Project Management

Presidency University School of Business Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program Course: Project Management Fall 2005 Instructor: Dr. Mahfuzul Hoque Assistant Professor Class Schedule : Course Objective: Telephone: 9661920-59/ 4656 (work). Cell phone: 0171 15 15 15 E-mail: Thursday 6:00~9:00 When you finish this course, it is hoped that you will understand the overall Project Management Process, and will be able to Apprise potential Projects Course Description Definition of Project & Project Management – Project Life Cycle – Capital Budgeting Process. • Prasanna: chapter 1 Market & Dem& Analysis – Technical Analysis – Financial Analysis – Economic Analysis- Ecological Analysis. Fundamentals of Industrial Feasibility Study – Format of Feasibility Study. • Manual for the Preparation of Industrial Feasibility Study (UN) • Prasanna: chapter 1,4,5,6 Nature of Project Appraisal Criteria – Discounting Criteria – Non-discounting Criteria - Capital Budgeting & Financial Aspects of Budget Manual for Evaluation of Industrial Projects (UN): Chapter II • Prasanna: chapter 7-10 • Garrison and Noreen (10th ed. Managerial Accounting): chapter Forms of Project Organization – Project Planning & Control – Human Aspect of Project Management • Prasanna: chapter 21 • Gray & Larson: Chapter 8 • Case Analysis Theories of FDI – Factors influencing FDI – Political & Country Risk Management. Jeff Madura: Chapter 13, 14 & 16 • Eiteman, Stonehill & Mofett: Chapter 13, 14, & 16 • Case Analysis First mid-term Examination Social Cost Benefit Analysis (SCBA) of a Project: Types & Measures of Project Risk: Rational of SCBA – UNIDO & LM Approach of SCBA – SCBA in Bangladesh UN: Guidelines for Project Evaluation • Prasanna: chapter 14 Measures of Project Risk – Analysis under Uncertainty – Sensitivity Analysis– Scenario Analysis – Monte Carlo Simulation – Decision Tree Analysis
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Facets of Project Analysis and Industrial Feasibility Study:

Project Appraisal Criteria:

Project management organization:

Foreign Direct Investment:

Project Management

• • Resource Allocation: Network Technique for Project Management: Project Management in Bangladesh:

Prasanna: chapter 11 Case Analysis

Multiple Projects & Constraints. • Prasanna: chapter 15 PERT & CPM • Prasanna: chapter 22 • Case Analysis Problems of Project Management in Bangladesh. • Skylark Chadha: chapter 2 – 5 Second mid-term Test Final Examination

Books recommended: (1) Prasanna Ch&ra: Projects – Planning, Analysis, Selection, Implementation & Review (5th ed). (2) J. R. Meredith & S. J. Mantel, Jr.: Project Management – A Managerial Approach (4th ed). (3) C. F. Gray & E. W. Larson: Project Management (4) Managing Projects & Programs/ with a preface by Norman R. Augustine, Harvard Business School Press, 1989. (5) Trevor L. Young, Successful Project Management, Kogan Page India Pvt. Ltd., 2002. (6) C. T. Horngren, S. M. Datar, &G. Foster: Cost Accounting: A Managerial Emphasis, 11th edition. (7) Skylark Chadha: Managing Projects in Bangladesh. (8) Jeff Madura: International Financial Management (6th/7th Ed). (9) D. K. Eiteman, A. I. Stonehill & M. H. Mofett: Multinational Business Finance (9th ed.) (10) George Irvin: Modern Cost-Benefit Methods (11) UN: Manual for the Preparation of Industrial Feasibility Studies (12) UN: Manual for Evaluation of Industrial Projects (13) UN: Guidelines for Project Evaluation Report & Term Paper: Each student will be assigned to develop, present, & defend 1 reports on a selected project. Evaluation Method: Assignment or Term Paper 15% Test/Quizzes 7.5 % Case analysis & presentation, class-participation & 7.5 attendance % Two mid term test (15%+15%) 30% Semester Final Examination 40% Total 100 % Grading Scale: Department grading policy will be followed & for detail please contact the MBA office. NOTE: • Switch the cell phone off while you are in the class • It is expected that each student to read all suggested material, make a good effort at all assigned work, and be prepared for class. Regular submission of Assignments is essential in order to add value from this course.
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Project Management

• No make-up exam will be given without prior arrangement with the instructor.

Any missed exam/test/paper will earn zero point. • Academic dishonesty, (cheating on the exam, copying another student’s exam/ paper or letting another student copy your exam/paper) may result in your receiving a “zero” in the relevant exam/paper. -------------------All the best------------

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