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MAGNET PROGRAM REVIEW UPDATE September 23, 2010 @ 9/22/2010 Strategic Direction Rigorous Instructional Standards and Supports Inorderto ensure that there are rigorous Instructional standards and supports, we will, {focus on providing equity in access to high- quality educational programs and instuction so that avery student wil leave HISO prepared for college and career success. Peer Review Committee 2005-2006 + exensades eqtesso etcty ad sot economie Tew deserves stmeltingedustionsl progam wich tncourages the eden teach ifr Nghe eatenl + Diesen asaneahneneet othe lesenng epee, + Stedertlnaieding pow designed to meet th sed Intern anor lense ese dop out of 09 wd + Parents and students ve tne ight to epacta gkty ‘hictlon fr teeter inl nermation ste naroents, andlaputin the deciieromaingsoces @ INIT Purpose of Program Review + Update rena, anlar these seen ad gowtrance oft nagne Stee + alate current Magnet prcedes andpockesbased ‘niames equity clay eetvenes and icone, + haat the Mogret pop ferdngtssedoneqtabe ‘Soper opamneets ondlinngsouee; nae the Magretstent clacton ceri an proce, vttotho Mage’ prog qaliyand oak balding capac eroineat fered tes. @ 9/22/2010 Magnet Program Review Status + neuf 2015208 Rede Hosea * feast ropa FP were posed December 200, rh 20, eb 2610 + Frotdcontroca var beso gut 11,2019 + finden gi 1,206 i) ie vender + Rete commitee made op of oss epaetl sat and ome cerdnorsmet on ast 2 10 + fagey commits sees Moyet sehoaief Ameo othe rower oordopproved carat o be netted on Aut 26,2010 1 canactccptes Areas To Be Reviewed + Phase (October): = Dist Vision and Governance of Magnet Programs — PubiVislon of gna rogram aren forums) ~ Curent Magnet Proceduresand Practice ~ Cantal ofce support = Magnet Funding Magoetevatation + Phase il (October-Novernber: = Inada Program aualty (st sts) Non-Negotiables + Parent- Community Forums ~ oxtober 1115, 2010 ~ Four evening sessions locates throughout the cy = wo daytime sessions Onsite School Visits of ALL magnet schools ~ october 25-29,2010, = Meet wth principal and coornator 9/22/2010 — Tour magnet dases/eogrom Communications + eNews + Website ~ "Share Your Thoughts —suvey wl be posted ISO News Updates ‘Connect-£0 phone messages School-based fers/notices Parent-Community Forums Correspondence and meetings with Principals and Magnet Coordinators Timeline + Parent-Community Forums ~Cetober 11-15, 010 + Site visits ~ October 25:28, 010 + Preliminary Report = December 1, 2010 inalized Report ~ December, 2010 MIT