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Published by: ankitasil on Sep 22, 2010
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Consumer Buying Behaviour

Presented to: Prof. Shannon Chavan - Roque

Bhavya Shetty ¶25·

Group Members

Ankita Kamble ¶12·

High Involvement & Low Involvement Products .


STEP 1: Problem Recognition .

STEP 2: Information Search .

STEP 3: Evaluation of Alternatives .

Step 4: Select a preferred alternative .

Step 5: Purchase decision .

Step 1: Problem Recognition Oh God!!! No Salt! .

Step 2: Purchase .


Diffusion of Innovation .


Deliberate Skeptical Respect Traditional Venturesome .

The new kid on the block Customer delight??? .

Well this is how exactly A delighted consumer Looks Like!!! .

Much Better than expected Delighted Loyal Perceived Service As expected Customer Satisfaction Expected Service Satisfied Vulnerable Worse/Different than expected Dissatisfied Walk & Talk .

A Case Study .Customer Delight .

Hence we learnt that« ‡ Customer delight is different from customer satisfaction ‡ It is everyone·s responsibility ‡ Delight makes repeat business easy ‡ Branding becomes strong ‡ Delight flows from engaged employees adrenaline ‡ Its not only about serving but it is also about gracefully serving and creating a WOW moment for the customer consistently .

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