4shared Desktop v.3.2.3 We do advance in expansion of functionality and improving developments day by da y giving up-to-day possibilities to our users.

Speed up the routine process of uploading hundreds files to your account and mak e it much easier and handier with specially developed desktop tool 4shared Deskto p . Friendly well-known interface and perfect usability of 4shared Desktop will in crease productivity of your work and greatly lighten performance of tasks. This easy to use software is designed specifically to help manage multiple file uploa ds. Uploading files to your account and handling the upload process are very sim ple with following features: Upload files to certain folder Multiple files selection Browse files and folders of your account Drag and drop files Separate progress bar for each file Upload process statistics Get the download link of each file and go to the page by one click Create a new folder in your account System Requirements: Pentium II 350 MHz class CPU or faster 3 MB of disk space 128 MB of available RAM Active Internet Connection Recommended for Windows 2000/NT4/XP

How to install 4shared Desktop: 1. Click the link to download 4shared Desktop Installer 2. Double click on the downloaded file to run the setup program. 3. Follow the instruction of setup program to install 4shared Desktop User instruction about how to use 4shared Desktop: Login window. On this window you should fill in the login and password of your account that yo u were using during the registration to 4shared service. If you do not have 4sha red account you should click the Sign up now link at the bottom of the window to c reate a new account. Tick the Remember me check box if you want the application to remember the login a nd password and log in your account automatically when it starts. Once you felt in the fields click the Login button to open your account. If the lo gin or password is incorrect you will stay on this screen. In case you forgot yo ur password you should click the Forgot your password? link in the lower right cor ner of the Login window. Main window. After the program log in successfully and receive data of your account the main window is shown. There are following main controls: Folder Tree (shows you the folder structure of your account) List of files and folders (shows you the contents of selected folder) List of files for uploading (contains the files you wish to upload) Uploading files. Choose files for uploading simply by dragging them onto this screen or you can u se the Select Files button to locate the files on your computer that you wish to u pload.

Select the directory where you want to create a new folder. The Clear All button is used for deleting all files from the list. Once you clicked it you are prompted to enter a name of new folder. Fill in the name and click the OK butt on to complete creation. Simply click on a file in the list of files and folders to view its download lin k. Note: Alternatively you may use the "Main" menu to select or upload files. Getting the download link. In case you have any question or need other assistance. By clicking the Go button the download page of file will be opened in your Inte rnet browser. To open a folder simply click it in the folder tree or double click it in the list of files and folders. . or have problems or sugg estions concerning 4shared Desktop you can write to support@4shared.You can delete a file from the list of files for uploading by clicking on the Del ete icon at the end of the line or by pressing the Delete button on the keyboard af ter the file (or files) is selected. Tick the Clear list after upload check box if you wish to delete all files from th e lower list after finish of upload process. Click the Upload button to start the process. Once you chose the files they are ready for uploading. Select the directory where you want to upload files to. You can find the Create new folder button on the toolbar. You can also stop the upload process by clicking the Stop button in the lower righ t corner of the window during uploading. Folder creation. To open a folder sim ply click it in the folder tree or double click it in the list of files and fold ers.com or conta ct us using feedback form which you can open by selecting the Send Feedback in the Help menu.

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