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Bank of America.war Stories and Links

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Not getting help from Bank of America? Here is a special email form to get help today!

by Moe Bedard · 154 comments in Mortgage Servicers

Let’s see if they follow through with their loan modification promises???? Email Bank of America executives by clicking here Please join the Bank of America & Countrywide Home Loan Forumwith thousands of people just like you that you can share yopur story and hold B OF A accountable. Related Posts: • • • • • Barbara Desoer to take the helm at Bank of America? Bank of America Buys Countrywide for $4 Billion I feel for you, and I know how difficult dealing with COUTNRYWIDE can be Countrywide Home Retention Division Gives Single Mother a Great Loan Modification Ohio homeowner sues Bank of America

Tagged as: Bank of America, Bank of America home loans, Bank of America loan
modification { 154 comments… read them below or add one } 1 Jeremy September 20, 2009 at 11:06 am For over a year excuses from Countrywide and now Bank of America. Horrible they refuse to help me because I am not late on my payment a rep told me while laughing at me over the phone that I was just a number and my number isn’t up yet. Moe Bedard from LoanSafe.org sent you and that you will share your story on 2 jessica September 21, 2009 at 2:46 pm i have been fighting with bank of america and countrywide for 2 years now without making any home pyms. and i havent lost my home yet but they keep putting my off for a loan mod. i have talk to 225 people in 2 years and i have all their names and the dates and times i spoke to them! what they hell i am suppose to do if no one is willing to help me! 3 iris baizer September 21, 2009 at 3:29 pm

This blog and my forum reach a lot of Bank of America customers and it seems many homeowners are not getting the help they deserve. So, they have set up an email that you can email for help via CBS Channel 5 News Phoenix, AZ and they have promised to help you. Have you had challenges getting your home loan modified through Bank of America? Fill out the form below to send the bank an e-mail expressing your frustrations. All information is secure and confidential. A Bank of America representative said he guarantees a timely response. Please say that Moe Bedard from LoanSafe.org sent you and that you will share your story on LoanSafe.org/forum in the Bank of America forum.

BoA; We were working with Green Credit Solutions until they got into trouble and changed their name to Guardian and moved down the street to another address. They sent you our information 3-times regarding our modification and we have sitting in our house for a year and a half and our principle keeps going up, we are so up-side-down and no one at your bank will help us. My other half has been in and out of work, now working taking a big cut in pay. We need help to get this subprime loan modified, now. 4 Susan September 22, 2009 at 8:24 am Our mortgage is with Bank of America. My husband and I filed with the mitigation department two months ago to try and get some relief/help. We are finding the bank very unwilling to help. They told us that they are very far behind and it may take 6 months or better to even review our request. We followed a suggested letter format we found on an internet help site and sent them all the documents that they requested. Yet, they are in no hurry to help us. We are two payments behind, and yet they still show no interest. When we follow up, they don’t have any new information for us. We are just waiting to see if they will even consider our case! They told us that they do not have to help us and aren’t even certain they will. Truthfully, they do not seem eager to help. We did not purchase a home that we could not afford. However, due to this Michigan economy, my husband and I have both taken major pay cuts. We are down over $30k per year from last year because of layoffs, furloughs and changes in our pay rates. We love our home and want to keep it. We owe a little more than it is now worth. (And yet, why are our taxes still based on the old value?) We take very good care of our property and are not abusive. It’s value was $235,000 at time of build six years ago, and now it’s value is around $150,000 because of the housing slump. We owe approx. $218,000. ALAS! A follow up! My husband phoned them last week and the representative told him that we were denied on July 9th. They said that they called to verify our income on July 9, 2009. THIS IS NOT TRUE! The packet was just received by BofA on July 7th, 2009. We have a US Postal receipt. My husband called on the 9th to make sure it was received. NO ONE SPOKE WITH HIM ABOUT INCOME VERIFICATION! Also, BofA records had my husband working for the company that I am employed with – HE DOES NOT WORK THERE! They also had our income at well above where we really are…HOW DID THEY COME UP WITH THAT? Since BofA recorded every phone call my husband made (by the way they hung up on him at least twice), we would like copies of the recordings.

We would like to see where BofA comes up with the facts that they did? We want to hear the phone call they SAY they made on July 9th – that they never made! We want to know why we were turned down, and why the representative just “willy-nilly” came up with new figures for our income? She said, “well, Mr. French, let me remove $300 from your monthly income and see if you are then eligible” WHAT?????? How do you figure that???? This is so crooked, please explain to me, will you? 5 Susan September 22, 2009 at 8:36 am Did anyone read the CNN content from the Political article “Homeowners frustrated by mortgage assistance program” ? I am leaving the link here: http://www.cnn.com/2009/POLITIC S/08/31/homeowners.mortgage/ind ex.html 6 Amy Daniel September 22, 2009 at 3:24 pm I want to add that Bank Of America sucks!!!! Our mortgage got sold to BofA ( not by our choice of course) …They are not willing to help you at all. When you call to talk to them them do not even care, htey talk to you like you are an idiot!!! I am so frustrated with them. They have us not qualifing for a loan modification but HELLO my husband is layed off. We just told them that they could have our house with a big shinny red bow on it. F#%^$ them!!!!!!! 7 Susan September 23, 2009 at 6:46 am Amy: They are about to get ours too. Unfortunately, they are going to find that it isn’t worth what is owed on it. By helping us with a modification, they could avoid another house on an already very sad market. We live in Michigan where the unemployment rate is at 17%. They should take that into account. “Ain’t nobody” buying houses in this State right now. This will be another sad story where the house will sit empty for a year, the pipes will burst and the home will be vandalized before BofA can get it sold. 8 Teresa Gunsby September 23, 2009 at 10:09 am I have had problems trying to get my loan modified for months everytime I speak with someone at Bank of American I am told there is nothing they can do. I am a single parent trying very hard to keep a roof over me and my three childrens head. Obama pass this plan to help homeowners keep there help and from what I can understand BofA received quit a bit

of this money. Why can’t there customers get the help they need. 9 Heather September 30, 2009 at 12:54 pm I am interested in having a specialist assigned to my account so that I can continue to pursue a Loam Modification. I have been locked out of my online countrywide/bofa home loan accounts so i’m not able to correspond, in writing, through the website. Phone calls to and from the Countrywide/BofA Loan Modification department have been fruitless for over a year now. I’ve spent hours literally on on the phone with India (there’s partof the problem) which is why I would like one person assigned to my account so that I may correspond directly with them. My email is included on this form. Also, I have not been able to find a mailing address for the Loan Modification Department. Can you provide me with that as well? Thank you so much much for your help. 10 Michele Freeman October 1, 2009 at 6:49 pm Please do not publish my previous post. I thought it would go directly to Bank of America. Please forgive my mistake and remove it immediately if it has been published. You have my permission to forward it to Bank of America if you have access to them. Thank you so much for your help in this matter. 11 Stacy October 1, 2009 at 10:12 pm I am losing trust in banks these days and our country. B of A has been inconsistent at many levels. Supposedly, you call one department and it only stays in that department. They all can take your money but not share information with one another. Crooked, if you ask me. They are very unorganized and won’t admit it. I don’t know who to trust anymore. I sent in my loan modication by fax and now they say that I was supposed to mail instead. Make up your minds people. The people trained there say something different each time I call. None of them take accountability. They are playing hard ball and sooner or later it is going to put our country into a bigger whole. I am seeking better customer service and truth. I am being led on for months. We are in no position to play games or fall victims to empty promises. I’m fighting and I’ll go down fighting for my home every step of the way. 12 auroon October 2, 2009 at 4:24 pm My wife and I are sitting here reading these comments, and are just shaking our heads, and agreeing with everyone. It’s been a year since we have not made a payment to B of A. We’ve been

speaking to the customer service practically 4 to 5 times a week to see where our modification process is at, and everyone at the customer service dept. says different things to us, from it could be any day now to it may not happen or that we need to show more income or we need to have someone rent part of our house. B of A approved our modification back in April 2009. Then they said we were denied because we did not send back the information requested on time, even though we registered the mail with the post office and have a receipt confirming deliver within three days of receiving the package from them. 13 Karen Talarczyk October 3, 2009 at 6:31 pm If all of you think that you have it bad listen to my story, and I hope The bank of america reads this. My house payment is $699 a month intrest only, (a loan that I did not ask for,but when they came to our house for us to sign the papers we found out then that country wide was giving us a intrest only arm untill 2013, ( a bunch of crooks, they should be in jail), and at the time we needed th small amount of money that the refinance would give us, and we were told that we would be able to refinance again in a year or two. Well as you can see we are not able to refinance, as our house is not worth what we owe on it. In May of this year, as my husband is retired from Chrysler, and so much is being taken away from us we are having a very hard time making ends meet. (we are in our late sixties), and live in Michigan. Bank of America offered us a modifacation of $775 a month, DAA that’s more than we were paying before, so we did not sign the papers. Now we are trying to send extra money to catch up on our payments, and they wont send us a statement. I just recieved a statement today a month late saying that I had to pay $958 dollars or thay were going to start foreclosure on our house. In May of this year our house payment was $699, and, being that we are having finanical problems I only sent $430. and owed $269, and in June I sent $500, leaving me owing for the month of June $199,and altogether $468, but they don’t figure that way, they add late paymants, and go back a month ,so for less than five hundred dollars they want to forclose on us, and now they want $958 or they will go ahead with this I think that we as tax payers that bailed them out that they should be willing to work with us, or we should file a class action suit against them, as I don’t think they are doing the same to help people as a lot of the other mortgage company’s are, and I’m sure that Obama didn’t want this to happen in this way, he wanted to help the people that were in trouble, and all the Bank of america is doing is making the stress so bad for all of us that are already stressed out, because we have financial problems. Another thing I have to say is that I have never in all

my years delt with such rude people in my life, they say that it is being taped, than BANK OF AMERICA SHOULD REVUE THE TAPES. 14 Susan October 5, 2009 at 9:51 am FYI – The link to Bank of America expired a few months back. These emails are not getting to the executive at BOA. 15 Ryan October 5, 2009 at 11:01 pm I had a countrywide loan (now B of A). After losing half my monthly income I had called several times, being d/c, talking to unwilling reps, etc. Finally figured out to just keep calling until someone sounds like they want to help. Finally got a modification packet and was approved. Sent the fed-ex envelope back to them and made payments over the phone for 4 months until one was kicked back. Each time I made a payments asking if the modification has been complete. They replied it may takes months to update and to make payments as noted in our modification and to find out that they never received the fedex. Now I am in the process all over again. Trying day after day. I dont know why these people at B of A are even working there, only about 19/20 of them will ever help! In review status again…hopefully I can save my house 16 Susan October 6, 2009 at 6:46 am Good luck, Ryan! I am under the impression they are just not qualified to help their mortgage customers. They are not trained not do they have the proper staffing. If the executives gave a damn, they would ratify this. 17 Troy Adkins October 7, 2009 at 5:09 am I have been trying for over a year to get a loan modification with Countrywide/BAC and to no avail I’m still getting the runaround. I have sent in all requested documents numerous times and I get the same lame excuses. My wife is constantly worried that we may lose our house. As it stays on my mind also. How long will it take to recieve some help? 18 Kim October 7, 2009 at 6:34 am We have had the same issues with Bank of America. We had been asking for a modification since Sept. of 08, finally got a fedex packet saying we were approved for a modification and gave us specific instructions regarding signing and returning documents by a certain time. We did everything

exactly as asked, notarized, etc. We’ve been sending our payments in to the address listed in the modification docs by cashier’s check and certified mail. They sent us a second set of documents a week after the first set that were for completely different modification terms, leaving our interest rate the same and adding a ton of fees. They said that they were offering us two different programs and whichever set of documents that we sent back to them last would supercede the first. I think that is a very underhanded thing to do since both sets of documents look exactly the same and they waited a week to send the second set, assuming you would send them back last and then be stuck in the same interest rate as the original loan. Then they called us to see why we hadn’t sent back the second set of documents yet, and acted like it was necessary to do the loan modification. We told them they aren’t getting the second set back because we weren’t choosing that loan modification plan. Sneaky!! Anyways, now they aren’t sending us statements with our new terms, they keep giving us the runaround every time we call them, and I’m concerned that the loan modification hasn’t been completed. They’re still reporting us to the credit bureau as being late on our payments and that we haven’t made a payment since June 09. That’s not true, we’ve sent our payment every month since the modification!! I don’t know what to do! 19 Molly October 7, 2009 at 3:36 pm September’s payment was late , Bof A admitted they received it on the 25th , payment was not over 30 days. However, I received a call which was outsourced to India. The nature of the call was to advise me that I should consult with a credit counselor. I requested the number for the loan modifcation department instead. I was unable to get this information as my loan is current? Why then am I being called? My house is upside so cannot be refinance. I did find out that B of A is sending letters to HomeOwners who have not even requested loan modifcations. 20 Rodel October 7, 2009 at 11:36 pm I have my 1st & 2nd mortgage with CountryW/BofA. I have not pay my mortgage since Dec.08. I tried to talk to them in Sept. 08, because I lost my job. The respond I got was (I’m sorry Mr.Sablay but looking at our record you are current on your loan and you can afford these payments, you were never late. There’s really no program available for you) I could

It does not address the problem. maintain it. Be on the look-out for a major collaspe if things do not get better with their infrastructure in doing business. My realtor has kept me in the loop – Just no word from b of a!! 28 Catherine October 13.com 23 Ron Koenig October 8.. Who knows why. but the papers got lost the first time and we had to resubmit. We need to get their attention as a group and not individuals. Calling about once a week and always gettting different answers.everyone is on hold at this point! /Buyer will pay cash and close in 2 days with approval! 26 Susan S October 13. Or. I will be starting a blog against them I would love for everyone on here to join. 25 Candyce Reiber October 9. What?!!! I am so sick of the lies!!! 27 scott D October 13. Please review new loan. I have spoken to countless customer service agents.THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX…. Then review appraisal came in low. 21 Dixie October 8. same seller. could it be that they have no better option at this time. BOA took our money and reported us delinquent to all 3 major credit agencies.GET SHORT SALE TO INVESTOR AND APPROVED OR DENIED. Homeowners who stay in their house. which was created by the banking industry. my new wife can not tale her children out of the county she lives in I have been forced to sell my home under a short sale. Does anyone know of an alternative way to contact these loan negotiators? 22 Joe October 8. and they keep telling me that my no. For 8 weeks now we’ve been told our re-fi loan has been in underwritting. Everything approved by investor in August. Bb of a won’t talk to me and I have given them everything w2’s paystubs listings estimated hud you name it . one week they say they got my loan mod request packet another week they say they never received it. We need to unite and send one single clear message to them which is this will no longer be tolerated or accepted. just give the process time. I was finally refer to the HOME RETENTION DEPT. 2009 at 12:04 pm I too am trying to get a loan mod from bofa/countrywide and they seem to be giving us the run around. 2009 at 7:09 pm I too have been given the run around from BofA/Countrywide. the hard working middle class. “you’re doing everything correct. I am very tired and fed up with there lack of effort to help people in need. It’s corp American against the Middle Class and we must unite to be heard as a single loud voice. 2009 at 7:02 am I’m so ticked off At BOA right now I’m ready to contact a lawyer. Smith-Torres October 9. 2009 at 12:08 pm I followed the directions of Countrywide/Bank of America and it is clear that I am no closer today than I was 10 months ago in resolving this issue. Could it be that they are waiting for MORE tax money to bail them out. 24 Christine E. Same buyer. 2009 at 11:29 am Because of my relocation . Believe me it has been an adventure.” It seems clear to me that the bank is stalling. Hud. They like to divide and conquer. liltyk916@yahoo. 2009 at 8:22 am We are already approved for a modification. We have been making payments in the meantime to keep up our credit.We get a message on our cell this morn from someone from BOA asking if we still wanted the loan because it was getting ready to be sent to the underwritters. 2009 at 4:41 pm NEED A MIRACLE ……. negotiators.. there is something very wrong here..not believe what I’m hearing. After numerous phone call and few months later. and others who happen to answer the phones for B of A and their answer is the same. 2009 at 2:16 pm Bank of America. and I say F**k that! email me for more info on upcoming blog. Every week it’s a different person telling me a different thing. Home values will someday rebound and that becomes a better scenario for them. I have been trying to sell my home since September 2007 and a year later I realized that it was a loss cause and would have to do . Our loan person Travis Wallace is unreachable. and appraisal……. is not up yet. and remain in the dark are doing exactly what the banks want. WTF? Do you have it or not? This is a big game they are playing with us. Let’s put the pressure where it really belongs on them and not us….

that only means one thing. I can’t afford the current payment. to which she replied that it wasn’t! I told her I felt BofA had performed a ‘bait and switch’ job on me. 2009 at 12:17 pm I have given up trying to deal with Bank of America! My investor is FannieMae. I told Ms. Each person I speak with. in fact. 29 Michelle W October 14. a MHA trial period from BofA means nothing—you aren’t going to get a permanent loan modification! I really feel scammed by BofA. Next. They dangled the ‘modification carrot’ in front of me. I noted two events happened each month that I made a payment under the trial program: 1) the foreclosure date was postponed and 2) my payments were not posted until after the 16th of each month. My loan was taken out in 2002. With unemployment increasing. B of A doesn’t want to work with me. after making the last payment in October. It seems that tarp money is not being spent on resolving the issue. Good luck to everyone. more people will be like us and will not qualify for loan remodification. just to fuel the fire of this mess! After reading everyone’s post i’m starting to realize just how hopeless this whole situation is. would the foreclosure date of Nov. but a special forebearance because BofA only wanted to see if I could make the reduced payments. 30 Lyn W October 14. who proceeded to tell me the following: A) I needed to resubmit new paperwork (bank statements. Nancy Urrutia (805-955-7435). at which point the conversation went downhill from there! If I resubmitted the paperwork. With savings depleted and at the point of imminent default. Nancy that I was stunned at how I had been misled. I was only chasing my tail! . In July 2009. Needless to say I stopped making payments in the summer of 2008. but are not helping the customers out. hardship letter– the whole works) because the investor won’t look at anything that is older than 60 days. I borrowed enough to make a payment. I was able to keep payments current until March 2009. I was told that they had not received the paperwork. just like I was told to. the foreclosure sale date was not postponed and was set for Nov. When I called back a week later. instead they continue lending risky mortgages that are only going to default when a huge flood of foreclosures hit the market. I asked if I could have time to list the property for a short sale — Answer: The foreclosure date would ONLY be postponed if I had a Buyer at the time I requested a short sale review. However. Then in March 2009. they weren’t going to work out a permanent modification at all. keeping hope alive. so they should be willing to help. BofA filed foreclosure papers and I received MHA 3month Trial Period paperwork–which reduced my monthly payment down to 31% of my gross income. 9th be postponed since BofA needed 30-60 days to review the paperwork–the response was “No!” Next. I became delinquent–in April. you will certainly need it! I’m curious if there is anyone out there who has actually been approved for shortsale through countrywide/BofA? I don’t know if I would believe you. I began calling BofA for assistance in January 2009–only to be told there were delinquent homeowners in more difficult situations than mine and I wasn’t late on my payments. but 10 months of struggling with BofA is more than I can physically and emotionally deal with. Although I experienced a substantial decrease in income June 2008. I refaxed. I faxed in the documents. So BofA scores another victory! I am a senior citizen and wanted to hold onto my home at all costs. and that reduced my income significantly. that BofA was acting in a deceptive manner and I was so beaten and fed up with trying to work with BofA that they could go on and foreclose on my house…I had had it and will turn over my keys to BofA! She told me she would make notes in the file to proceed with foreclosure. I would have to be late. and mailed (certified/priority) the documents. I called and spoke with BofA’s Office of President.a shortsale. they took government bail out money. At this point. because I was never under a MHA modification and hadn’t had a short sale denied. I don’t care anymore and will gladly pack my boxes and move. I find it odd that all these lenders have taken tarp money. 2009 at 4:05 am I have been trying to get a loan modification since March 09. C) the payments that I made ‘meant nothing because they were not full payments’. I got the same response. I was told in order to get the help I needed. I was told there was nothing that could be done for me because my home had lost value and couldn’t be refinanced. I asked if I could do a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure — Answer: No. and here it is over a year later. I mean. I responded that the paperwork I received from BofA in July was under the Making Home Affordable Modification Program (3-month Trial Period). 9th. and 3 failed shortsales and i’m still in status quo. with the last one October 1st. Customer Relations rep. At this point. tells me something different. when. expenses. income. Apparently. that is the impression that I’m getting. I lost my job in January 08. B) I was NOT under the MHA Trial Period. This was a major relief! I continued making the ‘modified’ payments. You are not a priority until you are no longer a source of income to them.

but that i . it would be Mark Mairone at 215-357-5001 35 Linda October 20. they kept setting sale dates. I said that things were really getting difficult and that my husband was still laid off…. and i havent lost my home yet but they keep saying it’s in review. the loan would be in “work-out” status.Once the foreclosure takes place. I Can’t believe that bank of america has taken the goverments Money and promised the goverment they would help people in need. money was really tight and how do they know where we were coming up with the money to pay the mortgage? I said we were having to use credit at that point and couldn’t continue down that path. company who took $1800 from me and never helped with a damn thing. you must take it to the next level call in the talk radio. when the recording comes on or the customer sevice rep tells you that your conversation will be recorded for quality control just repeat that you are recording it for quality control. 2009 at 9:54 am I had the same problems as you all are having with Countrywide/Bank of America with my home loan. If you do not get satisfaction from that. Let them know what you have been diligently trying to do make sure you also get their name and badge number . We’ve filled out all the paperwork and continue to wait week after week. month after month and still nothing. Once this is done take their name and badge number ( Very inportant) After going thru the motions wait a couple of days for them to upload your information if this has not happened and they claim not to have any of your information again. 2009 at 7:11 am I have been fighting with bank of america and countrywide for 1 years now without making any home pyms in the last 6 months. Ask them for a fax number to send it again .I know you have one yet you want them to tell you . Each time I would call them. 2009 at 4:24 pm Mechelle W.demand to speak to A MANAGER OR SUPERVISOR. Just keep getting the answer it’s in review give me a break what in the hell i am suppose to do if no one is willing to help me! 33 Cristy October 16. Home Owner’s Counseling is legit and I received my loan modification packet via FedEx just a few days ago… if anybody would like to contact them. In early July I contacted our governor’s office and they were able to get someone assigned to our case at BOA. I did an interview on the phone with one of there counsler’s for almost two hour’s and we did all the paper work and she told me that i was intitled for help.while you are recording it. They again said we were not a priority. according to them we were “golden”…. Meanwhile. My best to all of you and sincerely wish your end result will be better than mine. Speak to someone about what you sent in if they say they do not have your package give them a verbal application over the phone {be prepared) to tell them verbally your hardship and financial info of what you plan to send them . I was definitely skeptical and had been taken advantage of before by a loan mod. I have talk to BANK OF AMERICA OVER AND OVER. most cities have an advocate radio station.now we were going to be talking to just 1 person and finally get some help.. and consumer advocates. BOA told me that we were not a priority at that time and that we needed to call closer to our adjustment date. 2009 at 1:29 pm Bank of America are robbing all of us blind. That seemed good…. I would suggest you go out and buy yourself a recorder put your phone on speaker . in plenty of time before our interest rate would adjust. but i am finding that is not the case. Apparently we’re suppose to be getting some paperwork in the mail??? And then what??? In the meantime. 2009 at 8:40 am UGHHH!! Why does this have to be so difficult?? I thought I was being proactive by calling Countrywide/BOA in April ‘08. Good Luck Alley 32 Chris October 16. WRONG!!! She continues to make us play the waiting game. I then called Home Owner’s Counseling. CALL THEM EVERYOTHER DAY.. I asked if I should skip a payment and would that make a difference? Of course they said they could not recommend that! July came and our interest only loan adjusted…. they said to wait. all this will be behind me and I can move forward. I waited and called in April ‘09 since we were due to adjust in July ‘09. in fact. “the perfect customers” because we had never missed a payment or been late on one. 31 Alley October 14. it went up almost $500 and we now are unable to pay the full amount. the bills continue to come!!! We do not want to leave our home and just want to get some help! Obama’s program was suppose to offer help to people like us. hopefully you can let them know the call is being recorded as well. Again. My husband was laid off and we knew that by the time the rate adjusted and if our situation hadn’t changed. I’ve honestly never been so frustrated in all my life!! 34 Amy October 20. why would they do that if it was in “work-out”. we’d be strapped.

. we were told we wouldnt qualify… We have had 5 delays and are still waiting. 2009 at 2:27 am Yep Yep. Should these banks be fined steep fees or arrested. October 25. I did send payments we just couldnt afford the entire ballooned escrow too.15 back. We signed and notorized our California AG Lawuit modification in March. Everything that was said by everyone is 100% TRUE. I sent a payments for $600 in July and then I called on July 28th to get a payoff amount. WTF!!!! 40 Lisa October 25. I am so disgusted by how unprofessional these so-called representatives are. we work hard. 2009 at 5:23 pm OMG… Theyre pulling the same garbage on us. BANK of AMERICA is pulling some sort of scam.had to call BOA and ask for a hardship package and when i did that the first thing they said to me is are you calling to make a payment.15 and I mailed it the next day. Then they sent us the 1877. I don’t want them to have my business. I could lose my home because they will not help me. we shouldn’t have to worry ourselves to the ground because of this. They claim that we applied for a modification in July and they are reviewing us… We didn’t apply for it. well good maybe my house is free. I don’t know who BOA is owned by or what other financial institutions they own. We were 800 behind on the house and 1000 on the escrow. They also cashed the 600 that day but the following day they put our house into forclosure.. I tried to get the loan mod thing. We are not irresponsible. I was watching Zusy on the television the other day and there was a women on there that made a video on youtube about bank of america well lets go people that is what we need to do and others that r not in foreclosure help ur neighbors out n stop all ur payments as well n lets start making videos on youtube … Let all of america get involve and stop letting this bank run our lifes lets take it back now…. They told him the same thing and they pulled it out of forclosure 2 weeks later but now they cant seem to give us a pay off amount to reinstate the loan. It’s not fair . Im not losing my home to these idiots and their runaround. but yes I also get the run around.com and my name is Linda 36 ann brown October 20. And they wont accept any money from us. when you are not doing anything for the American People. They do not help you at all and somthing need’s to be done about this. I hired a lawyer…. This is the PONZE scheme of the housing market. They are giving us the run-arounds and giving us misleading information to the point of fraud. 37 R Lindsey October 22. I hate how everything is about money. one is disabled.So i m going to let them pay the taxes and i m banking every dime they can stick it… Every time u call u get diffirent stories it is like they are program and reading from a post-it u ask for there name and last they said i cant give u that …HMMM i wonder y . I don’t want anything to do with them at all. Which we used to pay Taylor Bean. Everytime I see a Bank of America commercial or logos.So we did not . They are defrauding us and taking our money. I just sent in my loan modification paper work and then get a package asking for my social security number and a copy of my driver’s license because they are not showing a record of me. I am so fed up with these people. but all the financial conglomerates should work together and help the Amercian people. please drop me an e-mail at handymanpayne@yahoo. One time I was also threatened by one of the rep. They said dont worry give it 2 weeks and they would have it resolved.. We are in our first home for 7 years now. I used to have a bank of america account and credit card but closed that.. they quoted 1877. One of our kids was having heart problems and we got behind.. 2009 at 6:13 pm We are 3 pymts behind on our boa loan. Due to social-economic situation we are forced to ask for a little bit of help. Don’t claim to be Bank of America. I get so digusted.oo a month with my regular morgage payment they told us not to send any money so we could qualify for the modification . Then just found out last week it was denied in July? How can that be. We need help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 38 Mark W October 23. 2009 at 5:22 pm We too have been getting the run around for a year now. They want us to pay there lawyer fees and I REFUSE!!!! It was there mistake…. I f anyone know’s were i can get some real help.We were 4 mts behine and i started back to work i ask them if they could put the 4 mts at the end of the 30yrs or i could send 5oo. We have other stuff to worry about. 39 Mary G. . We all need to join in a lawsuit and call our state reps and senators. We made payments and those were put aside into a partial payment account. 2009 at 6:10 pm I am so glad i m not alone out here!We are getting the same runaround . and what do we get? We get the run-arounds and emotional stresses. I called and they stated that it was an “accidental Forclosure”.THey went n pay our taxes for the upcoming year But the tax collector notified us by mail. These guys are crooks… NOW our credit is SHOT and we may be homeless soon…. We have 5 kids. The next day I called again and they stated the same thing.

like they don’t want to keep us new ones. they will be helpless. vote the ones that don’t out of office… 7) If you community has blogs. Bean and Whitaker. I’ll tell everyone I know not to use checking or saving account with Bank of America .. become active on them about your frustration. 2009 at 11:52 am It’s all most a year now and we are still trying to get our loan modify and we know that we are qualify for it. 2009 at 10:51 am I agree with Lisa. 42 Joseph Speakman October 28. I’ll ask them to withdraw all of their money out of their bank accounts and have the business with other banks. The contact should be the home presevation manager. and yes the President. Understand. We are still in the process of Bank Of America receiving all of our paperwork. Also. or our problems. but do they care if they have another foreclosure cause they do not want to help out? Yes you will get our money. but we want some guarantee that you will be . HUD. 43 Asian911 October 29. if we all stop paying this institution. AG. Some will responded. Up date income as needed. fair dealings and if appliable violation of California law for an appointment to resolve loan modification. We just do not feel comfortable. Be prepared for those that do not agree that an modification should be offered. This is crazy. 6) Send printed copies of complaints to all that will listen: Local press. We do not want to lose our house. Bank of America was the company to buy out our old company Taylor. senator. Fight and you will win… But understand you are in a fight.So everyone save ur money n move on By the time u have to moved u will have enough cash to u will not need BOA Good Luck to all !!!! 41 Joe October 27. 2009 at 11:51 pm We had a mortgage from a company who was shut down. foreclosure is a permeniate solution and perfered by all the banks. When was it that everyone decided to not help out others in need. People who think they are a great bank have not had to ask them for any help. B of A will responded… They have an agreement. 10 t0 22 months. BofA is trying to stop the flood of modifications. (check ratio’s with MHA web site) (buy a fax) (keep complete telephone log and fax comfirmations) 2)As they drag their feet. Treasury. just existing. All we want is a straight answer and a feeling that we will be helped. go to the BBB file a complaint. well we try to call them for help and we get different answers with every call. As a stratagy they make most wait until all hope that you will re-establish payment is gone. Also. With breach of duty. The true job of the non profit is to hold your hand while you lose your home. 4) Us the web site you will get a very fast answer. we don’t want to have bad credit that’s why we are trying our best to keep up with our mortgage payment. and also did not get on board with the make your home affordable act. they take that rating very serious. Many communities have become num to the sititation. We don’t want to pay someone cause we don’t have the money. tell your congressmen to stop backing the banks. That means they only help us if we miss our payment. That is why non-profits are paid to fail at modification. If support exists start a local protest at the local branch. 2009 at 11:45 pm Those in a hardship here is what works for B OF A. you could let it foreclose. They are not showing a lot of progress for new customers. lieing to congress. 3) E-mail or call Federal Reserve Bank in San Fransco and file a formal complaint against the bank. let them fail it is the cycle and cleans the economy of poor run industries and business… Help Homeowners or Let the Banks fail and recieve no help from treasury… 1. complain that the the non-profit companies have been infultrated by the Banks. 44 Cassandra October 29.8 trillion no more…. There is safety in numbers. This worked for JPM Chase… The worste became the best… If you do all of this you should have your modification 30 days before they foreclose. The bank told us that they only help people that are behind on their mortgage payments. If they don’t help us then I wont use their services in the future anymore. and if they ever have to they will find out the hard way. They are rated A+. Keep in mind the the largest holder of morgages is the Federal Reserve. 1)Keep copies of everything you send and resend once a month. Alternatively. The US government ownes the most and most are serviced (collected) by Bank of America.

not the bank or mortgage companies. The federal government should put a cap on personal mortgages rates. it has been a nightmare. etc. 2009 at 3:29 pm I have also been put through lies and promises after promises . Their staff does not know what they are doing and everything is inconsistent. determine employment status. I heard a petition would get the attention but I am not aware of how to go about it. to pay the amount past due to the bank/mortgage companies and instruct the business to reduce the rate to something more reasonable. border line illegal. That is all I can say on the matter. I’m not sure how this happened but it did. Thanks 45 Brian November 2. Are they on DRUGS?? BOFA is very misleading I called HUD today and they gave me a counsler and BOFA are not suppose to tell you not to make your payments. We should ask President Obama to take back the bail out money and give it back to the American people as tax refunds over the next 5-1o years. I hired a consultant company to assist me with this process. Please make BOA realize this and help more new customers. 50 Pauline November 11. Get the funds back and give to those who need it. If any one is getting a lawyer please send me the information as I have written everything down as I talked to BOFA. 47 Hnguyen November 6. 51 Joseph James November 11. and provide the completed form to the committee. 2009 at 1:36 am Take the bail out monie away from the bank and give it back to the American people as tax refunds over the next 5 years to help us save our homes!!!!! 48 Philly Girl November 6. I have had financial hardships in the past couple years and thought that Bank of America would be so helpful with the loan modification process. and they have been calling every week for 6 months and I have been calling also and the best response is “your modification has been recieved. So I let myself get behind called again they asked for a good faith payment I paid what they asked for they said I was pre approved. If Obama did something like this he would have been considered a hero instead of someone not knowing what they got themselves into. 2009 at 1:29 pm Our loan was with Quicken Loans then Countrywide Now Bank of America Well we are in negotiation with Bank of America and got out Foreclosure papers served to us by Countrywide ???? Now we have to respond within 20days. First I was told that I was not behind in my payments to get any help now I had lost 1 of my jobs so my income was decreased almost in 1/2. I am extremely disappointed in our government and our banking system. If the bank or mortgage company did not comply simply bar them from processing new mortgages. 2009 at 7:04 pm . The last time called (and this is good) I told BOA that I’m 60 days late and would really like to resolve this before it gos any further only to be told that I should try back in 30 days because the standards for a loan modification may change and I could possibly qualify then…and in the meantime sir here is the numeber for HUD. There are so many talented people out of work now a committee of this type would not have been too difficult to form.” This is the same thing being said over and over again. income. It would be the committee’s decision. The mortgage company would bear the responsibility of contacting the mortgage holders. Bank of America has been horrible to work with. I really don’t get it nor do I know what to do at this point. 2009 at 1:35 am Like many people. So I waited and waited after repeated attempts to get a answer they said that I needed to send forms by fax as they never received them what a joke…Then I faxed them get this they sent me a letter a month later telling me I was NOT approved because I am behind in my payments. The committee should offer “Rate Suggestions”. So far. 2009 at 1:44 pm I’ll like to join in and ask BOA…why is it that one time I call and I’m told that I make to much for a loan modification to be considered and the next time I call I’m told that I do not make enough?!? This is outrageous. What an absurd idea “Give federal money to a bank and not know or even ask what they are doing with it.there for us and help us too. I have been working on a modification for about 6 months and still no counselor has been assigned to my case. 2009 at 1:16 pm What Obama should have done was develop a committee to over see forms sent to the mortgage companies instructing them (by law) to provide a listing of the individual’s who were behind on their mortgage and those in the early stages of foreclosure. THANKS BOA FOR DOING YOUR BEST TO KEEP ME IN MY HOME! 46 Hnguyen November 6. 49 Sara Walker November 10. Some I have seen on this type of forum are obscene and on a personal note.

I fired off an email which went something like this: Dear Jacqueline McGill.riped me off for 2g’s. I am begging you to please make contact with me.M. Please advise me of the status of my sale date. I understand that under the H.One thing that most people seem to be uninformed about is the fact that all the documents that are faxed to BofA go to one fax number and if the loan number does not appear in bold print on each and every piece of paper faxed it will go into an inactive file never to be seen again. law. I made my last payment to Bank of F’Americans in march 09 due to a disability. quickly approaches and I have not yet heard from you since our last conversation in which you said you would be contacting me. She also sent you an email to try and clarify. So after getting the runaround like everyone else on here. law guidlines.####### It is November 10th 2009 at 5:20p.P.P. I spoke with a BofA agent this evening and her information is in contradiction to the information you supplied me with regarding the sale date. bank information and current tax forms.A. We have not made any payments since February 2009. She informed me that there is currently no sale date set. that is when we received a letter to accelerate and they asked for only pay stubs of anyone living in the house. When I finally realized the mod guys were a fraud I frantically got on the web to try to get educated. law that Obama signed into law Feb 17th 2009. If I have not been evaluated persuant to H.m.P. I call back and of course get someone else on the phone who tells me a completely different story and was told that we were not qualified but they are still going to review our paperwork to see if they can do anything but that could take another 45 days. I understand B of F’Americans only offers one of their own mod plans unless you specifically ask them to evaluate them under the H.P. Kind Regards. which we faxed over. Regarding account number. and it could take up to 45 days. then said let me see if you qualify. I called again on November 9th and was told that after all that we were never qualified for any kind of remodification and the lady kept apologizing for their error.A. If not they would be sure to inform every customer of the need to include loan numbers on every form. The next business morning I called the Loss Mitigation line and waited a half an hour on hold and just as I was about to hang up a rep named Franklin answered. But once I got that information and put the loan number on everything in bold print I finally received my packet with the 3 month trial payment. It is totally by design.M. a few minutes later she comes back and says you are qualified and I am going to transfer you to the department you need to speak with about the paperwork that needs to be sent over. It is problably easier for Bof A to say they didn’t receive the papers and put the blame on the customer rather than turning down the request which is what they really want to do. Do you have all the information necessary from me. 52 tom November 11. This was explained to me by a BofA employee who probably was fired for telling me that.A. law and was found ineligable please advise immediately. (No email response at this time) So I ask him if they got my email and whats the status on my sale date? He put me on hold for 10 minutes then comes back to tell me the sale date has been removed and that I have been approved by the bank but not the investor yet…and I will be recieving a Fed Ex package with details. a borrower cannot be forclosed upon untill they have been evaluated under the the H.M. I am not sure what is going to happen but at this point we are trying to sell the house. I hired a bunk loan mod company.A. My supposed negotiator. I need to know.A. then hung up called back and was told we were qualified and the updated paperwork was entered on October 19th. We sent those in and continue to call a few times a week to find out what the status was.P.M. As she was transfering me I was disconnected. to help me because I could not write or concentrate very well at the time.A. I write you in desperation as the sale date you gave me (11-162009).P.A. 54 Jack November 13. 2009 at 8:16 am My mom has been trying to modify a loan since July 2009.M. In September we received another letter requesting updated information pay stubs.A. Jack. law? If I have been evaluated under the H.M. On Nov 3rd my mom called and was by one person that we were not qualified for anything. 2009 at 7:17 pm hi please email me the bof a form thanks tom 53 Pam November 12. guidlines under directives 09-01 thru 09-07 set forth by president Obama signed into law on February 17th 2009? Also.M.P. The offered me a sale date instead of a mod. Is my modification file in the process of or has it been completely reviewed under the H. 2009 at 2:10 am Well I thought I would be writing with some good news but after reading this entire page im not very confident anymore.M. I recorded the whole . guidlines please accept this as my formal request to halt forclosure proceedings and provide me with the necessary forms to be evaluated under H. Here I am 8 months later.P. Please. for me to be evaluated under the H. both my mother and I called several times a week to find out what the status was and was always told it was in process.

He stated that B of A is awaiting final approval from the investor.(Negotiator) loan reference ##########. could you please direct me to someone who can communicate with me on the matter. then. After speaking with associate Franklin on Nov.m. law and my forclosure status can be removed by him right from his desk or as he quoted ” taken off”. if you don’t specifically ask to be evaluated under the H. 2009 at 1:45 am Here is my latest email to Bank full of A’holes.M.A. Jack B. Kind Regards. Nimble Loan#such & such.”Are we referencing loan # such and such today?” try to get a recorder that is P. I would appreciate any comments and I hope this is helpfull to some… Good Luck All and Don’t forget to denounce Bank of F’Americans every little chance you get. Kind regards. So short story long. I am continuing to record the conversations and find that they are priceless in helping me to write the follow up email to the negotiator who I was told will receive them but not respond to them due to the sensitive nature of the departement. 55 Jack November 13. law and he said he didn’t have those details.conversation with my digital recorder too.A. During my conversations to B of Aholes I have a prepared list of questions to ask and it seems that I . I asked it was under the H. Jack. and he mumbled some stupid crap back at me. George said I’m still in workout status on Nov. as a question ask ” This a recorded conversation?” they will say yes. lack of attention to my requests and overall conflicting. I called the forclosure company and the sale date was pushed to december 16th 2009 one more month. Dear Jacqueline.P.M.P. State the date and time and your loan number somewhere in the conversation.P. George informed me that as of three weeks ago B of A now has the ability to generate a loan workout under H. Like.P. So after hanging up with Franklin I fired this email to Jacquelin: 2009 Dear Jacqueline . 13th 2009. 2009 in contrast to what Franklin informed me in regards to it being removed completely.. then say as a question again. I also requested George to inform me of any additional documentation you might need to carry out my formal request and I am asking you to do the same either in writing or by telephone. Go get a digital recorder then when the rep begins a conversation. And remember. I said don’t you all share the same information?.P. compatible so you can back it up to you computer as a file then burn a CD. “It’s for quality assurance?”.A.A. I spoke with Bank of America associate George in loss and mitigation this evening.A. The very next evening. I spoke with Bank of America associate Franklin at extention 2028 this morning at 10 a. Don’t deal with U. law and that while under evaluation under the H. I asked him if the modification had been approved under H. Will you please contact me to confirm the accuracy of my conversation with Franklin? I contacted Recontrust Company to inquire about the sale date and was electronically informed that the date was moved forward to December 16th. Franklin informed me that I have been approved by Bank of America for a modification of my loan # ######## and that my forclosure sale date of November 16.S. who told me I was approved by B of A for my loan modification. contradictory information I receive from Bank of America associates regarding being evaluated for loan modification under the HAMP law.M. I would appreciate a response from you or if you are no longer my negotiating officer.P. 12th 2009. 56 Jack B. and would like to follow up with you regarding the conversation.P. law they don’t have to offer you that program and maybe that’s why they can tell you you don’t qualify. law and he said he couldn’t say.M. I am well aware of the HAMP law and amendments 09-01 thru 09-07 under the HAMP law and would hope that I don’t have to contact my Congressman and the Attorney General to alert them of the continued deceptive practices used in the form of. I am requesting that you review the recorded conversation of George and myself for quality assurance. Always try to ask it as a question.A. law and that he will note that I have formally requested to now be evaluated under the H.M.M.m. I am still bracing myself for the trial payment bullshit package to show up and get screwed after that too.A. 2009 at 10:39 am Also. Loan Assistance Center!!!!! They are a fraud!! Note: If you want to record your converasation with the bank.C. start the digital recorder recording then ask their name and extension#. put your phone on speaker phone.M.”Whats todays date?”.A.P. guidlines. George also informed me that I am not in workout status evaluation under the H.M. law after I formally requested this action in an email to you. Nimble November 14. I am chronicling all the bogusness here! Please see my prior posts under Jack! November 13th 2009 @ 11:30 p. 2009 has been removed. this law say’s they can’t forclose on you if you haven’t been evaluated under H.

Call their media relations departments and then send me and them your story. 2009 at 6:36 pm I have been going through a loan modification since July 09 using an attorney. This Rincon Trust is an investment group looking to make money on our properties by driving the home prices down. Left and right we get it in the ***. They “bow” to corporate yet those of us who are small business owners put everything on the line to make it for our families and the families of our employees. House on market. and in numbers – dont give up. I have to tell you that I should have called “60 Minutes” or “Dateline”. It will take you at least 3-4 months from here – but at least you are saving money. B of A staff act like they don’t know who Rincon Trust is. 57 Wendy November 15.. and lose all your financial information and will come up with a payment that is not correct. Although I received an e-mail from BofA. or pay those creeps anymore money until they offer you the deal you deserve. Jack B. This company is the most disorganized company I have ever worked for. If we had our loans “fixed” those who have some extra money would probably use it to go out to dinner. You will be referred to the Office of the Chairman. 2009 at 9:52 pm hired a loan mod company in June. We had a file room with files everywhere not even in file cabinets. Nimble. Our government “gave” the money to these banks to help reconfigure our economy. buy things.am in controll of the conversation when I bombard them with questions and reference the HAMP law often. Hummm and Rincon is 100% owned by Bank of America – however you will have to pull out their fingernails to get this information. I pray it sells and then I can rent and never have to deal with BofA again. My department was 4-5 months behind and we had customers calling who could not get through. They will tell you you dont qualify. I also do not want to hear that they cannot afford to hire to get the job done…they have our money – get the job done now! 60 Annie McLhinney-Cochran November 16. etc. Equity in house. I was horrified on a daily basis looking for customers files that were missing. The funny thing is my loan was sold by Countrywide to B of A. You will have to scream at them to get response. etc. walk out. However. Our government is a bunch of ******. 2009 at 7:25 am I am a journalist working on a story about Countrywide/B of A and other major banks handling the Save Homes Plan put together by our Federal Government. of which there is no real chairman. The attorney keeps telling me that BofA says it’s still in review. What do you think will happen to B of A if we all stopped paying our house payments at one time! It is time to fight back with the power of numbers. So you will have to fight them every step of the way — but dont give up! .don’t want to be homeless 59 shawna November 15. the home loan is with BoA and I’m getting worried now that they will foreclose on my house. Notice of intent to Accelerate Foreclosure. 2009 at 12:02 am I used to work for Bank Of America in another department. It appears the banks will go as far as to lie to you to get you walk out of your homes. Everyone needs to ban together and get letters out to the above mentioned – BBB. 58 Barbara Franklin November 15. Tell them you will not pay one more cent until they do what they are legally supposed to do. off to BofA and on their desk Sept 6th. travel. Don’t do it. and they can stop the sale of your home. Stand your ground and dont pay another payment until they do what they are supposed to do.The associate even offered up information that he absolutely shouldn’t have regarding the understaffing problem the are having trying to get my sympathy HAH! Good luck! I will post after every contact… Kindly. By law they have to tell the owner who owns their loan. BofA has no idea what i am talking about when i call yet LMC says it is there. Then the economy would be rolling again – the trickle down theory. local government leaders. I hope everyone gets together and gets a Class Action Suit against Bank Of America. There is power in the pen. house for sale. even thought the office of the chairman has the same street address name as the B of A office. You must find out if B of A owns your loan or if they just service it for Rincon. Any word for me! Help…. The banks are robbing the american public. I thought Bank Of America was going to be a great job. Another cheap trick the loan companies are pulling is not adjusting your payment to 33% of your income!!! They sure twist this around. B of A transferred all of our properties to a lien holder Rincon Trust – who never replies to any of your correspondence.

I have not receive a single phone call this whole time either. All I get are stupid people who answer the phones and tell me a hundred different stories. was to be sold on Sept 16. 2009 at 9:22 am After taking to a retired friend who was successful in getting her loan modified. BofA clearly does not want to help homeowners and are just waiting for the market to re-bound to screw the homeowners — again. .com and we will begin to hit them where it hurts – with government fines for deceptive business practices. I am afraid they will do it to me again and this time I will not catch the mistake. 61 Tracey Robins November 16. Wellsfargo is my second. They submitted my file numerous times to BOA to no avail. I immediately called BOA and was told that it was a mistake. my call with BofA today was routed to someone in India. needless to say. no phone call. It is not worth the stress on my family. I live in the SF Bay Area. three months ago I wouldn’t be 5 months deliquent. 2009 at 3:13 pm I just got off the phone (11/16/09) with Bank of America. 2009 at 11:25 am B of A and NACA have had my head spinning for 7 months. because of a significant drop in my household income. by April B Of A had my loan and no clue of my history with countrywide. they couldn’t help me because I didn’t have enough equity in my property worth less than half what I paid for it. I found out my house was up for auction on Sept 5. Each time I resubmitted the modification papers it was because I called and was told that my financial part of the paperwork had expired and that the modification was canceled due to that. Now BofA has my mortgage. I told them this is a catch-22. looking for a modification. My house is underwater. we are trying not to loose our house. she informed me that the only way to get these bank to comply with the Modification Guidelines and fair business practices is to contact and file a complaint with the OCC -US Office of Currency Controller. a small business owner with no credit. The first response that i have received from BOA was from their appointed trustee’s office in Atlanta telling me that my home is in foreclosure and that a sale date was inevitable. 2009 at 4:54 pm I tried a workout with Countrywide to save my credit. I asked for any other reasons why modification was denied…. In the name of Jesus help us/ BOA is hurting us badly and NACA is full of ……………. That was the last document I had received from BOA. Their number is 1-800-613-6743. 65 Angie Will November 17. my home and my mind. who told me that my loan has been deliquent for 5 months and therefore I do not qualify for any modification plan. BofA is my 1st mortgage. 66 Phil Moskios November 17. I requested a loan modification from BoA back in July 09.. 63 An Le November 16. I’m behind again. I am was originally with Countrywide. I interviewed with BOA at the Naca save the deam tours in Atlnta and in CA and in Nevada and was assured each time that my info was received and that help was on the way. A live person will talk to you. By August BoA had my complete documents. 2009 at 12:55 pm How do I get a loan negotiators email address at BofA. If I had the money they owed me I could have caught up and not ruined my credit. I told them that if they had modified the loan. 62 Pam November 16. 3 weeks later they send a escrow overage to me that was almost twice what I owed them! They already reported my delinquency and all my cards were capped off. No letter. My home has been shaken up so badly. without much needed credit. 3 months and no word…. We have been going back and forth with BofA since July and are being told different stories. the letter came from a lawyers office. This is so frustrating. Just because my loan is deliquent 5 months –this alone disqualify me from any modification plan with BoA. wondering when we are going to be kicked out. I asked for a refinance from Countrywide in March. How is it that a workout team doesn’t have all of the information available to them. I am in foreclosure and tried to make up my payments in May but was told I was in foreclosure and the checks were returned with a note stating that. I am tired of the games. I hurt so badly. I am about to give up. 2009 at 12:56 pm I have now submitted my request for a modification to BOA for the 3rd time since June. Now. I am losing my hair . My loan was originally with Countrywide.. after all was said and done.Annie Cochran Please submit your stories to me at annie@adprglobal. my business has failed. someone had not updated the system to show I was still in modification.answer was no. They regulate bank practices is what I heard. 64 An Le November 17. . The wellsfargo 2nd is in process. In may I asked for help from NACA.

It will just allow us to keep our home. I was assured that no foreclosure process would take affect as long as you are in “active review”.67 Angela R November 19. They are there to assist you. getting us further in debt with the property when they should have known the programs they were looking for we didn’t qualify…. I know that and asked why are you guys continuing to waste my time trying to qualify a property that you KNOW did not qualify for that program?!…They have had months and months of reviewing it should have been obvious that it was income property from the beginning because we had our lease rental agreement attached to the documents which we submitted. When I called back on that date they said that my negotiator Erick was still in review with my loan. Because the loan was financed by Countrywide and was a variable ARM. hundreds of review for someone to say. we were experiencing a hardship because the rising HOA dues and special assesses to fix and upgrade MAJOR repairs in the complex (the Pines was built in 1971). Send an email to Barbara Desoer in North Carolina. Even though it didn’t meet the requirements for the “Making Homes Affordable” and we NEVER present it as so. The next thing is to be patient. I continued to wait because of the positive reassurance that we were “Active Review”. This process took two months from start to finish. get your local congressman or woman involved in your state. office of president at BOA. she said would contact my negotiator and have him contact me. I called Kenneth Lewis CEO of B of A office crying and I spoke to an advocate (Corporate Assistant) name Jimmy Subhan (818-316-8650) who assured me that this would be taken care of and he will have the matter taken care of and have my modification “elevated” to urgent he to state that no sale date should be attached while in work out. 2009 at 12:22 pm Finally. If need be. Nov. We have been in review for over 5 months with Bank of America to get our loan remodified on our rental condo. November 9th) I spoke to B of A Rep. 2nd! I asked how that could be. 2009 at 4:17 pm need help! I want to keep my property! We can afford a reasonable mortgage and we have tenants for our property PLUS we still have our jobs!!! Bank of America Modification weak attempts at modifications are nothing more then a scam!!! They are planning a strategic foreclosure on as many Countrywide loans & Loan modifications as possible! we need our officials to help us! Americans are suffering at the hands of Bank of America’s incompetence! I am writing to seek your legal advice or help if you can offer it. it did meet one of the requirements which the Attorney General Brown stipulated as eligible for a reduction in the 84. 2009 she stated that was a good sign… I believe they would do the right thing. I called corporate and Anna finally called me back and she was a bit indignant. 28th. month after month. and clearly state your hardship. Lucas Law center (Modification lawyers) began the negotiation process with B of A in early June 2009 on our behalf. One Tuesday. 10th I called to see what had been done. regarding our condo she said that the notes listed by my negotiator says that I was turned down for “Making Home Affordable because it wasn’t our primary residence (no one ever contacted me to tell me this!) and that a sale date was on the property for Dec. hey “this is a rental property”…now they have us facing a ticking bomb down to the “the wire” with a good chance and limited time to fight for our property! Really we are suppose to have our time reset! They should remove the sale date… . They will give you a negotiator. and to my surprise she said that a new “executive negotiator” from corporate was handling my mod…her name is Anna Corder and they gave me her direct phone number 972-526-6712… The Rep said she was assigned the case to oversee Erick on November 10. Angry and dismayed.it should have taken months. stating that she had bad news…that we didn’t qualify for making home affordable because it wasn’t our primary residence…I told her I knew that! And I asked why they had continue to waste or time. He asked that I give him 48 hours to take care of this. I called once and was told I should have an answer by Sept. we received some assistance from BOA on a loan modification (not HAMP unfortunately) after 11 months. patient. patient. I was told constantly that no sale date can be place on a property when it is in active review for a modification! She agreed and said that it shouldn’t be there. Billion settlement with B of A . I called today to only be told that it was declined “again” and close by Corporate who was so positive and reassuring a few days ago! I asked why it was declined by corporate and they said I didn’t qualify for the “Making Homes Affordable”?! I said. Last week (Monday. I have called at least 4 times a week to get an updates and was told each time we were still in “active review”. They have wasted months if time and we have gotten further indebt.Countrywide to help offset potential hardship once that type of loan matured. Before the process was complete Lucas was shut down by FTC in late June and we have had to advocate for ourselves since July up until TODAY. Send in all paperwork they ask for. Good luck to all! 68 Rere November 19. PLUS.

. 72 Sharon Lambert November 20. 2009 but never heard from a “WORK OUT” Person. They have the most ignorant people working there. escalated to executive office of Barbara Desoer. etc. Was approved for Loan Modification Sept. and we haven’t made a payment since January 09. Claires’ fax number is 972-608-6460. But I am not going to make a “good faith” payment.This is where we stand now. This is just a nightmare that I hope to wake up from soon… This is truly unbelievable! 69 Donna November 19. I called 60 days later. written down the names and dates of the people I’ve spoken too and the empty promises they keep feeding me. wait another week. 2009 at 4:35 pm I have been working with Countrywide since January 09. I was not behind on my payments. okay.. Any help or guidance you can offer on this I cannot tell you how grateful our family would be.00. many phone calls and getting the run around. Where are our representatives? I say. and they say I don’t qualify. I was told that I would have to be three months behind to get any help with a “modification”. I need someone who could look it over once we get it. give us 4 to 6 weeks. I’m very confused because when he told me I didn’t qualify for the modification.Thanks a ton B of A. but I do qualify for a partial claim. So I told the rep. Okay. I have yet to receive a foreclosure notice. 2009 at 2:23 pm I have been working with Bank of America since July 2009.”I wait and call back. She is suppose to be preparing so documents and 2 different types of loan scenarios for us…(they should be what The Attorney General stipulated). they send him internal emails to get in touch with me…. I have a name of the person that is suppose to be in touch but they wont give me an extension number or direct phone number. forget it. Who do I contact to file a complaint. Email them. nothing requesting documents. “we are still working on it. the next person you talk to will tell you “we really don’t have extension numbers. 1st! Claire (in the home retention) said that she will be working to have us something by Friday. been hearing that line now for 2 months. we also have to come up with $5000. I called three months later. I just want to get this taken care of so that I can start making my payments again. 2009 at 9:18 pm Bank of America is bad news and nobody seems to care. Help! 70 Brad Henry November 20. Okay. many. They might be still stringing us alone. that I haven’t received anything in writing . 2009 at 5:55 am Bank of America is full of BS! I have called them weekly. whatever. We have a family who we are scheduled to sign a lease agreement on Dec. So much for using their $45B to help those in need. call your politicians. Now I don’t qualify for a modification. My main goal now is to keep our home. so I send over more current stuff. If they give you an extension #. “We need to be prepared to file a restraining order to stop the sale of our property”.I have some money saved up so that I can the payment when ever they finally get their “crap” together. payments. nothing. can’t get through. I am tired of the run around. We are praying that Claire (in the home Retention) is genuine with what she is proposing.yea right. Now I’m told all of my “paperwork ” is outdated. Call the White House and ask what the . I don’t know if we should trust this. until I have papers in my hand saying that they are going to help me with this. After many. I’ve had someone willing to take the property over and these a$$holes wont get back with me to help me out in getting this done…. President of BOA Mortgage. I am just afraid to sign or agree to anything with B of A now. someone will be in touch by next week. Also sent a chronology of my nightmare to my Congressman.” My blood pressure has increased over this whole thing. I spoke to Claire (866788-8495 ext. he said we don’t make enough money to qualify for it?? I thought the whole point of a modification is to lower the payment so that we can make our loan payments. . 2393) in the Home Retention Program she said that the options that they can offer for my types of loan would be for her to get us out of the ARM and into a fix rate then attached all the past due charges to the loan and “Reset the Loan”. I will be late on my payments so that you can help me lower them to a more affordable amount. but it will take 30 to 60 days. this is quite a SOLUTION!! Your solution is just to hang me out to dry and screw my credit completely!! 71 Candice November 20. I have been going back and forth with the “partial claims department”. Did I tell you. need more current stuff. Now I have to call Bank of America back to figure out what I qualify for now. was having trouble with the January payment because my husband was getting less hours at work. Sure. and they said I qualify for a “modifcation”. Why? We make about 20% less now then we did when we first qualified for the loan. I took meticulous notes on who I talked to and when. once they get the paperwork in to process it. Flood their phone lines. many.

. If we pay our mortgage this month we can’t put gas in the vehicles to go to work. if they decline your file. They said it sounded like we were doing everything we are supposed to do. which wasn’t much. or a cardboard box. We have cashed in everything we had. I can’t believe this is happening. 16th they are going to start foreclosure procedures. I’m not suprised people are saying screw it and just leaving. I know it’s a drag. 2009. I don’t have a lot of patience when it comes to this sort of corporate abuse. If I dont come up with the old payment I was told to miss by one of their representatives and a another months house payment by Dec. “They are a group of investors – they tell you – sort of like a stock!” That is what they quoted to me!!!! They should be fined heavily for everyone of us they tried to lie to. If we don’t pay our utilities then we won’t be able to get them turned on when Bank of America forecloses on our home. I have never since not made a payment or been over 30 days late. another homeowner (Annie)is fighting B of A found out. I say this because the money under this program was ours in the first place! I have to wonder if all this bail-out money the banks have gotten isn’t being reinvested poorly (again). Annie is getting ready to bring Media attention to our plight…those of us facing foreclosure and are fighting for Bank Of America (specifically and other Banks) who are still usig deceptive practics to AVOID modification of our loans (expecially CPUNTRYWIDE originated loans)…Please send her you story : annie@adprglobal. 2009 at 12:17 pm Sharon. but keep trying to make the payments. if not longer than you have been working on yours. and while they are telling you that you need to be delinquent in order to qualify for the MHA Program. and the unknown eats away at our hope for the future. stay positive. The merge with CW and BoA has created a HUGE backup when it comes to modifications. 2009 at 2:58 pm I was told by a BOA representative that I had to miss a payment to qualifu for a loan modification. We are done. you have to rework your financials and resubmit your file. 73 kelly November 21. I know this is a very humbling and stressful time. or a tent camp. I am very disappointed. they kept avoiding my question. they have In-House Programs that you can ask to be qualified for as well. Be a squeaky wheel!! It will all be worth it in the end when they come back and offer you something amazing. or trailer. The key here is to not stop at “NO”. So I did just what the girl told me as I too have a interest only loan coming due in dec. Now I just got an accelerated payment in full letter. but really no help. I called my congressman and someone from Freddie Mac called us but they don’t have an incoming call line so you can’t call them back. I feel screwed in the worst way. and one day your file just may fit into one of their mods. And when BOA has enough foreclosures on thier hands I know our government will be right there to say ok BOA how much do you need now from the taxpayers now to keep your company solvent… What a scam!!! 76 Renita November 22. 74 Ray November 21. I’m also wondering if a class action lawsuit wouldn’t set BOA straight? At this point I could really care less which banks failed or thrived – they’re all corporate crooks! Are you hearing me BOA? Would a class action lawsuit help you to get your act together?! 75 David November 22. We have been calling since March 23. 2009 at 9:01 pm Some one asked who was “ReconTrust” the ones who send the threating FORECLOSURE NOTICES – Well. but everyday changes are being made to the guidelines for modifications. no one has a name. They don’t have any info any further back than 10/01/09 because they are new. I have been working on several files with BoA/CW for just as long. Be determined. Now they have given us ” a new account number” all it did was tag us for easier torture. hang in there. The good news is that I have had some positive outcomes on these files.She says “it took almost 6 months for them to admit it. They loose your documents. This whole bale out thing is a joke. and do everything you can to get them to work on your file. of 2010. and I googled them and found out they are 100% owned by B of A to deal with stressed/foreclosure properties from Countrywide. and so far got bounced from one person to another… & hung up on 2x. and we have to move to an apartment.hell is going on? I thought they had to do something to help.com Subject: Re: WE MUST UNITE TO BEAT B OF A AT THEIR OWN GAME… . 2009 at 8:01 pm My wife & I just started this nightmarish process. They kept saying we had to be behind to get help. no one know what is going on. What are we supposed to do? Somebody tell me. I recommend calling them DAILY to see what the status is. This is a joke! I have been misled and flat out lied to.

I have a funny feeling that B of A is going to go out of business within the next two years. I think we should all get together a file a class action suit against B of A. Rere . By the end of December I would like to post 100 stories like this our site along with the story. Thanks. Hold tight! 77 Renita November 22. Thanks. If you cant find that page email me and I will find it and bookmark it for future people who join us in documenting what B of A is doing to all of us. as many as possible of us should do this… This is a “Grass Root Effort”. Ask them if B of A owns your mortgage or just services it. Tell them you are part of a story to appear in a Southern California Magazine insist that they are breaking the law and that they delay your sale date today! They can do that. You are right – they can’t do what they are doing. This is very important. Document who you speak to each time. and with enough people we can make a difference. They must by law tell you who owns your mortgage. They must by law tell you who owns your mortgage. Send them everything you sent me. Tell them you want to know what B of A has to say. You must let them know you are part of my story assignment (Annie McLhinneyCochran) and want their official quote. Don’t worry hold on to your property and don’t move out of either of them. Ask them if B of A owns your mortgage or just services it. But let’s keep gathering stories and numbers – send anyone you know to me so I can begin compiling our stories and send them where they will hurt B of A the most”. Have you received any notices from Rincon Trust? Ask them – Do you need to hire a lawyer to get help? Please ask them this ask and then ask for the spelling of their name so you can get their quote right for the story. By the end of December I would like to post 100 stories like this our site along with the story. You do not need an attorney – you need the pressure of the media on them. This is the place members of the media go when they want an official answer for their outlets. 2009 at 9:04 pm Annie is getting ready to bring Media attention to our plight…those of us facing foreclosure and are fighting for Bank Of America (specifically and other Banks) who are still usig deceptive practics to AVOID modification of our loans (expecially CPUNTRYWIDE originated loans)…Please send her you story : annie@adprglobal. First look up the media relations number for B of A. Tell them you want to know what B of A has to say. You do not need an attorney – you need the pressure of the media on them. Send them everything you sent me. Have you received any notices from Rincon Trust? Ask them – Do you need to hire a lawyer to get help? Please ask them this ask and then ask for the spelling of their name so you can get their quote right for the story. who will pass you to the office of the chairman (fyi there is no chairman in the office). and with enough people we can make a difference. Keep asking them to give you a quote for yours story. Just hold tight. who will pass you to the office of the chairman (fyi there is no chairman in the office). Just hold tight. Please. But let’s keep gathering stories and numbers – send anyone you know to me so I can begin compiling our stories and send them where they will hurt B of A the most”. Tell them you are part of a story to appear in a Southern California Magazine insist that they are breaking the law and that they delay your sale date today! They can do that. I have a funny feeling that B of A is going to go out of business within the next two years.com Subject: Re: WE MUST UNITE TO BEAT B OF A AT THEIR OWN GAME… Annie plan is this and she states: “This is just the type of story I am look for to blow them out of the water. Ask for it in writing via email. Keep asking them to give you a quote for yours story. Rere Perhaps Americans should close their B of A accounts in protest! Maybe that will be our slogan! I will be back in touch with you. All the banks are doing this – but B of A – they are the worst. I think we should all get together a file a class action suit against B of A. Don’t worry hold on to your property and don’t move out of either of them. You must let them know you are part of my story assignment (Annie McLhinneyCochran) and want their official quote. Document who you speak to each time. If you cant find that page email me and I will find it and bookmark it for future people who join us in documenting what B of A is doing to all of us. mine was moved four times this year!!! But you have to get to the media people. mine was moved four times this year!!! But you have to get to the media people. Please. as many as possible of us should do this… This is a “Grass Root Effort”. First look up the media relations number for B of A. All the banks are doing this – but B of A – they are the worst.Annie plan is this and she states: “This is just the type of story I am look for to blow them out of the water. This is the place members of the media go when they want an official answer for their outlets. This is very important. Ask for it in writing via email.

Last thing told to us was keep making the payment. Fast forward to August 09. record the conversations. I got the welcome pacage from BofA along with another late notice. I have read many articles that banks now prefer foreclosure to modifications and I think the whole program is a scam.instead of making partial payments to the bank get a foreclosure attorney. Financial pain is the only language they understand and possibly a class action lawsuit is our only remedy. Tried calling BoA. and I will take it until the market recovers or something changes.B&W.B&W. They didn’t stop even after calling 6 times and speaking to americans in California. I stoped paying and saved 3 months of mortgage payment. 80 Melissa November 26. 2009 at 8:53 pm PEOPLE. Federal laws prohibited them from sending one letter prior to the 60 day grace period. If any of you can do it. Hold tight! 78 Jody November 23. I am very dissapointed in the administration for not putting real pressure on these crooks and at the same time they are giving them OUR tax money. So. Example: I could not afford keeping my house after last year layoff. When we got that one I called and told them we would see them in court on their dime and the end result would most likely be us getting the home free and clear. W will now send the payment and if I get 1 more negitive correspondenc from them I will stop payments and place them in an escrow account and take Bof A to court. You are right – they can’t do what they are doing. faxed. 2009 at 8:23 am We had been dealing with CW for over a year and they kept dropping the ball. Now B of A has taken over and we are in our 5th month of making our modifide payment plan and have not heard a thing. but it is some cut. I started calling in March 2009 and eventually hired a lawyer because I was getting nowhere. Keep the faith and real good records of everytime you speak to them and any info. We were told to get delinquent on payments but all that has done is give BoA an excuse to foreclose. All we can do is keep up hope that someone will see the truth about the situation our country is in. because I know its not just B of A that is doing this to their customers. I made sure I will become their priority. It is not the best modification. I contacted my county treaseurer and he said no increase was initiated on the property I told BoA that their records were wrong and to my surprise they took care of it over the phone and the payment will go down $90.I told her that BofAs web site said to do nothing that payments should be made to the old company and if she wanted me to cancel the check if they would pay the $30 charge. I was told I was not a priority since I was not behind.Perhaps Americans should close their B of A accounts in protest! Maybe that will be our slogan! I will be back in touch with you. 2009 at 1:46 pm BofA took over my loan from T. I am not an attorney and I don’t say some are not crooks. But we still got more dilinquent letters and the check from AUG sent to T. I don’t even think they hold the deed so I may . And no. it does not care about your good will and efforts. Of course the bank wil report you delinquent even if you pay one penny less of what you owed them. There is help. Do yourself a favor. it could take a few more months becaue things are so backed up. Paid $2000 flat fee (credit card plus the saved mortgage).my loan has been modified. As a few have said . We got a total of 26 letters and one stating acceleration of foreclosure. Harrasment being one charge and illegal attempts to make financial gains.we know how that goes. But for crying out loud. 79 steve November 23. 2009 at 10:40 pm My experience is very similar to many on this board. unfortunatey not free. Them seeing we would not give in and send any money not due them sent us a letter stating that our payments would go up by $200 per month because of tax increases. 2009 at 12:49 am BOA DOESNT HELP NOBODY THEY HAVE THE POWER AND DOES IT…I WAS TRYING SO HARD TO GET ANY HELP FROM THEM EVEN IN CREDIT CARDS AND THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS NEGATIVE…WHO CAN TAKE ANY ACTION AGAINTS THEM? NOBODY 82 Dave November 29. She told me to cancel the check and send a payment to them. but everything is better than playing their game without knowing all the rules. get out there and talk to someone other than BOA reps! They are NOT on your side! 81 RUBEN LOPEZ November 29. we need as much evidence as possible for the day it will be needed. I called and spoke to an Indian which pissed me off right at the start.She said they wouldn’t so I told her to get the money from the old company and stop the letters. I can keep my home. loosing our information and acting as if it we’re our fault. I went to an atorney in April. The first week of the take over I was recieving late notices for a payment made to the old company.

We got the normal Bank of America answer.the dog runs around. but the dream is being taken away from all these famaliys. watch t. 2009 at 8:29 pm we are in america were dreams come true i have what every american famaliy dreams for and works hard for a home. he wiped out his entire mortgage. I was out of work for 3 months. I haven’t paid my mortgage in 18 months. in the winter being out side when it snows make a snowman.a cook out the wife takeing care of the flowers going out comeing home. I tried to get help from them over the past year. After calling them consistantly the entire day they agreed to extend it for three more weeks. but had call and asked for help. He told me that the judge will decide what is a fair loan modification for me not BoA.have snowball fights clean up the leafs have pancakes and coffee. I’m reading these posts and have but a few things to say… . i try to email the c. 2009 at 8:46 pm Hi. 86 David Crispin December 3.and much more to say in the summer. 85 ALI December 3. Anyway I read this articleIhope this will help: Administration Encourages Mortgage Relief The U.get up in the morning for work and the kids for school or collage on the week ends in the summer yard work . because it sure doesn’t represent any thing good in America. 2009 at 12:34 pm I’m with you Melissa. I continue to pay the note. together or sit together at the dinner table.t get in. we did not plane for this to happen bank of america is giving lost of us a hard time.e. I had to pay 500 dollars to rent somewhere to live and buy new clothing because I can’t get into my home. They insist it wans’t I haven’t missed a payment other than the one that was suppose to be in the chapter 13. work on the car/van or truck on the house . Martin Crutsinger (11/30/2009) 84 aaron b ray November 30. Everytime I call I get the run around. Also had started repairs and lost money I gave to people to repair the house because I couldn.S.v.defendant ( that’s me) and we’ve had 2 postponed hearings by opposing counsel since them. “You’re not behind. I lost my job a year ago. companies that lower payments for troubled borrowers collect $1.grandkids splashing in the pool. 87 angel otero December 4. My house is been in forclosure and they had told me that as long as my case is in work out they’ll extend the sales date each month but they rejected to extend the sales last week and at the very last day they told me that thy’re going to forclose the next day. My first hearing was in August and the judge was very pro. 83 Celeste Caruso November 30. This website has the article. Bank of America needs to change it’s name.o the email is blocked. They were decent. government is expected to announce a plan Monday that will put increased pressure on mortgage companies to modify loans for troubled borrowers. The new program is expected to withhold payment on those fees until the mortgage companies make the mortgage modifications permanent. 88 Actual Worker December 4.walk away the winner in this. 2009 at 12:20 am I’ve not heared one good thing about BOA. Fight them with all you have and don’t send them a penny they are not owed. We were locked out of the website’s payment area. My attorney ( for a flat fee) knows how to postpone the forclosure process. We managed to stay current. Bank of America has done everything they can to hurt the average homeowner. a home were everything happens . We tried to pay our mortgage on the 28th day after the due date. I was chapter 13 and told that 1 payment would be included.000 initially from the government for each loan and subsequently get $1. Source: The Associated Press. 2009 at 5:44 pm BoA had the nerve to put new locks on my house and I can’t get them to give me new keys. We won’t help you. famaliys lets pray together and let god do what is best for us.” Do to contract problems my job with the US Army has been on hold for two months.000 annually for up to three years. Under the current $75 billion Treasury program. according to Treasury spokeswoman Meg Reilly. They are giving me the same b s answer now about being under reviw and in 16 days will be the same nerve breaking situation. 2009 at 5:23 pm I have fallen into the Bank of America hell.. I hope he saw the article this past week about the Long Island judge who was so disgusted with IndyMac bank regarding a toubled homeowners mortgage. I called the 1800 hope number. I need advice do anyone think I could get reembursement for my loses and do I have legitimate legal choices. The new plan also has programs that will encourage mortgage companies to expedite the loan modification process.

I have tried over and over to get in contact with them and get the run around. i have not made a payment since march 09 and evertime i call same song and dance lies lies and more lies not that i have the money and not paying . even pays extra each month. and then the following week she called again and got another agent and plead her case again. But the only thing they want to do is to bend taxpayers over and use sandy vaseline to say “thank you suckers!”. What makes this so difficult to understand is that I have a letter from BofA stating my account was current before I deployed. There are lots of hard-working Americans who make their payments and are getting no benefits. Just remember.S.but nearly no help for people like my mom who have to choose whether to have money to eat or pay their mortgage to have a roof over their heads!! We should’ve just let all these corporations who put the economy in its current situation go bankrupt!! Humankind started and evolved without banks millions of years ago. where is the . Why are we now so worried about all these banks tanking now?!?!?! True economy will be really hard if these establishments were gone…. I just returned back from Iraq and found a letter to quit notice on my front fence.As someone who read and understood my mortgage note. 90 Travelling Nomad December 9.so why are WE having to bend over like it was our fault? The federal government gave all these giant corporations billions of bailouts…. etc. All these lenders doesn’t seem to care!!! It wasn’t our fault the market tanked…. Bank of America. these days. 2009 at 2:13 pm I got sick on feb 3rd was hospitalized for 2 weeks when i tried to return to work (used car dealer ) i was laid off and the dealer ship was closing i called BofA and explained my story that i got laid off and that my wife is also preganant that fro 5 years straight never late and i really need help and i also have 3 year old the f%$# b&%@h from BofA told me bluntley if i miss another payment i would lose my house. They need to get their heads out of their asses and START HELPING THE TAXPAYERS WHO KEPT THEM FROM TANKING. who understands that I am required to pay it back as originally agreed to in both bad times and good. What she told my mom?…. Which if i’m correct they can’t do unless i’m present.the reason why she left BofA was because they did not know what they were doing.just got affected because of the market slump…thanks to Wall Street! …but her lender doesn’t seem to care. we all move down. My mom pleaded with this person for help. 89 miguel alatorre December 7. We saved them from going bankrupt and now they’re making honest people like my mom go bankrupt and have to choose to eat or have a house!!! 91 nick mohibi December 9. 2009 at 10:59 am BofA after getting billions of OUR tax money from the bailout now won’t return the favor. Geico…etc. socialism lowers everyone to the least common denominator… no one moves up. etc. I’m already planning on getting a lawyer but at this point it just seems hopeless. the agent told her that she was on the “negative”. What really gets me even more mad is that they did this while i was serving my country in Iraq. Yet they state that I have not payed my mortgage in 2years.all of these people who bought a house way way way beyond their means got help…. Especially since I needed a secret clearance I had to make sure all my finances were good to go. When my mom called them he talked to a rep and said that they couldn’t help her because she was still making payments on her mortgage therefore she was on a “positive” as far as their “guidelines” are concerned. I wish all of you would simply move out of the homes BofA has a legal right to and let the bank sell your property. I sent them all documentation and yet i still get no answers.but is our economy any better now that we bailed these @$$h0l3$ out? Im pretty sure we’ll survive without Chase. This time. My mom has never been late on her payments. Why should someone who is behind on their payments receive a benefit over someone who has paid their bills on time? But I guess everyone loves the socialist mentality so popular in the U. There are other companies that didn’t need bailout money that does the same things as these companies do. Just yesterday my mom talked to my aunt’s friend that used to work for BofA. I have all receipts from the bank when payments were received at the branch. And that all they want are the phone calls but they will not do anything. Man I really could use some guidance on this. You have to people in the same department that has told my mom two separate things. They just need to prove (i guess to regulators) that they take in so many numbers of calls regarding mortgage help…but not have to account how many they actually help. house they can afford (did not buy beyond what they can afford)…. 2009 at 1:13 pm It seems like BofA is not to concerned about there customers. My mom has her loan with this damn bank and they are giving her the run around. who has paid his mortgage through hard work and prudent financial planning.

We have been working with them since June ‘09. Does anyone know? The people that I spoke with at (704) 386-5681 said that they don’t have these information ( I wonder how they communicate with these executives?). and to the White House for help. I’ve been calling BofA for the last week trying to initiate the loan modification on my second mortgage with them. we had paperwork fedexed to us. we continued getting notices from their lawyer! Finally. 2009 at 4:02 pm This is the worst nightmare anyone could have trying to modify their loan with Bank of America! The people who answer the phone don’t know anything. But. he is a carpenter & we were doing alright. and kept on transferring me to their Home Retention Assistance that denied me 4 times already (aside for waiting too long to be connected to a representative and be transferred several times). Is there anything that I can do? 94 Beth December 14.help for crying out loud . I really don’t know who to turn to for help. Here was our loan modification—$60 more than what we were supposed to be paying!!!!!Hello! we can’t afford the payment now. 2009 at 2:26 pm Got a home modification. Lewis. having 3 kids and not knowing about whats going to happen tommorrow is really stresful . Then they transfer me to another department and the call drops off and I have to start from the beginning. I was told “nothing”. That alone should qualify me for loan modification. what makes them think we can afford a higher one?! I’m just sick of BoA. nothing else. Their lines are so busy that I would have to wait 30-40 minutes just to get someone of the line. but it is next to impossible to get anyone on the phone. says their system only says that I don’t qualify. Moe Bedard from LoanSafe. he told me that I maybe able to qualify through BofA immanent default department.org sent me and I will share my story on LoanSafe.org/forum in the Bank of America forum. Then starting in Nov.org/forum in the BA forum. they have lost papers of . I insisted to talk to the manager and after discussing this issue with his manager.on yet another call. When I asked why. “we have people that are way farther behind than you”. very persistent and don’t give up! It is very unfortunate that all they train their employees is to blindly follow their manuals and scripts and don’t use their brains. they told me “still under review”. with BoA. but nobody want to give me the phone number or e-mail addresses of Kenneth D. Everyone seems like they’re reading from a script and noone there really cares if you lose your home or not. I get the run around every time I call. Let’s see what kind of help I will get! I thought our government is getting rid of the “negative amortization loans” which I have. how can I get out of that “negam” loan? Or what branch of government oversees President Obama’s “Home Affordability Plan” program? Moe Bedard sent me and that I will share my story on LoanSafe. I sent an e-mail to our congressman (Howard Berman). guess who got farther behind?! They don’t except partial payments. our two senators (Diane Feinstein & Barbara Boxer). we were getting notices of a sale date on our house!! We had know idea. where is our help? Is there anyone else that can help? BoA told me that was their best offer. The bank got help. My husband didn’t ask to be out of work. My husband got laid off and as soon as we knew it would be a problem. President Home Loans. CEO or Barbara J. 2009 at 8:28 pm I sit here and read all of these posts after I just hung up . the call dropped off…. 93 Merrill December 14.This is so unprofessional! The only way to get something out of this Bank is to be very. I was talking to someone about twice a month and always told “your under review”. 2009 at 11:14 am I have been trying for almost half a year and the same thing keeps happening to me. Then when I called in Nov. I called BoA and asked what could be done. I asked for a supervisor and he told me there was no sale date yet. why can’t we?????They got help when they were going through hard times. Well. I tried calling the corporate office for help and complain. Moe Bedard from loansafe sent me & you can share my story on loansafe. these ceo’s can take money from the government to help the home owner instead they give them selves 30 mil bonuses can some one help please 92 Svetlana Kostel December 11. don’t want to help and resemble robots who follow the script rather than human being with brains. Desoer. I asked for their direct number and when he put me on hold. We just wanted a lower monthly payment until we get through this rough time. I was denied 4 times by Countrywide/BA already.org 95 Gary December 15. so we didn’t know what to do. And I’m really very frustrated. he couldn’t give me a reason. 2009 at 1:50 pm I had similar problems like the rest of the senders above. 96 Leah December 15. If it will not be modifed. Today I finally talked to someone who took my financial information and told me I don’t qualify.

ideas anything would be greatly appreciated!! if we were to lose our home my Husband.bank of amarica said they would help and it took almost a year for them to offer me a modification and in september 09 they did so lowering my payment with escrow to $2400 which i can afford-i accepted and have not recieved anything from them-no work out papers and they keep asking for new financial info and say the file was sent to the wrong department and has ben sitting in limbo-my arrears $57000-they are lying and stalling-i will not pay and have the money sit in a separate account-they told me in july 09 not to pay while i was being modified and said i didnt need a lmp sum-looks like im headed to bankruptcy court to save my home 101 Rere December 18. maintain 5 different accounts with Bank of America (including my home loan which they acquired via Countrywide) and been a customer for over 20 years. they can change the terms. Bank of America will do NOTHING to help me.loss of income. doing ALL we can and we supposedly are perfect candidates for Obama’s “program”. Unfortunately they can’t figure out how much it is costing them to foreclose. Looking for another bail out I guess? 100 larry December 17. 2009 at 2:43 pm WHERE IS ATTORNEY GENERAL JERRY BROWN? Or was all HIS posturing was for the press!!! I guess he is vying for the Government office and don’t want to piss off the BIG BANKS! Why don’t he go after BANK OF AMERICAN like he did the LOAN MODIFICATIONS COMPANIES…At least they got more loan s modified then BANK OF AMERICAN! B OF A is not even honoring the settlement agreement! WHERE IS OUR ATTORNEY GENERAL??? 102 ReRe December 20. 2009 at 4:41 pm Fellow Comrade “Victims” of BofA (Bullies of Americans). Still no progress….. myself and our 6 babies will literally be on the streets!! 99 Dawn Wylie December 16. I found the comments insensitive to the American people who are hurting and a bit condescending. nothing!! Our struggle began because my husbands hours were cut dramatically (economy crap). I mean with them being so” swamped” and bogged down with modification documents… “Working” hard on helping Americans homeowners in distressed. no record of me requesting a modification… again. However. and for about 1 year we have been treated like idiots by B of A! I have sent in paper work and took all the “necessary” steps for a “modification” over and over again. but the comments are indicative to the attitudes and treatment that many of us on this blog have spoken of and experienced in dealing with BANK OF AMERICAN HOME LOAN REPS when trying to get the help we need and the help that was promised. 2009 at 12:47 pm It isn’t just B of A.unemployement and raising two kids and a morgate payment that jumped $1100 per month after a country wide modification in 6/08. 2009 at 9:39 pm We need help desperately!! We have 6 children and we love the neighbors and school we have! we have had this loan for 1 year. I asked why couldn’t they just convert to a fixed rate or extend the ARM. Any advice. I’m not asking for loan modification or refinance. I was told it was because I was changing the terms of the contract. that’s not going so well! We are very hard working people. Why would B of A choose to alienate customers and sink the current housing situation even lower? 98 Jessica December 15.mine. B of A tells me I have to refinance. I just scheduled our workshop appt. All I want to do is solidifymy ARM for a few more years. 2009 at 4:15 pm I’m not in trouble.i couldnt afford that payment. I have been cleaning at night (sometimes ALL night) trying to make up the difference.nothing. just hard t 97 Regina Brown December 15. today. This “worker bee” must have been under a rock for the past 2 years…Or he would realize that the hlep we are asking for is the same help that the company he is working for accepted from “US” THE TAXPAYERS in the form of a bailout because of its mismanagement and bad business decisions! LET’S GET THIS CLEAR…IF IT WASN’T FOR THE BAILOUT MONEY Bank OF America RECIEVED . 2009 at 10:35 am i have not made a payment to countrywide/boa since 8/1/08 16months-separation. have an excellent credit score. including income tax four separate times. I read the e-mail below from a B of A employee who actually took the time to read something. Have to pay to faxes they keep losing! When you do get them on the phone. I am surprise that they had the free “time” to get on line and read our complaints. never been late. they have none of my paper work. We have recently began dealing with the NACA. I heard silence on the other end and then the gentleman told me there was nothing he could do. I then explained that since B of A holds the contract. It is all of them. they have been very helpful to me and seem concerned…not all bad experience.

End I cannot believe that a Company who needed HELP (Bailout) themselves could not extent the same courtesy…it just behooves me! We are within or RIGHT to ask and expect help and empathy from our fellowman..Jesus said. I wish all of you would simply move out of the homes BofA has a legal right to and let the bank sell your property. what the word of GOD says about this situation: For the sake of the story let’s say that Bank of America is the “Servant” and we (the victims) are the “Fellow servants”… The Bible says: 23: Therefore is the kingdom of heaven likened unto a certain king. So when his fellowservants saw what was done. after that he had called him. and I will pay thee all.AND OTHER BIG BANKS. saying. Just remember. But forasmuch as he had not to pay. socialism lowers everyone to the least common denominator… no one moves up. who understands that I am required to pay it back as originally agreed to in both bad times and good. and took him by the throat. and payment to be made. who has paid his mortgage through hard work and prudent financial planning. we all move down. we are guilty of trusting “the loan brokers” and “mortgage brokers” who courted us and place the “American Dream” in our reach…(especially in the African America and Hispanics communities). and I will pay thee all. said unto him. 26: The servant therefore fell down. I forgave thee all that debt. O thou wicked servant. And he would not: but went and cast him into prison. and forgave him the debt. who greedily awaited them to further make money off the ARMs and other deceptive packaged loans!…Oh yes baby I know!!!! I got the full picture now! SO don’t you dare call us irresponsible or socialist! We have been dealt with unjustly under false pretenses and continue to be so with the “fake” and “half hearted” attempts at loan modification by Bank of America who was so bad at their attempts that theyb were CALLED out by the Feds.S. And my mama always said that people living in glass house should NOT throw stones…And the house you work in (B of A) is “very” thin glass! Read the comments in its entirety below from : 88 “Actual Worker” (for B of A) December 4.But the same servant (BofA) went out. Why should someone who is behind on their payments receive a benefit over someone who has paid their bills on time?”… end quote My answer to your question is the same to you… There were many other BANKS who managed their businesses well and made good business choices. They called and courted the elderly whose homes were paid off in many cases… And some of them didn’t even know or had never thought of “taking the equity (money) out of their homes”…They were seduced by slick talking brokers who packaged and sold those loans to Bank of America. Pay me that thou owest. I have to laugh at the B of A commercials running on television…I guess this is a PR attempt to repair the banks damaged imaged. and his wife. They will have to do more than that! I literally cringe at the sight of the Bank of America logo or image…And I hear the customer service hold music in my nightmares! Yes! We are justified by our FAITH to ask for this help…YOU “Actual worker bee” read below. There are lots of hard-working Americans who make their payments and are getting no benefits. …and you “worker bee” might not have a Job…. they were very sorry. and came and told unto their lord all that was done. even as I had pity on thee? And his lord was wroth. I’m reading these posts and have but a few things to say… As someone who read and understood my mortgage note. Countrywide. and all that he had. ect. have patience with me. Where is your empathy? Please don’t be so judgmental on the “same people” whose tax dollars helped you out! The Actual B of A worker wrote: “There are lots of hard-working Americans who make their payments and are getting no benefits. and loosed him. And when he had begun to reckon. and delivered him to the tormentors. till he should . which would take account of his servants. We are not ALL loser and irresponsible… many of us were preyed upon by a system that these big BANKS created the environment for…by paying top dollars to predatory lenders to bring in a “certain” type of ” loans”…We are not the SOLE reason that we are in this mess…Yes. and besought him. Have patience with me. saying. which owed him ten thousand talents. because thou desiredst me Shouldest not thou also have had compassion on thy fellowservant. one was brought unto him. Then his lord. saying. which owed him an hundred pence: and he laid hands on him. 2009 at 8:46 pm Hi. THEY TOO WOULD HAVE BEEN UNDERWATER/FORECLOSED UPON. these days. And his fellowservant fell down at his feet. till he should pay the debt. WHY DID YOUR COMPANY TAKE & NEED BAILOUT MONEY? I believe in the word of GOD and this is a nation based on Judeo-Christian values…. “Let him without sin cast the first stone”. his lord commanded him to be sold. and found one of his fellowservants. Lord. and children. Then the lord of that servant was moved with compassion. Why should someone who is behind on their payments receive a benefit over someone who has paid their bills on time? But I guess everyone loves the socialist mentality so popular in the U. and worshipped him.

and greed will ultimately make the United States of America a third world country in less than 10 yrs. and good credit. I can imagine what are you going to say to the “new wave” of Americans facing foreclosure due to job loss…”find a job”. So no bashing my Congressman’s Richmond representative. and many members of our community. are falling down on the job. reducing our credit limits on credit cards. by the way Mr. or get a second job etc. at least I would be fed three times a day and have a place to stay. told 6% to 8% should be the range I should expect for my home loan. are receiving letters daily from banks cancelling accounts we have never been delinquent on. Then it was time to sign… Now it is 10. and your peers that were elected to help. end quote…I shudder to think you are the ones who are suppose to be helping us stay in our homes…I just wonder how many more Bank of America employees share your sentiments…Ones you have shared so freely and ruthlessly. or asked for help. “yeah right. I have seen with my own eyes that no one is immune. if ye from your hearts forgive not everyone his brother their trespasses (Matthew 18-23-25) So please get it straight! I am highly offended by your lack of empathy and your misinformed statements. raising our homeowners insurance. professionals with Bachelor . and touched. I am very disappointed in the lack of representation for the average American in this current recession.pay all that was due unto him. Not bums and addicts. With a nice smile I was told basically to pay until I am bankrupt. or anything to deserve this. What a joke. Many aren’t speaking out on it because they are ashamed. I want to point out that we have been very impressed. the theiving. or protected from financial failure. just lower interest rates. I was told to come back when I had a job. Mine is just another story is what is becoming a great America Tragedy…The day where someone would think of it okay for Americans to just lose their homes …I quote you “Actually Worker of B of A . We. Three years later. He is a fellow American with a family to support just like the rest of us. When my husband and I started talking about it I could see peoples eyes glaze over with that..00/mo on unemployment I surley could pay $650. to serve and protect the American people. lying greedy banks kept it all. I started out with 20% down and a job. So likewise shall my heavenly Father do also unto you. Rere 103 L-bone December 22. foreclosing on our homes. greed is what is keeping the unemployed paying high interest. Our politians are not being firm enough with the banks. LC 104 Sharon Lambert December 24. Cantor.. “I wish all of you would simply move out of the homes BofA has a legal right to and let the bank sell your property”. I have a warning for you. Franklin a. Greed is what caused the rich to give away our economic base and jobs to the communists. Thanks Bank of America and all the scum like your company helping to sink everyone deeper and deeper into the pit you have created with your greed. drive off to parts unknown with nothing and have a nice day. and he was very attentive and seemed sincere. I had to leave before I was arrested which might be a better option than refinancing with Bank of America. R. That is just plain ignorance to assume that one size fit all. . after paying on time and in fact early no go. rip-offs and more lies….k. We have tent cities of homeless people popping up all over America. but families. My initial loan consultation was okay. I explained to the Bank of America manager that if I could pay $1100. You. you too could be in the same situation some day. after 3yrs of a hardscrewing I would be eligible for re-fi at a lower rate. Those who agree with me say Amen! Regards. Dear Sir.a. and a list of financial horrors that goes on and on.” Those same people are now telling us they have received letters from banks and they have not been delinquent. 2009 at 11:35 am I am posting a letter I have written to my Congressman. Then the “crisis” hit and Obama came to the rescue with hundreds of millions to the banks to help people who have lost their job. I pray that one day you might have the misfortune to walk in our shoes one day. 2009 at 6:52 am Greed. Mr. Lloyd Lenhart has dealt with us.00 with money left over and hang on to the house. why don’t you start paying your bills.4% because my debt to income ratio wasn’t satisfactory. He has never avoided our phone calls. Apparently that is what should be expected when dealing with Bank of America and former CountryWide. lies. that is the treatment I have received. I explained I do not want any “bail out” money.

”Neighbor” Mrs. maybe we will break bread around a campfire soon. Im sad and sick of bad luck and sick of being over extended. that detailed it was now to include those homeowners whom were current. My monthly expenses is $1. 2009. First late bill in fourteen years on anything perfect credit! WTF. and therefore ineffective in helping their constituents. Noone knows who is handling what.and been fighting this battle since Oct. I have submitted everything. Barbette Jefferson 847-353-9727 barbettejefferson@yahoo. Bank of America . I can’t believe this organization does not communicate. My husband has been laid off since April.Hamp program because. and who stretched out a helping hand. Sharon Lambert 105 Keith A Haden December 27. Our new situation has pushed us to the brink this month we could not make our house payment on time. which leaves us to believe that even our Congressman is ineffective in dealing with the banks. our income has been reduced by 60% since about 2007. That I can believe. Everytime I call to inquire about my loan status. Thankfully we had some savings that has helped us maintain until October.148. We have met with Mr. We want to keep our house i call at least twice a week or more . I contacted BOA “imminent default” department after reviewing the new MAH modificaiton guidelines at the governments website. any suggestions ? Help Thanks. what? We are currently looking for help through a loan modification company with an A rating but BOA sold our mortage 4 months into the process to a sister company. My mortgage payment now is $2.00 a month My principal balance on my home is $247.13.degrees and Doctorates. We will remember who kicked us when we were down.66. Lloyd Lenhart at your Richmond office. We will probably loose another 15 percent income this year because we have a state job. I was refferred to this website by Moe Bedard from LoanSafe. I have to submit my information over verbally as well as several misplaced faxes. Could someone please calculate these figures and tell me why I don’t qualify and what I need to do to qualify. which seems to be costing me a lot of time.350. he has been unable to help us also. but to no avail. See you in the bread lines. People who have dedicated their lives to this country are freezing and hungry. 2009 at 4:18 pm After reading these post I give up. We were not behind. told me that I didn’t qualify for the FHA. 108 barbette jefferson December 29. He was very gracious and patient with us and we liked him. I ‘ve been requesting help from Bank of America for 8 months or more. 107 Charle December 29.53. but I did qualify for some sort of assistance.00 a month. So we have to start over we have put alot of money into this house we just need a lower rate. We have sent paper work and everything they need on 4 different occasions .000. we would soon face default. The most recent information I received was that I did not qualify for a modification.313. 2009 at 8:17 am We are going through all the same dilemmas as most whom have posted here. Mr Lenhart has stated that Bank of America will not return his calls.com 109 Bridget December 31. Audrey Haden 106 Kimberly Weatherspoon December 28.org.554. 2009 at 11:24 pm Hello my name is Barbette Jefferson. Thanks for your time.2008. I can’t seem to get help without starting all over from square one. my P&I is $1. My gross income is $4. but knew that if we didnt do something. Can someone please tell me what this means. 2009 at 2:56 pm My name is Kimberly Weatherspoon. and my escrow is $594. the partial claim is too high. A very frightened and disillusioned American. they tell us we dont qualfied for one there gonna try something else . My family is in Arizona and our insurance jumped from 350 a month to 750 so we dropped it during open enrollment while purchasing more affordable health care my appendix decided to burst 3 days in the hospital over 30000 dollar bill another 700 dollars amonth going out. Bank Of America asked us if we had any assetts to sell to make the motgage. . everytime I am asked (repeatedly).00. However. but I would like to say that Americans have a good memory. The banks may be getting away with this now. 2009 at 11:53 am My husband has been sick with squamous cell carcinoma cancer since august of 2009. but even more so–a reason that our representatives should be angry.

they claim to the government that the homeowners aren’t getting the papework in. It looks like they are going off gross. she told me to check back with Retention dept. REALLY. The majority of my clients get a successful internal mortgage modification instead of a government backed one. form 4506T.66 mortgage payment plus your other monthly expenses of $1313. Partial Claim being too high is essentially bank speak for. been transferred to numerous departments from Home Retention to Refinance (dont qualify) and Imminent Default. which takes about 45 days. transferred. I have been proactive in contacting BOA and being cooperative. insist that they base their decision off your net income and not gross. You pay your bills with “after tax” money and they should qualify you for a mortgage modification based on this fact.00.350. if anyone knows what I can do to escalate this process. 2 months bk statments. and if this is the case. Did that immediately (she was the first person to ask for that). and to call back to check. Thornhill . Sincerely: Randy D. Inquire as to why they turned you down and ask for clarification. please advise! 110 Hugh Mcmahon January 3. the ladys response was to make sure we paid our mortgage on time … ” So what then was the nature of my call ? “ 111 Randy Thornhill January 4. Asked when we could start the modified payment I as quoted. that the first rep FAILED to save and send our information through. Subtract this from your gross income of $4. (You get this figure by adding your $2. and disconnected (every phone call eventually gets disconnected) So I called back yesterday… the rep pulls it up. he told us we were pre approved for the 3 month trial period and that we would receive paperwork in the mail in about 15 days. We have four children under four and are in financial hardship right now . We have submitted online application as well as over the phone …to no avail . reviews the notes and tells me that we are NOT in a trial period yet. Well…we’ve been calling back to check 2x a week since then.We gave our information to Oscar.00 and you get a remaining balance of $888. We have literally been begging borrowing and cadging in order to prevent loan default . they are assuming that you have around $888. because THEY failed to follow through? Yet. We have been told by several reps that we qualify for a loan modification . no wonder our economy is suffering so much! I begain struggling in October when I called in. This is not un-usual because they are one of the most difficult banks to deal with. but I have to wait on a package . now that I have to wait another 45 days. “you have too much money left over at the end of the month for you to qualify for the FHA-HAMP program.34 left over each month. I will be glad to discuss them with you via email. You get a total of $3.148. 2010 at 2:56 pm Barbette: It sounds like you are getting the run around from BOA. 2 years tax returns and proof of income. we start again? Its truly sad that they are this incompetent. ” They should base your mortgage modification request off of “net income” not “gross income”. Why is it that BOA can’t understand and abide by their obligations to the taxpayers and their charge of participating in the MAH program? Do they not understand how to do this? Are they not under requirements to do so given the TARP funds that have sustained their business? What about the incentives they are given PER modified loan that they accomplish which is on top of their already huge bailouts? I am in OHIO. Also. Yes they have the papework I sent in.66 monthly expenses. You should also ask your BOA negotiator what other mortgage modification programs they have. I have abided by them. Hope everything works out for you.461. If you have any other questions. 2010 at 10:55 am We have spent countless hours on the phone with BOA and they have done nothing except give us the run-around . One particular time i did get through to the imminent default dept and explained we were desperate to get through before we defaulted on our mortgage.34. Finally on Dec 18th a rep told us that we needed to send in paperwork = hardship letter.) Your best bet is to call your negotiator and speak with them directly. I can see why some of them would get lost in this process. its a joke! I would also like to add… I read and understood my note and obligations.

I get a package of all my loan documents. 2010 at 3:05 pm Hugh: I am sorry to hear that you are in a tough situation. experiencing what everyone else is!! Our bank basically told us there is no chance of loan mod! And if we want to save our home we have to come up with all this money! 4-5 homes were foreclosed on my side of the block alone. I will filed a lawsuit through a law firm in Washington State and would love to hear from you so that we can make this a class action lawsuit. Looking on line. 2010 at 7:37 pm Hi Michael Chugg. The AG of Florida got involved and his staff helped put pressure on BOA.com thank you for starting this! Bev 116 Ken B January 6. I ended up hiring an attorney from California…long story short. I continue to get the run around. Exactly 90 days later. and because of their decisions. I live in Kirkland. If you are looking for people to sign up for a class action law suit. I get really angry at the bank’s indifference. I started the BofA loan modification last year. Is there a way we can count how many times we had to call back because they disconnected us?? 115 Bev January 5. not how many phones they answer.. I assisted them in obtaining a successful mortgage modification from BOA. B Of A was sure in the front of the line to get the taxpayer funded bail out. Thornhill 113 Michael Chugg January 5. After months of trying and getting nowhere. In most cases. I too have a tale of woe with B of A. and a letter from Sabrina Dill. Two weeks later. NEVER got anywhere with them directly. Never heard a thing from Bof A. my friend got a much needed modification. This went on for 5 months. 2010 at 5:23 pm After 8 months and 25 different phone calls and paper work lost to Bank of America. 2010 at 8:30 pm I live in Kirkland. You are not alone. They need to be responsible for results of loan modifications closed. we are really behind. One of these entities should be able to open up a case on your behalf and put pressure on BOA to modify your mortgage. If you have tried every avenue with BOA and they are still giving you the run around. Washington. I would suggest that you contact the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. (Litton Loan Svc) hence. I somehow ended up with an . and are now selling in the low $100’s! I bought my for $600!! Litton rather have my home. But I am suing them with gusto 114 Bev January 5. regardless take a loss and put me and my family out on the street rather than work with me!! What option do we have? I HOPE SOMETHING GET DONE ABOUT THESE FAT GREEDY CATS PROFFETING OFF THE BLOOD OF HARD WORKING PEOPLE 117 susan January 10. the Office of Thrift Supervision.as required by law. Washington. Keep your chin up and “try…. the FDIC and of course. If I had not used an attorney. here is my email bev@travelrxbag. I have a friend of the family that has a 10 year old daughter with brain cancer. 2010 at 7:59 am We are not financed through BofA. He is the one who never put stipulations on the money to begin with.try again. some analyst who told me they did not accept 3rd party requests for information. or stressed so bad they are going to be shortened. I would like to be on your list.” Your persistence will pay off. Trying to get a mortgage modification on your own is very difficult. Sincerely: Randy D. They sent papers to B of A in Sept 09. Attorney representing me doesn’t count? It seems as this is just a familiar stall tactic! I am livid! They made some bad decisions. My situation is also caused from a local bank that approved an appraisal after my house was built. I would have lost my home on Friday January 8th because Bof A told me all is well. it just takes time. we have your payments. your lender is not your friend. just keep paying. 2010 at 3:36 pm Another boa nightmare. I would love to talk with you. That is the only time they have ever appeared humble. I read these letters and it made me very angry.112 Randy Thornhill January 4. When I listen to the lives that are in ruins. I wrote all the of above listed governmental agencies. When is Obama going to do something about this. the Attorney General of your home state. I have been trying to work with boa for about a year.

please contact me. I dont get it. or maybe no one knows their job. Texas.and NO ONE EVER wants to help. only owed less than $60. Gee.000. If anyone would like to join me. New York and India. between losing my job on 11/28/09 and now this foreclosure. but make sure to send all of us a thank you note for it! I wish someone would gather us all up and take these jerks to court! flowershopgirl66@att. That is what is wrong these days./ Great…another few hours talking to “air”. Podobailo January 16. Now my nine year old son and I are out of a home. that they needed to call BoA to find out and then they would mail me the amount in 10days. I called & found out my home is now in the beginning steps of foreclosure. Forget getting a loan modification from BOA-you will never get it. I am losing the home that I have made my home for over 11 years. called them when payments were returned. 2010 at 10:22 am I am going to contact the Illinois Attorney General office on Tuesday 1/19/9 in regards to the BoA crooks. and no two people every giving me the same response…this is what I get. 2010 at 1:46 pm Bank of America is TOO BIG to help any of us.appraisal to match my construction loan. Are you kidding? Will be talking to an attorney to recoupe application fees. 119 Hank L. I just received a letter from BOA in Texas informing me I am going to be foreclosed within 60-90 days. who in turn gave me the same response. After many solicitation letters . 120 Christine M.) to forget the Loan ModificationI will make my regular mortgage payment starting in February at the local BOA and hope this nightmare goes away. Podobailo January 16.and got twenty different answers to any one question I asked. I phoned the attorney. BOA is not interested in spending the government bail out money on you-they have their fat cat executives to pay their bonuse’s and drawing interest on the billions they received. I sent ALL the required payments by express mail and postal money orders-I complied with all the request – I talked with people in California. Our credit is great. No one wants to help .I sent in the paperwork. when I really have a 2 bedroom 2 bath home. we thought maybe we could pay our mortgage off a little sooner and maybe a little lower interest rate. I am tired. So what I have to say is this…THANK YOU FOR NOTHING BANK OF AMERICA and thank you My United States government for not having someone watch over these robbers. The government gave this HORRIBLE company money and the power to steal our homes from us. more like alot of someones. When I spoke with three of the BOA Indian / United States delagation I was told not to worry about it. What is happening here???? After the bank “phone person” gave me the attorney phone number because they were unable *(like usual) to give me the amount I needed to come up with to bring the balance current. THERE IS NOTHING ANY OF US CAN DO ABOUT THIS MONSTER OF AN INSTITUTION AND THEY KNOW IT. did not do their job correctly.only to still not being closed 6 mos. right? Wasn’t that there plan all along? Oh and make sure that the CEO’s get a whopper bonus. They’re going to get the house in the long run. 2010 at 11:05 am . No prob. They took my piled up payments and applied them incorrectly. 118 Cathy January 12. While they put you on the three month partial payment agreement they are also reporting to the three credit bureaus that you are not making your mortgage payments and ruining your credit.net 121 Christine M. Texas. I always wished I had rain gutter too! All banks are crooks. I am now paying for a 3 bedroom 3 bath home. The bank was unable to accept the payment and I was told to call customer service. They were very helpful to me in the past. You know. New York and India.loved em. Money talks.S. Still get advertisements regularly to refinance. later!! Called and told them to cancel due to tired of run-around. It has gotten so big the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing-ZERO communication between California. By the way. Now I suffer.The bottom line is that someone. Hewgley January 13. the ones you paid to help your United States citizens keep their homes and who turned out to be the ones who line their pockets more. Everything submitted. NOTHING! I did everything they told me to do. 2010 at 9:28 am Yesterday I went to Bank of America to drop a payment for Jan. If I can’t find someone to help me. 2010. Payed our initial fees. My home loan went into modification January 2009. I’m trying to do the right thing here…. BAC nightmare begins. I may just mail BoA my house keys and walk away like some people are doing. sent in payments. flowershopgirl66@att. 2010 at 10:47 am WOW! same stories just different names! Our original loan was with Countrywide. and after months and months of hourless phone calls. One year later. I told Jack and Inezia in India and young Richard (somewhere in U.net 122 Anastasia January 18.

For a company to turn their back on customers in a time of need is total crap. 123 Chris January 19. Call your state Attorney Generals office and file a formal complaint against the Bank of America-breach of duty. help me !!!!!! thecarolinaman75@hotmail. 125 chris January 20. Contact the currency controllers office and file a formal complaint The right hand does not know what the left is doingthey are so big and have out sourced their customer service to India. I recently lost my job and i’ve never been late. and they seem to be giving me the run around. 2010 at 1:19 pm I don’t qualify. They told me that I had to speak with the “imminent default” department.In October of 2008 my husband was hurt in a car accident. 2010 at 9:06 pm Everyone having trouble with BOA need to do the following: 1. Never been late on a payment credit excellent For the first time in my life i need help with anything. 2010 at 7:28 pm I been paying Bank of America since June 2009 my pre-trial modification of $658. 2010 at 8:14 am I’ve been trying to get a loan modification with Bank Of America for months now. Fanny Mae. After losing my job. I am sending documkents to the USA treasury Department . Iwas told by one representative the only way they will help is if you are behind on your payments well I stopped making payments and they still say we are not in the right criteria of people to be helped. He was unable to work for three months. I wanted to jump through the phone and pound her for that comment. WOW! I called 7 times and 3 out of the 7 times I was disconnected. and going to sue them for false slander. Hewgley January 20. 2010 at 2:44 pm To whom this may concern. but we don’t qualify. I quess everbody was right B OF A Sucks. I have been with BofA for 10 years never once missing or being late on a payment and this is how they treat customers. In addition. 2010 at 8:17 am I’ve been trying to get a loan modification with Bank Of America for months now. I was like cool so I called BofA and spoke to Jennifer after spending an hour on the phone going over our finances she told me to “get a second job”. Federal guidelines not being followed 2. he is the primary income in our family. Fannie Mae. call Rita Ramos at 1-818-316-8329-she contacted the person who was over my case and her . Everyone who has a loan modification should be assigned to a person handling your loan. Contact the Federal Reserve and file a formal complaint 3. My wife passed away 9 14 09 they tell me i don’t qualify. I am trying to apply for loan for the Hope program. A friend of ours that has BofA called me and told me the bank deferred his mortgage payment for three months (he was going through a divorce). One of those times I was actually on the phone with the representitive and she put me on hold.I did everything they told me to do. Here it is 2010 and we are still asking BofA for assistance. I called the next day and spoke to a supervisor and ran down everything including Jennifer’s comment and the supervisor didn’t even care it seems like I was wasting her day. 127 Christina Collins January 20.04 and today I receive a letter that Fannie Mae states Bank of America states I do not live in my home to prevent me from getting the home affordable modification. Let me tell you this I will not do any type of banking with BofA ever again. It’s been 2 weeks and I haven’t heard anything so I decided to call them. well she must’ve then transferrred me because customer service then answerered! What the heck is going on at BOA???!! I know things are bad but they are doing a horrible job at keeping their customers happy and I don’t think they really even care about customer service at this point! Sooooo many peoople have mortgages with BOA and sooo many people are calling to get a modification that it’s just taking forever and i’m sure thousands of people will have their paperwork lost and displaced it’s a nightmaire! 124 Linda January 19.com 126 Ken vaughn January 20. The Obama plan only helps the FHA. After speaking with them they asked me to send them documents and did so. From the prior comments it looks like I am not the only one who is sick of BofA and their employees. Every week it’s a different person telling me a different thing. Freddie Mac mortgage holders. I have my certificate for the first time buyer so i need a lender who would except my credit score 629 128 Hank L.

but they were wrong. I have had to send 3 different sets of information. When you do get the call. then send another email. 1. AND I WOULD HAVE TO WAIT 2 WEEKS. Of course i have not heard from either one but I am hopefull. 130 Lucy January 22. and a phone number where you can be reached. I have no family here where I live and her father doesnt even care. I WAS TOLD MY BANK LOAN WAS INVESTER OWN. Its frustrating! 131 becky January 22. 2010 at 12:07 am To All . 2010 at 4:42 am Like all I have also struggled to get a modification from Bank of America. “no name”. 132 jax January 23. as I am sure you all understand. Wait for the call from a customer advocate. I will definitely try that form. I am trying anything to get some kind of resolution out of this because the stress of it is overwhelming at this point.desoer@bankofamerica. I have no idea who to talk to or how to approach them anymore. You can expect to hear back from a customer advocate with the office of the chairman within 24 – 48 hours of sending your email. 129 Debra oliver January 20. One approach you can take that will escalate your file is contacting the Office of the President (OOP) directly. 2. i WAS OF WORK FOR 7 MONTHS . I dont want to lose my home. each Rep has a different story. but I got a page that said “Article no longer available” – does anyone have the link to this form? I have been struggling with Bank of America for almost a year. then please read on. Or they laugh. Be sure to include your name. or “unavailable”.AFTER SURGERY. hang up or even worse tell you that you need help and that I should get a counselor. I HAVE BEEN DENIED SEVERAL. then who will care? Bank of America Doesnt and its a proven fact. Called again to hear. Attorney general. Send an email to barbara. I clicked on the link “Email Bank of America executives by clicking here”. Its the only place I have for me and my daughter of 4yrs of age. I will be writing to Obama. Have you tried the traditional route in attempting to get a modification or refinance through the 800 # and gotten the runaround? If you’ve answered “yes”. Thank to all for the comments really lets me know I am not the only only going through BD with BoA.j. it will likely come up on your caller ID as “out of area”.com Be concise and to the point regarding your request. then another person told me we were supposed to start paying our trial payments in Dec… We never received any kind of notice. called every month. and my state reps. DUE TO MAIL PROBLEMS IN THE PAST I DO HAVE A SECOND PROPERTY THAT MY DAUGHTER LIVES . I got so many different stories from. I dont know who told you have been approved.2009. AND MET WITH A COUNSELOR. loan number(s). 2010 at 3:22 pm I applies 4 months ago for the making home affordable. I have not paid my mortgage in about 9 months.I WAS TOLD I WAS DENIED DUE TO MY ADDRESS NOT MATHING I HAD A DIFFERENT MAILING ADDRESS. and my house is now in foreclosure. Seriously. still being reviewed…Then YOU HAVE BEEN APPROVED! Just wait for your packet in the mail…. over months and months. seriously i believe they have the worst representatives.I ALSO WENT TO LAS VEGAS.Waited no packet. AND ALSO BOA ANGENT. If I have to I will call the local news. because each person I spoke to when calling for an update told me I needed to send different information. Your mod is being reviewed. I have until 2/22/10 before the house isn’t mine anymore. as they told me NOT to pay during the process. and I am losing my mind that I am about to lose my home. If you cannot be . I am so tired of the lies. 2010 at 1:02 am Hi. and one of them gave me the wrong fax number to send the forms to! In the meantime. I am a single parent and no other income and there had been plenty of times that I have tried to explain to them that I can not afford the payment and instead of lowering it they raised it up. All I want is one person who knows what they are talking about. TIMES . And lastly.3.supervisor. they told me that someone neglected to even review our loan and now we have to reapply. If you don’t get a response. if anyone has the link! 133 Janusz January 25. DUE TO MISTAKES . During the modification process. THERE AND PAYS THE MORTGAGE. THAT WAS IN OUT. 2010 at 9:48 pm Ihad a hardship.

says Paul Willen. “My account summary”. and Purchase to check this. You will also be asked for 2 most recent pay stubs (or other income documentation). You will be instructed to wait for the negotiator to call you (he/she will need time to go over your file before talking to you). Whatever they tell you to do is what you should do. We don’t want to bother them with general questions and impede anyone’s progress on getting a modification by pestering them unnecessarily. could be within 1 week). I believe the intention here is to avoid excessive phone calls and give them adequate time to process your request. Proposals include getting servicers to let jobless homeowners skip some monthly payments. last 2 months of bank statements. Refinance. Wait for the assigned negotiator to call. Scroll down to “Financial hardship” and click on “Workout information”. Wait for the next call assigning you a negotiator. 134 Janusz January 25. 2010 at 12:32 am Alos read this from “USA Today” The Obama administration is engaged in high-level talks about providing financial assistance to homeowners who’ve lost their jobs and can’t afford their mortgage payments. you should see detailed information that your file is under review and a date when more information will be available (and instructions not to call before that date). . They likely will assist you and you won’t have to pay for it. You will be asked to send in a hardship affidavit and possibly the IRS Form 4506-T (available here: https://www. post them on the forum. has recommended going to a local Bank of America Home Loans branch and have them fax over your request. You can log on to Countrywide Home Loans. Someone may be able to assist you! The negotiators are obviously dealing with a large volume of requests. “Account Options” and under that.hmpadmin. I also recommend following up with your customer advocate to confirm your fax has been received. KEEP ON TOP OF THINGS! Continue to check your status for changes and don’t hesitate to call if you do have questions. The Treasury Department held meetings on the subject as recently as Thursday with key stakeholders. It does take some time as the information you faxed must be scanned and uploaded into the system.reached. executive director of Hope Now. Once you log in. “Workout stage”. Do not panic…if you’ve gotten this far. Click on “My home loans” to retrieve your account information. a spokeswoman for Hope Now. and a list of monthly expenses. We can all benefit from other people’s experiences! 135 Janusz January 25. “Documents Received” and “Current Workout Status”. If you have general questions. You will be asked to fax over your information (even if you have sent in a million faxes already to another number). While you are waiting for a call from a customer advocate. a Federal Reserve Bank of Boston economist. Another possibility that has been discussed includes grants or loans to temporarily cover part of the mortgage costs for homeowners who become unemployed. the customer advocate will leave you a message with his/her name and direct line. according to Faith Schwartz. the negotiator has your documents in hand! Please let me know did it help. You will see two sections. You can then expect another phone call from your customer advocate. according to Laura Armstrong. 2010 at 12:16 am Regards my prior coments. Your customer advocate will give you a timeframe (could be within 24 hours. Under the workout status.html).com/portal/ prog…_borrower. You will also see “Information as of” fill in the date. you will see in the upper left corner of the screen. 6. You may not see anything under “Documents Received” yet. Please note that some negotiators will be in direct contact with you over phone or email and others will tell you to communicate only with your customer advocate. 3. One forum member (Garry). 5. and “Phase/Sub-Phase”. 4. You will now find an expanded menu bar on the far left of your screen. and more discussions are planned. an alliance of nonprofits and mortgage servicers. start gathering your information.Equity. Be sure to also post your story and update others on your progress. He/she will assign your file to a negotiator and will be calling you with the name of your negotiator and contact information for that person. Check your account status online.

We are not UNemployed – just have had comissions cut due to the economy and the current banking fisaco so our income has dropped.” Willen says. something needs to be done. We set up . “If we want to prevent foreclosures.. chief economist at the National Association of Realtors. 2010 at 2:12 pm The ball final started to roll after I contacted Barbara J. and one of the authors of a relief plan that would provide housing vouchers attached to unemployment insurance. Every time they called we would answer and they would look at our account and than tell us everything was fine. says Schwartz. 2010 at 8:05 pm We have been trying now for thirteen months to get a loan modification and the bank keeps giving us the run around. 136 Sydney January 25. an assistant professor of real estate and urban land economics at the University of WisconsinMadison. “Even if it takes Treasury awhile to get some guidance out. “I’ve not been a part of the discussions.” says Lawrence Yun. On top of this. I will up date my review and will post some picture of our damage home if. We set up three months worth of automatic payments in the amount THEY REQUESTED.com 138 Anita January 26.j. I will stop our payment and wait to file bankruptcy when that time come… We are tried to fight we had been work so heard to try to save our house our credit… It’s almost the end now isn’t it? take whatever you want BOA … you just can’t take my soul anymore CASH will help you get through everyone … try to save as mush as you can … who’s care CREDIT !!! I know it’s not easy to save your cash … as long as you don’t have to pay BOA to try to save your home … you will have some to save . and it’s not mortgage modification. All we are asking for is in interest rate reduction. saying mounting joblessness will haunt any housing recovery. The discussions come after a $75 billion plan announced in March by the administration. with unemployment nearing double digits.. 139 Michelina Fedele January 27. Bank of America’s head of credit-loss prevention. We continued to receive calls from their collectors because we were making “partial” payments. some economists say efforts to prevent foreclosures must also involve financial help to homeowners who lose jobs. Desoer.“Treasury has now brought us all together. barbara. who is also involved in the talks.” says Jack Shackett. It’s a joke. We had to than RE-ENROLL in the program. but we are aware of them. the talking itself is great. Treasury officials declined to comment. But now. they want our house back. “At this point. I will just wait until my last day at our home and destroy it… is this what you want from us BOA? you will only get the land and JUNK HOUSE…. we now have three months of bad credit added to my husband credit.” Shackett says. economists and government officials from Treasury. we are on our trial period … if we are not approve …. They purposely ask for documentation OVER and OVER just do delay the process. The meetings have included major lenders. 2010 at 7:29 am Bank of America set up a “trial payment” period of three months while we were in the modification process. No time line for any new government initiative has been set.desoer@bankofamerica. the idea that unemployment is the real problem (in the housing crisis) is the conventional wisdom on Capitol Hill. Otherwise.” Some real estate groups applauded the talks. they say the housing recovery could stall.” says Morris Davis. Basically. Than in January of 2010 (which was suppose to be our last month of trial payments) we get a call from the collector who told us that the “idiot” that set up our modification application did not click the submit button. This amount was one hundred dollars less than our mortgage. it is happen !!! 137 Jennifer Scroggins January 25. President Home Loans. 2010 at 6:15 am Now I just waiting for them to tell me that our house will not be our home anymore …. thus meaning we were not enrolled. period. Hope Now and the Federal Reserve. and I will go laugh with the bankruptcy…. That plan seeks to prevent foreclosures and get homeowners into more affordable mortgages but has been criticized for getting off to a slow start. the Department of Labor. “We’re seeing interest at high levels. Here is her email…. who is involved in the discussions.

141 Kim Garrison January 27. 2010 at 5:44 pm These stories are identical to what I have gone through.000. Everything they requested I complied with. contacted HOPE. We all should do this. On Dec 30 I was told that I had been “locked” in to the Step Plan which would have made my monthly payment totally do-able however it was never sent to the Loan Mod Dept. There I found out that I was locked into a 2 1/2% loan but the paperwork was never sent. Last night we received a phone call from them telling us that they do not set up partial payments during the loan modification process and now we are three months behind on our mortgage and are facing foreclosure. We owed for October and had this all set up in November. 3 years in court on that one. we’ve been paying the two months past due and all this recurrent late fees. When I called the modification department the lady told me to ignore it. I was told not to pay the mortgage etc. yet we are being punished and stressed and they are not willing to work with us at all. That would be more than a $700 INCREASE in the monthly payment. contacted the Loan Mod Dept. needed a liver transplant and had to fight for my benefits from another crappy corporation. The october payment was suppose to be bumped to the end of our 30 yr mortgage. It has now been a year and I have contacted HUD (as instructed). How are you suppose to trust a word these people say. 140 Babs January 27. the unsubstantiated fees (?) that no one knows about and ask for ownership of my home. How could that be? The email was sent Thursday about 5P and by Monday it was miraculously reviewed and acted upon and denied. I began all over again. So. they are VERY willing to help and have hired an extra person to deal with the C***. 2010 at 9:32 am I. “we understand your frustration but we don’t set up lower payments during the trial period. tel. Thanks. the Loan Mod Dept sent me an outrageous offer for a 30 year loan to be paid over 40 years with a balloon payment of $300. that it would be sent again Thursday and to follow-up on Monday. I’ve been in my home for 30 years and this is what it has come to. from Bof A 143 Clyde February 1. After no response. and finally. After all it has only been about 2 years since I began this process. They only were able to say to us. it was denied and closed. As instructed I followed up last week and was told that the email that was sent in Dec was never sent. have been trying to get some sort of loan modification or restructure since May 2008. We set everything up EXACTLY how they requested. since doing so the bank refuses to take any payment now unless I pay the full amount prior to the modification. contact your State attorney generals office (Idaho). First I went to the Bank. I went to an atty only to get ripped off. I called. 2010 at 11:55 am Has anyone yet been able to acquire a telephone number directly to Bank of America’s department that is supposed to be handling all of our modifications: “The Imminent Default Department”? They to date have never supplied a telephone number to contact them directly and much time is wasted in simply attempting to be transferred to this department via other B. When six months passed. 2010 at 5:57 pm Also. I am disabled just had my 6th spinal surgery and now I face losing my home.. The rep then told me that my case was being handled by the Advocacy Dept Team and to contact them. Our November payment was suppose to be the FIRST of our trial period. Thus only having us one month behind in our mortgage. then I recieved a letter stating I was behind on my payments. The representative told me that my case was indeed reviewed.another three months of trial payments in the amount THEY told us. or should I say too numerous to go into–every time I called I got a different answer to the same question–then sent in reams of paperwork over and over again. too. What’s going on in this country? 142 Kim Garrison January 27. the Advocacy Dept Team (that is the lastest addition to the Loan Mod Dept). I finally learned that they atty did not and was not going to do anything and suggested I call the bank again. When calling the modification department yesterday they did not care that I had applied for the modification only to say I hav to pay . but yes I got sick. I have documented all the lies.” So basically.O. I am going to get an attorney and sue them. #s.and no I did not buy a house Icould not afford. 2010 at 6:38 am I have been trying to get the home loan modification done since August 2009 and have been making the payments I wa told to make. Subsequently. This time it was 200 less than our orginal mortgage. Clyde 144 Michael February 2. that it was “locked in” 9/16/09.A. Now I guess I am facing foreclosure but that stage has not yet begun. When nothing was resolved. Well.

which made sense… if you could afford to pay want I needed you to pay for rent… most likely you could afford your own home… I had to take a lower paying job and my company… and was one of the lucky ones that did not get laid off. I sent the paper work fax and hard copy through the mail several times and kept track of it. As soon as your connected to BOA customer service ask them for Imminent default dept. They don’t use same software or something because they’re applications are not linked. 2010 at 3:44 pm I forgot to add. I agreed with all the conditions. My payments have gone up from 820 to 1100 because of the addition of escrow acct and insurance premiums. I told them the problems I had last time I had called.000 for every person that signs up for this supposed Home Loan Modification and I know atleast three other people they have screwed. 149 ADAM February 2. they’ll transfer you right away. When I call they tell me I am on a list.. They told me that I would qualify for a modification.. I used to pay my own taxes.. 2010 at 1:57 pm In 2007 I lost my job due to lack of business.. I asked for loan mod and was told that collections would continue during the review period… I like most of everyone here got the run around… had to send paperwork over several times… In November I finally received some official papework that would allow for BofA to actually continue with my loan mod request… since then… my home has been put in paper…as foreclosure and I received a letter from a . 145 Michael February 2. They said they’ll need to start an escrow account and add insurance premiums to the mortgage payment. I was told my acct in under review and until then ill have to make the higher payment to keep my account current. then you can go ahead and bitch at them for wasting ure time. It’s ridiculous!!! They claim they are here to help.. Tell them you want to fill out an application for modification. 2010 at 3:32 pm I’ve applied for Home affordable Modification program with Bank of America. I was told that I qualify for the program and my new payment would be close to $450 a month.the full amount due now. I am getting an attorney and I would suggest you find one too. The lady in the “Home retention department” said that I need to find a room mate or askin family to move in so they could help me make the higher payment for the time being until my acct in under review?? WTF. 146 karen February 2. Neither department knows whats in the other departments system.. In spring of 2009 I fell behing in my mortage as my tenants moved out and I was unable to get good tenants…. I filled out an application over the phone with the “Imminent default department”. I then found a job and figured that I would be able to catch up after income taxes so I didn’t bother calling anymore. I can’t have them seperate when trying to apply for modification. 2010 at 6:40 am One more thing they have not applied any of the payments I have made so far towards my mortgage. They would tranfer me to different departments all the time. How far do you have to be behind before they will help you? Alls I wanted to do is figure out how to make up one payment -That’s all I was behind and now the late fees are racking up and they won’t do anything to help me. Nobody knows what is going on with my application. The only time I hear from them is if I have a late payment and then I have to go through the whole modification thing with someone who just passes me off to another and another. I then lost my job again due to the position being eliminated corporate wide. Shows how much you can trust the government to loan money to the private sector. They received money to help us and they are doing nothing or the kind!!! 147 ADAM February 2. 2010 at 2:16 pm I purchased a two family home back in 2002. Bank of America gets $10. 2010 at 3:35 pm Clyde. I did not have an escrow account. My monthly payments were $820 for mortgage. how can they expect me to pay 1100??? 148 ADAM February 2. I contacted Country Wide because i was afraid that I would not be able to make my house payment – or it would be late. why would I let anyone into my house?? Is that in guidelines of Home affordable modification program?? find a roommate??? UP URS BOA 150 Marta February 3.... but they cashed the checks. I called Country Wide / BAC and explained the situtation.. I was told my lower payments would begin in Feb 2010. They assured me I wouldn’t go through that again… Now here I am almost a year later in a modification that no one contacts me on. I started the paperwork with them and every time I would call they would tell me they had no record of it. If I am having trouble making payment of 820. I never recieved any paper work from BOA. I called them many times and I was put on hold for hours..

India and Australia Quarreling and Moe's Tip of the Week to Make it in 2010. even after it begins to affect the modern-day equivalents of the Rockefellers and the Carnegies. Our burglar class now rules the national economy.S.NY AG Andrew Cuomo Announces Lawsuit Against BofA and Former Exec. can no longer be protected. 2010 at 7:25 am Bank of America is Another ENRON so why won’t The Government step in and take care of this? 154 Roger February 7. or a mortgage note. i woul like to think it . and a crime as vulgar and conspicuous as counterfeiting can take place on a systematic level for years without being stopped. not even in a crisis. 2010 at 2:33 pm they have much more for our classes hold’on peoples 152 dave February 5.000-30.is.the elite are of few and heartless 153 Roger February 7. FTC Moves to Ban Up-Front Loan Modification Fees.lawyer this week letting me know that my home will be put on auction on 2/18/2010.More Homeowners Paying Credit Cards Before Their Mortgages. New World Order News Mark Dice. I have 3 children and never dreamed that this could happen to me… I have now asked them to tell me how much to re-instate my loan… and will see if there is anyway I can borrow that type of money (25. I am physically sick with worry.then why was i born here. or even a U. 2010 at 2:56 pm is there any free land for me on earth. and nothing is done about it. Bank of America Employee Arrested for Swindling 96 Year Old Woman. Treasury bond. What 10 years ago was a cheap stock-fraud scheme for second-rate grifters in Brooklyn has become a major profit center for Wall Street. And no one is trying to stop them. 2010 at 7:44 am The nation’s largest financial players are able to write the rules for own their businesses and brazenly steal billions under the noses of regulators. A thing so fundamental to civilized society as the integrity of a stock.000 my best estimate) to keep my home… of course since I fell behind my credit is shit and I will be depending on friends and family… How can the bank keep someone one “on the line” for this long and then be allowed to only give you 3 days notice… 151 dave February 5. I called back and they told me that yes… this will all true and that the paperwork I signed stated that bofA could continue with collections process… that I would have to be very “attentive” and make sure I called them 3 days prior to sale of home to see if a decision had been made on my loan mod request…. . Beware of Forensic Mortgage Audit or Loan Document Review Scams. Leave a Comment þÿ Name * E-mail * Website þÿ þÿ Submit Previous post: Unemployed homeowners could get financial assistance Next post: California State Bar: 16 attorneys under investigation for loan modification disservice • • MOE BEDARD LIVE MONDAY-FRIDAY @ 12PM PST Today's Show .tell my creator i need more than family can grather I forgot mybe i’ll d o like crisstombercolmbus did float around the seas it free .are classes are of many.

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• Robert on Chase to Offer $1. 0 comments Read the full article → Bank of America First Mortgage Servicer to Sign On Gov.All rights reserved. Jeffery Feig’s approval package arrived in March. Second Lien Program by Moe Bedard Nation’s Largest Servicer Ready to Go upon Release of Federal Guidelines CALABASAS.org & MoeSeo Inc..] • Categories o American Nightmare o Attorney General o Bank of America o Bankruptcy o chase mortgage o Commercial o credit o credit unions o Fannie Mae o FHA Loans o Freddie Mac o free foreclosure help o Government o great depression o great recession o Home Loan News o Homeowner Scams o Lenders o Loan Workouts o LoanSafe.1 Trillion in Loan Modifications o GKB on Litton Loan Services Nightmare o Roger on Not getting help from Bank of America? Here is a special email form to get help today! o Roger on Not getting help from Bank of America? Here is a special email form to get help today! o Andie on 2nd Chance Negotiations. . Ordered to Stop Loan Modification Services Immediately o terence on Foreclosure Questions o Philb on 3 Orlando Unlicensed Loan Modification Firms Sued o Ed on Litton Loan Servicing Signs Treasury Agreement for Federal Loan Modification Program o jeana on Government Help to Stop Foreclosure Loan Workout History Archive o þÿ • o Predatory Lending o Refinance o rent o scams o the Great Depression o Walk Away Blogroll o Calculated Risk o Energy Efficient Homes o Energy Tax Credits o Latest News o New World Order o Privacy Policy o Self Help Forum � 2009 LoanWorkout. 26 /PRNewswire/ — Bank of America announced that it is the first mortgage servicer to sign an agreement formally committing to participation in the pending second-lien component of the federal government’s Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP). The formal action follows a verbal [. His payment was cut in half. Inc. Calif.. No content on this site may be reused in any fashion without written permission from LoanWorkout. Bank of America called with bad news: The lender changed its mind and wanted him to start paying the larger amount again. But two months later.org Radio o Mortgage Calculator o Mortgage Servicers o NACA . Jan..org Bank of America I’m a little shocked at how much this bank is fighting on this modification by Moe Bedard SARASOTA – After five months of seeking a mortgage loan modification.

S. Curl. denied millions of dollars of valid claims for defaulted mortgages by relying on an “unreasonable” interpretation of its policies.” the Rev..000 mortgages over the past two years.. 0 comments Read the full article → Bank Of America Defends Loan Modification Program by Moe Bedard WASHINGTON -(Dow Jones). 14 /PRNewswire/ — Bank of America today pointed to several indications of strong momentum in its efforts to help customers advance from trial modifications to completed modifications under the federal government&apos.. 17 complaint that MGIC.] 0 comments Read the full article → Is Bank of America Doing Enough to Help Homeowners? by Moe Bedard Bank of America says it’s working hard to help struggling borrowers keep their homes. but of that large number. Jan. just 160.000 (Or More) To Go by Moe Bedard The Treasury Department says approximately one million Bank of America customers are eligible for a loan modification. a paltry 16 percent. Calif. 2 comments Read the full article → Bank of America Sues MGIC in a Dispute Over Claims by Evan Bedard Bank of America.newscom. Lucy Kolin said in a news release. saying that it is grappling with a much larger pool of ineligible borrowers than its rivals.. a longtime company executive..0 comments Read the full article → Video: Bank of America Forecloses on the Wrong Home by Moe Bedard A lot of people are facing foreclosure nightmares these days but imagine going through the ordeal when you don’t even have a mortgage. (BAC) is seeking to put its performance in the Obama administration’s loan-modification program in context. Massachusetts. MGIC “faces the reality [. (Logo: http://www.] 0 comments Read the full article → Bank of America Says That 200.com/cgibin/prnh/20050720/CLW086LOGO-b [.s Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP).] 0 comments Read the full article → Bank of America Stands Behind Mortgage Modification Program by Moe Bedard WASHINGTON -(Dow Jones). said in a Dec..] 0 comments Read the full article → . and changed the repayment terms of more than 700. It sounds like a lot. In recent weeks. hired thousands of staffers to work with those customers.] 1 comment Read the full article → 98 Loan Mods Done. the biggest U.Bank of America Corp. affordable mortgage payment. They had bristled at the [.. saying that it is grappling with a much larger pool of ineligible borrowers than its rivals.. after it raised nearly $20 billion [. 0 comments Read the full article → Bank of America had nothing — no new ideas or proposals to offer to keep families in their homes by Moe Bedard “Bank of America had nothing — no new ideas or proposals to offer to keep families in their homes and end the suffering in our communities.. lender. The bank expects to repay its $45 billion in bailout funds this week.000 HAMP Loan Modifications Started by Moe Bedard CALABASAS. MGIC said it intends to defend itself against the bank’s allegations.. led by Chief Executive Officer Curt Culver. he represented the bank in its negotiations to return taxpayer money.. 340. But Bank of America officials didn’t think that message matched what took place in the meeting. led negotiations on all of the bank’s recent mergers and is best known for his dealmaking skills. The program is designed to help financially distressed homeowners obtain a long-term. While the bank leads all participating mortgage servicers in the number of loan modifications offered to borrowers under [. 1 comment Read the full article → Greg Curl: Bank of America CEO Candidate Under the Scope by Moe Bedard Mr. That’s what happened to the Cardosos in New Bedford. (BAC) is seeking to put its performance in the Obama administration’s loan-modification program in context.Bank of America Corp. It’s gone door to door to reach distressed homeowners.000 are in a trial modification program.

FTC Moves to Ban Up-Front Loan Modification Fees.More Homeowners Paying Credit Cards Before Their Mortgages. New World Order News Mark Dice. NACA & hundreds of homeowners march in Washinton D. Bank of America Employee Arrested for Swindling 96 Year Old Woman. India and Australia Quarreling and Moe's Tip of the Week to Make it in 2010. Beware of Forensic Mortgage Audit or Loan Document Review Scams. • Get Your FREE E-Book Get Your FREE Loan Modification E-Book by Joining Our Newsletter Latest News! o 3 Orlando Unlicensed Loan Modification Firms Sued o 21st Century Legal: Florida Attorney General Files Lawsuit o FTC to Ban Up-front Loan Modification Fees o Salt Lake City FBI & Utah Division of Real Estate Name Top Five Mortgage Scams o Chase denying loan modifications for a forbidden reason o Is it moral to walk away from your underwater mortgage and unforgiving lender o Non-profit housing exec quits saying he lost faith in the Obama administration’s loan modification program . First Name: * þÿ Last Name: * þÿ Email Address: * þÿ Enter the letters shown above:* þÿ Join for FREE • • Fighting for your rights! • Past Radio Shows • • • THE REAL DEAL! Watch Moe Bedard.C.NY AG Andrew Cuomo Announces Lawsuit Against BofA and Former Exec.• • * required MOE BEDARD LIVE MONDAY-FRIDAY @ 12PM PST Today's Show .

Ordered to Stop Loan Modification Services Immediately o terence on Foreclosure Questions o Philb on 3 Orlando Unlicensed Loan Modification Firms Sued o Ed on Litton Loan Servicing Signs Treasury Agreement for Federal Loan Modification Program o jeana on Government Help to Stop Foreclosure Loan Workout History Archive þÿ • o Attorney General o Bank of America o Bankruptcy o chase mortgage o Commercial o credit o credit unions o Fannie Mae o FHA Loans o Freddie Mac o free foreclosure help o Government o great depression o great recession o Home Loan News o Homeowner Scams o Lenders o Loan Workouts o LoanSafe. Inc.o o o o o o o o • • Florida’s courts are being overrun by home foreclosures More homeowners walking away from underwater mortgages Ohio AG Sues Two California Firms: United Law Group & Guardian Services This is a recipe for the greatest commercial depression EVER! Lenders start going after foreclosed homeowners for monies owed Banks winning with second mortgages? Homeless shelter in Atlanta facing foreclosure Plan for mortgage principal reductions pitched to Congress • make your voice heard! o Diana on Did Chase Stop Loan Modifications? o Robert on Chase to Offer $1.org Radio o Mortgage Calculator o Mortgage Servicers o NACA o Predatory Lending o Refinance o rent o scams o the Great Depression o Walk Away Blogroll o Calculated Risk o Energy Efficient Homes o Energy Tax Credits o Latest News o New World Order o Privacy Policy o Self Help Forum • Categories o American Nightmare .1 Trillion in Loan Modifications o GKB on Litton Loan Services Nightmare o Roger on Not getting help from Bank of America? Here is a special email form to get help today! o Roger on Not getting help from Bank of America? Here is a special email form to get help today! o Andie on 2nd Chance Negotiations.

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