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Ben Carsons Review

Ben Carsons Review

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Published by: gist4nonye on Sep 23, 2010
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Last week the book club that was inaugurated in July had their first appearance/presentation on Ben

Carson s THE BIG PICTURE. Ben Carson s stories are often read all over the world by billions of people because of his sincerity and ability to dialogue with the readers through his work. In his grade school days, Ben Carson would hardly have been voted to be the most likely to become a famous surgeon. His class mate had already given him another label: class dummy. This problem was enough to mar the you ng man but able illiterate mother spoke to him and tooled him to his way through success. W hat made the difference? Carson was able to discover his flair early in life. The fabulous book of Carson transposed through the life of our youths today. At the beginning chapter of the book, Carson s good friend Sam invited him to South Africa to divide the Siamese twins after the success of the one done at John Hopkins s University, but this time around Ben failed in the operation and both twins died. This incidence didn t go down well in the career of Carson but he didn t give up. Exactly four years later the same Sam called Carson for another O peration in Zambia but this time the surgery was successful and both twin babies lived. This scenario drew me to the lives of so many youths today that shy away from responsibilities after a little failure, forgetting that challenges are life pillars witho ut which man is worthless and streamlined. The Big Picture is encompassing, Carson has been able to express himself to us and now the looming question is how BIG is your very own picture? A youth without a picture is definitely a youth without a vision. Life is no sugar but your faith in God and the PICTURE ahead keeps you going through the bitter challenges of life. Carson s THE BIG PICTURE featured something i think we should know and cultivate in our everyday life. Carson said he is in the habit of prayi ng every evening, what habit are u? To end today s topic, it is important that we note Carson s philosophy for success in life which of course is THINK BIG. T- TALENT, identify what you have flair for and develop it accordingly because we live in a world where your innate ability goes a long way in helping you actualize your dream. H- Is for HONESTY and i need not say much about this, the truth always set you free. I is for INSIGHT, be wise and courageous enough to take bold strands in life always listen to those people who are already where you are trying to be. N- represents for NICE and we must all learn to be nice to people on our way up because you may not know those you will meet down the road. K- Is for knowledge which can make you a more valuable per son. B- is for BOOKS and much of the problem we have as youth is because we do not READ. I here represent In-depth learning- learning for the sake of knowledge and understanding as opposed to superficial learning. The last letter G- stands for GOD without whom we can do absolutely nothing. Maintaining a steady and efficient relationship with God is an essential prerequisite for making it in LIFE.

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