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Freedom to Choose Vic Fires

Freedom to Choose Vic Fires

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Published by: andrew9200 on Sep 23, 2010
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Freedom to Choose?

Do we have the freedom to choose our life path? Yes, of course. And do we have the freedom to choose all aspects and details of our life? No, not necessarily. A few months ago a friend saw a piece of my artwork and wondered if I could do something similar on the wall off her yoga room in her home. Before I accepted this invitation I thought I would see if doing my kind of art would work on a wall. So one Saturday in February 2009 I did the artwork you see here. I particularly wanted the theme of the wall to be green. However, as the universe takes charge in many of these things you can see what eventuated.

As this picture took place, I found myself doubting my ability to do what I set out to do. However, it wasnʼt until some hours later when I turned on the evening TV news that I realised the significance of what I had done. While I was producing this piece of artwork Victoria, Australia was being subjected to by far the fiercest bush fires Australia or perhaps the world has ever seen. Nearly 200 people lost their lives and thousands of hectares of bush land was burnt out including hundreds of homes. When next you do some thing that doesnʼt quite work out the way you intended, perhaps it may be time to look at what happened from a different perspective, maybe you were been given a message or two.

Freedom to Choose


So the message for you is to listen in to your intuition. You never know what you may turn up. Andrew Warnes

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Freedom to Choose


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