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Lamar University
September 20, 2010

a. Call to Order - President h. Shorkey Center Card Sale

b. Prayer and Pledge - President/VP a. October 30 8 A.M.
c. Beach Cleanup i. Attend Kiwanis Meetings
a. This Saturday. a. Beaumont and
b. Meet at Phase 4 Parking lot b. Tuesdays at 12PM,
at 7 am. Schooner
c. Lunch provided. j. Fall Retreat
d. Babysitting For the Garth House a. Take 2-4 People
a. Every Thursday from 6-730 b. October 15th-17th,
PM. c. Deadline Wednesday.
e. Tailgate with Sam Houston Circle k. OrgSync
K a. EVERYONE Needs to Join
a. October 2, at home l. Committees
b. Need people for food, spot, a. Need to sign up for one
etc. m. Heart Walk
f. Mazio’s Spirit Night. a. Nikki
a. Tuesday October 5th 5-8 n. Service Project Ideas
PM. Benefit CMN. o. Dues- October 1
g. Miracle Mile of Quarters p. Adjournment
a. Collect money

Circle K International Pledge In what country will you not find a vegetarian?
I pledge to uphold the objects of Circle K
to foster compassion and goodwill toward
others through Service and Leadership;
to develop my abilities and the abilities of
all people,
and to dedicate myself to the realization of
mankind's potential.
*When you participate in service projects, it is
YOUR responsibility to bring sign in and sign out,
-Turkey! hahahaha

“There are hundreds of languages in the world, but

a smile speaks them all.”