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MEDICAL STUDENTS APS pR Below: Student Participants Presenting atthe 2009 Pediatric Academie Societies’ Anmual Meeting PEDIATRICS RESEARCH OPPORTUNITY offered by the American Pediatric Society & Society for Pediatric Rese: The APS and SPR are offering a medical student | program to encourage gifted medicall students to consider in research related to pediatrics. This program is-5 designed for students seeking a research oppo tution other than their own Medical School. The gives students $58.83 per day for a maximum $5,295 and enables them to spend 2 - 3 months, per week, in a research environment. We currently hi 300 laboratories and research experiences throug] United States and Canada available to students. The students funded in the year 2011 will depend on the of funding. * For additional information and to apply, visit our www.aps-sprorg. * Completed applications must be received no later January 21, 2011 to be eligible for evaluation fo 2011 program. * The APS and SPR welcome applications from all candidates and encourage under-represented grou -APS/SPR Student Research Program 3400 Research Fores Drive, Ste B-7 The Woodlands, TX 77381 Emaik, student coseareh@ops-sprorg Phone: 281-419-0052 Facsimile: 281-419-0082 ; z zg z z : eof asf a5 28 o22 38 $2 Efe Foe Fog Fog Fe $3a Sea Sea ea sea a8 si 88 82 (22°: $8.1 gee = z < <= = =