Amending the Constitution Position Paper By Senator (Insert your name) (Insert date) Start your position paper

with an introductory paragraph explaining the purpose of the paper. It should briefly tell your position on the issue. You should tell which amendment you feel needs to be removed and what new amendment you would propose. Start your second paragraph by discussing the amendment you propose removing. Clearly describe what this amendment does. Also explain the history of this amendment including when it was proposed a ratified. Discuss any controversy or debate that has occurred over this amendment throughout history. Your next paragraph should use the information you provided in paragraph two to argue for this amendment's removal. Make a persuasive argument that will convince others to vote with you. Your fourth paragraph will discuss the amendment you propose adding. Clearly describe what right this amendment would add to the Constitution. Make it clear that this amendment provides a right that the Constitution does not currently provide. Remember it is hard to get amendments passed and ratified by the states, so your amendment must be clearly explained and well thought out. Your fifth paragraph should argue why this amendment should be passed. Give the other senators a reason to support this proposal and vote for your amendment. Your last paragraph will be a conclusion paragraph. Briefly review your position on both amendments and once again encourage others to support it. Also tell how these changes would benefit the American people.

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