Use Mouse functions on Keyboard: With invention of mouse by IT industry we have lost touch with our Key boards

, which is used only for typing now. Because of this domination of the mouse, failure of mouse is making our life miserable for few hours till the time it gets replaced. In Microsoft Windows the combination of some key strokes are having the function of the mouse which can be used on the above situation. Which will save our precious time? Here with some keyboard shortcuts which will make us virtually independent of the mouse is enclosed. These shortcuts are called Windows System Hot Keys.

(Windows here represents the key that flagged with Window logo - usually one between the control and alt keys)

Windows: Display start menu Windows + D: Minimize or restore all Windows Windows + E: Display Windows Explorer Windows + Tab: Cycle through buttons on taskbar Windows + F: Display find: all files Windows + Ctrl + F: Display find: computer Windows + F1: Display help Windows + R: Display Run command Windows + break: Display system properties dialog box Windows + shift + M:Undo minimize all windows Shift+F10: Equivalent of right-click Shift+DEL: Deletes immediately without removing to the Recycle Bin Shift+TAB: Moves to previous control in the dialog box (TAB alone goes forward, SHIFT+TAB backward).

Useful shortcut keys in Outlook

Open an new e-mail message Open the address book Open an appointment Open a contact Open a meeting request Open a task Make the Find a Contact box active Switch to Inbox


7. 11. 34. 15. 13.F5 To move the cell pointer to the first cell(A1) -------.Ctrl + F12 or Shift + F12 To Add Comments to a cell ----------.ALT or F10 Equivalent of Right Clicking ------------. 36. 27.Shift + F3 To activate menu ----.Ctrl + F10 To Open My Documents Folder ----------. 30. 25.End + or Ctrl + To move the cell pointer to the last column of the sheet -------. 22.End + To move the cell pointer to the last cell(IV65536) of the sheet -------. calendar item. 8. 33. 32.Ctrl + . 3. 23. 29. 19. 35.Ctrl + F5 To navigate through opened workbooks ----------.Shift + Space Bar To select adjacent cells ---. 6.Ctrl + Home or Ctrl + To move the cell pointer to the last cell of the work sheet -------. 24.Switch to Outbox CTRL+SHIFT+O Check for new mail F5 or CTRL+M Open the Advanced Find dialog box CTRL+SHIFT+F Mark an e-mail message as read CTRL+Q Delete an e-mail message.Ctrl + I or Ctrl + 3 Underline ---.Shift + Ctrl + To select an entire row --------.Ctrl + 1 Bold --. or task CTRL+D Delete a word CTRL+BACKSPACE Select all CTRL+A Copy CTRL+C Paste CTRL+V Undo CTRL+Z Print CTRL+P Some Keyboard Shortcuts in Microsoft Excel : 1. 14. 31. 10. 17.Ctrl + F or Ctrl + H or Shift + F5 To Define Name for cell -----.Ctrl + Space Bar To Select from current cell to last cell in a column ---------. To insert Current time in the current cell ----.Ctrl + F To perform Find & Replace Operation ----.Ctrl + End To move the cell pointer to the last row of the sheet -------.Ctrl + F9 To minimize opened work books -----.Ctrl + A To insert Today¶s day in the current cell ----. 4.Shift + Click To select non-adjacent cells ---.Ctrl + U or Ctrl + 4 To get chart for selected area in the work sheet --.Ctrl + F6 or Ctrl + Tab To minimize opened work books -----.Ctrl + K To Format Cells ----------. 2. 16. 20. 26. 18.Ctrl + F3 To close current work book -----. 9.Ctrl + + To navigate between different sheets in a work book -----.ALT + F1 . 12.Ctrl + Click To select entire work sheet ---.Shift + F2 To Insert a Function in a cell --------. 5.Ctrl + F4 To reduce size(display) of the workbooks ----------.Shift + Ctrl + To Select from current cell to last cell in a row ---------. 21.Ctrl + PgUp or Ctrl + PgDn To select an entire column --------. To move the cell pointer to a particular cell -------.Shift + F10 To Insert a sheet in current work sheet -----------Shift + F11 Inserting hyperlink in a cell ------------.Shift + Ctrl + : To Perform search operation --.Ctrl + B or Ctrl + 2 Italic ---. 28. contact.

Ctrl + Y To save the current file ------. 41. 40. 44.Ctrl + O To Create a new file ----------..EPP-9 SPP SPP SPP 24 Pin 24 Pin 24 Pin 9 Pin . 45.37.. click on "Format. but Windows NT/2000 users will be relieved to hear that Windows XP includes the ability to easily create a boot floppy.Ctrl + N To Print file --------------. check (click) the box next to "Create an MS-DOS startup disk. It's actually Windows Millennium that you're running! Useful tips for printers : Model EX 1050+ EX 1050 LQ 1050+ LQ 1050+DX LQ 1050+DXGOLD HQ5300 DXGOLD EX 5400 and LQ Comfortable Driver EX 1000 Comfortable 9 pin FX 1050 Comfortable 24 pin LQ 1050+ Comfortable 24 pin LQ 1050+ Comfortable 24 pin LQ 1050 EX 1000 Comfortable 9 pin CMOS Mode ECP AND EPP Head Pin 9 Pin ECP. and end up with an A:> prompt. you had to look to other operating systems if you needed to boot to a floppy disk.F7 To edit a cell ------------. 39. When you boot to it. In previous versions of NT/2000. To create a bootable floppy. Tip-within-a-tip: Your new boot floppy won't really boot to Windows XP. type "ver" without the quotes and press enter. and will place the necessary boot files on the floppy disk. and right-click the drive from Windows Explorer or from My Computer. From the context menu that appears." The computer will take it from there." When the Format 3 1/2 Floppy window that appears.Ctrl + 7 Create Windows XP Boot Floppy : Windows 9x/ME users will not be surprised by this tip.F2 Undo -----. To perform spell checking -----.Ctrl + Z Redo -----.Ctrl + P Toggle display for Standard Tool Bar ------. 43. 42. 38. which XP is built upon. simply put a disk in the floppy drive.Ctrl + S To Open Existing File ---------.

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