Sri Sai Ram Engineering College Department of Information Technology CS 2202- DIGITAL PRINCIPLES AND SYSTEM DESIGN Part

-A Questions and Answers UNIT-I Part-A 1.Define a Digital system Electronic systems are most reliable when designed for two state operationand this binary system is made use of in digital system. 2.What is a decimal number system? A decimal number system has a radix (Base r=10) and uses symbols 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. Eg. (237)10 3.Convert (196.062)10 to octal. (196.062)10 = (304.03757)8 4.Convert (10.175)8 to its decimal equivalent. (10.175)8 = (8.244135)10 5.Find the 10’scomplement of 369.369 Formula=rn-N

10’s complement=103-N =1000-369.Give the algorithm to perform subtraction using r’scomplement The subtraction of two positive numbers (M-N) both of base r may be done as follows.What are the different types of number complements Two types of number complements are i) r’s complement-10’s and 2’s Complement ii) (r-1)’s complement-10’s and 2’s Complement 8. .Convert (2101)3 to base 5 number . 2. 1. Add the number M to ther’scomplement of the number N.631 6. Inspect the result obtained in step 1 for an end carry. (2101)3 = (224)5 7.369 =630.

3. 12. Definemin term. i. f = C (B+C) (A+B+C) Ans. If end carry does not occur take the r’scomplementof the number obtained in step1 and place a negative sign in front of it. 10. Define max term It is a sum term which contains all the literals either in normal form or complement form 13. 4.Subtract 72532-3250 using 10’scomplement Ans: 69282. Simplify the Boolean equation. c 11. What do you mean by canonical form? The representation ofBoolean function in SOP or POS form. each term in the . It is a product term which contains all the literals either in normal form or complement form.e. 9. If end carry occurs discard it.

The dual of any Boolean function can be obtained by changing each OR sign to an AND sign andvice versa and complementing any0 or 1 appearing in the expression. when the sign is represented by including an additional bit with the magnitude bits. 17. usually a zero represents positive sign and a 1 represents . What is signed binary number? In binary system. Write the condition for a weighted code to be self complementing code.expression must contain all the literals of the function either in normal form or complement form. State Duality principle. 16. A +ẬB=A+B 15. Define Absorption theorem. 14. Sum of weights =9.

What is a weighted code? Give example. These binary numbers are called as signed binary numbers. 21. 20. Weighted binary code are those which obey the positional weighting principle. Convert gray code 1101 to binary code. 19.negative sign. It is a non-weighted code and not an arithmetic code. . What is a non-weighted binary code ?Give example Non-weighted codes are the codes that are not positionally weighted. Excess 3code. 18. Binary =1001. Example. That is each position within the binary number is not assigned a fixed value.What is a gray code? The gray code is a binary code in which each successive number differs in only one bit position. . Example. 8421 BCD code.

BCD equivalent : 0010 0011 0100 0101 Excess 3 : 0101 0110 0111 1000 23. The simplest technique for detecting errors is that of adding an extra bit. Such codes are called Alpha numeric code. What is an Alpha numeric code? As most of the computers and their peripherals process both alphabetic and numeric information several coding techniques have been invented that represent this alphanumeric information as a series of 1’s and 0’s.Encode the number (2345)10 in BCD and excess 3. So. known as parity bit. . What are error detecting codes? Digital systems should be accurate to the digit. These codes are called error detecting codes. 24. detecting errors are very important.22.

No Thanks Share & Embed More from this user . What are prime implicants? CS 2202. What is sequential code? A code is said to be sequential when each succeeding code is one binary number greater than its preceeding code. 26.Digital Principles and System Design Download this Document for FreePrintMobileCollectionsReport Document Info and Rating Follow saran123546 Sign Up for an Ad-Free Scribd • Remove all ads. Ex. EXCESS 3. Never see ads on Scribd again.25. 8421 BCD.

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