen on the other ESX Server hosts Cannot see new iSCSI LUN from lefthand Networks iSCSI array VMware High Availability cluster reports the error: Could not reach isolation address Determining the cause of data files being rejected by the Information Warehouse F8 key does not work on the EULA page of a Windows guest operating system installation Cannot Use Disk.MaskLUNs on LUN 0 [Archived] Editing the settings of one VM affects the configuration of another VM in ESX Server Creating a secondary Service Console in VirtualCenter fails with the message: "Error during the configuration of the host" [Archived] "esxcfg-nas -l" generates error "Error performing operation: Unable to create object.0.option is grayed out Does Microsoft Windows Cluster Services work with ESX Server's NIC teaming features? Ensuring the MAC address assigned to a virtual NIC does not change after VMotion One or More Virtual Machines Crash When a Virtual Machine Is Rebooted Troubleshooting Detected as a snapshot and Disallowing access errors when they occur cluster wide After upgrading to VMFS3 you cannot browse the datastore in VirtualCenter http://www.Other hosts can see the storage vmkping and ramcheck Commands Fail in ESX Server 3. and 3.5.1 becomes unresponsive when connected to an HP MSA1510i iSCSI array with firmware version 1.Manually regenerate core dump file in ESX 3.32 Unable to revert to a snapshot of a virtual machine taken on a different CPU architecture Using an ESX Server host as an NTP server Allowing SSH access to ESX hosts with public/private key authentication [Archived] VMware VirtualCenter cannot connect to ESX host if extra files are found in /etc/vmware/service VCB CLI utilities Using Datacore SANsymphony causes VCB to fail VMware Consolidated Backup fails on virtual machines with Raw Device Mappings in physical compatibility mode [Archived] Re-number software iSCSI targets [Archived] Software iSCSI dies unexpectedly on one host .2 Update 1 or ESX Server 3. the VMware VirtualCenter 2 Welcome page does not render completely ESX 3.4 Inserting a floppy fails when file has a VFD file extension ESX 2. 17:49 .0. 2010. Update 2 or Update 3. Update 1.x Identifying virtual machine Monitor Panics caused by faulty CPUs Cannot connect VMWare Consolidated Backup to Virtual Center after ugprading to VirtualCenter After upgrading to VirtualCenter 2.0. Patch ESX-1002960: Fix for SCSI Reservation Conflict Issue ESX Server Patch ESX-1002965: megaraid2 Driver Fix for UNISYS Platforms ESX Server 3. Symptoms Vary ESX Server Patch ESX-1002975: Security Update to the Samba Package ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1002968: Security Update to the Samba Package ESX Server 3.0.0. Fix for OpenPegasus Management Server ESX 3.Virtual machine cannot be removed from inventory after unsuccessful VMware Converter conversion Manually reloading the ESX host physical NIC driver when vmnic stops passing traffic Source of Time Returned by VMGuestLib_GetElapsedMS in a VMware Guest Storage LUNs on NetApp 960 become unresponsive during GFiler takeover/giveback operation Mouse does not work inside virtual machine when MouseWorks is installed Cannot connect to VirtualCenter after upgrading to VirtualCenter 2. Patch ESX-1002959: Time Zone Rule Updates ESX Server 3.2. 2010.0.2 and VMware Infrastructure Client 2.NetApp LUN Type Should Be Set to VMware Multiple snapshots are not preserved when converting a virtual machine Adding video resolution modes to Windows guest operating systems Analysis: Excessive Paging Values May Not Indicate Memory Starvation Condition Virtual Disk Remains on a Datastore After Snapshots Referencing the Disk Are Deleted The vmsnap and vmres Scripts Do Not Work with Generic SCSI devices Solaris 10 U4 Virtual Machines Might Not Properly Configure Virtual Parallel Port ESX Server 3i DHCP Configuration Might Fail at Startup Paravirtualization Option Is Not Disabled for Unsupported Operating Systems Restart or Shutdown of an ESX Server 3i Host Does Not Fail Over Virtual Machines to Other Hosts in the Cluster vmkstats Does Not Work on Intel Core Family Processors Cannot connect to virtual machine console through VMware Infrastructure Client or Web Access Virtual machine on a multi-CPU host fails when the virtual machine implements 64bit vSMP [Archived] Trying to Enable Promiscuous Mode for an Adapter in a VMware Fusion Virtual Machine Produces an Error Message Determining the most recent available build of Capacity Planner Manually Configuring a Virtual Machine to Use the e1000 Network Adapter Driver [Archived] How to Store Snapshot Files on an Alternate LUN Deleting snapshots of virtual machines with heavy disk I/O might cause host to be disconnected from VirtualCenter http://www. it keeps reverting back to the original name. Patch ESX-1002966: Update to kernel-VMnix ESX Server 3.1.5. Patch ESX-1002974: Fixes for SCSI Reservation Conflicts. Patch ESX-1002969: Security Update to the OpenSSL Package ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1002976: Security Update to the util-linux Package Using vcbMounter from the command line Adding a new user to the ESX host from the VMware Infrastructure Client Security Response to CVE-2007-3843 Boot volume goes read-only on failover [Archived] Email alerts are not sent from VirtualCenter with Unknown error [Archived] When editing the notes field of a Virtual Machine the text is not saved Error during the configuration of the host: Unable to create Filesystem Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.0.1. Patch ESX-1002962: Security Update to the OpenSSL Package ESX Server 3. 17:49 .x Installer Hangs when Designating /dev/sda3 to Contain a VMFS File System Custom scripts fail with errors when triggered by alarms Process stuck in an uninterruptible sleep state Unable to discover new LUN on Windows Virtual Machine (Windows 2003 server SP1) with Multipath S/W installed on Guest Creating snapshots in a different location than default virtual machine directory Online Help Does Not Appear for the VirtualCenter Database Upgrade Wizard VI Perl Toolkit Memory Leak & BMC Performance Assurance Tips for configuring Microsoft SQL Server in a virtual machine Adding USB Keyboard/Mouse to KVM may trigger a purple diagnostics screen Hostd Stopped Responding after Gradual Degradation of Response Time.0. Patch ESX-1002972: Security Update to the util-linux Package ESX Server 3. megaraid2 Driver Fix for UNISYS Platforms ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1002957. Patch ESX-1002963. Patch ESX-1002967: Time Zone Rule Updates ESX Server 3. ESX Server 2.2 Cannot connect to a virtual machine with Virtual Desktop Manager License Server timeout when trying to connect to an ESX host Sysprep does not keep the Language settings for locale/regional [Archived] When trying to use an alias in VC for the license server. Patch ESX-1002964: Security Update to the Perl Package ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1002958: Update to kernel-VMnix ESX Server 3.0. Support for EMC Invista ESX Server 3.2.0. Patch ESX-1002970: Fix for OpenPegasus Management Server ESX Server Patch ESX-1002961: Update to VMware-esx-tools ESX Server 3.1. Patch ESX-1002971: Security Update to the Perl Package ESX Server 3.gronau.

x Bundle Upgrade Log Files and Console Report Errors Even Though the Upgrade Is Successful [Archived] Unable to access LUN presented by DSS Open-e when block size is 4096k Automatic Upgrades Cannot Be Performed for VMware Tools on Virtual Machines Running NetWare Unable to Receive Data at Output File Connected to Serial Ports 3 and 4 in Fedora 7.x Host Erroneously Appears to Be Using Evaluation Mode Some Alarms Disappear After Upgrading to VirtualCenter 2.5 An ESX Server 3i Host Cannot Accommodate Simultaneous VI Updates VMware Consolidated Backup Cannot Create Quiesced Snapshots of Virtual Machines Running Microsoft Windows Vista Cannot Specify Destination Folder on Non-Default Datacenter when Cloning Virtual Machines When You Install Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition on a System Where Microsoft SQL Native Client Driver Is Present.x to ESX Server 3.22 Kernel) Guest Operating Systems VMotion Is Disabled After ESX Server Upgrade Virtual Machines Might Lose Network Connectivity When Moved to a New Port Group VirtualCenter Server cannot perform Consolidation Analysis Incorrect device paths for LUNs displayed in Storage Summary VirtualCenter Server Does Not Detect Changes in Host IP Address Unless SSL Certificate Verification Has Been Enabled ESX Server Is Unable to Boot from SAN on an Emulex LP1150 or LPe1150 HBA VirtualCenter Service Will Not Start on a Machine with Non-ASCII Characters in Its Computer Name Virtual Machines Manually Migrated from an ESX Server 2. and Brazil for 2007 Jumbo Frames Are Not Available on VMkernel Networking Interfaces in ESX Server 3i Error Message During Installation: error 1603: error installing Windows installer engine VMotion from ESX Server Guest List Is Not the Same in Management Interface and VirtualCenter Presence of a Removable Storage Device Might Prevent Converter from Successfully Converting a Physical Machine to an ESX Server Virtual Machine Data Digest Not Supported on Windows Virtual Machines ESX Server 3i License Information Lost When Recovery CD Is Used Upgrading VMware Consolidated Backup Version 1. the Installation Might Fail with Error Service-Console-Only Mode Does Not Load megaraid_sas Driver Automatically for ESX Server 3. Egypt.x Hosts Causes the Console Sessions of the Migrated Virtual Machines to Become Blank ESX Server becomes temporarily unresponsive under a heavy I/O load through aacraid driver Storage Devices Connected to McData FC Switch Through QLogic Adapters Occasionally Do Not Reappear After Reboot Supported Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February. South Australia.0 (2.2 The VirtualCenter Server might crash when using an older ODBC driver with Oracle 9i License File Is Moved from the Location Specified During Installation Aborting an ESX Server 3i Bootup after an Upgrade Invalidates USB Key for Further Upgrades "Unable to change license status as the license server is not available" Error Received While Switching License Source http://www.Converter prompts for files when the source is Windows NT Unsigned Driver Warning During VMware Tools Upgrade VirtualCenter Server Might Crash in a Cluster with Manual or Partially Automatic DRS and Automatic DPM Audio within a VM has more latency than it does on the physical host.x Host Subsequently Might Not Power On VirtualCenter Server Fails to Start After You Replace Default SSL Certificates with Custom SSL Certificates A Licensed ESX Server 2.x Host to an ESX Server 3.1 Upgrading VirtualCenter 1.5 ESX Server 3. 17:49 .5 Hosts to ESX Server 3.0.4 with Optional Modules Selected Fails with an Error VI Client Installation Fails on Windows Vista Business Edition with Enabled Antivirus Software VMware virtual machine file system partition inaccessible after importing PERC configuration to different PERC card on ESX Server 3.gronau. Indiana.x to Version 1. 2010.x Host Is Unable to Use VCB License from VMware Infrastructure Foundation License File Bridged networking disconnects unexpectedly with IBM X series Daylight Saving Time (DST) Update for Venezuela.0.0. ESX Server 3.1 Causes the Installer to Hang Driver for NetXen NICs Supports Up to 31GB of Physical RAM on ESX Server Hosts Legacy vmware-toolbox Script Tab Settings Revert to Default After VMware Tools Upgrade Powering on Virtual Machines with Multiple PCI Devices Might Fail VirtualCenter Database Upgrade Fails with an Exception When a Password that Contains Apostrophes or Double Quotes Is Used Custom Scripts Configured to Run During Virtual Machine Events Will Be Executed Even if the Execution of the Scripts Is Disabled Automatic VMware Tools Upgrade Does Not Upgrade to the Latest Version on Virtual Machines With Insufficient Space in the Root Partition Administrative Credentials Are Required for Oracle and SQL Server Databases When Installing or Upgrading VirtualCenter Subnet Mask of VMkernel Port Group Changes During Upgrade from ESX Server 2.

to Evaluation VMware Consolidated Backup 1.Oracle database VMware HA Log is filling up the File System Connecting VMware Infrastructure Client directly to an ESX host fails with the hostd log error: max connection Running out of disk space on local storage volumes How to reset the command retry with dropped frames counter on a Qlogic host bus adapter Unable to open a VMware Workstation virtual machine in VMware Server VirtualCenter Server Installation Fails or Results in Error if Your System Does Not Have MDAC 2. the Director Console May Not List the Device Drivers Configuration of VMware HA for Previously Partial-isolated Hosts May Fail Remote CLI "esxcfg-nics -l" Does Not Show MTU for Physical NICs Authentication from IBM Director Server Console to Director Agent Fails With the "Target System Is Not Currently Available" Error Unable to set default gateway: An error occurred while communicating with the remote host Windows Guest Operating System Customization Fails on German Windows Operating Systems SOAP Error Encountered While Using Java and Axis 1.0 32-bit Microsoft Vista Virtual Machines Might Fail Guest stops responding after connecting a USB CD-ROM Determining if your VMware HA cluster experienced an Isolation Response Installing a shared printer in Windows Vista guest operating system ESX Server 3.5.0.log After Upgrade Running "esxcfg-mpath -l" Might Report Incorrect Number of LUN Paths Installing the Tivoli Storage Manager Client on the Service Console Results in an Error Excess SCSI devices (LUNs) Do Not Have Device Mappings in the Service Console Cannot Power On a Virtual Machine with Too Many PCI Devices [Archived] Virtual Center Service Not Recovering from network failure .0.2.4 Kernel Supported Guest Operating Systems ACE Master file fails to open because it is in use Virtual machine loses second default gateway in a Microsoft Cluster Environment Windows 2003 Enterprise Virtual Machines with Memory Configurations Higher Than the Host on which They Reside Are Slow to Boot Snapshot Operations Submitted Directly to an ESX Server Host During Storage VMotion Corrupt Virtual Machine Data esxtop Disk Stats Can Reflect Multiple Paths Time Sync Option Becomes Disabled During Upgrade VMotion Unless the Virtual Machine Is Power Cycled Prior to the Migration Permission Problem if Host Had Been in Lockdown Mode Client-Side CD-ROM or Floppy Can Become Disconnected Relocation Task Reports as Successfully Completed Even Though Virtual Machines Have Not Actually Been Relocated If IBM Director 5. Patch ESX-1003175: Update to the esxupdate Utility ESX Server Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.5x to ESX Server 3.0 SP6a as a Guest Operating System Loading Parallel Port Driver Modules in the Service Console Generates Warnings in the ESX Server Boot Logs Virtual Machine on RDM Shared Storage Becomes Invalid After Migration from ESX Server 2.1 Agent Is Installed on ESX Server 3. 17:49 . Validity Checking Does Not Work Changing Disk Configurations While Cloning a Virtual Machine Can Trigger Unpredictable Behavior Increasing the Size of the Hard Disk Fails on a Virtual Machine That Has Snapshots When a Legacy Template Is Converted to a Virtual Machine. 2010. Patch ESX-1003176: WebCenter Updates http://www.5 or ESX Server 3i Panic error on ESX Server host with Neterion Network Adapter when booting into Service Console Certain Special Characters Cause Software iSCSI Initiator CHAP Configuration Corruption VirtualCenter Consolidation Service Usernames and Passwords Must Use Only ASCII Characters When You Edit a Virtual Machine During a Cloning Operation.gronau.20. the Resulting Virtual Machine Must Be Registered on the Host Where the Template Was Created Not Able To Burn CDs or DVDs in Virtual Machines with Linux 2.1.1 Command-Line Utility Connection to Port 902 Causes an Error Message Backups Using vcbSnapAll Without -r Transfer Data on the / Directory Mouse and SVGA Drivers Fail to Uninstall from Virtual Machines with Windows NT 4.1 Released with ESX Server 3i Version 3.5 is Incompatible with VI Perl 1.8 SP1 or Later Installed Remote CLI 1.3 ESXi does not support physical serial and parallel ports Host Floppy Is Not Supported CD/DVD-ROM Writing Using the "HOST cdrom" Command Is Not Supported Using VMware Converter to restore a backup created with vcbMounter fails A VMFS volume is not available and VMkernel reports displays the error: Device size mismatch VI Client Does Not Always Correctly Display Log Data Generated on Servers Running in Non-English Locales Configuration Information Lost If ESX Server 3i Is Not Shut Down Properly Unable to Power On a Virtual Machine After Virtual Hardware Upgrade if the Virtual Machine Has Additional Append/Undoable Mode Disk on Different Datastores Uninitialized Value Errors in Boot.

5 Licensing: Server. Patch ESX350-200802305-SG: Security Update to the OpenSSL Package VMware ESX Server 3.x Error when installing VirtualCenter 2. Patch ESX350-200802301-BG: Update to the bnx2 Driver VMware ESX Server 3. Patch ESX350-200802303-SG: Security Update to the util-linux Package VMware ESX Server 3.2. Patch ESX350-200802306-BG: Daylight Saving Time Update VMware ESX Server 3i Version 3. OpenSolaris Boot Delay. 17:49 Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.gronau.GHO image files cannot be converted large temporary redo files in VCB proxy VirtualCenter shows an administrator logging in every 5 minutes.x or disconnects from VirtualCenter 2.0. ret -1 err 10054 VirtualCenter fails when using German Domain Controller Connection fails immediately when trying to open a VMware Infrastructure Client session to an ESX host No buffer space available errors appear in Windows Event Log Overview of 3i serial number Understanding VI3.5 http://www.5. Duplicate Packet Issue. Patch ESX-1003177: I/O Transactions on Sun x4200 Servers Cause SCSI Timeouts ESX Server 3.0. the VI Client Overreports the Number of Available Licenses Connection to ESX Server Host Through VI Client Is Lost if You Attempt to Delete Several Virtual Machines at Once from the Datastore Browser [Archived] SSH Randomly Disconnects when Logged into my ESX Server Host A virtual machine fails with the internal monitor error: VMM64 fault 6 VirtualCenter Throws invalidArgument::Exception querySpec. Patch ESX350-200802304-SG: Security Update to the Perl Package Cluster Service Fails to Start on a Node when Powered On from a Suspended State VMware ESX Server 3.5.0.ESX Server 3.5 Foundation.0."Syntax error in string in query expression" [Archived] MSA1500 with Firmware 7. Support for Virtual Machines to Share Generic SCSI Devices VirtualCenter Server Crashes On Running the vmware-cmd -s Command to Register a Template Migrating VirtualCenter from Microsoft MSDE 2000 to Microsoft SQL 2005 Express ESX Server 3i Local UI Can Display Random Messages When a DHCP Server Sends a NAK Packet Using Test Management Network to Resolve the DNS Host Name Is Unreliable Some Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters Are Not Initialized When Boot BIOS Is Enabled Intel IGB driver is not included with ESX 3.interval Permissions given to a group or user disappear after a reboot of the ESX host Using MD5sum to verify the integrity of copied files Unable to pass a guestinfo parameter from a virtual machine to an ESX host using VMware Tools and vmware-cmd Memory Usage shows as a Negative Number when looking at the Summary Tab of a Resource pool [Archived] Cloning a Template to Virtual Machine and Automatically Attach a Resource Pool [Archived] Automatically Generating a URL for a Virtual Machine Getting Security Certificate with HTTPS to Work with VI SDK in Internet Explorer Creating Application to Connect to VMware Infrastructure 3 Gives Credentials Error Connecting to a VirtualCenter Server Remotely Without New Certificates on the VirtualCenter Server ESX Server Might Become Unresponsive when LUNs from IBM SVC Storage Array Are Removed Inventory Collection fails with error -2147217900 . Error connecting: Connection terminated by server.5. but no administrators have logged in Running Microsoft Exchange 2007 in a virtual machine distorts RTP streams A long operation fails with an Operation canceled due to a reset error ESX 2. ESXe350-200712401-I-BG: Firmware Update Enhanced VMotion Compatibility (EVC) processor support Links in the Getting Started Tabs for Some Inventory Objects Might Not Be Displayed Installing ESX Server Throws an "Anaconda Error" in the Partitioning Options Screen Cannot access the SDK URL https://servername/sdk In the Snapshot Manager of VirtualCenter. Patch ESX-1003179: Fixes for Remote Console Blackout. 2010.0 (currently unsupported) was having an issue where 2 of the 4 LUNs becoming locked Storage VMotion on Virtual Machine with I/O Intensive Workload May Result Incorrectly in a Timeout Error Installing Update Manager with Unified Installer Might Fail if Disparate Databases Are Used Understanding Invalid Opcode messages Unable to Console to VM from VI Client.x host cannot connect to VirtualCenter 2.5.2 Update 1 Can I uninstall Tomcat on my VirtualCenter 2 Server? Converting a physical or virtual machine to a virtual machine that uses Raw Device Mapping VMware ESX Server 3.2.and Host-Based Licensing Models VMware Products in VI3. Standard and Enterprise Editions Updates to your VMware VI3 Starter Licenses Using Analysis for Consolidation in VirtualCenter Server For the First Time Might Result in Non-Responsive VI Client Changes in licensing for VI3 Standard Edition when upgrading to VI 3.5. some snapshots have a green icon Dell Recovery Fails if a QLogic HBA is Installed on Host Machine VCB Backups Fail When Transport Mode Is Set to nbdssl IBM System x3850 M2 and System x3950 M2 Servers Fail to Connect to 100Mbps Networks .2 with Oracle ODBC If a Server Has Intel Dual-Core Processors (Tigerton).

5 http://www. Patch ESX-1003354: iSCSI LUNs in the Pass-Through Mode Might Cause the ESX Server Host to Stop Responding ESX Server or When Adding ESX Server VI Client responds with "When trying to create a local VMFS volume I receive error: "Error during the configuration of the host:Failed to update the disk partition information" Requirements for upgrading to or installing VirtualCenter 2. Patch ESX-1003358: Fix for Remote Console Blackout ESX Server 3. or VCB Might Take Longer on ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1003359: Security Update to the Samba Package ESX Server 3.0. Patch ESX-1003353: ESX Server Host Might Stop Responding When a CD-ROM Drive Is Accessed ESX Server 3.0.gronau.0.command error recovery failed Loss of Network Connectivity in Fenced Configurations Virtual machines from a single disk chain may only run on 8 hosts (VMFS) Calling vicfg-cfgbackup -r Results in Error Messages on Successful Reset Does VMware support NetApp's ReplicatorX in Virtual Environments? Enabling Template and Configuration Lease Expiration Alerts Kudzu Presents Non-Readable Characters LSI storage controller errors in vmkernel logs Error in the hostd logs after running the parted/Util script: The partition table on /vmfs/devices/disks/vmhba2:0:0:0 is inconsistent Failed to serialize result in hostd log file NICs show as 100MB when they are 1GB VI Perl Toolkit Script to Reconnect Non-Responding Hosts Cannot remove a LUN extent Differences in supported networking features between ESX 3.1. Patch ESX-1003366: iSCSI LUNs in the Pass-Through Mode Might Cause the ESX Server Host to Stop Responding SAN volumes are not visible in the Conversion Wizard Wake-On-LAN Compatibility as a Prerequisite for Distributed Power Management ESX Server 3.1 Might Occur When Upgrading to VirtualCenter 2.x Displays Incorrect License Count in VI Client ESX Server 3.1. Patch ESX-1003347: Security Update to the Samba Package ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1003374: Fixes for VMware Tools Installer Getting performance graphs from ESX hosts to VirtualCenter Management server times out 64bit Windows virtual machines generate errors when trying to use the VSS and NT backup ESX Server 3i Installable Can Boot Only from Hard Disk with Lowest or Highest SCSI ID When trying to create a VMFS volume on a local hard disk post-install.5 to ESX Server 3.0.0. Patch ESX-1003348: Security Updates to the Python Package ESX Server 3.2. Patch ESX-1003355: I/O Transactions on SUN X4200 Servers Cause SCSI Timeouts ESX Server 3. SLA.0.x dropped Disabling VMware Guided Consolidation in VirtualCenter Unexpected Restarts of Virtual Machines on ESX Server 3.0 Support for OpenPegasus CIM Management Server in ESX Server 2. and SA) mean? Mounting Installation Disk Using HP iLO (Integrated Lights-Out) Causes Installation Errors if System ROM is Out of Date License Serial Number on Direct Console Support Information Screen Is Not Consistent for Evaluation Licensing Mode Consolidation of Large or Deeply Nested Snapshots Using VirtualCenter.0.2.1 to VirtualCenter 2.5 than on ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1003364: Virtual Machines on the ESX Server Host Do Not Power on Automatically ESX Server 3.x VMFS Partition Cannot Be Created During ESX Server Installation If Prior Installation Is Detected [Archived] Veritas Snapshot Provider provided with Netbackup causes disk full in VCB proxy Upgrading to ESX Server 3 Version 3. Patch ESX-1003360: Security Updates to the Python Package ESX Server 3.0.5 and ESXi 3 Do not grant or revoke the System Administrator's role to satisfy database permission requirements when upgrading to VirtualCenter 2. 17:49 .1. Patch ESX-1003365: ESX Server Host Might Stop Responding When a CD-ROM Drive Is Accessed ESX Server 3.0.0. Patch ESX-1003362: Fix for aacraid SCSI Driver Security Issue ESX Server All snapshot operation results in a Consolidate Helper snapshot when a datastore has insufficient disk space VMware Partner Activation Codes (PAC) Explained What do the different administrator roles (PLA. Patch ESX-1003351: Fixes for OpenSolaris Boot Delay and VMware Tools Installer ESX Server 3.0.5 with a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Database VirtualCenter Server 2. Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February. 2010. When the Root Partition Is Nearly Full Might Cause Incomplete System Configuration Restarting hostd (mgmt-vmware) on ESX Server hosts restarts hosted virtual machines where virtual machine Startup/Shutdown is enabled SCSI: device set offline .5 ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1003350: Fix for aacraid SCSI Driver Security Issue ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1003352: Virtual Machines on the ESX Server Host Do Not Power on Automatically ESX Server 3.2: Support for EMC Invista VMware Tools fails to install during migration of ESX Server 2.1.0. Patch ESXe350-200802401-I-BG: Firmware Update VMware ESX Server 3.5 installation requirement for Dell Poweredge 1950 Troubleshooting a datastore or VMFS volume that is full or near capacity VirtualCenter server fails with the error: A general system error occurred: at line number 7. Patch ESX350-200802403-BG: Improved Statistics Collection for Support Scripts.5. Fix for Patch Issue Seen After Upgrading from ESX Server 2. Patch ESX-1003504: Fix for mptscsi_2xx Driver http://www.5 for Better Storage Performance by Modifying the Maximum I/O Block Size Balloon driver retains hold on memory causing virtual machine guest operating system performance issues Upgrade from VirtualCenter 2.0 VMware ESX Server 3.5. 17:49 .1.5. not well-formed (invalid token) Replacing a Fibre Channel SAN LUN Causes ESX Server to Behave Unexpectedly Installing VMware Tools manually in a VMware Fusion virtual machine Keyboard and mouse not working in a virtual machine Deleting a virtual machine Adding the VMware SCSI Controller to a Windows guest operating system Audio is not working in Windows XP virtual machine Windows OS prompting for Activation when swapping between Bootcamp and a VMware Fusion virtual machine [archived] Creating and accessing a shared folder from a Linux or Solaris guest operating system SCSI events that can trigger ESX server to fail a LUN over to another path NFS media storage constantly switches between unreachable and reachable vcbMounter fails on SSL certificate verification with mismatch error VirtualCenter does not start when connecting to an Oracle database VMware ESX Server 3.Diagnosing an ESX Server that is Disconnected or Not Responding in VirtualCenter ESX 3.5.5. Patch ESX350-200802405-BG: Update to MegaRAID SCSI Driver to Fix Dell PowerEdge 6650 Boot Issue VMware ESX Server 3.5. and Fixes for Storage VMotion and Lab Manager VMware ESX Server 3. VMkernel Update for bnx2 Driver VMware ESX Server 3.5. Patch ESX350-200802412-BG: Updates to the VMkernel to Fix Networking and Hardware Issues VMware ESX Server 3.0. Patch ESX350-200802409-BG: Fix for Reset Issue with CD-ROM Controller.5. Patch ESX350-200802406-SG: Updated aacraid Driver VMware ESX Server 3.5.5. Patch ESX350-200802411-BG: Enhanced Validation Checks. Patch ESX350-200802413-BG: Sunfire X4200 Host Hangs Because of HBA Timeouts Due to DMA Problems VMware ESX Server 3.5. Patch ESX350-200802415-SG: Security Update to Samba Packages VMware Tools leak memory in Windows guests Installing a Linux operating system in virtual machine fails VMware Update Manager Plug-In fails to install Tuning ESX Server 3.5 GOS during controller failover Restarting the Management agents on an ESX or ESXi Server Starting virtual machine produces the following error "Thin/TBZ disks cannot be opened in multiwriter mode" Verifying that the Management Service is running on an ESX host Verifying that the VirtualCenter Agent Service is running on an ESX host Checking for resource starvation of the ESX Server service console ESX Configuration Maximums Physical drive failure on a storage array Increasing the amount of RAM assigned to the ESX Server service console ESX Server Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.gronau.5. Patch ESX350-200802414-BG: Discrete Sensors Report Wrong Information to Monitors ESX Server 3. Patch ESX350-200802404-BG: Resolves DMA Issues on LSI 1078 and 106XE HBAs VMware ESX Server 3.x to VirtualCenter 2. Patch ESX350-200802408-SG: Security Updates to the Python Package VMware ESX Server 3.x to 3.5 fails with an error What does output from dmesg regarding 'resize_dma_pool: unknown device type 12' mean Troubleshooting screen resolution issues using VMware Tools in a Linux guest operating system Cannot deploy a virtual machine from a template after changing the NFS datastore IP address Setting a static MAC address for a virtual machine in VMware Fusion Changing an ESX Server's connection status in VirtualCenter Replace Existing VMDK with New VMDK Boot Camp virtual machine fails to power on Troubleshooting startup issues by manually reinstalling Fusion Troubleshooting Stop errors when using Boot Camp virtual machines Testing network connectivity with the Ping command Testing port connectivity with the Telnet command I/O Error with Netware 6. 2010. Patch ESX350-200802410-BG: Unexpected Reboot of Virtual Machines Configured to Automatically Start or Stop VMware ESX Server 3. Patch ESX350-200802401-BG: Updates to VMware-hostd-esx ESX Server 3.5.

x Failure to Read VI 3. Hot Addition and Deletion of LUNs Failure. Hot Addition and Deletion of LUNs Failure.0.0.x to Read Virtual Infrastructure 3.0. Patch ESX-1003527: Support for Ubuntu 7.0 Troubleshooting a virtual machine that does not power on after a LUN is extended Poor Network File Copy performance between local VMFS and shared VMFS [Archived] vim.1 days of ESX uptime causing fiber channel fabric disconnects Host And Other Configuration Data Missing After Upgrading to VirtualCenter 2.ESX Server Stops Responding Due to Low COW Heap Memory.5 License Files ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1003523: Security Updates to the e2fsprogs Package ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1003525: Fix for esxupdate Utility ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1003514: Fixes Packet Latency and tg3 Driver Issues ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1003520: Fixes for USB Subsystem and High-Speed USB HID ESX Server 3.0.1. Patch ESX-1003521: Security Updates to the libxml2 Utility ESX Server 3.0 AS Guest Operating System Update Manager prevents VirtualCenter from starting due to locked port Windows XP or 2000 virtual machine stops responding during boot up in Fusion Numeric keypad is not working in a virtual machine Starting a virtual machine generates a Syntax error Unable to install Norton Antivirus 2008 in Windows Vista 64bit guest operating system Cannot enable Update Manager plug-in for VirtualCenter QLogic HBAs may reset every 497.1.File transfer fails . Patch ESX-1003515: Fix for VMotion Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.0. Patch ESX-1003518: Change in Default Multipath Policy.5 to ESX Server 3.2.1. Patch ESX-1003513: Fixes for VMotion and Clone Operations Failure. Support for VirtualCenter 2. Patch ESX-1003526: Fixes for USB Subsystem and High-Speed USB HID ESX Server 3.1.0. Partially Disabled Processors ESX Server 3.0. Patch ESX-1003505: Fixes Network Connectivity Issues with Intel e1000 Driver ESX Server 3.0.0. Error bad0007.0.2.0. Patch ESX-1003508: Fixes for VirtualCenter Server Agent Crash. RARP Broadcast with NICs Failover ESX Server 3. and VMware-esx-apps ESX Server Determining if virtual machine and ESX host unresponsiveness is caused by hardware issues Troubleshooting the VMware ESX Server Management Service when it will not start Troubleshooting the inability to create a virtual disk SLES9 64-bit with (GRE) tunnel .browse appears multiple times in my log file Does rebooting VirtualCenter Server affect running virtual machines? Change the default boot sequence for newly created virtual machines VMimages not showing up when mounting ISO to CD/DVD in VC 2. Patch ESX-1003517: Security Updates to the e2fsprogs Package ESX Server 3.Fixes for SysAlert Warning Message.10 GA ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1003516: Snapshot of a Suspended Virtual Machine Fails with an Error.0.0.5 License Files ESX Server http://www.2. Virtual Machines Stop Responding When Updated with Symantec Virus Definition ESX Server 3. 17:49 . Fix for Windows OEM CDs Installation Failure.0. Virtual Machine Level Permissions. Bad parameter Creating a single-host license file to include VMware Consolidated Backup ESX Server Management Service fails when storage is refreshed in Virtual Infrastructure Client Virtual machine customization fails after an upgrade of VirtualCenter New Formula for Performance Data Collection in Capacity Planner 2.ESX Server 3. VMware-esx-vmx. Patch ESX-1003506: PXE Clients Fail to Boot Through Network ESX Server 3. Network Connectivity Issues.x [Archived] ESX server running on Gateway E9525R displaying Journaling error on the service console vcbMounter fails with a 5104 error Cannot upgrade VMware Tools on Red Hat Linux virtual machines after migrating it from ESX Server 2.replace Returns an Error Missing Performance Data in VirtualCenter 2. Patch ESX-1003524: Updates to VMware-esx-vmkernel. The Balloon Driver.5 Unable to customize a Linux virtual machine VMotion fails with the error A general system error occurred: Failed waiting for data.0.1. Deletion of Virtual Machine Level Permissions.ESX Server Hosts Stop Responding Due to a Spinlock Timeout.0.Disabling TSO Investigating disk space on an ESX host Verifying the block size of a VMFS data store Replacing Existing VMDK by Using FileOperation. Patch ESX-1003528: Security Updates to the libxml2 Utility Rebooting an ESX Server host Unable to access shared folders after upgrading to Workstation 6. vmmemctl. 2010.2.0. Patch ESX-1003509: Fixes for NICs with RARP Broadcast and Hot Addition / Deletion of LUNs Failure ESX Server VirtualCenter 2. PXE Clients Fail to Boot Through Network. VirtualCenter Server Agent Crash. Patch ESX-1003519: Fix for esxupdate Utility ESX Server 3.gronau. Is Unaware of Pinned Pages Determining how much RAM is installed in each slot on an ESX host Displaying VMware Tools Help on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0.1.DiagnosticManager. Fixes for LUNs' Hot Addition and Deletion Failure.

x Collecting diagnostic information in a VMware Virtual Infrastructure Environment Ensuring your hardware is functioning correctly Verifying a feature is licensed Collecting diagnostic information for VMware Update Manager 1.5.x is Installed on Windows Server 2003 SP1 Attempting to add a host to VirtualCenter produces a license error Storage timeouts on Windows 2003 guests due to insufficient COW heap No manpage for resxtop Remote CLI in Remote CLI Package [Archived] Restarting the ESX Server Management service ESX Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.4 (Tiger) Mouse not working after installing VMware Tools in converted virtual machine Cannot power on a hosted virtual machine after a migration Cannot power on a hosted virtual machine when nothing changed Cannot power on a hosted virtual machine after changing something Cannot power on a hosted virtual machine after it fails Checking media integrity for ESX Server hosts installations or upgrades Network adapter does not appear in the Virtual Infrastructure Client License Check Fails to Operate for VMware Consolidated Backup Foundation Edition in Served Mode Tech Support Mode for Emergency Support ISO not found error or MediaFileDoesNotExist Unauthenticated Sessions Dropped Immediately Troubleshooting fibre channel storage connectivity Troubleshooting iSCSI array connectivity Troubleshooting ESX and ESXi connectivity to fibre channel arrays [Archived] Troubleshooting NFS server connectivity Overview of migration compatibility error messages ESX Server host network adapter compatibility Verifying the integrity of the physical network adapter Collecting diagnostic information for the vSphere Client or VMware Infrastructure Client Collecting diagnostic information for VMware VirtualCenter 2. Multiple RPM Updates.5. Patch ESX350-200803203-UG: Update to VMware-cim-esx Running fdisk -l Fails to Display Local Storage in Some Situations VMware ESX Server 3. Including VMware-esx-tools.5 Fails If VI Client 2.Timesync problems in Netware 6. Patch ESX350-200803204-UG: Update to VMware-esx-drivers-scsi-mptscsi_2xx VMware ESX Server 3. and VMware-hostd-esx VMware ESX Server 3.5 Cannot power on a virtual machine Cannot power on an ESX virtual machine after a migration Cannot power on an ESX virtual machine when nothing changed Cannot power on an ESX virtual machine after changing something Cannot power on an ESX virtual machine after a failure VMware High Availability log file vmwareclustermanager.0. Fix for OpenPegasus Management Server ESX350-200803202-UG Patch.0 VMware ESX Server 3. Patch ESX350-200803201-UG: Upgrade to the Openwsman Protocol Adapter.2. 17:49 .x Virtual switch tagging does not function when using Intel VT Quad Port Adapter Minimum System Requirements for Installing ESX [Archived] Printer Configuration in guest operating system with MacOS 10. volume Name not valid" when running esxcfg-nas -l Enabling Virtual Machine Interface (VMI) in a Linux kernel and in ESX 3. "There is more than one USB device connected to the system" Error Message Cannot power on virtual machine in VMware Workstation 6 when UNC path is used X Windows Does Not Boot on a Virtual Machine Running SLES 9 SP4 and VMware Tools Auto Download of VI Client 2.2 Troubleshooting a Cannot find page file error when powering on a virtual machine Virtual machine CPU usage spikes and remains abnormally high after VMotion in a VMware DRS enabled cluster Cannot access LUN as it is marked as deactivated snapshot Troubleshooting User Connection Issues in Virtual Desktop Manager [Archived] "Error performing operation: Unable to create object.trace file grows large [Archived] Moving a virtual disk to another datastore Determining if a virtual disk is attached to another virtual machine For resxtop. VMware-esx-vmkernel. the -V Interactive Option Is Not Currently Supported Troubleshooting pooling issues Identifying shared storage issues with ESX 3.5 Troubleshooting a virtual machine outage across multiple hosts connected to the same array Cannot Use Recovery CD.5.5. 2010.5.gronau.4 Hardware fault with exception type 14 on release_region on Dell 1955 blade Troubleshooting the firewall policy on an ESX Server Logging 0/3 and 0/5 errors when using NetApp ONTAP version less than 7. Patch ESX350-200803205-UG: Support for the VMware-esx-drivers-net-ixgbe driver http://www.

libxml.5.x. 17:49 . net-snmp.5.1.gronau.5.5 Might Display Performance Issues Due to IRQ Sharing Enabling IOAT and Jumbo frames Configuring name resolution for VMware VirtualCenter Verifying and reinstalling the correct version of the VirtualCenter Server agents Recreating a VMware High Availability Cluster Troubleshooting VMotion CPU feature requirement error messages VMware ESX Server 3.x) addresses for desktop virtual machines The VDM Administrator User Interface Can Only Be Accessed Through a VDM Connection Server in a Standard or Replica Installation When Creating or Editing Desktops.0 VDM does not support using link-local (169. and pcre packages VMware ESX Server 3. Patch ESX350-200803209-UG: Update to the Service Console VMware ESX Server Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.1vmw VMware ESX Server 3. Patch ESX350-200803212-UG: Update to VMware-esx-drivers-scsi-qla4010 and VMware-esxdrivers-scsi-qla4022 VMware ESX Server 3.5. Patch ESX350-200803208-UG: Update to the esxupdate utility VMware ESX Server 3.254. Patch ESX350-200803207-UG: Update to VMware-esx-drivers-scsi-qla2300-v707_vmw VMware ESX Server 3. Patch ESX350-200803211-UG: Update to vmkernel and vmnix Troubleshooting USB Issues in Virtual Desktop Manager Performance Improvements with Virtual Infrastructure API 2. Patch ESX350-200803213-UG: Driver Versioning Method Changes VMware ESX Server 3.5 Installation of ESX Server 2.5. Patch ESX350-200803215-UG: Update to the Virtual Infrastructure Client Verifying network links Web Access can incorrectly prompt you to upgrade to an older version of VDM Client wsnm_jms process fails repeatedly after VDM Agent upgrade from beta2 to later releases due to incomplete JRE VDM Client upgrade sometimes fails and displays the message The wizard was interrupted before VMware VDM Client could be completely installed Testing VMkernel network connectivity with the vmkping command Shortcut checkboxes in the VDM Client installer are not set when upgrading from Beta 2 to the release build Synchronize time Performance statistics rollup failure due to arithmetic overflow errors BIOS update may be required for Xeon 5400 and Xeon 5200 Diagnosing VMware VMotion failure at 10% Identifying issues with and setting up name resolution on ESX Server Verifying time synchronization across environment Investigating if an ESX virtual machine is powered on Powering on an ESX host's virtual machine Investigating power on permissions for ESX virtual machines Validate your Internet Explorer settings Troubleshooting migration compatibility error: Virtual machine has 2 virtual CPUs but the host software only supports 1 Determining if a virtual machine is orphaned Verifying ESX virtual machine file integrity Validate the VirtualCenter guest customization specification if you intend to use one Investigating ESX virtual machine resources Virtual machine hardware versions Troubleshooting host architecture incompatibility Validating the .5. Vista Desktops Do Not Show Up in the List VDM Administrator User Interface Does Not Allow You to Enter the License Key Support for VDM Web Access with Mac OS Is Experimental Troubleshooting migration compatibility warning: Migration will cause the virtual machine's configuration to be modified. http://www. Patch ESX350-200803214-UG: Security Update for the e2fsprogs.5.5.10b.5.5.5 Fails on HP BL460c Using iLO and USB CD Drive ESX Server 3.5. Patch ESX350-200803206-UG: Update to VMware-esx-drivers-scsi-lpfc_elx_v740 VMware ESX Server 3.vmx settings of a virtual machine Validate network ports on ESX Verifying that ESX virtual machine storage is accessible Slow VM performance or Web UI response problems Install required Microsoft Windows patches Microsoft Cluster Service Fails When All Paths to the Boot Disk of the Active Node Become Unavailable in a Boot from SAN Configuration Verifying sufficient free disk space for an ESX virtual machine Troubleshooting a non-responsive virtual machine Verifying ESX virtual machine file names Verifying the integrity of the parent disks for an ESX virtual machine Investigating an out of resources error on a datastore It is recommended that you upgrade VDM Client machines to use Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) 6.5.VMware ESX Server 3. Patch ESX350-200803210-UG: Update to VMware-esx-drivers-net-bnx2-350. 2010.

to preserve the feature requirements for its guest OS Linux Web Access User Names Cannot Begin with a Hyphen Single Sign On (SSO) Occasionally Fails When Using Passwords with Fewer than Six Characters A Windows Security Alert Message Might Be Issued by the Firewall the First Time VDM Client or VDM Web Access Is Used on Windows Session Timeout Produces Unexpected Behavior When the Direct Connect to Virtual Desktop Option Is Enabled VDM Client Allows a User to Change the Desktop Preferences After a Session Timeout Administrative rights requirement for use of VDM USB Driver Webcams Have Known Issues with USB Redirection and Are Not Supported Composite (Multi-Function) Devices Might Appear in the Device List as More than One Device Bluetooth Devices Are Shareable to the VMware VDM Session Troubleshooting migration compatibility error: Device is a connected device with a remote backing Duplicate printers appear in a virtual desktop Required settings for USB audio devices shared using the Virtual Desktop Manager Client Blackberry Devices Should Not Be Shared When in Use Locally A Known Issue with the VDM Connection Server Might Affect Uptime of a Deployed Server VDM Connection Server Cannot Distinguish Between Original and Cloned Virtual Machines Verifying virtual network adapter is present and connected to the virtual machine Troubleshooting migration compatibility error: Currently connected device uses backing which is not accessible VMware High Availability configuration issues when an iSCSI Service Console is on the same network VMware VMotion fails if target host does not meet reservation requirements Diagnosing a VMware VMotion failure at 90-95% Support for dynamic disks and GPT disks Troubleshooting migration compatibility warning: Device uses backing which is not accessible Troubleshooting migration compatibility error: Unable to access the virtual machine configuration: Unable to access file Verifying ESX host networking configuration on the service console Troubleshooting migration compatibility error: Device is a SCSI controller engaged in bus-sharing Troubleshooting migration compatibility warning: Reverting to snapshot would generate error (warnings) on the destination host ESX Server 3. which is not accessible Troubleshooting Migration compatibility error: Currently connected network interface uses Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.5.1 or 3. preventing VMotion Investigating if a hosted virtual machine is powered on Powering on a hosted virtual machine Verifying hosted virtual machine file integrity Investigating power on permissions for hosted virtual machines http://www. which is a virtual intranet Troubleshooting Migration compatibility error: Currently connected network interface uses network. which differs from the network used by the VMotion interface of the source host Troubleshooting Migration compatibility error: Virtual machine has CPU and/or memory affinities configured.0 Might Require Manual RPM Installation After Upgrading from ESX Server 3.ESX 3.0.gronau. 17:49 . 2010. which is configured for different offload or security policies Troubleshooting when a virtual machine loses network connection after VMotion Troubleshooting migration compatibility warning: The VMotion interface of the destination host uses network. you receive a Windows host process (Rundll32) has stopped working error Host losing the peripheral connection such as iSight. or Bluetooth.5 Sharing a printer with a Windows virtual machine using Apple Bonjour Disabling the floppy drive in a virtual machine Configuring a VLAN on a portgroup Issues with storage related commands when using thin provisioned LUNs with your storage array Troubleshooting Migration compatibility error: The VMotion interface is not configured (or is misconfigured) on the destination host Troubleshooting Migration compatibility error: VMotion from source host to destination host is unsupported because of VMotion protocol differences Troubleshooting Migration compatibility error: The operation is not allowed in the current state Troubleshooting Migration compatibility error: Currently connected network interface uses network.0.2 Error during the configuration of the host: NFS Error: Unable to Mount filesystem STP may cause temporary loss of network connectivity when a failover or failback event occurs Troubleshooting Migration compatibility warning: No guest OS heartbeats are being received VLAN Configuration on Virtual Switch.x Unable to connect to an ESX host using Secure Shell (SSH) Configuring the ESX Server host firewall for SSH When you run a Bootcamp virtual machine with Windows Vista. or IR Receiver. when powering on the Windows XP virtual machine Troubleshooting a Couldn't setup IRQ error in ESX 3. Physical Switch. and Virtual Machines .

Investigating hosted virtual machine resources Investigating busy hosted virtual machine files Determining the status of VMware host services Checking connectivity to a VMware ACE Management Server Unable to View aacraid Driver Details on ESX Server 2.5.4 Using IBM Director 5.20 Console Troubleshooting Migration compatibility error: Unable to migrate: Insufficient memory resources Verifying sufficient free disk space for a hosted virtual machine Investigating hosted virtual machine lock files Verifying that hosted virtual machine storage is accessible Verifying hosted virtual machine file names Verifying the integrity of hosted virtual machine parent disks Unable to Enter a Virtual Machine's BIOS Configuration from the VI Client Troubleshooting errors resulting from non-ASCII names Mouse or keyboard stop functioning during installation or upgrade of ESX Server system Diagnosing the Virtual Infrastructure Client when it fails to connect to VirtualCenter Diagnosing the Virtual Infrastructure Client when it fails to connect to an ESX host Determining if ESX host purple screens are caused by hardware issues Troubleshooting permissions errors when connecting to VirtualCenter with the Virtual Infrastructure Client Storage VMotion fails with the error: Failed to unstun VM after disk reparent Troubleshooting gaps in performance data or missing performance data Troubleshooting Virtual Machine Console problems Locating a hosted virtual machine's files SAN LUNs damaged after ESX installation, upgrade, or reinstall Minimum System Requirements for Installing VirtualCenter Multiple Rescans Might Be Required for Detecting New LUN Paths and Removing Existing LUN Paths Configuring the Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) with ESX Server [Archived] Using MapDiskRegion to fetch large block map Upgrading to ESX 3.5 and VirtualCenter 2.5 Best Practices Troubleshooting a failed VirtualCenter Installation Opening a command or shell prompt Troubleshooting virtual machine network connection issues Collecting diagnostic information for VMware Fusion Stopping, starting, or restarting vCenter services Locating the installation directory of a VMware product Verifying the networking within the guest operating system Enabling serial-line logging for an ESX host Collecting diagnostic information for Virtual Desktop Manager (VDM) Verifying VirtualCenter Server and Virtual Infrastructure Client versions match Troubleshooting a failed VirtualCenter Upgrade Checking media integrity for VirtualCenter Installations and Upgrades Troubleshooting a failed installation of VMware Tools in Linux Verifying that the Secure Shell Daemon is running on an ESX Server host Unable to run 32bit applications in a 64bit guest operating system Troubleshooting a failed VMware Tools Installation in a Windows Operating System Ensuring the correct VMware Tools ISO image is loaded [Archive] vcbMounter.exe is not a valid Win32 application. Ensuring the correct guest operating system is selected Unable to access VMware Virtual Infrastructure WebAccess if customized ports have been set Verifying that ESX host hardware (System, Storage, and I/O) devices are supported Creating custom certificates for VirtualCenter 2.x with OpenSSL and Microsoft Certificate Services Web Enrollment Missing SCSI journal on the VMFS-3 datastore Troubleshooting the VMware VirtualCenter Server service when it does not start or fails Troubleshooting the database data source used by VirtualCenter Server Unable to rename or delete a VMkernel portgroup after upgrading to ESX 3.5 When the File System is Full, VMFS Opens Without an On-Disk Journal, Which Prevents Some File Operations Linux SMP Kernels Might Not Respond During System Startup Can't VMotion or Power on 64bit virtual machine Troubleshooting the installation of 64bit guest operating systems Creating a new virtual disk for an existing Linux virtual machine Troubleshooting an ESX Firewall Process that is not responding Cannot remote console to a virtual machine Update Manager fails to scan an ESX Server for updates when using non-default Web Services HTTP port Ensuring Virtualization Technology is enabled on your VMware host Hardware and firmware requirements for 64bit guest operating systems Verifying a VMware Tools build version Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February, 2010, 17:49

Known issues when installing or upgrading VirtualCenter vcbMounter returns a Visual C++ Runtime error Troubleshooting ESX and ESXi connectivity to iSCSI arrays using hardware initiators Troubleshooting ESX Server and ESXi connectivity to iSCSI arrays using software initiator Enabling or Disabling CD-ROM Autorun in Windows Troubleshooting ESX and ESXi host connectivity to an NFS Server Troubleshooting LUN connectivity issues Verifying the health of an operating system esxupdate fails when using Microsoft IIS as the HTTP repository A Virtual Machine's Computer Name May Not be Updated After Cloning or Customization Troubleshooting VirtualCenter Database Configuration Issues VMware Fusion crashes or presents an Unexpected Signal 10 error on the MacBook Air if the external SuperDrive is not connected. Troubleshooting a VirtualCenter Client / Virtual Infrastructure Client Installation Troubleshooting VMFS-3 datastore issues Unable to configure NTP from the Virtual Infrastructure Client Upgrading VMware Tools and virtual hardware on multiple virtual machines Troubleshooting connectivity issues to an NFS data store NIC team failover, failback, or VMotion results in loss of network connectivity Benign Error Message Appears in /root/upgrade.log After Upgrading from ESX Server 2.5.5 to ESX Server 3.5 Update 1 Determining if a port is in use Obtaining LUN pathing information for ESX hosts Troubleshooting a single virtual machine failures on an ESX host /var/log/vmkernel reports "kernel: unable to read partition table" Modifying the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) for a Windows virtual machine Investigating the health of a VirtualCenter database server Troubleshooting transaction logs on a Microsoft SQL database server ESX reboots every time when attempting to push any I/O through ethernet cards Extending the tablespace on an Oracle database Troubleshooting a failed VMware Tools upgrade VMware Consolidated Backup fails with following a 554 PROXY service vpxa-nfc not found error Verifying the Virtual Hardware Configuration of a virtual machine Performing a rescan of the storage Defragmenting VirtualCenter performance data indexes on a Microsoft SQL database VMware ESX Server 3.5, Patch ESX350-200803216-UG: Update to VMware-esx-drivers-net-tg3 VMware ESX Server 3.5, Patch ESX350-200803217-UG: Update to VMware-esx-srvrmgmt VMware ESX Server 3i version 3.5, Patch ESXe350-200803201-I-UG: Firmware Update VMware ESX Server 3i version 3.5, Patch ESXe350-200803201-T-UG: Tools Update VMware ESX Server 3i version 3.5, Patch ESXe350-200803201-C-UG: VI Client Update Investigating Active Directory when it causes the VirtualCenter Server to stop or fail to start ESX host appears to be halted or not responding Verifying if software is causing your virtual machine to fail Windows XP Host Computer Resets Unexpectedly Cloning, templates, and migration functionality is not available from the Virtual Infrastructure Client when directly connected to an ESX host Unhandled exception error is generated when using the VMware Infrastructure Client Diagnosing slow deployment of templates or clones from VirtualCenter Performing a disk check Defragmenting a disk [Archived] Renaming a software initaited ISCSI Node Name Investigating operating system disk space Detecting viruses Detecting spyware Using the Windows System Configuration utility Booting into Safe Mode Validating host memory Performing hardware diagnostics Investigating operating system memory usage Changing Linux run levels Investigating operating system CPU usage Using Safe Boot Switching Mac OS to Single User Mode Verify the health of ESX Server Operating System Preventing the Undefined, OFFENDING COMMAND: STACK error on Brother Printers in Fusion Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February, 2010, 17:49

Converting a monolithic-sparse (single growable disk) to split sparse (split disk into 2GB files) Restarting with VMware Fusion in MacOS Microsoft Money under Fusion 1.0 does not correctly perform on-line banking activities Troubleshooting slow template deployment on a single template Checking CHAP authentication on the ESX Server During Installation of ESX Server 3.0.2 or later the VMFS Partition Is Listed as Unknown on Partitioning Options Page Restarting the software iSCSI stack Critical VMware Security Alert for Windows-Hosted VMware Workstation, VMware Player, and VMware ACE Unable to configure VMware VMotion network on same subnet as iSCSI Completing a clean installation using the ISO image if your installation or upgrade fails Enabling dual monitor capabilities for Wyse Thin-Clients with TCX Moving a single virtual disk using Storage VMotion Identifying LUNs masked by ESX 3.x Increasing the size of a virtual disk Sample configuration of EtherChannel / Link aggregation with ESX 3.x and Cisco /HP switches. HP VMM service modifies the /etc/vmware/firewall/services.xml file Troubleshooting template deployment or cloning when it fails ESX Server briefly stops responding while trying to load the driver for the Qlogic HBA Local console session causes error message Sharing a folder from the host machine to a virtual machine VMware Consolidated Backup fails and VirtualCenter reports Mapdiskregion failed Increasing the amount of memory assigned to a virtual machine Increasing the amount of CPU assigned to a virtual machine Restoring a virtual machine after it stops responding Installing MS-DOS in a guest operating system on Fusion Installing Windows 98 using a floppy disk Microsoft Windows Vista Aero features not working in a Fusion virtual machine Bluetooth wireless keyboard or mouse does not work on host and guest simultaneously ESX Server Limits Access to the Management LUN of the Dell MD3000 and Dell MD3000i Storage Devices Diagnosing why VirtualCenter is not sending email alerts Increasing the size of a disk partition Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition (64 Bit) ServicePack-1 Guest Operating System Fails to Operate while Running Microsoft Hardware Compatibility Test (HCT) VirtualCenter Guest Operating System Customization Might Fail to Set Static IP Settings on a Windows Guest Operating System when the Local DNS Client Service Is Disabled Sample configuration of virtual switch VLAN tagging (VST Mode) and ESX Server ESX Server Installer Does Not Create VMFS and vmkcore Partitions Correctly Completing a remote or scripted ESX Server installation High CPU usage after upgrading VirtualCenter 2.x with MSDE database to VirtualCenter 2.5 with MS SQL Server Scripted Installation of ESX Server Fails When Network Switch Is Configured with a Large STP Forwarding Delay Running Scripted Installation Fails When Port Number of Remote Server Is Not 80 Storing a virtual machine swap file in a location other than the default Data Collection fails with the error The service has not been started Network performance issues NIC teaming in ESX Server Configuring the speed and duplex of an ESX Server host network adapter Troubleshooting network issues by capturing and sniffing network traffic via tcpdump The Power On Task Scheduled on Virtual Machines Fails After Migration Manual Intervention Required for ESX Server iSCSI Software Initiator to Communicate With iSCSI Storage The VI Client Requires .NET Framework 2.0 to be Installed on 64-bit Editions of Windows Prior to Its Installation VMware Storage VMotion Fails on Virtual Disks Configured as Independent-Persistent Size of the Oracle Database Table Increases Unnecessarily Cannot create a Resource Pool in a VirtualCenter cluster Configuring promiscuous mode on a virtual switch or portgroup Determining why ESX host spontaneously reboots ESX Server host fails to boot after installation or upgrade Troubleshooting a VMware ESX Server Upgrade Failure ESX host or virtual machines have intermittent or no network connectivity The Control key mapping may not behave as expected in the guest operating system Adding another virtual disk to a Windows XP virtual machine in VMware Fusion Snapshot feature is disabled for the Boot Camp partition virtual machine Windows Virtual Machine Might Fail with a Blue Screen When Symantec Virus Definitions are Updated Extraneous Error Message on Systems With SAS 6/iR Integrated Controllers and Running Dell OpenManage Enabling Full Force Export on the Collector Unable to download patches using VMware Update Manager Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February, 2010, 17:49

Patch ESX-1004187: Service Console Security Update for the PCRE Package ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1004212: vcbSnapAll Generates Error Messages http://www. Pre-Built Modules for VMware Tools ESX Server 3.0.2. Patch ESX-1004185: Thumbnail Files Accumulate in ESX Server Host.The wait operation timed out" Some reasons why ESX servers may have problems accessing SAN storage when using Emulex HBAs VDM Client log is in a different location than other VDM components VMware ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1004190: Service Console Security Update for unzip Caps lock light is sometimes reversed to the functionality Determining if the Data Synchronization task is configured correctly How to verify whether you can implement re-signaturing when seeing snapshot LUNs Physical host shutdown while using multi-initiator zoning or an outdated Microsoft Storport driver may result in loss of LUN access for VMware ESX hosts VMFS data store on local disk not available after BIOS upgrade Enabling the Veeam FastSCP firewall port in ESX 3. Patch ESX350-200804401-BG: Update to VMware-esx-vmkernel VMware ESX Server 3. ESX Server Host Might ASSERT or Not Respond During Snapshot Operations ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1004183: vcbSnapAll Generates Error Messages ESX Server 3.x hosts managed by VirtualCenter 2. Virtual Machine Does Not Synchronize. VMware Tools Local Privilege Escalation on Windows-based GOS. VMware Tools Not Installed on Virtual Machines.Sample Configuration ."PDH returned . Patch ESX350-200804403-BG: Update to VMware-hostd-esx VMware ESX Server 3.1.x Hosts Managed by VirtualCenter 2. Patch ESX-1004184: Fix for OpenPegasus Management Server ESX Server 3. 2010. ESX Server 3.1.0. Patch ESX350-200805515-SG: Security Update to Fix Local Exploitation of an Untrusted Library Path Vulnerability in vmware-authd VMware ESX Server 3i.0. Thumbnail Files Accumulate. Patch ESX350-200804406-BG: Update to VMware-esx-drivers-net-e1000 VMware ESX Server 3. Patch ESX350-200804404-BG: Update to VMware-esx-drivers-scsi-vmkiscsi VMware ESX Server 3.0.1. Virtual Machine Does Not Synchronize With ESX Server Host Time. Patch ESX-1004186: VMware VIX API Memory Overflow Vulnerabilities. Patch ESX-1004211: SNMP Traps Generated During VMotion. ESX Server 3.vmdk File of the Source Virtual Machine ESXi hosts without swap enabled cannot be added to a VMware High Availability Cluster Non ASCII Characters Are Not Supported in DRS Rule Name and in Advanced Options Setting of DRS ESX Server 3.5 host fails to boot with mounting root error Installing virtualization software within a virtual machine Changing the download location for VMware Update Manager Performance Collection fails with error 258 .0.5 may not respond after applying ESX Server patches Not All Network Adapters Are Detected During Installation if One or More NetXen 10 Gigabit Ethernet NIC Card Is Present ESX Server virtual machines stop responding due to shared storage connectivity issues Performance Collection fails with a performance library trust error ESX Might Not Respond ESX Server 3.5 Might Not Respond ESX Server 3. Patch ESXe350-200805501-I-SG: Firmware Update VMware ESX Server 3i. Patch ESX350-200804407-BG: Update to kernel-source and kernel-vmnix VMware ESX Server 3. Patch ESXe350-200805502-T-SG: VMware Tools Update Cloned Virtual Machines Refer to the .5. Powered Off Virtual Machines Unregistered in Maintenance Mode.0.5 does not display properly ESX Server 3.0. 17:49 . Patch ESXe350-200804401-O-BG: Firmware Update VMware ESX Server 3.gronau.0.x Hosts Managed by VirtualCenter 2. Patch ESX-1004182: SNMP Traps Generated During VMotion.0. Powered Off Virtual Machines Unregistered in Maintenance Mode. Unable to Browse NFS or Networking Shares. Patch ESX-1004181: Virtual Machine Migration Might Cause ESX Server to Stop Responding ESX Server 3.0. VMware Tools Not Installed on Virtual Machines.0. ESX Server Host Might ASSERT or Not Respond During Snapshot Operations ESX Server 3.1.5. Patch ESX350-200804402-BG: Update to VMware-esx-vmx VMware ESX Server 3.2. Patch ESX350-200804408-BG: Update to VMware-esx-scripts VMware ESX Server 3. Patch ESX350-200804405-BG: Update to VMware-esx-drivers-scsi-megaraid2 VMware ESX Server 3.ESX connecting to physical switch via VLAN access mode and External Switch VLAN Tagging (EST Mode) Collecting diagnostic information from an ESXi host that experiences a purple screen Accessing the BIOS when the POST screen clears too quickly No results returned in custom report on the Stats_Core data source Log files grow to excessive size No values for Disk Queue and Disk Busy are returned on a custom report from the Stats_Core data source ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1004210: Virtual Machine Migration. Patch ESX-1004188: Service Console Security Update for the net-snmp package ESX Server 3.5.5 The Getting Started tab in VirtualCenter 2. Patch ESX-1004189: Service Console Security Update for Kerberos 5 ESX Server Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February. SMTP Data Packets Get Dropped.5.

x to ESX Server 3.0.5 Update 1 VMware Tools Upgrade for Windows Guest Cannot Continue ESX Server Host Might Lose Access to iSCSI Targets from EMC CX3 Series Array Upgrading VMware Tools Using RPM on a Linux Guest Imported from Workstation Might Fail Benign Error Message on initrd Recreation During Upgrade to ESX Server 3.5 Update 1 ESX Server with NIS Enabled Appears to Halt System with CIM-Identity or VMware_Identity Queries ESX Server Software Installation Fails when Fibre Channel Cable Connected to the Server Backup or Restore Jobs Fail when ESX Server Firewall Enabled Guest operating system doesn't detect BusLogic SCSI adapter Enabling Support for NetQueue on the Intel 82598 10 Gigabit Ethernet Controller VirtualCenter Server service cannot be started after installation Accessing the remote console fails with the error: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation Importing a large virtual machine fails with timeout error VirtualCenter Upgrade Using ISO Image Fails if the Existing Installation Was Done Using ZIP Update Manager and Converter Enterprise Plug-Ins Are Not Available in the VI Client Custom Installation Using Unified Installer Fails When Upgrading to VirtualCenter 2. Patch ESX-1004218: Service Console Security Update for the net-snmp Package ESX Server 3.5 Decoding purple screen errors Sample configuration of virtual machine(VM) VLAN Tagging (VGT Mode) in ESX Reset Sensors In VI Client Returns General System Error Pegasus Error Message Seen While Upgrading or Installing ESX Server It either does not exist or there is a network problem ESX Server VMkernel Does Not Recognise a Loaded IDE Controller and Displays an Error Message Path Failover Might Not Complete Successfully with LSI3444E Under High Stress in ESX Server 3.0. Patch ESX-1004216: VMkernel LVM driver Might Stop Responding. Snapshot Operations Might Fail Under High I/O Stress ESX Server 3.2. Patch ESX-1004213: Fix for OpenPegasus Management Server ESX Server 3.5 or Later Host VirtualCenter Server shows log in errors in the security event log Connecting a Remote CD-ROM or Floppy Drive to a Virtual Machine Fails with a No Permission Error VMware Update Manager host scan fails with "Metadata for patch missing" when the Update Manager host has multiple NICs Installing VMware Tools in VMware Fusion fails Windows Server 2003 R2 Service Pack 2 host operating system cannot join a domain controller Powering off an unresponsive virtual machine on an ESX host [Archived] Determine the power state of an ESX Server virtual machine Identifying whether an ESX host virtual machine has snapshots Identifying causes of not being able to power cycle ESX Server virtual machines [Archived] Troubleshooting a file level backup issue Enabling debug logging for the Virtual Desktop Manager Connection Server and Client Verifying ESX Server virtual machine error checking and history for power cycle problems VMware Consolidated Backup fails because the VMFS signature does match that of the ESX hosts Windows XP virtual machines are non-responsive VMware Tools Uninstaller in Ubuntu Guest Does Not Remove vmxnet Module Windows Registry Displays Two Different VI Client Version Entries http://www.2 host to VirtualCenter 2.0.5 Update 1 Running the Command esxupdate query Does Not Show Obsolete Entries After Upgrading ESX Server 3. 2010.0.2.2.x ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1004219: Service Console Security Update for Kerberos 5 VirtualCenter fails to start when using an Oracle database Solaris 10 64bit virtual machine reboots continuously after a fresh install Troubleshooting a LUN that is extended in size past the 2TB/2047GB limit Cannot power on a virtual machine because the virtual disk cannot be opened Unable to power on a virtual machine with an attached SCSI device after upgrading to VirtualCenter 2. Patch ESX-1004217: Service Console Security Update for the pcre Package ESX Server 3.0. 17:49 Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.gronau.2.2. Patch ESX-1004214: Software iSCSI Initiator Does Not Discard Stale Target Bindings ESX Server 3.ESX Server 3.2.5 fails with the error: Unable to access the specified host.5 Update 1 or higher Using esxupdate VMware Tools Upgrade on Linux Guests Requires Manual Network Service Restart Benign Warning Message for Freshly Installed or Upgraded ESX Server 3.5 or Later Deploying Virtual Machine from a Template Fails with a No Permission Error VirtualCenter Database Upgrade Fails with Arithmetic Overflow Error Upgrade Fails if VirtualCenter Database Name Has More than 20 Characters Cloned Virtual Machines Do Not Contain DNS Suffix Taking Snapshots of Virtual Machines With Virtual Disks on Different Datastores Can Cause Datastores to Disappear From the VI Client ESX Server Hosts Disconnecting From VirtualCenter Server Due to Socket-Related Errors Unable to Log in to Cloned Windows Vista Virtual Machine Using Administrator Account Adding an ESX 3. Patch ESX-1004215: VMware Tools Update for RHEL 5. VMware VIX API Memory Overflow Vulnerabilities.

5 Update 1 Deliverables Removing Cable from One Port on an HBA and Connecting to Another Port on the HBA Causes Both Ports to Fail VMware Tools Custom Script Not Executed for Suspend or Shut Down Events esxtop statistics not being updated for certain HBAs VI Client Does Not Prompt for Downloading Client Update ESX Boot-from-SAN Configuration with Xiotech Magnitude 3D 3000 Storage Array Might Not Boot Properly VMKlinux Runs Out of Memory when Using an mptsas System with More Than 128 LUNs Confirming if a patch or software installation caused an ESX host reboot VirtualCenter fails to connect to Update Manager if a new HTTP or HTTPS Web Services port is specified during VirtualCenter installation HA Cluster Configuration Fails When the VirtualCenter Server Is Upgraded to VirtualCenter 2. or was added to a cluster but does not support clustering features Upgrade to ESX Server 3.gronau.x Host to ESX Server 3.x Host to ESX Server 3. 2010.x Host to ESX Server Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.5.ini file delivered to the client in Virtual Desktop Manager Boot from Dell Recovery CD Might Fail if External USB Device Is Connected VMware HA configuration fails with a VMWareClusterManager Rule not enabled error Windows 2003 R2 x64 virtual machine fails with STOP Error: 0x000000D1 or STOP Error: 0x0000001E ESX host writes failure message in the VMkernel log file every 2 minutes Error when attaching a baseline to an ESX Server host in VMware Update Manager Adding an ESX or ESXi host to vCenter Server causes the error: The host type is not supported.04 LTS and Ubuntu 7.x Host Fails for Virtual Machines with Memory Snapshot Cold Migration From ESX Server 3.conf file causes network settings not to display Setting up VMware Update Manager Service for Isolated networks Resizing a LUN used by a Raw Disk Map Adding and committing redo logs VMFS metadata corruption causing virtual machine failure Cold Migration from ESX Server or Booting on an Intel Host UserDuct_Open Fails During Crossdup with VMK_WOULD_BLOCK or Waiters List Not Empty Warnings File Naming of ESX Server Version 3. 64-Bit SMP Can Stall When Running.5 Password must be entered multiple times at service console login Patch Installation Might Require Obsolete Bundles to be Included in the Patch Depot Boot Process Stops After Upgrading ESX Server 3i to a Newer Version Investigating server group types A VMFS datastore disappears after path a failover Duplicated Packets Occur when Beacon Probing Is Selected Using vmnic and VLAN Type 4095 Only One vmhba for Each Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) Controller Changing the polling time for datastore paths Updating rollup jobs after the error: Performance data is currently not available for this entity Ubuntu 8. Installing.5 User with 'Create' privilege cannot create virtual machines on host client Cold Migration From ESX Server 3.x Host Fails for Suspended Virtual Machines Shutdown Delay for virtual machines in the Virtual Machine Startup/Shutdown section of an ESX Server An ESX host reports vmfs heap warnings when hosting virtual machines that collectively use 4TB of virtual disk storage VirtualCenter shows incorrect content for NFS datastore Multipath Configuration for MSCS with N+1 Configuration Using multiple storage groups with Consolidated Backup Update Manager scan fails if ESX host time is incorrect Corrupted esx.5 Update 1 Installation Creates Two Apache Version Files CPU Utilization Peaks After Installing Dell OpenManage ESX Server performance counters in standalone host Adjusting scripts to accomodate some Solaris system configurations Consolidation systems stops responding at "Starting Analysis" or "Preparing Analysis" messages Lab Manager Networking .Database Upgrade Fails if the Preserve Performance Data Option is Unchecked Troubleshooting an error when trying to export a virtual appliance Installing and configuring the Backup Exec VMware Consolidated Backup Integration Module Intel PCI-X Network card EEPROM corruption Troubleshooting why you cannot see iSCSI LUNs after upgrading to ESX 3.x Host Fails An error appears when attempting to power on a Boot Camp partition running 64bit Windows Disabling masked host names and restore real host names or correlate pseudonym keys ESX Server Does Not Recognize Second Host Bus Adapter SAS LSI3444E in IBM x3650 Type 7979 Automatic Tools Upgrade Requires Virtual Machine Reboot for IP Address and DNS Entries to Appear in Virtual Machine Summary Tab A Benign Error Message Is Displayed When Enabling iSCSI on ESX Server 3i Embedded with the VI Client Troubleshooting the failed process of adding a data store from a Windows Services NFS device Ability to customize the .0.basic information Cannot commit a snapshot on a virtual machine that was once a template VMware Update Manager Network Port Requirements http://www. 17:49 .5.

Patch ESX350-200805514-BG: Update to VMware-esx-drivers-net-e1000 Virtual machine network issues such as packet loss when using an iGB driver File size of VMDK files may be smaller than the original when vcbMount performs a backup Limited configurations are supported for VMware HA and ESX Server 3i hosts Changing root password on ESX host VirtualCenter returns an error when enabling a plugin Unable to install ESX on a Dell server with a Serial ATA drive Applying DRS settings to an ESX host generates an error Using Wyse XP embedded (XPe) thin client to access my Virtual Desktop Manager virtual desktop VirtualCenter rejects changes to the default gateway Unable to enable Update Manager plug-in Importing a virtual machine fails with a Cannot locate sysprep files error Unable to find memory information for guest operating system using legacy defaults Resolved Issues in ESX Server 3.0.0. Patch ESX350-200805503-BG: Update to VMnix VMware ESX Server 3.0.5. VMware Tools Local Privilege Escalation on Windows-Based GOS.5.1.1. Patch ESX-1004727: VMware VIX API Memory Overflow Vulnerabilities.5.1 Network redundancy message when configuring VMware High Availability in VirtualCenter 2.gronau. Patch ESX350-200805507-SG: Security Update to the Service Console for Kerberos 5 VMware ESX Server 3.5 [Archived]VI Client can not pass ctrl_alt_ins to vm as ctrl_alt_del Installing VMware Tools generates a general system error ESX Server 3. Unable to Browse NFS or Networking Shares.5. a crash occurs with an Unexpected Signal 10 when passing Keyboard input to a Windows XP virtual machine A connected USB storage device does not mount in a Windows virtual machine Migrating/Clone fails from a local disk to a NFS share Best practices for using and troubleshooting VMware Converter VMware VirtualCenter console displays a handshake error Set netPktHeapMinSize=32 and netPktHeapMaxSize=128 to Enable Jumbo Frames and NetQueue Determining if user activity caused ESX host reboot Unable to Power On a suspended virtual machine using the Virtual Infrastructure Client Mounting an ISO as client device fails with a Please specify a valid image file error Remote login to ESX hosts using SSH with enabled RSA keys instead of passwords Investigating network devices and device settings as a cause of VMware Converter failures Microsoft Cluster Service (MSCS) support on ESX Moving VirtualCenter to a different datastore Troubleshooting the VMware High Availability error. Patch ESX350-200805502-BG: Update to VMware ESX Scripts VMware ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1004720: Fix for bnx2 Driver Not Properly Reporting Simulated Hardware Failure ESX Server 3. Patch ESX350-200805504-SG: Security Update to the Service Console for Cyrus SASL VMware ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1004725: VMware VIX API Memory Overflow Vulnerabilities ESX Server Patch ESX350-200805508-SG: Security Update to cim-smwg VMware ESX Server Update 1 and ESX Server 3i Update 1 (Embedded and Installable) vlance driver does not provide information for network tools in RHEL Patch ESX350-200805505-SG: Security Update to the Service Console for unzip VMware ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1004722: Service Console Security Update for Cyrus SASL ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1004723: Service Console Security Update for Tcl/Tk ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1004728: Security Update to Fix Local Exploitation of an Untrusted Library Path Vulnerability in vmware-authd Port requirements for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure / Manager http://www.Committing snapshots fails with the error: Too many levels of redo logs Disabling keyboard mapping features in VMware Fusion The virtual machine does not power on when 3D acceleration is enabled VMware Infrastructure Client missing permissions tab ESX hosts frequently stops responding after installing an ESX patch The Administrator role does not have permission to access a virtual machine's CD/DVD-ROM device Installation of ESX Server Fails on HP BL685 if the Emulex Card Is Disabled from the BIOS RHEL 3 virtual machine throws an "Unable to mount root fs" error After updating VMware Fusion to 1.0.1. Patch ESX350-200805506-SG: Security Update to the Service Console for Tcl/Tk VMware ESX Server 3. Unable to contact the primary host in a cluster Unable to ping gateway from Service Console ESX Server Patch ESX350-200805501-BG: Updates to VMkernel and Multiple RPMs ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1004721: Service Console Security Update for Cyrus SASL ESX Server 3.2.2. 2010.5. Patch ESX-1004726: VMware VIX API Memory Overflow Vulnerabilities ESX Server 3. Pre-Built Modules for VMware Tools ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1004724: Service Console Security Update for Tcl/Tk ESX Server 3.5. Patch ESX-1004719: Service Console Security Update for unzip ESX Server 3. 17:49 .0. Patch ESX350-200805513-BG: Update to VMware-esx-iscsi VMware ESX Server Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February. Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.2.5 Update 1 Server service does not start Changing the IQN target number on an ESX host LGTO sync error interrupts remote virtual machine connectivity Troubleshooting blocked inbound network traffic on Windows Vista or 2008 after installing a VMware product Identifying raw device mappings using VMware Infrastructure client Specifying the keyboard layout when connecting with VNC client Determining if your VMware Tools ISO image is corrupt ESX Server 3.x and ESX 3.0. Patch ESX-1004825: vmware-cmd Script Fails to Connect/Disconnect Devices on ESX Server 3.0.5 Update 1 and Foundry Switch Troubleshooting issues with virtual CD and DVD drives.invalidlogin in VirtualCenter logs Enabling sound for remote desktop (RDP) in a Windows virtual machine Messages log contains "snmpd[1129]: /proc/net/dev data format error.0. line ==||" IBM Athena x3850 M2 or x3950 M2 Servers Stop Responding When Booted into Debug Mode Orphaned Virtual Machine Displays Error Message Datastore Renaming Fails When the VI Client is Connected Directly to ESX Server Firefox Browser Generates an Error or Crashes Creating consistent swiscsi LUN Target IDs in VirtualCenter Instance customization fails for Ace master Rebooting an ESX VirtualCenter 2.5 Troubleshooting network settings causing a Data Synchronization failure Network cable of a virtual machine appears unplugged DRS Might Be Disabled if DPM Is Used with HA Admission Control Cannot connect to the remote server when downloading the Update Manager or Converter plugins Using TCP Wrappers causes virtual machine console connections to fail on ESX 3.5 host reboot causes the error: Initialization for vmfs2 failed with -1 Alarm scripts fail after VirtualCenter 2. Patch ESX-1004824: VCB Command-Line Utilities Might Contain Passwords ESX Server 3. and vpxd Host fails to mount root file system during boot Troubleshooting a failed VMware Tools installation VMware Fusion Troubleshooting the "getgrnam failed" error message when booting ESX 3.0.x and VirtualCenter 2.5 host in the same cluster Unable to shutdown Windows using Shutdown Guest option After connecting VMware Infrastructure Client to VirtualCenter you see the error: Input string was not in a correct format Insight Manager may cause SCSI reservation conflicts Moving a managed ESX host from one VirtualCenter to another VirtualCenter Installing and configuring the Loopback adapter in a virtual machine Screen Resolution Does Not Change After VMware Tools Installation on Windows Vista ESX host stops responding and displays a purple screen error after a storage rescan vCenter operation times out with the error: Operation failed since another task is in progress Retaining resource pools when disabling VMware DRS clusters Changing the size and number of logs for hostd.gronau.1 Virtual machines generate a question after shut down Importing external Godaddy. Patch ESX-1004822: Snapshot Operations Might Fail Under High I/O Stress ESX Server 3.1.5 upgrade Launching a virtual machine if it is not listed in Virtual Machines Library window Troubleshooting an Unrecoverable Error in VMware Fusion Cannot connect to the hosts using VirtualCenter after changing the SSL certificate on ESX 3.Connecting to the VMware Virtual Desktop Manager Connection Broker fails with the error: Your license key is invalid A license error appears when logging in to Lab Manager Increasing the color quality from 16-bit to 24-bit in a Windows XP virtual desktop Using an ESX 3.5. 17:49 . 2010.0.x Automatic assignment of IP addresses fails on non-English Windows 2000 Cannot ping Windows XP virtual machine from outside Attempting to log in to the ESX host via web access produces an error Slow reboot of vSMP virtual machines on ESX when a lot of guest memory is page-shared VMotion fails with swap file error Hard disk / RDM removal from a powered on virtual machine Fix for an Interoperability Issue Between ESX Server 3. Update Manager fails with the error Metadata for patch missing Failure to launch Fusion online video tutorials Troubleshooting right mouse commands in a Window virtual machine Activation prompts for Boot Camp Windows Vista virtual machine http://www. Patch ESX-1004823: VCB Command-Line Utilities Might Contain Passwords ESX Server certificates Troubleshooting vim. hosts and VirtualCenter 2. vpxa. Patch ESX-1004821: Security Update to Fix Local Exploitation of an Untrusted Library Path Vulnerability in vmware-authd ESX Server 3.

5 service console Configuring a firewall for use with Virtual Desktop Manager Troubleshooting why a console session closes Connection Server service fails to start with busError message The VirtualCenter Server is unable to decrypt passwords stored in the customization specification Determining if there are leftover delta files that VMware Infrastructure Client cannot detect Cannot run commands when you log into the ESX host using an SSH client Virtual Machines appear to be running or registered on multiple ESX Servers Unable to apply DRS settings with error "Insufficient CPU Resources" Using esxcfg-nas to unmount a disconnected NFS datastores A virtual machine does not power on and displays in VMware Infrastructure Client as Invalid VirtualCenter 2. Patch ESXe350-200805503-C-SG: VI Client Update [Archived] Unable to boot ESX Troubleshooting an Attempted operation cannot be performed in the current state error The VirtualCenter service fails after moving virtual machine files to another host for a different instance of VirtualCenter Creating logs in VDM for a desktop that is not part of a domain Internationalized versions of VMware Infrastructure 3.5 Unable to use Apple Infrared Remote in a Windows virtual machine to control applications Troubleshooting product installation failures Cannot install VirtualCenter 2.1.3 Update1 and Virtual Center 2.0.5 on systems with separate /usr partition requires manual intervention VirtualCenter fails with Max_DB_Connection error VMkernel: WARNING: SCSI: 2351: LUN WWN mismatch for DGC path vmhbaX:X:X detected wwn # Windows XP System Restore checkpoint is removed from source machine after a P2V hot clone Analyzing SCSI Reservation conflicts on VMware Infrastructure 3.gronau.1 VMware ESX Server 3i.X and 3.0. Switch or SAN Array) A new installation of ESX does not boot on Fujitsu-Siemens BX630 Servers VMID Displayed in SNMP trap is Inaccurate Upgrade to ESX 3.x and vSphere 4.5 Update1 with ESX 3. Patch ESX-1005100: Issue in IDE Emulation and Hyperlinks in VMware Tools Help.log file Guided Consolidation button is missing in VirtualCenter 2.0 fails with a 1996 error Backtrace: (backtraces not supported) For an MD3000i.5 Update 1 show different build numbers between VirtualCenter and the VI Client [Archived] vcmounter failing to mount file level vms Virtual machine does not power on because of missing or locked files ESX Server 3. the software iSCSI alias cannot be more than 31 characters long Customization of a Template never runs after deployment Setting Default Desktops in Virtual Desktop Manager 2. Message=im_addDiscoveryAddress" when configuring hardware iSCSI dynamic discovery address VMware HA fails with the error: AAM Agent did not start Remediation Might Fail Through Update Manager Virtual Machine with 4 Virtual CPUs Should Not be Powered on [Archived] "Ctrl+Alt+Del" option grayed out in the VM menu of the console Template File Names Not Updated in Managed Object Browser Connecting a USB speaker in a virtual machine Cannot start the guest operating system install process and a No bootable device error appears Configuring a NIC device for the service console in a kickstart configuration Cannot power on a 64bit virtual machine in VirtualCenter Cannot sync Windows Mobile 6 device using mobility center Best practices for upgrading SAN (Fiber.5 cannot run some commands on the service console Large snapshot delete operations time out in VirtualCenter Print from Windows XP/Vista over an Apple Airport Base station network connection VMware High Availability configuration fails with a "no active primaries" found error Unable to install hardware video drivers in virtual machine Configuration of VMware High Availability fails with a Panic error in the esxcfg-firewall.5 when Symantec Security EndPoint Protection is blocking access to the SQL Server database vmware-cmd commands may fail in ESX Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February. Re-enable http://www.0.x SCSI Reservation Failures on HDS USP or NSC SCSI Reservation Failures on HP XP Storage Arrays Virtual Machines Do Not Fail Over from an ESX Server 3i Embedded Host Rebooted Through the VI Client Backup Compatibility issues with VMware Consolidated Backup 1.5 Exporting esxtop performance data as a CSV file and manipulating it from the command-line Getting "iScsiLibException: status(80000004): General OS-specific failure.Hard Disk not found error message when installing or repairing a Windows XP virtual machine in VMware Fusion Information Missing in Performance Report File Enabling 3D acceleration ESX 3. 2010. 17:49 .

Patch ESX-1005107: VMware Tools Service Might Fail on SLES 9 SP3 VMs.2. Patch ESX-1005111: Third Party Library libpng Updated to 1. Warning Messages Appear After Installing HP Insight Management Agents 7. hostd Agent Might Crash While Getting Configuration Object for Snapshot Virtual Machine ESX Server 3.0.2. Enabling Root Password Expiry.1.VMware Tools Service Might Fail on SLES 9 SP3 VMs.0. Patch ESX350-200806404-SG: Security Updates to WebAccess Components Tomcat and JRE http://www. Patch ESX-1005101: IBM SVC Returns Check Condition Error. Virtual Machines Might Stop Responding.0.2. PBMs for VMware Tools on SLES 10 VMs ESX Server 3.0.gronau. 403 agent is installed Sharing a virtual machine between users in the Mac OS CIM_ERR_NOT_FOUND: Error during upgrade to ESX 3.0. Applications in VMs return Error ESX Server 3.0.x GA to ESX Server 3.1.0. Fix for VMware Tools Upgrade from ESX Server 3.LVM Allows Same Extent to Be Added ESX Server 3.29 ESX Server 3. Warning Messages Appear After Installing HP Insight Management Agents LVM Allows the Same Extent to be Added Twice to a Volume. Patch ESX350-200806402-BG: Update to the Service Console Kernel VMware ESX Server 3. Patch ESX350-200806401-BG: Updates to VMkernel and hostd ESX Server 3.5 Displays an Error When a Virtual Machine is Powered on.dll with an Older Version During VMware Tools Upgrade. Patch ESX-1005106: ESX Server Might Stop Responding When Running ethtool on a Broadcom NIC ESX Server 3. Fix for an issue in IDE does not return any results View missing data export feature in consolidation estimator does not return all records Creating a Single Host and Centralized License file on the License Portal Disabling VM Tools logging on a guest operating system in VMware Workstation Supportability of Linux virtual machines that have an updated kernel ESX 3. 17:49 .1.x Server and vCenter 2. Patch ESX-1005103: Concurrency Issue in Retrieving the AboutInfo Data Structure. Patch ESX-1005115: Updated Third-Party OpenSSL Library ESX Server 3. SLES S9 SP4 VMs Fail to Start X Server.0.PBMs for VMware Tools on SLES 10 VM ESX Server 3.x GA to ESX Server 3.x ESX Server 3.2. Fix for Hyperlinks in VMware Tools Help Page.0. VirtualCenter 2. Patch ESX-1005104: vmware-cmd Script Fails to Connect/Disconnect Devices on ESX Server Update 1 Virtual machine network gets disconnected after VMotion Virtual machine is unresponsive and Event IDs 11 and 15 occur in the Windows guest operating system Event log Cannot create a virtual machine in a DRS enabled cluster Injecting SCSI controller device drivers into Windows Configuring Custom SSL Certificates in VirtualCenter 2.VMware Tools Installed on Solaris 10 U5.0.0. Patch ESX-1005116: Updated Third-Party OpenSSL Library ESX Server 3.x. Patch ESX-1005110: Fix for Replacing msvcrt. Patch ESX-1005112: Enabling Root Password Expiry.29 ESX Server 3. Fix for VMware Tools on Solaris 10 U5 GOS ESX Server 3.2. Fix for VMware Tools Upgrade from ESX Server Patch ESX-1005114: VCB Fails Due to Disk Lease Timeout.2.29.Shrink Tab in VMware Tools.5 Displays an Error When a Virtual Machine is Powered on. Patch ESX-1005119: ESX Server Might Fail with a Purple Screen When a Target Reset Is Issued During Heavy I/O Conditions VMware VI Perl toolkit sample script windowsvm.x GA to ESX Server 3.2. Third Party Library libpng Updated to 1. Patch ESX-1005108: Fixes for Replacing msvcrt.0. Patch ESX-1005109: Third Party Library libpng Updated to 1. Adding a static route to an ESX host for an extra service console ESX Server Performing Storage Migrations or svmotion on Virtual Machines with Raw Device Maps or RDMs attached.0.90.29 ESX Server 3.dll.x Patch Installations. Patch ESX-1005118: ESX Server Might Fail with a Purple Screen When a Target Reset Is Issued During Heavy I/O Conditions ESX Server 3.90 ESX Server 3.1.1.VMware Tools Upgrade from ESX Server 3.5.0. Third Party Library libpng Updated to 1.2 ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1005113: Third Party Library libpng Updated to 1. Patch ESX-1005105: Fix for Data Loss in Serial Ports.5.0.29 ESX Server 3.0. 2010. IBM SVC Returns Check Condition Error.Third Party Library libpng Updated to 1. Patch ESX-1005117: Service Console Security Update to BIND ESX Server 3. VirtualCenter Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.1.2. VM Applications return Errors.x Editions VirtualCenter inventory is empty after upgrade Configuring VMware High Availability produces firewall errors Increase logging level for storage Offline Patch Bundle ESXe350-200804401-O-BG Might Not Install MSCS Node fails when powering on with a Cannot open the disk Decoding Machine Check Exception (MCE) output after a purple screen error Required ports for configuring an external firewall to allow ESX and VirtualCenter traffic SSL handshakes with VirtualCenter intermittently failing: SSL Handshake on client connection failed VMware Tools displays as out of date in VMware Infrastructure Client when the VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 2.

When using a thin client and manually entering a domain name. "HTTP redirect request must be confirmed by the user" is displayed while HTTPS redirection fails when connecting a VDM Client running 2. VMware license server service does not start due to conflict with another FlexLM server http://www.1. 17:49 . Patch ESX350-200806405-BG: Update to VMware-esx-vmx VMware ESXi.ESX Server 3. The error message.5. the connection is refused with an error message until the client is upgraded.1 Connection Server or when connecting a VDM Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.317-596-4681 im having an issue configuring an iscsi adaptor | . Leaving the client on the login screen without any activity for a few minutes stops the log in process.1.0 Connection Server.IOException:readToken:Premature EOF in the log file.EST . virtual disk with snapshot has the wrong CID hostd log message causing an ESX host to show as Disconnected or Not Responding in VirtualCenter Raw device mappings for a virtual machine in Lab Manager High CPU usage and slow performance on all virtual machines on an ESX host Migrating virtual machines with RDMs Maximum desktop spanned screen resolution Virtual machines are assigned an unexpected host name after Sysprep runs Clicking on any object in VirtualCenter produces the error: Object reference not set an instance of an object Passing host wireless adapter network traffic to guest virtual machines [Archived] [LIVE] filed for Jared Dipace by sharon . Virtual Switch does not load balance outgoing traffic on all available up links Determining if multiple virtual CPUs are causing performance issues Rollup jobs run on only one instance of VirtualCenter if two or more instances of VirtualCenter access the same SQL database Troubleshooting a Windows Vista virtual machine that shows only single processor HTTPS redirection does not occur when connecting a VDM 2. The View Agent cannot be installed on the same machine as Citrix XenDesktop (Citrix Desktop Server) virtual desktop im having an issue configuring an iscsi adaptor Troubleshooting the missing table vpx_dual error in VirtualCenter Viewing the number of CPU Licenses using the VI Client Manually adjusting the IP address pool reuse waiting timeout VirtualCenter fails to start with the error Invalid object name vpx_sequence Not enough licenses installed [Archived] WebAccess crashes on Hebrew OS Event Export . Service Console Might Lose Network Connectivity on a Server with More than 128GB of Memory Installed If your external URL is not configured correctly.0 to a VDM Connection Server running 2. Existing users still maintain their most recently used list which may not include this server.0 Client to a VDM 2. you must enter both domain name and username. No new attempt to clone the virtual machine will be initiated.0 to a VDM Connection Server running VDM 2. the name must be entered in upper case letters for SSO to function.1 Client to a VDM 2. VMware ESX Server Host Agent is already running Using VMware Converter to convert XenServer virtual machines to VMware virtual machines VMWare Consolidated Backup proxy server is rebooted resulting in ESX hosts losing access to their LUNs TCP/IP performance tuning Adding additional storage to a Lab Manager environment ESX VMkernel log reports a failure to establish iSCSI session connections to target portals VMFS 3 versions and upgrade paths Running Multiple Virtualization Products on an Intel Mac Sending print screen commands to virtual machines installed on Mac Book and Mac Book Pro Cannot create new snapshots on a virtual machine after removing a disk from the virtual machine Troubleshooting a virtual machine that fails to clone from VirtualCenter Agent service command line opitons Agent installation generates an error if the setup file is in a folder containing special Japanese characters Extending a RDM with snapshots can result in corrupted data VDM Connection Server must be installed in directories with ASCII characters only. 2010.xls file does not contain domain user log in information Error when converting a machine to an ESX virtual machine Creating a second root user account Filenames over 64 characters in ESX Server ISO image may get truncated during content extraction. you may see one of the following exception: java. If the disclaimer is configured and a connection is made from a VDM Client running VDM 2. During the upgrade. In VirtualCenter. The error message "insufficient disk space" may mean that their is a network connectivity problem and not a lack of disk space as the message indicates. Patch ESXe350-200806401-I-BG: Firmware Update After cold migration on ESX Server. deleting a virtual machine that is in the cloning state does not remove the VDM configuration entry. the administrator can define a default VDM Connection Server for new users. When setting the default desktop on the command prompt.gronau.

virtual machines fail to power on Understanding user roles and access rights Cannot configure VMware High Availability when an ESX host has multiple service consoles Dashboard feature is missing or not available Feature sets available by license mode Hardware detection issues may prevent an ESX host from booting or using a PCI card Converting Windows-based physical computers or other virtual machines into VMware Fusion virtual machines When an ESX host and associated virtual machines are removed from VirtualCenter. the user will not automatically be logged off. 2010. 6140. When closing your browser or browser session while using VDM Web Access it can take up to two minutes for the session to reset Troubleshooting an error when uploading a license file Configuring Sun StorageTek disk arrays 6540. A VDM Server in a Japanese domain cannot be resolved by a Windows Vista VDM Client. the value selected for Do not power on virtual machine after creation does not display correctly. you must set trusted sites within the browser Verifying sufficient permissions exist Using thin provisioned disks with virtual machines Invalid views in a VirtualCenter database Cannot power on a virtual machine and you receive an Object does not exist error DNS and Routing information is blank in VMware Infrastructure Client In a non-persistent desktop pool. when decreasing pool size. FLX280 and FLX240 to work with VMware ESX 3. The policy follows what has been selected in the desktop wizard. Checking for previous installations of VMware hosted products When using a Proxy with Update Manager.1 encoding ended unexpectedly)" Cannot use Veeam SCP to copy files from an ESX host After expanding the size of a VMDK disk that is attached to a shared bus adapter. Setting the ESX Server Edition while licensing the ESX host Configuring a License Source on an ESX host Troubleshooting when no data or new data appears on the Dashboard [Archived] ESX loses access to software iSCSI datastores . Image customization specifications in VirtualCenter must have a NIC configured in order to create a desktop pool.5 and VMware ESXi 3. Cannot see or configure the iSCSI software adapter on ESX 3.datastores remain visable on other hosts VirtualCenter does not show snapshots when snapshots exist Checking connectivity to Dashboard Adjusting the Data Synchronization task timeout values Ensuring virtual machines stay on a specific ESX host Locating VMware Serial Number online Troubleshooting when data synchronization tasks do not complete successfully Verifying purchased licenses meet current need http://www.On the desktop summary page. When you remove a user's entitlement.5 Storage sizing guidelines for pools spanning multiple datastores View server and agent startup experiencing long delays due to recursive enumeration when multiple domains are present Extended logging and disk threshold for logging GPO policies are not component-specific Downloading and Installing VMware Fusion ESX fails to authenticate some active directory users with "Authentication failure (ASN. the VDM Connection Server service stops or will not start. Devices that are required for local usage (such as keyboards and mice) should not be shared to the Guest virtual machine Web Access on Windows does not support accessing VDM servers with localized domain names. Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February. Make sure they have no connections remaining to that pool.gronau.5 with VirtualCenter 2. Security policies that may cause login issues If the installation path for a VDM Connection Server contains special characters.5 Datacenter option not available during placement process of a status change request Verifying Dashboard user credentials Unable to connect to iSCSI storage using the software initiator Enabling the VMware Converter plug-in in vCenter causes VMware Infrastructure Client or vSphere Client to fail Cannot Power on virtual machines on an ESX host User names with more than 20 characters are not supported by VDM Web Access Company ID activation settings prevent login Some Human Interface Devices may appear in the VDM Client Devices menu. VDM removes those virtual machines that are powered off or suspended from the VDM directory. it may take longer than expected to delete virtual machines Unable to login to Dashboard Determining if you are running on a virtualized platform [Archived] "/" partition on ESX server is not reporting available space accurately. 2540. 17:49 .

x host to VirtualCenter Server Not all groups are returned from Active Directory when trying to add permissions in VirtualCenter Starting License Server and VirtualCenter Server services Troubleshooting no records or results returned by a report.5 Data Synchronization task stops Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February. or graph Troubleshooting a License Server that has stopped responding Troubleshooting Dashboard report settings The VirtualCenter Server service fails to start with the error ORA-01654 Checking data collection consistency Known issues affecting Dashboard reports and scenarios Reports or scenario results are incorrect or missing some servers Disabling VMware ESX 3.5 and VirtualCenter 2.5. and may enter a restart loop Unable to deploy virtual machine in resource pool due to DRS error message Data collection task stops responding and does not recover Choosing the right number of systems to assess per collector The VMware High Availability (HA) agent fails at 96% after upgrading to VirtualCenter 2.5. Service mgmt-vmware restart may not restart hostd Installing or upgrading VMware Tools from the ESX console Deploying new virtual machines on IBM SVC LUNs takes a long time to complete Enabling and disabling verbose logging on Qlogic and Emulex Host Bus Adapters What is beacon probing? Using an alternate keyboard layout for a virtual machine in VMware Fusion Shadow virtual machine must be removed from Recovery Site if the corresponding protected virtual machine is removed from protection Determining the UUID of a LUN SQL Express installation fails with the error: an instance with the same name is already installed Sysprep file locations and versions Ensuring VirtualCenter Server is the only VMware product installed on host Static IP settings lost after conversion Unable to add ESX 2. VirtualCenter (vCenter) licenses explained Troubleshooting why you cannot connect an ESX host to VirtualCenter .gronau.0 Moving virtual machines with Storage VMotion Troubleshooting a database error that appears while using Capacity Planner Components and versions required to run Capacity Planner Troubleshooting when Data Collector does not function. dashboard. 2010.5 and ESX 3.5 Evaluations [Archived] datastore name inconsistant between virtual infrastructure client and esx Troubleshooting a VMware Infrastructure Client Administration console that shows Evaluation after Commercial Licenses are installed Dashboard returns internal error message Cannot attach a disk backed up by VMware Consolidated Backup to a virtual machine hosted on ESX ESX not working properly in VirtualCenter after IP address change Using vmware-cmd from a remote location in VMware Server Multiple display support in Virtual Desktop Manager Troubleshooting data collection failure on target servers Checking network connectivity to target servers http://www.Not enough licenses installed [Archived] Remote VirtualCenter Server Adress must be used for Site Pairing in SRM A "General fault caused by file" error message is generated when a "Insufficient space for provisioning operation" error message should be generated USB devices sometimes stop functioning and need to be unplugged and reattached to resume operation.Virtual machine resource settings changed after upgrading to VirtualCenter 2.5 Cold migration fails with the error "Failure to create journal file provider" Known issues with the Data Synchronization task Registering a VMware License Key Mounting an NFS storage device fails with the error: MOUNT RPC Failed with RPC Status 13 Monitoring system resources for Collector tasks Ensuring validity of Subscription Contracts to receive product upgrades A thin client connection prompts you to log in twice Removing the Getting Started tab in VirtualCenter 2. launch. 17:49 . or no tasks run Known issues causing Collector failure Troubleshooting a Data Manager application initialize failure Confirming local Administrator rights Troubleshooting Missing or Incorrect Licenses on the Portal Unix or Linux data collection fails with unknown key error Converter Agent fails to install on Windows NT with "Unspecified error in client manager" MMR requires overlay support.

5.5. and permissions preventing data collection Troubleshooting software failures and errors that prevent successful data collection Cannot License VMware Workstation Known issues affecting data collection Data for a target server is incomplete Partition table fails to update active partitions Product Compatibility Between VMware Stage Manager and VMware Lifecycle Manager Administrator becomes read-only in VirtualCenter after Users with read-only added Boot Camp virtual machine fails to power on Data collection task does not complete Data collection is slow Applications that can cause keyboard problems with virtual machines Product Compatibility between VMware Stage Manager and VMware Site Recovery Manager Product Compatibility Between VMware Stage Manager and VMware Update Manager Product Compatibility Between VMware Stage Manager and VMware Lab Manager Product Compatibility Between VMware Stage Manager and VMware Consolidated Backup VirtualCenter fails with the ODBC error: There is insufficient system memory to run this query Developing a collection strategy based on network topology VMware High Availability isolation event after one teamed NIC is plugged into a different port Antivirus Software Blocks SMTP Email Alerts From Stage Manager and Lab Manager Enabling VMI with SLES10 SP2 32bit virtual machines on ESX Incorrect Context View for Virtual Machine Datastore Usage Appears When Using Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration Stage Manager Installation Fails in Compressed or Encrypted Folders Stage Manager Datastores Tab Does Not Display Current Capacity After Creating or Deleting Virtual Machines [Archived] PCT protocol on ESX host Cannot convert a template to a virtual machine after upgrading to VirtualCenter 2.96% Desktop type search filter fails when field contains dash (-) character Update Manager fails to download updates and metadata Determining and changing the rate of timer interrupts a guest operating system requests Unable to add an ESX host to VirtualCenter 2. Patch ESX350-200808403-BG: Updates the Software iSCSI Driver http://www. VMware HA and various service console commands fail to run after upgrading an ESX host Software issues that prevent accurate data collection Displaying an ESX host in vCenter by its FQDN or short host name Resignaturing VMFS3 volumes from the command line Incorrect CPU mask causes high CPU utilization and poor virtual machine performance Known issues affecting data accuracy Listing SAN LUNs that are not in use by a datastore Adding new licenses to an existing centralized environment Remote configuration features not available Detecting and Using CPU Features in Applications EVC and CPU Compatibility FAQ How do you create a grouping for VMs the be used for VCB Freeing space when the /var/ partition is full A virtual machine is frequently suspended when the host is running on battery power VMware Update Manager does not install and generates error 25015 Guidelines for generating and importing an SSL certificate from a Microsoft certificate authority for VDM Setting up a static IP address in a Windows virtual machine when using bridged mode in Fusion VMotion migration fails with a Filesystem name error Instructions for Mac VDM Web Access with RDC 1. 17:49 . policies. hostd.gronau. Patch ESX350-200808402-BG: Updates the Service Console Kernel VMware ESX 3.5. and Other RPMs VMware ESX 3. 2010.Missing or incompatible software packages that prevent data collection Troubleshooting access Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.5 Update 1 A Black screen with an exclamation icon appears when logging in to a Windows 2003 virtual machine Prevent VMware Tools from starting automatically in a Linux guest Data on Dashboard report is inaccurate Template shows as disconnected in VirtualCenter Long delay when booting from SAN using a QLE4062 HBA Gathering target system inventory data from the operating system 1801 PCI Resource Allocation Error when booting from SAN using a QLE4062 HBA Troubleshooting a virtual machine that stops responding or fails when the CD-ROM entry is ATAPI VMotion. Patch ESX350-200808401-BG: Security and Other Updates to VMkernel.5 Japanese characters in external URLs do not display correctly VMware ESX 3.0 The vm-support script takes a long time to complete Deploying a template fails at 95% .

Failed to connect to host ESX Server 3. Patch ESXe350-200808201-I-UG: Firmware Update VMware ESX Server 3i. Service Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February. Patch ESX350-200808206-UG: Update to vmware-hwdata ESX Server 3.5.5 fails if TMP or TEMP environment variables have been modified Unable to mount NFS datastore Time runs too fast in a Windows virtual machine when the Multimedia Timer interface is used Cannot cast from source type to destination type Virtual machine Share values change from Normal to Custom after upgrading to VirtualCenter 2. 2010.5 U2.gronau.5 The vmware-cmd -l command generates an error Troubleshooting network connection issues caused by proxy ARP Files copied to a floppy disk are missing after ejection http://www. cim-smwg-1. Patch ESX350-200808406-SG: Security Update to the Perl Package of the Service Console VMware ESX 3.0.5.Copying a template from an ESX host to a remote ESX host in a different datacenter using SCP VMware ESX 3. Patch ESX350-200808405-SG: Security Update to the Net-SNMP Package of the Service Console VMware ESX 3. Patch ESX350-200808407-BG: Updates Software QLogic iSCSI Driver VMware ESX Patch ESX350-200808217-UG: Update to Web Access VMware ESXi 3. Patch ESX350-200808207-UG: Update to VMware-esx-lnxcfg ESX Server 3. Patch ESX350-200808213-UG: Update to the MPT SCSI Driver ESX Server 3. Patch ESX350-200808201-UG: Security and Other Updates to VMkernel.5.5 ESX Server 3.5.x Limitation of Disaster Recovery Failover LUNS for Some iSCSI Arrays and Some Hosts Ensuring the guest operating system type is set correctly NFS Datastore greyed out after reboot of ESX Unable to mount a Samba share VirtualCenter fails to start with an ODBC error Missing folders prevent VirtualCenter Server service from starting Troubleshooting an Exception: Assert Failed error ESX 3. Patch ESX350-200808209-UG: Update to VMware-esx-srvrmgmt ESX Server 3. Patch ESXe350-200808203-C-UG: VI Client Update Virtual Desktop Manager Client fails to create the RDP control Multi-monitor desktop in Virtual Desktop Manager shows only one desktop in middle of screen CPU Scheduling Affinity options not available ESX hosts cannot see a new VMFS datastore presented by Dell MD3000i Reducing the activity log file size Migration or power on operations fail in VMware environments using NFS datastores ESX Server 3. Patch ESXe350-200808501-I-SG: Firmware Update Windows 2003 guest operating system fails because time is too fast vcbMounter fails with error: Cannot open disk file: Error: Failed to create temporary file Activating Lab Manager Licenses SCSI Target is unrecognized on DELL PowerEdge servers with PERC 5 controllers Cannot resignature a cloned LUN [Archived] Clone fails with "General fault caused by a file" Entitled desktop users are displayed as "NULL/ NULL" in the Administrator console Troubleshooting an ESX host that cannot connect to Lab Manager Server Time falls behind in a virtual machine when the memory of the virtual machine is paged from disk by the VMkernel [Archived] Installation of SCSI Drivers Manual in Virtual Machine Collecting diagnostic information for VMware Stage Manager 1. Patch ESX350-200808218-UG: Security Update to Samba Renew Disk Lease task appears in the VMware Infrastructure Client every 40 seconds Troubleshooting a Workstation runVM failed unrecoverable error Identifying all virtual disks that point to a physical disk from the ESX console Display VM network inventory using PowerShell Guest customization in VirtualCenter 2.5 vmkwarning logs indicate that the array does not support the SCSI 3 protocol Windows filesystem (such as C:) shows a different size than the partition size Unable to cold migrate a virtual machine with the error. Patch ESX350-200808215-UG: Update to the Emulex FC Driver ESX Server 3.5.5. Patch ESX350-200808210-UG: Update to VMware-esx-drivers-net-ixgbe ESX Server 3. Patch ESX350-200808203-UG: Update to VMware-esx-backuptools ESX Server 3.5. Patch ESX350-200808211-UG: Update to VMware-esx-drivers-net-tg3 ESX Server 3. Patch ESX350-200808202-UG: Update to VMware-esx-scripts ESX Server 3. Patch ESX350-200808408-BG: Updates ESX Scripts VMware ESXi.0.5. and pegasus-2.5. 17:49 . Patch ESX350-200808214-UG: Update to the QLogic FC Driver ESX Server 3.5. Patch ESX350-200808410-BG: Updates Software Broadcom Driver VMware ESX 3. Patch ESX350-200808212-UG: Update to the MegaRAID SAS Driver ESX Server 3. Patch ESX350-200808409-SG: Security Update to the BIND Package of the Service Console VMware ESX 3. Patch ESX350-200808205-UG: Updates to VMware-cim-esx.5.5.5. Patch ESXe350-200808202-T-UG: VMware Tools Update ESX Server 3i.5.5. and hostd ESX Server 3.5.

o" Virtual Machine Overwrite in VirtualCenter Gets Stuck at 97% Conversion fails with PlatformError 1450 on Windows 2000 or NT Troubleshooting a failure that occurs during a rescan of storage adapters Virtual desktop connection fails after upgrade Connection to Converter Enterprise server fails when service account restricted Unexpected Bundles Included in Remediation Through VMware Update Manager Cannot power on virtual machines after upgrading to VirtualCenter 2.2.5 if DRS is set to manual Windows 2000 Virtual Machine Stops at "Safe to turn off computer" Screen SCSI Reservation Failures on Hitachi USP or NSC Arrays SCSI Reservation Failures on SUN StorageTek 9985 and 9990 Arrays SCSI Reservation Failures on Nihon Unisys SANARENA 5200 and 5800 Arrays Switching between text consoles in a Linux virtual machine Virtual machine violates VMware HA availability constraints even when reservation is set to 0 Troubleshooting a Fault.3 jscript syntax error) Failure to connect to web interface Customization of templates or clones in VirtualCenter may fail if third party software is installed ESX Server 3.0. ESX303-200808405-BG: Fix for Replacing msvcrt. Patch ESX-1006037: Perl Security Update to Service Console Package Update Manager installation fails with the error: Error 25003.3.x GA to ESX Server 3.3.5 Displays an Error When a Virtual Machine is Powered on. 2010.29 VMware ESX Server 3.0.6 guest operating system runs faster than real time due to lost tick overcompensation Creating snapshots fails and performing a backup with VCB causes a virtual machine to shut down http://www. Patch ESX-1006029: Updates the Samba Package Distributed With the ESX Server Service Console ESX Server 3. ESX303-200808402-SG: Perl Security Update to Service Console Package VMware ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1006028: Updates the Samba Package Distributed with the ESX Server Service Console ESX Server 3.0. This may take several minutes.MemorySizeNotRecommended.0. Third Party Library libpng Updated to Server database from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005 Automatically starting a virtual machine when the computer starts Upgrading ESX Server on a Sunfire x4200 M2 stops responding on reboot when loading "forcedeth.2.1. VirtualCenter 2.0.1." Resuming a suspended virtual machine causes an access violation error The Converter plugin is missing from VMware Infrastructure Client Time in a Linux 2. Setup failed to create database tables Troubleshooting a failed install or upgrade of VirtualCenter . Patch ESX-1006031: Service Console Update to Net-SNMP VMware ESX Server 3. Fix for VMware Tools Upgrade from ESX Server 3. ESX303-200808403-SG: VCB Fails Due to Disk Lease Timeout.29 VMware ESX Server 3.0. Virtual Machine Core Dumps are Generated During VMotion.bat script .0.0. and the Remote CLI Time drifts in virtual machines and the service console due to the HPET misreporting its frequency HTC Touch phone device fails to synchronize over USB VMware Infrastructure Client for Linux systems VMware Consolidated Backup cannot lookup a virtual machine by IP/DNS Consolidation fails with error: "VirtualCenter must gather more information to enumerate the domains and workgroups in the enterprise.dll with an Older Version During VMware Tools Upgrade.Summary warning when migrating Powering on a virtual machine from within vCenter times out VCB syntax error when running Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.0. 17:49 .wsf 22.0. VMware Infrastructure Update.2.x GA to ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1006030: Service Console Update to Net-SNMP ESX Server 3. ESX303-200808404-SG: Fix for VMware Tools Upgrade from ESX Server 3.2. ESX303-200808401-SG: Service Console Update to Net-SNMP VMware ESX Server 3.Blank database after VirtualCenter upgrade Migrating a vCenter 2.0.x Patch Installations.2.0.x Patch Installations ESX Server 3. Enabling Root Password Expiry.(command. Third Party Library libpng Updated to 1.0.gronau.3. Try again later.3.Error 1305 A direct connection with remote desktop connection (RDP) to a Virtual Desktop Manager managed virtual machine fails [Archived] VMware Virtual Consolidated Backup fails due to locked virtual machine files VMotion fails with the hostd log error: Source detected that destination failed to resume Shutting Down the Stage Manager Server System or Service Does Not Affect Deployed Virtual Machines Virtual Machine Datastore Usage Page Does Not Display Expired Configuration Mentioned in Deleting Service Error Message Time in virtual machine drifts due to hardware timer drift Using remote assistance to shadow users working in virtual desktops Assigning LDAP users or groups shows only 20 objects or the display process times out Certain virtualized applications always run a second copy of the active native application A large virtualized application is always corrupted and cannot be deployed Time in a Linux virtual machine jumps backward when using clock=pit Time runs slower than real time due to lost timer interrupts Updating ESXi Hosts by Using Update Manager.

0.exe process spikes to 100% CPU usage when DRS is enabled in a cluster VMware Consolidated Backup fails with the error: No path to device Cannot start the application after initial install Accessing VMware ThinApp licenses Best practises for upgrading an existing VMware Desktop Manager environment from version 2. and is not receiving any UDP heartbeats What is a TOE NIC and does ESX support any TOE NICs? VI Client reports incorrect system memory usage Unable to log in when Active Directory contains a very large amount of users Collecting diagnostic information for VMware ThinApp USB thin client redirection does not work with a Wyse thin client Cannot connect ESX to VirtualCenter with error: a connection failure occurred Configuring VMware ThinApp to run from a non-default location Registering or adding a virtual machine to the inventory VirtualCenter fails to start after upgrading from the Japanese version of VirtualCenter 2.3: Check Partition Size When Performing ESX Server 3.0 to 2.1 Metadata files of a powered-on virtual machine might be deleted from shared storage Support for NetQueue on ESX Server 3i version 3.05 Crash while Booting Supported Virtual Network Adapters for Virtual Machines in Microsoft Cluster Service Clusters SharePoint Server 2007 performance issues Powering on a virtual machine fails with the error: A general system error occurred Customization specifications dialog in deployment wizard is blank or empty Connecting to VMware Server using VMware Infrastructure Client Upgrading to VirtualCenter 2.InvalidArgument Troubleshooting the VirtualCenter agent service when it does not start Ensuring the VMkernel parameter Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.26.3: VMotion Requires 30% of Unreserved CPU on ESX Server Source and Target Hosts ESX Server 3.0.0.fault.0.5 fails with a database error Cannot create a new desktop pool after upgrading from Virtual Desktop Manager 2.2 Settings changes are not saved in VMware Workstation Windows XP Service Pack 3 virtual machines fail to transfer data through a virtual parallel port Forcing a virtual machine to power off in VMware Fusion Removing a datastore from an ESX host fails with the error: unable to remove partition 1 Windows Guests Installed with LSI Logic Storport Driver 1.5 host in VirtualCenter shows disconnected.gronau. 2010.3 Upgrades ESX Server Installing ESX 3.5 upgrade fails with a Cannot drop the procedure vpx_stats_rollup error Licensing for ThinApp information Diagnostics Collection Tool (DCT) fails on Windows Vista Japanese The vpxd.2 Update 2 ESX Server 3.3: Patch Installation Fails if Directory Name Contains Spaces ESX Server 3.5 Update 2 Virtual machine does not power on with a could not reserve memory error VirtualCenter logs contain numerous login failures Determining if an ESX host supports 64bit virtual machines Troubleshooting when the Conversion wizard does not complete successfully Troubleshooting a virtual machine that fails during preparation Troubleshooting a snapshot process that fails to initialize ESX host not responding in VirtualCenter VMotion times out at 10% with the error: Failed to get WID http://www.5 on a Dell PowerEdge R905 throws "not able to find any drivers" error VirtualCenter 2.3: e1000 Driver not Detected on Windows Vista Ultimate 32-Bit Guest Operating System in ESX Server 3.3: Fix for NOT_IMPLEMENTED Error Message in LSI Emulation Error when you try to enable VMware Update Manager No users appear when attempting to entitle a virtual desktop Ping from an ESX host fails with the error: Operation not permitted [Archive]QueryPerfComposite Requires startTime and endTime for Real-Time Metrics QueryPerfComposite Requires startTime and endTime for Real-Time Metrics Collecting VMware Infrastructure Virtual Disk Development Kit Diagnostic Information Using Application Sync to rollback problematic updates A 64bit host is detected as only 32bit capable A template's regional settings change when deployed Unable to retrieve performance charts using VirtualCenter 2. 17:49 .Does rebooting VirtualCenter affect an ESX host or the virtual machines running on it? Sysprep fails with domain name error Conversion to an ESX host fails with vmodl.0 to 2.3 ESX Server 3.0.LockDisable is set to default Suse Linux 10.1 Troubleshooting a NoQueueHandler error All virtual machine tasks fail in VirtualCenter because another task is in progress ESX 3.0.3 cloned virtual machines boot and run slowly on ESX 3.

9 Linux Kernels ESX hosts show as disconnected after VirtualCenter upgrade Cannot get exclusive access to the VirtualCenter repository Extending a logical volume in a virtual machine running Red Hat Unable to format or initialize a virtual machine's virtual disk Keyboard and mouse stop working in virtual machine console after vMotion ESX Server does not detect CDP information on Intel MT or PT dualport NICs after native VLAN change VMware Tools fails to install or upgrade video and mouse driver ESX Patch ESX-1006363: ESX Server 3.0.5 Environment Enter a Not Responding State After Applying Certain ESX Server Patches ESX Server 3.0.gronau. Patch ESX-1006360: Security Updates to Web Access Components Tomcat and JRE ESX Server 3.5 Host Update Rollup Bundle Advisory Determining the user in control of the Remote Console of a guest operating system Cannot take a snapshot.5 Update 1 and Later Updates ESX Server 3. the feature is greyed out Limit of Virtual CPUs Raised from 128 to 192 on ESX 2010.0.2 U1 After Tarball Upgrades from ESX Server 3.0 Logging in to the virtual desktop fails with domain connection error Unable to Ping a Virtual Machine Using the IP Address or External IP Address Displayed in the Stage Manager Web Console Navigating the Stage Manager Web Console Generates Microsoft SQL Server Database Error Cannot remove a datastore connected with NFS using Lab Manager Disabling access to VMware Tools ESX Server 3. and VMware-esx-apps RPMs ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1006355: Perl Security Update to Service Console Package ESX Server hosts after upgrading from ESX Incorrect RPMs Might Remain on ESX Server 3.0.2 or ESX Server 3.Troubleshooting cloning problems Troubleshooting reconfiguration task failures Troubleshooting a virtual machine that fails to boot with STOP 0x7B error Cannot boot or start the resulting virtual machine Troubleshooting a log in failure that occurs on a converted virtual machine Cannot start Converter cold clone CD Troubleshooting connectivity to the Connection Broker server Troubleshooting a "Desktop not available" message Troubleshooting LDAP query errors Cannot connect through the security server Troubleshooting virtual machines that are stuck in a customizing state Cannot install client. or connection server Troubleshooting VMware ThinApp installation issues Troubleshooting the build process in VMware ThinApp Application shortcuts or file-type associations are missing when deployed Settings changes to a native application populate the deployed instance incorrectly Troubleshooting virtualized applications that do run in ThinApp Troubleshooting an Unable to connect error in ThinApp Troubleshooting server component installation or upgrade issues Troubleshooting agent component installation or upgrade issues Troubleshooting why you cannot add a template or configuration Adding an ESX Server fails Troubleshooting when networking in the virtual machine fails Troubleshooting an out of storage space condition Determining why you cannot create a new or consolidate existing virtual machines Troubleshooting import or export failures Troubleshooting a failure to deploy or undeploy a virtual machine Cannot add new ESX 3.0.1. agent. ESX303-200808406-SG: Service Console Security Update to BIND VMware ESX Server 3.2.1 Performing an Operation Simultaneously on Large Number of Virtual Machines Might Cause hostd to Stop Responding VMotion fails at 10% with a memory resource error Virtual machine powers off and cannot restart after trying to take a snapshot ODBC errors when using VirtualCenter and Update Manager with an Oracle Database Advanced Configuration options for VMware High Availability http://www. Patch ESX-1006361: Security and Other Fixes for VMware-esx-vmx.x Hosts in a VirtualCenter 2.4. Patch ESX-1006364: Fix for kernel oops During VMware Tools Installation on 2.0. VMware-esx-vmkernel.2.0. 17:49 . Patch ESX-1006356: Service Console Security Update to BIND VMware ESX Server Patch ESX-1006359: Security Updates to Web Access Components Tomcat and JRE ESX Server 3. ESX303-200808407-SG: Security Updates to Web Access Components Tomcat and JRE ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1006362: Fix for QLogic Driver Issue When Resetting the Storage Target ESX Server 3.2 or Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.3.

5 Mounting an ISO image fails with the error: Invalid file type The vpxd log records _PING_SERVER_ message every 5 minutes Troubleshooting a The object or item referred to could not be found message [Archived] Moving a VM (with snapshots) manually Checking for insufficient memory resources Installing Navisphere agents on an ESX host Checking for insufficient slots Autostart of virtual machines fails on an ESX 3i host when it is licensed with a Standalone Edition serial key VirtualCenter error: invalidargument=value of '17' is not valid for 'index'. causing various problems You cannot power on a virtual machine and see a vm swap file error VirtualCenter Server with multiple IP addresses changes the IP address while the services are running Configuring SNMP traps in VirtualCenter Virtual machines experience delays when booting after upgrading to ESX Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.5 Comparison Update Manager fails when performing a scan Setting a static IP address for the Remote CLI appliance Black squares. Patch ESX-1006511: Update for the e1000 Driver Retrieving the ScsiLUNDurableName Through the MOB in 3.gronau.5.5 Changing the VirtualCenter Server database user ID and password Cold clone disc does not retain network settings NFS mount with NetApp failing . 2010.x WSDL Generator and XML Generator Do Not Handle Properties of type MethodFault[] Correctly VMware ESX Server and Security Issues in OpenSSH Identifying virtual machines running on an ESX host with an unresponsive service console Sample Configuration .Enabling logging for the VMware Authorization service VMotion fails at 10% on ESX 3.0.permission denied error Troubleshooting damaged operating system components that cause conversion failure VMware High Availability fails with error: Configuration of host IP address is inconsistent on host ESX host fails with a Spin count exceeded (logSerialIRQLock) .Network Load Balancing (NLB) Multicast Mode Configuration Checking for disk corruption on the destination server after using VMware Converter After applying an ESX patch. Parameter name: index DRS Affinity rules for more than 2 virtual machines are not honored Persistent pool is unavailable when a new user attempts to connect Understanding networking types in hosted products Licensing Free ESXi 3.Network Load Balancing (NLB) Multicast mode over routed subnet . and 2008) randomly fail http://www. 17:49 .5 Troubleshooting an ESX host that does not boot Converter Plugin for VirtualCenter fails to install and rolls back unexpectedly Cannot build the LM Tools ISO Choosing the right fencing option Checking the status of the virtual router ESX Server 3.1.2 SP2 does not work after installing Patch ESXe350-200807401-I-UG Installation of VMware Workstation fails with an invalid drive error A Windows virtual machine reports less than the full 4GB of allocated memory VirtualCenter 2.5 with an QLogic iSCSI HBA Timekeeping best practices for Linux guests VMware-x.log files filling VMFS volume.possible deadlock error VMware Infrastructure Client displays incorrect Resource Share values for VirtualCenter 2.5 fails because it is configured for evaluation mode Windows 2000 virtual machine fails with "Stop 0x0000001a" when using more than 4GB of memory "Please insert the Disk:1" dialog appears when upgrading to VMware Update Manager Update 2 Multiple conversion attempts of Windows 2008 and Hyper-V source machines fail Unable to run ESX host commands after using the su command Virtual machine tasks slow in VirtualCenter Configuring a physical server to boot from CD Microsoft Windows 64bit operating systems (Vista. boxes.0 Update 2 gives error: Incompatible HA Networks VMware ESX and ESXi 3.0.Cisco Switch Static ARP Configuration VMware GSX end of availability information PSP configuration for a device is not updated after changing the default SATP PSP VirtualCenter Server Might Export Incomplete Performance Chart Data WBEM support in HP Systems Insight Manager 5. windows or screens appear in virtual desktop PShare chain length too long: length=25 Repairing boot sector problems in Windows NT-based operating systems Sample Configuration . 2003. VMotion fails at 90% with the error: Checksumming not enabled on source machine Licensing VirtualCenter 2.

and VMware-hostd-esx RPMs VMware ESX Server 3.5 Update 2 A virtual machine's console in VirtualCenter is blank and shows the message: Unknown MKS event Corrupt redo log causes virtual machine to trigger errors while powering on Installing VMware Tools on a Windows 2008 Standard Server Core that does not have a GUI A Novell SUSE kernel 2.2.2. ESX303-200809404-BG: Update to the Service Console Kernel VMware ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1006680: Fix for Proper Deletion of VMware Log Files. Patch ESXe350-200807812-I-BG: Critical Fix for August 12 Licensing Timeout Issue Running custom quiescing scripts inside Windows virtual machine with ESX 3. Sysprep does not prepare the guest operating system when deploying a virtual machine from a template Exporting diagnostic data fails on ESXi embedded Troubleshooting a wizard interrupt error for VirtualCenter 2.0.5 Update 2 and later ESX Server 3.0.2. http://www.25 virtual machine stops responding when mounting a CD-ROM Upgrading to VirtualCenter 2.0. ESX303-200809402-BG: Fix for QLogic Driver Issue When Resetting the Storage Target VMware ESX Server host becomes unresponsive with the purple screen error: deltadisk+0x4baa stack Microsoft Network Load Balancing Multicast and Unicast operation modes After an upgrade to VirtualCenter 2.4. Patch ESX350-200901405-BG: Updates VMware-esx-lnxcfg VMware ESX 3.2 or 2.60-0.3.gronau.0.5.3. ESX303-200809405-BG: Fix for kernel oops During VMware Tools Installation on 2.ESX 3. Corrected Message for Path Failover ESX Server 3.5 Update 2 During upgrade of VirtualCenter. and hostd VMware ESX 3. Patch ESX-1006678: Security Update to VMware-esx-vmx ESX Server 3.0. Patch ESX-1006672: Update to pam_krb5 RPM VMware ESX Server 3. Patch ESX350-200901402-SG: Security Update for ESX Scripts VMware ESX 3.TRUNK Mode with VLAN Pruning [Archived] 2TB limitation for LUNs or disks when using ESX VMware ESX 3.5. Patch ESX350-200901407-BG: Updates Pegasus VMware ESX 3.5. Patch ESX350-200808411-BG: Updates Performance Tools VMware ESX fails with the error: Warning 25032 Health status option is not shown in VirtualCenter after upgrading ESX Changing an RDM from physical to virtual compatibility mode The tg3 network driver fails to load during ESX boot Verifying the ESX Local Storage or SAN array is configured correctly Verifying proper installation and functionality of Converter Agent HA Network Compliance Check Checking networking connections between Converter end points Some IBM servers are missing ESXi or have corrupt Recovery CDs Enabling Windows Single Sign-on support in VirtualCenter 2. Patch ESX350-200808412-BG: Updates lnxcfg Cloning a Source That Contains File System Errors Might Result in a Damaged Copy Eject key does not work properly when a virtual machine is assigned to a physical drive Ping reply fails with a hardware error on a Windows virtual machine Moving a Datastore Using SSMove Verifying the firmware on the RAID controller or HBA is up to date. Fix for an Instruction Synchronization Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.5. Patch ESX350-200901401-SG: Updates VMkernel. Hostd Stops Responding Cannot access datastores while the array reports the 2/0 0x6 0x29 0x0 sense code Hot adding a disk to a virtual machine from command line interface Troubleshooting when you are unable to select hardware templates VMware ESX 3. Patch ESX-1006679: Update to pam_krb5 RPM ESX Server 3. 2010.5.3. VMX. setup states it cannot connect to the database with the given DSN Network setting is not showing within Virtual Infrastructure Client for ESX host. Patch ESX350-2000901406-BG: Updates Kernel Source and VMNIX VMware ESX ESX303-200809401-SG: Security and Other Fixes for VMware-esx-vmx. Patch ESX350-200901410-SG: Security Update for libxml2 in the Service Console VMware ESXi.5. Patch ESX350-200901408-BG: Updates SATA Drivers VMware ESX Patch ESXe350-200901402-T-BG: VMware Tools Update ESXi Linux Kernels ESX Server 3. VMware-esxvmkernel. Patch ESX-1006681: Virtual Machine Heartbeat Alarms Misreport Status. Patch ESX350-200901404-BG: Updates VMware Tools VMware ESX 3. Patch ESXe350-200901401-I-SG: Firmware Update VMware ESXi.5. Patch ESX350-200901409-SG: Security Update for SNMP in the Service Console VMware ESX 3. Performance issues with bridged networking and Windows Server 2003 SP2 Adjusting the virtual SCSI adapter type in a VMDK file IP address listed with 256 in place of 0 (zero) during install Installer places SQL Express DB on Windows default drive vReplicator causing multiple issues with the Management agent Applications and drivers that may not convert into virtual machines Sample switch port configuration . 17:49 .5.

VMware Converter Agent fails to start or install with system error 1920 Firmware upgrade on the storage array causes all LUNs to be detected as snapshots Connecting to a virtual machine's Remote Console fails with the error: The remote host certificate has these problems Troubleshooting ESX host preparation The VirtualCenter service fails to start with an error indicating that a folder does not exist Domain login fails if snapshot is reverted Host IP in vpxa.CustomizationPending. and connection server in VMware Virtual Desktop Manager Cannot set Statistic collection interval to more than 4 days Identifying the location of virtual machine files VMware Consolidated Backup fails after upgrading VirtualCenter VMware Consolidated Backup can fail if there are two console interfaces that can route traffic between each other Running esxupdate query displays two similar Update 2 entries after installing ESX Server 3. 2010.5 Update 2 Web interface fails to complete FTP from the Service Console does work after enabling ftpClient in the firewall settings http://www.5 Update 2 to 3 or 4 Conversion fails when source image or disk file is 1TB or larger All files on the disk do not match the size of the disk properties usage Lab Manager installation requirements Setting the resource expiry and testing garbage cleanup functions Troubleshooting connectivity issues between the agent.5 Update 2 re-release from an ESX Server 3.summary Does fragmentation affect VMFS datastores? ESX host cannot connect to the licence server using the FQDN A SCSI Reservation Issue with MSA2012sa Conversion fails when the source file is accessed using a UNC path Testing virtual machine storage I/O performance Password aging in ESX Console Operating System VMware Virtual Infrastructure Client download from VirtualCenter 2.5.5 with Microsoft Clustering Service (MSCS) Verifying that the virtual desktop or server is joined to the domain Correctly preparing a virtual machine template for deployment VMware Converter Cannot Take a Snapshot of a FAT Volume on 64-bit Vista and Windows 2008 Sources Cloning a virtual machine using customization fails at 40% with the error: fault.5 Checking import prerequisites in Lab Manager VMware Infrastructure Client incorrectly reports the health status of IBM x Series Servers with an LSI 1078 as Alert Importing System Groups from CSV to the Dashboard fails Server stops responding and displays a purple screen error VMkernel on host stops responding and displays a purple screen error Types of purple screen errors Extracting the log file after an ESX or ESXi host fails with a purple screen error Using performance collection tools to gather data for fault analysis Identifying environmental issues that can cause purple screen errors Service Console stops responding and displays a purple screen error Validating ESX host configuration after purple screen errors Decoding the purple screens .Network Load Balancing (NLB) UNICAST Mode Configuration Checking the VDM Agent installation and status Update Manager scan fails Collecting diagnostic information for VMware Virtual Consolidated Backup 1. Changes in /etc/fstab are missing after upgrading VMware Tools ESX 3.Changing the IP Address of the Existing VirtualCenter Server for Stage Manager VIX API Shared Folder Status Subject to Delay in Linux Guests Enabling VMotion on internal vswitch behind bridged-mode firewalls and other network appliances Powering on a virtual machine fails with an internal system error Troubleshooting the LM Agent and checking the installed version Unable to load DLL 'vmlicense. Aborting operation. Unable to Power On virtual machine with &ldquo. 17:49 .Service Console OOPS/Panic VirtualCenter 2.5 Update 2 GA installation.x Collecting diagnostic information for VMware Lab Manager 3.dll' HRESULT: 0x800736B1 Configuring the ESXi 3. client.5 Management Network from the direct console VMware Consolidated Backup operation fails with the error: Could not renew disk Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.cfg retains old value after changing service console IP Fetching the native path from within the virtualized environment Time zones unexpectedly change on virtual desktops Removing an unknown guest from the inventory generates an object reference error Enabling (verbose) debug logging in LM 3.x Sample Configuration .gronau.A General System error occurred: Internal error&rdquo. Patch ESX350-200806812-BG: Critical Fix for August 12 Licensing Timeout Issue Troubleshooting a database upgrade failure from VirtualCenter 2.

0. ESX303-200810502-BG: Virtual Machine Heartbeat Alarms Misreport Status.3.0.2. Patch ESX-1006979: hostd Exceeds Hard Limit for Memory Usage ESX Server 3.0.5 Environment Enter a Not Responding State After Applying Certain ESX Server Patches VMware ESX Server 3. ESX303-200810505-BG: Corrected Message for Path Failover Command VMware ESX Server 3.0.5.rpm Package http://www.0.2.5 build#103908 Virtual Machine Is Powered On.x Hosts Specifying a DNS Server for ACE Instances That Use Instance Customization Newly Installed RPMs Are Listed as Wrong or Duplicate Versions when System Time Is Rolled Back ESX Server 3. On Multiple ESX Hosts 'Upgrade to VMFS 3' link is disabled in VI Client after ESX Server host is upgraded Rebuilding virtual machine swap files when swap files do not point to a replicated datastore Rescans Might Cause CD-ROM Drives Attached to vmhbas to Become Inaccessible from the Service Console Enable Network Card on Windows 2000 Professional or Server Virtual Machine Running McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8. and disk access problems during conversion Troubleshooting VirtualCenter connectivity and operation Unable to deploy a template from an internal network to an ESX host in a DMZ network Cannot add ESX Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.5 Update 2 Troubleshooting database access Disabling the client drive redirection feature Troubleshooting missing driver and Windows file errors during reconfiguration Troubleshooting file. Hostd Stops Responding VMware ESX Server Patch ESX-1006980: Virtual Machine Is Powered On.1.3.0. Patch ESX-1006983: Update to tzdata.0. 2010.x Hosts in a VirtualCenter 2. Patch ESX350-200808413-SG: Security Update to cim-smwg for the Openwsman Component of the Service Console VirtualCenter server does not start after upgrading to VirtualCenter 2. an ESX host experiences boot delays with the error: Initialization for qla4022 failed with -19 Cannot enable the Update Manager plug-in VirtualCenter profiler and scoreboard logs Converting a template to a virtual machine fails with the error: There are no active hosts in the cluster Windows Installer runs on every application launch CD or ISO image selection is empty when creating a new template Verifying the Microsoft ASP.2. VMkernel Mark Paths as Offline When SVC Is Not Ready After a SVC Reset ESX Server 3. ESX303-200810503-SG: Security Updates to the ESX Server Service Console Packages for libxml2 ESX Server 3.2. Fix for an Instruction Synchronization Issue VMware ESX Server 3.2: Roll-Up Bundle for ESX Server 3.0i Changing the IP address of the Service Console on an ESX host Installation of the MKS plug-in fails Multiple log in prompts appear during login after implementing RSA Minor Spelling Error in the VMkernel Logs Microsoft applications fail to activate Using the VMware SCSI Disk Driver for Windows Guest Operating Systems Desktop refuses client connection or the connection is terminated unexpectedly Registering the virtual application to complete deployment Supported ThinApp installation methods and usage Configuring an ESX host for lm-agent installation ESX 3.Unable to login to a virtual desktop due to Windows logon software (GINA) error Validating guest customization when preparing a virtual machine template for deployment Changing the hostname on VirtualCenter server Using vcbRestore to restore a virtual machine Committing snapshots from within the Service Console Sysprep no longer runs on template after upgrading to VirtualCenter 2.5 Update2 Enabling software iSCSI fails with the error: vmk_HeapCreate failed When using QLA4062 or QLA4060 on IBM x3650.0.0.3 and 3.NET version installed Troubleshooting virtualized applications running in a Windows Terminal Services environment [Archived] Storage VMotion timeout ESX3. volume.gronau.0.5. on Multiple ESX Server Hosts.5. Patch ESX-1006982: Security Update to the ESX Server Service Console Packages for bzip2 ESX Server 3.0. ESX303-200810501-BG: Fix for Proper Deletion of VMware Log Files. ESX303-200810506-BG: Patch Installation Using esxupdate Fails Because 2nd-Level Dependency Is Not Installed ESX Server 3.5 hosts that are not SSL authentication enabled to VirtualCenter 2.x Patches Appear in Depot Even Though VirtualCenter Manages Only Patch ESX-1006968: Security Updates to the ESX Server Service Console Packages for libxml2 VMware ESX Server 3.5 Update 2 Template deployment fails at 95% with a Customization Failed error VMware ESX 3. Patch ESX-1006974: ESX Server 3.2 ESX Server 3.3.0. 17:49 .

2 ESX Server 3.VMkernel Mark Paths as Offline When SVC Is Not Ready After a SVC Reset ESX Server 3.0. Patch ESX350-200810201-UG: Updates VMkernel. Patch ESX350-200810208-UG: Updates esxupdate Documentation VMware ESX 3.2.0. Patch ESXe350-200810403-C-UG: VI Client Update Patch Installation Using esxupdate Fails Because 2nd-Level Dependency Is Not Installed Manually installing McAfee VirusScan Plus in VMware Fusion Is virtual machine clustering supported? When installing Converter Enterprise. Patch ESX350-200810212-UG: Updates VMkernel iSCSI Driver VMware ESX 3.5 Update 1 or Update 2 High Availability fails to configure after an upgrade to ESX 3. hostd VMware ESX 3. Patch ESX350-200810210-UG: Updates HP Storage Component Drivers VMware ESX 3.2. Patch ESX350-200810207-UG: Updates SCSI Driver for QLogic FC HBAs VMware ESX 3.5.5 Update 1 running with Microsoft SQL 2000 SP4 on Microsoft Windows 2003 Standard Server SP2 http://www. Patch ESX350-200810209-UG: Updates bnx2 Driver for Broadcom VMware ESX 3. on Multiple ESX Server Hosts.5/ESXi 3. 17:49 . Patch ESX350-200810206-UG: Updates ATA PIIX SCSI Driver VMware ESX 3.5.gronau.3.0 patch 1 Troubleshooting application dependency and capture issues Virtualizing existing domain controllers Unable to deploy Virtual Machines due to network configuration issues An NFC connection fault can occur during a block-level cloning operation Running GSX Server on a Stratus ftServer or NEC Express5800 System Performance charts in VirtualCenter 2. Patch ESX-1006984: Hyperthreading Status Reported Incorrectly on Non-HT Multicore Processors for ESX Server 3.ESX Server 3.5. Patch ESXe350-200810401-I-UG: Firmware Update VMware ESXi.5. Patch ESX350-200810202-UG: Updates ESX Scripts VMware ESX 3.x customers? SMP virtual machines running Linux using the TSC clocksource stop responding or stall Expanding Raw Device Map (RDM) size Unable to power on a virtual machine after a volume resignature ESX 3. Patch ESX350-200810205-UG: Updates CIM and Pegasus VMware ESX 3. Patch ESX-1006987: VmPerl Compilation Fails During Patch Installation Configuring a VMkernel port and enable VMotion via command line Settings missing in deployed applications Verifying isolation mode usage in ThinApp Virtualizing Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express SP2 Upgrading to Lab Manager 3. Patch ESXe350-200810402-T-UG: VMware Tools Update VMware ESXi. you see the error "Please provide a value for all of the required fields" after entering your username and password Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) network information via command line and VirtualCenter on an ESX host Resource Distribution chart on Cluster Summary tab only shows some hosts VMotion problem with Virtual Machines running on 64bit guests on AMD Barcelona servers and ESX Service Console stops responding with a COS Oops Error Console web site fails to open with "Service Unavailable" Cannot add a datastore or add an extent after increasing the size of the disk or LUN Creating capture fails with "Unable To Write" error Manually Installing and Uninstalling the Lab Manager Agent Software on an ESX Host Cannot add ESXi host to a VMware High Availability cluster NetXen NC510F 10GB adapter not detected Storage Drivers for ESX 3. 2010.5.0 upgrade for existing VMware Fusion 1. Patch ESX350-200810204-UG: Updates bnx2x Driver for Broadcom VMware ESX Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February. Patch ESX350-200810215-UG: Updates Web Access VMware ESXi.5 are incorrect or blank Cannot migrate powered off virtual machines Implications of enabling or disabling VMware HA strict admission control when using DRS and VMware DPM Using DHCP based Network Templates Windows 2008 64bit fails to load: CPU not compatible with 64bit mode Configurations in a saved state do not deploy after upgrade VMware Consolidated Backup fails because the ESX host stops responding in VirtualCenter Will the 30-day complimentary support apply to the free VMware Fusion 2.5 Update 2 Past Month stats rollup job fails in VirtualCenter 2. Patch ESX350-200810203-UG: Updates MPT SCSI Driver VMware ESX 3.5.0. Patch ESX-1006985: Mapping of Scripts in VMware Tools VMware ESX Server 3.5.5. ESX303-200811401-BG: hostd Exceeds Hard Limit for Memory Usage.0.x and Microsoft Windows XP When Using the VMware LSI Logic Storage Adapter VMware ESX 3.Virtual Machine Is Powered On. Patch ESX350-200810214-UG: Updated Time Zone Rules VMware ESX 3.0.5. Service Console.

Patch ESX-1007204: Virtual Machines Stop Responding When Disconnected from Serial Port. 17:49 . Patch ESX-1007206: Qlogic iSCSI Driver Allocates Target IDs Greater than 255 ESX Server 3. Patch ESX350-200809404-SG: Security Update to VMware-esx-vmx VMware ESXi 3.5 Down NIC link state after installing ESX 3.6 Update Manager Client becomes disabled randomly VMware Consolidated Backup fails when it is configured to identify the virtual machine by IP address Disk does not show up in Add Storage in VirtualCenter 2. Patch ESX-1007207: CHAP Authentication Failure on ESX Server http://www.3.x to ESX Enabling enhanced vmxnet adapters for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 VirtualCenter Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.3 VMware ESX Server 3.0.0. ESX303-200811407-BG: Mapping of Scripts in VMware Tools ESX Server 3.5. Required Patch for IBM FAStT Storage Arrays ( file Changes do not appear after expanding the a VMDK in VMware Infrastructure Client VMware Consolidated Backup fails on a Windows NT virtual machine ESX host in a VMware High Availability cluster fails to enter maintenance mode and stops at 2% Adding Manual Markers to a Recording During Replay Virtual CD/DVD Drive Disconnects During Multiple Disk Installation Upgrading virtual hardware to version 7 requires reinstallation of vmxnet driver Cannot power off guest operating system because another task is in progress Cloning a virtual machine fails at 10% with the error: The Virtual Disk is either corrupted or not a supported format A Windows 2003 virtual machine high CPU usage after a conversion from physical to virtual Determining VCB versions and build numbers Ensuring services or network servers are available to the application A failure occurs when you press any key in a virtual machine Scheduled task to download updates fails to run and shows as queued in VirtualCenter 2. ESX303-200812409-BG: Hyperthreading Status Reported Incorrectly on Non-HT Multicore Processors for ESX Server 3.5 and v5. Update 2.3.5 Update 2 VirtualCenter does not accurately report RDM drives Cannot configure a VMware High Availability cluster with the option key das. Fix for a VMFS Issue ESX Server 3.0.gronau. Patch ESX-1007205: Fix for vdf -P Command to Delimit the Output Values with Proper Spacing ESX Server 3.5 Update 2 and later Customization fails with the following error message on VC Events: Failed to deploy template: Customization Failed ESX fails to boot from SAN with an MSA 1000 TCP Packets from a Source Windows 2000 Virtual Machine Stop Reaching the Destination Windows 2000 Virtual Machine Unless Zerocopy is Disabled [Archived] Host becomes unresponsive VirtualCenter upgrade fails with a Case-Sensitive SQL error An ADAM error message appears when creating a pool Troubleshooting a Windows XP guest warning about BusLogic SCSI drivers VMware products might be affected during VirtualCenter upgrade Powering on a virtual machine fails indicating that the VMware Authorization service is not running Cannot perform operations in VirtualCenter when using the Quest Vintela Authentication Services plug-in Using a reverse proxy with VDM Virtual machine Import option is disabled or grayed out Issues reconfiguring or powering on virtual machines after upgrading from ESX 2. 2010.0.rpm Package VMware ESX Server 3.5 Update 3 may fail to start after upgrade VMware ESX Server 3. DS5000 families) to Correct an Issue with Failover.5.0. Patch ESXe350-200809401-I-SG: Firmware Update A deployed package fails to power on due to a policy failure Troubleshooting data corruption on EMC Celerra's that are running DART OS v5.2. DS4000. ESX303-200811405-BG: Update to tzdata. you cannot attach a VMDK disk file to a virtual machine Guest memory alarms not clearing in VirtualCenter Configuring the locked.bypassNetworkVerification=yes [Archive] VM networking unable to browse workgroup The virtual desktop connection fails when automatic login is enabled in the virtual machine Snapshot operation fails because the file already exists Blackberry 7230 Devices Do Not Work on Linux Virtual Machines That Have Desktop Manager 4.Replacing CPUs on an ESX host RDM filesystem inconsistencies caused by automatic disk defragmentation A Windows virtual machine boots and accesses the console slowly after a conversion from physical Configuring a virtual machine to be debugged with Microsoft Windows Debugger Plugins failing after VirtualCenter hostname change VMware ESX 3.x Update Manager patch download fails with the error: Patch Metadata Not Found Guest Memory Setting Recommendation for VMware SVGA II Adapter After upgrading to VirtualCenter ESX303-200811404-SG: Security Update to the ESX Server Service Console Packages for bzip2 VMware ESX Server 3.

ESX303-200812401-BG: Virtual Machines Stop Responding When Disconnected from Serial Port VMware ESX Server 3.3.0. You Must Sometimes Enter the Serial Number After Installation Committing the snapshot _VCB-BACKUP_ fails with the error: Device or Resource busy Limitations Regarding Preserving Network Settings When Updating to Workstation 6.5 Update 3) Requirements for importing a virtual machine from VirtualCenter All virtual machine consoles within Lab Manager displaying as Unavailable VMWare High Availability error: VMWareClusterManager Rule not enabled error while configuring HA in a cluster Virtual desktops are deployed with duplicate DNS names Network connectivity might be lost during ESXi 3. ESX303-200812403-BG: Qlogic iSCSI Driver Allocates Target IDs Greater than 255 VMware ESX Server 3.3.0.def error SATA CD-ROM drive is not functional on the Dell PowerEdge systems after ESX installation [Internal] KC boot camp 2 Deployment of a template fails due to fenced-only permission on the network Cannot upgrade an expired server license.0. ESX303-200812405-BG: CHAP Authentication Failure on ESX Server ESX Server 3. Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.5 Update 3.0. ESX303-200812404-BG: Permissions on the Service Console File System Change to ReadOnly During Long NetApp Cluster Failover VMware ESX Server 3.0.0. Fix for a VMFS Issue After upgrading from VirtualCenter 2.3.5 Update 3 fails with the error: Invalid command line argument Troubleshooting a VMware Tools applying transforms error hostd is not responding and cannot be killed by the kill -9 command VI Client Displays Information for Disconnected USB Storage Devices Cannot drag and drop virtual machines from one ESX host to another Creation of a virtual machine fails when using VirtualCenter Extending partitions in Windows using DiskPart Online Help Is Not Displayed on Windows Server 2003 and 2008 Until You Enable JavaScript On Windows Vista Hosts. the serial numbers are no longer available VMDK Recovery Tool (ESX 3.3. DS4000.0.2 Update 2 to VirtualCenter 2. ESX303-200812406-BG: Fix for hostd RPM VMware ESX Server 3.3.5 Update 2 ESX Server hosts to be backed up should have access to the datastore in hot-add mode Are full versions of SQL Server. Patch ESX-1007214: Permissions on the Service Console File System Change to Read-Only During Long NetApp Cluster Failover VMware ESX Server 3. ESX303-200812407-BG: Required Patch for IBM FAStT Storage Arrays (DS3000.VMware ESX Server 3.0.5 boot Bridged networking does not work when loopback adapter is installed on host Diagnosing Vizioncore's vFoglight console memory heap error Upgrade to VirtualCenter 2. Patch ESX-1007213: Fix for hostd RPM ESX Server 3. or other external databases supported? Can multiple servers connect to one VirtualCenter? Unable to connect using MirrorView Troubleshooting a VMware High Availability cannot read /var/log/vmware/aam/aam_config_util. VirtualCenter fails to start with Error 42000 Unable to add EICON Diva ISDN card via PCI Passthrough into a virtual machine Cannot add storage in VirtualCenter 2.0.2. DS5000 families) to Correct an Issue with Failover.0.2. 2010.gronau.3.3. ESX303-200812402-BG: Fix for vdf -P Command to Delimit the Output Values with Proper Spacing VMware ESX Server 3. 17:49 .5 For Solaris Operating System Installation Using Legacy Emulation for CD Devices Might Produce an Error Occasionally the Virtual Machine Does Not Recognize That a New Floppy Disk Has Been Inserted in the Drive Linux Operating System Limitations for Hot-Add of Virtual CPUs Making Studio Max Viewports Display Correctly on a Linux Host with a Windows XP Guest Symbolic Links Do Not Work in Folders Shared Between Linux Hosts and Windows Guests Permissions Issue with Starting a Virtual Machine on a Windows Vista Host Only administrator users can open VMware Tools on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 guests You Must Run Workstation as an Administrator to Create a Virtual Machine from a Windows Vista Physical Machine vsla-agent becomes unresponsive when the service console has two IP addresses Issue with Determining the Default System Volume When Converting Dual-Boot Virtual and Physical Machines Mouse movement is not smooth while running games in a virtual machine Clicking on a host or guest in VirtualCenter causes the host to go into Not Responding state Changing or blocking the default ports 80 (http) and 443 (https) on ESX hosts VMotion fails and VMotion licenses show as Not Used in Virtual Center Windows user account gets locked out when VirtualCenter service is running Update Manager service fails to start and the errors 1920 and 27519 display Troubleshooting when you are unable to access the VMware Stage Manager web interface SNMP traps are not being sent to the service console Configuration suddenly goes into an inconsistent state http://www.

1 Updating the Number of Ports on the Lab Manager Network Switch Protocol error from VMX returned when backing up virtual machines Error when running vm-support if insufficient disk space Sysprep runs unexpectedly at each deployment of a cloned template Resources in Use Error for CIFS Datastores Boot Camp virtual machine fails to boot Cannot connect to NFS network share Determining if a network traffic storm caused a VMware High Availability isolation response Logging in to VirtualCenter with VMware Infrastructure Client fails with the error: The request failed because of a connection failure ESX fails to boot with fsck error Licensing an ESX host by pointing to a License Server through VMware Infrastructure Client fails Misleading information in esxcfg-vswif man page VMFS detected as snapshot after change of Symmetrix version Scheduler Cell Size on Six-Core Processors Installing a custom signed certificate for SSL remote console connections Configuration of HeaderDigest and DataDigest elements for software iSCSI Troubleshooting IP-Hash outbound NIC selection VMware Tools stops responding or fails to install when Virtual Machine Monitoring is selected Resolving the VirtualCenter error: The type initializer for vpxClient.5 and later VMware Tools installation fails with Error 1722 Testing the Monitoring Virtual Machines functionality in VirtualCenter Incorrect account credentials prevent deploy or undeploy operations VirtualCenter incorrectly reports that VMware Tools is out of date VMware Infrastructure Update does not see all hosts [archived] Unable to add a local datastore through VirtualCenter Editing the resource allocations of a virtual machine generates an error VirtualCenter service does not start after reboot with the error Unable to get exclusive access to VirtualCenter repository Verifying that the xinetd service is running on an ESX host VMFS unable to delete files due to 0 blocks available to write journal IP conflicts occur if using fenced mode and default gateway does not match configuration gateway Cannot connect virtual machine CD-ROM to the CD-ROM of the host ESXi host is unable to generate support logs because local storage is full The Map Disk Region task appears repeatedly in VirtualCenter after using VMware Consolidated Backup The VMkernel log indicates that the TCP/IP heap is below 9% Connection server fails to start Uploading a file to and downloading a file from a datastore fails Trying to add an ESX host to the inventory in VirtualCenter causes multiple errors Non-English Filename Might Not Work Properly with Windows NFS Server Lab Manager MKS Console Browser Plug-In on Windows Can Be Installed Only by a Windows Administrator VDM Client Fails to Connect to Virtual Desktop After Upgrading to VDM Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.exe Entry Point Not Found" Cannot Install ACE Packages When the Host Has Another ACE Instance Running Configuration Settings for Creating an OS/2 Warp v4.52 Virtual Machine Instance Customization Fails If the Initialization Script Is Placed in the ACE Resources Directory You Must Manually Start Apache Before Logging in to ACE Management Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 http://www.5.gronau.Org X Server 1. Automatic Update of VMware Tools Might Generate the Error "VMwareUser.VMconfig.90.4.CPUID threw an exception Prerequisite for Playing Tony Hawk 4 in a Virtual Machine Restrictions on User Names When Using Instance Customization for ACE Packages VMware Tools Cannot Start on Ubuntu 7.04 Hosts with X.10 Guests If an Unsupported Screen Resolution Is Used [Internal] Why do NICs sometimes change their ordering after an ESX installation? Limitations Regarding Taskbar Location for Linux Guests in Unity Mode Unity Mode and Framebuffer Memory Allocations for Linux Hosts Limitations Regarding Mouse Configuration When Running Unity Mode on Linux Hosts On Ubuntu 8. 2010. You Might Not Be Able to Run Multiple Virtual Machines Cannot Power On an ACE Instance That Uses Kiosk Mode or Keyboard Logging Detection 3-D Games Might Cause Linux Hosts with Some ATI Cards to Freeze Windows Server guest fails when an EMC snapshot LUN is activated Importing certificates issued by an OpenSSL CA Installation of ESX350-200805501-BG or ESX350-200806401-BG causes esxtop to cease functioning Copying Files from a Remote File System Fails When Replaying a Recording If You Click Go Live SAS Link and Port Failovers with the Intel Modular Server Running Update 3 and Later Versions of ESX 3.l when booting ESX Server 3. 17:49 .5 and ESXi or 2.Daylight Saving Time (DST) Update in Brazil and Argentina for 2008 "No such device errors" in /var/log/messages.

pl Might Cause a "No Screens Found" Error An "Unidentified Publisher" Message Appears When You Uninstall Workstation from a Windows Vista Host Cannot Power On Virtual Machines If You Start Workstation as root When Using a GL-Based X Server Changes to Encryption Suites for Web Access and Administrative Access Deploying BEA LiquidVM Fails When the Virtual Machine Does Not Have NICs Attached Surrogate Pairs Are Not Supported for the Path to the Workstation Installation Directory Installation of some RPM packages might be skipped during upgrade to ESX 3.5 Update releases. the Host Stays Locked The Enhanced Virtual Keyboard Setting Might Not Persist After a Workstation Upgrade The ACE Management Server Configuration File for the Kerberos Network Authentication Protocol Does Not Take Effect Addressing Microsoft ADAM security vulnerability MS08-035 in servers running VDM Disabling the Gnome-Panel in the Kiosk Full Screen Mode Some Applications in Linux Guests Do Not Work in Unity Mode Relaunching Multiple ACE Instances Running in Kiosk Mode Might Cause the VMware Player Menu to Appear Install McAffee VirusScan Enterprise 8. On Japanese Hosts. 2010. You Cannot Upgrade from an English Version of Workstation Limitations on Volume Migration When You Import a Virtual or Physical Machine When Importing.The ACE Keystroke Logging Detection Feature Gives False Positives for Some HP Keyboards Choosing a Screen Resolution When Running Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.04 Host Guest Operating System that Does Not Support the Attach to Application Option in the Integrated Virtual Debugger for Eclipse Linux Hosts That Use the evdev Driver for Keyboards Do Not Map Keys Correctly in Any Guest Unable to deploy configuration from Lab Manager Using a Remote Desktop Connection When Installing VMware Tools Causes the Installation to Stop Responding on Windows XP Guests Dell Recovery CD fails to recover ESXi version 3.0 template to a domain VMotion fails with the error: There are not enough Licenses installed to perform this operation Installing VMware Tools on Virtual Machines Fails If Guest OS Is Set to Other Invoking Processes on Deployed Virtual Machines by Using SOAP API http://www.5 Running vmkfstools Remote CLI with --queryfs requires full path name Cannot Launch 3-D Games That Use DirectX on a Ubuntu 8. 17:49 .1 sometimes does not list device driver details for ESX 3. a Source Machine with Mixed IDE and SCSI Disks Might Not Produce a Bootable Virtual Machine Connection server unexpectedly loses connection with VirtualCenter Some VNC Server Applications Cause Error Messages When You Go into Unity Mode Cannot Power On Pocket ACE If You Previously Unplugged the USB Device Without Safely Disconnecting It If an ACE Instance Running in Kiosk Mode Is on a Host That Goes into Standby Mode.5 without local administrator privileges A virtual machine deployed from a template shows the wrong disk size Reducing the size of the VirtualCenter database when the rollup scripts take a long time to run VMware Workstation fails to load when restarting a Linux host after the initial installation Preventing database corruption Site Recovery Manager maximum VirtualCenter Server name length Is Thin disk VMDK supported? hostd log contains many updateChildResourceConfiguration entries Support for Guest Customization on Localized Guest Operating Systems Downloading files through VMware Infrastructure Client fails with the error: Connection to server has timed out Security vulnerability in CAPICOM redistributable Problem connecting to VMware Server Support for VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB) and Multipath software VMware Tools installation fails with the error: The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed SNMP trap information incorrectly displays in 3rd party monitoring software Calculating the priority level of a VMware DRS migration recommendation Cannot deploy a virtual machine from a template because the template VMDK file is locked Adding a User or a Group Times Out When Lab Manager Is Connected to Large or Slow LDAP Service Joining a VMware vCenter Lab Manager 3.5 Automatic Upgrade from Beta Bundle to GA RPM Install Does Not Remove the Beta Install Extracting Files from a Bundle Install for Linux Uninstalls the RPM Install Enable Execution Tracing for Record/Replay Unable to log into Webview after modifications to Active Directory group Authentication from IBM Director Console to Director Agent Fails Cannot login to VirtualCenter 2.gronau.0 Limitations to application support in ThinApp Installer Requests for System Service Runlevels During Installation Automate an Install by Skipping the EULA Agreement Update Manager cannot perform patch remediation on virtual machines Console of IBM Director 5.5.0i and Add a Network Adapter Installing Older Workstation Packages on Workstation 6.5.

the installation fails with an error message http://www.Rescuing a running virtual machine with dd when datastore metadata is inaccessible Collecting the Support Information Using the SupportLink Tab Under Settings Might Display an Error VMware ESX 3. Deleted Desktop Display Names are Listed in the Desktop List The Delete After First Use Setting Does Not Work if the Desktop is Reset Removing a View Manager ADAM Instance Causes an Error Direct Console User Interface Display Incorrect During Shutdown/Restart Ending an assessment in Capacity Planner Changing the AppSyncURL on deployed packages Switch Desktop option behaves incorrectly when users are connected to more than three desktops at the same time Installing the View Agent on Windows XP disables the Welcome Screen and Fast User Switching Registry entries are not removed in Windows Terminal Servers when uninstalling the View Agent is complete If the View Connection Server installation path contains too many characters. Command to monitor snapshot deletion Failure to remove VMkernel port group after upgrading from ESX 3. Patch ESX350-200811402-SG: Updates ESX Scripts VMware ESX Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February. Patch ESX350-200811408-BG: Updates QLogic Software Driver VMware ESX 3.5 Update 3 Unable to enable iSCSI because the IQN value is blank ESX host fails with a purple screen error after upgrading to Dell Open Manager 5. Patch ESXe350-200811401-T-BG: VMware Tools Update Solaris 10 U4.5. and Other RPMs VMware ESX 3. Patch ESX350-200811406-SG: Security Update to bzip2 in Service Console VMware ESX 3.5. Patch ESX350-200811405-SG: Security Update to libxml2 in Service Console VMware ESX 3. Patch ESX350-200811409-BG: Updates Kernel Source and VMNIX VMware ESXi. 17:49 . since the virtual machine is configured with independent disks Launching multiple Adobe CS3 projects simultaneously causes a failure Re-registering orphaned virtual machines [Archived] A general system error occurred. Patch ESXe350-200811401-I-SG: Firmware Update VMware ESXi.5.5 Update 2 ASSERT Error When Powering on a Virtual Machine Using a Physical Serial Port Create/Edit Wizard Permits Entry of Pool Size Greater than the Capacity of Selected Datastores Error message logged when load balancer does not supply user-agent in HTTP header ESX host intermittently disconnects from VirtualCenter ESX build upgrade causes system fault and purple screen.5 vSphere agent upgrade checker encounters a problem connecting to the host vSphere agent upgrade checker issue with network mounts vSphere agent upgrade checker issue with low disk space vSphere agent upgrade checker issue with missing patches for ESX Assigning specific users to a persistent virtual desktop before first use VirtualCenter service fails to start with the error: Datetime field overflow Algorithm Used for Load Balancing While Placing Virtual Machine In a Cluster Reinstalling Lab Manager Fails When a Previous Installation Process Is Canceled During the SQL Server Setup Taking a snapshot fails with the error: Failed to take a memory snapshot. hostd.5.5. failed to create journal file provider Sample configuration of distributed switch (DVP) uplink from the ESX command line Customizing vMA for Non-English Environments All ESX host options disabled after an upgrade to ESX 3. 2010.gronau.x to 3. Patch ESX350-200811401-SG: Updates VMkernel. 64-bit graphical installation fails with the default virtual machine RAM size of 512MB Pools or virtual machines remain listed in VirtualCenter after being deleted in View Manager Scan of host fails after upgrade to VirtualCenter 2.5 [Archive] Failed to load library Solution A virtual machine running a SQL Server loses connectivity during a VMware Consolidated Backup or snapshot operation When hard drive space is too limited on the computer. an error message stating that there is not enough hard drive space to proceed is displayed Disconnect and Logoff options from the View client menu do not work when the virtual machine is set with "password protection" option When a user connects to a desktop through multiple View Clients desktop sessions are disconnected "Bean must be used in a Portal context" error message Single sign on does not work when connecting from View Portal on Mac OS to a Terminal Server desktop back end View Portal on Mac OS does not support connection to Windows Vista desktops View Portal on Mac OS cannot connect to Windows Terminal Servers when using a tunneled connection Scheduled jobs do not run View Manager does not support connecting to desktop sessions on operating systems configured to require Network Level Authentication (NLA) for remote desktop connections [Archived] Thin format virtual disk become to thick format by "Clone Virtual Machine Wizard".

the check out folder uses the desktop display name When connecting to a local desktop. View does not support non-ASCII file names VMware ESX Server 3. or remove directories when there is an active View Session on Windows Terminal Server ESX error: No free space left on device Offline Desktop does not work if the virtual machine resides in an NFS datastore Pressing Alt+Ctrl+Delete while on the login screen for a checked-out desktop freezes the keyboard in the guest If the session timeout expires while Offline Desktop is running. Patch ESX-1007670: ESX Server Fails When a Guest Operating System Sends a Large Data Packet With Large Number of Scatter Gather Elements ESX Server 3.2. Patch ESX-1007671: Fix to Remove Spurious I/O Error Messages ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1007672: Applying a Patch Bundle Updates Some Original Entries in syslog.2. stop services.2. the View Client with Offline Desktop will show a message that says "Preparing to run desktop locally. Patch ESX-1007673: Security Update to SNMP in the Service Console ESX Server 3.5 Disabling VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) Minimum permissions required for View Composer Desktop check out only works when the client and server are located in the same locale Offline SSO fails for checked out desktops (individual or pooled) if the last user who logged on was not in the current domain used for the current check out When adding a permission." When running a desktop locally for the first time. the desktop becomes unavailable in the desktop selection dialog Canceling a desktop check in and then rolling back a desktop prevents checking out the desktop at a later time Source host does not support a location change location for a virtual machine swap file causing VMotion to fail The virtual machine debug driver was disabled for this virtual machine message displays in event log iSCSI and Jumbo Frames configuration on ESX 3.0.conf File ESX Server Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.0. ESX303-200812408-BG: QLogic Driver RPMs Versions Mismatch VMware VirtualCenter service does not start automatically after reboot ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1007674: Security Update to libxml2 in Service Console ESX Server 3. the desktop selection dialog cannot be reopened Non-ASCII characters in the default check out folder name cause check out to fail By default. Patch ESX-1007675: Updated vm-support Script http://www.2..During installation of the View Agent on an unmanaged machine..0. 2010.0.0. the error "Database temporarily unavailable or has network problems" is displayed Virtual machine alarm does not change after vMotion View Client with Offline Desktop may not work in some locations that use non-ASCII characters Reverting a desktop back to the anchor snapshot after creating a new snapshot prevents future check outs Non-ASCII file names are not supported. all error messages and dialogs are associated with the first desktop that you open RDP connections to machines running View Agent that are not initiated through View Manager are no longer blocked by default Passwords cannot contain high-ASCII characters Power off tasks in VirtualCenter fail during pool deletion because the virtual machines are already powered off Virtual desktop with display names ending with a backslash (\) cannot be launched from View Portal Data redirection fails when domain user profile in master virtual machine is used to log in to a clone No virtual desktops are available in the Administration screen Installing the View Agent will not remove registry entries.2. the Windows guest will ask to restart the operating system All offline sessions associated with a View Connection Server are displayed after a rollback After a rollback is performed using the View Administrator.2.0.3. the "Auto-connect to this desktop" menu setting is unchecked when in fact that setting is enabled If a user is entitled to two or more local desktops and is running them simultaneously.gronau.0. 17:49 . specifying a View Connection Server name with nonASCII characters is not supported Agent installation fails if the fully qualified domain name of the View server contains Japanese characters No warning message is generated that desktops are checked out when you uninstall the View Client with Offline Desktop View Client with Offline Desktop does not work with CAC authentication Users accessing View Administrator or View Portal might be prompted to select a certificate When using both CAC and SecurID. users can change the SecurID user name when "Enforce SecurID and Windows user name matching" is selected Collecting diagnostic information for VMware View Composer VMware Studio Validating Build Error: SSLLoadSharedLibrary Disabling and enabling VMware Web Access on an ESX host Entering an invalid PIN for CAC authentication redirects to the login screen Client network interruption fails to automatically reconnect to remote desktop The View Agent installation may show the virtual printing component but actual printing support may not be available USB redirection performance is affected by processing speed Renaming or removing a datastore in ESX after creating a pooled desktop causes unexpected behavior On some Windows XP embedded devices.

2.3.5 Update 3 Causes Local VMFS Volume to be Unrecognized Console stops responding when connecting to VMware Server installed on Gentoo Linux http://www.3. the DACLs of the "Default User" and "All Users" profiles are not the same as the DACLs of the files in the original directory The distinguished name of the Active Directory container where the computer accounts of the linked clones will be created is not validated when creating a desktop pool Error message might appear when creating linked clones View Composer cannot remove replicas that are powered on Intermediate snapshots of View Composer replicas might be removed by the VI client The View Composer disk mounting subsystem may fail when the target ESX host cannot contact a server providing shared NAS storage Sometimes a recompose or refresh operations can fail in some cases with the message "VcUnexpectedErrorFault(reason='Incompatible device backing specified') The View Composer server shuts down after losing the database connection Linked Clone Desktop creation or recompose operations can fail with the message VcUnexpectedErrorFault(reason=DuplicateNameFault) when the replica folder is not present in VirtualCenter Upgrading to ESX 3.3.ESX Server 3. ESX303-200901402-SG: Updated vm-support Script VMware ESX Server 3.0. 17:49 . ESX303-200901404-BG: Fix to Remove Spurious I/O Error Messages VMware ESX Server 3.0.21 cause a failure to a blue screen in a Lenovo Thinkpad T61 after a network interruption when running Offline Desktop If a user data disk is added to a linked clone Windows might relocate the CD-ROM to a different drive letter than the original drive letter the CD-ROM was assigned in the parent virtual machine If a Netware client is installed on the master virtual machine. the View Composer Agent may initiate a reboot of the clone. ESX303-200901401-BG: COW_MAX_HEAP_SIZE_MB parameter Can be Changed Only in Service Console.3. ESX303-200901403-BG: Applying a Patch Bundle Updates Some Original Entries in syslog. the user profile will not be redirected during the first log on Local user persistent disk is displayed as a network drive in My Computer If a snapshot is taken on a linked clone. ESX303-200901406-SG: Security Update to libxml2 in Service Console VMware ESX Server refresh and recompose operations are not supported The Edit Image operation fails with the error "Specified AD container partial distinguished name is not valid" after performing a recompose if you have recently changed the AD container in the pool Troubleshooting Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) quiesce related issues Active Directory credentials required to create a linked clone in View Composer Recompose operation from Windows XP to Windows Vista generates a warning message from ESX Rebalancing fails for existing virtual machines if linked clones are moved another local storage Under certain conditions.3. ESX Server Fails When a Guest Operating System Sends a Large Data Packet with Large Number of Scatter Gather Elements VMware ESX Server 3.conf File VMware ESX Server 3.5 Update 3 causes local VMFS volumes to be unrecognized User and system disk columns are empty when provisioning a View Composer pool Virtual machine template list is not refreshed after creating a pool The desktop pool wizard only displays one datastore if the pool is created from a template with any snapshots Attempting to add an automated desktop pool using linked clone technology fails after reinitializing the View Composer database and generates an "Invalid value for parameter vcConfigId passed to SVI function" error message Upgrading to ESX 3. the administrator will receive an AdOperationErrorFault Non-ASCII user names and passwords for VirtualCenter are not recognized by View Composer "Active Directory Server is not available" message is generated if AD credentials provided for QuickPrep are not valid If a refresh operation is initialized on a group of linked clones and the View Composer server is down.0. ESX303-200901405-SG: Security Update to SNMP in the Service Console VMware ESX Server 3.0.gronau.0. ESX303-200901407-BG: Update for ESX Server With BCM 5700 Ethernet LAN Controller Cards VirtualCenter upgrade fails with the database error: Must declare the scalar variable @v_upgrade_time Option to generate IP address or virtual machine name using an application is always disabled Troubleshooting poor local storage controller performance A "No available servers for this transfer" error is sometimes generated when the number of concurrent transfers is in fact within the transfer slot limit BIOS versions older than 2." Static DNS server setting is lost when a recompose is performed from a Windows XP virtual machine to a Windows Vista virtual machine When a user profile is redirected to a user data disk. the refresh operation will fail and leave some of the clones in an error state and some in the "Task halted" state Recomposing a linked clone with one controller type to a Master clone of another controller type results in all disks attaching to the new controller type View Composer uses first available disk slot to add disks which may result in "user data disk" getting added before "system disk.0.3. 2010. Patch ESX-1007676: Update for ESX Server With BCM 5700 Ethernet LAN Controller Cards VMware ESX Server Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February. executing the power-off script If the administrator's Active Directory password is changed on the Active Directory server but is not changed on the View Composer server.

5 running hardware management agents Cannot install VMware Consolidated Backup 1.3 host with VirtualCenter 2.0 requires that you manually uninstall the beta build and then install the new build With beta and release candidate builds.5 driver CD The vmnet module remains loaded when VMware Server is shut down A Windows Vista guest operating system might display incorrect CPU information when imported to VMware Server Cold migration or storage VMotion unexpectedly renames virtual disks Enabling the Update Manager plugin fails with error: Unable to locate VimSoapService25.5 Update 3 An error appears when Quicken and Workstation are running on the same system Enabling debug logging for the Virtual Desktop Manager Connection Server Multimonitor does not work when the two monitors have different resolutions Increasing the size of a Linux ext3 disk Recovering an ESX host from GRUB prompt Definition of the advanced NFS options Troubleshooting virtual machine default gateway connection issues http://www. 17:49 . replicas for the master clones are created in the VMwareSviReplicaFolder or the VMWareSviReplicaFolder Upgrading from VDM 2.1 to View 3. the upgrade may sometimes fail asking you to try again later Upgrading from beta builds of View Client with Offline Desktop to View Manager 3. 2010.gronau.x using a clustered setup Direct connection to desktop is no longer a global setting in VMware View Manager 3.Conversion of a NT4 hosts prompts for nonexistent hotfix file Windows virtual machine generates a Possible Dead Lock Condition error Deployed or cloned virtual machine base disk points to the VMDK of an original template or virtual machine Unable to install SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 When upgrading the View Composer.0 Upgrading from VDM 2.5 Virtual disks status of &ldquo.5 Update 3 Virtual machines may unexpectedly reboot when using VMware HA with Virtual Machine Monitoring on ESX 3.0.Not Configured" in the Edit Virtual Machine Properties wizard Update Manager scan fails on ESX 3.0 Agent builds can be installed when later release builds are installed and it does not generate an error message Cannot open the console of virtual machines using Web Interface Troubleshooting poor network performance caused by a faulty fiber connection Confirming a virtual machine is unresponsive Locating virtual machine log files on an ESX host Ensuring a virtual machine is not inaccessible due to a VMware VirtualCenter issue Troubleshooting a virtual machine that has become unresponsive because of an ESX host Troubleshooting a virtual machine that is unresponsive because of configuration issues Two service consoles lose connectivity when one service console is disconnected VMware support for the HP LeftHand P4000 iSCSI Virtual SAN Appliance (VSA) Troubleshooting unresponsive guest operating system issues Troubleshooting a virtual machine that has stopped responding Cloned virtual machines might show Error state after a transient failure Lenovo ThinkPad T61 laptops may fail to a blue screen with BSOD STOP: 0x40000080 when disconnecting a network cable The View Connection Server does not distinguish between original and cloned virtual machines Issues caused when Parallels Tools is installed in the virtual machine USB sound device does not work in a virtual machine The first attempt to add a domain administrator to the VirtualCenter configuration in View Manager fails Linux virtual machine continuously reports errors related to the CD-ROM drive Troubleshooting virtual machine TCP/IP connection issues Consolidating snapshots Health Status only displaying partial information following re-install /proc/stat does not report virtual machine CPU usage Cannot connect HP t5730 thin client device to a View server Wyse Thin Client devices disconnect from Virtual Desktop Manager sessions ESX 3.0 Agent build to the current View Agent generates a runtime error VDM 2.dll Using Windows Event Viewer to identify the cause of an unresponsive or failed virtual machine Windows applications do not start when run from the Fusion menu Cannot power on virtual machine after a certain date in VMware Server Enabling debug logging for VMware Tools within a Windows guest operating system Verifying virtual machine TCP/IP settings VirtualCenter will not start with SQL error VMware Converter fails with the error: Unable to determine guest OS Determining why the Snapshot Manager window does not appear Defunct cimservera processes seen on VMware ESX Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.5 Update 3 host fails to boot after installing ESX 3.

Patch ESX350-200903201-UG: Updates VMkernel. Patch ESX350-200903204-UG: Updates CIM and Pegasus VMware ESX 3. 17:49 .5 Update 4. 2010.5 Update 3 VMware ESX 3.5 Update 4. Patch ESX350-200903217-UG: Updates tg3 Driver for Broadcom VMware ESXi error Option to Import Machine disabled in VMware Infrastructure Client Committing snapshots generates a content ID mismatch error Unregistered packages do not restore file-type associations correctly VMware ESX 3. Patch ESX350-200903213-UG: Updates Hardware Detection Utility Troubleshooting a Service Console connection failure VMware ESX 3.5 Update 4.5 Network connection failure for template virtual machine deployed from Lab Manager Performing an emergency shutdown of all powered-on virtual machines on an ESX host P2V fails when the target NFS datastore is mounted to a Windows Server running Unix services.5 Update 4. Patch ESX350-200903206-UG: Updates the bnx2x Driver for Broadcom VMware ESX 3. Patch ESX350-200903212-UG: Updates SCSI Driver for QLogic FC HBAs VMware ESX Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.5 Update 4.x and 3. and LID to determine the amount of I/O that a virtual machine (WID) is using Adding ESX host to VirtualCenter fails at 19% http://www.5 Update 4. Installing NaviAgent on ESX 3.5 Update 4.5.Encountered end of line while processing a string token View Agent SSO does not work unless HP RGS Sender is installed before installing View Agent Remediation of ESX350-2008114XX-XX Might Produce Errors ESX host stops responding in VirtualCenter after adding a Virtual Appliance Desktop virtual machines with the agent service not running are reported as Ready in the View Administrator and client connection fails Snapshots not removed after using esXpress to back up virtual machines Launching a client connection from the command-line Dell Utility Partition support in ESX 3. Patch ESX350-200903203-UG: Updates RPM Components VMware ESX 3. Patch ESXe350-200903202-T-UG: VMware Tools Update VMware ESXi 3. Patch ESX350-200903220-UG: Updates ixgbe Driver Using the disk screen in esxtop to expand the CID. TID. Patch ESX350-200903210-UG: Updates Software Drivers for HP Smart Array Controllers VMware ESX 3.5 Update 4. Patch ESX350-200903202-UG: Updates ESX Scripts VMware ESX 3.5 Update 4.5 Update 4. Patch ESX350-200903216-UG: Updates Performance Tools VMware ESX 3. and hostd VMware ESX 3. Patch ESXe350-200903203-C-UG: VI Client Update Cannot add a new virtual hard drive Unable to record audio from the virtual sound device Upgrading VirtualCenter triggers false CPU and memory usage alarms Installing Red Hat 8. Patch ESX350-200903218-UG: Updates Driver for NetXen UNM NICs VDM Agent fails to start on boot VMware ESX 3.5 Update 4. Patch ESXe350-200903201-I-UG: Firmware Update VMware ESXi 3.5 Update 4.5 hosts Linked clone deployment power prerequisite Unlocking View virtual machines in VirtualCenter Autofit guest option is not working for Windows 2003 Licensing an ESX host using the command line ESX Server fails to boot after a clean install due to different CPU steppings GRUB fails to install during an ESX installation with a device. Patch ESX350-200903209-UG: Updates SATA SCSI Drivers VMware ESX 3. Patch ESX350-200903219-UG: Updates e1000e Driver VMware ESX 3.Troubleshooting network connection issues caused by firewall configuration CD or DVD drive is not accessible by the guest OS as a local device.5 Update 30 second delay when connecting to the View Server ESX fails to boot after adding a processor Japanese desktop display names do not display properly when using Web Access with Linux Spaces before or after the View Server name causes connection failure during View Agent installation View Administrator cannot be accessed when the regional language setting is changed from Japanese to English in Windows 2003 Server Some Virtual Machines with VMware-Tools installed may hang upon storage rescan on VMware ESXi 3.0 in a Virtual Machine Troubleshooting Network Connectivity with Virtual Switch Tagging (VST) mode Troubleshooting network connectivity with External Switch Tagging (EST) mode VMware ESX 3. Patch ESX350-200903211-UG: Updates SCSI Driver for Emulex FC HBAs Using HP Virtual Connect Flex-10 Technology with VMware ESX and ESXi 3.5 Update 4. Service Console.gronau. Patch ESX350-200903215-UG: Updates bnx2 Driver for Broadcom VMware ESX 3.5 Update 4.5 Update 4. only as mapped device Client fails to connect unexpectedly to a previously working virtual desktop View Composer installation fails when VirtualCenter server language is set to Swedish Scan for Updates operation fails with the error: Update Manager has failed Powershell .

the VMware Tools process vmware-user does not start automatically The ESX host does not have persistent storage DMZ Virtualization with VMware Infrastructure Monthly scheduled tasks do not execute Configuring and troubleshooting basic software iSCSI setup VMware ESX 3. Patch ESX350-200903226-UG: Updates MegaRAID and LSI MPT SAS Drivers VMware ESX 3.xml Clearing the Created Packages list User with Administrator rights on a Resource Pool cannot create a virtual machine Drive letters may change after deploying Windows Templates Test or Real Failover using Site Recovery Manager 1. Patch ESX350-200903225-UG: Updates VMware-esx On Some Linux Guests with SELinux Enforcing Mode Turned On.5.5 Update 4.5 Update 4. Uninstalling VMware Tools Makes the File System Read-Only VMware ESX 3.5 U3 I/O failure on SAN LUN(s) and LUN queue is blocked indefinitely VMware View Manager Security Server does not redirect to proper external URL VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat with Integrated DNS and Active Directory The VirtualCenter Server fails to start when installed on a Domain Controller with a non-English operating system When Active Server fails.0.gronau. split-brain detections may prevent failover VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat Out of Disk Behavior The Repair option in the installer does not repair the Offline Desktop component Commands/scripts not working on the Service Console after changing the root password.Verifying gateway IP connection using the tcpdump command A customized virtual machine cannot join a domain after upgrading to Virtual Center 2.5 Update 3 Systems within a specified range of IP addresses are not discovered Disabling VMware High Availability (HA) Disabling or Turning Off VMware FT Processors and guest operating systems that support VMware Fault Tolerance A VBScript error appears when you log in to a virtual machine Verifying the VirtualCenter Managed IP Address Datastores no longer available during upgrade Deploying a Microsoft XP virtual machine from template fails VMware Tools upgrade for Windows fails on ESXi USB Connect option is not available from the Remote Console Modifying the hot keys setting Remote Desktop unexpectedly quits when connecting to a Vista peer from a Vista virtual desktop Reserved or overhead ports for virtual switches in ESX 3.0 Changing the DefaultLocale language setting in config. 17:49 . VMware Desktop Manager or View Manager keytool errors when adding a certificate Keeping powered on virtual machines separated from powered off virtual machines http://www.5 Update 4.5 Update 4. Patch ESX350-200903224-UG: Updates VMware-esx-lnxcfg VMware ESX 3.5.x Starting a virtual machine that has VirtualCenter and license server installed (Chicken and Egg Problem) Cannot provision new desktop virtual machines after changing the domain administrator password Performing an end-to-end backup and restore for View Manager Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.0 Update 1 Might be Slow Host CPU usage spikes to 100% and issues Event ID 100 Customization specifications dialog is empty VMware ESX 3. under certain situations. Patch ESX350-200903223-UG: Updates Web Access NetApp storage arrays not correctly detected after upgrading to Site Recovery Manager 1.0 Update 1 What is the Rapid Cloning Utility? Is it a supported utility to be used in Virtual Infrastructure Environment? Statistics Settings For 5 Minute Interval Duration Might Not Be Saved On certain Linux guest operating systems.0 Error while enabling View Composer VMware ESX 3. Patch ESX350-200903227-UG: Updates Libxml2 VMware ESX 3.x and ESXi 3.x and 3. Patch ESX350-200903221-UG: Updates e1000 Driver Configuring SNMP Traps for ESX 3.5 Update 4.5 and ESX 4.5 Update 4.5 Update 4. Patch ESX350-200903228-UG: Updates Net-SNMP Virtual machine computer account is disabled in Active Directory after deployment Unable to select some system groups in the Consolidation Scenario Wizard Taking a snap shot fails with a Disk Read error Controlling LUN queue depth throttling in VMware ESX for 3PAR storage arrays VMware VirtualCenter Server service does not start Clearing write protection on a Windows Server guest operating system VMware Tools status reports OK even though the tools build number is older than the ESX build number Break connection task fails while a remote site VMware Infrastructure Client is open Retrieving the VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat Logs and other useful information for support purposes Packaged HOSTS file does not work with virtualized application Configuring vSwitch or vNetwork Distributed Switch uplinks from the command line in ESX 4 VMware ESX and ESXi 3. 2010.

Patch ESX350-200903229-UG: Includes forcedeth Driver 0.6 Windows MOM monitor indicates that vmeventmsg.exe may display unreadable output Using esxtop to identify storage performance issues Using the Command-Line to Install VMware vCenter Converter Standalone Agent Enabling Logging in to Helper Virtual Machine During Conversion of Powered-On Linux Sources Disabling Automatic Shutdown of Helper Virtual Machines After Converting Powered-On Linux Sources Performance issues caused by excessive chain length Cannot add a host to VirtualCenter because a VirtualCenter error indicates that the management software is not running Collecting diagnostic information for VMware Server Virtual Machines Cloned with Answer File Based Customization Might Not Be Added to the Domain Specified in the Sysprep Answer File VMware ESX 3. 2010.5 Update 4.5 error 64bit Linux guest using e1000 driver loses network connectivity or becomes unresponsive A failure occurs when you power on a virtual machine on a Window Server 2008 host Two unique hosts with the same host name are merged Enabling the Use of Non-root User for Hot Cloning of Linux Source Machines Data Security Best Practices . log shows Failed to initialize SOAP adapter: Failed to read Windows certificate store Troubleshooting network connection issues caused by Windows network routing Deleting virtual machines from protected inventory while SRM server is stopped produces "Object not found or never existed" error Undocumented SRM utility srmcfg. Patch ESX350-200903230-UG: Updates VMkernel iSCSI Driver Performance Overview Charts Might Not Be Displayed If the VirtualCenter Server Uses Oracle Database Performance Overview might not be displayed if the VirtualCenter Server uses SQL Express Bundled Database Performance Overview charts might fail to display if VirtualCenter is upgraded without stopping the VMware Infrastructure Web Access Service http://www.5 Update 4 and above Switching on Disk Pre-Allocation for Flat Target Virtual Disks Extending the Timeout Period for Helper Virtual Machine Startup If the client loses connection to the server. 17:49 .0 virtual machines using the VMware Infrastructure Client Virtual machines do not shut down gracefully Troubleshooting network connection issues using Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Refresh Inventory Mappings Can Make Display Unresponsive at Sites That Support More Than 7 ESX Hosts Configuring SNMP on an ESX 3. refresh does not work on a desktop that is checked out Enable Retention of Sparse Files During Linux Conversions Increasing the Write Timeout Value for Conversions to ESX Destinations The connection to the View Connection Server may be lost if the user immediately cancels while opening a desktop Update Manager does not download host updates View Agent does not automatically add an exception for RDP to Internet Connection Firewall on Windows XP SP1 Attempting to cancel a check-in after disconnecting and quickly restoring the network puts desktop virtual machine into an invalid state VMotion errors between different Intel 45nm Core 2 revisions VMware ESX 3.gronau.SSL keys for communicating with VirtualCenter and other applications Datastore space usage is incorrect when using Lab Manager or Stage Manager CVE-2007-3798 Tcpdump vulnerability and ESX 64bit guest operating systems are unable to boot with Paravirtualization support (VMI) enabled Storage VMotion operation fails with the error: Insufficient disk space on datastore VMware View Manager fails to create a pool with a linked clone Shared Folders Disabled in VMware Standalone Player Resolving virtual machine IP address conflicts issues Installing VMware Workstation fails to generate SSL keys Unable to manage or edit VMware Server 2.Troubleshooting a Cannot generate diagnostic bundle for ESXi 3.dll is missing When powering on virtual machines only the first recommendations received by DRS are followed Template deployment for Windows XP SP3 fails to complete Some Arrays Might Require a Second Rescan During SRM Test and Recovery Time falls behind in a virtual machine when the guest operating system writes to previously unwritten regions of its virtual disk View Client or Web Client install issues on Windows XP Embedded based Thin Clients IIS application pool settings prevent login Installing the Performance Overview Plug-In in VirtualCenter 2.x host Unable to start snmpd after ESX upgrade CSV export of Consolidatable and No Data reports returns incorrect data Error reading customization specification when deploying from a template Cannot deselect the Split into 2GB files option when destination is an HGFS shared folder vSphere CLI and Service Console Parity Issues SRM fails to start.5 Update Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.0.

0.3.2 Provisioning operation fails when the desktop pool name is not unique in that VirtualCenter location Unmanaged View Agent installation fails if computer description is zero length Unable to delete a virtual machine in VMware Ace. Patch ESX-1008420: Update to VMware-esx-tools RPM ESX Server 3. 17:49 . or Workstation Upgrade from VDM 2.2. Patch ESX-1008406: Security Update for Service Console Vim RPM ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1008421: Host code execution vulnerability from a guest operating system VMware ESX Server Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February. Patch ESX-1008408: Security Update for BIND RPMs in Service Console ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1008409: Updated Service Console Package OpenSSL Starting VMware Infrastructure Client fails when connecting to VirtualCenter VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat and Gigabit Ethernet NIC Drivers (NC77XX) VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat Internal Tasks Requirements When Using Trusted Certificates with SRM VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat log entries which may appear in the Application Event Logs The VMware Channel is connected dialog Starting the VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat Time out in application Starting/Stopping Cannot create a new virtual machine in VMware Ace.7a-33.2. Patch ESX-1008417: Updates to esxcfg-firewall script to enable and disable FTP client service ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1008419: Update to service console ESX Server Fusion Player.exe (DNS) Creating a static route for the VMware Channel Connection in a WAN environment View Client command line option "-staycheckedout" works only in conjunction with the option "-checkin" Checkout fails when the command line option "-checkout" is used with the option "-nonInteractive" VDM managed Virtual Machines must not be moved within VirtualCenter Troubleshooting a set of File Filters that is reset to C:\Protected\** View Client command line option "-offlineDirectory" does not work correctly SQL Server 2005 tempdb database continues to grow after starting a VirtualCenter 2.2.7a-33.2.2 and ESX Server 3. or Workstation Troubleshooting remote console connection problems in VMware Server Server Clocks are Different by xx:xx Min Keyboard or mouse do not work in a virtual machine Pinging the ESXi host IP fails after reboot Using the VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat Utility DNSUpdate.2. ESX303-200903405-SG: Security Update for BIND RPMs in Service Console VMware ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1008405: ESX Server Might Stop Responding as Cache Is Cleared for Pages from Virtual e1000 Driver. Server.0.5 Service Adding a route for multiple gateways to the Service Console network Recovering from a failover http://www.0. vSMP virtual machines stop responding when network connection is intermittent VMware ESX Server 3. Fix for NOT_IMPLEMENTED error triggered by guest LSI drivers ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1008418: Updates to esxcfg-firewall man page ESX Server 3.0. Player. 2010.0. ESX303-200903402-BG: Support for Firmware Version of LSI Engenio DS4000 Series.ESX Server 3.3.25 ESX Server 3.0.3: Not Able to Download VI Client Installation Files SATA CD ROM drive is not functional on Dell PowerEdge R805 Troubleshooting virtual machine performance issues Troubleshooting network connection failures Enabling Belkin network USB hub in a virtual machine User authentication fails for VMware ACE after changing the administrator password No snapshots are listed in View Administrator when you are creating a desktop pool using linked clone technology Customized Clones of Windows Server 2008 or Windows Vista Virtual Machines Prompt For Network Location Selection Upon Power On Poor virtual machine performance in ESX 4. ESX303-200904403-SG: Host code execution vulnerability from a guest operating system.2. ESX303-200903401-BG: Add Pre-Built Modules for Ubuntu Collecting diagnostic information for VMware Capacity Planner Clean installation of the View Connection Server fails when the default security on the parent directory of the installation directory is altered SRM Server Migration Workflow View Composer installation fails on Oracle 9i database with ODBC driver versions lower than 9.2: Roll-Up Bundle for ESX Server 3.2 Guest Operating Systems VMware ESX Server 3.3. ESX303-200903403-SG: Security Update for Service Console Vim RPM VMware ESX Server 3.1 agent to the VMware View Manager agent fails ESX Server ESX Server 3.2.3 ESX303-Rollup01: RollUp Bundle for ESX Server 3.0.0. Server.04.0.3. ESX Server Might Stop Responding as Cache Is Cleared for Pages from Virtual e1000 Driver VMware ESX Server Patch ESX-1008407: Not Able to Download VI Client Installation Files ESX Server 3.0. ESX303-200903406-SG: Updated Service Console Package OpenSSL 0.2 VMware ESX Server 3. Fusion. ESX303-200903404-BG: Not Able to Download VI Client Installation Files VMware ESX Server

or Workstation Sounds might not play as expected in redirected audio devices in Virtual Desktop Manager and View Manager Critical VMware Security Alert for Windows-Hosted VMware Workstation Cannot log in as root to an ESX host because you do not have the proper permissions Troubleshooting network connectivity problems with a single virtual machine Troubleshooting an incorrect or mismatched disk configuration Unable to power on a virtual machine due to an invalid value Troubleshooting snapshot failures in VMware Ace. but is not accessible Web access redirect fails if an SSL accelerator [offloader] is present between client and server Conversion fails when source or destination do not support large files Removing duplicate or orphaned ESX hosts from Lab Manager Unable to download latest ESX patches using VMware Update Manager http://www.5 Update 3 patches are installed Firewall connections causing channels to drop in VMware vCenter Heartbeat Ensuring you have the correct VMware Channel configuration Troubleshooting MaxDiskUsage errors Troubleshooting [L9]Exceeded the maximum disk usage on the Active server errors Troubleshooting a [L9]Exceeded the maximum disk usage on the PASSIVE server error Troubleshooting [L20]Out of disk space (NFChannelOutOfDiskSpaceException) errors Recovering from a failed switchover Configuring DNS with VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat in a WAN environment Troubleshooting VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat synchronization failures Services Running on the Passive Server Troubleshooting when VMware Channel is incorrectly configured The passive server has less available space than the active server A USB device does not function in the virtual machine Troubleshooting resource issues in VMware vCenter Heartbeat Troubleshooting registry security issues Correcting problems when DNSUpdate encounters Secondary DNS Servers in VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat Creating Tasks in VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat to Synchronize time between the Passive Server and the Active Server Unable to use a SCSI pass-through device in a virtual machine Running Oracle without DBA privileges Kernel panic during ESX host upgrade after disabling HBA in BIOS vCenter Server Heartbeat Plug-in .1 Server Troubleshooting guest operating system failures in VMware Ace.WinHttpRequest: The URL is invalid" when run on a Security Server Vendor and resource check validation error: Invalid license and Installation should not continue Storage IO crash consistency with VMware products USB redirection for VoIP with View Clients Update Manager Configuration with an Internet Proxy Might Fail if Proxy Port Has 5 Digits Adding a VirtualCenter Server in View Administrator and accepting error message "Unable to connect to View Composer" disables OK button Troubleshooting VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat channel drops Troubleshooting performance issues in VMware vCenter Heartbeat Ensuring your passive server meets minimum hardware requirements Resolving hardware or driver issues on channel NICs e1000 drivers do not load after ESX 3. Player. 17:49 .Online Help Avoiding Split-Brain in a LAN [Archived] moving VMs to new datastores without Virtual Center Configuring VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat to update BIND9 DNS Servers deployed in a WAN Configuring Split-Brain Avoidance in a WAN Configuring and testing alerts in VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat Fixing NetApp NFS datastore that mounts.IP address and AD account of a desktop remain after it is deleted from a pool Configuring Network Monitoring and Viewing the Network Status Changing a MAC address in a Windows virtual machine Edited Advanced Options In an HA-Enabled Cluster Do Not Take Effect Best practices for running Java in a virtual machine VMware product unexpectedly fails with an unrecoverable error View Administrator and VirtualCenter display the amount of free space for a datastore inconsistently Wyse V10L thin client device cannot connect to desktop on Virtual Desktop Manager 2. Server. Fusion. 2010. CVE 2008-0891 and CVE 2008-1672 OpenSSL Vulnerability and ESX Collecting diagnostic information for VMware products Uploading diagnostic information to VMware Support Diagnostic Collection Tool fails with error "WinHttp. or Workstation Selecting DNS and Routing properties on an ESX host fails CVE 2003-0786. Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.gronau. Fusion.

Server.gronau. Shared configurations are no longer shared after upgrade Windows Server 2003 Datacenter Edition (32 Bit) Virtual Machine Might Fail to Migrate to Lower Versions of ESX Server Host Customizing Windows 2003 Server templates results requiring Windows Activation [Archived] The vdmadmin.5 Update 3 Linking a NIC to a virtual switch using the esxcfg-vswitch &ndash.5 or ESX Server 3i version 3. Player.5 Unable to print to eDoc PDF virtual printer Importing a physical machine fails Adding an extent fails with the error: Can't overwrite contents of active fb partition Running vSphere CLI 4. not wellformed (invalid token) VMware Tools status shows as not running after running VMware Consolidated Backup PPTP VPN connection in Fusion through NAT Deployment of a fenced configuration fails with Directory not found error Manipulating a file on a Datastore fails with the error: device or resource busy Update Manager causes VMware Infrastructure Client to display the Reconfiguring virtual machine task for Linux virtual machines VMotion fails at 90% with a general system error.5 [Archived] Configuring Timeout Values in VirtualCenter for the Virtual Machine Migration Task Incorrect Configuration of MTU on vSwitch Causes Packets to Drop Running VirtualCenter in a Virtual Machine Invalid Access Mode specified in Endpoint: httpandHttps Unable to remove source and replica virtual machines associated with View Composer desktop pools Guidelines for generating and importing an SSL certificate for Virtual Desktop Manager Adding an ESX host to VirtualCenter fails with the error: A general system error occurred: at line number 7.5 systems Verbose logging for VMware Infrastructure Client Non Supported Upgrade Options for VMware Tools on ESX Server 3.5 http://www. 2010.exe -L option does not remove existing pool assignments Virtual machine experiences a monitor panic when browsing a virtual floppy disk from within the guest operating system vdmadmin.L command produces a segmentation fault.0 commands against ESX/ESXi 3.Freeing ESXi inodes Update Manager fails to remediate with an invalid value error USB Keyboard Does Not Work When Connected to a Rear Port of Dell PowerEdge 2950 Server An Auto Switchover Started Event Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator and SysPrep Clones Provisioning a linked clone desktop pool fails with the error: Virtual machine with Input Specification already exists ESX vmkernel log and ESXi messages log contain the messages: WRITE10/READ 10 past end of virtual device Changing the URL or IP address of a registered NFS datastore ALT + F1 does not leave ESX banner screen SATA Controller Support in ESX 3.exe -L option does not remove existing pool assignments Unisys ES7000/7600 requires ehci USB module to be disabled for Console Manager to work Performance Overview Tab Might Not Be Displayed When VI Client and VirtualCenter are Running on Separate Machines Power Off Source System option is missing in vCenter Converter Standalone Using Thinreg with a limited user account STATs Report service error when accessing the Performance Overview in vCenter Troubleshooting hosted disk I/O performance problems Troubleshooting the Add Storage Wizard error: Unable read partition information from this disk error Deploying ThinApp packages using an Active Directory policy fails Converting a virtual machine to OVF format fails when the target does not support large files VMware ESX 3. 17:49 . Workstation Migration with VMotion between some Intel Xeon Pentium 4 processors causes some 64-bit versions of Windows to exit Configuration system failed to initialize when using VI Client to access VirtualCenter A virtual machine cannot be powered on and shows as unknown MKS console fails to open with the error: the process /usr/lib/bin/vmware-vmkauthd-start failed to launch properly Debug Message Might Appear in esxupdate.log Creating a report of performance metrics for each logical drive per system Disabling the VMware Packet Filter on the Channel NICs Subnet and Routing issues in VMware vCenter Heartbeat ESX350-200811408-BG and ESX350-200811409-BG Cannot Be Installed on ESX Server 3. Fusion. failed to resume on destination message Required permissions for VMware Consolidated Backup or VMware Converter backup and restore operations when using NetBackup Troubleshooting an unresponsive guest operating system in VMware Ace. Patch ESX350-200903232-UG: Updates VMware-esx-docs Information Related to Upgrade of VMware Tools in Windows Virtual Machines on ESX Server Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.5 Update 4.

0 and vCenter 4.0 in a Virtual Machine Connecting to SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 2005 from VirtualCenter fails with the error: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection Enabling Support for NetQueue on Intel Gigabit adapters using the igb driver in ESX Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February. Installing the Volume Shadow Copy Service with VMware Tools After upgrading ESX.5 Update 4 Storage VMotion fails with a generic DMotion error Deleting Parallels tools Growing a datastore from the Service Console in ESX 4.0 best practices Cannot find the vmkdump tool in ESX 4. esxcfg-boot fails with a More than one VMkernel found error Stateless VMware ESXi Server Version 3. 17:49 .0 best practices Restarting management agents when Virtual Machine Monitoring is enabled may cause virtual machine reboots Path Thrashing due to dissimilar ESX PSA claim rules SSMove does not work if a datastore is disabled (3. then fails repeatedly in a loop Tasks and Events tab not showing proper Descriptions Licensing in a Centralized Environment A VMware product fails to install with error 1603 Web Access service stops with Event ID: 7034 VMFS volumes unavailable after upgrading OverLand firmware Compellent firmware upgrade causes dropped iSCSI sessions due to read cache issue Generating a Windows core dump from an ESX virtual machine http://www.5.5 Update 4 Installable Image Files for PXE Booting Upgrading to ESX 4.Secondary virtual machine cannot be powered on as there are no compatible hosts that can accommodate it Shared Printers not working after applying Security Update 2009-001 for VMware Fusion [Archived] Creating a quiesced snapshot failed because the create snapshot operation exceeded the time limit for holding off the I/O in the frozen virtual machine.0 Manually Building VMware Tools Kernel Modules in SLES and SLED Guests Errors when trying to upload host-based license file in VI Client ESX host does not see all paths to the EMC CLARiiON On ESX Server 3.0 and vCenter 4.0 to analyze an ESX host failure MSI attempts to repair natively installed application Regenerating expired SSL certificates after 2 years Increasing RDP color depth in a Windows XP virtual machine ESX 3i Embedded .5 VMware Virtual Desktop Manager desktop fails to open Heartbeat message in the ESX 3.Issue with HP USB keys Virtual machines lose network connection after VMotion Foundry switch cannot failover to standby switch Cannot log into a Windows 2008 virtual machine deployed and customized from template on VirtualCenter 2.x /var/log/vmksummary file Changing the IP Address of a Lab Manager server Changing the name of a Lab Manager server Changing the IP address of an ESX host in a Lab Manager environment Cannot make PPTP connections to Windows virtual machines VMware View Manager pool fails to deploy when pool naming scheme matches template name Extracting ESX Server 3i Version 3.1 fails and causes the host operating system to fail The Licenses tab under Administration on VirtualCenter frequently goes blank Cannot connect to a remote CD-ROM drive using VMware Infrastructure Client running on Vista Unable to take a quiesced VMware snapshot of a virtual machine Installing ESX 4.2 only) Fusion virtual machine may fail to power on when using an 8 processor Nehalem Mac Pro systems VirtualCenter 2. Install VSS instead of Sync Driver.5 Update 4 Using PXE Booting NetWork Adapter Error Message After Installing VMware Tools on 32-Bit Ubuntu Guests Manually Building VMware Tools Kernel Modules in Ubuntu Guests Installing Red Hat 9. 2010.gronau.0. Inaccurate Health Status Warnings Are Issued on Some HP Systems with a PROCHOT Sensor VDM / View support for users that reside in NT4 domains Logging into VirtualCenter fails with the error: Bad username or password Networking screen is blank in ESXi Virtual machine network failure due to duplicate IP addresses Setting COW heap values on Lab Manager Changing VirtualCenter log locations Solaris guest keyboard layout does not retain non-US layout setting Changing the size of the SQL Server Express transaction log Unable to access the admin console and host agent service does not start Connection to a Linux source fails despite correct SSH configuration hostd fails with signal 11.0.

Patch ESX350-200903412-BG: Updates the Service Console Kernel VMware ESXi.5 fails with the error: Failed to initialize: Number of fields deserialized is not correct vCenter Server fails to connect to View Composer with the error: Unable to connect to the View Composer.5.5 ESX Server 3i version 3. Patch ESXe350-200903411-I-BG: Firmware Update Setting the license key from the command line Deployment fails when Fence IDs are exhausted Unstable issues on bnx2x driver Collecting diagnostic information for Site Recovery Manager 1. Cannot shutdown or reset guest operating system using the VMware Tools menu Virtual Machines Might Not Retain Their UUID When They Are Re-registered to the VirtualCenter Failure due to malformed request to the server when enabling NTP Client NetXen NX 2031 Cards Support No More Than 128 GB of RAM on a Machine Microsoft SQL servers cannot handle non-ASCII names for datacenters after you upgrade to VirtualCenter occasionally fails to reboot the server when a reboot is issued Services do not start when ESX host boots Unable to migrate or create virtual machines on an NFS volume in VirtualCenter Working with snapshots Default vCenter Server certificates prevent some client applications from connecting to vSphere 4.x upgrade script requires an IDE CD-ROM device Network Connectivity Lost Due to Physical Link Down VMware SQL Server Plug-in Automatic Filter Discovery Cannot reach iSCSI target after enabling iSCSI port binding on ESX 4.Pac file. 2010.5 Update 4 and later uses high-security SSL ciphers Hook timeout error when accessing virtual machine console through VI Client Disabling the vSphere Web Access service in vCenter Server View client keyboard and mouse do not work with SMS remote control Error during provisioning or deploying a virtual machine Performing an offline upgrade from ESX 3.0 using the MASK_PATH plug-in iSCSI Port Binding fails with error: Add NIC failed in IMA Fonts are distorted in Windows virtual machine Troubleshooting datastore creation errors Mechanisms to determine if software is running in a VMware virtual machine The esxupdate -l info command displays the bundle build date as the release date Jumbo Frames support with Broadcom NICs Naming conventions for single-port and multiport Emulex HBAs in ESX VMware View Connection Server installation fails with Error 1406 Server rebooting after HP Management Agents installation completes Deploying a template or registering a template or virtual machine fails because the file name is invalid or too long Certain Linux virtual machines do not play sound after installing VMware Tools Disabling system beeps in a Vista virtual machine Cannot open Office documents from a SharePoint site MSI installation fails with an error about already installed versions The ESX 4.x Error when adding a PCI device after deleting another PCI device "Requested registry access is not allowed" is displayed when a non-administrator user tries to launch VI Client When using the Proxy.0 An ESX host experiences a purple diagnostic screen with the error: lost heartbeat Verifying host networking speed Windows XP guest operating system fails if you connect to the same session with Wyse Thin Client and View Portal Testing the packet filter and NIC compatibility http://www.0 Masking a LUN from ESX and ESXi 4. Patch ESX350-200903411-BG: Updates the bnx2x Driver for Broadcom VMware ESX 3.gronau.0 systems VirtualCenter Server 2. 17:49 .it Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.x to ESX 4.Cannot create a new linked clone automatic pool with a custom OU Preparing new hosts fails if a new vCenter is added without deleting old vCenter Renaming a running virtual machine and its files Sluggish behavior when administering ESX hosts in vCenter F5 Load Balancer may interfere with VMware View Client Connectivity VMware ESX 3. the Client does not authenticate to the VDM server ESX machines hosting passive MSCS nodes report reservation conflicts during storage operations VMware Virtual Infrastructure Web Access displays a 503 Service Unavailable error VMware View Composer installation fails with Error 1920 Virtual machines do not have network connectivity after migration Slow login for View desktops ESXi hosts stop responding with the error: Backbone panicked: IP_CREATE_THREAD Guest operating system cannot boot off of the paravirtual SCSI device Virtual Printing Does Not Send Fonts to the Host System with a Print Job vCenter Required Ports Upgrading to VirtualCenter 2.

5 Update 4 Windows virtual desktop log in error: Your desktop is in an inconsistent state that could cause data loss Backing up the System State from the Primary server and restoring it to the Secondary server on Windows Server 2000 and 2003 Resolve two passive servers Context-sensitive help not accessible in Internet Explorer 7 Incorrect value for vmklinuxHeapMaxSizeMB in ESX 3.x Update 2 host with running virtual machines to an EVC enabled Cluster Pegasus (cimserver) memory leaks reported in ESX 3. a message tells you to reboot when you attempt to log in VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat Plug-in &ndash.5 Update 2 and later esxcfg-boot fails with error: Could not load checksum manager Update Manager service stops after scanning ESX 3.s CIM Providers sometimes fail to load on ESX Server 3i version 3.0. 2010.Error when attempting to cold migrate a virtual machine in VirtualCenter Using the nfpktfltr command line options Physical Link Down with Loss of Redundancy Physical Link Down with Redundancy Degraded TCP Segmentation Offload (TSO) over IPv6 with e1000 Virtual Adapters VMkernel NIC Not Correctly Configured Linked Mode vCenter does not replicate if the time between vCenter servers are inaccurate Lost connectivity to storage device Lost Redundant Path to Storage Device Path Redundancy to Storage Device Degraded Host Connectivity Restored Host Connectivity Degraded [Archived] Cannot create VSS quiece snapshot if Symatec Backupexec System recovery in installed inside the virtual machine Host Connectivity Permanently Lost What port numbers must be open for SRM and VirtualCenter / vCenter Server? VMFS Lock Volume is Corrupted Connectivity to NFS Server Lost Installing and uninstalling the VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat packet filter driver Connectivity to NFS Server Restored Troubleshooting a VMFS resource volume that is corrupted VMFS Volume is Locked Cannot add an ESX 3. Patch ESX350-200904201-SG: Updates VMX RPM VMware ESXi.5 Update 4 causes ESX to fail Troubleshooting the Event log message: Missing VM was not in the original query Troubleshooting a virtual machine that was moved out of scope Virtual Machine Communication Interface (VMCI) privilege escalation on Windows-based Workstation.5. ACE and Server Manually creating a VMFS volume using fdisk and vmkfstools -C Performance Overview tab shows a STATs Report service error VMware ESX 3. and Skype in a Fusion virtual machine If a View Composer desktop is cloned and then used as a Parent VM.5 Update 3 to Update 4 View Non Persistent Profiles Persist Cannot create a VMFS datastore using the Add Storage Wizard Deleting snapshots from vCenter [Archived] VirtualCenter terminates Update Manager tasks HP&rsquo. Patch ESXe350-200904201-I-SG: Firmware Update VMware Site Recovery Manager dr-ip-customizer. 17:49 . Feature List Specifying the License Server used by VMware vCenter Server VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat interoperability with anti-virus scanners The VMkernel log is flooded with the message: Skipping pshare: alloc failed on node <x> Performing a server restart or shutdown when VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat is installed Configuring VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat to delay automatic failover (manual failover) Virtual machines cannot connect to the network with NetXen and NetQueue NICs after upgrading to ESX 3. Player.exe utility fails Statistics purge procedure might cause intermittent deadlocks in statistics roll up procedures Failover to VMware FT secondary virtual machine produces an error Virtual desktops reconfigure after adding replica server Turning on or enabling Fault Tolerance for a powered-on virtual machine with lazyzeroed virtual disks fails http://www.3 VMware High Availability isolation event may attempt to start virtual machines indefinitely CPU spikes to 100% with Virtual Desktop Manager Server Failure to create LUN snapshots when performing a Site Recovery Manager test failover Virtual Infrastructure Client shows one datastore in use on the Summary tab when multiple datastores are in use Intel 82576 Gigabit Ethernet Controllers are not recognized after upgrading from ESX Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.5 Update 3 Audio. Video.

0.5 Update 2 or earlier by using VMware Update Manager 1. ESX303-200905402-SG: Updates to esxcfg-firewall script to enable and disable FTP client service VMware ESX Server 3.3.gronau.5 Update 4 Connecting to a VMware Virtual Desktop Manager 2.2. internal server error ESX host fails to boot or experiences a purple screen error after power outage Verifying your boot device in ESXi for USB issues ESX Server 3.0.0. ESX303-200905401-SG: Update to VMware-esx-tools RPM VMware ESX Server 3.3.x Connection Broker fails with the error: Http error 500.3. Patch ESX-1009944: Update to time zone information (tzdata) package VMware ESX Server 3.3. operations that involve VMFS changes might fail for all hosts accessing a particular LUN SRM: How Changes to Virtual Machine Storage Affect Protection Troubleshooting a specified file already exists on the server error when using Web Access Adding a host to a vNetwork Distributed Switch may fail immediately with a Your session with VMware vCenter Update Manger is no longer valid error Disabling ESX Certificate Checks in SRM VirtualCenter Agent upgrade fails to install during upgrade to VirtualCenter 2.0. ESX303-200905403-BG: Virtual machines in Lab Manager environment might stop responding due to a heavy load on LUN VMware ESX Server 3.5 database upgrade fails Error is displayed when user removes smart card immediately after entering the PIN Upgrading Lab Manager fails with Error 28047 The esxupdate command with the -f/--force switch fails VMware Tools installation fails when McAfee Antivirus is in Maximum Protection mode Viewing a virtual machine's console in VMware Infrastructure Client fails with the error: Connection terminated by server Performance task uses 100% CPU on the collector and does not make any connections to remote machines Powering on a virtual machine fails with the error: VMDK invalid file layout Deleting a virtual machine template customization specification Driver fails to load after change from BusLogic to LSI Logic "Cannot locate module block-major-XX" error appears in /var/log/messages on an ESX 3. 2010.5 install Devices attached to hot-added BusLogic adapter are not visible to Linux guest After repeated SAN path failovers. ESX303-200905404-BG: Update to FTP client service ESX Server 3. ESX303-200905405-BG: Update to time zone information (tzdata) package VirtualCenter Update 2 or later might fail Problems with TEAC DV-28E-V DVD drive MSI options dialog appears during VirtualCenter 2.x host [Internal] Deploying virtual machines fails after upgrading Lab Manager DE (German/Deutsche) keyboard input is not handled correctly in desktops opened from View Client using HP RGS protocol Soft lockup messages from Linux kernel running in an SMP-enabled virtual machine Error: "CPU has been disabled" When Booting or Shutting Down Virtual Machines Cannot access the Service Console or manage virtual machines Service console does not recognize runtime changes made to the LUN size An error message appears after you enter the fdisk command with the absolute path of the disk vCenter Server Installation Worksheet Tracking ESX host user logins and activities Restricting User Authentication and Security Settings Error on the Performance Overview tab Copying large files from the service console to a CIFS-mounted Windows disk might cause file corruption Booting from an iSCSI LUN might be too slow or fail The path status for the CLARiiON iSCSI storage system changes from dead to active and from active to dead ESX might occasionally fail to boot from an iSCSI Clariion storage system http://www. 17:49 . Patch ESX-1009938: Virtual machines in Lab Manager environment might stop responding due to a heavy load on LUN VMware ESX Server 3.0.Unable to connect a CD-ROM to a Windows Vista virtual machine Virtual machine console does not respond to Ctrl-Alt-Ins or Ctrl-Alt-Del ESX hosts with a TLS LDAP configuration do not allow LDAP users to login Overview Performance Charts do not display when the vCenter Server uses an Oracle database SRM: Configuring DRS properties for a protected virtual machine VirtualCenter Server service does not start with SSL Certificates larger than 1024 bits Cannot boot ESXi on HP DL385 G2 servers rm -rf on a directory with more than 380 files fails for ESX Site Recovery Manager continuously logs Failed to ping the remote site Adding VSS and removing the Filesystem Sync driver when upgrading VMware Tools in a Windows virtual machine Enabling and Configuring Linux Core Dump Remediating ESX Server Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.

0 VMware Consolidated Backup installation instructions VirtualCenter cannot authenticate domain account users Invalid string position error when cloning or deploying a virtual machine Error when using vicfg-iscsi to set up IP.0.0 licenses and VMware View licenses VMware support restrictions for Service Console installations of ESX 4. Patch ESXe350-200904402-T-BG: Tools Update Creation of named pipe or output file name in the form of any path in the service console fails VMware ESX 4. Patch ESX350-200904402-SG: Updates ESX Scripts VMware ESX 3.ESX host minimum firmware requirements for NetXen P2 10GB ethernet cards Cannot use PSP_RR path selection policy with MSCS Trying to change the disk format of an FT-enabled virtual machine while migrating across datastores results in a fault Using Storage VMotion to migrate a virtual machine with many disks may timeout Setting all virtual machines to automatically upgrade VMware Tools at next power-on About Patch 3 for SRM 1.5.gronau. Guided Consolidation might compute a larger number of NICs for that system How to Disable Guest Operations in the VIX API vcbSnapAll command fails vSphere Client might fail to connect to the vCenter Server ECC Agent support in ESX Virtualizing EMC ControlCenter (ECC) CIM Sensor Data on IBM 3850/3950 Servers VMware ESX 3.0 Release Licensing VMware View Manager Licensing Lab Manager 3.5.x.10 if Ubuntu Multiverse Repository is used VI Client Performance tab and Storage tab do not function if vCenter Server uses an Oracle Database The VMware Data Recovery client fails to connect to the VMware Data Recovery Appliance Resolving vMA credential store corruption Accessing the View Admin page fails with the error: Error 404 page not found Virtual Machine Communication Framework (VMCF) Features are Experimental in the vSphere 4. 2010.0 Identifying hardware causes for purple screen errors Using stack trace information to diagnose purple screen errors [Archived] Manually migrating a virtual machine on an ESX host Cannot customize RHEL 5 images View Composer agent initialization state error (-1000) when provisioning virtual desktops Unable to launch virtual machine when Fusion is not in the default location Some kickstart commands for scripted installations of ESX 4. vim-minimal RPMs VMware ESX 3. the upgrade might fail vCenter Database Upgrade to ESX/ESXi 4. Patch ESX350-200904409-BG: Updates vmkctl RPM VMware ESXi.5.5.5. 2. Patch ESX350-200904406-SG: Updates vim-common. and the vSphere Client 4. Patch ESX350-200904407-SG: Security Update to BIND VMware ESX 3.5.0 have been deprecated or are not supported Basic SCSI Storage Troubleshooting Solaris 10 U4 virtual machine becomes unresponsive during VMware Tools upgrade When you use VMware vSphere to perform an ESX host upgrade.0 Update 1 Required VMware vCenter Converter ports ESXi host disconnects from the VirtualCenter Server with a USB timeout error Solaris virtual machines might not power on on virtual hardware version 7 Network receive packets dropped at the virtual switch vCenter Server service might not start automatically if the machine is rebooted repeatedly Getting Lab Manager 3.0 Fails with Oracle 10gR2 Cannot log into VirtualCenter 2.x on a Windows Vista system http://www. and gateway separately Upgrading the hardware version of Windows virtual machines might require driver updates If a system has virtual network adapter. 17:49 . Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.5.0 and VMware ESXi 4.0 require 64bit servers SLES 10 64bit virtual machine becomes unresponsive with the error: The CPU has been disabled by the guest operating system Operating system networking references and tutorials Removing a standard (replica) connection server from a cluster of connection servers [Archived] Migrating virtual machines between ESX hosts without shared storage Operating System Specific Packages fail to install on RHEL 5.5X after installing the VI Client 2.5x. Patch ESX350-200904403-BG: Updates bnx2 Driver for Broadcom VMware ESX 3. Patch ESX350-200904404-BG: Updates VMkernel iSCSI Driver VMware ESX 3. Patch ESX350-200904408-SG: Security Update to the openssl Package VMware ESX 3. Patch ESX350-200904405-BG: Updates Kernel Source and VMNIX VMware ESX 3.5. Patch ESXe350-200904401-I-SG: Firmware Update VMware ESXi. and then uninstalling the VI Client 2.5. Patch ESX350-200904401-BG: Updates vmkernel vmx hostd etc VMware ESX Operating System Specific Packages fail to install on Ubuntu 8.

the ESX installation fails.s specific components to ESXi 4. COM ErrorCode: 2147016646 Changing Lab Manager Virtual Machine NIC Emulation Type Downgrading a vSphere 4.5 hosts with OEM server vendor&rsquo.0 when using vCenter Server Heartbeat to only protect vCenter Server ESX host becomes unresponsive on a Dell PowerEdge R900 server Upgrading to vCenter Server 2. DHCP failures might occur in the service console during heavy loads Unable to deploy linked clones and provisioning fails with the error reject prepare Disabling Linked Mode for vCenter Server Enabling license downgrade by disabling features Purple screen error during Fiber Channel Changes Connecting to the Virtual Desktop from the VMware View client fails with the error: Virtual Desktop in not available Customization of Windows Vista or Windows 2008 fails ESX host is non-compliant even after application of host profile succeeds Protected Service Discovery task does not run when vCenter products are in evaluation mode Protecting VMware Converter 3. 17:49 .5 to vCenter Server Heartbeat 5.5 Update 1 Unable to import a backup image or third-party virtual machine Upgrading to vCenter Server 4.3 with VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat Reconfiguring the vCenter Orchestrator principal (public) IP address Upgrading vCenter Server Heartbeat Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.0 Creating a 32bit DSN on a 64bit Windows machine Identifying Symmetrix devices using the esxcfg-mpath and symdev commands Conversion of a physical source with software mirrors fails On ESX hosts. The vc-support command uses a 64bit DSN application and cannot gather data from the vCenter Server database Changing the system time on an ESX/ESXi host produces a VMware High Availability agent error Adapter Type dropdown menu missing vmxnet3 option on virtual machine running Suse Enterprise Linux Low swap keeps patches from installing Troubleshooting the boot failure of a Linux virtual machine converted from a physical computer Performance overview error: STATs Report application initialization is not completed successfully [Archived] Restoring a virtual machine backed up with VMware Data Recovery using VMware Converter Does ESX 4.5 Updates or 4.0 Virtual machine shuts down after installing Windows 2003 fails Guest operating system displays BIOS update message LUN filtering mechanism during RDM creation Slow login when running Novell Client in View Virtual Desktops Creating linked clone virtual pools fails with the error: Failed to perform Active Directory operation.0 when using vCenter Server Heartbeat to vCenter Server and SQL Server VC Fault error in VMware View when attempting to create a pool Text is jagged in View session Upgrading ESXi 3.0 boot CD Command-line parameter -screenMulti enables Multimonitor for HP RGS desktops Disabling VMotion on an ESX/ESXi host Enabling verbose logging for View Composer related components Disabling the vCenter Server Agent Live clone of a virtual machine with an independent disk fails Configuring disks to use VMware Paravirtual SCSI (PVSCSI) adapters How to create default alarms when upgrading to vSphere 4.When you install ESX on some Dell servers using the DRAC5 virtual CD-ROM method.0.5 license NFS corruption with VMI kernel in SLES10 SP2 http://www.3ad Dynamic? VirtualCenter components are unavailable when installing or upgrading from a zip archive Backing up the ADAM database in VMware Virtual Desktop Manager and VMware View Manager Power supply status displayed as red when supply unit is removed Enabling public key authentication with a Dropbear SSH client on ESXi [Archive] Installation of VMware Tools fails with Error 1722 Enabling ARP Redirect for Hardware ISCSI HBAs pNIC loses connectivity on IBM x3850 servers with Intel 82571 NICs Alert messages are logged when extents in a spanned volume go offline Loss of network connectivity on SLES8 virtual machine [Archived] ESX host experiences purple screen error within 5 minutes of booting Debug scsi underrun / overrun errors in the VMkernel log Errors when gathering disk information during a physical to virtual conversion Port Forwarding in VirtualCenter cannot use Tomcat ports Virtual machines might fail to migrate if the VMware VirtualCenter Server service is stopped during the migration operation Performance Overview Plugin shows Stats report service internal error Where to download the Converter 4.0 license to a ESX 3.gronau.0 support 802. 2010.

17:49 .x hosts in vCenter Server 4.0 VMware Data Recovery fails to connect to vCenter with the error: Connect::BeginSession: failed to authenticate Comparison of product offerings for vSphere 4.0 VMFS volume becomes inaccessible during SAN LUN replication Virtual machines log HGFS error messages relating to VMware Tools when you have just a Linux console installed vm-support might fail on ESXi systems with many VMs if run on the root partition Migrating virtual machines between vSwitch or PortGroups to vDS or dvPortgroups Migrating Service Console and/or VMkernel port from Standard Switches to Distributed Switch Jumbo frames are not supported on vmxnet2 NICs for virtual machines running FreeBSD Running multiple vCenter Server processes simultaneously causes Qlogic iSCSI HBA port errors VM run on thin-provisioned disk might become unresponsive The primary virtual machine remains powered on in live mode.5 VMware Fault Tolerant virtual machine fails to power on and generates an error Target limitations with Qlogic qla4xxx drivers LogMPCmdErrors and LogCmdErrors commands are enabled by default on ESX/ESXi 4.Concepts Overview Configuring vNetwork Distributed Switch using vCenter Sysprep on Windows Server 2003 does not run vSphere Client overview performance charts might not appear for ESX hosts prior to ESX 4.Boot.Concept Overview Site Recovery Manager Test Failover fails intermittently ESX Server Destination Option Is Unavailable in Converter Configuration of Private VLAN (PVLAN) on vNetwork Distributed Switch Configuring a legacy license server to manage ESX/ESXi 3.x host to vCenter Server 4.5 upgrade fails with a ORA-30036 error Virtual machine fails to power on with the error: Config File does not Exist Performance issues on Windows 2008 terminal servers New alarm to trigger a script or send an email fails VMotion fails after a third-party security tool performs a port scan of the ESX hosts Upgrading an ESX 3.0 Collecting diagnostic information for VMware ESXi Server 3.txt Windows Persistent Route stops working Using NAT between the vCenter Server system and ESX hosts VirtualCenter 2.nmiAction advanced setting Cannot add an ESX Server 2.X Cannot change the ESX Server Edition and ESX remains in an Unlicensed state vNetwork Distributed PortGroup (dvPortGroup) configuration VMware High Availability slot calculation Configuring vNetwork Distributed Switch (vDS) Virtual Adapters Understanding VMware Fault Tolerance Out of Range DSUB Analog error when installing ESX Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.x . 2010.0 when Check Host Certificates is enabled vNetwork Distributed Switch on ESX 4. but fault tolerance is not established The Turn on Fault Tolerance option is disabled Collecting diagnostic information for VMware Converter VMware Fault Tolerance migration transition states Error in vCenter Server when enabling the Virtual Server Service Status and Hardware Status plugins Joining a cloned virtual machine running vCenter Server to the original virtual machine fails with a licensing error in status.0 Memory health status information is not provided for systems without memory sensors Unclaiming all paths to a storage device while several paths are dead makes the device unavailable when later attempts to reclaim the paths are made VMotion Migration of a virtual machine that uses NPIV fails VMware support for USB devices used for installing VMware ESXi 4.5.0 and VMware Infrastructure 3.gronau.0 Split and Combine license keys on vSphere Entitlement Mapping for vSphere Private VLAN (PVLAN) on vNetwork Distributed Switch .5 Management Controller firmware information not displayed in hardware status VMware Storage VMotion fails if virtual machine migrated after suspended and resume state Configuring Jumbo Frames on a vNetwork Distributed Switch Changing the default value of MaxBurstLength for the software iSCSI adapter might cause loss of connection with the http://www.Update Manager upgrade fails with the error: The Wizard was interrupted before vmware could be completed installed Support for Windows 7 and the Aero theme Exception occurred due to a bad disk geometry when installing ESX host Using a Microsoft or 3rd party software iSCSI Initiator in a VMware environment Only one Seagate SCSI device can be supported by an ESX/ESXi host Lockdown mode does not lock down machine Setting up vCenter Server in a Microsoft Cluster Service Cluster Blank printing sometimes occurs when the compression level for the virtual printer in the guest is set to "No Images" Avoiding data corruption from NMIs by changing the VMkernel.x virtual machine to ESX 4.

0 Troubleshooting TCP connectivity issues from the ESX service console Network traffic fails when a vSwitch VLAN ID is configured with HP VCM Ethernet Network profile External VLAN ID Storage path failover might cause kernel panic in Linux kernels if using a virtual LSILogic adapter (Parallel or SAS) Low memory conditions might impact SCSI status VMotion migration of virtual machines that use Brocade NPIV with soft zoning fails Status type in HP SIM set to Critical for a host placed in standby mode by DPM Error when scanning ESX hosts: Patch Metadata missing Supported configurations for PowerPath/VE with VMware vSphere 4.gronau.5 Update 4 http://www.0 [Archived] "InvalidArguement=Value of '0' is not valid for 'index'.0.vmkwarning spew "WARNING: Fil3: xxxx: Failed to reserve volume" ESX and ESXi not impacted by OpenSSL security vulnerabilities with CVE-2009-0590.0 hosts lose network connectivity when multiple service console interfaces are configured on subnets that use DHCP IP addresses Datastore appears empty from the datastore browser vCenter displays error: Failed to connect to host Licensing ESX 4. ESXi 4. and CVE-20090789 identifiers VMware VDI Thin Print processes TPAutoConnect and TPVCGateway cause CPU usage to spike to 100% Master virtual machine templates do not appear in VMware View Manager Controlling LUN queue depth throttling in VMware ESX 3.5 to ESXi 4.0 fails when the host is trying to reboot Upgrading VMware Tools on multiple virtual machines Changing Beacon Probing settings using the command line Configuring External Switch VLAN Tagging (EST) mode on a vNetwork Distributed Switch Intel MT or PT Dual Port NICs drop CDP packets on ESX/ESXi 4. 17:49 .EqualLogic storage system Avoiding performance issues when using ESX/ESXi 4.x [Archived] vCenter Server and ESX tasks time out before completion Cannot mount Windows share in ESX 4.0 Provisioning a linked clone fails with the View Manager error: Provision error (missing) Desktop Composer VcFault message HP Automatic Server Recovery in a VMware ESX Environment Virtual machines unable to mount some ISO images IBM X3650 fails to boot from SAN disk when local disk is present Changing the default timeout for locked dvPorts Network configuration for hosts in an HA cluster with VMkernel network adapters on the same subnet [Archived] Inaccessible VMFS volume .x with NetApp storage devices with ALUA ESXi VMware Tools for Linux do not include pre-build kernel modules for unsupported guests and the RPM format package for tools Inaccurate Monitoring and Health Status seen in VI Client.0 hosts Collecting diagnostic information for VMware Tools Changes to CIM host configuration variables in ESX/ESXi 4. VirtualCenter. vSphere Client installation might fail with Error 1603 if you do not have an active internet connection The overview performance charts don't appear if the vCenter Server host is renamed Windows Performance Utility log files contain incorrect Last values for data counters Unable to Power on virtual machine due to a Licensing error Checking compliance of a host profile Applying a Host Profile to a host or cluster Configuring Virtual Guest VLAN tagging (VGT) mode on a vNetwork Distributed Switch Sometimes the upgrade from ESXi 3.x with a mount_data version is not supported error Changing the name of an ESX host ESX 4. vSphere Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February. CVE-2009-0591. Settings not respected. Parameter name: index" when selecting Managed Paths Configuring Virtual Switch VLAN Tagging (VST) mode on a vNetwork Distributed Switch NICs added to a virtual machine with a Linux guest operating system by using hot add are not activated automatically Configuring VMDirectPath I/O pass-through devices on an ESX host vSphere Client Help is not accessible on systems using Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration Upgrading vCenter Server Heartbeat from an Evaluation Version to Production Version Reconfigure Connection Broker and Security Server Instance Pair Automating VMware Tools upgrade in vCenter Server 4. and vCenter 4.0 Installing Linked-Mode and ADAM Applying operating system patches or hotfixes with minimal interrupt when using vCenter Server Heartbeat Configuring a Virtual Machine Communication Interface (VMCI) on a vSphere ESX host Starting SNMP service with vicfg-snmp sometimes fails Configuring IPv6 on ESX 4. 2010. or vCenter Server Disabling vNetwork Distributed Switches Ports on a vSwitch are not freed when hot removing network adapters from virtual machines ESXi console message: OEM Policy File is dirty.0.

gronau.x Cannot add a template to a configuration In View 3.0 port requirements After uninstalling and reinstalling the vSphere Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February. 17:49 .x hosted virtual machines Default login name and password for the VMware Data Recovery appliance An ESX host is unavailable after its password is changed Slow Performance with Dell PERC Controller ESX host becomes unresponsive during boot after the message: Enabling Interrupts Shortcuts for Native Applications Override Shortcuts for ThinApp Packages VMware Data Recovery fails to connect when invoked from a linked vCenter Unable to import an Entrust SSL certificate in View 3.0. Patch ESX350-200905403-BG: Updates aacraid driver for Adaptec VMware ESX 3.5.The esxupdate -l query command lists an incorrect time stamp after upgrading to ESX Server 3.5. previously installed and ignored certificates do not result in a security warning Orchestrator log files VMware ESX 3.1. Patch ESX350-200905402-BG: Updates VMX RPM Collecting diagnostic data for VMware Orchestrator VMware ESX 3.x handling of LUNs detected as snapshot How do I send system information from a vShield Zones appliance to technical support? View displays incorrect backup-time of View server The VirtualCenter message of the day keeps reappearing On rare occasion.0 best practices [Archive] VMware Consolidated Backup operations take longer than usual to complete vCenter Update Manager 4.exe fails Cannot create a linked clone pool in View Manager 3.0 and 3.0 VMotion stops working with a "License server is not configured" error after upgrading to vSphere 4 Stopping or starting VMware vCenter Orchestrator Boot partition size check fails during installation of ESX 3.1. Patch ESX350-200905404-BG: Update to tzdata package VMware ESX 3.5.5 Update 2 and prevents upgrade Orchestrator security overview Overview of Pluggable Storage Architecture (PSA) Cannot launch vSphere Client after installing in Windows 7 or Windows 2008 R2 Multipathing policies in ESX 4 Minimum required permissions for Storage VMotion View composer fails to install Foreign Key Which ports are required for vShield Zones operation? VMotion CPU Compatibility .5.x LAN and SAN traffic during VMware Consolidated Backup operations What is Pluggable Storage Architecture (PSA) and Native Multipathing (NMP)? A View Composer desktop that is cloned and then used as a Parent VM might not be customized correctly What impact does vShield Zones Discovery have on my network and virtual machines? Snapshot LUN detection in ESX 3.x and ESX 4 ESX 4. 2010.5 Update2 VMFS volume open without Filesystem Journal vCenter Server installation fails if the root drive of the directory where it is installed does not have Read permission Linux Bridge module cannot handle packets larger than the maximum transmission unit "URB timed out .1. Patch ESX350-200905405-BG: Updates Kernel Source and VMNIX VMware ESXi. Patch ESX350-200905401-BG: Updates vmkernel and hostd RPMs VMware ESX 3. Patch ESXe350-200905401-I-BG: Firmware Update The vSphere Client overview performance charts use zeroes to denote missing data samples Licensing Site Recovery Manager 1.1 Cannot shut down a Windows guest operating system from the VMware Infrastructure Client menu Importing updates with vmware-updateDownloadCli.How to Override Masks for VirtualCenter 1.5. View Administrator might display IllegalStateException errors http://www.USB device may not respond" message appears during reboot of ESXi from a USB drive Troubleshooting issues with video in View Manager Installing vCenter Update Manager 4.0 Mounting a virtual disk as a MacOS volume Mapping VMware High Availability Heartbeats and Communication Paths Deleted the Management Network vSwitch on ESXi Obtaining process information in ESXi Error in the VMkernel log and on the ESX console: TSC:27393110 CPU 0:0 ACPI:998: No memory detected in SRAT node 1 Issues when vCenter Server and License Server are installed on ESX 3. the View Agent must be installed after all third-party applications in the guest system A jar is not recognized error appears when installing the Performance Overview plug-in vSphere support for View Manager A CPU of the host is incompatible error appears and VMotion stops working after upgrading to vSphere 4.Migrations Prevented Due to CPU Mismatch .

2010.d/system-auth file with a Windows-based text editor Does vShield Zones perform protocol conformance tests? Understanding how Virtual Desktop Manager 2.0 Unable to start the VMware vCenter Web Service after upgrading to vCenter Server 4. the desktop session screen resolution does not match the display resolution on the host In specific situations.x View Composer agent initialization state error (6): Unknown failure (waited 0 seconds) error received after linked clone deploy or recompose The ESX service console is not connected to the network VMware View Client requires HTTP 1.0.5 to vSphere 4 VMotion fails with an RDTSCP error in EVC clusters where the ESX host CPU Model is Intel 3500 series or 5500 series (Nehalem) On ESX/ESXi 4.0.2 Creating a virtual machine using Windows Easy Install VMware Data Recovery backup operations fail with error: -3948 (vcbapi exception) You receive a profile redirection error when performing a recompose in VMware View VMware Update Manager fails with error Failed to install VMware Update Manager guest agent SRM dr-ip-customizer: dash or hyphen character in MAC address causes error Unable to install vSphere . A TPM-related warning is issued even though TPM is unavailable on the system Required license file required for VMware Site Recovery Manager evaluation Deleting an orphaned virtual machine if you do not have the Remove option VMware Desktop Manager 2.gronau.3 A virtual machine appears powered on in VMware Infrastructure Client after it is powered off vShield Zones resource utilization and latency statistics Unable to connect to any desktop when using the Juniper Network SSL Appliance Mutiple replicas are created when the MasterVM has a mapping to a non-existent ISO image file After a desktop is checked out.0 ESX host continually disconnects from the vCenter Server following an upgrade to ESX 4.2. the results of the cat command might return truncated results Unable to start vCenter 4 after upgrade from 2. 17:49 .x with a failed to perform an Active Directory operation error during provisioning error User cannot access a company created by another user in the current session Time in a virtual machine advances slowly on a Linux host when using a desktop product Collecting diagnostic information for VMware vCenter Server 4.1 to be enabled in Internet Explorer I configured a vShield Zones firewall rule to block traffic between virtual machines on the same vSwitch but traffic is not being blocked When using the HP RGS protocol. error -3902 ( file access error) Sensor value does not appear to be exact value you specified Allow filtered USB Human Interface Devices (HID) to be redirected into a virtual desktop HBA or VMNIC fail to load vSphere LSI Logic SAS option is not available Unable to Open Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel Attachments in a Captured Microsoft Outlook Application Cannot deploy a pool in VMware View 3. a printer added to the host might not be visible in the guest VMware Converter plug-in cannot install after upgrading from VirtualCenter 2.x to ESX 4 Winlogon does not load after the View agent is installed Managing an ESXi host with the ESXi Management kit How much throughput can a vShield agent handle? ESX host is inaccessible after editing the /etc/pam.x pool types translate into View Manager 3.x Connection Server issues Overview of Lab Manager log files Do not create View Composer linked clones using either a linked clone or a full clone of a linked clone as the Master VM View Composer was unable to contact VirtualCenter Single sign on (SSO) does not work correctly when the HP RGS display protocol is used to connect Should I install VMware Tools for vShield Zones virtual machines? How is time integrity maintained between vShield agents and the vShield Manager? Changing the load balancing policy in ESXi using the command line The esxupdate query command does not provide the correct baseline Determining if a virtual machine is using snapshots vSphere Host Update Utility not available for download to upgrade standalone ESX Server 3.0.View Composer might crash during its operations if you are using Oracle version Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.x pool types Only install the View Manager Composer Agent if you want to deploy View Composer linked clone desktops VMware Data Recovery backup fails with the error: Failed to create snapshot for VM1.Disk greyed out ThinApp MS Office 32bit Help system may malfunction when deployed to 64bit systems Product activation for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 Windows Server 2003 display adapter hardware acceleration slows performance when disabled Hibernation with Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP Security threat with SSL certificates created with MD5 hash http://www.0.

5. starting with ESX Server 2. Patch ESX350-200906408-BG: Updates VMX RPM VMware ESXi.0. Patch ESX400-200906411-SG: Updates udev VMware ESX 4. Patch ESX400-200906407-SG: Updates curl VMware ESX 4.5.0. Patch ESX400-200906405-SG: Updates krb5 and pam_krb5 VMware ESX Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February. Patch ESX400-200906406-SG: Updates sudo VMware ESX 4.0 drivers on Windows Me. Patch ESX350-200906406-BG:Updates VMware Tools VMware ESX 3.0.0. 17:49 . Windows 98.5. 2010. Patch ESX350-200906401-BG : Updates vmkctl and vmkernel RPMs VMware ESX 3.gronau.0 host Manual changes might be needed to use networking in copied virtual machine VMware ESX 4.1x guest Deploying a virtual machine from a template using customization fails with a fatal error Asianux Server 3.x generates an error Display issues with Mandrake Linux 10.1 Installation of Mandrake Linux 8.x host to an ESX 4. Patch ESX400-200906401-BG: Updates VMX VMware ESX 4.5. Patch ESX400-200906412-BG: Updates esxupdate Migration to a different processor X Server fails to start after installing Debian 4.x X Server VMotion wizard fails when migrating a virtual machine from an ESX 3.AllocHighThreshold Parameter PAE Message during installation on Windows.Control+Alt key combinations in a virtual machine console Running a checked build on Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 For ESX and ESXi. Patch ESX400-200906408-BG: Updates SCSI Driver for QLogic FC VMware ESX 4. Patch ESXe350-200906401-I-BG: Firmware Update VMware ESXi. Patch ESX350-200906407-BG: Updates krb5-libs and pam_krb5 VMware ESX 3. Patch ESX400-200906403-BG: Updates VMware Tools VMware ESX 4. and Solaris Operating Systems on Workstation 5.x guest Adding disks to IBM OS/2 Warp guests Installing CD-Writing software on an IBM OS/2 Warp 4.initrd extends beyond end of memory Troubleshooting an invalid serial number error in Fusion Windows Guest Reboots If You Use FN-F8 For Keyboard Backlighting Windows guest operating system is unable to manage new disks Scroll Up mouse wheel operation using a VI Client does not work in 32-Bit IBM OS/2 Warp 4. Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Patch ESXe350-200906402-T-BG: Tools Update ESX install fails with the error .0 with no service pack Lack of support for USB 2. Patch ESXi400-200906402-BG: Tools Update Enabling the VMware vCenter Update Manager plugin in 4.x guest can crash the system PS/2 keyboard stops working with ESX Server after upgrading to ESX Server 3.0.0 or earlier Disable SVGA drivers installed with VMware Tools on Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 Using VMware Tools drivers on Window Preinstallation VMotion fails with a CPU error in the Resource Map Determining if Intel Virtualization Technology or AMD Virtualization is enabled in the BIOS without rebooting QueryPerformanceCounter behaves improperly when /usepmtimer is used with some Windows HALs VMware Tools installation fails with Error 1606 Warnings when installing VMware Tools on some VMware products running Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista Network adapter change needed for some VMware Products running Windows Vista Poor performance on Windows 2000 guest after installing VMware Tools Memory limits if installing Windows NT 4. Patch ESX400-200906404-BG: Updates CIM VMware ESX 4. Patch ESX350-200906403-BG: Updates Kernel Source and kernel-vmnix RPMs VMware ESX 3.0 64-bit guest VMware ESX 3.0 Service Pack 1 32-Bit guest is displayed incorrectly in the Summary Tab of VSphere Client after installing VMware Tools Troubleshooting timekeeping issues in Linux guest operating systems Running guest screen savers on Linux hosts with a XFree86 3.x. Patch ESX350-200906402-BG: Updates NetXen Driver VMware ESX 3.0.5 Update 5 VMware ESXi 4. do not change the default value of the Mem.0.0 guest stops responding Cannot make an ASR backup of Windows http://www.x.5.5. Patch ESXi400-200906401-BG: Firmware Update VMware ESXi 4. Patch ESX400-200906409-BG: Updates LSI storelib Library VMware ESX 4.x. Patch ESX350-200906405-BG: Updates bnx2x Driver for Broadcom VMware ESX 3. Patch ESX400-200906402-BG: Updates ESX Scripts VMware ESX 4.0. and Windows 95 Determining detailed build number information for VMware View Phantom COM ports on Windows 98 and Windows 95 Networking might not work after you install Windows 95 Mouse problems with Windows 3.5. Patch ESX400-200906410-BG: Updates hostd VMware ESX

0.0.1 guest on ESX 3.vmdk is detected as a snapshot Maintaining write ordering and write-through integrity using NFS in an ESX environment Restrictions on the number of vShield agents and virtual machines supported by vShield Zones Adding an ESX host to the vCenter inventory fails with the error: vmodl.gronau. 2010. such as every 24 or 48 hours INIT errors.HostCommunication Degraded service console backup performance after upgrading to ESX 4.5 Update releases intermittent database locking causes the VirtualCenter Server service to shut down ESX fails to boot when the disk containing the datastore with esxconsole.0 and 3.fault.protocol error from vmx.0 password requirements and restrictions Corrupt heartbeat region &ndash.0 guest Virtual Machines No Longer Respond to Network Requests "Error: sysobjectid token not a parsable OID" in /var/log/messages when snmpd service is started on ESX 3.1 ESX and ESXi 4.0. Verify the vCenter address and try again [Archived] Unable to modify VM settings: VI client error "failed to create journal file provider" Downloading and installing AppSpeed from Plug-In Manager fails AppSpeed fails to launch from the VI Client Problem Upgrading VMware vCenter Lab Manager Due to Permission Issues Reducing FT logging traffic for disk read intensive workloads Configuring network load distribution for Fault Tolerance logging traffic Experimental support for File Level Restore in VMware Data Recovery VMotion fails at 80% with a general system error Downloading the UI module for AppSpeed fails Virtual machine does not appear in the AppSpeed inventory tree Cannot see your application in the AppSpeed UI The View Connection Server might become unavailable at regular intervals.0. 17:49 .3 Remediation Fails if the Localized Version of a Patch Is Not Available Troubleshooting Host Spanning Transport Networks Cannot prepare a Lab Manager host that was removed from VirtualCenter without being unprepared [Archived] VCB backups failing .0 host Cannot log in to an ESX 4 host with vSphere Web Access Cannot see a line item for add-ons when viewing licenses on the vSphere Client licensing page vpxd log directory path when vCenter Server 4.5 Adding or modifying secondary license administrators or support administrators on a contract http://www. backup operation is already in progress Manually preparing a Lab Manager 4.5 to ESX Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.2 or 3.5 Configuring ESX to use a 128-bit cipher for web access and the VI Client Windows BSOD 0xC00002E2 Summary tab of vSphere Client displays a "Reboot Required" message after you patch an ESX/ESXi host CVE-2009-1252 and ESX Server 3.Determining the build number for VMware vCenter Lab Manager Determining the build number for VMware vCenter Stage Manager All ESX hosts simultaneously show a status of Not Responding in vCenter X Windows fails to start in RHEL 3 virtual machine when display depth Is set to 24 Improperly removing a disk from a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 guest causes it to fail Mouse does not function properly on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation 2.0 Cannot downgrade from ESX 3. Connection timed out.0 is installed on Windows Server 2008 AppSpeed setup fails with a connection timeout 3D acceleration in ESX 4 [Archived] VCB/vDR/3rd party backups failing to backup virtual machines with "timeout" or "failed" errors reporting after backup job completes AppSpeed setup fails with the error.3 ESX host settings for environments with up to 80 virtual machines per host in a VMware HA cluster Powering on a virtual machine fails with the error: One of log LCK file is corrupt Determining the build number for VMware Consolidated Backup Determining the build number for vSphere PowerCLI or VI Toolkit for Windows How to determine build number for vSphere CLI (aka) VMware Remote CLI and SDK for Perl (aka) VI Perl Toolkit How to configure user profiles in VMware View Manager 3. Problems accessing files on a VMFS datastore Determining detailed build number information for VMware Fusion Determining the build number for vSphere Management Assistant vMA or VIMA Determining the build number for VMware Workstation Determining the build number for VMware Data Recovery The Knowledge Base has a new look Configuring the View Composer Domain fails with the error: The database has been reinitialized or is corrupt Determining the product version and build for VMware ThinApp vCenter Server on Windows Server 2008 with mandatory smart card authentication policy fails username/password authentication VMware vSphere Management Assistant (vMA) Patch 01 After upgrading to vCenter 2. slow or poor performance on Red Hat Linux 9.

Disabling HotPlug capability in ESX 4 virtual machines vShield Zones virtual appliance stops working if you remove and re-add NICs from it VMware ESX 4.0.0 Change the data collector logging level vCenter Server stops responding after adding an ESX host to Inventory A virtual machine experiences a Monitor Panic and powers off after the error: Unable to retrieve the MSR lines from the "/dev/ttyS0" serial port: Operation not permitted VMware ESX 4.0.0.x hosts Determining the number of deployed virtual machines and virtual routers Deploying virtual machines fails with the error: Missing VM was not in the original query: vm-xxxx ESX host cannot be connected to vCenter Storage controller failover causes iSCSI targets to go offline VMware ESX 3. and other network components management access Deleting ddb.deletable entries and snapshots left behind by VMware Data Recovery Creating a snapshot for a virtual machine fails with the error: File is larger than maximum file size supported View Clients unexpectedly disconnect from the desktops when tunneled Changing AppSpeed server IP address requires reinstall of probes AppSpeed setup fails due to missing eth0 Probe deployment fails because of a communication problem between the server and probe Deleting a probe in the AppSpeed Administration tab results in an error AppSpeed emails might be blocked by a spam filter UI functionality may be limited when taking AppSpeed server snapshots AppSpeed probe displays status as 'down' but is processing traffic [Archived] Unable to find any devices of the type needed for this installation type Changing vCenter Server resources allotted to vShield Zones virtual appliances Installing vShield agents in vCenter Server resources with multi-byte characters in the name vShield Zones OVF import fails and results in an error Purging stats data fails in Oracle Database with a bind variable error Configuring Jumbo Frames in ESXi 4.x Collecting diagnostic information for Lab Manager 4. Patch ESX350-200907404-BG: Updates vmx RPM VMware ESX 3.0 VMware Data Recovery 1.5.5.dll is removed after uninstalling ESX/ESXi 3. "Error connecting: Login (username/password) incorrect" Determining detailed build number information for VMware ESX 4.5.0 does not use power management features on some servers Removing VEM400-200906002-BG from an ESXi host Securing vShield Zones CLI user accounts and the Privileged mode Staged bulletins get cleared after remediation View Composer database has discrepancies due to machine IDs VirtualCenter Server service fails to start with the error: The password for user account '<username>' has expired Exporting a virtual machine to an Open Virtualization Format (OVF) template fails [Archived] Cannot open Virtual Machine Console. ESX hosts.0 and Essentials Plus licensing Enabling debug logging in Lab Manager 4.RestrictedVersion. Patch ESXe350-200907401-I-BG: Updates Firmware http://www.0. Patch ESX350-200907403-BG: Updates VMware Tools VMware ESX 3.5. Patch ESX350-200907407-BG: Updates vmkernel and hostd RPMs VMware ESXi.x Viewing the ESX Hardware Status fails in vCenter Server 4.gronau. Patch ESX400-200906413-BG: Updates vmkernel iSCSI Driver Downloading VMware products and troubleshooting issues with downloads msvcp71. 17:49 .5 VMware Tools or upgrading from ESX 3.0 Support for VMware vCenter Update Manager Operations on VMware Fault Tolerance-Enabled Virtual Machines In Lab Manager Might Fail After LUN Resignature.5 to 4. Patch Release ESXi400-200906001 VMware ESXi 4.summary Using VMware Converter to convert Virtual Iron Machines to VMware virtual machines Windows 2008 or Vista cannot see more than 4GB of RAM Cannot patch or upgrade ESX 4.0.0 Cloning or migrating a virtual machine in a fully automated DRS cluster fails with the error: The operation is not allowed in the current state of the host VMware View desktops lose connection over a Security Gateway Server Peripheral qualifier 0xN not supported Collecting diagnostic information for VMware Data Recovery Failure to enable Fault Tolerance for a virtual machine Downloading ESXi 4. Unable to see that a LUN is Connected to a Host Host exits maintenance mode after applying tools bulletin using VMware Hostupdate Utility (VHU/VIU) ESX 4. 2010. Patch Release and Cisco Nexus 1000V Virtual Ethernet Module TCP and UDP Ports for vCenter Server. Patch ESX350-200907405-BG: Updates kernel source and vmnix VMware ESX 3.0 hosts with vSphere Host Update Utility VMware vCenter Lab Manager 4.0 fails with the error: fault. Patch Release ESX400-200906001 VMware ESXi Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.

or 6.1 guest with large amounts of memory can stall after splash screen appears Configuring Centralized and Host based Environment for vSphere Client 4.1 NetWare 6.1 guest takes a long time with four virtual CPUs FreeBSD 7.0 Server Service Pack 5 Crashes When Stack Dump Exceeds the Valid Memory Limit http://www.1 guests Custom script for suspend power event does not work in FreeBSD 7.2 and Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.2: Roll-Up Bundle for ESX Server 3.gronau.1 stalls When does VMware Data Recovery use network based copy instead of SCSI Hot-Add Re-adding an ESX host to an EVC cluster Screen turns black at the end of Turbolinux 10 Server installation Ubuntu 9.5 Update 4 Cannot remove snapshots after upgrading to ESX / ESXi 4.0 and vCenter Server 4.5 Server Service Pack 3 and 5 installations stall after selection of Ethernet driver on a guest with nonpassthrough Raw Device Mapping NetWare Server guest inaccessible if installed as RDM virtual machine using the same LUN as a prior Windows NT RDM guest installation Manual changes might be needed to use networking in copied virtual machine on Open Enterprise Server Support Pack 1 and Support Pack 2 Disconnecting VMware Tools ISO File Error messages might appear if you use more than one virtual network adapter on the same network Database and Operating System compatibility for VMware vCenter Update Manager 4 Installing NetWare 6.5 Server Navigating in text mode in a NetWare Server guest Cannot connect to ESX 4.0 Improperly formatted Update Manager 4 proxy address prevents download Cannot change the screen resolution in FreeBSD 7.1 guest fails with odd number of virtual CPUs Install and reboot of 64-bit FreeBSD 7.0 Server for the first time fails Grabbing the mouse pointer in NetWare 6.0.0 Powering on a virtual machine or trying to remove storage fails with errors "Unable to access a file since it is locked" or "Resource is in use" because of NFS locks VMware Tools does not install on a Windows 2008 guest operating system after upgrading to ESX 4 No controller found error appears when ESX is booted on Cisco UCS B200 M1 blade server Sharing files between virtual machines on ESX Connecting to virtual desktops fails with a Desktop sources for desktop are not responding error [Internal] Console filesystem going read-only with journal commit I/O error ESX host becomes unresponsive during the boot process after adding a quad port network card [Archived] Mounting root failed after ESX installation Running Microsoft Word and Microsoft Powerpoint Packages Captured in Different Locales Only Displays One Locale Hot adding memory in Linux System does not clear RAID controller cache during shutdown Performance Overview charts fail with an internal error ESX host network flapping error when Beacon Probing is selected Maximum (3) number of hosts allowed for this edition of vCenter Server error displays repeatedly in vCenter Server Virtual machines might not respond sometimes during LUN failovers ESX fails to boot with a Mounting root fs failed error Installation of Red Hat Linux 7.4. 17:49 .0 Disabling Host Spanning before placing a host in maintenance mode Conversion of a Windows 2000 machine fails at 75% ESXi hosts experience intermittent lockups and purple screen errors after upgrading to ESXi 3. Patch ESXe350-200907403-T-BG: Updates Tools I/O devices not supported with vSphere 4.2 Sound not tested in 32-bit and 64-bit FreeBSD guests Regaining keyboard and mouse control after reboot on NetWare 6. 6.3 guest etc/vmware-tools/locations file grows with each boot of 64-bit FreeBSD guests ESX Server 3.04 does not include vmmouse driver ftPerl consumes 100% CPU after enabling VMware High Availability ESX host boot stops at the error: VSD mount/Bin/SH:cant access TTY job control turned off Collecting diagnostic information for VMware AppSpeed Support for OEM Windows installations Unable to install ESX using kickstart containing spaces from a NFS source FreeBSD 7.0 host for 30-40 minutes after boot Adding additional drivers to the VMware Converter Cold Clone ISO The hostd service keeps stopping with a backtrace after an ntpClient ruleset error NetWare 6.0 Global accounts override Organization accounts Installation of patch using vihostupdate fails ESXi hosts without asociated LUN Unable to connect to the vCenter Update Manager when it is configured to use non-default ports for http and https Taking a snapshot fails with a Volume Shadow Copy Service error Increasing block size of local storage in ESX 4.1.0.VMware ESXi.0 Server and NetWare Server 5. 2010.

and Conroe The vmxnet3 network adapter displays incorrect link speed on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 SCO UnixWare kernel panics when configuring network Page Fault error on Pentium 4 host Child Processes of Captured Applications Block the Application Sync Update Process Cannot mount a CD-ROM as a volume on a NetWare 5. Patch ESX350-200908404-BG: Updates vmkctl VMware ESX 3.5.5. Patch ESX350-200908403-BG: Updates megaraid and mptscsi drivers VMware ESX 3.0.5.ini options VMware ESX 3. Patch ESX350-200910406-SG: Updates Service Console DHCP Client VMware ESX 3.x virtual machines with four virtual processors on hosts with hyperthreading Solaris 10 guests might become unresponsive when halted Solaris 10 1/06 (Update 1) and Solaris 10 6/06 (Update 2) guests with virtual SMP might stall when powering on Solaris 10 guest cannot eject ISO image mounted as CD-ROM VMware Tools setup is unable to find the killall program for 32-bit Ubuntu JeOS 8.0. Patch ESX350-200908406-BG: Updates vmx VMware ESX 3.x network adapter driver support for 32-bit and 64-bit Solaris 10 guests Performance problems in ESX Server 3. Patch ESXi400-200907401-BG: Updates Firmware VMware ESX 4.5 to access Lifecycle Manager webviews VMotion fails in an EVC Cluster after virtual machine hardware is upgraded from version 4 to version 7 A vSphere 4.0 VMware High Availability cluster may not failover virtual machines when ESX is configured with certain IP addresses VMware ESX 4. Patch Release and Cisco Nexus 1000V Virtual Ethernet Module VMware ESXi 4. hostd VMware ESX 3.ESX Server 3. 17:49 .1 guest Route based on IP hash is not supported with Cisco UCS B200 M1 blade servers that use UCS 6100 Series Fabric Interconnects Uninstalling Open VMware Tools included with Linux distributions Statistics Returned by the VmPerl Scripting API Might be Wrong Certain desktops fail to launch if the message security mode is changed from Enabled back to Mixed or Disabled Upgrading virtual hardware in ESX 4 may cause Windows 2008 disks to go offline Enabling EVC on a cluster when vCenter is running in a virtual machine SYNC driver writes to the Windows Event log when an exception occurs VMware ESX 3. Broken Pipe Cannot set a virtual SCSI controller to shared Failure to install VMware Tools: Cannot find the answer BINDIR in the installer database Taking a snapshot with virtual machine memory stuns the virtual machine while the memory is written to disk Site Recovery Manager (SRM) upgrade Guest Operating System Loses Network Connectivity when Rebooted Issues Upgrading from ESX Server 2. Patch ESX350-200910408-BG: Updates VMkernel iSCSI driver VMware ESX 3. Patch ESX350-200910401-SG: Updates VMkernel.0.0.0 Upgrade Performs Fresh Installation Converting disks from thick to thin format vCenter Update Manager displays a conflict message with Cisco Nexus 1000V Virtual Ethernet Module Deploying or recomposing a linked clone pool fails with the error: VMware.5.5. Patch ESX400-200907401-BG: Updates vmklinux and vmkernel64 VMware ESX 4. Patch ESX350-200910409-BG: Updates Emulex FC driver Configuring patch source in vCenter Update Manager for Cisco Nexus 1000V Virtual Ethernet Module (VEM) [Archive] internal--unable to login to the account portal VMotion fails at 10% with the error: A general system error occurred: Migration failed while copying data.gronau.sim authentication fault Unable to create more than one vmknic on the same subnet Solaris Update Manager fails after installing VMware Tools The Hardware Status tab displays the error: Hardware monitoring service on this host is not responding or not available 64-Bit Solaris 10 Update 1 and Solaris Update 2 fail with triple fault on Intel Pentium M-Based systems Merom.x to ESX Server 3. Patch ESX350-200908407-BG: Updates kernel source and vmnix http://www.5.04. Patch Release and Cisco Nexus 1000V Virtual Ethernet Module VMware ESXi 4.5. Tools.5.0 Upgrade FAQ VMware Data Recovery Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February. Patch Release ESXi400-200907001 vCenter 4. Patch ESX350-200908401-BG: Updates forcedeth driver VMware ESX 3.x guests Effect of stopping VMwareVDMDS service on View 3.5. 2010. Patch ESX350-200908405-BG: Updates vmkernel VMware ESX 3. Woodcrest.1 VmPerl Scripting API Collecting information about tasks in VMware ESX and ESXi Memory access violation after P2V conversion Error when using Firefox 3.5.5. Patch ESX350-200910402-BG: Updates ESX Scripts VMware ESX or ESX Server 3. Patch ESX350-200910403-SG: Updates Web Access VMware ESX 3.0. Patch ESX350-200908402-BG: Updates VMware Tools VMware ESX 3. Patch ESX350-200910405-SG: Updates mptscsi drivers VMware ESX 3.0. Patch Release ESX400-200907001 VMware ESXi 4.

Patch ESX350-200908408-BG: Updates bnx2x driver VMware ESXi.5 host remains in a disconnected state after being added to vCenter Server 4. fetching from host agent Connection Broker behind the F5 Load Balancer fails outside of the network BeyondTrust software may interfere with VMware View Agent Service Verbose logging and information for the software iSCSI initiator Uplinks on an ESX host do not show as uplink interfaces within a Cisco Nexus 1000V switch Cannot log in to a newly converted Windows guest and the converted machine uses a non-US keyboard layout A 32bit Non-PAE guest operating system may report incorrect memory size in ESX 4 Upgrading View 3.0 with AMD 6 core processor fails to boot vCenter Server database upgrade fails with FK_VPX_EVENT_ARG_REF_EVENT is not a constraint The Windows Vista Ultimate product key you typed is invalid for activation Cannot connect to network after upgrading virtual hardware [Archived] How to downgrade a VM from VM Version 7 to VM Version 4 (ESX 4.5.5) ESX Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.0 A virtual machine alternates between an Orphaned and normal state in vCenter with the error: File layout not found in cache.1 clears View Connection Server settings from LDAP UFA agent does not install on Windows virtual machines Connecting to VMware View virtual desktops from a Wyse terminal fails with the error: No support tunnel Certain AMD Family 10h Processors are not supported by ESX Enabling trivia logging in Site Recovery Manager Modifying firewall behavior for multiple ports using esxcfg-firewall Asianux 3. 2010. ESX303-200908403-SG: Updates krb5-libs and pam_krb5 VMware ESX Server 3.x ESX 3.0. ESX303-200908401-BG: Updates kernel source and vmnix VMware ESX Server 3.3.5.ibatis.0 to ESX 3.3.0.VMware ESX 3.gronau.0 service console after upgrading from ESX Server 2.x SNMP MIB Module File Download testing post aug 14 authoring Cisco Nexus 1000 Virtual Switch Manager connection to vCenter fails Cisco Nexus 1000V installation and licensing information Disabling drive redirection in View desktops when connecting with View Client or RDP Storage Management Service fails to initialize with the error: com. ESX303-200908404-BG: Updates vmx Adding an ESX/ESXi host to a Cisco Nexus 1000V DVS fails with a DVS Operation Failed error ESX 4. and CentOS 5 SMP virtual machines intermittently hang at startup on Nehalem systems Applying Microsoft security update MS09-012 can prevent View Manager from starting Invalid destination error when attempting to restore a virtual machine from a VMware Data Recovery appliance Virtual machine IP Address and DNS Name not available on virtual machine Summary tab Cleaning up damaged restore points in VMware Data Recovery Manually deleting linked clones Slow VMware Consolidated Backup performance with software iSCSI initiator Confirming LM Tools is installed in a guest operating system Fault Tolerant virtual machines rapidly switch between ESX hosts when being powered on Could not find ACL in database given the parameters error when trying to share a library Disabling Flow Control on ESX and ESXi VMware View Manager does not honor Active Directory Certificate Revocation List Workstation closes when trying to power on any virtual machine VMware Fault Tolerance FAQ Unable to login to the ESX 4.NestedSQLException http://www.3.jdbc.0 shutdown and reboot commands VMware View Connection Server Service fails to start Virtual machine memory usage alarms triggered for virtual machines when guest operating system memory usage is low Installing VMware Tools in a Linux guest from a text mode screen Configure VMware Tools to dual boot Linux virtual machines Rerun VMware Tools to change the resolution in your guest operating system How to Change the vCenter Update Manager IP Address and Preserve the Update Manager Setup Datastore list is empty when editing or creating a persistent pool Creating linked-clone desktops with the same VM name ESX 4. Patch ESXe350-200908402-T-BG: Updates VMware Tools VMware ESX Server 3.exception. ESX303-200908402-BG: Updates vmkernel VMware ESX Server 3. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.x stops booting with error: Failed to copy esx.0 and ESXi 4. 17:49 .0. Patch ESXe350-200908401-I-BG: Updates Firmware VMware ESXi.common.1.0.1 to 3.5 installed using driver CD sometimes cannot be upgraded to ESX 4.conf from initrd to filesystem Disabling IPv6 for Linux distributions vCenter fails to start VMOMI services after upgrading to vSphere Increasing reserved physical memory for COS and swap to avoid ESX Server failure New installation of ESX 4.3.

Web browser becomes unresponsive after entering product license for Ace Management Server Installing Cisco Virtual Ethernet Module (VEM) on an ESX host using the command line Best Practices for Multi-Site SAN networks with the HP P4000 series of arrays [Archived] VMotion on VirtualCenter 4 will fail if you don't have double the assigned memory size space on vmfs datastore Configuring failover for MD3000i with ISCSI VMware Site Recovery Manager DiscoverArrays task fails on IBM SVC VMware Site Recovery Manager fails to discover replicated LUNs on IBM SVC Best Practices for virtual machine backup (Programs and Data) vCenter Service Status does not work when SSL certificates are replaced Correcting access to shared folders in Ubuntu for Fusion Deploy and power on failures occur when a host is upgraded or added to the vCenter Server Manually deleting linked clones or stale virtual desktop entries from VMware View Manager Do not use both ESX and ESXi hosts in clusters with fault tolerant virtual machines VMware Site Recovery Manager TestFailover task fails with the error: Failed to create lun snapshots [Archived] Partition 1 is active.0 install fails with Error 28035 VMware ESX Server 3. ESX303-200908405-BG: Updates hostd VMware ESX Server 3. ESX303-200908406-BG: Updates VMware Tools VMware ESX Server 3.3.0 and iSCSI targets might disappear during controller failover of an array No available Disk/LUNs showing in Add Storage Wizard Administrator window does not list users after a query MMR might fail after restarting a virtual machine in vCenter Re-registering a linked clone in VirtualCenter changes the BIOS UUID of the linked clone VMware Data Recovery backups fail with the error: destination is full Printers are not mapping to View Client desktop virtual machines vCenter 4.0 times out Overview performance charts are not displayed for ESX hosts and virtual machines when VirtualCenter Server is upgraded to vCenter Server 4. Using the MacBook Air's Remote Disc feature with Fusion Perfmon does not start logging when all VMware-specific counters are selected for a virtual machine performance object Delaying Integrity check intervals in VMware Data Recovery 1.5 and ESX Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.5 VMware View external users cannot connect to the Connection Server through the Security Server Understanding VI3 Licensing: Server.McAfee VirusScan [Archived] Pegasus Console Resource Memory Leak Some Dell BIOSes may have duplicate interrupt routing entries in the ACPI table [Archived] Creation of VCB snapshots times out Creating a custom virtual machine in Fusion Accessing the console of a Windows virtual machine through Web Access in ESX 4.Ctrl+Alt+Del option is not available after upgrading to vSphere 4.0 Update 1 might not be completed on Windows Server 2008 Overview performance charts might not be displayed for clusters or resource pools The AppSpeed button and tab are unavailable Deleting unnecessary AppSpeed server snapshots Automatic deployment of AppSpeed probes that are listening on vNetwork Distributed Switch fails Migrating VMI-enabled virtual machines to platforms that do not support VMI Performing a Windows repair on a Windows XP virtual machine in Fusion The hostd service takes a long time to start on an ESX host which uses AD authentication Enabling Auto Connect in the VMware View Client Users should ignore System Board 4 ProcHot-Limit exceeded sensor Drag-and-drop and copy-and-paste from guest to host does not work with KDE 2010.0..5 View takes more time to delete virtual machines from a non-persistent pool if you enable Power off and delete virtual machine after first use AppSpeed screen may be cut off when using a screen resolution of 1280x960 [Archived] migration failure "Failed to create journal file provider" .6 (Snow Leopard) [Archived] ESX 4i uses pam_passwdqc.and Host-Based Licensing Models Troubleshooting Fusion registration after upgrading to Mac OS X 10.1 NIC Teaming load balancing does not work with global vSwitch configuration on ESX 3. ESX303-200908407-BG: Updates mptscsi_2xx driver VMware Converter fails to reconfigure a virtual machine with the error: Error 1450: Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service.0. failure to update partition table for password complexity Preventing periodic writes to a SSD drive Enabling Fault Tolerance on a virtual machine configured with a vmxnet3 vNIC fails Information about using SNMP with VirtualCenter 2. 17:49 .x Guest installations might take a long time to install with Easy Install when a host connects to the Internet over a proxy http://www.0 Install process of vCenter Server 4.

Patch ESXi400-200909402-BG: Updates Tools Mouse in Fusion 2. Patch Release ESX400-200909001 VMware ESXi 4.0. Patch Release and Cisco Nexus 1000V Virtual Ethernet Module QueryPerf does not return any data when queried against vCenter Server NUMA Settings for Unisys ES7000-7600R with ESX 4.0.6) is installed Configuring an ESX host to display FQDN instead of IP address in vCenter without losing performance data Cannot launch VMware Fusion 17:49 . Patch ESX400-200909404-BG: Updates ixgbe driver VMware ESX 4. Patch ESX400-200909401-BG: Updates vmx and vmkernel64 VMware ESX 4.6. error -3956 appears when using VMware Data Recovery Ensuring the best experience running VMware Workstation and Player on a Linux host with the Compiz Window Manager CLI setup command does not accept 12-bit IP addresses Unity applications display incorrectly if the monitor configurations for a guest are changed in Unity mode Playing Flash video in full screen freezes the guest in VMware Fusion View Administrator power policies conflict with guest operating system power options Shut Down appears in the Start menu when users connect to a View desktop with PCoIP or HP RGS Printing from within a virtual machine in VMware Fusion Inconsistent Windows virtual machine performance when disks are located on SAN datastores Optical drive connects to guest when trying to use with drive with the host in VMware Fusion VMware ESX 4.gronau. Patch ESX400-200909402-BG: Updates VMware Tools VMware ESX 4.Certain USB devices might not successfully connect or disconnect to a virtual machine on Windows hosts Setting the guest and host to access the same Microsoft network server for NAT causes networking problems Deploying AppSpeed probes fails when the AppSpeed server resides inside a vApp The AppSpeed deployment status bar displays In Progress when deployment fails Linked clones are not deleted if a failure occurs during the deployment of several AppSpeed probes Performance Chart Overview connection issue with vSphere database server vMotion of the AppSpeed server to hosts with different time settings causes time jumps Auto-launching a virtual desktop on a Wyse Thin Client The esxtop Storage VM Screen incorrectly lists virtual machines running on NAS/NFS storage vCenter Service Status fails with the error: Cannot access the health service! Manually migrating the AppSpeed server fails and you have a snapshot present Virtual machines with Fault Tolerance enabled might not be monitored fully by AppSpeed Preview of a managed ACE instance fails if virtual machine is named with extended ASCII characters Snapshot Engine inadvertently deletes independent persistent disks in some cases Virtual Folders Cannot Resolve UNC Locations with Group Policy Redirection Cannot restore a virtual machine and a Trouble writing files. Patch Release ESXi400-200909001 VMware ESX Shared Folder alias in My Network Places inaccessible or unavailable Time Synchronization in Guests Deployed from OVF Templates VMware Workstation displays the status of VMware Tools as out of date after you uninstall Open VM Tools [Archived] Can't add datastore greater then 2047GB Device Manager displays dual-core AMD Opteron Processor 275 for a 64-bit Windows 7 virtual machine with a singlecore vCPU Excluding the Virtual Machines folder from being backed up by Time Machine VMware ESX 4. Patch ESXi400-200909401.0.0. Patch ESX400-200909403-BG: Updates bnx2x driver VMware ESX Patch Release and Cisco Nexus 1000V Virtual Ethernet Module VMware ESXi Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.BG: Updates Firmware VMware ESXi file contains non-ANSI characters Domain filtering is case sensitive for non-ASCII characters Update Manager install or upgrade fails if authentication credentials contain a semicolon Setting up mirrored folders for your Mac and virtual machine Configure X Window for the USB mouse to have an exclusive connection to a Linux guest Powering off a virtual machine on an ESXi host Cannot assign IP address to a NIC after a physical to virtual conversion because a duplicate IP exists vCenter Server 4.0. Patch ESX400-200909405-BG: Updates perftools VMware ESX 4. 2010.0 vNetwork Distributed Switch Proxy Switch Port Unavailable Benign Logging for System Peripheral Devices (PCI Class Code 0x0880) on IBM x3550 Servers VMware View Connection Server service cannot start if a . Patch ESX400-200909406-BG: Updates hpsa driver VMware ESXi 4.18-rc2 Linux Kernels Past Week stats rollupvc40 SQL Server job fails to complete after upgrading to vCenter http://www.x when using Snow Leopard .0 VMotion operation fails with the error: Insufficient disk space on datastore View Client users are locked out before exceeding the account lockout threshhold Disabling Kerberos realm authentication in View Connection Server Windows cannot see Mac printers Folder Sharing not Enabled for Virtual Machines Running 2.x stops responding when Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.

vCenter Service Status and Hardware Status error when trying to update host data [Archived] vCenter 4 install / upgrade error - Setup encountered an error while setting up VirtualCenter Directory Services instance Powering on an ACE instance fails with the error: This Virtual Machine is partially synchronized from an earlier session Enabling 128-bit encryption for SRAs that use SSL Storage VMotion fails with the error: Virtual Machine has virtual disk in link-clone mode Excessive logging for SNMP in the ESX host messages log Cannot install VMware Tools in Fusion after upgrading to Windows XP from Windows 98 or earlier Using vCenter Heartbeat With SRM 4.0 Troubleshooting a missing CD/DVD-ROM drive in a Windows virtual machine Rebooting an ESX host and restarting the Management agents takes longer than normal VMware Tools begins to install, then rolls back VMware Tools general installation steps [archived] Troubleshooting VSS errors Adding a New User to the Existing Group Does Not Inherit the User to the Same Group [Archived] Cannot run vCenter Server Client from Windows 2008 R2 or Windows 7 "[Archived] File <unspecified filename> is larger than the manximum size supported by datastore <unspecified datastore>". Extended ASCII characters are not supported by all CIM client toolkits. [Archived] SQL server 2000 in VM stops working after upgrade to vSphere 4.0 Sound stops working in Windows Vista guest operating system after waking from sleep Supported versions of Windows for McAfee VirusScan Plus installation Resolving two active servers Replacing a Windows 2003 Server in the Event of a Failure Resolving two passive servers Upgrading ESX fails with the error: Unable to enable interface. This address may be in use by an other host. [Archived] Unable to power on the VM. Error "The parent virtual disk has been modified since the child was created" Exporting a virtual machine fails with the error: vCenter Converter Agent System Error Backing up the System State from the Primary server and restoring it to the Secondary server on Windows Server 2008 An incorrect network configuration can cause installation errors with VMware Infrastructure Client plug-ins During installation the WinZip self-extracting file fails Upgrading vCenter Server Heartbeat V5.5 or V5.5 Update 1 to vCenter Server Heartbeat V5.5 Update 2 VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat - Performing a P2V installation using the install clone technique when differing disk subsystems exist The Performance Overview tab fails to display with the error: Navigation to the webpage was canceled vCenter Service Status and Health Status do not reflect change to vCenter Server hostname ESX Server 3.0.1 Installer Does Not Detect Device Information Provided In the Driver CD Understanding Snapshots and AutoProtect in VMware Fusion Protecting data from accidental loss Working with VMware Fusion and Boot Camp partitions Troubleshooting VMware Tools in Fusion Working with printers, disks, and other devices in VMware Fusion Uninstalling, reinstalling, and upgrading VMware Fusion Incompatibility between McAfee for Mac and VMware Fusion can damage virtual hard disks Troubleshooting virtual machine startup and shutdown issues in VMware Fusion Troubleshooting printer issues in VMware Fusion [Archive] Adding an ESXi 4.0 host to vCenter Server 4.0 fails with the error: Cannot install the vCenter agent service. Unknown installer error. Using the esxcfg-auth --usecrack command to set password complexity [archived] How to increase the size of a VMFS datastore in ESX4 WRMSR (TSC) Instruction Loses High 32 Bits When Executed by Virtual Machines on Intel Core CPU Restarting the Management agents on an ESXi Server Setting up VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager with Partner Storage Arrays Security vulnerabilities in Microsoft Active Template Library might affect VMware Web Access Launching your Boot Camp Partition in VMware Fusion VMware ESX 3.5, Patch ESX350-200910404-SG: Updates CIM [Archived] How to setup up Shared Site Recovery feature in SRM 4.0 [Archived] How to setup up Shared Site Recovery feature in SRM 4.0 Setting up the Shared Recovery Site feature in VMware Site Recovery Manager 4.0 Windows Vista host running with VMware Workstation experiences the error: STOP: 0x0000007E Using Fusion on Snow Leopard running in 64bit kernel mode Downgrading a vCenter Site Recovery Manager 4.0 license to vCenter Site Recovery Manager 1.0 VMware Tools does not start on a Solaris guest [Archived] vCenter Service Status reports error "unable to retrieve health data from https://<vc>" Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February, 2010, 17:49

VMware vSphere Management Assistant (vMA) 4.0 Patch 02 On ESX 4.0 while installing VMware Tools, you must manually compile the modules for 32-bit and 64-bit SUSE Linux Enterprise Server SP3 guests USB audio device produces distortion in guest operating system Dell Controller and Software Components sensor not displayed under Health Status in VI Client VMware ESX Server 3.0.3, ESX303-200910402-SG: Updates Service Console DHCP Client VMware ESX Server 3.0.3, ESX303-200910401-BG: Updates VMX Cannot scan ESX hosts using Update Manager 4.0 VMware ESXi 3.5, Patch ESXe350-200910401-I-SG: Updates Firmware VMware ESXi 3.5, Patch ESXe350-200910402-T-BG: Updates VMware Tools VMware Site Recovery Manager error "Not Initialized" when recomputing datastore groups Editing the .vmx file for your Fusion virtual machine Resolving VMware Community Forum issues VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200911201-UG: Updates Core VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200911223-UG: Updates Web Access VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200911208-UG: Updates Service Console Kernel VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200912101-UG: Updates Service Console glibc ESX 3.5 hosts running ESX 3.5 Update 4 Release Async drivers might fail during boot time after installing ESX350200910401-SG Preventing Boot Camp from appearing in Fusion's Virtual Machine Library VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200911205-UG: Updates lpfc820 driver to version VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200911206-UG: Updates hpsa driver to version VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200911207-UG: Updates mpt2sas driver to version VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200911209-UG: Updates forcedeth driver to version 0.61-2vmw VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200911210-UG: Updates ixgbe driver to version 1.3.36-2vmw VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200911211-UG: Updates megaraid2 driver to version 2.00.4-2vmw VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200911212-UG: Updates megaraid-sas driver to version VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200911213-UG: Updates mptsas driver to version VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200911214-UG: Updates ahci driver to version 2.0-2vmw VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200911215-UG: Updates ata-piix driver to version 2.00ac6-2vmw VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200911216-UG: Updates mptspi driver to version VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200911217-UG: Updates qla2xxx driver to version 821.k1.42vmw-2vmw VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200911218-UG: Updates s2io driver to version VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200911219-UG: Updates nx-nic driver to version 4.0.301-2vmw VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200911220-UG: Updates cciss driver to version VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200911222-UG: Updates enic driver to version VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200911224-UG: Updates fnic driver to version VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200911225-UG: Updates bnx2x driver to version 1.45.20-2vmw VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-Update01a VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200911226-UG: Updates e1000 driver to version, and the e1000e device driver to version VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200911227-UG: Updates Intel igb driver VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200911228-UG: Updates Serverworks PATA for ATA driver VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200911229-UG: Updates ATA driver and libraries VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200911230-UG: Updates SCSI and iSCSI driver VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200911231-UG: Updates qlogic scsi driver VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200911232-SG: Updates curl VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200911233-SG: Updates gnutls VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200911234-SG: Updates xml2 VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200911235-SG: Updates python VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200911236-UG: Updates SNMP VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200911237-SG: Updates bind VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200911238-SG: Updates ntp VMware ESX 4.0, Patch ESX400-200911239-SG: Updates audit [Archived] Install of or upgrade to vCenter Server 4.0 fails with Error 28038 "Setup cannot create vCenter Server Directory Services instance" Security warning displays when running ThinApp Capture from a network share VMware ESXi 4.0, Patch ESXi400-200911201-UG: Updates Firmware VMware ESXi 4.0, Patch ESXi400-200911202-UG: Updates VMware Tools VMware ESXi 4.0, Patch ESXi400-200911203-UG: Updates VI Client VMware ESXi 4.0, Patch ESXi400-Update01 Site Recovery Manager reports the error: You do not hold privilege "System > View" cleanup_events_tasks_proc stored procedure fails to run on vCenter 4.0 Disabling Network boot option from appearing in a virtual machine's BIOS Backing up virtual machines using the VMware Consolidated Backup Hot-Add feature fails Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February, 2010, 17:49

Identifying disks when working with VMware ESX Resolving the error: The virtual machine is unable to reserve memory Resolving the VMware Fusion error: The virtual machine is unable to reserve memory [Archived] VMotion fails at 82% with error "Source detected that destination failed to resume" [Archived] FAQ: VMware Product Features and Functionality QuickBooks cannot save a company data file on a shared or mirrored folder, error -6176, 0 VMware Fusion installation fails if a broken version of MacFUSE already exists on your Mac Unity, copy/paste, and drag-and-drop do not work after restarting a virtual machine with auto-login enabled USB devices not supported in ESX host virtual machines VMware ESX and ESXi 4.0 Comparison VMware Fusion Help might not be available after you switch languages in System Preferences Virtual machine toolbar loses customizations upon upgrade to VMware Fusion 3 from 2.x Do not use Easy Install for Japanese guests if you need the ability to send Japanese keys to the guest [Archived] File is larger than the maximum size supported by datastore NVIDIA network card driver fails to load after upgrading to vSphere [Archived] After changing the Name or IP of VC4 vCenter server status does not work and shows old address VMware ESX 3.5 Update 5, Patch ESX350-200911201-UG: Updates VMkernel, Service Console, hostd VMware ESX 3.5 Update 5, Patch ESX350-200911202-UG: Updates ESX Scripts VMware ESX 3.5 Update 5, Patch ESX350-200911203-UG: Updates bnx2 Driver for Broadcom VMware ESX 3.5 Update 5, Patch ESX350-200911204-UG: Updates forcedeth Driver for Nvidia VMware ESX 3.5 Update 5, Patch ESX350-200911205-UG: Updates igb Driver for Intel VMware ESX 3.5 Update 5, Patch ESX350-200911206-UG: Updates tg3 Driver for Broadcom VMware ESX 3.5 Update 5, Patch ESX350-200911207-UG: Updates MegaRAID and mptscsi Drivers VMware ESX 3.5 Update 5, Patch ESX350-200911209-UG: Updates Qlogic Driver VMware ESX 3.5 Update 5, Patch ESX350-200911210-UG: Updates CIM and Pegasus VMware ESX 3.5 Update 5, Patch ESX350-200911211-UG: Updates Driver for NetXen NIC VMware ESX 3.5 Update 5, Patch ESX350-200911212-UG: Updates Aacraid Driver VMware ESX 3.5 Update 5, Patch ESX350-200911214-UG: Updates e1000 Driver for Intel VMware ESX 3.5 Update 5, Patch ESX350-200911215-UG: Updates ixgbe Driver for Intel VMware ESX 3.5 Update 5, Patch ESX350-200911216-UG: Updates SCSI AHCI Driver VMware ESX 3.5 Update 5, Patch ESX350-200911217-UG: Updates bnx2x Driver for Broadcom VMware ESX 3.5 Update 5, Patch ESX350-200911219-UG: Updates e1000e Driver for Intel VMware ESX 3.5 Update 5, Patch ESX350-200911221-UG: Updates Emulex Driver VMware ESX 3.5 Update 5, Patch ESX350-200911222-UG: Updates VMware-esx VMware ESX 3.5 Update 5, Patch ESXe350-200911201-I-UG: Updates Firmware VMware ESX 3.5 Update 5, Patch ESXe350-200911202-T-UG: Updates VMware Tools VMware ESXi 3.5, Patch ESXe350-200911203-C-UG: Updates VI Client VMware ESX 3.5 Update 5, Patch ESX350-200911223-UG: Updates VMware-esx-docs Setting Up the RemoveSandboxOnExit Parameter Causes Mozilla Firefox to Fail Unpresenting a LUN from ESX 4.X and ESXi 4.X Importing a Boot Camp partition in VMware Fusion Error 1500 appears during Windows Easy Install tools installation saying that an install is already in progress No Distributed Power Management support in AppSpeed vSphere client disconnects from vSphere Server 4.0 and Windows event log shows "Event description for event id 1000 from source vmware virtualcenter server" Screen saver in Linux guests can cause guest applications in Unity view to become unresponsive Setting a Windows 98 virtual machine to 16-bit color results in an error about adapter type Upgrading your Fusion 3.x virtual machine to Windows 7 Using VNC (Virtual Network Computing) with both guest and host systems Understanding virtual machine snapshots in VMware ESX In certain configurations, Storage VMotion fails and the virtual disk or RDM is destroyed [Archived] vCenter 4 upgrade failing on Windows 2003 Server VMware Tools fails to install SVGA driver on Windows XP Embedded Studio Alert: Licensing and upgrading VMware Fusion 3.0 / VMware Workstation 7 Ypbind (NIS) server does not start Possible data corruption due to error during NPIV VPORT discovery process Replacing an ESX host on which a View Composer linked-clone pool is installed. Pegasus install queue failure error on restarting ESX Server Cannot enable Fault Tolerance on backed up virtual machine Virtual Internet Explorer 7 Crashes on Windows Server 2008 Understanding Unity and the Windows System Tray in Fusion 3 Modifying the VMware Fusion 3 menu bar item [Archived] VMotion fails at 82% with error "Source detected that destination failed to resume" Virtual Microsoft Excel Cannot Send Email Upgrading a VMware Fusion virtual machine from Windows XP to Windows 7 Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February, 2010, 17:49

0 on an IBM x3650 M2 or IBM x3550 M2 FAQ: Licensing and Upgrading VMware View 4 The AppSpeed Event list displays the same date for the current day and the previous day Performance Overview data is not displayed after upgrading to vCenter 4. upgrading ESX 4.5 to import an OVF package Converter 3.0. and FXSAVE instructions After upgrading Cisco Nexus 1000V VSM to the latest version. vCenter Converter shows an error OVF Import task fails when you use VMware Infrastructure Client 2. PAE.Networking performance data is missing when the VMXNET3 adapter is used Cannot install Windows on a newly created virtual machine Data Recovery Service for data not recoverable by VMware Technical Support Licensing VMware Fusion 3.0 service does not start after upgrading to vCenter Server 4.0 fails with the error: Setup cannot create vCenter Server Directory Services Using vCenter Update Manager to patch ESX/ESXi hosts added to Cisco Nexus 1000V DVS Invalid VMware HA cluster resulting from reversion to snapshot Mouse movement is erratic when VMware Tools is installed on Windows NT 4 Japanese version for the first time [Archived] VMware ESX 4.0 Update 1 can fail or time out and leave the host in an unusable state Modifying advanced virtual machine settings using VMware Infrastructure Client [Internal] ESXi 4.0 or to vCenter 4.0 Update 1 http://www.0 Update 1 Release and Cisco Nexus 1000V Virtual Ethernet Module Hosts and guest virtual machines lose connectivity after upgrading to Workstation 7 Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.5 Update 3 Network connectivity lost on some Intel NICs after rebooting an ESX host After Upgrading to ESX 4.x Installation of Workstation 7 fails with an error indicating that you must have CPU support for CMOV.0 Update 1 hosts hosting passive MSCS nodes with RDM LUNs take a long time to boot Site Recovery Manager 4.0 Update 1 Release and Cisco Nexus 1000V Virtual Ethernet Module [Archived] VMware ESXi 4.0 Update 1 the wbemcli Query is Not Returning Output [Archived] vCenter 4. you might not be able to patch the kernel of ESX hosts attached to the vDS Host virtual networking is unavailable after an upgrade to Windows 7 Upgrading host to Windows 7 when VMware Player 3.0 Forgot password for VMware Account Portal Upgrading an ESX host with VEM400-200909001-BG installed fails if host is part of DVS Upgrading to Update 1 using vihostupdate fails with the Cisco Nexus 1000V installed Upgrading to vCenter Server 4.0 installation fails with the error "Setup cannot create vCenter server directory services instances" vCenter Orchestrator fails to install when Terminal Server is running Configure Update Manager Download Service to download only ESX 4.0 is installed may cause networking problems Converting an encrypted virtual machine may fail Configuring cipher suites and security protocols on a View Connection Server instance or security server Connection failure message when running the esxcli vSphere CLI under Linux VMware Tools fails to start due to missing FreeBSD library Best practices for upgrading to VMware View 4. 2010.0 Licensing VMware Workstation 7 VMware Data Recovery backup job fails when backing up a virtual machine with RDMs ESX host becomes unresponsive after a rescan with Qlogic iSCSI HW HBA Hot-add vCPU is not automatically activated in some Linux guests Installing ESX Server using NFS over TCP Application's name changed to 'Application # x ' Variable value messages when starting vSphere Client Running Multiple Versions of Microsoft Outlook Against the Same Data Files Causes File Corruption Only enhanced vmxnet (and vmxnet3) adapters support jumbo frames vcbMounter fails with the error: "Unexpected extra arguments encountered" or "Unexpected command line option" McAfee 1 year free anti-virus subscription in VMware Fusion Virtual NIC settings on a Windows guest are lost after a virtual hardware upgrade Virtual Applications That Require Date Formats Fail Regardless of Locale Settings on the Current Machine Rebooting ESX fails after installing ESX 4.0 to 4.x quits without a warning if the number of tasks in the task list exceeds 400 Virtual machine console running in fallback mode after installing ESX 3. TSC.x patches When you start the Import or Export wizard by right-clicking a virtual machine or an ESX host. 17:49 .0 Update 1 Health Status incomplete after HP Insight Manager installation Warning messages logged during installation of patches on ESX Server 3i version 3.0.<command> Calls Fail in ThinApp Visual Basic Scripts Force mounting a VMFS datastore residing on a snapshot LUN results in the error: Cannot change the host configuration VMware Consolidated Backup fails on Windows 2008 Connection Problems with Axxon 64-bit PCI Parallel Port Cards on an ESX Server Broadcom 57711E (bnx2x) NIC intermittently drops off the network Due to a possible dead lock on rpmdb.gronau.

5.0 using Update Manager or the Host Update Utility fails with the error: ERROR: Unsupported boot disk Backing up Fault Tolerance virtual machines mscorsvw. ESX. Please append a correct "root=" boot option Clicking the "Rate this document" Link Does Not Work Problems Reading or Booting from DVD/CD-ROM Media PDF Document Page Content Does Not View within Firefox Browser http://www.2 VMware Tools upgrade might fail on a Solaris 10 guest Error when configuring Array Manager: Unable to display datastore groups. 17:49 .5 and 4.x (Experimental Support) Integrating a Build System with VMware Studio VMware Player switching becomes unresponsive if it is not closed properly or fails Installing Workstation outside the 64-bit Windows 7 default directory causes the installation to fail AppSpeed user interface does not load when restoring a state from a different vCenter Server Unable to connect to AppSpeed user interface after upgrading vSphere 4.gronau.0 hosts Configuring HP StorageWorks D2D & VLS virtual tape libraries on ESX 3.VirtualCenter Server Service fails to start after upgrading to vCenter Server 4 Update 1 Updating ESX 4. and ESXi Upgrading AppSpeed or rerunning the AppSpeed setup fails if the vCenter Server port is changed Load Sharing of Network Traffic Might Not be Optimized for Flexible Virtual Network Adapter in a Teamed Configuration Resolving the AppSpeed setup error: Unable to receive inventory updates from vCenter Server Unable to run esxupdate update command after removing a bulletin that has hostd VIB VMware Infrastructure Client became slow after installing AppSpeed Configuring tape drives and media changers on ESX 4. 2010.x Upgrading or patching an ESX 4. the e1000 NIC driver is not automatically available even though the e1000 vNIC is supported A Microsoft Windows kernel bug causes the Windows system to fail.The system administrator has set policies to prevent this installation WSMan modules missing in vSphere CLI Linux installations Remediation of CVE-2009-3731 on VMware Server 2.0 Update 1 KRB5 error code 68 while setting Active Directory authentication on ESX 3.0. Replicated devices could not be matched with datastores in the inventory Cannot use Parallel Port Device Through /dev/parport0 or /dev/parport1 Performance of Outgoing UDP Packets Is Poor Performance Optimization for Service Console Network Interface (Virtual Switch Interface) CPU Affinity Violation on Hyperthreaded Systems Emulex Driver Connecting to EMC-Symmetrix Can Lose Access to All Storage Targets The Warning " WARNING: VSCSI: ResetWatchdog: Retry 0 on handle 260 still in progress after xxx seconds" is Changed to a Log Entry Exceeding Host Bus Adapter Limit While Loading Driver Causes ESX Server Crash [Archived] Don't send auto-upgrade capability on NetWare VMs VMware Tools shrink option on ESX hosted virtual machines Security Response to BugTraq 327064: Privilege Escalation on the Host when Running VMware Workstation 4.0 hosts Fusion Applications Menu is mostly blank or empty vCenter agent service does not install or upgrade on ESXi 4. often issuing the error STOP 0x50 Warning for Duplicate IP Address for VMware VMotion Port Group ESX 4 may generate a purple diagnostics screen or kernel panic after an upgrade due to an insufficient disk space Cannot Install Lab Manager Remote MKS Plugin or ActiveX Control VMware Tools installation on Windows guest might fail with an error message.0 Update 1 OpenSSL security vulnerability with CVE-2009-3555 identifier does not affect vCenter.2 Syncing AppSpeed with vCenter's username or password changes Deploying a probe with non ascii characters fails Changing the default port for vCenter and AppSpeed Server communication Maintenance mode of AppSppeed Server's host hangs Exporting transaction list with commas in the transaction name shifts columns Installing and activating McAfee Security Center for VMware Fusion Upgrading to ESXi Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.0 to ESX 4.x host that has EMC Power Path installed prevents the rpowermt utility from discovering LUNs Virtual Printing properties are not set correctly when printing graphics in Excel 2007 View Client for Linux thin clients does not return a redirected USB device to the client machine On a Windows XP Professional 32-bit guest.x Error message: Cannot open root device.exe process in a vSphere Client package blocks ThinApp sandbox deletion Installing vCenter Converter Standalone on a localized Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 might fail Duplicate IP packet and Failover Issues with Beacon Monitoring Connection errors and blank screen when connecting to a View desktop using PCoIP Repetitive VmkDev Log Entries After Installation of Management Agents After upgrading to Workstation 6.

or an IBM Server with a RXE-100 Required MPS Table BIOS Settings for ESX Server on ProLiant Performance Problem on 64-Bit Windows Hosts with Intel EM64T Processors Virtual Machines Hanging During Host Laptop Suspend ALERT: MTRR: AddFixed: MTRR (mpn 0xc0) different between CPU Associating a Virtual Machine With a Particular Host Processor The Mylex BusLogic driver is missing in Red Hat Advanced Server 3 Beta Using Memory Managers in a DOS Virtual Machine Security Response to BugTraq 332286: Non-root User Can Delete Files in Any Directory Summary of Security Notifications for VMware Products Security Response: Local User on ESX Server Service Console Can Gain Escalated Privileges Question About Internal Network Number During Installation Ghost LUNs When Using IBM ESS Storage Switching Shortcut from Network Share to Shared Folder Booting ESX Server Fails with Scrolling List of Binary Numbers ESX full license is not overriding the evaluation license Backing Up ESX Server with Tivoli Storage Manager http://www."ActiveX component cannot create object" -999: Unknown Error Occurs on Create.x in a Virtual Machine ESX Server Hangs Loading vmkernel on some HP DL-7xx Servers Upgrading ESX Server 1. You Might See an Error Message Management User Interface Does Not Recognize File Names with Spaces Importing Virtual Disk to ESX Server Generates Error Referencing Bug 24092 Blue Screen Errors after VMware Tools Install Security Response to BugTraq 330184: Local User on Linux Host Can Gain Escalated Privileges Poor graphics and mouse performance in a virtual machine running Windows Windows XP Fast User Switching Conflicts with Drag and Drop Advanced GSX Server Security Recommendations Unable to Reserve Memory Message on SuSE Linux 8. Reset.x Installing the Virtual Machine Console for Remote Management Executing Scripts at Virtual Machine Power On or Power Off High CPU Utilization of Inactive Virtual Machines ESX Server 2.0. x445. 2010.10.x Preauthentication Issue NetWare 5. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.5.x Performance Monitoring Tools Installing ESX Server on 16-way IBM x440.1 Guest Resets while the Operating System Is Starting [Archived] VCB backup wants to be smaller. Deploy.3 Management Agent Installation Hangs Poor Performance in a DOS Virtual Machine with EMM386 Installing SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 8.1 or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 IBM Director 5.gronau. Old Versions of Upgraded Modules Are Not All Removed Configuring Lab Manager to overcommit Managed Server (host) memory resources RPC Failure Error while Creating Trust Relationships between Windows 2003/2008 Servers or Domain Controllers Error: "Not enough data collected to generate an availability report" Resetting the Availability Report Results CD-ROM mount point "busy" when attempting to install VMware Tools in a Linux guest Disabling the Workstation Log File or Storing the Log File in a Different Location Windows 95 Guest Operating System Network Stability Problems When Upgrading VMware Tools with the rpm -Uhv Command. 17:49 .monitor and transfer back ESX Server Host and Virtual Machines Not Responding after Clicking the Rescan Button to Scan for New Storage Devices Configuring a Virtual Machine to Use More than One Virtual Processor esxupdate Fails with Package Downgrade Warning All tasks fail with error runtime 429 .2 Host Cannot Remove GSX Server After Canceling the Uninstallation Shared Folders Use UNC Path Supported Versions of Mandrake Linux Mouse Moves Erratically at Login Screen for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 Guests Connection to VMware Management Interface on Linux Host Times Out Raw Disk Guest Operating System Conflicts with Windows Host FAT Filesystems Scripting the ESX Server Installation Security Response: VMware PGP Public Key for Security Alerts CD change fails on disk 2 during installation of Red Hat Linux 9. or Start Troubleshooting a blank console when viewing virtual machines through a firewalled connection During an ESX Server Upgrade.ESX Server 2.x Virtual Machines for Use in ESX Server Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February. VMware ESX Server Internal Monitor Error *** vcpu-0:ASSERT bugNr=17332 Servlet Error accessing Web UI / Scripted Install .

1.dsk File Smaller than 1 MB Results in a vmware-authd Error Message ESX Server 3. 17:49 .gronau.0 SP3 in a Virtual Machine FAQ: Supported/Unsupported Devices and Configurations Security Response: False Buffer Overflow Vulnerability Report Image Customization Error in VirtualCenter Task View FAQ: Customer Service for VMware Users NetWare 6.0 Operating Systems P2V Assistant Installation Failure SVGA Screen Resolution Too Low After Cloning the Virtual Machine Error "Archive contains obsolescent base-64 headers" Occurs When Extracting a Tar File Creating a Clone Fails Using a Third Party Tool Host Hard Drive on IDE 1:1 not Recognized by VMware Application Source Virtual Disk Fails to Clone with the P2V Assistant System Reconfiguration of Boot Disk Using P2V Assistant Fails Cannot Boot a Virtual Machine Cloned by the P2V Assistant Preventing MAC Bridging on a Windows XP Host Read-Only Access Assigned to Administrators on All Objects in VirtualCenter Windows Host Restart on Computer with Seven or More USB Controllers Changing the type of SCSI controller used in a Hosted virtual machine http://www. or When the Physical Network is Not Available Networking Error. Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.1-Red Hat 9.5 Guest Hangs During Installation Disabling Time Synchronization CD-ROM media change not noticed on a Windows XP host Registry Editor error when installing VirtualCenter Server.3 Templates [Archived] Windows Guest with Roaming Profiles Reports Error When I Log Off Virtual Machine World ID Changes When Resetting or Powering Off Through the Remote Console Workstation 2.0.0 guest operating system Red Hat Advanced Server 2.x for Windows (Host) License Troubleshooting Information Running Virtual Machines within Virtual Machines IBM Director 4.1 (Multiprocessor Kernel) Locks Up in a Virtual Machine Error Message During Device Installation of Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP Professional Guest Operating Systems No Network Connection from Service Console with e1000 NIC.Safe Setting" Mode Causes Infinite SCSI Resets/Aborts Security Response to BugTraq 343055: Installing OpenSSL Patch to Correct Vulnerabilities in VMware GSX Server 2. IP Address Already Assigned to Another Adapter Creating an Emergency Recovery Disk (ERD) or a Recovery Floppy Receive "lsilogic_monitor.1 Does Not Report the Correct Mappings for ESX Server Filenames Garbled in Shared Folders ESX Server fails to detect LUNs on IBM ESS Model 2105 Windows 2000 Guest OS Will not Install ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-1121906: Security Issues With texinfo Installing Workstation on a Slackware Host Security Response to CA-2003-24: Buffer Management Vulnerability in OpenSSH "Upgrade Virtual Hardware" message appears. even when using a raw disk.1 Security Response to BugTraq 343055: Denial of Service Attack Vulnerabilities in OpenSSL Software Used in VMware GSX Server and ESX Server BrightStor ARCserve Backup v9 for Linux Agent is Unable to Locate /vmfs on the Service Console Security Response to BugTraq 343055: Denial-of-Service Vulnerability in OpenSSL FAQ: VMware Product Features and Functionality Message about "tainted" drivers in Red Hat Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Linux guest operating systems Failed shutdown on a Mandrake Linux 8.1 SP6 or 6.5. or lspci Shows "Unknown Device" Setting the DiskMaxLUN Configuration Setting Greater than 8 in an IBM x120 Blade Server Leaving Full Screen Mode Causes Host's X Server to Restart Configuring Guest Networking Without DHCP/DNS. Collector Gives Inaccurate CPU Count When Environment Includes Servers Using Hyperthreading ESX Server Support Regarding Red Hat 7.x for Linux (Host) License Troubleshooting Information Workstation 2.0. ESX-1161870: Security Fix For Buffer Overflow Issue and Solaris 10 Networking Loss Using PXE (Preboot Execution Environment) to Install Guest Operating Systems over a Network Booting SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 8 Guest Operating Systems into "Linux .Installing the Sound Blaster Drivers in a Windows Server 2003 Virtual Machine Cannot Restore OEM Operating System Into a Virtual Machine Warning "Dismissing exception 13" when Running Threaded Applications on the Service Console Error: "Permission Denied" When Starting a Virtual Machine Creating a .0 and 2. Changing the Remote Console Port in ESX Server Networking Issues in Lab Manager Configurations Using SUSE Linux 9.c:768 assert" Message When Installing NetWare 5.

Turn Off Warning About VMware Tools Version Installing a SUSE LINUX guest operating system from DVD Improving Virtual Machine Sound on a Linux Host Ctrl-Alt-Del During Guest Operating System Login Causes VMware Product Crash Changing the Type of SCSI Controller Used in a VMware GSX Server Virtual Machine Grabbing Input on Key Press Configuring Virtual Machines to Run on a Laptop Host Computer The Network Configuration section of the Management Interface does not Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February. CAN-2003-0542.0.x Kernel Support Campaq Survey Utility for Windows may cause unexpected reboots during the hardware identification process GSX Server Crashes when Powering On More than 32 Virtual Machines on a Linux Host Security Response to CVE-2006-3547. Remote Console. Patch ESX-1256636: CVE-2007-1877.6. CVE-2006-3747: Apache HTTP TRACE and vulnerabilities to configuration file content VMware Tools Installer Freezes after User Ungrabs Mouse Applications running in a Windows guest experience screen drawing issues Static IP Address Lost After Virtual Machine Is Migrated Changing Screen Resolution Causes System Failure in Windows Virtual Machine Upgrading from ESX Server 1. VMware Player . or Virtual Machine Network When a VPN Client Is Installed "Application failure hr = 0x80040154: (null)" Message Appears when Workstation or a Console Starts on GSX Server Host Using HP StorageWorks MSA 1000 with ESX Server GSX Server Hangs on IBM xSeries Servers Configuring the Virtual Machine to Burn and Rip CDs Migrated Virtual Machine with Undoable Disks and .0 Failed to List Users in Secured Domain Security Response to CERT VU#867593.2 Patch 4 or 5 to ESX Server 2.1 ESX Server 3.vmx ide1:0.0 http://www. Possible Denial of Service Attacks.1 Boots Slowly When Probing for LUNs on a Shared Fibre Channel HBA Using a VNC Client to Connect to Virtual Machines Connectivity Problems with Management Interface.0. 17:49 .x Cannot Read License Key File Using VMware SCSI Driver in Windows 2000 Guest Operating Systems Fibre Channel Adapters Not Showing in HP Insight Manager 7.0 and VirtualCenter Client. Clock in a Linux Guest Operating System Jumps to the Wrong Time Host Power Management Causes Problems with Guest Timekeeping (Windows Hosts) Linux 2.gronau.1.1 Configuring Global Startup and Shutdown Options without the VMware Management Interface ESX Server 2. VMware Tools Memory Leaks Security Response: Installing OpenSSL Patch to Correct CERT Vulnerabilities in VMware GSX Server 3. Patch ESX-1271657: OpenIPMI Driver Update What is VMFS? (VMFS 2) Problem with Shared HBA and Dedicated HBA Using Same Driver VirtualCenter 1.fileName Parameter Overflow Denial of Service Slow Network Performance in GSX Server Virtual Machines Disabling Logging or Storing the Log File in a Different Location DirectInput Error when Powering On a Virtual Machine on a Windows Host or from a Windows Client Other Users Cannot See Virtual Machines I Create Physical (Raw) Disk Fails to Boot. 2010.REDO Log Causes Reboot or Disk Errors Two or More NICS in a VirtualCenter Machine Prevent Addition of ESX Server to Farm The Service Console Fails to Connect to the Network Intel PRO/1000 XT Adapters in IBM eServers Cause Hangs and Unexpected Reboots Security Response to CERT Alert TA04-078A: Installing OpenSSL Patch to Correct CERT Vulnerabilities in VMware GSX Server 2.1 Bug Number 2293 Running on a Multi-Processor Linux Host Trouble with Swap Files When Upgrading from a Previous ESX Server Release VMkernel Warning: Unable to Start Hyper-Threading ESX Server 3. Hangs or Returns an Error Virtual Machine Clock Reports Time Unpredictably on Multiprocessor Systems Running VMware Virtual Machine Consoles and VMware Management Interface Connections Over Internet Protocol Version 6 Cannot Edit Scripts in Mandrake Linux Guest Operating System Number of Virtual Machines That Can Share a VMFS-2 Volume Concurrently with ESX Server Script chkdsk Refuses to Check an NTFS Volume in a P2V'd Windows NT Virtual Machine Configuring Network Switches for VLAN Tagging Changing the Queue Depth for QLogic and Emulex HBAs Setting the Maximum Outstanding Disk Requests per Virtual Machine Number of Virtual Machines That Can Share a VMFS-2 Volume Concurrently with ESX Server 2.5.0 (build 5257) Using the upgrade.

1 UI Option to Upgrade Legacy Virtual Machine Hardware on ESX Server 2.dat ESX Server 3.1 Older Windows Virtual Machine Loses Static IP Address When Powered On under Newer VMware Product Cleaning up after an incomplete uninstallation on a Windows host Virtual Disk Information Doesn't Appear in Management Interface Caldera OpenLinux 2. 2000.1. and Server 2003 Virtual Machines on ESX Server Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.Using /proc/vmware Nodes VMware Tools Installer Does Not Start Automatically Frequent Apache Shutdowns on Linux Hosts Mouse Disappears or Moves Erratically VMware Authorization Service Might Take a Long Time to Start on Windows 2000 Servers Unable to Edit Virtual Hardware in Management Interface P2V Assistant Hangs When Accessed with Terminal Services Solaris Guest Operating System Support Virtual Machine Uptime Exceeds ESX Server Uptime The vmkfstools -N Command Is Not Supported for ESX Server 2.1 Guest Cannot Start the VMware Application with the Switch User Feature ESX Virtual Machine Won't Start (Insufficient Memory) Configuring the Same Virtual Disk with Different Modes Virtual Machine Remains Registered to VirtualCenter When Removed Through VMware Management Interface VirtualCenter Fails with an Access Database Locked Error Stop All Virtual Machines Before Upgrading VirtualCenter Didn't See User Deletion Using VirtualCenter Reinstall Repair for Corrupted Installations Installing GSX Server Silently on a Windows Host http://www.0. XP.x and 2.0.1 Remote Console on Windows XP Client Returns Error: "Cannot Find TCP Protocol. Patch ESX-131737: Security Fix For Buffer Overflow Issue How do I change a forgotten root password on my ESX Server Host? Timekeeping best practices for Windows Advanced NAT Configuration Supplement: Config Port and Allow Any OUI Basic Linux Command Reference Searching in Japanese Windows NT Guest Causes Windows Explorer to Crash Using VirtualCenter 2.1) Using USB When ESX Server Disables It Shared Folders Not Working with SUSE 9.x System Does Not Work Network Boot of Virtual Machines Fix for vmware-cmd Uninitialized Value Errors After changing floppies in a USB floppy drive. the file list does not refresh with the new contents VMware Mouse Driver Does Not Work in Windows 95 Guest Configuring IBM FAStT Storage Server for Multipathing Failover with Clustering (ESX Server 2.2 Guest OS Installs Slowly SAN Support for GSX Server SYMAPI Client Crashes Virtual Machine Failure to Boot IBM e325 from CD GTK+ Warning on Linux Host: Bluecurve Library Missing Remote Console UUID Alert Dialog Box Lacks Buttons Nothing Appears in VirtualCenter Virtual Machine Console Window if Neoteris 4.gronau.0 and 2.x Configuring IBM FAStT Storage Processor to Use Multipathing with HBA and Storage Port Failover Along with Clustering Installing VMware Tools in a Windows NT Service Pack 3 Guest NOT_IMPLEMENTED Errors in Windows NT.0 Activex SAM is Installed NIC Teaming with Different Device Capabilities Throws a Warning Solaris Third-Party X Tools Windows Guest Cannot Update hgfs.0.0. 2010." IRQ Sharing Might Impact Performance Cloning with Customization Does Not Support Dynamic Disks SRAT Table Broken Message in ESX Server Copying and Pasting from Windows Guest Operating System to Linux Host APIC CheckAckVector Warning Adaptec Initialization Timeout TCPIP Warnings in VMKernel Log VMFS Export Erases Content ID of Virtual Disk Difficulty Finding Search Results for VMware VirtualCenter Installing VMware Products on a PDC or BDC Processor License Limit Alert Configuring SAN Failover Using Two Storage Processors Resetting Persistent Bindings in ESX Server 2. 17:49 .

0. 17:49 .1 Migration with VMotion Causes the Creation of Incremented Files when Migration of a VirtualCenter 1.2 PCI Alert Logged for IDE Controller Cannot Boot Clustered Virtual Machines after Host Machine Resets Cannot Allocate Memory with Emulex Fibre Channel Adapters Setting up Four Virtual IDE Devices Setting the Startup and Shutdown Options for a Virtual Machine without Using the VMware Management Interface Security Response: SSH Version Installed with ESX Server May Be Vulnerable ESX Server Configured for Active Directory Authentication Fails Due to Bad User ID or Password ESX Security White Paper Inventory Collection appears to complete successfully but no data is recorded Cancelling an Installer Action May Not Clean Up All Files VMotion CPU Compatibility Requirements Stop My Migration with VMotion Master Boot Record Corrupted When Using P2V Assistant 2. 1.Problems with Microsoft Security Patch Installed Installing and Configuring NTP on an ESX host Host Laptop Suspends when Releasing Mouse/Keyboard P2V Clone of Windows NT Guest with Security Update MS04-011 Security Response to CAN-2004-0554: Floating Point Exception Vulnerability Security Response to CAN-2003-0985: Privilege Escalation Vulnerability Using mremap() in Service Console Upgrading to VirtualCenter 1. and 1.2 Boot CD Unsupported Guest OS Distributions May Fail to Work Migration with VMotion Does Not Complete if an External Console is Open Configuring VMotion with Duplicate IP Addresses Creates an Error Selecting Multiple Virtual Machines and Attempting to Migrate Them All Concurrently Might Fail Using VMotion to Migrate a Running Virtual Machine from ESX Server 2.1 from a Previous Version with a Large Database Takes a Long Time VMotion Fails for Virtual Machine Not Created with VirtualCenter Collecting Debug Information for VMware GSX Server Problems Collecting Debug Information for VMware Workstation Problems Can't Specify Where to Put New .vmtd Files VMkernel Warns That Hint Remove Failed Virtual Machine Crashes When Connected Remotely from VirtualCenter or GSX Server 3.vmtx and .0. 2010.0.1 FAStT Phantom LUNs Scripted Installer Space Requirements Orphan Virtual Machines Unable to Recognize New SAN LUNs After Command Line Rescan ESX Server Management Interface reports "Unexpected Response" errors Custom Network Settings Are Removed During Product Upgrade Backing Up ESX Server Virtual Machines DirectInput Error When Accessing a GSX Server Virtual Machine Locally Kernel Debugging Messages in System Log Network Failure Between Guest and Physical Network Getting the VMware Tools Icon Back on the Taskbar Installing LSI Logic CIM Provider on ESX Server Changing the IP Address of a Managed Server System in a Lab Manager Environment Closing the Home Tab on a VMware Server Console for Linux Host Closes Connection to Server Attempting to Install Dell OpenManage on ESX Server Results in "Could not reserve enough space for object heap" Error Message ESX Server VMFS2 Volumes Contain .gronau.1.dsk and Insufficent Disk Space Doesn't Result in Error in VirtualCenter 1.x Virtual Machine Fails Deploying or Cloning to a SAN with SCSI Reservations May Crash the VirtualCenter Host Agent Unable to Add a Virtual Disk to a GSX Server Virtual Machine Drive Letter Mount Points on the VCB Proxy Don't Match Drive Letters Seen from NT4 Virtual Machines Mouse Cursor Freeze when Resuming a Virtual Machine Browse Button Disabled when Importing a Template Remotely Cloning a Large Disk Seems to Occur Slowly Cannot Edit Serial Port Setting of a Virtual Machine Migrated or Cloned from a Linux GSX Server to a Windows GSX Server More Than Two Concurrent Deployments from the Same SAN-based Virtual Machine Template or Across a Firewall Might Fail Cloning Using Same Default Name Stops Incrementing After Eleven Clones Virtual Machines Are Created in the /home/vmware Directory VirtualCenter Service Seems Unresponsive or Slow to Respond Scheduled Task Panel Has Blank Entries for Tasks Memory and Handling Leak in Scalability Environment http://www.0.1 to Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.x Console Collecting diagnostic information for VirtualCenter 1.

sh on Lowest Numbered Host Bus Adapter First Microsoft Cluster Service Doesn't Start Server Won't Boot from SAN After I Add a New LUN Uninstalling HP Insight Manager Uninstalls SNMP Boot from SAN Restrictions for ESX Server 2.are you running a virtual machine?" vmware-authd Error When Scanning Many LUNs Security Response: False Email about RedHat Buffer Overflow in ls and mkdir Dynamically Adding or Removing LUNs Not Reflected on ESX Server System VirtualCenter Server cannot start if another application is using Port 80 (HTTP) Preliminary Configuration for Boot-from-SAN Management Interface May Write Partitions Incorrectly http://www.1.1.stop: failed .0.Virtual Machine Fails When Viewed in Console Defrag/Suspend/Resume Causes Error when Resuming Configuring the Same Virtual Disk with Different Modes Virtual Machine NIC Check Box Does Not Show Connection Status Cannot Select the Location to Add a Virtual Disk History of Memory Usage for a Virtual Machine Does Not Appear in Original Host History Displaying a Large Active Directory Domain May Take Several Minutes Do Not Mix Components of VMware Server and VMware ESX Server Private GSX Server Virtual Machines Are Viewable in VirtualCenter Data Corruption Might Occur if Unsupported iSCSI Targets Are Used VirtualCenter Virtual Machine Console Might Need Manual Refresh Adding a Host Managed by Another VirtualCenter Server Leaves the Add Host Dialog Box Open VirtualCenter Client Pops to the Foreground ZoneAlarm Software Fails after Installing Workstation or GSX Server VirtualCenter Permissions Issues as of release Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.1.1 ESX Server 3.4 Linux Kernel Kernel Memory Vulnerability Security Response to CAN-1999-0655: Vulnerability when running Services on Unprotected Network Ports Security Response to CAN-1999-0525: ICMP Packet Vulnerability Security Response to CAN-1999-0524: Unblocked ICMP Packet Vulnerability Which Guests Have the vmxnet Driver? Adjusting ESX Server Time Zone Security Response to CERT 412115: AMD PCNet Windows Driver Security Vulnerabilites Cannot Create ESX Server SMP Virtual Machines After Adding Virtual SMP License Installing and Configuring ESX Server on HP and IBM Blades Virtual Machine Configuration File Location White Paper on Citrix Metaframe in ESX Server Virtual Machines Security Response to CAN-2004-0492: Audit Warns of mod_proxy Vulnerability System Resources Error When Shrinking Disk VMware Tools Does Not Work Correctly After Move Between GSX Server and ESX Server Boot from SAN Requires /boot to Be on /dev/sda Does IPSEC Work with Workstation and GSX Server Virtual Machines? Using Network Load Balancing (NLB) with VMware Server Products VMware Workstation Full License Not Overriding Evaluation License Configuring QLogic BIOS to Boot from SAN VirtualCenter Cannot Update Required Files on a Host When Adding it to the VirtualCenter Server Error: "Ordinal Not Found" Starting Workstation on a Windows Host Windows 2000 Installation Incorrectly Detects IDE Virtual Disk Size Cannot Use the Keyboard to Access a Virtual Machine Running a Linux Guest Crashed Workstation Virtual Machine Fails to Restart: VMDB_E_LAUNCH_PEER_FAILED Run cos-rescan.5.1 Management Interface File Manager Does Not Display the File System Tree Taking More Than One Snapshot of a Suspended Virtual Machine Produces an Error VirtualCenter Client Console Suppresses Warning Messages Compacting Your VirtualCenter MS Access Database Location of VirtualCenter Preinstalled MIB Files Poor Network Throughput Between Virtual Machines on the Same ESX Server Machine Security Response to CAN-2004-0700: Vulnerability in mod_proxy Unexpected Behavior Using Key Combinations (Linux Hosts) Security Response to CAN-2004-0488: Possible Apache Buffer Overflow Vulnerability Security Response to CAN-2004-0415: 2.gronau.5 SP2 on ESX Server 2. 2010. Patch ESX-1410076: RHEL3 U5 Virtual Machines and 64-Bit Guest Operating System Hang Updated License Not Shown in the Help > About Panel GSX Server Windows Host Crashes or Network Disconnects on Egenera BladeFrame Processing Blade NOT_IMPLEMENTED Errors When Installing Netware 6.x Error: ". 17:49 .x Disabling NMI Watchdog in SUSE LINUX 9.

0.dsk Files ESX Server 2.5 Days on IBM xSeries Server VirtualCenter Cannot Connect to Remote SQL Server Database Host Communication Fails with Corrupted Log File Stuck Modifier Keys Changing Hot Keys in Console Requires Restarting the Console to Preserve Settings Datastore Mappings for Raw LUNs Not Removed VirtualCenter Virtual Machine Console Goes Black When the Virtual Machine is Reverted to a Snapshot Through the GSX Server Console Migrating a Virtual Machine from ESX Server 2. and Memory Available to New Virtual Machines Appears as Unavailable for GSX Server Hosts Stuck in Starting Sate When the Virtual Machine Power On Times Out Unable to Connect to VirtualCenter Remote Database During Installation Replace XML Special Characters with Valid XML Equivalents Upgrading a Virtual Machine Nonpersistent Disk Mode: Changes Lost at Reset Virtual Machine Disk Size Reported as -1MB or Size Unavailable GSX Server Displays Incorrect Information About User Account Running a Virtual Machine Modified NVRAM Settings Might Prevent Virtual Machine from Powering-On Removing a Virtual Machine from VirtualCenter Removes Shared .gronau.Enabling TSO in a Windows Virtual Machine Security Response to CAN-2004-0975: Audit Warns of Possible openssl Vulnerability Limiting the Number of LUNs Visible to a Server Load percsnmpd After the VMkernel VirtualCenter Users Cannot Access Client Log File Applications May Run Slowly in Linux Guest Boot-from-SAN Fails with Gatekeeper LUN on Symmetrix Committing Dynamically Added .it Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.1 Guest Operating System with BusLogic Reports Kernel Panic During Installation Connection Error When Using vmware-cmd in the Service Console http://www.x Latest Known Issues Planning Partitions for ESX Server 2. 17:49 .5. 2010.1 to 2.REDO Logs after Virtual Machine Crashes or Is Forcefully Terminated Windows Image Created by PowerQuest V2i Protector Fails to Boot When Target and Source Disk Characteristics Don't Match ESX Server Installer Is Unable to Format VMFS File Systems RSA II Card Causes Hang After 76.x Hosts VirtualCenter Fails to Find Domain Users When VirtualCenter Host and Domain Host Clocks Are Not Synchronized CPU Usage Summary Might Appear as Negative Percentage.x Uninstall on a Windows Host Red Hat Advanced Server 2.5 Remote Browsing Is Case-Sensitive on ESX Server Machine Accessing a 1TB LUN from the Service Console Fails Using returnBusyOnNoConnectStatus Fails in a Non-Windows Virtual Machine Warnings for Interrupt IRQ 13 Adding a Virtual Disk on an Auxiliary Virtual SCSI Controller to a Virtual Machine Moves Other Devices to New PCI Slots Configuration Editor Options in the Remote Console Configuration Editor Advanced Options in the Remote Console "Unresolved Symbols" Error When Upgrading ESX Server Using a Tarball Resetting the HTTP Session Timeout and Regenerating the SSL Certificate After Upgrading ESX Server Linux Guest Clock Runs Slowly on ESX Server 2 BackupExec Integration Module for VCB README Examples Reference Wrong Set of Scripts Revert to Installed Environment Not Working as Expected Power on Virtual Machine in VMware ACE Manager to Install VMware Tools Easy Printer Setup Not Available in Windows 9x Guests Error Message when Attempting to Use VMware GSX Server Console is Not Informative Specifying the Installation Folder for VMware ACE Problems Switching VMware ACE to Full Screen Mode Failed to Clone Virtual Machine Cleaning Up after an Incomplete VMware ACE 1.1 Might Degrade Performance Cannot Add GSX Server Host to VirtualCenter Creating a Virtual Machine on a GSX Server Host Might Fail Due to Insufficient Disk Space Upgrading an Obsolete Virtual Machine Customizing a Guest Operating System That Uses an LVM Other Than Microsoft LDM Fails Using Multiple Section to Delete Templates from the Templates Inventory Might Fail Virtual Machine disks must reside in the GSX Server datastore specified through VirtualCenter Starting Virtual Machine Produces Error with "exceptionCode 0xc000008e" Manually Installing the VirtualCenter Agent NICs of VMotion Switch Cannot Be Part of Virtual Switch Configuration with ESX Server 2.

1." MSCS Requires 2Gb Fibre Channel HBAs on ESX Server 3." VMware Product Fails to Start on Windows Host with Double-Byte User Name Security Response to CAN-1999-0516: Audit Warns of Possible Unauthorized MIB Access ESX Server Displays "bugNr=34866" Console Message and Fails to Boot Errors Using FSC Global Array Manager or SAN Array Manager Using the vmsnap.cfg Command not found.6.0.9. the "Other OS" Field is Empty Emulex HBA Driver lpfcdd_2xx.5 Does Not Support More Than Ten Ports on Fibre Channel HBAs Security Response: Audit Warns of a Possible Port 1311 "Infinite Request" Vulnerability Security Response to US-Cert VU#464113: TCP/IP Stack Vulnerability The vmware-cmd -l command fails from the service console Use of Trend Micro PC-cillin with Host-Only Adapters May Cause Host to Crash ESX Memory Management on Systems with AMD Opteron Processors Thinkpad T41 CD-ROM Drive Stops Working after VMware Installation Linux Guest Moved to a System with Different Processor Type Panics During Boot VMware Tools State Is Running Instead of Unknown While Virtual Machine Is Suspended via Programming API Script Recommended Microsoft NLB Mode for VMotion IBM HS20 (8843) Blade Not Automatically Rebooting at End of Scripted ESX Server Installation Running HP Insight Manager 7.o Fails to Load. 17:49 .7-beta2 Denial of Service Vulnerability Security Response to CVE-2003-0020: Audit Warns of Possible Vulnerability when Using Terminal Emulation and the cat Program Security Response to CAN-2003-0190: Audit Warns of Possible Timing Attack Vulnerability in Open SSH-portable 3.x Gigabit Network Adapter Cannot Establish a Link ESX Server 2. 2010.5 Machine Security Response to CAN-2004-1237: User May Cause Crash on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 when Auditing is Enabled Security Response to CAN-2005-0001: Local Users can Gain Elevated (root) Privileges on Multiprocessor Machines Virtual Machines Managed by VirtualCenter Renamed When Management Server Restarts or ESX Server Reconnects Workstation Error: "(VirtualMachineName) Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.0.gronau.5.Error: "You must be root to install the Workstation software.0-1491." Security Response to CAN-2002-0655: OpenSSL 0.0.6d and OpenSSL 0. Patch ESX-1541239: Not All Storage Targets Discovered When Using Emulex Adapters VirtualCenter Guest Customization Fails for Virtual Machines with IDE Disks Greater Than 8GB Error Message "COM object with CLSID {01DB3B63-2FB9-4167-944A-070981707145} is either not valid or registered" Appears When I Launch VirtualCenter Virtual Machine Shrinks the Console UI to Minimum Size In the Guest Operating System Setup in the New Virtual Machine Wizard.6.5) VMware Tools Causing Out of Memory Problems in Windows Server 2003 Guest EMM386 Errors Starting Japanese Windows 95 or Windows 98 Guest Operating System Error Occurs When Opening the Console of a Migrating.1p1 Security Response to CAN-2003-0386: OpenSSH 3.1 Security Response to CAN-2004-0940: Apache Vulnerability in mod_include Resetting Persistent Bindings in ESX Server 2. Powered-On Virtual Machine Troubleshooting automatic update failures Host Hangs or Freezes When Virtual Machine Powers On Security Response to CAN-2004-0885: Audit Warns of Possible mod_proxy Vulnerability Microsoft NLB Not Working Properly in Unicast Mode Network Connectivity Issues with Virtual Network Adapters in Promiscuous Mode What Database Permissions Are Required After VirtualCenter Is Installed? Security Response to CAN-2003-0987: Audit Warns of Possible Apache Vulnerability in mod_digest Error: " and vmsnap_all Utilities Using the vmres Utility Login Fails After Scripted Installation Security Response to CAN-2005-0444: Vulnerability When GSX Server or Workstation Searches for gdk-pixbuf Library Not Installed on Host http://www.2 on a ESX Server 2.0 is needed by VMwareWorkstationKernelModules-3.1 Vulnerability when Restricting Host Access by Numeric IP Security Response to CAN-2004-0230: Audit Warns of Possible Denial of Service Vulnerability Resizing virtual disks on virtual machines deployed by VirtualCenter Verifying the integrity of downloaded installer files VMware Management Interface Reports Incorrect Number of Host Processors Error message indicates that the guest is trying to use PAE Application Error at Startup on Some Cyrix CPU Models Avoiding Data Loss During a Scripted Installation of ESX Server Using Boot from SAN Mode Changing or keeping a UUID for a moved virtual machine ESX Server 3. LUNs Are Inaccessible CD-ROM Drive Does Not Work in Virtual Machine Configuring IBM FAStT Storage Server for Multipathing Failover with Clustering (ESX Server 2.

0 to ESX Server 2. 2010.1 Version of the adp94xx Driver vmsnap_all Does Not Allow Spaces in Configuration File Paths NIC Failover Configuration for Blade Servers Selecting Hitachi SAN Host Mode Using ESD or ARTS with VMware Workstation on Linux Hosts Network Connectivity Lost After Applying ESX Server 2.0 with ESX Server 2.1 Client Incompatible with Java 1.1 64-bit Host Full Screen Mode Crashes Workstation on a Linux Host with Certain Graphics Adapters Sending Ctrl-Alt-Ins to Guest Operating Systems that Expect this Key Combination Unintended IBM FAStT LUNs Causes vmkernel Load Time to Increase Significantly Failovers with MSCS Can Take an Excessive Amount of Time The snmpwalk Tool Displays Incorrect Product Version and Build Number Adaptec RAID card in Dell PowerEdge 2650 is not shown in Dell OpenManage Web Interface ESX Server Graphical Installation Is Not Displayed Through DELL DRAC Remote Console Axis 1. or XP Access Delay on HP Insight Manager Web Page After Installing HP Insight Management Agents Version 7.log File I/O Meter Gives an Error Performance Counter Percentage That Is Less Than Zero Server Cannot Boot into the Linux SMP Kernel from the Service Console for Debugging Emulex Driver Is Not Supported with Agents in Shared Mode Unsupported Features in the ESX Server 2.2 Virtual Machine Importer Reports Error When Converting Virtual PC Disk Files with Duplicate Names Recommended Configuration for HP BL35P Blade Server with ESX Server Security Response to CERT Advisory CA-2003-24: Buffer Management Vulnerability in OpenSSH (ESX Server 2.5 Raw Access DVD/CD Drive Starts VMware Tools Installer Twice Disabling Copy and Paste for a VMware ACE Environment Host Power Management Causes Problems with Guest Timekeeping on Linux Hosts GTK Warnings Appear When I Launch a SUSE 9.1 Workstation Guest Operating System on ESX Server Virtual Machine Fails to Install with BusLogic Virtual Adapter "Power on after opening this virtual machine" Does Not Work Internal Error Encountered When Installing GSX Server on a Windows Server 2003 Host A virtual machine cannot boot after extending a base virtual disk that is part of a snapshot hierarchy VMware Virtual Disk Manager Does Not Expand Partitions Automatically Connecting USB Devices at Virtual Machine Power On Unable to Enter Full Screen Mode when Host Video Driver Reports Incompatible Refresh Rate to Guest http://www. 17:49 .Patch for OpenManage Installer with ESX Server 2.2 and 7.x Not Affected) Browsing to Hidden Files and Folders on a Linux Host Installing ESX on a Server with Software RAID Manager Copying a Large File on a Windows Server 2003 Host with Microsoft File Sharing May Fail and No Longer Connect Again Changing the Networking Configuration on the Host Machine Virtual Machine on USB or Other Slow Storage Device Runs Slowly USB Devices Disconnect from Guest Operating System During Snapshot and Power Operations Performance of Isochronous USB Devices in Workstation 5 Windows Virtual Machines Installing VMware Products on Unsupported Linux Distributions Older Versions of Nero InCD Affect Memory Availability for Virtual Machines Installing VMware Tools in Unsupported Linux Distributions Some Features Not Available to Legacy Virtual Machines in Workstation 5 Network Connectivity Issues with IBM eServer BladeCenter HS20 Cannot Suspend Windows NT Virtual Machine Neoteris VPN Client May Cause Windows Guest to Crash MSA Storage Not Detected by HP Insight Manager 7.x Using IBM BladeCenter with QLogic Fibre Channel Switches Red Hat Linux 2.x and 3.5.5 Patch 1 (Build 12883) Boot from SAN Disks Must Have Clean Shutdown and Reboot to Avoid File System Corruption Effective BusLogic Qdepth is Limited to One on Windows 2000 SP3.gronau.5 Memory leak in QueryPerfData vmsnap_all Does Not Create a /var/log/ Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.2.1.5 Windows 2003 SMP Virtual Machines with Vlance Adapter Lose Network Connectivity Intel PRO/1000 Network Adapter Configuration and Compatibility Issues Clustering a Physical Machine with a Virtual Machine Installing on Systems Using an IBM Remote Supervisor Adapter II Card or on a System with Baseboard Management Controller Installation Fails During Service Console Installation on Disk Arrays That Are Greater Than or Equal to 1TB Enabling Networking After VMware Workstation is Already Installed Booting into Linux with Hyper-Threading Enabled "Unresolved Symbols" Error When Upgrading From ESX Server 2. 2003.

log File Slow Inbound Network Performance with Citrix Metaframe Presentation Server/Citrix License Server in a Virtual Machine Security Response: Vulnerability of RPCI Mechanism to a Denial of Service Attack Cannot Connect to Virtual Machines Stored on Network Drives Mapped as Drive Letters Disk Space Is Not Cleared After Suspending and Resuming a Virtual Machine Virtual Machines Do Not Shut Down Automatically When the Linux Host Shuts Down if Console on Host Is Connected Virtual Machine Does Not Enter Full Screen Mode After Powering On from Console on Remote Client Cannot Connect to Virtual Machine on NFS Mount with Console Cursor Sticks in Upper Right Corner of Virtual Machine Display in Legacy Red Hat Linux Could not be Found in the Source OS Using a Windows Guest Booted in PAE Mode Causes the vlance Hardware Not to Start [Archived]VMware Tools Does Not Install Correctly if X Windows System Is Not Configured in Guest.2 Host Issues When Running GSX Server on a 64-Bit Linux Host Virtual Machines with Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition SP1 Crash with ASSERT Error Error: "Blocked Mailbox..0 Update 3 or Update 4 Virtual Machine Importer Requires Path Defined by TMP and TEMP User Variables to Exist Gmail Notifier Causes Unexpected Switches Back to Host While Running Guest in Full Screen Mode Antivirus.4 Linux Kernel VLAN Tags Incorrectly Sized CPU Utilization of a Halted Linux Guest Stays at 100% Unable to Turn Off Help Hints in Workstation 5 Running on a Windows Host Guest Operating System Hangs in Full Screen Switch Mode if Resolution Exceeds Host Capabilities USB Device Configuration May Cause Error During System Boot Application Crashes when Booting from IDE RAW Disk on Linux Host Setting Minimum CPU Percentage for Virtual Machines Fails Custom Mouse Settings No Longer Work in Virtual Machine After VMware Tools Is Installed or Updated Turning off the PC speaker for all virtual machines Updating the X Configuration File of a Linux Guest So That Higher Resolutions Work When an LCD Is Rotated to Portrait Mode Virtual Machines Copied to VMware Workstation from VMware ESX Server Are Displayed as Powered Off When Suspended Installing VMware Tools in X Windows Version 4. and Firewall Products May Block Workstation Installer Configuring Windows Hosts for Use with USB Monitors (Sniffers) Guest Operating System Cannot Access Physical CD-ROM Drive on IBM Blade The vmsnap and vmres Scripts Do Not Work with Raw Disk Mapping VMware Tools CD Icon Does Not Appear During Installation within X on a SuSE 9.0.2 Virtual Machine http://www.o) is Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.2 Linux Guest Error Messages When Applying ESX Server 2.!!" at VMkernel Load Time Virtual Machine Fails to Boot with MONITOR PANIC Message in vmware.. 17:49 . P2V Assistant Appears to Copy a Partition That Is Set Not to Copy Unexpected Cursor Behavior in Windows Virtual Machine with "Snap To" Mouse Control Panel Option Enabled Running the Windows Performance Monitor (perfmon.1 Patch 3 on Dell PowerEdge Servers Linux Guest Display Splits into Multiple Panes with Identical Content Excessive Page Faults Generated By Windows Applications May Impact the Performance of Virtual Machines Installing Windows Longhorn Build 5048 in a Virtual Machine Programming API Allows Client to Unregister a Virtual Machine while It Is Running Network Not Starting in Linux Guest Operating System After I Install VMware Tools in Virtual Machine with vmxnet Adapter My Dell PowerEdge 8450 hangs when I reboot it.x or Earlier Causes Linux Guest to Hang Host Crash or Display Corruption When Using Full Screen Mode Linux Kernel's Out-of-Memory Process Killer Can Terminate Virtual Machine to Free Memory Virtual Machine Importer Fails with Error: Driver. Causing Guest X to Crash VMnet1 and VMnet8 Virtual Network Adapters Not Created on Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition Host The Virtual Machine Occasionally Hangs While Running RHEL 3.. Antispyware.Problems Resolving misc_register and misc_deregister Redirecting vmrun's Standard Error Causes a Hang with the start Command Using USB Storage Devices on the ESX Server Service Console Do Not Modify Drive Z While Running the Virtual Machine Importer Making Autofit Guest and Fit Guest Now Options Work for Windows 95 Guests Security Response to CAN-2004-1235: Audit Warns of Possible Vulnerability in the uselib Function in the 2. 2010..exe) on a 64-Bit Host Launching Workstation 5 Produces a GtK-WARNING Message on SuSE Linux Host Virtual Machine Crashes While Using USB Device 64-Bit Windows Performance Console Does Not Show VMware Performance Object Assert Error While Running GSX Server on a SUSE LINUX 9. The hang occurs while the driver for the Symbios Logic SCSI storage controller (sym53c8xx.gronau..1.

gronau.VMkernel/Virtual Machine Load Problems after Upgrading to ESX 1.x Extending a VMFS Volume to Use New LUN Space After Expansion Virtual Machine Names Cannot Include High-Bit Characters Like Umlauts Creating and editing config." log entries appear after patching or upgrading ESX Adding SSH Keys to the Service Console so vmsnap Stops Prompting for a Password Console OS (Service Console) Locks/Hangs when MegaRAID Controller is Used Remote Console Disconnects from Virtual Machine Host-Only and NAT Virtual Networks Stop Working After I Upgrade to Workstation 5 on Windows XP Host VMotion Error: Destination Host Not on Same Networks as Virtual Machine You Are Trying to Migrate VMware Perl API Can't Load libcrypto Library Best Practice Guidelines for Removable and Legacy Devices Problems with vmware-serverd on GSX Server Linux Hosts Security Response to CERT VU#911878: Possible Information Leak with Hyper-Threading VMkernel Failed to Load on Dell PowerEdge 8450 (or Intel 8-CPU server) ESX Server Reports Increased CPU Utilization for Idle Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP1 SMP Virtual Machines VMware Management Interface Does Not Work After I Reboot Linux Host Virtual Machine's CD-ROM Drive Always Set for Legacy Mode from Linux Console Using USB Devices in a Virtual Machine on a 64-Bit Linux Host Cannot Connect to GSX Server Host from Windows NT 4 Client Unable to Boot from SAN After a Firmware Upgrade on the Fibre Channel Switch Problem with Concurrent File Creation and Expansion on ESX Server VMFS Volumes Disabling COM and LPT from the Virtual Machine BIOS Reverting to a Previous Version of the VMware ACE Application While Preserving Virtual Machines Creating Floppy Images Error: "execution of script failed" While Upgrading ESX Server Disconnecting Unused Devices to Improve Performance Disabling "Connect at Power On" for CD-ROMs and Other IDE Devices Performance Implications of Multiple ESX Server Hosts Running REDO Log Files on a Single VMFS-2 Volume Gracefully Shutting Down a Windows Guest When the Virtual Machine Powers Off Virtual Machine Fails to Power Down and Stops at Black Screen When Proventia Personal Firewall is Running on the Host Cannot Get Temporary Directory for Log File Migrating an Access Database to MS SQL Server 2000 P2V Assistant Cannot Clone a Windows NT Standard Behavior Notes Management Interface Creates More Than 16 Core Dump Slots on a Shared SAN LUN vmkusage Stops Working After a Recent Upgrade to ESX Server 2.. 17:49 .1 Guest Operating System Display Corruption Guest Clock Stops After Host Resumes from Hibernation VMware Tools Do Not Start Properly and the vmxnet Module Won't Load in a FreeBSD Guest Operating System Installing Dell OpenManage 4. Emulex HBA Utility for ESX Server Security Response: Suppressing Apache Server Details in HTTP Response Host Quarantine Seems to Alternate Between Zones Allocation of SCSI/RAID Devices Returning to an Earlier Version of VMware ACE Manager Too Few VMware ACE Shortcuts Appear on End User's Desktop http://www.0.ini on Windows Hosts ServeRAID 8i Controller's Battery Shuts Down when Adapter Is Shared by Service Console ESX Server 3.4 with ESX Server Tips for Editing a .0 System that has a System Utility Partition Collecting Debug Information for VMware P2V Problems Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.vmx File Resuming a Virtual Machine Fails After Changing Password Using the SoftICE Debugger in a Virtual Machine VMware-Specific Directories Not Removed When Booting Red Hat Enterprise Linux Host "Can't locate module. 2010.1 Compatibility with NVIDIA Onboard Ethernet Ports on Sun x4100 and Sun x4200 M2 Servers VMware ACE Package Installation Fails if the Installation Path is Too Long Custom Message Not Displayed on Japanese Windows Systems Error Message Appears When Upgrading VMware ACE Package Allocation of Network Devices Installer Starts Even if VMware ACE Manager is Running Checking for Updates on Web Fails in VMware ACE Manager Upgrading VMware Tools in a Deployed VMware ACE Virtual Machine Installing VMware ACE Manager or VMware ACE Package on a Computer with a Different VMware Product System Becomes Unresponsive When CD Package Creation Is Canceled What is VMware Capacity Planner? Downloading lputil.

2 and HP Insight Manager Agents Population of /etc/mtab with the /vmfs Virtualized Mount Point for ESX Server Systems Windows Guest Reboots Instead of Shutting Down Re-Installation Asks You to Use Existing Database After Uninstallation Removed It Existing Scheduled Tasks Show Inconsistent Run Time After Daylight-Saving Time Calculated Next Run Time Is Incorrect When Spanning the Daylight Savings Time Change "Upgrade Virtual Hardware" Appears on Hardware Tab When I Create a Virtual Machine Using Raw Disk or Raw Disk Mapping Preventing Non-Root Users from Using the Service Console to Power Off or Reboot ESX Server ESX Server 2. 2010. Leaving 31 for Virtual Machines Upgrading Openssh Without an Error Message For Multihost Clustering Using Clustered Virtual Disks. Error: "Too many PCI devices are already configured.ini Includes msg.0 Virtual PC Clock in a Linux 2.autoanswer=TRUE Upgrade of a GSX Server Template Fails with Invalid Datastore Format Message New LUNs Not Detected on QLogic HBAs Configuring CIB Results in Invalid Argument When Virtual Machine Is Powered On Recovery from Inadvertent umount /vmfs Operation Adding Devices to my system I Get a "Vmdb error -18: Null cross reference" Error When Attempting to Remove a Farm Identifying and addressing Non-Maskable Interrupt events on an ESX host SCSI Device Not Recognized on SUSE Linux Usage and Functionality Time Can Be Set to Synchronize Between Guest Operating System and Console Once Every Minute. Not Second Canceling a Connection on an Added but Disconnected Host Removes That Host from VirtualCenter Is Running Older VMware Tools in ESX Server Guests Supported? Usage and Functionality Installing ESX Server 2.6 32-Bit Libraries Not Found on x86 Linux Host Virtual Machine Unresponsive When Booting the Guest to DOS Mode from Windows 98 Scheduled Tasks Do Not Show Correct Time When Timezone Is Changed Can't Upgrade Virtual Hardware when config.5. or Creating a Package Unable to Power On Migrated Virtual PC Virtual Machine. VirtualCenter Reports Only the Memory Allocated to the Service Console and One CPU Persistent Binding Issue with Raw Device Mapping VMotion Uses One Port on Virtual Switch.6 guest runs slowly until suspended and resumed Virtual Machine or Home Tab Missing Unable to Set Password After Installing VMware ACE Upgrade Package Autofit Guest Doesn't Work on Linux Guest Running X Standard Rules Regarding Shared SCSI/RAID devices? Time in VMware ACE Virtual Machine Runs Slowly After Host Resumes from Standby or Hibernate Cannot Use CD-ROM Drive in VMware ACE Virtual Machine if Certain Settings Are Selected Disconnected USB Device Still Shown in VMware ACE Toolbar VirtualCenter Server Crashes with Panic The vmxnet Network Adapter Device Status of a Virtual Machine Shows in the ESX Server System as Disconnected "No Such Object" Error When Authenticating Users or Groups.2 VirtualCenter Installation Fails When Password Field Left Blank Powering Off an ESX Host Using the Dell DRAC Web Interface Causes a Sudden Power Off VMotion Disabled After ESX Server Patch Upgrade or Boot into Linux Converting a Partition to VMFS-2 vmware-config-www. 17:49 .it Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February." Issues with Disk Space Required to Create VMware ACE Package Host CPU Spikes at 100 Percent After Deploying VMware ACE Package Configuration Changes which Cause a Forced Reboot ESX Server Installation on Windows 2000 SP4 Results in HeapSetInformation Error Message "Divide By Zero" Message When Installing Solaris 9 Virtual Compatibility for Clustered Non-Pass-Through Raw Device Mapping in Multihost Clustering Is Not Supported Must Use Physical Compatibility Mode for Shared Disks When Using Microsoft Clustering Service with Raw Device Mappings After Refreshing.x No Longer Supports Manual Creation of a Network Installation Floppy VirtualCenter 2. the LUN No Longer Requires a Single Path Exported Excel Data Charts Show Different Values Than the Data Charts Within VirtualCenter Client Unable to Start Virtual Machines Using vmrun When the Path is Set in Environment Variable viewpart-www.1 Fails to Boot on Systems with Adaptec RAID Controller Web Service Does Not Handle Non-UTF-8 Characters Segmentation Fault Error When Starting VMware Management Interface on Linux Host libX11.gronau.USB Drive Doesn't Play Music CD in VMware ACE Virtual Machine VMware ACE Virtual Machine with Powered On Snapshot May Show Unexpected Behavior VMware ACE Sometimes Slow to Change Network Connection Type When Switching Zones Network Adapter Not Found When Virtual Machine Importer Migrates a Windows NT 4.5.5.

Local System&rdquo.7 and libssl.0. Script Created with Programming API Can't Find libcrypto. Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February. Account Does Not Have Permissions to the Virtual Machine Folder Problems in Windows Guests with Workstation or GSX Server Full Screen Mode.gronau. 17:49 and vmres.2 or 2. and Fit Guest Now Creating a vmkdump Partition using FDISK Command Line More Servers Are Listed on the Dashboard Than I Expected Using Wildcards to Create a Group of Similar Servers or Software Creation of New RDM for MSCS Cluster Node when Cluster Service Is Active on Another Node Slow Cloning and Network Errors When Booting with P2V Assistant 1. Not 456GB The vmsnap.x so VMware Tools Installs and Operates Properly SUSE 9 Linux 32-bit Installation Identifies AMD Opteron Dual 32-bit/64-bit Computer as 64-bit Only http://www.0.5. Reporting bugNr=25701 Virtual Machines Do Not Start in Specified Order Migrating with VMotion to a Target Machine with a Maxed-Out Networking Switch Fails On Host without VMware Server Installed. Running VirtualCenter on an ESX Server Host Activity on Host Causes Virtual Serial Port to Drop Data Replacing or Regenerating an SSL Certificate for the Management Interface Accessing the Contents of a Virtual Machine Disk File from the Service Console Detecting LUNs on IBM DS4500 Storage Arrays Default Maximum Size of a File Allowed by VMFS is 144GB.7 VMware Registration Service Frequently Stops VirtualCenter Crashes When User Name Entry Contains a Space Using FDISK to Create Multiple Partitions Why is Scripts May Not Honor scsi#:#. Autofit Guest.0.x in linux-up or linux Modes is not Supported Wildcards Do Not Work in Shared Folders ESX Server Virtual Machines Running Windows NT 4.vmx) File Limited Disk Throughput from Windows with BusLogic Adapter Causes Performance Problems Viewing and Adding Collector Database IDs to a Client Registration Configuring the X Server in Red Hat Linux 7. Not VMware Management Interface is Unable to Manage a Partition Once it is Changed by fdisk Scripted Installation Hangs When VMFS Partitions Are Not Contiguously Listed in the Kickstart File Boot Option Update for Dual-Core AMD Opteron Systems Running Management Agents on ESX Server 2.3 Reports the Wrong Number of CPUs in Dual-Core Host Unable to Power on a Virtual Machine on a Windows 64-Bit Host When Running in a Terminal Services or RDP Session.5.x Enabling FTP for ESX Server Extracting the vmkdump Core and Log File? Does Capacity Planner Differentiate Between Different Versions of the Same Application? ESX Server 3. or in Fast User Switch Mode Configuring a MIME Type for VMware ACE Policy Files Issues Running Google Earth on a Workstation Windows Guest Mouse Pointer Not Grabbed and Released Correctly by NetWare Guest New Target LUNs Do Not Appear During Rescan of HDS 95xx Array Windows 2000 Guest Created By Using P2V Assistant Crashes with Blue Screen Vmcfg-esx: Description of Functionality WMI UUID Differs from VirtualCenter UUID Converting a GSX Server Virtual IDE Disk to a Virtual SCSI Disk Virtual Machine Does Not Power On When It Has an Attached Disk with Raw Device Mapping and IBM Director Is Running VirtualCenter Performance Graphs Display Gaps in Data After Customizing Performance Intervals Guidelines for Extending a VMFS Volume Migrating Diskless and Boot from SAN Servers Directly to Virtual Machines Using P2V Error Message After Using New Serial Number for P2V Assistant Virtual Machine Created Under Domain Account Fails to Power On Are VMware Player Troubleshooting Issues Covered in the Knowledge Base? When to Set the Option paevm=FALSE in the Virtual Machine Configuration ( Guest Using the vmxnet Virtual Network Adapter Lose Network Connectivity VMware ACE Package Installer Gives Error After Switch to Second Disc Deploying a Template with Customization from Remote Client Fails ESX Server 2.9.3 with Microsoft Exchange Server in a Clustered Configuration not Recommended with Emulex HBAs VixVM_UpgradeVirtualHardware( ) Does Not Return if the &ldquo.vmx Options Socket Timeout During GetUpdates Creating a VMFS File System Without Using viewpart-www. Patch ESX-1870154: Security Fix For Buffer Overflow Issue Backing Up Virtual Machine with vcbMounter from ESX Service Console Fails VirtualCenter 1.Workstation Crashes.mode .0.present and scsi#:#.

Patch ESX-1917602: 16-Bit Applications Crash when Run in NT 4.vmx) File Has Been Renamed Default Virtual Machine Location Folder Name Is in Japanese. with a Trailing Byte of 7C Characters.sv2i File Fails If the File Is Located in a Path That Contains Japanese Characters Linux Guest Operating System Fails to Appear Properly When Legacy Virtual Machine Is Resumed in Workstation 5.5 http://www. Upgrading VMware Tools to Workstation 5.gronau. 17:49 .1 and 1.5 May Fail on a Windows XP Host That Has Symantec LiveState Recovery Installed In Windows Guests.5 to Workstation 5. Workstation 5.0.5 as a Different User Fails to Remove Old VMware Tools Version Virtual Machine Name Missing from Overview Page Configuring the X Server in 64-Bit Ubuntu Linux 5.1. Team Fails to Power On After New Ethernet Adapter Is Added to 64-Bit Virtual Machine in Team > Settings > Connections Virtual Machines Crash and ESX Server System Crashes with Purple Screen on IBM eServer x366 or x460 with 64GB RAM Context Switching Between Guest and Host Collecting diagnostic information for VirtualCenter 1.0 Virtual Machines Using SCP to Copy Files to or from an ESX Server System Changing the IP Address Used by the Service Console of the ESX Server System Error: "Guest OS has been shut down" While Trying to Install Windows 2000 Workstation Virtual Hardware Version Changes Spontaneously After Imported System Image Is Powered On Determining the IP Addresses Used By the Service Console Finding Hardcoded IP Addresses in Configuration Files on the Service Console of an ESX Server System Suspending and Resuming Debian-Based Linux Guests Breaks the Network Connection In Windows NT Guest with Service Pack 6a.3.5 F&F Beta VMware Tools Fails to Upgrade HGFS Driver Problems Installing VERITAS Backup Exec Agent in the Service Console Starting the Virtual Machine Importer from the Command Line Some Applications Fail to Load Successfully After Upgrading VMware Tools in a Windows NT SP6a Guest and Rebooting On Windows Host. Windows AntiSpyware Displays Warnings Linking an Imported Virtual Machine to the Source Virtual Machine or System Image Insmod Qla2300_7xx Fails with Unresolved Symbols When Booted with Linux or Linux-up Kernels ESX Server 3.0 VMware Tools to Workstation 5.5 Release CD Contains rr_moved Directory Installing Workstation 5.1 On Windows XP Guests. VMware Tools Installation Fails with Windows Installer Internal Error 1601 Setting Performance Intervals to Less Than a Past Day Types of Symantec LiveState Recovery and Norton Ghost System Images Supported for Import A Virtual Machine Removed from a Team Cannot Be Added Back to the Team if the Configuration (.10 VI Client Menus Do Not Show Expected Choices Hardware and Firmware Requirements for 64-Bit Guest Operating Systems Graphic Display Limited to Black and White in 32-Bit Solaris 10 Guest Running on Windows XP Professional 64-Bit Hosts Implementing a Team Management Model for Virtual Machines Permissions on Configuration Files (.0 or 5. Which Causes Error in Importing Upgrading from Workstation 5. VMware Tools Installation Hangs Guest After I Use Fast User Switching Feature Red Hat Linux Virtual Machine Migrated Between Hosts with AMD and Intel Processors Causes Kernel Panic When Powered On Hangs/Monitor Errors when Starting a Guest OS Install NAT Does Not Work After I Add New Port to Forwarding List Turbolinux 10 Desktop Guest Operating System Installing a Guest Operating System as 32-Bit on a 64-Bit Host Guest with Non-Standard Display Resolution Fails to Enter Full Screen Mode During Workstation Installation on Windows Hosts.4 On Linux Hosts.vmx) and Their Effects on Virtual Machine Functionality Setting Speed and Duplex After Using Boot Disk for P2V Assistant Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.5 Version May Not Remove Old Version of VMware Tools Long Pauses during Guest Operating System Boot Configuring VMware Tools Causes a Guest Running Turbolinux 10 Desktop to Hang Problems Installing VMware Tools in Guests Running Windows 98 or Windows 98 SE Upgrading VMware Tools Fails in Legacy Virtual Machine Running Linux with an Old Version of the X Windows System Powering On Imported Virtual Machine Causes VM Additions Program to Install Automatically Importing an .Persistent Bindings Not Saved During Reboot Uploading collected data when Collector cannot directly access the Information Warehouse (Dashboard) Lost Interrupts During Installation of 64-Bit Linux Guest Operating System Running a Uniprocessor Kernel Vista Checked Builds Often Hit "STOP: 0x0000008E" Compiling and Deploying VMware Tools in Virtual Machines Without GCC In Windows Guests. 2010. Upgrading VMware Tools from Workstation 4.0 or 5.

it Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February. the libXrender Library Must Be Installed for Workstation to Work Correctly Errors Running Norton Ghost 6.sv2i Files from Symantec LiveState Recovery Backups That Are Password Protected Workstation Does Not Support Importing . USB Devices Fail to Load Drivers After Virtual Machine Is Rebooted Problem Powering On 64-Bit Guest on Host with Intel EM64 VT-Capable Processor Problem with Virtual Machine Created from Symantec LiveState Recovery Backup System Image with More Than One Partition Workstation Does Not Support Importing .4 Kernel Some 64-Bit Linux Distributions Do Not Perform Character Set Conversions for Workstation In Windows Guest on Windows Host.How to Override Masks Operation on File Failed with Portion of File Locked Configuring Tape Drives and Media Changers on ESX Server 2. Hide Property Cannot Be Set for Files in Shared Folder of Guest Problems in Windows Guest on Windows Host with USB Devices That Self-Disconnect Certain applications might perform poorly when run in a NetWare guest Problems Importing .0.x and Earlier Security Response to BugTraq 15998 (CVE-2005-4459): Vulnerability in NAT Networking Security Response to Remote Code Execution Vulnerability in VMware Management Interface Disabling the VMware NAT Service on the Host Computer Navigation Pane Shows No Details When Capacity Planner Data Manager Starts LUNs with IDs Greater Than 128 Are Not Exported to the Console at Boot Time Using Persistent Binding with Some QLogic Drivers Error 1303 Occurs When I Uninstall Capacity Planner Data Manager Test Connection fails despite correct credentials Console OS (Service Console) Crashes after Device Allocation http://www. 17:49 .x Systems Definition of Disk.0 Installation Fails on Uniprocessor Virtual Machines with More Than 4GB of Memory Collecting performance snapshots using vm-support Ethernet MAC Address Changes from ESX Server or GSX Server Assigned Value to VirtualCenter Assigned Value VirtualCenter Listed Available Memory Resource for New Virtual Machines is Incorrect "ls" Does Not List all Files in a Directory Disk Space Not Released on ESX Server or GSX Server When I Delete Hard Disk Losing Configuration Information from Template to Deployed Virtual Machine PCI card installation and removal recommendation for ESX 3. 2010.gronau.5 Problems Burning CDs to IDE CD-ROM Drive on Linux Hosts with 2.sv2i Files on Host Machine Running Windows NT SP6a Helper Virtual Machines Won't Start on an ESX Server System After Root Partition Is Filled Vmrun Loses Connection to a Virtual Machine after Reset Followed by Suspend Segmentation Fault when Copying to Large VMFS Volumes Security Response to Windows Flaw That Exposes iTunes Users VMotion CPU Compatibility Requirements for Intel Processors VMotion CPU Compatibility Requirements for AMD Processors VMotion CPU Compatibility .x Build Number Mismatch When Installing VMware Tools In Guest Operating Systems Dell OpenManage Does Not Show Storage Page on Servers with mptsci Drivers Unable to Cancel Import of Virtual Machine or System Image Installing Solaris 10 as a 32-Bit Guest Operating System on a 64-Bit Host Machine Opening Snapshot Manager Causes Workstation to Crash on Linux Host with Faulty Version of librsvg Resuming a Suspended Virtual Machine Stored in a ReiserFS4 File System May Cause the Guest and Host Operating Systems to Hang GNOME Displays Shared Folders as Read-Only for Non-Root Users On Linux Hosts. Some Isochronous USB Devices Can Cause the Guest to Crash While They Work Correctly on the Host Blocked Connections when Using VMware Perl API to Connect to an ESX Server Problem Adding USB Flash Drives on Linux Guests In Windows Guests on Windows Hosts.MaxLUN on ESX Server Systems and Clarification of 128 Limit Disabling SSHv1 in ESX Server 2.sv2i Files from Symantec LiveState Recovery Backups of Dynamic Disks Virtual Machines Crash with Blue Screen on HP Servers Using SCSI Duplex Imported System Images and Virtual Machines Have SCSI Virtual Disks Moving a Plain Disk to GSX Server 3 Repeated Characters when Typing in Remote Console Sound Adapter Driver Unavailable for Workstation 64-Bit Windows 2003 and 64-Bit Windows XP Guests Workstation Incorrectly Permits Users to Delete Shared Folders from the Guest STAF Testing Automation Tool Installs a lib File That Is Incompatible with the Workstation Software Dragging and Dropping Files from the Guest Shared Folder to the Host Fails Virtual Center Cannot Change Password During Cloning of Windows 2003 Standard Red Hat Linux 8.Migrations Prevented Due to CPU Mismatch .1.64-Bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 AS Guest Hangs During VMware Tools Configuration In Windows XP Guests.

Cold Migration of a Virtual Machine (While Powered Off) Might Lead to Data Loss if a Network Failure Occurs Unloading Device Drivers from VMkernel Is Not Supported http://www.x Virtual Machine Console Cannot Create Preallocated Disks Larger Than 2GB Setting Linux Host Screensaver Options in the Workstation Global Configuration File Client DVD/CD-ROM Drive Can Be Used Only for Data Discs Installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux Update 2 as a Guest Operating System Making Masked LUNs Settings Persistent Across Reboots on ESX Server CD Creation Problems Using CD-R Drive Data Manager displays an error on start up and stops responding ESX System May Crash When Beacon Monitoring Is Enabled VMware Management Interface Creates a Windows 2003 Small Business Server Virtual Machine with a Buslogic Adapter by Default Upgrading from ESX Server Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.0.5 Guest Operating Systems Windows host fails with a blue screen when TrackLockedPages is enabled "Could Not Allocate Requested Partition: Partitioning Failed" Error Message "floppy1: unexpected interrupt" Message Is Harmless GSX Server 3.x Installation Stops on Sun Fire X4200 and X4100 Server Systems Stopping the VMware Tools Service in a Workstation 5 Windows Guest Tips for Repairing the VMDK File for a Crashed Workstation or GSX Server Guest on a Windows Host VirtualCenter Web Service Fails to Install VmCOM Scripting Examples Fail on 64-Bit Windows Hosts Error message regarding shared SCSI/RAID Disable PAE in ESX Server 2.0.gronau.1. 2010.2 or ESX Server 2. and SP2 Autostart of Virtual Machines Fails on Linux Host Problems with USB Devices That Have a Power Management Feature Symantec Ghost Corporate Edition 8 Client Fails to Install on Host with Workstation Installed MegaRAID2 Driver May Cause Disk I/O Lockups on the Service Console Adding More Than Three SCSI Adapters to a Virtual Machine Causes Error Restoring a Snapshot Fails with Insufficient Permissions Error Sound Loops over One-Second Interval in 64-Bit Virtual Machine on Multiprocessor Host Console OS (Service Console) Hang While Copying a Large File Between SCSI Disks Using crontab to Schedule vmsnap Backups Differences Between Guest Operating Systems and Virtual Machines on an ESX Server System ESX Server 3.1. Patch ESX-2031037: CIM and Durable LUN Names CPU Usage of an Application May Be Different in a Virtual Machine Than in a Native Machine Guest Quarantine Printer Access Controls Traffic Only to Remote Printers Mounted by Host Cannot Release Mouse Pointer When Command is Running in Command Prompt of a Windows Guest Server with AMD Opteron CPUs Logs SRAT Messages and Doesn't Enter NUMA Mode Using a Windows Host as an Archive Server for Backups via vmsnap Installation Fails with Wizard Interrupted Message and Logs msxmlx.x Guest Operating Systems for Better Performance ESX Server Support for Microsoft Clustering Service with Windows 2003 SP1.x ESX Server 3.0.Disabling the VMware DHCP Service on the Host Computer Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Access Denied errors when using Capacity Planner Data Collector ESX Server 2.5.inf Error Code 1 How to Run VMware Hosted Products on Systems on Which TSCs Are Not in Sync Error Message Committing Changes to an Undoable Disk Virtual Machine Clock Reports Time Unpredictably on IBM x440/x445 Server or a Derivative System with a Windows Host Operating System Error Message Indicates That Database Upgrade Has Failed Virtual Machine Clock Reports Time Unpredictably on Multiprocessor Systems Files Sigmd5 and Filemd5s Are Missing in /var/lib/rpm VMkernel Supports SCSI Devices on Channel 0 Only /sbin/modprobe Does Not Load USB Modules in ESX Server with /usr on Separate Partition VMware P2V Assistant 2. Patch ESX-2066306: Kernel Crashes on AMD Hosts and Some Virtual Machines Crash During Migration Virtual Machine Hangs when Attaching an ISO Image Located in the Service Console Directory with Mismanaged Samba Mounts Configuring EMC CLARiiON storage arrays to allow ESX hosts to handle multipathing and failover Troubleshooting VMware Server Installation Issues Problems Ejecting a CD from SCSI CD-R drive.1 Cannot Clone Certain Large Non-IDE Disks Changing the Order of Virtual Machine Tabs in Workstation The Correct Desktop Shortcut Icon Does Not Appear Cannot Power On after Adding a Virtual Disk as Root Google Searchbar Does Not Work with Novell Linux Desktop 9 Using Default Firefox Browser Reset and Restart Options Do Not Work with NetWare5 and NetWare6. R2.3 to ESX Server 2. 17:49 .

56GB Alignment Offset on EMC Arrays VMFS Swap on SAN Volume Not Activated After System Reboot ESX Server Scripted Installation Fails to Find Kickstart Configuration File (ks.When Installing VirtualCenter Client or Server.2 Host Not Created with Specified Configuration Parameters What Is VMSA-2006-0004.91A1) Cannot Boot from SAN on the Second Port (Passive Path) for MSA-1000 Active-Passive Storage Array Virtual Machine Cloned Using P2V Assistant Crashes with a Blue Screen Installing ESX 2. Xwindows Fails to Start Error Starting a Virtual Machine: Not enough memory Solaris 10 CDE Workspace Does Not Fit on the Screen VirtualCenter and "esxcfg-vswitch .0 Multiport Emulex (LP9802.x Do Not Provide Expected Configuration or Information for Raw Disks Creating a Virtual Machine Using an Existing Disk from a Legacy Virtual Machine Can Result in Anomalies HA Configuration Tasks Fail and an Error Message Appears When I Configure an HA Cluster Xiotech Magnitude Non-3D System No Longer Recognizes SAN LUNs after ESX Server Upgrade Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.pod" Is Created in / Directory Failed Detection of Some Disks When Using SAN VMotion with Hitachi Data Systems Storage Arrays Using WinSCP with ESX Server 3. or rmmod (Kernels Prior to 2.0.5. 98 SE and ME Guests VMware Security Advisory VMSA-2006-0002: VMware Server Sensitive Information Lifetime Issue Guest Screen Fills Up with Green and Black Bands on Exiting from Full Screen Mode (SLES 10 64-Bit Host) Help for VMware Tools Opens in Gedit Instead of in a Web Browser Virtual Machine Freezes with ISL Cable Pull from Fabric CPU Usage Statistics Display Incorrectly in VirtualCenter and Management Interface Reduced Network Performance using Compaq dual-function Ethernet Script Run via VMware Tools Run Now Option Doesn't Work ESX Server 2.0 Virtual Machine and "Bad PBR Sig" Error Message Seen After Installing the Operating System Problems Installing VMware Tools When the Guest CD-ROM Drive Is Locked After I Create a New Datastore.x? Traffic Shaping Configurations Do Not Appear for Virtual Machine on ESX Server 2. 2010.kid Cookie After ESX Server Upgrade Forcing a Solaris 10 Virtual Machine to Boot in 32-Bit Mode on a 64-Bit Host Machine vmxnet Not Working under SuSE 9.3.10 host System Does Not Enter bootfromsan-text Installation Mode User ID Password Special Character Restriction Unable to Revert the Minimum Memory for Virtual Machines via the Management Interface The Manage Files Option Always Shows VMFS Available Space as 976.5.x / 1.3 On Virtual Machines Running SLES 10 Beta or SLES 9 SP4.x SSI Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability Linux Guest Hangs on Shutdown.6.3 on Sun Fire x4100 and x4200 Servers Mixing Virtual IDE CD-ROM with Physical SCSI CD-ROM Devices Can Have Adverse Effects Dell PowerEdge 6850 Hosts Running ESX Server 3.0.gronau. Patch ESX-2092658: SNMP Agents Don't Return Full Virtual Machine Config File Path Grab on Keypress Might Interfere with Typing in Dialog Boxes Motorola IMfree USB device not properly detected by 32-bit Windows guest on 64bit Ubuntu 5.0. an Error Message for msiexec Appears Removing vmware.x and 2. 17:49 .0 Need A03 BIOS to Install 64-Bit Guests Opteron System with Node Interleaving Fails to Load VMkernel After Upgrading to ESX Server 2.0. VirtualCenter's Inventory Shows Virtual Machines from Old Datastore Second Swap File is not Being Utilized Virtual Switch on ESX Server Stops Functioning When Powering On RHEL4 U2 Guest Security Response to CVE-2002-0840 Apache 2. Firmware 1.1.cfg) on USB CD-ROM or USB Floppy Drive Not Able to Power on Solaris 9.l" Show Different Number of Ports ESX Server 3.x Host Causes "Timed Out" Exception Lack of Network Connectivity Might Generate Errors During Import and Export Operations ESX Server 3 VMkernel Message Log Displays "irq not set up" Messages When Dell OM Services Is Installed [Archived] Insufficient VirtualCenter Permissions to Run VCBmounter New Virtual Machine on ESX Server 2.2 Host Cannot Be Powered On Using VirtualCenter If Created Using VirtualCenter Disabling QLogic Controller in BIOS Results in ESX Server Crash Suspending a Virtual Machine on an ESX Server 2.2 Host Virtual Machines Cannot Ping other Virtual Machines intermittently RDM LUN Disappears and Reappears on HP EVA XL Model Storage Array Unable to Run Tools Upgrader for Autotools Installation and Upgrade vmware-cmd Doesn't Recognize Symbolic Links to VMFS3 Volumes VMware Tools ISO Appears as an Audio CD in Windows 98.5) Virtual Machine on ESX Server 2. Several Security Issues Affecting ESX Server 2.1. Reboot.5.3 in ESX Server SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 9 SP3 Guest Experiences Monitor Panic in SMP Mode on Host with AMD Opteron Processor File "perllocal.0.

x Host ESX Server Virtual Machine Running Windows Might Fail to Power On If Not Rebooted After VMware Tools Installation Traffic-Shaping Configuration Is Lost When Migrating or Upgrading Virtual Machine From ESX Server 2.0 Fails Error Message in VI Client Indicates That esx.x to 3.1.x and 3.x on IBM e326 or Dell-1850 Causes Keyboard to Become Unresponsive Cannot Install VirtualCenter Server with MSDE as Database ESX Server software fails to install when more than 128 LUNs are attached Virtual Machine Cannot Be Migrated with VMotion from ESX Server Version 2.WRITELOCK Cannot Be Obtained Unable to Log In to the VI Client Upgrading Templates Across Incompatible ESX Server Hosts and VMFS Versions Fails File-Level Backup with VCB Fails When Attempted with Six or More Virtual Disks on the Backup Proxy Incorrect Input Text in Configuration Wizard Can Cause Unhandled Exceptions Export Diagnostics Option in the VI Client Might Fail to Resolve Host Names on Other Domains Template Upgrades Do Not Work If the Host Is Running ESX Server 2.0Managed ESX Server 2. You Cannot Use Relative Paths and Locations on VMFS Administration > Server Settings Is Not Available in VI Client Menu When I Try to Configure License Server on VirtualCenter Virtual Machines Fail to Power On After a VMFS Upgrade http://www.conf. Patch ESX-2158032: ESX Server System Crashes During Virtual Machine Migration on AMD Opteron Servers Cannot Power On Virtual Machine That Has two or More CPUs Firewall Disabled Running Service Iptables Start MSCS Clustering Can Trigger an Unnecessary Failover to the Backup Server on the IBM FastT Series Arrays Programming API Might Not Show Current Value for Virtual Machine Power State Cannot See the /vmimages Datastores Directory When Attempting to Mount an ISO Image on a VirtualCenter 2.gronau. 2010.0 After I Move a Host out of a Cluster.x to ESX Server Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.x Setting a static MAC address for a virtual NIC Virtual Machine Startup/Shutdown Host Settings Require an Action and Delay Be Specified Delays When Writing to a New Virtual Disk for the First Time When Using Serial Ports That Are Connected to Named Pipes.x Installing VMware Tools from Virtual Infrastructure Client Does Not Eject CD-ROM from a Solaris Guest Some Virtual Machines Might Not Power On Even if Their Reservation Is Less than the Unreserved Capacity of Their Parent Resource Pool ESX Server 3.0.Adding a Legacy Virtual Disk to a Virtual Machine Downgrades It to a Legacy Virtual Machine VMware Management Interface Might Show Incorrect Memory Usage for Virtual Machines Console NIC fails to come up after allocation of adapters Can't Use USB Device in a Solaris Guest on VMware Server or Workstation Uninstalling VCB Using Add/Remove Programs Hangs Restarting Services for the Service Console to Resolve Connectivity Problems Third-Party Software and the New VMware Service Console Firewall Only One Virtual Machine Appears in Legato NetWorker IM GUI After Backing Up Multiple Virtual Machines Hewlett Packard DL760 G2 Servers Issue Benign Warnings When You Load the VMkernel File-Level Backup of a Virtual Machine with an Uninitialized Disk Fails Graphical Installer Might Fail to Load on IBM x445 Server with RSAII Adapter Display Goes Blank When I Install Using Remote Interface on Intel Blade Servers High packet loss when using Console OS (Service Console) networking Cannot Log In To VirtualCenter Server Using VI Client After VirtualCenter Server Upgrade or Installation Warning on VCB Disconnect from VirtualCenter Server Installing ESX Server 3. the VI Client Inventory Doesn't Show the Host's Virtual Machines I/O Performance of the Adaptec AIC 7890/7891 HBA Can Lead to ESX Server Failure Virtual Machines' Raw Disks cannot be Upgraded to RDMs by the Upgrade Script Intermittent SSL Warnings Appear During Logout Some Prechecked Items Cannot Be Checked Back to License Pool Browse Datastores Option of the VI Client Cannot Recognize .vmdk File Created by vmkfstools Inaccessible Virtual Machines Are Named "Unknown VM" "A specified parameter was not correct" Error in the VI Client Interface When Trying to Power On a Virtual Machine Different Error Messages for the Same Event Large Network Transfers Can Cause a Solaris 10 Virtual Machine's Network Connection to Stop Responding Creating a Virtual Machine or Disk on Host Client Fails When You Try to Create a Virtual Machine Disk Larger than 262GB Server on Localized Operating System Fails to Recognize Certain Locales Floppy and CD-ROM Settings Are Dimmed When I Switch Between Other Hardware Options Disconnecting or Removing a Host Deletes a Scheduled Task Relayout Virtual Machine Operation Fails Cold Migrating a Virtual Machine from ESX Server 2. 17:49 .

0.5. Storage Limitations and vmfs2 to vmfs3 Migrations http://www. Patch ESX-2221: Update to e1000 Driver Virtual Machine Changes to Snapshot-Consolidate Mode During Delete-All-Snapshot Operation Configuring a Duplicate IP Address for VMotion Causes an Error Older Guest Operating System Exhibits Unusual Behavior 64-Bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Stops Responding During Installation Service Console Can Lose Network Connectivity if not Configured Properly Windows Virtual Machines with Latency-Sensitive I/O Workloads Can Slow Down in Four-Way SMP Configurations Virtual Machines That Were Participating in AutoStart Are No Longer Involved in AutoStart Upgrading from VMFS-2 to VMFS-3 Can Make VI Client on ESX Server System Unresponsive Upgrade of Legacy Templates Fails After Upgrading Shared LUN to VMFS-3 from Another Host Additional VI Client Sessions Unable to Connect to an ESX Server Host During a VMFS-2 to VMFS-3 Upgrade Cannot Power On Virtual Machines After Upgrading to ESX Server 3.0 Does Not Properly Support Upgrading Multi-Boot Installations Error Message: SCSI command to read VPROD page failed with status = I/O error Extremely Slow Power on when Using IDE Virtual Disks Virtual Machine Cloning and Customization Operations Fail on Virtual Machines with Two Network Adapters Connected to One Network Network Adapter Team Stops Working After ESX Server Upgrade Service Console Networking Stops Working When Using the vmxnet_console Network Driver and Upgrading ESX Server VirtualCenter's Datastore Browser Does Not Display Virtual Disk Files for Virtual Machines on ESX Server 2.Virtual Machine Startup/Shutdown Host Settings Do Not Reflect Changes to Virtual Machine Settings Installer Crashes During RPM Transaction While Upgrading ESX Server 2.0 Limitations on VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB) and Multipathing Manually Setting Cluster IP Address for Clustered VirtualCenter Server Template Upgrade Fails with Error "Name Already Exists" VMFS Volume Upgraded from VMFS-2 to VMFS-3 Might Be Displayed as Read-Only After Upgrade Real-Time Statistics Data Has Gaps for the Host in VirtualCenter 1.x Create Datastore Operation Might Fail if the Disk Also Contains the ESX Server Service Console File System Security Response to CVE-2006-6097: Path Traversal Flaw in the Way GNU tar Extracted Archives Storage Drivers for the VMware LSI Logic Storage Adapter Are Not Available in Windows XP Broadcom Network Adapters 5700 Rev 14 and 5701 Rev 15 Stop Transmitting Under Heavy Traffic VI Client Loses Connectivity to the ESX Server Host After You Add a New Network Adapter Problems When Using Emulex Fibre Channel Cards in Extreme Failover Conditions No Protection Against Deleting a Disk Backing File That Is Also Used by Another Powered-Off Virtual Machine Cloning a Windows Virtual Machine Fails if the Virtual Machine has a Nonstandard BootExecute Value Virtual Machine Powers Off if Attempting to Connect SCSI Device in a Powered On Virtual Machine NetBackup Integration Module for VCB README Examples Reference Wrong Set of Scripts Solaris Warning "Stopped tracking Time of Day clock" Changing the Power Options in Virtual Machine Gives an Error Message if the Virtual Machine Is Powered On IP address error when trying to configure an ESX host for VMotion Display and Mouse Problems in Solaris 10 Virtual Machines Intermittent Virtual Machine Failures with NIS-Enabled ESX Server Hosts VI Client Fails to Add a Host ESX Server 3.x to 3.gronau. Update 1 ESX Server 3.0.0 ESX Server 3.0 NFS mounts are restricted to eight by default in ESX Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.0 Remote Floppy Does Not Work in Solaris 10 Operating Environment.x After Being Managed by VirtualCenter 2. Patch ESX-2257739: vmnics Operational Status.x Hosts In-Place Upgrade Only for Virtual Machines with RDM Disks Re-Editing a Virtual Machine Before a Previous Edit Completes Fails Nessus Generates a Warning Indicating a VERITAS Backup Exec Security Advisory for Windows Servers Problems with Configuring qla4010 Card when ESX Server Boots from iSCSI System Time Accounting Incorrect for Software iSCSI Disabling the QLogic PCI Device in BIOS Results in a PSOD ESX Server System Management Upgrading My VMFS-2 Volume Failed Due to Insufficient Free Space Multiple VMFS Upgrades VirtualCenter License Server Settings Can Override ESX Server Host Settings VMware Tools Upgrade Utility Fails With Error Message Auto-Start Is Not Run When Manually Restarting a Host in Maintenance Mode Negative Numbers Sometimes Appear for Disk Sizes in SMC 2. 2010.1 on the Solaris 10 Operating Environment and Update 1 A Mapped SAN LUN Added to a Virtual Machine Is Not Visible from the List Changes Made for Database Password or Maximum Number of Database Connections in VI Client Do Not Take Effect Until the VirtualCenter Service Is Restarted Linux guest clock runs slowly on ESX Server 3.0. 17:49 .1.

VMotion Does Not Succeed and the Virtual Machine Remains Running on the Source Machine Windows 2003 SP1 System Stops Responding When I Mount Volumes 64-Bit Linux Guests Panic with More Than 4GB of Guest Memory Dual Boot Hardware Profile Considerations for RAW Disks Solaris10U1 Virtual Machines Might Not Properly Discover and Configure the Virtual Floppy Device. 5. VMI.x In Cases Involving Software iSCSI. 448) . 7. and 8 SMP Kernel Occasionally Fails with Anaconda ImportError Message If No DHCP Server Is Available When a Windows Virtual Machine Is Customized.0 Database Upgrade Using Oracle 10.x Repeated Keystrokes Occur in Terminal Window on Linux Guest Help Button on VMware Tools Properties Dialog Box Doesn't Work in CDE Running Maximum Number of Virtual Machines on Some Windows Hosts Events Tab is Blank After Database Upgrade Upgrade of a VMFS2 Volume with Block Size Larger Than 8MB Fails Programming API CopyFileFromHostToGuest( ) and CopyFileFromGuestToHost( ) Reset Permission Bits VMware Tools Configuration Notes Guest operating systems that are supported for use with Guest Customization Xeon 70xx Dual Core Systems Show Only 50% CPUs in Management Interface when Hyperthreading Is Disabled Programming API May Crash if Client Uses an Invalid Host Handle Connecting to a CIFS Share on a Windows Server from the Service Console Installing Windows XP in a Virtual Machine Data Collection fails with message "Host could not be reached using PING on the resolved IP" Remote MKS Requests to ESX Server Virtual Machines Fail Sporadically from a Multiprocessor-Based Windows System with VI Client or Remote Console The Configuration Program vmware-config Might Set Incorrect Permissions on SSL Key Files http://www. 17:49 .0 64-Bit Guest Produces Error on Intel VT Host In Certain Fibre Channel Environments.possible deadlock" Incorrect Error Message When a Virtual Machine Backed Up on ESX Server Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February. OpenSSH GSSAPIDelegateCredentials Enabled VMotion Fails When the Virtual Machine's Parallel Port Is Set to Write to an Output File Using iLO2 Virtual Media or IRC (Remote Console) Fails on Either a ML570 G4 or DL580 G4 System Management Mode Vulnerability Does Not Affect VMware Software I/O Stalls or Application Hangs on Virtual Machine Running on ESX Server 3. Virtual Machine Might Still Be Running When VmPerl::VM::stop and vmware-cmd <vm> stop Return Virtual Machines or Processes Hang When ISO Image Is Used from Service Console NFS Share Customization Breaks When Workstation. Monitor Panic and NOT IMPLEMENTED Errors When the Host Boots After a Failure.x to VirtualCenter 2. 2010. or P2V Are Installed on the Same Machine as VirtualCenter Server 2.Excessive Network Error Messages Detected in Solaris 10 Virtual Machine Configuring HA Task Fails or Virtual Machine Failover Does Not Happen ESX Server Input/Output Device Compatiblity Installation of 64-Bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux. 6. VCB.0 Guest Hangs During Boot Time Virtual Machine Seems to Install VMware Tools but Tools Never Get Installed SAN LUNs Not Visible in VirtualCenter UI but Visible in MUI Re-Enabling the Active Directory's Enable Validation Setting Does Not Take Effect Security Response to CVE-2005-2700 Apache SSLVerifyClient Bypass Restrictions Security Response to CVE-2005-2798.x is Restored to ESX Server 3.2. the Virtual Machine Might Not Be Able to Join a Domain Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server 3. All Paths to a LUN Are No Longer Accessible and an Infinite Abort Loop Results Nessus Generates a Warning for Vulnerability at Port 9 with the Ascend Router ASSERT. Virtual Parallel Port. Updates 3.gronau. VirtualCenter Does Not Install Correctly if the Installation Path Contains NonEnglish Characters Failure to Connect to CD-ROM Due to Incorrect Path VirtualCenter 1. the HA Service Does Not Start and an HA Error Occurs on the Host Customization of a Virtual Machine on a Linux Guest Might Fail Eleven Connections Appear on the Database Server Even Though the User Set the Maximum Number of Database Connections to a Value Less than Ten On Systems Set to a Non-English Locale. or Virtual Serial Port Security Response to CVE-2006-1342 and CVE-2006-1343 Network Connectivity Is Lost and "WARNING: Uplink: 1925: Couldn't allocate pkt for frame copy" Appears in the Log Windows NT 4.0 Link Never Comes Up on the HBA When I Attempt to Boot from SAN Using LPe1150 Solaris 10 U1 Guest Operating System Is Not Supported on EMC CLARiiON Series and Symmentrix Series Storage Arrays [Archived] Active Directory authentication fails when connecting the VI Client to an ESX host.1 Might Fail VMware VirtualCenter and VMware ESX Server Provide Datastore URLs with Different Formats System Error Message.0. "Spin count exceeded (EventQueue. Converter.

0.0.x virtual machines fail to perform DNS translation Creating a New Virtual Machine Creating and Powering On a Virtual Machine Fails to Complete Installing a Virtual Machine onto a Blank RAW Disk QLA2462 Is Reported as QLA2432 .Optional Parameters and Diagnostics ESX Server 3.0 Patch ESX-2666943: Patch for esxupdate VIX_PROPERTY_VM_TOOLS_STATE Is Inconsistent with Power State after Calling VixVM_WaitForToolsInGuest( ) and VixVM_PowerOff( ) SVGA Driver Setup on a Windows 98 RAW Disk Installing the Managed Server Agent for ESX Server Fails Error Message Appears During a Virtual Machine Import or Conversion Installing Windows 95 in a Virtual Machine Setting up SVGA Driver on a Windows 95 RAW Disk Host Agent Always Returns "unavailable" for the Property ScsiLun.0. Patch ESX-3199476: vmxnet Shutdown Leads to System Crash VMware License Server Does Not Start Deleting Discovery Addresses Causes Problems When ESX Server System Boots from iSCSI Installing Netware 6.Security Response to RHSA-2006:0635-0 and CVE-2006-3467.0.gronau.x.0. Patch ESX-3003211: Security Update to Prevent Overwriting of Arbitrary Files Statistics Rollup Stored Procedures&mdash.1.0 Patch ESX-2533126: AMD fxsave/fxrstor Security Vulnerability Can't Delete More Than 4096 Directory Entries at Once on a VMFS Volume ESX Server Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February. and Some Virtual Machine Migrations Cause ESX Server System to Crash ESX 3.0.1 ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-2559638: Security Issues With texinfo Cannot Add VirtualCenter Permissions for Users or Groups with Long Names Enable the Bulk-Logged Option for SQL Server Database Before Upgrading to VirtualCenter 2. Patch ESX-3194055: Security Update for gzip Vulnerability ESX Server 3. Installing Windows NT in a Virtual Machine ESX Server 3.x virtual machine to ESX 3. Patch ESX-3198250: VI Client for Unisys 32-way Server Update ESX Server 3.0.0_08 ESX Server 3.0.serialNumber Access Rights for USB Floppy Drive When Using Blade Servers Routing between Two Host-Only Networks Mouse Pointer Pop-Up Hints Appear When You Use Remote Console Through Citrix Changes to Security Profile Virtual Machine Delegate Are Not Displayed Until After Reboot Read-Only NFS Datastore Doesn't Allow Browsing for ISO Images VirtualCenter 2.0.5.QLA2460 Is Reported as QLA2422 Installing Solaris 10 6/06 Fails with Disk Errors ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-3083826: RHEL3 U5 Virtual Machines Hang.x? Interpreting SCSI sense codes BIOS Scan with QLogic HBA (QLA2462 and QLA2460) Can Fail Windows 9x Guest OS Performance Notes Install System Prerequisite Check Shows Warning for Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) VI Web Access Doesn't Support Browsing the vmimages Folder VMware HA Incorrectly Handles Temporary Host Network Isolation Non-administrator users cannot save changes to VMware Tools Scripts Performance Issue (for VI SDK 17:49 .x as a Guest OS LM Tools with SIDgen Fails on Windows 2000 With Mac Services Troubleshooting VI3 License server network connectivity or name resolution issues Using Virtual Ethernet Adapters in Promiscuous Mode on a Linux Host How do I migrate a running 2.x Compatibility Mode for the VMware Infrastructure SDK Resource alarm thresholds truncated after upgrade from VirtualCenter 1.0 User Interface Does Not Refresh Some Data When the Host Is Changed Installing DOS/Windows 3.0 as a Guest Operating System Configuring a Virtual Machine's Hardware Short URL for VMware Knowledge Base Articles Enabling VT on Intel EM64T Systems for ESX Server 3 Poor performance: Windows NT virtual disk on SMP host machines Do I need to update VMware Server or Workstation with a daylight-saving time (DST) patch? Change Service Console Firewall Configuration After Installing Backup Agents Recovery of a Missing Volume after Meta LUN Expansion of an Aligned VMFS Volume through Management Interface Discovery Process for iSCSI Software Initiator Appears to Hang ESX Server ESX does not support 2 terabyte LUN sizes Installing VMware Tools http://www.1. Python. XFree86 Security Update Installing Windows 2000 in a Virtual Machine ESX Server 3. and OpenSSH Security Fixes Some Objects Are Visible Prior to Logon in 1. Patch ESX-3069097: OpenSSL.0. 2010.0.0.0) with JDK Versions Prior to JDK to 2.

0.iso not found" Error Message Installing Red Hat 7.18 Kernel Erroneously Loading SuSE Linux Modules on Linux Host Blue Screen Errors after Installing VMware Tools Installation of Lab Manager Server Returns Error Message.2.x manual uninstall (Windows hosts) Determining VMware Software Version and Build Number ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-3996003: Daylight Savings Time for Western Australia.1 Hosts Using VMotion Using Parallel Ports in a Virtual Machine ESX Server 3.0.x to 2.1.0 in a Virtual Machine Configuring Active Directory authentication for ESX USB Devices Are Not Available on Some Linux hosts.0 Using 4G Brocade Switch Version stop: failed -. 17:49 .0. the VM > Removable Devices > USB Devices Menu Is Empty Console OS (Service Console) lockups/VM shutdowns Programming API Might Crash if Client Calls VixHost_Disconnect( ) Twice Error: "not in gzip format" or Error: "Hmm.NoPermission Daylight Savings Time Change for Western Australia "akautocf.4 Causes Failover to Fail on ESX Server Systems VMware Workstation User Interface Features and Overview Some USB Devices Fail During ESX Server Installation Programming API Does Not Always Report Failure of VixVM_CopyFileFromGuestToHost( ) Using Dynamic disks as RAW disks Cannot Remember VMware Web Site Password VMotion between Rev E and Rev F AMD CPUs fails ESX Server Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 Script Generates "Failed to Upgrade" Error Messages Do Not Use Symbolic Path Link Names in the Programming API Error INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE (Raw Disk) [Archived] Cannot present more than one LUN at a time to an ESX host Guest Kernel Reports a Fault When I Run Solaris 10 GA or Solaris 10 U1 in a SMP Virtual Machine ESX Server 3.x Hosts to ESX Server 3.0. Patch ESX-3496682: Syscall Update Upgrade. "No valid NIC cards" Error 1720 occurs during install Inaccessible CD-ROM in DOS Virtual Machine Recovering Virtual Machine Templates Lost in a VirtualCenter Upgrade Error: "(USER) no log file/Panic without a VM" HP System BSODs after being P2V'd http://www.are you running a virtual machine?" 2. Database Upgrades Fail if the 1.0.. Patch ESX-3713510: Invalid MAC Address Can Cause ESX Server Host Crash Performance Not Confirmed for Virtual Machines Hosted on a Linux NAS Appliance Using NFS EMC AX150i iSCSI LUNs seen as snapshots on ESX hosts VMware Workstation 1.x Archived Manual and Troubleshooting Notes Viewing Storage Page Yields "Object Reference not set to an instance of the Object" Message Bidirectional Parallel Port Behavior and Usage (Linux Hosts) Manually uninstalling on Linux hosts Adding a host to VirtualCenter fails with a general system error or vim. Patch ESX-392718: Security Fix For Buffer Overflow Issue VI3 Virtual Machines Are Not Able to Use the Floppy Host Device of /dev/fd0 when Using the USB Floppy ESX Server Installation Fails When a Root Partition of 100GB or Larger Is Specified Installing GSX Server on a Slackware Host Deploying a virtual machine from template times out with an error gcc Errors on Slackware 4..0/SMP Host Programming API VixHost_FindItems( ) Returns Lowercase Path Names for Virtual Machines on Windows Hosts ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-3416571: Security Fix For Buffer Overflow Issue Auto-Upgrading Tools in NetWare Virtual Machines Produces Errors When Upgrading from VirtualCenter 1.0. 2010.gronau.0.Cannot Add or Remove Devices in a Virtual Machine that has a Virtual Disk Created with P2V Assistant Controling log file rotation and working around the lack of a /var partition VMotion fails with virtual machines located on LUSE LUNs on HDS TagmaStore USP/NSC arrays Supported Guest Operating Systems List ESX Server 3.fault. Brazil. this doesn't look like a tar archive" when Unpacking Workstation 3.1.x System Has Both an MSDE Database and a Production Database Converting a virtual disk into a Raw Device Mapping Programming API Returns Undefined Error Code in Some Situations RDM Virtual Machines Show as VMFS Virtual Machines After Being Migrated from ESX Server 2.0.1. Patch ESX-3616065: Third Party Code Library Security Update Keyboard Mapping Explained (Linux Hosts Only) Exception Vmomi Fault SystemError when Selecting Performance Tab on VI Client 2. and Canada Error: "You must be root to install the GSX Server software" Error: ".0.

0 with SMP HAL Installation failure on Dell 1650 and 2650 servers Using XFree86 4.gronau. VMware Player.0 Fails to Display Controller Information Changing VMware Tools Options Affects all Virtual Machines 64-bit Virtual Machine on a 32-bit Host Powers On with No Warning Older Versions of Nikon Capture Editor Might Crash Workstation Host or Virtual Machine vmware-hostd Uses a Lot of CPU or Has Generated a Core Dump on ESX Server 3 Misleading timeout errors occur when rescanning iSCSI storage adapters Performance data shows zero utilization vmkpcidivy Command May Not Preserve Custom Options in /etc/vmware/hwconfig File Migration from VMware Server Back to GSX Server or ESX Server Has Restrictions IDE Raw Disk Boot Failures on GSX Linux Host Machines ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-4197945: Security Fix For Buffer Overflow Issue Troubleshooting the VMware Consolidated Backup error Backup snapshot already exists Mouse Tracking Problems after Installing VMware Tools Problems Suspending Windows 98 and Windows 95 Guest Operating Systems Connecting to ESX hosts from VirtualCenter after an upgrade fails with the error: Failed to install the VirtualCenter agent service [archived] VMFS3 partition cannot be created using VMware Infrastructure Client to a local disk Networking Does Not Work in Workstation.0. Patch ESX-4809553: Security Updates.x Hosts Shown as Disconnected after Upgrading VirtualCenter Server 2.x in a Linux Virtual Machine VMotion CPU Compatibility.x 64-bit Linux Host Doesn't Install 32-bit Compatibility Libraries by Default Solaris 10 Guests with SMP May Hang When Powering On Misdetected Network Driver on a Mandrake 7. Updates to Monitor SVGA Driver Install Problems on a Windows 98 RAW Disk Port already in use when installing VirtualCenter ESX Server 3. 2010.0.0. Hangs/Shutdowns while Installing a Windows 2000 Guest Operating System Collecting diagnostic information for VMware Lab Manager 2.lic file too long Dell OpenManage 5. default gateway. and hostname of the Service Console in ESX Powering on More Than 16 Virtual Machines Concurrently Through VI Client Is Very Slow VMotion Might Fail on ESX Server 2.2 Guest Operating System Windows 95 Setup Fails to Copy Networking Files Do Not Edit Legacy Virtual Machine on a Network Drive Using VMware Server Console on a Remote Client EIDE ATAPI Iomega Zip Drive Does Not Work in a Virtual Machine Performance Collection on Windows XP systems may not gather Processor or Memory Metrics which are required for Consolidation Scenarios EIDE ATAPI Iomega Zip on Dual-boot Windows 95 or Windows 98 Virtual Machine Unexpected Exit During Windows 95 Guest Operating System Installation Long Pauses Related to CD-ROM Drive Activity Adjusting CPU Resources Through the Management Interface Fails for a Virtual Machine with a Slash Character in Its Display Name MS-DOS Performance Problems with EMM386 Turned On SLES 10 Linux Guest Operating Systems Can Cause Poor Networking Performance in Virtual Machines Idle Loop Detection causing Windows 2000 SP4 virtual machine to lose time. and Intel Dempsey (and subsequent) Processors Network Errors after Copying a Virtual Machine Running GSX Server over a Network ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-4921691: Security Fix For Buffer Overflow Issue Finding the Publish Date of a Knowledge Base Article Host X Server Crashes when Powering On Virtual Machine Problems Using Pseudocolor (8 bit. PERF_MSR Extended-Feature Bit.VixVM_Delete( ) on Released Virtual Machine Handle Hangs and Incorrectly Deletes the Virtual Machine ESX Server Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February. 256 color) Displays http://www.0. Patch ESX-4825991: Update to the ESX Server Service Console Operating System Network Interface (vswif) Boot Failure on a Windows NT 4.4 Patch 2 and Higher when Virtual Machines Have Virtual Floppy or CDROM Devices Pointing to Incorrectly Specified Image Files SCSI Reservation Issue with Fibre Channel HBAs SIDgen Generates Error Because Of Account Access to Folders Programming API Can Crash Due to Power Off or Power On of Virtual Machine ESX Server 3.x Programming API VixVM_Open( ) Function Leaks Memory Enabling server-certificate verification for Virtual Infrastructure Clients lmgrd fails to start if path to . 17:49 .0.5.0. or VMware Server Virtual Machines Running on Mandriva Linux 2006 64-Bit Hosts "Unknown error (0x80005000)" occurs when you log on using LDAP Active Directory Changing the IP address.1.0.0.

Seen in Flash SWF File http://www. Patch ESX-5885387: Security Update for gzip Vulnerability Security Response to CVE-2003-0693. RHEL4 U4.1. Patch ESX-5095559: 64-Bit Windows Guest Security Issue. NEC Storage Devices Tools Install Remains Enabled After Guest Shutdown ESX Server Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.0.1. Patch ESX-5140477: Security Issues Authenticating SSL Certificates for Mouse.Org 7. Patch Bundle ESX-5754280: Buffer Overflow Security Issue Required permissions for VCB backup and restore operations Error: "Ordinal Not Found: The ordinal 6880 could not be located in the dynamic link library MFC42. 17:49 . Keyboard and Screen Connections International Keyboard Configuration on a Linux Host Japanese Keyboards on Linux Hosts: Some Keystrokes are Not Working Erratic Pointer Movement in Full-Screen Mode on Linux Hosts Customizing Red Hat Enterprise 4 virtual machines in VirtualCenter Some Performance Data Is Not Displayed After VirtualCenter Upgrade Serial Port Performance Problems on a Linux Host How do I install VMware Tools in a Linux virtual machine on ESX 3.DLL.x? When You Use VI Web Access with Internet Explorer.0. Patch ESX-55052: Security Issue With Tools Provided With ESX Server Undeploy or Checkout Takes a Long Time SDK Managed Object Browser Finding the Document ID of a Knowledge Base Article Mouse Does Not Function Properly in Linux Guests That Use X.1. Patch ESX-4969507: Time Zone Update Mechanism and Time Zone Rules Update Error: "Your X11 server lacks DPMS support.ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-5031800: Security Update to Prevent Overwriting of Arbitrary Files Changing the Owner of a Lab Manager Template or Configuration Changing the MAC Address of a Virtual Machine VMware Registration Service May Crash when Selecting Disk Device of Imported VMC or SV2I Virtual Machine Boot Information Is Lost If MBR Location Is Changed During Upgrade ESX Server 3. a Warning Doesn't Display when You Perform Power On Operations Resulting in Error CD-ROM Drawer Unexpectedly Closing (Linux Hosts) VixHost_UnregisterVM() Hangs after Failure to Open Virtual Machine Performance Data Is Not Available from VMware Infrastructure Client Low Network Throughput in Windows Guest when Running UDP Application Multiple Access to Same Partition Accessing Host Hardware in a Virtual Machine Host Running VMware Server Should Not Use Guest CD-ROM Drive to Point to ISO Image Systems running HP Insight Manager report continuous SNMP spurious entries in the Messages log Solaris 10 Virtual Machine Can't Find 64-Bit Kernel VMware Products in VI3 Starter. Standard and Enterprise Editions 32-Bit Virtual SMP Solaris Guest Operating Systems Become Unresponsive if You Execute Certain CPU Commands Preupgrade. Patch ESX-5497987: VMFS Locking Message.x System The VMware Management Interface May Become Inaccessible After Security Setting Changes ESX Server 3.0. Stored in Different Locations. Patch ESX-5011126: Security Fix For Buffer Overflow Issue ESX Server 3.0.1. Boot from Network If a Virtual Machine Has Two Disks with Identical File Names. You Cannot Delete a Snapshot of This Virtual Machine Security Response to CVE-2006-4980: Buffer Overflow in the repr() Function in Python RHEL5.0. Patch ESX-5874303: Update to the esxupdate Utility ESX Server 3.1.0. and SLES9 SP3 File Systems may Become Read-Only Host Crashes at Power on with Bridged Networking ESX Server 3.0. Patch ESX-5752668: Security Fix For Buffer Overflow Issue ESX Server 3.0." Error: "This program is not executable" Creating a Microsoft Windows Vista Beta Virtual Machine for Workstation Script Triggers a Warning When Run on ESX Server 3.0 Patch ESX-5465286: ESX Server System Crash During Virtual Machine Migration on AMD Opteron Servers Setting Performance Intervals to Less Than a Past Day ESX Server 3.0." Error: "The PCM sound device is not available (dev/dsp)" Error Message: "Couldn't Allocate DMA Buffer" ESX Server Migrating VirtualCenter to a different Server Problems When Suspending a Host Laptop with Running Virtual Machines Ctrl-Alt-Del Being Intercepted by Host and Guest Operating Systems (Windows Hosts) VMware ESX Server 3. 2010.1 or Higher ESX Server 3.0. OpenSSH Buffer Management Bug Advisory Security Response to CVE-2006-3918: Possible Cross-Site Scripting Exploit in Apache Using Expect Headers. VMware Tools Memory Leak. RHEL4 U3.

Install Error: "vmserverdWin32..1. Patch ESX-6657345: iSCSI Initiator Enhancements P2V Assistant 2.gronau.5 and 4.1. Patch ESX-6530518: OpenIPMI Driver Update Sound Driver Needed for 64-Bit Windows Guest Operating Systems The VirtualCenter Server service does not start after deploying or upgrading VirtualCenter Server with MS SQL 2005 Performance Data Is Not Displayed in VI Client Connected to VirtualCenter 2.2. Patch ESX-6075798: pcnet32 Loads Instead of vmxnet Administrator Can Delete Private Virtual Machine Created by Users Problem Booting a Linux Raw Disk: L 01 01 01 01 01 ESX Server 3.Entry Point Not Found.1.x Host Collecting diagnostic information for VMware ESX Server 2. Patch ESX-6704314: VMware System Files Security Issue.x Systems Troubleshooting Problems in GSX Server RPM Install Failures on Mandrake 8.0. Patch Bundle ESX-6431040: Security Fix For Buffer Overflow Issue VMFS Volume Can Be Erroneously Recognized as a Snapshot Down-Rev Version of VMware Scripting API Doesn&rsquo. Distributed vmfs Locking Might Not Work [Archived] I get the error "protocol negotiation failed" when attempting to mount a share on a Windows 2003 Server ESX Server 3..x System.exe . Host Operating System Resets when VMware Remote Console Is Used Acrobat Reader 5.2 Does Not Co-exist with Any VMware Product That Ships VIE Version 2.1.sys Error: "The host sound device is not available" PCI Card Installation and Removal Recommendation for ESX Server ESX Server 3.0 Won't Run in a Virtual Machine VMware Management Interface Display Problems ESX Server 3." While Booting an ESX Server 3.5.5 or Higher Console Window Crash when Powering On Virtual Machine on Windows XP Host Error: "vmware-serverd not running".1. instead of a LILO: prompt. 17:49 .0.0. 3.5.Virtual Machines Will Not Boot on Some ASUS Motherboards Bug Number 2293 Running GSX Server on an Abit BP6 Motherboard A virtual machine can freeze under load when you take quiesced snapshots or use custom quiescing scripts Security Response to XSec-06-05.t Work with ESX Server 3. "VMware 5.0.0. LUNs Become Temporarily Inaccessible After Upgrading the PERC 4 Firmware Japanese Windows 95 OSR2 Guest Operating System Hangs Loading Jdisp.1. Patch ESX-6050503: VI Client for Unisys 32-way Server Update and Sun X4200 M2 Server Management User Interface fails to add a Raw Disk Mapping on ESX 2.5. 3. "A file was not found" Windows Host Applications Resize when Full Screen is Used Improving Sound Performance in a Virtual Machine Cannot Play Sound in Some Applications After upgrade of VirtualCenter the Stacked Graph chart does not display virtual machine historical performance data Page Cannot Be Displayed Error Message Appears After Clicking Login to Web Access on ESX Server 3.1 for Windows arbitrary partition table delete issue" On ESX Server Systems with Multiple PERC 4 Controllers.0 Server after an Upgrade Starting Virtual Machines Automatically when the GSX Server for Linux Host Boots ESX Server Fails to Report NIC Events to the System Console VMware Tools on 64-bit Solaris 10 Guests Runs Only in Compatibility Mode. [Archived] Cannot Vmotion or cold migrate a SMP Virtual Machine Cloning a Diskless Virtual Machine Using VI Client Results in the Error Message.0 Host Install Error: "Another installation is in progress". X drivers Not Included Right-Clicking or Removing a Disconnected Host Generates Error Messages Microsoft SQL Server Service Pack Installation Problems How to FTP Files Larger Than 2GB Between ESX Server 1. 2010.Problem with Windows Installer Package Using VMware Products on a FreeBSD Host Failed or Interrupted VMotion with Storage Migration on ESX Server 3.0 Host Keyboard Malfunctions after Releasing Mouse Cursor Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 virtual machines do not detect more than 4GB of memory "Always on Top" Dialog Obscures Virtual Machine Window Changing the IP Address of the Lab Manager Server After Moving the Lab Manager Installation DirectInput Errors when Powering On a Virtual Machine Imation SuperDisk LS120 Not Working in a Virtual Machine Slow Floppy Performance Installing Windows 98 in a Virtual Machine [Archived] vcbSnapAll does not copy all VMs when run on ESX host ESX Server 3.x Systems Error 1720 Seen During Installation of Lab Manager Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February. VMware Tools Memory Leak %HB Meter Displays an Incorrect Reading [Archived] VCB Backups Might Fail when Directives are Enabled in Legato Networker Problems Launching VMware Remote Console from the VMware Management Interface Failure Connecting with 11 Remote Consoles http://www.x ESX Server 3.0.

DNS and Other Network Settings Might Not Be Maintained on New Virtual Machines Customized with a Static IP Mounting CD-ROM Generates Error Message.1 Guest Operating System Installation Problems Starting X in a SuSE Linux 7.1. installing certain 64-Bit Windows operating systems in virtual machine causes virtual machine to crash Virtual Machine Performance Problems Interactions with Host Screen Savers Error: "X server doesn't support XKEYBOARD or XTEST" ESX Server 3.\VMnet0 does not exist" on a Windows Server 2003 Host Renaming the virtual machine disk file Error Message.99 of the Xorg X Windows System [Archived] New SAN not seen by ESX Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February. 2010. "EXT2-fs warning: maximal mount count reached.0. Patch ESX-6921838: Add support to the SDK for the removal and resizing of virtual disks Cannot Retrieve Real MAC Address of Physical Network Adapter with VMware Infrastructure SDK VMware User Not Created during GSX Server Installation Error: "TheVMware Authorization Service is not running" PCMCIA Devices in a Virtual Machine GSX Server Error: "<VirtualMachineName>.1.2007 Canada Daylight Saving Time (DST) Extension Problems Finding the VMware Remote Console Log File Systems Hang when Booting in VMkernel Mode After Adding New Host Bus Adapter Shared Folders Don't Appear on Virtual Machines Running Red Hat Linux and SELinux Lockup/Reboot Loop During a Windows 2000 Guest Operating System Installation Black Screen during SuSE Linux 7.0.0. PowerNow.x Hosts Become Unresponsive While Multiple Clone. or Power Operations Are Executed http://www. Patch ESX-6856573: Syscall Update Error: "Unknown serial type tty" Cannot Hibernate When Virtual Machines are Running Problems Running VMware GSX Server Using Remote Desktop or Terminal Services On Intel Woodcrest-Based Hosts. Patch ESX-7281356: Time Zone Update Mechanism and Time Zone Rules Update ESX Server 3. 17:49 .0. or Cool'n'Quiet on the Host to a Constant Speed Editing template customization specifications IDE ATAPI Zip Drives Not Working in a Virtual Machine Host Laptop Hangs at Virtual Machine Power On ESX Server 3.1 Guest Operating System Failed Xwindows Startup During Netware 6 Installation Serial port performance lag (Linux hosts) Error: "Floppy will start disconnected" Connectivity issues with VMware Infrastructure Client after changing VirtualCenter and Web Service default ports AMD PCnet Family Ethernet Driver Fails in a Windows NT Guest OS Error: "The device \\. Subnet Mask. Patch ESX-7104553: 64-Bit Windows Guest Security Issue. unless ESX server is rebooted Permissions Error on Windows Guest File Produces Incorrect Error Report Locking SpeedStep.0. VMware Tools Memory Leak. Migrate.0. "Bad Superblock" Frame Buffer Error During Virtual Machine Resume You Cannot Navigate to a Virtual Machine Using Web Access while the Virtual Machine is Being Deployed or Cloned License Server Directory Support for Simplified License Management Programming API Incorrectly Powers on Virtual Machine without Execute Permission [Archived] Moving a virtual machine from one ESX host to another without VMotion Linux Guest Operating System (SMP Linux Host only) Performance Problems ESX Server 3. running e2fsck is recommended" Incorrect List of Network Cards During VMware GSX Server Installation P2V Assistant Fails to Reconfigure an Imported Virtual Machine Slow Network Performance when Using Windows Browsing on the Host Scripting API Memory Utilization Continues to Increase when Repetitively Retrieving Performance Statistics ESX Server 3.8.1. "Not enough licenses installed to perform the operation" Error Message Security Response to CVE-2005-2177: Denial of Service Bug Found in the Way ucd-snmp Uses Network Stream Upgrade Migration with VMotion Can Fail if CPU Utilization or I/O Load on a Virtual Machine or Host System Are Too Heavy Manually Uninstalling GSX Server on Linux Hosts Gateway.gronau.0. Boot From Network Cannot Power on Virtual Machines.0. Patch ESX-7052426: Security Fix For Buffer Overflow Issue Fit Guest to Window and Full Screen Options Corrupt Display on Mandriva Linux 2006 Guests Running Version 6.cfg Command not found" USB Errors on Linux Hosts Host X Server Dies when Windows 2000 Guest Operating System Is Shut Down Non-English regional settings cause errors Virtual Machine Uses Wrong NIC Type after Changing from 64-Bit to 32-Bit Guest Operating System ESX Server 3.

x to ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-7408807: Server Stops Responding During Boot With Missing Disks In RAID1 Configurations Booting from RAW Disk Supported Only on IDE Drives Database Upgrade Fails Due to Insufficient Disk Space Problems Running DirectDraw/DirectX Graphics Problems Running Direct3D Graphics Applications GSX Server Interactions with Windows Host Screen Savers RPM Version Numbers from CD and Tarball Upgrades Don't Match Changing Screen Resolution in a Linux Guest Operating System Failed Power On of Virtual Machines on Dual Monitor Linux Host Cannot open Virtual Machine Console Running in Full Screen Mode on a Dual Monitor Linux Host Full Screen Toolbar Button Fails to Work Running an X Server Other than Xfree86 Problems Running in Full Screen Mode on a Linux Host Data Collection fails with error "Not enough server storage is available to process this command" on Windows NT Licensing ESX Server 2 and ESX Server 3 Mixed Environments Mouse Pointer Disappears on Solaris 10 Virtual Machines with Xsun Error: "The PCM sound device is not available (dev/dsp Device or resource busy)" ESX Server 3.Incompatible device backing specified for device &lsquo.0.1.0 Guest Operating System Security Response to BugTraq 284020: VMware Authd Buffer Overflow Vulnerability Installing the VMware Authorization Service Patch for GSX Server 2.Page Fault and Reboot Installing VMware Tools in a FreeBSD Guest OS Virtual Machines Unexpectedly Reboot after Issuing the "mgmt-vmware restart" Command ESX Server 3. CD-RW or Multisession Media in a Virtual Machine Using Bridged Networking with a Wireless NIC Improving Network Performance in a Windows Virtual Machine Random Network Disconnections in a Virtual Machine Reconfiguring Host-Only Networking Due to an IP Address Conflict (Windows Hosts) Error: "No host-only support seems to be installed" Problems Communicating with the Host using Host-Only Networking Error &ldquo. 2010.gronau.0 Virtual Machine Intellimouse Not Recognized in a Guest Operating System X Server Performance Counters Used to Generate the Disk I/O Value in Consolidation Scenarios Unable to Switch to Full Screen Mode in Workstation on Linux Hosts That Use Kernel Frame Buffer Accessing Winmodems and Winprinters on Linux Hosts Installing Applications from Multiple CD Discs Problems Writing to CD-R or CD-RW Media Problems with CD Autorun on the Host Operating System In VMware Player for Windows. Patch ESX-7780490: Security Fix For Buffer Overflow Issue Error "Bad Handle 0x7B4. Patch ESX-7557441: Unexpected Reboot of Virtual Machines Configured to Automatically Start or Stop Error: "The PCM sound device is not available (dev/dsp: [other error])" Non-Ethernet Network Interface Cards in a Virtual Machine Cannot Read DVD.1. Changing a Virtual Machine's Network Type Does Not Work ESX Server 3.0&rsquo. Patch ESX-7737432: Security Fix For Buffer Overflow Issue Problems Using Some USB Devices in a Virtual Machine Improving Virtual Machine Performance Problems Starting Acrobat Reader 5.1.&rdquo.0.1.0. 17:49 .0. aacraid_esx30 Driver Update To Fix /proc Node Panic Cannot Find the VMware Tools CD Printing Knowledge Base Articles Dell OpenManage 5.0 Reports Unexpected Sense Event Logs Changes in software and hardware iSCSI configurations require you to reboot your host VI Web Access Sometimes Does Not Display the Full Contents of the Summary Tab in Internet Explorer Error: Unknown serial type tty ESX Server 3.0.0 Guest OS Across Multiple Disks Formatting/Using Large Virtual Disks in a Windows 95 Guest Operating System Failing Suspend/Resume Scripts in a Turbolinux Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.0 for Windows http://www.0 in a Windows Guest Operating System VMware Converter Import or Other Options Are Unavailable ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-7302867: Panic After Removing USB Drive. when Attempting to Attach Virtual Disk Created by P2V Assistant 2.1. the handle is invalid" Occurs While Accessing Virtual Machine Consoles on Vista Enlarged Console Window Borders when Running at 8-bit Color Problems Starting Management Interface on a Debian Host Operating System The vmxnet Driver Is Not Installed if the vlance Driver Is Selected When vmware-tools Is Installed Problems Installing Windows NT 4.0.

0. OpenSSH Vulnerability Report Upgrading VMware GSX Server Moving the VirtualCenter SQL Database Memory Errors on Hosts with More than 4 GB of RAM VMotion fails if source and target ESX Hosts cannot resolve the other's hostname Memory Errors on Hosts with More than 2 GB of RAM ESX Server 3.2.x Service Console NIC Assignment . Virtual Machine Files Contain Certain Non-ISO-Latin-1 Characters CGI Error or Blank Page when Clicking More Info in VMware Management Interface Certain Latin Characters in Virtual Machine File Names Do Not Display Properly in VMware Management Interface ESX Server 3.0 RDM Creation Using Command Line Fails Security Response to CA-2002-23: Installing OpenSSL Patch to Correct Vulnerabilities in VMware GSX Server 2.0.1. Patch ESX-8173580: Service console crash with Dell OpenManage.0" [Archived] Suse 9 templates break networking Scripted Installation Prompts for Keyboard and Language Selections Number of virtual machines that can be run simultaneously in VMware Worksation Problems Connecting a Virtual Floppy Drive when Norton Antivirus is Running on the Host ESX Server 3.0 and 2.1.996 CPU0:1024)PCI: 1650: failed 4 000:08.0 Patch 8005537 Installs OpenIPMI Drivers Unable to Log In to VMware Management Interface Using Non-Latin Characters ESX Server 3.Can't Associate Network Card with Service Console License Server Writes Log Data to User Directory VMware Management Interface Pages Display Incorrectly or Return CGI Error.0.0. Crash when using NFS volumes ESX Server 3. Connection lost" or "VM_E_DISCONNECT" Error when Accessing VMware Management Interface Changing MBR in a Scripted Upgrade Produces an Anaconda Exception [Archived] VMotion issue WARNING: Migrate: 323: Bind failed VMware Management Interface Login Does Not Display on a Windows Server 2003 Host Managed Server Installation Requirement for No Virtual Machines Deployed VirtualCenter Web Service Error Message.x to GSX Server 1.0. Patch ESX-8174018 : Security Fix For Buffer Overflow Issue Enabling Autorun on a host Log Rotation and Logging Options for vmware. Patch ESX-8253547: GCC Security Update ESX Server 3."Error .x Segmentation Fault Error When Launching Local Console on VMware GSX Server for Linux Host Upgrade to VC 2 and VI client unable to connect Windows Protection Error in Windows 95 Virtual Machine on Certain Host Processors ESX Server 3.x Hosts Managed by VirtualCenter 2.x kernels) Hangs When Booting Setting Network Adapter Speed in ESX Server Windows Me or Windows 98 Guest Operating System Hangs When Command Prompt is Open Registered Virtual Machines Do Not Appear after Downgrading from VMware GSX Server 2. 2010. Virtual Machine Files Contain Certain Latin Characters Unable to Create or Delete Virtual Machines from VMware Management Interface. Upgrade Terminated Abnormally Possible Hardware Fault .2 Guest Operating Systems Report the Error: "ERROR: Interface is not available" Error: "Operating system not found" when Powering on a Migrated GSX Server Virtual Machine Linux Guest Operating System (Running Most Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February. OpenSSH Remote Client Address Restriction Circumvention VMware Remote Console Toolbar Buttons or Menus Disappear http://www. 17:49 .1 Problems Finding Network Card after Booting with a Norton Ghost Boot Floppy Bridged Networking Not Working with Teamed NICs Windows Guest With Host-Only Networking Cannot Access Host Configured With Firewall Cannot Install Oracle 8i in Virtual Machine ESX Server 3."0:00:00:12.0. Patch ESX-8258730: Security Updates. Updates to Monitor and LSI Logic SCSI Emulator Driver How to Clone a Windows 2000 or 2003 Virtual Machine Error: "serial0: Unable to open the "COM10" serial port: The system cannot find the file specified" Security Response to CVE-2003-0386. "Could not Verify this Certificate because it has Expired" Security Response to CA-2002-23: OpenSSL Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities Security Response to CA-2002-18.0.log Upgrade Migration of a Virtual Machine Can Create a Duplicate RDM Prompted to Save XVM File When Launching VMware Remote Console from VMware Management Interface UNIX Terminal successfully stores the SSH keys but Data Collection fails with an error about SSH keys not being stored Unable to Start Virtual Machine on ESX Server 2. Patch ESX-8095896: Crash when running with Dell OpenManage 5 with a QLogic Fiber Channel controller Virtual Machines Running SuSE Linux 9.Not Connected.

5.0.2 (ccagent Is Running Instead of serverd) Guest Operating System Reports 10Mbps Speed when Host Adapter is 100Mbps or Higher ESX Server 3.0 Enabling Log Rotation for Virtual Machine Logs Error: "Internal error 2336. 2010.5.x autorun Installer Generic SCSI Device Access Problems or Input/Output (I/O) Errors Error: "Bug 3419" when Starting Virtual Machine Enabling root SSH login on an ESX host Windows 9x/ME Guests with VMware Tools Installed No Longer Suspends Using Windows Power Management "Manage Virtual Networks" Not Available on Windows NT Hosts VMotion Failure of Virtual Machines Located on LUSE LUNs on HP XP 10000 and 12000 Repairing the Capacity Planner Collector's Database Configuring Linux Host for Optimal Performance and Virtual Machine Stability Unsigned Network Driver Messages After Upgrading from ESX Server 2.0 or an Updated Red Hat Linux 7.0 Mouse Does Not Function During Installation Issues with VMware Modules on a Red Hat Linux 7.3 Host USB 2.dam Virus Serverd on VMware Server (Windows) Crashes if Datastore Path Is More Than 247 Characters Unable to Create Virtual Disk on a Mapped Network Drive Security Response: Security Information for ESX Server 1.0 Cannot Connect to AS/400 after Workstation 3.x Multiple Virtual Machines Slow to Resume http://www.NET Takes a Long Time to Instantiate the VimService Class ESX Server 2. You May See the "System Restart" Dialog Box Host Computer Hangs when NetWare Client and Workstation Are Installed Migration Upgrade with VMotion Supports Upgrades Only from Specific Versions of ESX Server 2. Daylight-Saving Time (DST) Extension Determining if servers are excluded from data collection on the Collector Running VMware Software on a Red Hat Linux 8.x to ESX Server 3.0. Patch ESX-8567382: GDB Security Update P2V Assistant Support with ESX Server 3.5.x System after Modifying the Starting Sector of a Partition Removing ccagent from ESX Server 2.gronau.0 is Enabled in the BIOS Virus Scanning Software Incorrectly Claims VMware GSX Server for Windows Contains W32/Insane.4 Installation Fails when USB 2.1.5. CPU Hyperthreading Might Appear to Become Disabled When Performing Certain Operations in the Web Access GUI's CD/DVD Configuration Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.1.x Scripted Installation on SCSI Controllers with cciss Driver.2 Novell NetWare 5.5.x and below Modifying the ESX Server Device Allocation from the Console OS (Service Console) Possible Hardware Problems with Dell PowerEdge 1400SC and 2450 May Lead to ESX and GSX Server Instability Data collection fails with error runtime 481 .1 Installation Fails on Pentium 4 Hardware Using the VMware Knowledge Base Unable to VMotion a SMP virtual machine after upgrading from Starter Edition Configuring FAStT Storage for Failover and Multipath Visibility Cannot See Network During Installation on Servers with Broadcom BCM5700 10/100/1000 NIC Virtual Machines Deployed from Templates Loses BIOS Settings Kernel Panic with Emulex 7000/8000/9000 card while installing ESX 1.S.Forcing a filesystem check for EXT3 Testing the Physical Memory of the Host or Console Hardware X Server Does Not Start in SLES7 Guest Operating System Using the VMware Management Interface with Mozilla Firefox Browser May Cause Problems Guest Does Not See CD Drive Set for Raw Access on Linux Host No Splash Screen for VirtualCenter 2.x Rescan SAN on ESX Server 2. 17:49 .2 Install During an ESX Server 3."Invalid Picture" Using Citrix MetaFrame XP in a Windows 2000 Virtual Machine 2007 U.x Failed Detection of some E1000 NIC Cards During vmkernel Assignment Event log error when attempting to start a virtual machine How to Automate the Process of Starting and Stopping Virtual Machines on ESX Server X Server on Host Computer Dies after Windows 2000 Guest Shuts Down Preferred or Active Path Cannot Be Changed when There Is Heavy I/O on the LUN Sound on Windows Host Computer Shows Unexpected Behavior Setting the Queue Depth for an Emulex HBA on ESX Server 3. 5:" Installing VMware Workstation 3.0. VMFS3 Volumes Might Not Be Correctly Created The "Connect Exclusively to this Virtual Machine" Option Does Not Appear on the VI Web Access CD/DVD Configuration Screen VMware SVGA Driver does not Install in a Windows Server 2003 Guest Operating System Windows Server 2003 Guest Operating System Installation Fails Changing the Host Name of a Machine Running ESX Server 2.3 Host with a BIGMEM Kernel .

FC 7. "VMware ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow Vulnerability" IBM xSeries 235 Server Host Running Red Hat Linux 7. 2010. Patch ESX-9239363: Add support to the SDK for the removal and resizing of virtual disks Error "bugNr=2293" Appears or Host Machine Resets When I Use SoftICE (Windows) WinDbg (Windows 64-Bit). .5 Bridged Networking Not Working with Teamed Broadcom NICs Customizing the ESX Server Banner Page Can Red Hat Hugemem Kernel Be Used in ESX Server Guest Operating Systems? Using DHCP on the Console OS (Service Console) VI Client Displays a Spurious Error Message when Configuring NICs Installed on High PCI Bus Numbers Installing when SAN Devices Are Connected to a QLogic Host Bus Adapter Using a Custom SSL Port When Accessing Lab Manager How to Combine FLEXlm License Files Moving Virtual Disks to or from ESX Server Application Hangs or Crashes in Virtual Machine SNMP Traps about Virtual Machine State Not Being Sent Security Response to CVE-2005-3273 and CVE-2006-2444 Best Practices for Disk Allocation within VMware ESX Server 1. OProfile (Linux). 8.x Fails to Boot Due to Bad Partition Table Disabling the Windows Logon Screen Saver Virtual Machine Panics with Bug Number 10095 or 1319 ESX Server 3.0.2 guest OS Creating a Partition Out of Left-Over Drive Space After ESX Server Is Installed Mounting VMFS File Systems on the Console Operating System Core Dump When Installing Service Pack in Windows NT Guest Operating System Cursor Appears in Windows Server 2003 Virtual Machine after Mouse is Ungrabbed Security Response to OpenSSL 20030219: Vulnerability to OpenSSL Timing-based Attacks in VMware Server Products A Virtual Disk Created in P2V Assistant Provokes a "Incompatible device . .4 or 2.1.gronau.0.vmx File on ESX Server Is Overwritten when Virtual Machine Is Powered Up in VirtualCenter Server Changing the Temp Variable on a Windows Host Upload of ISO to Media Is Not Working Checking for VMware SCSI Driver Enabling Logging for the VMware Authorization Service ESX Server 3. ESX Server 2.x Cloning an ESX Server Virtual Machine GSX Server Reports Wrong Amount of Memory Configuring a Virtual Machine to be Accessed by Remote Display Software. or NMI Watchdog (Linux) VixVM_Open( ) On an Unregistered Virtual Machine Can Cause Problems Expanding Volumes in GSX Server Where to get drivers for the IBM serve/raid 5i Searching the VMware Knowledge Base After Installation. Patch ESX-9287937: LSI MPT SAS Driver Update GSX Server License Required for Host with Hyper-Threaded Processors Queued Legacy Template Upgrades Block Subsequent Tasks from Running Mis-identified NIC on Mandrake 7. http://www.5.x Windows Host Operating System Hangs When Powering On Virtual Machine CPUID Feature Bit Warning when Powering on a Virtual Machine Error: "Logon User Interface DLL msgina.3 Hangs ESX Server Installation on an IBM x440 16-way Server Hardware Cold migration fails with the error: Incompatible device backing specified for device Installing GSX Server on a Non-Server Windows Host Operating System Virtual Machine Fails at Boot Up with "WORKER_THREAD_RETURNED_AT_BAD_IRQL" Message SMP System Showing One CPU when Multiple CPUs Are Present RHEL 5.dll failed to load" Security Response to Bugtraq 19732. or SLES 8 Hosts Virtual machine seems slow when running a particular program (Clock Issue) Booting into Maintenance Mode for IBM x460 with ESX Server 2. Cannot Power On Virtual Machine.0. 17:49 . and CentOS 5 Guests Installed with Virtualization Affects Performance of Virtual Machine System Clocks Running at a Slower Speed in the Guest Operating System VMware Tools Fails to Install or Upgrade in a Windows Guest Operating System Static MAC Address Set in .it Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.5.IP Address of Linux Guest Shown as "Unknown" in the VMware Management Interface ESX Server 3. Unable to Reserve Enough Memory Installing ESX Server on a 16-way IBM xSeries 440 Cannot Power On Virtual Machines on SuSE Linux 8." Message in ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-8852210: Security Fix For Buffer Overflow Issue Software iSCSI cannot find targets Copy / Paste with Management User Interface Causes Corruption.

Raise LVM Maximum Heap Size http://www. Windows 9x or DOS Guest Installation of Lab Manager Managed Server Might Fail When /vmimages/labmanager Directory Exists Legacy Emulation for DVD and CD Drives Creating CDs with Nero Burning ROM Using the Intended Task Bar with Windows Host and a Guest in Full Screen Mode Booting from the NetWare Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.0.0. Patch ESX-9865995: Storage Array Update.1 Issues with Certain Norwegian Locales Reverting to Snapshots of Virtual Machines with Hot-Added RDM Virtual Disks in Physical or Virtual Mode Causes Virtual Machines to Hang HHCTRL. Mandriva. Red Hat Linux 9.0.3 Graphical Installer Hangs ESX Server 3.0.0 database running on Oracle Virtual machine stalls during SuSE Linux 9.0 Installation CD Resolving Conflict between Shared Folder and Mapped Network Drive ESX Server Fails to Discover Any LUNs when More Than 129 LUNs Are Presented to the iSCSI Initiator Using Full Screen Mode on a Linux Host with Certain Display Adapters Editing NAT and DHCP Configuration Files on a Windows Host Restricting Use of Certain Features Windows Raw Disk Guest Operating System Boot Failure Ensuring that Memory Limits Settings Are Applied ESX Server 3. 2010. and Sun Java Desktop virtual machines Write Protecting a Floppy Image (.flp) File Preventing the Virtual Machine from Changing Host Volume System Requirements for VMware Products Virtual Machines Power Off After Logging Off GSX Server Host or Terminal Services Session Windows Protection Error while Installing Windows 98 in a Virtual Machine Virtual Machine Can't Load Operating System or Exhibits Other Problems After Setting Its Memory Allocation Lower Than the Recommended Value Using a Two Processor License on a Four Processor GSX Server Host VMware Server RPM Installation Modified the /etc/services File Security Context on SE Linux ESX Server 3. Patch ESX-9716732: Daylight Savings Time for Brazil.OCX Error when Viewing VMware In-Product Help Some Windows Programs Don't Run with Fit Guest to Window Connecting USB devices to VMware Lab Manager virtual machines Installing VMware Tools when Upgrading a Legacy Virtual Machine with Nonpersistent Mode Disks Upgrading an Older Virtual Machine when it has Mixed Disk Modes Getting a DHCP address in a Red Hat Enterprise Linux.1. 8.1 installation Error in Firewall Configuration File for Veritas NetBackup Causes Communication Failure Between Veritas NetBackup and Service Console Retry on Read Error Vmrun upgradevm Command Requires User to Confirm Upgrade Booting Linux RAW disks results in L 01 01 01 01 Shared Folder Not Visible in Windows Me.0.Segmentation Fault while installing Turbo Linux 4. 17:49 .0 Microsoft Clustering Using Virtual Guest Tagging (VGT) Enabling Debug Mode in your GSX Server and Workstation Virtual Machines Querying the VMware Tools State Before Starting the Virtual Machine Reports an Unrecognized Property Error Enabling the Debug Monitor in your ESX Server Virtual Machines Using Novell Clustering Services with NetWare Virtual Machines Resignaturing VMFS3 volumes from VMware Infrastructure Client Page Cannot Be Displayed Error Occurs When Attempting to Access Lab Manager After Installation Logging in to a Windows Server 2003 Guest Operating System Problem Opening Document in Shared Folder from Windows NT Guest Finding which version of ASP.Net is installed during a VMware vCenter Lab Manager installation Cannot initialize VirtualCenter 2.gronau. or Red Hat Advanced Server virtual machine Getting a DHCP address in a Mandrake.0.1 and 6.1. Western Australia and Canada VirtualCenter 2. and 8.1.2. Patch ESX-9617902: Security Fix For Buffer Overflow Issue Limiting iSCSI LUN Access Based on IP Address Does Not Work for Software iSCSI Exiting hung maintenance mode on ESX Server Upgrading to Workstation 4 when Workstation 3 License is Not Present Large I/Os Are Split into 64KB Units When Using LSILogic Driver Host Names in Inventory Are Case Sensitive to SDK Using the SoftICE Debugger in a Virtual Machine Error: "Detected 4 CPU's installed but only 1 running!" Choosing a Supported Processor for VMware Workstation 4 or Workstation 5 Cannot Suspend while Taking a Snapshot Cannot Upgrade VMware Tools in Windows 98 Guest Operating System Red Hat Linux 7.

it Powered by Joomla! Generiert: 5 February.vmware.0.0 Starter or Enterprise License Expiration Occurs on February 1. Patch ESX-9976400: Security Fix For Buffer Overflow Issue Upgrading Red Hat Linux Guest and VMware Tools [Archived] Cannot deploy template.0.0.1. OpenSSL.1.gronau. VC2. Patch ESX-9916286: Third Party Code Library Security Update Lab Manager Activity Log is Truncated Red Hat Linux 9. ESX2. 2010.jsp http://www. Patch ESX-9986131.5 ESX Server 3.Performance in Solaris 10 Guest Improves with Sun Patch Windows Update Packages Fail to Install in a Guest Operating System Upgrade of Legacy GSX Server or Workstation Templates Triggers an Error Message Remote Console Fails to Launch from Management Interface in Internet Explorer Access to Misconfigured Virtual Devices ESX Server 3. 17:49 .0. and OpenSSH Security Fixes Converter 3. 2007 Even After Production License Is Installed Total Docs: 6808 http://kb.0 Guest Runs Slowly or Issues INIT Errors Adding space to an ESX host virtual disk vmware-cmd fails to run with a Can't locate VMware/ error Using RAW Disks in ESX Server ESX Server Checks Out Multiple Licenses When Name Resolution is Misconfigured "Adapter type doesn't match the disk type" Error Message Missing Performance Statistics in Performance Graphs Configuring Workstation or GSX Server on a host with VPN ESX Server 3.

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