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Holy Queen Magazine - Aug 2010

Holy Queen Magazine - Aug 2010

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Holy Queen Magazine - Aug 2010
Holy Queen Magazine - Aug 2010

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Published by: arulforyou on Sep 23, 2010
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Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST

Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
“Through Mary,
we come to her Son more easily….
From Mary we learn to surrender to
God’s will in all things.
From Mary we learn to trust even when
all hopes seem gone.
From Mary we learn to love Christ,
her Son and the Son of God.”
Pope John Paul II
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
“Let yourselves be led, beloved sons, into the depths of my Immaculate
Heart. Enter my garden. In it is reflected the most pure light of the Divine
The Father finds herein his design intact and perfectly realized.
Here therefore all creation is resumed and contained, to sing with me the
eternal praise of its Lord and Creator. It is the place where the Heavenly
Father receives his greatest glory from his creature.
The Son finds here his habitual dwelling place. My Heart is the
house where the Word was formed in his human life; it is the refuge
where Jesus withdrew to find aid and comfort. Here He brought his
first disciples, that they might be strengthened and receive his own
imprint. Here they were well cultivated until each one attained that
resemblance to Jesus which He Himself desired. It was the altar
on which my Son was immolated, the chalice which received his
blood, which opened itself to the moaning of his wounds, which
was opened wide to the great gift of his dying Heart. He desired
that this garden of his should also become yours; and so, He
gave you His Mother.
The Holy Spirit is the only Gardener within my enclosure.
He has overshadowed me with his light of love; He has filled me
with all his gifts; He has embellished me with all his grandeur and
made me his Spouse. In my Immaculate Heart this divine prodigy
has taken place. My garden is his exclusive property: it is the Holy
Spirit who waters it and gives it light; it is He who causes the most
beautiful flowers to spring up; it is He who gives them their color
and fragrance; it is He who brings therein whom He wills. No one
can enter unless He Himself opens to them: no one walks therein
unless He leads them forward. If only you knew the gift you have
received by consecrating yourselves to my Immaculate Heart! It is
the Holy Spirit who has brought you into my garden. And through
your heavenly Mother, He is now cultivating you, embellishing you
with his gifts, and enriching you with all the virtues. This is where you
are growing in holiness. He introduces you into the depths of my
Immaculate Heart, wherein shines brilliantly all the glory of the Most
Holy Trinity. Remain, then, forever in my garden.”
Enter My Garden
O Holy Mother, we consecrate ourselves to your Immaculate Heart, the Garden of
the Most Holy Trinity, to grow in holiness and for remaining there for ever. Amen.
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
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Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
While coming out of a church in Bombay after the Good Friday service on 2nd April
2010 I noticed a few persons distributing leaflets. I also got one. “Why a Good Friday”? That was
the caption. While enthusiastically going through the fine prints I understood that what it professed
was neither Catholic nor Christian faith. Then who was the publisher? The name of a different
religious organization was given underneath.
‘Jesus Christ has not died on the cross. He has not risen from the dead. Then why should
Good Friday be commemorated?’ This was the message of the leaflet. Nobody in the Christian
community either questioned or prevented the distribution of the leaflet which questioned the
veracity of Christ’s death and resurrection, the foundation of Christian faith.
The priest who celebrated the Easter Mass said during the homily: ‘the resurrection of Christ is
our faith. We have to believe it but we have no proof.’
The resurrection of Christ, is it a matter of faith only? Is it not our experience? Do we not
have any evidence to that end? Yes, we have sufficient evidences. The greatest one is the Holy
Spirit given to us. That the Holy Spirit lives with us is the foremost evidence. That the Holy Spirit
has been given to all is the fruit of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit was
not given to all prior to the death, resurrection and exaltation of Jesus but only to chosen prophets
and servants. For that reason the Lord said through Joel: “Then afterward I will pour out my
Spirit on all flesh” (Joel 2:28). And to pour out the Spirit on all flesh, Jesus Christ, Son of God
had to shed blood and die on the cross. The pouring out of the Spirit on all flesh is the outcome
of the blood that Jesus shed.
The Gospel of St John makes it clear: “Now he said this about the Spirit, which believers
in him were to receive; for as yet there was no Spirit, because Jesus was not yet glorified”(Jn
7:39). The Holy Spirit was not given until the glorification of Jesus, that is what the evangelist
observed. What is meant by the glorification of Jesus? Yes, Jesus died, was buried, rose from the
dead, ascended to heaven and was seated at the right hand of God. This is the glorification of
Jesus. Jesus defeated sin, world, Satan, death and Hell and triumphantly resurrected from the
dead and is majestically seated at the right hand of God. Ten days after this glorification He
Has Jesus
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
poured out the Holy Spirit on all in the world on the
day of the Pentecost. The Holy Spirit was poured out
to many through the 120 persons who received the
Spirit on that day.
2000 years have gone by since the pouring out of
the Holy Spirit. Yet even today millions of people do
not know the Holy Spirit. He was given to make home
with the people for all eternity. “And I will ask the
Father, and he will give you another Advocate to be
with you forever” (Jn 14:16). It was the Holy Spirit
who was given to live with the people forever. But
people have neither known nor received Him. If the
world of today had experienced the wonderful
guidance that the first Christian Community had
undergone, it would neither have disavowed Jesus nor
questioned his death on the cross and resurrection.
The Great Festival of the Holy Spirit with Holy
Mary celebrated at Ernakulam marked the beginning
of a service that gives the Holy Spirit to the world.
The world should experience a second Pentecost, the first step of which has been taken at
Ernakulam. The members of Spirit in Jesus community who are the ‘children of Mary’ assembled
at Ernakulm for the first time in 22 years. There the Holy Spirit revealed that Mother Mary takes
this community as her own. God poured out His Spirit bountifully. Those who have received the
anointment shall cautiously and persistently grow in prayer, communion and holiness. The Holy
Spirit shall be permitted to work among us in such a way as to make His presence conspicuous to
the world. Seeing the heroic works of the Holy Spirit the world will believe in Jesus.
There exist many evidences of the resurrection of Jesus in the Bible. By appearing several
times to His dear ones and disciples Jesus showed that He was alive. The testimony of Apostle
Paul is foremost among them. While he was Saul he had obtained the authority and was on the
mission to persecute, imprison and even to kill Christians. His conversion was accomplished
through Jesus. A light from the Heaven felled him down and he heard the voice of Jesus (Acts
Again Jesus appeared to him. “After I had returned to Jerusalem and while I was praying
in the temple, I fell into a trance and saw Jesus saying to me, ‘Hurry and get out of Jerusalem
quickly” (Acts 22:17-18). Apostle Paul was not a disciple of Jesus. He was not one among them
when Jesus chose Peter, John and other disciples. He had neither heard His Word nor seen Him
working miracles. On the contrary he was out on a mission to exterminate the believers who had
grown in strength after the Pentecost and the faith itself. It was the very appearance of Jesus that
converted Saul into a disciple. Whom Paul saw was not Jesus living on the earth but Jesus resurrected
from the dead and his testimony is solid evidence.
Even today Jesus reveals himself to many people. I have seen for myself Jesus in 1988
with my naked eyes. It was in a chapel where I was in prayer on March 4, 1988, between 9.30 and
10’clock night that Jesus appeared to me. Both his hands were stretched down and great light
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
flowed from His palm. He was seen in Jewish attire. Then he disappeared and Holy Mary appeared.
Wearing blue attire she raised both her hands and blessed me. After a while two messengers of
God appeared. Then I saw heaven and a host of angels; Satan and his kingdom. The next day I
saw the agony and crucifixion of Jesus. These are great truths, irrevocable and time-tested facts.
The crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus are not concocted stories. They are real; truths which
the world cannot perceive.
Prior to the commencement of His public life Jesus came to India and studied at Takshila,
there is a wild story like that. What knowledge of this world made the creator of all - incarnated
as man, knowledgeable? Amazed at his wisdom his own people asked: “How does this man have
such learning, when he has never been taught? Then Jesus answered them, “My teaching is not
mine but his who sent me.”(Jn 7:15-16). His own people were astonished at the knowledge of
Jesus who had never undergone any formal education. If Jesus had come to India for education
would not his people have known it? If he had moved out for education at least for one year his
people would have known it. When our children move out for education or job people in our
neighborhood would definitely come to know of it. But the natives of Jesus vouchsafe that He
has not been taught at all. Many books and movies are released these days which question the
divinity, and slander the name of Jesus. Jesus lived in the Buddhist caves in Tibet is another
canard. Jesus himself reveals the source of his knowledge: “My teaching is not mine but his who
sent me” (Jn 7:16).
Jesus had nothing of his own. His teaching was not his own. Everything belonged to his
Father. Jesus says: ‘the words I speak to you and the works I do, are not mine but of my Father’
(Jn 14:10). The Father dwelled, spoke and worked through the Holy Spirit which dwelled in
Jesus. The knowledge of the Creator of all subdues all other knowledge. Man who does not know
the Holy Spirit cannot recognize the works of the Father in Jesus.
Jesus did not die on the cross, he escaped the crucifixion and fled to India and died in
Kashmir, thus goes another canard. There is a tomb in Kashmir with the name of Jesus engraved
on it. They propagate that it is the tomb where Jesus Christ was buried. Unrelated to truth, these
arguments are creation of Satan. In order to demolish the divinity of Jesus and defeat the plan of
God, Satan employs many people to spread canards against Jesus. People who do not have the
Holy Spirit in them believe them.
St Peter told the Jewish priests and pharisees who gave Jesus over to be crucified that God
has resurrected Jesus whom they crucified. “You killed the Author of life, whom God raised
from the dead. To this we are witnesses” (Acts 3:15). Peter, John and other disciples were witnesses
to the death on the cross and resurrection of Jesus. As St Luke testifies: “After his suffering he
presented himself alive to them by many convincing proofs, appearing to them during forty days
and speaking about the kingdom of God”(Acts 1:3). How clear and forceful a testimony? St
Luke the evangelist observes that after the resurrection of Jesus He lived in this world for forty
days and taught His disciples. Moreover, he presented himself alive to them by many convincing
proofs. Hallelujah! The efforts of the idiots of this world in their darkened intellect to incarcerate
truth would be in vain. The world should know Jesus. It will know. It requires the power of the
Holy Spirit. Let the Holy Spirit usher in as another Pentecost. O Holy Spirit, come down and
work powerfully to remove darkness and to enlighten. Hallelujah!
Tom Zacharia Vellookunnel, Chief Editor.
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
In the last two months we were looking into
the prayers for the salvation of all souls as
practiced in the Syro- Malabar Church. We saw
that prayers contained in the Holy Mass and
Office for the dead are intended not only for
those in the Purgatory but also for those souls
in Hell. In fact some of the prayers (and Psalms)
are specifically intended for the souls in Hell
and we have been praying for the salvation of
all souls unaware of the fact that those fallen
into hell also have an opportunity for salvation.
Remembrance of the dead
In the book ‘Propria’(Prayers according
to changing liturgical calendar of the Syro-
Malabar Church)for the eighth Friday of
Danha, prayers for all souls are given under the
caption “Remembrance of all the dead”(pp
A Theologian in the Catholic Church
Prayers for the salvation of souls
in the Syro-Malabar Church
Part III
230-240). All the subsequent prayers are
intended for souls of all the dead.
Doesn’t “all the dead” include those in
purgatory and hell? If not, the caption and
prayers in the book should have been
‘Remembrance of and Prayers for souls in the
Do the dead go only to heaven and
purgatory? If we know that at least some of
the ancestors and relatives have died in grave
sins, where do their souls reach? Wouldn’t their
souls fall to hell as Jesus has taught? If so when
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
we pray for all the dead in the Holy Mass, are we not including all
those in hell as well?
Purgatory, a substitute for hell?
Only those who harbor the belief that God will be merciful
to all including those who live and die in grave sin can live in the
hope that all the dead will reach purgatory and thus be saved. They
are not concerned about those in hell at all. Certain others are least
bothered about the purgatory. They live in the sanguine hope that
all the dead will reach heaven even if one wallows in sin.
Jesus has not taught us that all can be saved by the mercy
of God by by-passing hell or escape through the shortcut of
purgatory, however sinful one’s ways of life were. He has taught us
only on heaven and hell.
Jesus asserts that
those who enter through
the narrow door and pass
through such a path(of
self-restraint and
penitential prayers) enter
heaven and those who
travel the wide road of the
pleasures of life fall into
damnation and hell upon
death(Mat 7:13-14).
Our conventional
faith in Purgatory has been
received from centuries-old
meditation and erudition
of the Church. Since it
comes from the authority
of the Church we are duty
bound to believe and live
accordingly. Let our
prayers be not confined to
those in the Purgatory but
include all the dead souls.
In fact, it is according to
the divine will of God and
as per the revelations made
through Holy Mary for the
salvation souls in hell and
therefore shall serve as a
great stimulant to pray for
all the souls. For that we
shall pray through the
intersession of Holy Mary.
“O Jesus, forgive
us our sins; save us from
the fires of hell; lead all
souls to heaven, especially
those who are most in need
of your mercy. Amen.”
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
“My love towards Holy Mary
increased a hundred-fold. I feel a great
thirst for praying the Rosary. I can’t think
of a life without Her. I will do everything
to glorify Her in the world through the
services of Spirit in Jesus, come what
The above is a typical reaction of
the participants in The Great Festival of
the Holy Spirit with Holy Mary celebrated
during May 7-9, 2010 in the International
Stadium, Kaloor, Ernakulm. Spirit in Jesus
has been traversing through a road of
thorns and thistles in the past 22 years.
The journey was one of
distress, pain, suffering and
tears. However, Holy Mary
has been always with us as
a guide in our efforts to
resist the world, vanquish
Satan and in nurturing the
kingdom of God. She was
a succor in distress, strength in weakness, a shield
in crisis, and hope in adversities. She was
everything for us. The Festival at Ernakulam
was a gift from heaven for our love towards
It was indeed a great feast which the
heavenly Father organized to neutralize the
venom that Satan has been spewing out to the
world as a whole against Holy Mother. In this
background a festival which exalted Holy Mary
wherein the anointment of the Holy Spirit was
poured out in abundance through Holy Mary
has no precedent in the history of the world.
“God the Father wishes Holy Mary to be known
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
and loved evermore in the end times through a
cenacle that exalts and loves Her”. These words
were written by Louis de Mont Fort in his book
‘True Devotion to Mary’. Was it not getting
accomplished through the service at
Ernakulam? The priest who celebrated the Holy
Mass during the Festival also asserted that there
exists no community on earth other than Spirit
in Jesus which loves Holy Mary so much!
It was the love towards Holy Mary that
attracted thousands of people to this Festival.
They came not to gratify their mundane
motives but to receive the Holy Spirit through
Holy Mary. For that very reason the Holy Spirit
was poured out on all in a measure greater
than what they yearned for. The services
came to an end at 11 P.M. on 9th May. It
was the long queue for testifying to miracle-
healings that caused the prolongation of the
services. God so blessed the service such
that many lame could walk, blind see, deaf
hear, cancer heal and tumor disappear.
Priests and nuns got blessed besides
numerous lay people.
The anointing prayer and
proclamation of the Word of God by the
dear servant of the Lord Bro Tom Zacharia
enabled God’s blessing to be showered
upon and to deliver many.
Based on the Word:
“Knock and the door will
be opened for you,” when
Bro Tom prayed: “Father,
Spirit in Jesus knocks on
the doors of Heaven, open
the doors and bless us”, the
Joshi Pandari
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
doors of heaven were opened and blessings
were showered on many. His discourse on his
devotion to Mother Mary since childhood and
the devotion of his parents and grand mother
which ignited the devotion in him kindled
Marian devotion in many. It was this devotion
to Holy Mary that enabled him to give
prominence to Marian devotion in the services
of Spirit in Jesus. A touch of devotion to Mary
was there behind every initiative such as ‘Rosary
League’, ‘Itha Ninte Amma’, and ‘Miracles in
Rosary’, ‘Holy Queen’ and ‘Rosary Revolution’.
The Holy Spirit will not usher into a person or
place in the absence of Holy Mary; even if He
does it will not be in the fullness which heaven
The discourse of Sr. Catherine Mariam
was on the person of Holy Mary who existed
in the beginning and prior to all creations, whom
the Holy Trinity loves and admires most. When
a person is filled by the graces that made Holy
Mary endearing to the Holy Spirit then he will
be befriended by the Holy Spirit. The offering-
service that elevated all as ‘slaves of Holy
Mary’ was heart-rending. Sr. Catherine Mariam
confessed that her greatest achievement in life
was the establishment of a deep personal
relationship with the Holy Spirit. This
relationship is life, breath and everything to her
and therefore severing of that relation is
tantamount to death, she added. One’s personal
relationship with the Holy Spirit should be
deeper and transcend his all other relations.
From the beginning to the end this
service was rendered without a fault. It was
conducted in a tent so long as the eyes could
hardly reach. The beautifully decorated stage
was an added attraction. The tent overflowed
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
with participants even prior to the
commencement of the services on the first day.
The hymns that flowed from the 100 strong-
choir under the leadership of Bros Charlie and
Joby and Sr. Shobha, made the Feast all the
more heavenly. There was heavy rain for a week
prior to the Feast which water-logged the city
and caused the place slushy. We informed Bro
Tom of the situation, who in turn prayed binding
the rain. From that day onwards till the end of
the feast God blessed us with a rainless climate.
Installing of large screens in several parts of
the tent enabled viewing of the service at close
range even for persons seated at remote places.
Free accommodation was provided to about
3000 persons and free food to all three times
daily. The program was web-cast live by Airtel
free of cost. This great feast organized by the
Father in heaven along with the Son, the Holy
Spirit, Holy Mary, all the angels and saints was
a boon not only to Spirit in Jesus but also to
the Church and to the world as a whole. All
those who participated, worked and interceded
for this feast have been abundantly blessed.
Future life of these people will bear testimony
to that. Even the generations of those who have
contributed their mite- in whatever ways, be it
in installing boards through the road ways, ear
to ear campaigns, who sought financial
assistance, and those who worked in various
ministries have already been blessed in
abundance. Was not his heart leaping for the
kingdom of God when Bro Tom expressed his
wish to go out to the streets for doing poster
campaign? Let our hearts also be set on fire for
the kingdom of God like-wise. If it was the
love and unity in the community that enabled
the success of the festival let the same spirit
be a model for the service to the kingdom of
God for the world to emulate.

Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
“So we do not lose heart. Even though our
outer nature is wasting away, our inner nature
is being renewed day by day” (2:Cr 4:16). St
Paul tells that a human being has two natures.
One is the outer and the other is the inner. The
outer refers to the physical body and inner to
the soul which gives life to the body. When we
look into the mirror and when we see others
what we see with our eyes are the outer beings.
Never can one see with the naked eyes our own
or others’ inner beings, but can be beheld
through the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.
Yes, through the mirror of the Holy Spirit,
through the mirror of the Word of God we can
see the reflection of the inner being in us. A
mirror reflects the beauty and grotesqueness of
our outer being. It enables us to find out and
resolve the peculiarities of our face and
wrinkles on the dress we wear. Similarly through
the mirror of the Holy Spirit and the
Word of God we can see the inner
being, its inadequacies and drawbacks.
The spiritual being also has a complete
personality similar to the physical being.
Unfortunately we think only about the physical
being. We usually strive only for the betterment
of the physical being. And when it grows with
age the spiritual remains stunted and on the
wane. In fact our spiritual life will flourish only
if the spiritual being becomes stronger. And
only when the Spiritual becomes strong can
the wonder power of the Spirit flow from
us as emanated from Jesus, his disciples
and the prophets. For the inner power to
rouse and the spiritual being to become
strong, we should be persons of
incessant prayer. We do everything
Joy Joseph
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
possible to sustain and satisfy the physical
being. A lion share of our time is
devoted for that. We are frantically
on the run for satisfying him. From
dawn to bed-time we do many
things - nourishing and tasty food
to enrich the body, colorful and
gorgeous dresses, T.V and
other media for entertai-
nment and what not. We do
work for making money and
every thing else for the
physical being. We often
forget the truth that “It is
the spirit that gives life; the
flesh is useless” (Jn 6:63).
Many a time and on many
days the spiritual being is in
abject poverty. The spiritual
lives of many people are such
that they are unaware of the
existence of an inner being, a soul.
Therefore God cannot work through
them. Incessant prayer, reading of the
Word of God and sacramental life are
expedient for the growth of the spiritual
being. He becomes powerful through the Holy
Rosary, praise and worship and cenacles. When
these are done regularly the spiritual being grows
and becomes mature enough to defeat the outer nature
of the physical being by the power of the spirit. We
should then be able to smother the desires and
tendencies of the flesh.
Just as a starving body feels worn out and fatigued
spiritual deprivation leads to stunted growth, weariness
and fatigue of the soul. Word of God says: “For what
will it profit them if they gain the whole world but
forfeit their life?”(Mt 16:26). In fact the soul of a person
is more valuable than anything on this earth. The
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
spiritual person is empowered when the physical
being is crushed and the tendencies and desires
of the flesh are destroyed. Thus when the
spiritual being grows to maturity the physical
being transforms like a tree that produces good
fruit. The physical being becomes spiritual and
grows to spiritual maturity filled with the fruits
and gifts of the Holy Spirit.
We see many people who have been in
the service of the kingdom of God for many
years. Observing their immature conduct and
disordered life one often wonders whether they
qualify as spiritual beings. Do we give room
for others to think similarly of us? Let us strive
to strengthen our spiritual being and not destroy
it by our undue importance to material
“The Lord will reign for ever, your God, O Zion, for all generations. Praise the Lord (Ps 146:10).
My first participation in a Spirit in Jesus retreat was at Eranakulam. Since then I
have participated in five more Spirit in Jesus retreats.I regularly attend the Spirit in Jesus
fellowship at Angamaly also. By doing so the hindrances to my marriage were removed. I
got married at the age of 23.
The days after marriage were not calm and easy. The relationship reached the brink
of separation. At this time the brothers in the Spirit in Jesus came to our home and prayed.
Soon my husband took me back to his home and we started living together. In the meanwhile
I got pregnant. However, there were many difficulties. Yet I continued to say the 153 beads
of the Rosary and attend the fellowship without fail.
When the child was taken out through a cesarean operation on 30
November 2009,
the child was not breathing or crying. We took him to a major hospital. The scanning report
showed clotting of blood in the brain. Doctors expressed their inability since there was no
treatment for it. Immediately we telephoned to the Spirit in Jesus fellowship. We spent
eight days in the hospital without any improvement in the child. Since the treatment was
costly (Rs. 8000 per day), we took discharge from the hospital, trusting in God only. The
child was then just a lump of flesh. On the third day after our return from the hospital, the
Spirit in Jesus brothers came home and prayed. After the Rosary, during the praise and
worship and anointing prayer, the child started to move his hands and legs, cry loudly and
urinated. During the binding prayer the dark complexion of the child changed into fair and
the body grew. The parents and grand parents of the child and the nine brothers who came
for prayer are witnesses to this miracle. Earlier, it had been decided to give an early baptism
to the child since its life was at risk and accordingly the child was baptized after two days.
Now the child is more than six months old. He has the growth of a normal child and
proportionate weight. Till date no medicine has been served. He is healthy and agile. We
offer our heartfelt thanks to the Lord through the Blessed Mother for saving our child from
death and giving him a lease of life. Halleluiah! Ave Maria!
Anjana Raiju, Angamaly, Kerala.
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
achievements. We shall nurture it untainted,
unblemished and in good shape. Primary
importance should be given to the salvation
of the spiritual being however busy a
person’ life is; material achievements are
secondary. However, many are confused.
They think that if primary importance is
given to spiritual things where do we get
time to reap material benefits? How do we
gratify the body? How do we secure basic
amenities and the means for obtaining
them? The Word of God says: “But strive
first for the kingdom of God and his
righteousness, and all these things will be
given to you as well” (Mt 6:33). Yes, first
strive for the salvation of your soul, and all
the rest will follow.
Our spiritual being shall be purified
through obedience of the Word of God
along with regular sanctifying prayer. When
the darkness which has enveloped the
spiritual being through the circumstances of
one’s life and through ancestors is removed it
becomes enlightened and energetic. It will then be
able to love and accept others. It will experience an
in-filling of divine wisdom and intelligence which
enable it to understand divine plans and God’s
works. “Beloved, I urge you as aliens and exiles to
abstain from the desires of the flesh that wage war
against the soul” (1 Pt 2:11).
We may know another thing. It is the
spiritual being that enjoys the fruits of the deeds
of the physical being. When you commit sin with
your eyes, tongues, ears, and every member of the
body and in thought and imagination the Spiritual
being gets strained and bound. It loses the freedom
of the children of God and gets imprisoned. The
spiritual being loses its light and slides down to a
pitiable state. Therefore we shall strive to free the
spiritual being bound by the sins of the physical
being and has thereby forfeited the light, and make
it grow to Jesus through sanctifying prayers and
obedience of the Word of God. Let us consider
the transient body as refuse for the benefit of the
soul which is eternal. Let that alone be our goal of
“I will offer to you a thanksgiving sacrifice and
call on the name of the Lord” (Ps 116:17).
My name is Kochuthresia. During the
past two months I was suffering from piles. Due
to severity of pain I could neither sit nor walk.
It was then that I participated in a Spirit in Jesus
retreat from 21-2-2010. During the Anointment
Prayer I felt something shrinking in my stomach.
The Lord cured me completely. Thank you
Jesus, Praise to you Jesus.
Kochuthresia, Wayanad, Kerala.
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
A famous hunter reached the bank of a river when he heard
that a crocodile has been devouring people who came there for
drawing water and for bath. He sat in vigil to save the poor people of
that village living in fear of that man-eater. Despite his wait in vigil
for two months none became a prey to the assault of the crocodile.
Therefore he went back to his place. But he came back to the village
for crocodile-hunting when news reached him that one man was killed
and devoured by a crocodile. Being a talented crocodile-hunter he
understood that the crocodile was unusually tricky. Therefore, he
planned to employ certain tricks to finish off the crocodile. The ways
of the crocodile was such that after making a catch it goes elsewhere
for a while. It resumes its assault after the memory of the previous
attack has faded into oblivion. Our hunter who had the experience
and talent to subdue any wild animal purchased two identical sheep.
He killed one of which for its skin and stuffed it with cement and
tied it to a tree on the bank of the river. The other one was tied in
a bush at a distance and made it to bleat. Hearing the bleating
of the goat the crocodile leaped to the bank and devoured the
stuffed goat in an instant and jumped back to the river. The
hunter watched it with relief. He was aware of what was going
to happen subsequently. The crocodile which dived down to the
depths of the river came up after a while and went down again.
It was repeated for some time. After a while it died of
stomach-break. Once the cement-stuffed
goat reached the stomach
Thresiamma A.D
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
of the crocodile it felt unusually thirsty and made it to drink water
which further made the cement inside heavy and sunk it.
This story which I read a few years back in a book titled:
‘Reminiscences of Hunting’ is retold to warn you as to what position
one may take when hideous crimes, diabolic attacks and imitation of
rituals of other religions swarm us like a rising tide. The Devil is
sagaciously and untiringly sowing sins. Day by day wickedness is
on the rise in the world. Suicides are increasing on an unprecedented
scale. It is time for every Christian to be alert and rise up when
crimes and injustice have reached their climax. “So then let us not
fall asleep as others do, but let us keep awake and be sober; for
those who sleep sleep at night, and those who are drunk
get drunk at night. But since we belong to the day,
let us be sober, and put on the breastplate of
faith and love, and for a helmet the hope of
salvation” (1 Thess 5:6-8).
In these days the devil very sagaciously and treacherously
tricks all, from kids to very old people, through their intellect,
talents and circumstances into grave sins, dangers and to death.
So we should be very vigilant these days. While writing this I
remember an incident narrated by a young mother who used
to pay great attention to the spiritual
needs of her children. On
the insistence of her son
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
she purchased a toffee for him. She examined
closely the cover and the picture on it. Tearing
of the cover bearing the picture of two leaves
she took out the toffee and tasted it. She felt a
burning sensation on her tongue. Feeling
suspicious of the content she looked at the
cover once more and found ‘Pan’ written on it.
She threw away the toffee and made her child
understand the consequences. Then she
approached the shopkeeper and asked why he
gave ‘pan-toffee’ to her kid. He justified his
action saying that ‘pan’ got mixed up with other
toffees inadvertently. If children consume them
without knowing its negative consequences
slowly they will get addicted to that. If Devil
wrecks havoc through so trivial a thing as a
toffee how cautious we should be on all matters.
Therefore it is warned: “So be wise as serpents
and innocent as doves. Beware of them” (Mt
Parents should be very cautious about
the girl-child who shows unusual attachment
towards her girl-mate and boy-child who shows
unusual affinity towards his boy-friend. Parents
should have the wisdom to perceive the hidden
sin in such affinities. Proverbs 10:10 says:
“Whoever winks the eye causes trouble”.
Parents should familiarize themselves
with the living conditions and the people whom
they interact with when children go for higher
studies or jobs in other states and cities. The
devil like a roaring lion prowls around and he
gives the agents whom he chooses for his
kingdom eyes of a crow as well. They trace
out and entrap innocent youngsters with
seductive promises. Once entrapped it is
difficult to escape from their snares. They would
be ending up in the traps of devil worshippers
or in the company of those doing traffic- in
women or drugs. Such children are in effect lost
to their parents. God the Father has expressed
his angst through Prophet Isaiah:
“Hear, O heavens, and listen, O earth;
for the Lord has spoken:
I reared children and brought them up,
but they have rebelled against me.
The ox knows its owner,
and the donkey its master’s crib;
but Israel does not know,
my people do not understand” (Isa 1:2-3).
God the Father in heaven is in great
anguish over this generation.
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
A heart of devotion to God is required
to recognize the treachery and snares of Satan
because wisdom springs from devotion to God.
“To fear the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”
(Sir 1:14). If parents have devotion to God so
will their children be. Fear of God emanates
from devotion to God. The Word of God says:
“Those who fear the Lord will have a happy
end” (Sir 1:13). Since God himself shows the
way his devotee should travel it is certain that
He will save him from the snares and treachery
of Satan. “The enemy shall not outwit him,
the wicked shall not humble him”(Ps 89:22).
God loves and fills him with wisdom
whoever believes, obeys and accepts His Word.
God loves the wise. “Now in that place there
was a great dragon, which the Babylonians
revered. The king said to Daniel, “You cannot
deny that this is a living god; so worship him.”
Daniel said, “I worship the Lord my God, for
he is the living God” (Dan 14:23-25). With the
permission of the king, Daniel boiled pitch, fat
and hair together and made cakes for the dragon
to eat. The dragon ate it and burst open. It was
the wisdom of Daniel which made the king
understand the power and majesty of God.
It was the darkness in the intellect of
the king that prevented him from recognizing
the true God and worship dragon instead. “The
wise lay up knowledge.” (Pro 10:14). It was the
wisdom of Daniel, a boy, which enabled him
to mete out justice to Susanna and save her
from death when she was condemned to be
killed by judges when she refused to budge to
their carnal desires. Simultaneously, he
exterminated the unjust judges too. Similarly
one requires divine wisdom and discernment
to fight against the evils of this dark world.
Deep faith and holiness are also essential. The
Rosary prayer, the weapon against the fortress
of Satan is also essential. Like the hunter who
did away with the sagacious crocodile, by leading
a worthy sacramental and penitential life we
shall by taking recourse to all the weapons of
God save the world from the devious ways of
the devil. Wisdom 6:24 says “The multitude
of the wise is the salvation of the world”.
Wisdom from above is pure and peaceful.
Therefore we shall pray to the Holy Spirit for
obtaining this wisdom. Glory to God!
“Out of my distress I called on the Lord;
the Lord answered me and set me in broad
place.” (Ps 118:5)
My name is Mathew. I was suffering
from throat pain for the last 30 years. During
the last one year my sound became feeble
due to the thickening of the vocal cord. I
participated in the ‘Born again in Spirit’
retreat at Thrissur from 21
to 27
February 2010. On the second day the
ailment was completely cured. Praise to
you Jesus, thank you Jesus.
M.J. Mathew, Kannur, Kerala.
“O sing to the Lord a new song, for he
has done marvelous things” (Ps 98:1)
My name is Annie. For almost seven
years my husband and his brother were not
in good terms due to problems in business .
We requested Marian Koodaram for prayer
help. We participated in the ‘Fire
anointment’ retreat of Spirit in Jesus and
prayed. We also prayed the Rosary with
fasting. As a result all problems were
amicably resolved. Thank you Blessed
Mother, the heavenly mediator of Spirit in
Annie Sunny, Thrissur, Kerala.
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
“Just after daybreak, Jesus stood on
the beach; but the disciples did not
know that it was Jesus. Jesus said to
them, “Children, you have no fish, have
you?” They answered him, “No.” He
said to them, “Cast the net to the right
side of the boat, and you will find
some,” So they cast it, and now they
were not able to haul it in because there
were so many fish. That disciple whom
Jesus loved said to Peter, “It is the
Lord!” When Simon Peter heard that
it was the Lord, he put on some clothes,
for he was naked, and jumped into the
sea. But the other disciples came in the
boat, dragging the net full of fish, for
they were not far from the land, only
about a hundred yards off.
When they had gone ashore,
they saw a charcoal fire there, with fish
on it, and bread. Jesus said to them,
“Bring some of the fish that you have
Prof. C.I.Thomas
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
just caught.” So Simon Peter went aboard and
hauled the net ashore, full of large fish, a
hundred fifty-three of them; and though there
were so many, the net was not torn. Jesus said
to them, “Come and have breakfast.” Now none
of the disciples dared to ask him, “Who are
you?” because they knew that it was the Lord.
Jesus came and took the bread and gave it to
them, and did the same with the fish. This was
now the third time that Jesus appeared to the
disciples after he was raised from the dead” (Jn
By the grace of God I was also in the
Spirit in Jesus group which went on a pilgrimage
on 6
May, 2010 to the Holy Land under the
leadership of Bro. Tom Zacharia and Sr.
Catherine Mariam. We had gone to the Sea of
Galilee where the episode in the
aforementioned Word of God took place. That
part of the Sea of Galilee provides a panoramic
view of the landscape. Jesus had arranged the
breakfast on a rock. Now that rock is within a
church on the banks of the Sea of Galilee. It is
known as Mensa Christi. Standing on the banks
of the Sea of Galilee I felt a desire to go for a
swim. Since it was prohibited I tucked my pants
up and went into the sea knee-deep and satisfied
myself with washing my hands and feet. Large
stones were strewn on the bank. I sat on one of
them. An ideal location for meditation for hours
on end! A place that felt the footprints of Jesus
and his disciples; I felt the fullness of the Spirit
of God in the air. I did not feel like leaving the
place. If the tour- guide had not goaded us to
brisk ourselves to see other interesting places I
would certainly have spent at least a day there!
When we hear the word sea, salt water
comes to our mind. But the water in the Sea of
Galilee is fresh. It is the source of drinking
water for the whole of Israel. In fact it is a fresh-
water lake. Why then it acquired the name sea?
The Hebrew word “yar” has two meanings: sea
and lake. Since it appears vast like a sea, it is
recorded as such in the Bible. Though there are
many lakes in the world, this one is a unique
beauty spot. Banked on the west by the Galilee
Mountains and on the east by the Golan Heights
and located 200 meters below sea level, it has
a length of 21 km and a width of 13 km and a
maximum depth of 54 meters.
Some of the places situated on the
banks of the sea are Galilee, Tiberius and
Gennesaret. Therefore this place in the Bible is
called the Lake of Galilee, Lake of Tiberius
and Lake of Gennesaret. Wherever there are
references to sea in the Bible they all imply the
same Sea of Galilee. Therefore it is also known
as Lake of Jesus. He has traveled across the
lake and walked along the banks with his
disciples many times over. He has preached
about the kingdom of God on the banks of this
lake. “As he walked by the Sea of Galilee, he
saw two brothers, Simon who is called Peter,
and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the
sea- for they were fishermen. And he said to
them, “Follow me and I will make you fish for
people.” Immediately they left their nets and
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
followed him” (Mt 4:18-20). The
public life and works of Jesus
were mostly spread over the
banks of the Lake of Galilee and
Capernaum, the latter situated to
the north-west of the former.
Peter’s house was situated there.
Jesus sanctified the Lake
and its beautiful banks by his
works and his very presence. A
serene lake in general it becomes
turbulent at times all on a sudden.
It was in this lake that Jesus
rebuked and stilled the storm and
the sea. (Mt 8:23-29). It was here
that Jesus walked on the water
(Mt 14: 24-33) and the miracle
catch (of fish) took place (Lk 5:
1-11; Jn 21:1-11).
It is believed that the
Lake of Galilee is a confluence
of seven streams and therefore,
several varieties of fish flourish
in this lake. Availability of plenty
of fresh water in an otherwise
desert-like region, fertile soil,
salubrious climate and scenic
beauty have all attracted many
people to the banks of this lake
in the past. The place where Jesus
fed 5000 people with five loaves
of bread is located just 200 yards
away from Mensa Christi. The
number of women who
accompanied 5000 men would
have been numerous and the
number of children too would
have been much more, ample
evidence to the density of
population which inhabited the
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
banks and hinterlands of the Sea of Galilee.
On the 10
of May we had our lunch
in the hotel near to the boat jetty on the banks
of the Lake Of Galilee. The prominent dish on
the menu of the hotel was ‘Peter’s Fish’. A
pilgrimage to Holy Land is considered
incomplete without eating Peter’s Fish. In
appearance it looks like our native Tilapia and
weighs not less than half a kilo and costs about
$10 per piece. Each of us had one fried fish
each. This fish seems to have a reference in the
Bible. “Go to the sea and cast a hook; take the
first fish that comes up; and when you open its
mouth, you will find a coin; take that and give
it to them for you and me”((Mt 17:27). It is
believed that the fish that Peter hooked was this.
The next item in our itinerary was a
boat-trip across the Lake of Galilee. It was on
a mechanized fishing boat with a look of
tradition. We embarked on the boat at about 4
o’ clock in the evening. It carried a flag of Israel
on the mast. But the ‘Lascar’ of the boat came
out with an Indian flag to add to our excitement.
Being the eldest in the group, father of Bro. Tom
was invited to hoist the flag. The hoisting of
the flag was to the accompaniment of India’s
national anthem. Thus our journey was in a
boat; on the top of the mast the flags of India
and Israel fluttered in the air. When the boat
moved to the middle of the lake, many among
us were seen excitedly glorifying God by
singing and praising. Bro. Tom spoke on the
mysteries in the episode in Mark: 5 where Jesus
goes to the land of Gerasene in search of the
person possessed by devil. He traveled in a boat
through the tempestuous lake. Landing in
Gerasene he exorcised the evil spirits from the
demoniac person and permitted the ‘Legion’ to
enter the pigs, numbering about 2000, feeding
on the hillside. When the unclean spirits entered
the herd of swine, they rushed down the steep
bank into the sea, and were drowned in the sea.
The sea referred to here is one and the same
Lake of Galilee. After an hour’s exciting boat-
ride we returned to hotel. Hallelujah!
“He fulfills the desire of all who
fear him; He also hears their cry,
and saves them” (Ps 145:19).
Our son Dinto has been
studying for B.Sc. Nursing at
Bangalore. He failed in one subject
and to get through it we prayed to
Mother Mary, requested Marian
Koodaram for prayer help and also
thought of testifying in the
magazine. We were blessed by the
Mother. My son passed the exam
with high marks. We offer a
thousand thanks to the mother
who interceded for us.
Lucy Devassy, Kerala
“I will sing a new song to you, O God; upon a
ten-stringed harp I will play to you” (Ps 144:9).
A few months back, during breakfast one day
morning, a thorn got hooked in my throat causing much
discomfort. Finding it not leaving till noon, I prayed a
Rosary. Still it was not gone. There was much pain and
food could not be taken. I prayed to the Blessed Mother,
saying that if the thorn is removed, it will be testified in
‘Itha Ninte Amma’ magazine. Immediately a verse came
to mind: “What is impossible with man is possible with
God’’. Saying this verse I prayed for one hour and then
fell asleep sitting on the chair. When I woke up after 10
minutes I found that my Holy Mother had removed the
thorn completely. No pain was left behind.
A thousand thanks and praise to the Lord.
Philo Thomas, Peramangalam, Kerala.
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
In the Book of Genesis we read: “ He drove out the
man; and at east of the garden of Eden he placed the
cherubim, and a sword flaming and turning to guard
the way to the tree of life”(Gn 3:24).
Adam and Eve were driven out from the
paradise when they sinned against God by disobedience.
Heaven which was closed then was opened at the
baptism of Jesus. “And when Jesus had been baptized,
just as he came up from the water,
suddenly the heavens were opened
to him...” (Mt 3:16). We see in the
Bible one person who was found
worthy to enter heaven along with
Jesus. In spite of several grueling
experiences in life and numerous
retreats many people do not have
neither the requisite ‘sin consci-
Dr. Alphonsa Joy
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
ousness’ or repentance. They take life very
cavalierly often with a comment that they shall
repent like the ‘good thief ’ at the last moment.
But was his condonation so easily obtained?
In the Gospel according to St Luke,
“One of the criminals who were hanged there
kept deriding him and saying, “Are you not the
Messiah? Save yourself and us!” But the other
rebuked him, saying, “Do you not fear God,
since you are under the sentence of
condemnation?”(Lk 23:39-40). When one of
the criminals derided Jesus, was the other one,
Dismas, so God-loving as to rebuke the former?
It is seen in the Gospel according to Mathew
that: “The bandits who were crucified with him
also taunted him in the same way” (Mt 27:44).
In the Gospel according to St Mark: “Those
who were crucified with him also taunted Him”
(15:32). When did repentance occur in one of
the thieves who were taunting Jesus while
hanging on cross? Why did he reprimand the
other thief who has been taunting Jesus?
In the 15
volume of ‘The Poem of
Man -God’ by Maria Valtorta it is written: The
other one looks at Mother with greater
compassion and weeps and reprimands him in
harsh language when he heard him taunting her
also. “Shut up; remember that you too are born
of a woman. Our mothers wept over their sons.
But those were tears of shame. Because we are
convicts. Our mothers are long dead. I wanted
to say sorry to my mother. But will it be possible
for me? She was a saintly woman. I killed her
by the grief that I brought forth. I am a sinner.
Who will condone my sins? Mother, please pray
for me in the name of your dying son.
Mother raised her grief-stricken face
and looked at him for a moment. It appeared
as if she has been caressing him with
compassionate and serene looks. He slides to
repentance remembering his mother and the
Holy Mother. Dismas is weeping in loud.”
Change in one of those who taunted
Jesus starts because of the very presence and
compassionate looks of Mother. Did her looks
seem to suggest: “Do whatever he tells you”?
Her looks diverted Disma’s attention to her Son.
Let us see what happened subsequently.
In Isaiah 52:14 “Just as there were
many who were astonished at him- so marred
was his appearance, beyond human semblance,
and his form beyond that of mortals”. How
come the thief find ‘divinity’ in the person of
Jesus whose appearance because of the
torments and bloodshed he suffered from
Gethsemane to Golgotha was so marred and
beyond human semblance? We do not find him
save himself or others and work any miracle.
When the looks of the Mother turned
the attention of the thief to Jesus, what he heard
from Him was; “Father, forgive them; for they
do not know what they are doing”(Lk 23:34).It
was a new law unheard of and unseen in the
laws of nations and in the Book of the Law. It
was unlike the law-- ‘a tooth for a tooth, an eye
for an eye’. When the thief heard Jesus pray
for his enemies instead of trying to avenge them
he discerned that Jesus did not belong to this
world but was God himself. His reprimanding
words to the other thief: “Do you not fear
God?” emanates from his recognition of Jesus
as God! He found God in Jesus. He recognized
Jesus as God. The first knowledge in the life of
a saint is- to know God!
His reprimand: “Do you not fear God”
is as per Ecclesiastes 12:13 “Fear God...”As if
convinced of this as a commandment he
exhorts his mate. Along with that he introduces
to him the God he knew. As per Luke 22:70-71
Jesus was condemned for his claim as Son of
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
God. Here the ‘good thief ’ loudly and in the
climax of his agony on the cross proclaims that
Jesus is God and he should be feared.
Again the good thief gets knowledge
of himself, a self recognition. Luke 23:41
reads: “And we indeed have been condemned
justly, for we are getting what we deserve for
our deeds”. Psalm 62:12 says: “For you repay
to all according to their work”. Sirach 16:16
says: “Everyone receives in accordance with
one’s deeds”. The good thief transforms to a
person who accepts this Word and to a meek,
humble, repenting and as one with knowledge
of himself. He had the courage to speak out
that Jesus had not done anything wrong (Lk
23:42) even in the thick of persecution and
without blaming God. A great proclamation
indeed !
The good thief comes to his duty
through a process of knowing, fearing and
sharing God; then knowledge of himself leads
him to repentance. When he comes to his duty
he calls out: “Jesus…” (Lk 23:42). “Get up,
call on your god!”(Jon 1:6). The strong urge to
call upon God once He is found! “Seek the Lord
while he may be found, call upon him while he
is near” (Isa: 55:6).
“Jesus, remember me when you come
into your kingdom” (Lk 23:42). How lofty a
prayer! “You ask and do not receive, because
you ask wrongly, in order to spend what you
get on your pleasure” (Jas 4:3). How
quintessential a want he sought to satisfy once
he found God Jesus near him? He seemed to
have been fully convinced of the Word that
Jesus spoke to Pontius Pilate: “My kingdom is
not from this world” (Jn 18:36). He never
imagined or hoped that Jesus would come
down from the cross, save himself and save
him (the thief). Recognizing that Jesus would
enter His kingdom he prays accordingly (Lk:
“In my Father’s house there are many
dwelling places. If it were not so, would I have
told you that I go to prepare a place for you?
And If I go and prepare a place for you, I will
come again and will take you to myself, so that
where I am, there you may be also” (Jn 14:2-4).
His disciple Thomas said: “Lord, we do not
know where you are going” though he and other
disciples were with Jesus for more than three
years. But the good thief had certitude that Jesus
was going to his kingdom. In the knowledge of
which he makes a beautiful prayer to his God:
“Remember me…” The singular request of a
liberated, repentant sinner to his righteous God!
And God reciprocates him with a guarantee:
“Truly I tell you; today you will be with me in
Paradise.”(Lk 23:43)
How did the thief make himself worthy
to be with God?
1. His knowledge of true God;
2. He was transformed to a God-fearing
person (not to commit sin);
3. He had the courage to proclaim that Jesus
was God and that he should be feared;
4. He had the courage to proclaim that Jesus
did not do any wrong despite the
condemnation, without blaming God;
5. He understood himself;
6. He recognized that he was receiving rewards
according to his deeds;
7. He called the God he knew “Jesus”;
8. He prayed to God for the salvation of his
soul; and
9. He obtained the freedom to make a request
“Remember me…”
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Lack of explicit mention of the privilege of the Assumption
as such in the New Testament notwithstanding, tradition and
sound theological reasoning indicate its implicit revelation in
the scriptures. In the Old Testament, the singularity of Mary
as the “woman” was declared (Gen 3:15) as a being through
whom the redemption promised would become a reality. The
NT declares the fact of that redemption (LK 1; 1 Jn 3:9), and
the Blessed Virgin, was “Full of grace’’ and could not be perfect
as God had foretold, unless she remained incorruptible (cfr 1
Cor 15:54-57).
The tradition of the Assumption was already proclaimed as early as in the year 749
by St John Damascene, “Mary conceived without detriment to her virginal modesty, brought
forth her Son without detriment to her virginal modesty, brought forth her Son without pain,
passed hence wihout decay, according to the word of the angel, or rather God speaking by the
angel, that she might be shown to be full, not half-full of grace,’’ wrote Pope Alexander III
(1159-1181). In 1568, Pope Pius V made the feast of the Assumption a holy day for the
entire Church.
The doctrine’s development is closely related to a feast dovoted to Mary that passed
from a general celebration in her honour to one celebrated on 15 August commemorating her
dormition, or “falling asleep’’. When this feast, which originated in the Byzantine Empire -
probably in the 5th century - came into the Western Church, the term “dormition” was
replaced by “Assumption”. This reflected an increased theological emphasis on the glorification
of the complete person of Mary, i.e., of her body as well as her soul, anticipating the state
promised to the rest of humankind.
Incidentally, Christians have always held that Mary is the mother of God; that from
the very first moment of her existences, sin had no hold over her; that, always ready to do
God’s will as his handmaid, she held the most important place in the history of redemption
only next to that of her Son. Indeed, since Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Life himself has
said, “Where I am, there shall my servant be also” (Jn 12:26), how can his own Mother not
share his dwelling place? Pope Pius XII defined the dogma of the Assumption as a doctrine
of faith in his Encyclical, “Munificentissimus Deus,” on I November 1950.
Today, the new, holy ark, who conceived the Creator of the world in her womb, comes
to rest in the temple of God himself. Today, the Church rejoices in the exaltation of the
humble handmaid of the Lord. Indeed, God, the Almighty who has “done great things’’ for
Mary, as declared by her in the Magnificat, has now done the greatest of all great things for
her! Truly, the Assumption has been well described as Our Lady’s Easter, for, on this day, we
celebrate not only her passing from this life but also her resurrection and ascension into
heavenly glory, whereby she shares fully in the triumph of the Risen Lord! Rightly then, on
this feast, the greatest of Mary’s feasts, the Church Universal with one voice joins Mary in
exulting : “Holy is His Name!’’
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
Will God come down to visit people in
these times? Will He felicitate man? God is
God and man is man. Man visits holy places to
experience God. However, there is no reason
for God to visit man. 28 May 2010, Morning.
Time: Between 5.30 and 6.00. After waking
up I was making the sign of the cross on my
forehead sitting on the bed. The moment I
said Glory be to the Father and to the Son
and to Holy Spirit, I felt a movement in
front of me. Darkness in my front
vanished, a world of light dawned.
From where He came I do not know,
I saw Jesus standing in front of me.
Wonder - struck, I stared at him.
Broad forehead, shining eyes,
nose, lips and face over
flowing with love, I
watched with
Bro Tom Zacharia
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
and joy. A stream of love that flowed down
from him touched me. I felt filled. Why did
Jesus visit me that morning, I wondered? In all
these years never had I have an experience of
Jesus visiting me at the time of waking up. I
have seen the Lord many a time. But those were
during my prayer sessions. Suddenly I got the
answer. Yes, today is my birth day, the day of
my birth on this earth. He came to see me and
to express his love towards me, I understood.
In these 54 years Jesus has never come to visit
me on a day like this. Why then today? Now I
am in my Lord’s land; that is it! Since I am in
the Holy Land the Lord has come to visit, to
felicitate and to bless me. How gentle is the
God who came to see me on my visit to His
land. Hallelujah!
We spent the night in a hotel on the
bank of the Sea of Tiberius. A second team of
Spirit in Jesus consisting of forty one members
has come to the Holy Land. The pilgrimage that
commenced on the 25
of May came to an
end on the 3
of June. The Sea of Galilee is
known in different names as Tiberius, Galilee
and Ganasarat. The name of the sea is known
in the Bible by the names of its banks. That
morning we went to Capernaum- where we saw
the crumbled remnants of the synagogue where
Jesus proclaimed the word of God and the
house of the mother-in-law of St Peter in its
neighborhood. After visiting these sites we
proceeded to the church of Mensa Christy for
consecrating the Holy Mass.
The church of Mensa Christy is situated
on the bank of the Sea of Galilee. We read in
John 21:1 onwards about the appearance of
Jesus to His disciples after Resurrection. Jesus
appeared to Peter and other disciples while they
were fishing, asked them to cast net to the right
side of the boat and they caught
153 fishes. Subsequently Jesus
asked Peter: “Simon, son of
John, do you love me more than
these?” He said to him “Yes Lord;
you know that I love you.” Then
Jesus gave Peter the authority to
tend His lambs. The question of
Jesus and the emotional answer of
Peter still have their echo in Mensa
Christy in the ambience of which we
gathered to consecrate Holy Mass.
Against my expectation, when none
of my colleagues prayed for me during the
Holy Mass, I was pained. I had not told
anybody about my birth day. Yet my family
members who accompanied me had known it.
After the Holy Mass we proceeded to a hotel
for lunch. Time was about 2.30 in the afternoon.
While all of us were readying for eating, Sr.
Catherine made an announcement that we shall
eat lunch after cutting the birthday cake. In an
instant Bro Shaji, coordinator of Spirit in Jesus
came forward with a bouquet to felicitate me.
He was followed by priests and other team
members. But I was disturbed. Therefore I told
them in a loud voice that ‘felicitation is not for
now and all of them may have lunch first’. I
did not shake hand with anybody who came
forward to do so. A powerful thought came up
in my mind. ‘None remembered me in the Holy
Mass and prayed for me. There is no greater
commemoration other than that. I don’t want
to be entertained in the ways of the world by
cutting a cake as recompense for the blessing
forfeited in the Holy Mass.’ Therefore, I tried
to send back in disgust all those who came to
felicitate me. Yet seeing the faces exuding angst
of my beloveds I gave permission to cut the
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
cake. Sr. Catherin told that the whole thing was
planned to take me by surprise. I thank all the
dear ones who contrived everything secretively
to show their love.
If things had come to a pass with this I
would not have proceeded with this. Things that
happened subsequently, I am writing for
everyone in Spirit in Jesus. How much love,
hope and faith God has towards me, I now
perceive. Whatever things that I am going to
write are not intended to tell that I am
something or that I have become something but
to proclaim that God loves the world, the
Church, our community, you and me very
After the day’s program we reached the
hotel where we used to stay. Prior to dinner we
gathered on the lawn outside the hotel for prayer
for an hour. We could get a good view of the
Sea of Galilee from that location. Watching the
Golan Heights and plains on the other side of
the Sea of Galilee we started our prayer session.
At the very outset Sr. Catherine made a prayer
in apology since the Lord had reprimanded her,
we understood from the tenor of her prayer.
The Lord had reprimanded her for not properly
celebrating his servant’s birthday. It was for that
reason that she prayed in apology. The priest
also prayed in apology for not offering a prayer
during the Holy Mass. At that time Jesus
ushered into our midst and said through Sr.
Jesus said that it was He who came to
His servant that morning. He had come to greet
him on his birthday. He expressed His love
towards the servant who considered everything
as rubbish for the sake of the Lord. When the
priest again made an apology the Lord said: O
the priest whom I respect most, bygones are
bygones, do not fret over it. I have now come
to bless my servant.
I had wanted to bless my servant during
the Holy Mass at Mensa Christy. Since prayers
were not offered for him then, I could not talk
to you. I wanted to confer on my servant the
Anointment of Peter at the same place where
Peter was made to proclaim three times his love
towards me. But I bless him now in this place.
Then the Lord asked the priest to bless me
placing his hands on my head. He blessed me
reciting the very words that the Lord had said.
I received the blessings standing on my knees.
When the priest withdrew his hands the Lord
said that He was going to bless me laying His
own hands. He laid His hands on my head and
blessed me. He vanished after a while.
God blessed me on both occasions
when I visited the Holy Land. On my first visit
He blessed me with the Anointment of Prophet
Elijah at Mount Carmel. And this time He has
blessed me with the Anointment of St. Peter. I
do not know how to express my gratitude
towards the Lord. While on the one hand the
authorities have been opposing me, the Lord
has been filling me with blessings, on the other.
I am sure that God has anointed me and blessed
with the above said Anointments.
These Anointments have to grow in the
same way as a sown seed sprouts, grows to a
sapling and to a tree to produce fruits. I have to
pay a great price and pray fervently for obtaining
the same. I need your prayer support also. Pray
that these Anointments shall flourish in such a
way as to redeem the whole world. Thanks to
the good God for blessing me and through it
the Spirit in Jesus. O Holy Spirit, make me
worthy to fulfill all the dreams of the Lord God.
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
Keshub Mahindra, 7 others sentenced for
Bhopal tragedy
Bhopal: A court here on Monday
convicted all the eight accused, including the
former chairman of Union Carbide, Keshub
Mahindra, in the much vexed Bhopal gas
tragedy case and awarded them a maximum
of two years imprisonment, They were later
released on bail in the evening.
The verdict came 26 years after the
tragedy on the night of December 2-3, 1984
ravaged the city, killing over 3000 people
immediately and thousands more in the
following months.
Warren Anderson, then chairman of the
U.S. based Union Carbide Group, who was
named ‘accused’ in the tragedy, was absconding
throughout the trial period. Interestingly, the
court did not mention his name on Monday.
The trial, which ran for over 23
turbulent years, saw examination of hundreds
of prosecution-side witnesses and deposition
by eight defence-side witnesses before over a
dozen judges. The Prosecution had charged that
the company did not heed to the feedbacks on
the inadequate safety norms and reports about
other maintenance lapses. Disappointed with
the verdict, scores of gas victims staged a
protest inside the court premises and shouted
slogans against Anderson.
Reacting to the judgment, the U.S. –
based company said neither it nor its officials
were subject to the jurisdiction of the Indian
court as they were not involved in the operation
of the plant, which was owned and operated
by the UCIL.
Disappointed with the court verdict in
the Bhopal gas tragedy case, activists, who have
been fighting for justice for the families of
victims, said the eight persons have been
convicted on ‘diluted’ charges and they would
appeal before the High Court.
Mass starvation warned in West Africa
10 Million face conditions of 1984 Ethiopia
Starving people in drought – stricken
West Africa are being forced to eat leaves and
collect grain from ant hills, say aid agencies,
warning that 10 million people face starvation
across the region. With food prices soaring and
malnourished livestock dying, villagers are
turning to any sources of food to stay alive. In
Niger, which the UN classifies as the world’s
least developed country, starving families are
eating flour mixed with wild leaves and boiled
plants. According to UN agencies, 200000
children need treatment for malnutrition in
Niger alone.
“When you walk through the markets
you can see that there is food here. The problem
is that the ability to buy it has disappeared.’’
Compounding the crisis, thousands of animals
have starved to death as villagers use animal
fodder to feed themselves.
Archbishop Fiscishella to head the
Congregation of New Evangelization
Vatican City: Italian Archbishop Rino
Fiscishella has been appointed as the Head of
the Pontifical Council for New Evangelization
by Pope Benedict XVI. Presently he is Head of
the Pontifical Academy for Life. The Pope
made the declaration regarding the setting up
of the Pontifical Commission during the
Evening Prayer in connection with the Feast
of Sts. Peter and Paul at St. Paul’s Cathedral,
Rome. The Pontiff observed that even in
countries which had a strong tradition of
Christian faith people are facing a crisis in their
faith consequent on the intrusion of secularist
ideas and therefore the Church finds it duty-
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
Spi r i t i n Jesus Mal ayal am Mont hl y

Spirit in Jesus, Marian Koodaram, Chiyyaram P.O.,
Thrissur, Kerala, India. Pin : 680 026,
Tel: 0487 - 2250326 / 3208630 , Fax: 0487 -2253127
Single Copy : Rs. 12/- Annual in India : Rs.150/- Annual Abroad : Rs. 1500/-
bound to bring those societies back to a life of
Through New Evangelization the
Church intends to propagate the truth of the
Word of God in societies which denies or gives
up Christian traditions and Faith for the sake
of secularist ideas. The Pontifical Council for
Health Care set by Pope John Paul II in 1985
was the last Pontifical Council.
India among least peaceful places in world
Washington: India is among the least
peaceful of major countries in the world and is
getting even less peaceful year after year. This
was the major finding of the Global Peace Index
Report (GPI), an annual publication by the
Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), a
think- tank focused on researching the
relationship between economics, business and
According to the 2010 report, which
considered a range of peace-related variables
among 149 countries, India’s rank was 128, six
ranks lower than its 2009 position. The report
added that the main countries experiencing
decreases in peacefulness were India, Sri Lanka
and Pakisthan. The report’s authors also
observed that overall, the world became
“slightly less peaceful in the past year”.
New Zealand was the most peaceful
nation globally. Close on its heels were Iceland
and Japan. Iraq was estimated to be the least
peaceful, accompanied at the bottom of the
table by Somalia, Afganistan and Sudan. “How
peaceful a country is depends on the internal
structures, institutions and attitudes that sustain
and promote peace as well as on external
factors”, said Clyde McConaghy, board
director of the IEP.
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST
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of the Mother
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Tel: 0487 - 2250326 / 3208630
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Dedicated for the Holy Land
from 2010 June 1 to December 31
For the conversion of Israel.
For the protection of the Holy places in the Holy Land.
For the souls of all those who died in the land of Israel
For world peace.
For the 30,000 devotees of the Mother and their needs.
Holy Queen 2010 AUGUST

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