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Journey of a Lifetime

Journey of a Lifetime

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Printed and Dlstributed By Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endnwments, Da 'awah and Guidance

Kigdlom of Saudl Ar3 bia


lst Edition

Priintedi An,d Distributed By Mi'nistryof lslamlc Affair's~ EndoW'ments, Da'wah and Guida,lnce Kingdom of Saudi: Arabia

Jumuah iMagazlme

Journey of a UJeti!11e. - Riyadh. 200.4 20p; 17cm

ISBN; 9960~29"'93-5

1- Tille

1 -Aa-Hajj 252.5 de

L.D. No.: :141516033 ISBN: 9960-29-4"3-5


The Talbiyah Labbaik·Allalzumma Labbaik, Labbaik iaa Shareeka Laka Labbaik, J mwlha1flda, ','"' ',,,,,,,,,, .. '


Allah, the Exalted and most High says, IIFor Hajj are the months well-known, If anyone undertaks that duty therein, let there be no obscenity, nor wickedness, nor wrangling in the Hajj. ~I [2: 197~

Forms of Hajj;

L.Ha.ii at-Tamattu': This involves performing 'Umrah first during any of the months of Hajj, removes the lhram clothes after 'Umrah, and then reassumes the Ihram state for Hajj on the eighth day of Dhuf'Hijjan of the same year.

2. Hajjal-Ifrad: One wears Ihram for Hajj only and continues in tile state of lhram 1!1ntil Hajj is fi nished, N Q ' U mrah is required.

3. Hajj al-Qiran: One assumes the state of lhram for both ! Umrah and Hey). Alternatively, one can assume Ihram first for 'Urnrah, and then expresse his intention for Hajj before doing the Tawafiot Hajj.

For those who choose to do at-Tamattu' or al~Qiran) a mandatory sacrifice is required from them during the days of the Eid. Those who live in Makkah are exempted from this requirement.

- - - - - - - - -

2 I - - - --------- 3

Oflhe thsee types of Hajj. we outline the procedure fr Hajj as- Tam{Htri a. it is the most reeo n nended, blt this type, ne is to perform ·'Umn-.tl!r dlU.IOg the Hajj months (i.e. Shawit't~/" Dhul-Ofl ~(jail and the first .ten days of Dtmt-HijJ b) ell d [0 perform the HajJ' in the same )'ea~', with a sa .rifice slaughtered in Mm:;h om one of the davs of EidaJ-Adh~ba, Otle.mZctj' remove nne~s'" lIuam garmeuts and resame lilI1s. normal activities between 'Ununh and Nojj. But one makes the T(H!!Ylf and the Sa'! tw'ce: the t~rst time. for 'Umeah and the second tnme for fiiqii. Tbis booklel is de. iwn d to, he use t .as dt hand" reference, but it

~- - .

caan - t h ~ substi ute for tll01'OUghJy studying

H€Jji ·1od s't1!e¢I"c~Y preparing oneself fur this. ,grea:tJ tlLC~ ~)f WQiu-s.:bip. Please refer to the Inap in [I'lis boOtkle~ b .. ) lbHow the sequence of the rites, . nall is the givlG!r of success .. [!v1[ay His peace ~mlID blessings be upoe our Prophet Muhnmmad!lltlp0,n his ft;Ulrlity ~ and upon all of his conllp~.utiOtl$.

nInde' d, ~fle lFirs,t . .euse [of \vorship] established for rna kind vas ~hi~H at Bakkah [i.e, ~muther narne tbl~ Mak.kntll!. blessed and a auidance ~bf th worlds, In it ure clear s~gn~ r uch as] ~he stnndiing place of Abraham. And whoe ~ enters i1 ILe. the HOfwul shall be ~ute, And Itiliel to Allah Irom the people is a )l~lgl'il,U,~lg~' to the IUJUs;e -ror whoever i.&,aMe ~oHm_l lht:'fd( u way, But whee er ell heIiev "S ~L~. relus '~I, ih '11 indeed, Allah stands noc in nc t~ IilJl" "lis 'I' '~ihll 'S." 15:96-9711

TIf) <lIISSllImme the, sbte of IItTfti1Jllitti mltUllIs, to .i"' x presa tillu: tl)!l1ennorl to perffi:)f~l ailE the lI"i~es: of 'UmFr(I.!P:t IDeJgjji OF I)mIth, \\FIit€)U one l.tltrrii'ft1:$ ~l'; -tr1i:>--l14it5,ol. Earn . [c(tIDlte jUttn );~kk~ b'ms. iits Q"'V1DJ lJ!Bi'4tt~~ It is recem-

r.11eI!l!!fedl thl!ll~ OJJi€!c [lellft'U1Tl1l1!l gPlilJtl~ at me Mi'l, ~t. it marnl: $ly '~l.emr p rfimHle mru bisb.Qdy~ if h ebees-

b:uutt I!<O[ ~'IDi lruis- ga~mt;m_~s.. He pmts i!.) a Ni:'O-plie[':~ ~annj}elj]tl- Eeav.~ng his head. IrulCn\ieI'~, The g;;~rtlfleillts s;h_ol1~lii!llbe two se,arate ple~eR 'nf notht wiit.1Th Fl,{l, stiitdltIT~ ,\vncl1tsC) ':vel"', One. piece' ~ lve·f_S nhe tqp.p~'r.1fia.d oi" the body a;uj nil QUter (Co ers tE:te ~(j_:n.¥e-It M)Z:lIU. . A wom~L\," !h_iD\:\I1'!Ve[. t..lm assume tllt-e strate of irpVfi~IJ1J1;7t ~1Jl her _lUglu~~I!f' dothing except that she s:bo~JiId not use pcrf:"lune ttt tlIU iUtltl her Ciless: shot:tlld CQiV'e~' her who~e bod dec(wlJtrijv. She

'iI! • ""

s:hQIlt ld ~t([)t we~w glio\ves (11f the, s;epatlfate- Iace veil

t11~t~ ("OlIi.tIiS 1ifi1~ face 'i~iti:l;l the ,ex~ept!i!i)n of tl~e eyes; (tliuq~th or bV.£l"qlJl "). kaown (l.~ Miiqob or burqjt!~. S:R~ may however, ittnmg bell bend sctu·f ( Ili-=: blJ,({W) (l,\5er be - fa_ee 19 t~~ presence o.t: ullrehnedi (EtQOl-lIm;!f~#zrPC/)I1~V) ITIll_en whOJ may see' her fa:c:-- ThlClJJ ome ~hm~ldl t~tter ~fu: iitlltentiou nccm:ding to thetyp_e.oif H(_Ifi' one il_il_~ends, tQ perform. Far TCfb1i1!OU!fJ~'

ne may Sill:)" l'itJJ.I/] rJ';kt~-Alb'~¢'lirUJ.lflibi$1B ·{f.hnr(1l~~'~ \,~&i_t;b me~l!I!llS t'Ollt A~lflhl I. ~ln$;\Vered Your call te, peFiQIt01 t'rlnFtt1tle. ."

_It -is _f'ecommenuiled lQ re:weiiht th 'HcJii -'up.l1llicu~ tiiol1h. called 7e~t~,iyaDt,. ~"IlS rreqt e-ntt as p ssible 'rOlJl tme tutue· of assuming Ahl'€2/fu ~il ~ thetime nf ~he: firsr Sb;)llJtog of JeUJ:lrtlJlt61J1t t~fj- :Af[e~li(lf~l' jll M~ui1 on the ~ ftth at [)1~lJ!#-Hijait~f,t. Men ~l1li'e recnnunenr[ed.to tl~n_e'l' the 7!dA'biyeiPtJ aloud while WOHlen are _ tID" ~atj~ it [fn~etly, .

4 . ... I· _. . .5

TQl.tJ(1f' Upon arri val hi Makkah, the pi lgri m makes Tawaf around the Ka'bah, He uncovers his right shoulder by placing the Ihram garment UDder his right armpit while wrapping the opposite end over his left shoulder, and circumbulates the Ka'bah seven times in the anti-clockwjse direction, uarting at the Black Stone with Takbeer, and ending each circuit at the Black Stone. The Ka'bah sh mld be to the left After completing' Tawaf, ODe goes behind Maqam Ibrahim (Station of Ibrahim), if this is possible, standing as close to it as possible and performing two raka ahs, One should be sure to face the Ka'bah while praying. Sa'i: Next, one performs Sa'; between the hills of S{!fa and Marwah. He starts by ascending the Saf(J bill and recites the following verse:

"l 11 deed, S'!fa and Manl)ah'" are from amongst the signs of Allah ... " L2: l57] It is recommended to face the Ka'bah, raise one's hands, make Takbeer three times and supplicate Allah as much as one can. This is to be done thrice.

The pilgrim then descends and head towards Marwah. He increases hils pace between the clearly matted green posts) but walks at a normal pace before and after them. Walking fast L for men only. At Marwuh. he ascends the hill, faces the Qiblah, praise, Allah and does as he did at Salcl (exeluding the recitation of the £Iyall). He has nQW completed one full round. A totnl of seven rounds is. required.

Hair: Men shave their heads or trim their hair (This is preferable); women should cut a fingertip length of' their hair. A~ this stage, the prohibitions pertaining to the state of lhram are lifted.

A Muslim performing Hajj at-Tamattu' should intend to go into the state of lhram from wherever he is staying in Makkah 011 the eighth day of Dhul-Hijjah, which is called the Tarwiyah Day, and leave for Mina in the morning. In Mina, he performs Dhuhr, 'As}", Maghrib' and 'Isha prayers of the eighth day and Fajr prayer of the ninth day of Dhul-Hijjah an at their prescribed times. Dhuhr. ~4sr and Isha prayers are each shortened to two raka'ahs only but nat combined. He then remains in Mina until the sunrise of the ninth day when he leaves for 'Arafat in a dignified manner and without harming fellow pilgrims. He should ensure that he uses his time wisely as many

. people get lost going for long walks touring Mina!

6 - -- - -- -- I - - - - , 7

Ter~ pii~lJiElltll Jrellllt.cii.9$ moo ~'A!.fJ"({/jI/it1lf1 00 h 5]lltll:£e~ ~~Il;lru ~1fIlg IJ£l ~Dl!nltn8rJ}( atd ':Al'illr Ji! ~yetiS sitootlenoo ,ilmltd ~1D':ITmib"nntedl tititr nIlte t~1£Ille miff I1J/llfJeJltJ.lf 1l~ ~rJUtle ntlt!e N:' ~:[ dlmt:w" lIe~lte:-mmheri ~ zmtl.$ ~(J);,riiItJ '. mg All Il~1J ~l:1ftti]tInllQllkm,lg

line" ttUJ;lJ];c. (C :s:fw:Wlt: Qs;umre nIltrmtn h

stttJl!S M 11 M.D, b Jlm:.Id!.:,'1lI'iIi." IDlf" ·lfTr_llfitJtft .. bll11t

dm~ Jill l1l~gri.ny Iru~ \"c un ~tt~nWl. 00 ttIl e ID1t~_~auijL'I1 oAf "Arnrf!/foltfL fHle ~nlil!;,.~ lIRe ikrTlbliliay-. (411'4, ge@'nifft€:~ .Mk;a;RlJ tr!lJr.t, G~tte$a ;a:n@. $1U1(tpillii~w.~; IHf [[1jt~ bu ~5 ill::~MttOO ~. J!tIfte IPro~l;e:tr~ lfl'j]~J Ai ~ e.1t~ luijlilll \\o1iflh Wet~t mcl11tt.D~ itllg, '" "ijl~ n~ :54lL n-t€: fulllAl1 . "m~ , D.llppillEom~l1l!: ~~'t.rfllStc is ~iQIf illy emf ;~p ~~pll. D_" lihe Om.e wilth,1JJJ. ira F1IJmet ' :te ® ~ fIlIlL\il.lLtOOll .ilJJtadl .~fu.~ ~~ll.b£ . are His,." amJdl .~ JllfOj\\\elr Q'I?0Ij" It,,,;v~trhBng.: Arm~ "bllll N~l.niilt WilliS; atts£ted om;(f [1!)l.W ,he nd LU$; 'k'().tmt1jml1liO'.tiliSi u.~. @:o s;yt ltd trIlte ~ llil1l1lewhiillt: "\'-W'i 1U!ti1rr.ttg from 'nma " lJQ]/!liJ:1f iiml m~ 1l,.:-«mll@'alflll}1 00' tite

fJlllp; Jf '" '~ ~ lIh1lh ex1tt:r.i lILi mtr.b ,lPeftC\e

~llImd b ~S.E~ gs, libL'tS;. s&a I~SIJ))jl)J: ~ I!.lli· lltiS I:1l S";ed ftlIllIoc·me. m~ " {[riU1lN.~~i\~rtlin., nO! tJttalhody (Qib:Jjtcnred .lUl dt~ll![; tl~heU$i uu~t~o ]"~;C:BLe 7f"ct7Jltlfttce:lf .;ml1LiIl Jl]ohc(jiy tD,~jle;t.1Ie'11,~ ~Qj ~]1J~ ""QB,wilhZlJ!rt)

S0011 after sunset at 'Arafat~ the pilgrim leaves for Muzdalifah quietly and in a dignified manner. The Prophet, may Allah extol him with peace and. blessings. said when he noticed peopie walking hurriedly, '·0 people! Be quiet; hastening is not a sign of righteousness.' (Bukhari) He should keep himself busy reciting the Taibi yah. glorifying and rememberieg .Allah, In Muzdalifah be performs lheMaghrib and Isha prayers combined, shortening tile latter to two raka'ahs. The pilgrim stays overnight in Muzdalifah to perform the Fajr prayer. Again. he keeps busy supplicating, waiting for the brightness of the 'morning to become 'widespread. and then leaves for Mina, It is recommended to collect pebbles for stoning the Jamarat before lea ring. Women and the weak are allowed to proceed to Mina at any time after

half the night . to avoid the


8 __ '-_ .. -- 9

- --

. ,

10 '

At Mina, the pilgrim stones the Jamarat al'Aqabah: he proceeds to the stone, pillar of 'Aqabah and throws the seven pebbles, say-

, ing "Altaahu Akbar" at each throw. The time of stoning the Jamarat al- 'Aqabab starts after sunrise, The Prophet, may Allah extol him with peace and blessings, threw, , the pebbles late in the morning and permitted weak. people to stone after leaving Muzdalifah after halt of the night had passed. The size of the pebbles should not be bigger' than that of a chick pea.

Slaughter of Sacrifice: Next, the pilgrim slaughters his sacrifice. He can do this himself or he can appoint someone [0 do it on

, his behalf.

Shaving the bead ortrimming the hair:

Males should shave their beads 01' trim their hair., Shaving, however, is preferable. Women cut a fingertip length of their hair. With the completion of these three acts. the pilgrim should remove his lhram garments, as he is now released from all the restricdons of lhram except for sex relations with his spouse,

7lm*aI ~pf(llrM: 7r{fJ[Jr~;@f l1G-i!fjaadO&$JJ& D ~

fiJ.liJnJ!~~"C mf g); !l te o~ B!JtDlji~ 1f pi!. ~ Ii b es lim) Mm:kk~ll .. (CiWtl!lmtlllli;llllllmes ~fiu~, K~1crafu Stt;'Weml ""tllEe • s, p:ml1);mnms; [WI!) mlkrtU"1/o.'S be rudJ lt6.iJlqJ,e-~1!1Nl fll/JJlro.J/milllfll ~ fliJIDlnsli\'eS wwfitm Sail tli ~~l1WOOmJ S tf&t lm' j:!ktf!j·~'J.!@Jlht OEill lmmp e:fiOOIill. tilll $tt~ e tlf kWc.1ffj'[{!;1rTJ i. oomtptHend, IE "tie. ~'1'l1t1f" t¥f @tQq/tl'rJh' rdlik ~ he dQtru IDlt ~_~lft:l:€; dJu_mq he dZJl)'s 0; T (f)JsiJeJNXtflU {il ~aJ!D . d~· }f~d l!llllltill ~h;" cl1mJYs; spenltt ~11 !MJi~v;eiJ mJre (!}1t)'~If~

The pilgrim spends the days of Tashreeq (l lth, l Zth and 13th of Dhul-,Hijjah) ill Mina. During each day after Dhuhr, he stones the three lanwrat,(the small, the medium and Jamarat al- 'Aqabah). One may leave Mina to go to Makkah on the 12th or on the 13th. If one chooses to leave on the 12th he should leave before sunset.

The Farewell Tawaf is the final rite of Hajj. Ibn 'Abbas said, "People were ordered to perform the Tawafaround the Ka'bah as the last thing (to do) before leaving Makkah, except .for menstruating women who were excused." (Bukhari)

- - ---- - ---- ---

14 15


ft _ D WID, 1t.'Jill ~!lJllr ~ mll:Jf 110 e -:0 $Jh tp cf,flt ;m~

lRcememTilttr. tnt ijt'UJh;Ie gn~ of ifI@jjj. ~1[<lljk;e ill UlVf

~f ::i;11lPpMit;;lJttu!Jl:l"-;, _

2. lEn'D:~~ lim' ri..~tnoom d.~ A~~j(ll picfillifu;~ §ii~o;;;.;

3. A (t-!f t1:)] _ Lil es m~IL'5t be d\{).rre C I nrectlly. ruf Jill}! , dID! IJWJ! b ~,lfu~!i~\iJ l!il>~b~!lbJTImt Wi] ZUd,. ask,

4,., e ''ell [,~~llIiIffIt· Y &1lIlJlS~mm wiitill, ''if<O-~01r <itC~i();n$ winBnhIDl 11Itte; :S'iJllit-q;nlin~!llf-y([!lj e~$C'@i fu:~II~.

5~ iKIlIJ01\\'0' oodi ;ar~J.' ntJl [he ftmWib~ti{tJllJ$ off F/ft;)ft}{/ltli: ~. No ltritJJfl]lfrlllWllg of h'llmr ij)Jr 1l]!._~(5,.

IJ,. NQ}j ~!lltUUl.c. A '!,;-"(tEd ~~'eEDl11f;d S;\L)~lP_

C. NQ 1ClJ);m4iI!_~dlU 1({c~::ll~ilJ}:lfSS ~J,(ljuh y Ilat sI1N):!lI?",-e_

(Jt Y I.VlJI 'Ii:;j[IiUltll:l b,II''' pttITlt (j_f 41 w~lldhll~ Il;:eremolili)l' ~fll ~'tWX Pffil ose to Iti IP<~ ~n~l s]jlQI!l.'~" Ilttllte i'iw ~ ''e:) IJ1'$J "'~ .~ MIf '!_iijr Q)t ers,

c, IN! - gIl! ~e; [f llt~"5S~W)l '~~-rallp Jtmr h~l1lfJ;ds:

"all dlon 11. -

~ No. h~ 1C1Dl~~lt (If(i')j~~ -BeR}. tmllll OOilillcnes th~ hlt~, U~~ 1!1lJ{-o;lhr~]R~ is; lle_II1i1llJ~~'fS_ubk.

g.. - sl!"tlne\_MtlJs~ ]t{),t"ld:et~ dll)~!ks" air S~WD

- gdllit:ILC'Dlt~ ~Lti\ ~G S~lliiltlIS; ~ ~ers;.

It S-d~'S"," ki~", gEtlJ~ i1e4llfiiil~ aids,,,, ~'Ilti_llt~-. al>ld~e.em z 'ds: ill eEl-trIm ,$ ble. - i Btll.~J!Jru l~ '£ - $,'!h~Mlg !lJm.01 ,CJJtIIlLt'lhru ~ fil 'lli(1}d!y ~l(lj Iit~~td (i;!:'iIi"e1nl if !)))JDlle of ~Itte ht~jar fal s 1l1lf:lliijJ\l~!J]1tOOJm!Jll1~ !Me P ~:rli...ruiS$ubto.

J. 'XfOtnlte:~CCfllUllAA);ft ~ III ·&ewzu1llte' '\&cil thu_t t,'(J)\f!I!!t'S tke: :If~ e wutli: tlite e;;tCe12tioll of 'IDe e}'itS ,~~ q'iJff~ @If lbJri{}JrlPlffl),

At Jumuah Magazine is j ntended to satisfy a longstanding need on the part of the Eng- 1j811 reader who wants to know about Islam.

Al Jumuah focuses on topics such as da'wah, 'aq ida h, fiqh. and many others. Special attention however, is given to issues of interest to the entire familv,

- ..

Al Jumuah aims to presents the readers' questions to renowned Muslim scholars to, provides them! with appropriatefatawah (legal opinions), -

At Iumuah. deals with cases of trade and finance from the Islamic point of view. Easy and halal (lawful) ways of personal investment are explained and illustrated.

Great stories of early Muslims are narrated in a fasc i nati ng manner, .

I lamic know ledge is necessary for an MU8- _ . lim ... s, However because of the central role of women .in the familyand society at large, Al Jumuah gives themtheir share of it.

Book reviews and translations are included, thu8ehr-i~ning each issue with the great works of scholars, past and present.

-~ - - --

16 : 17


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