IIT 1312 Database Management

Tutorial: 4 Topic:E-R Modeling Practical: Creating tables from E-R model Objective: In this tutorial you will learn how to create your E-R model from the business rules then transform it into your own tables based on an E-R model. (Do your work in group) 1. Draw the E-R Model based on the following business rules: • A company operates five departments. • Each department has employees. • Each employee works for only one department. • The largest department has 30 employees. • Each employee may or may not have one or more dependents. • Computers are located in a designated room. • Each employee may use any computer in the room. • Each computer may be used by more than one employee on different days. 2. Draw the conceptual diagram. Represent the connectivity only. 3. Draw the internal diagram. Represent the cardinality, attributes and relationship between the entities. 4. Transform your ERD into your MS ACCESS.

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