,~. 'tCJ"~iLU(::~ C-~



.- .... Pi

D,M .. _" ...... ,

I 1: ...... 11

0, .... ,." ....

, ;'.'& &..I'I-;'-'D

,':7 021287 II 700



..... "_ ~ ~ ..... LO ", .. 01 '0

~: cne



0 __ ·-

., ......... .....,

O~·e. ..... f

·0 ............... ' ..... ·

o··, .. ~

r.:1 ~_. as s Ls t a nce L.:5J to) or"" J T

This office was contacted by th~ Tal1ah!ssee ,Police Department on febr'JAry ,S, 19 a., I who r e que s t ad olSsist&,nce:in attempting to ioentify t-:JO a~'Jlt males and six mi.no:" children, all taken .into cus tody the , prevlo'Js cay. The men, ~~re~ted ~nd cha:ged with multiple co~nts of

child a.buse, were being'very ev e s Lv e .... ith policli ,in' the que s t Lcns •

~ing asked of them ,.purscant tJ:le childr~n and. their cOl"ldition. '

. '. '. .

This Agent contacted. 55/"', :aob Harrold,' Me/Reston, Virginia,' and

re.q'Jested t@lephone. nu.mbers and nerne s of police persor.s in area. police ~epartrnents in an att~~pt to follow-~p on t~o leads which ..... ere a Virginia license number and that the chilc!:ren had co.nme'nted a.i:lOl.lt livi1'l9 in a Washington, D.C., com.-nune.

Subsequently, this office received a telephone call f~orn the' Washington. D.C. Hetropoliten ~olice Deper~~ent inquiring ~o~t the men ~nd chil~=en. This office put· the MPD And the T?D in contact with each other .

. '

.. ""IIIL.t:




~~i ""'''0''-'0 n, .. w_. r...,

Fredric: D. Resident Agen't



_o,u.. "II

~ ~E:SD:G:P 5E



Office of En!orcement

.,..,., \,1 'C_'"' .. ,..,, __ .... ~.. 'P..nI 60~-;



U~I' (I:> ... 'T (S C\ .. S'O .... s :Ii l",vlc:;t;

2 OF



, -

~, II veil' "I,I"UIII




• . -:}/ !:: ,:c:'~-i·X~~··_·;· ' .

n Thursday I February 5, 1987 I thls office was contacted via'b~'lephone

by sergeant, JoAnn VanMETER of the Tallahassee Police Departrnentt '

-uvenile Division. Sgt. VanMETER reguested assistance in identifying wo adult males and six minor children ages 7 years-to 2 years •. '

~he adult males ~ere tentatively identified by TPD as'MichaeiHOULIHAN nd Douglas ]ll1MEPJ1.~N, b o t.h of Washington I D.C. I who were arres,ted the previous day on charges of child abuse.

. '

- ,

'he police had received an anonymous telephone- call relative two ~~ll~ressed white men wearing suits and ties in Myers Park,. (Tallahassee), apparently watching six dirty and unkemptchi1dren' in the' playground

.r e a. HCULIHAN and AMMEPJ1}l.N were near a 1980 - Blue Dodge van, -bearing 'irgini a license number XHW-S57 I the inside' of which was ·later.described as foul-smelling filled with maps, ~ooks, letters, with a mattress

-: i t u a ted to the rear of the v an which appeared as if it were used as a .e d , and the overall appearance of the van gave the impression that all eight ,persons were living in it.

'he c~ildren were covered with insect bites, were very dirty~-most of le- children were not wearing unQerwear and all the Children had not·

Jeen bathed~n many days; .

, -,

fhe men were: arrested and charged wi th multiple counts ,of chi,ld .abus e

e n d lccges in the Leon County Jail. . Once in custody the -men were' somewhat ev as i ve in their answers to the police regarding the .children and . 3tated only that they both were the children's teachers and that all were enroute to Mexico to establish a school for brilliant children.

rhe children tentatively were identified as Mary HOULIHAN, white female, ege 7; Max LIVINGSTON, white malel age 6: Benjamin FRANKLIN,_white mare, age 4; HoneyBee EVANS, white female, age 3; B.B., white male; age 2; and John Paul HOULIHAN, ~hite male, age 2. The children initially indica~ed that they lived in tents in a commune in the Washington, D'.C., area

and ~ere going to Mexico to go to a school for smart kids.

, ' '

~his office contacted the Office of the RAC/DC. and spoke with SS/A, Bob Harrold. This agent reguested telephone numbers andnarnes of police persons in area departments .that might be, aware 'of saic activities described by the children .and to fo11,ow-up on the. leads ~hich wereth:

Virginia license number and a check on the men's names w~th local law enforcement.

, ,-
IS" I~ ~.-z._; c9
- dim £, OEFAR' T OF TKO 7~tASURY

u .... 11H. :0 ,Vl.,.OioC.S S["'\I~C[

I ,.",


, 3' OF



A short time later this,office was contacted by Detecti~e~ .Jim Bradley of' the washington, D ,C _ I Metropolitan police Department "Bradley

indicated that the case here in Tallaha:see. appeared t<;.~e strongly ,

related to a case, he was currently worxlng ,In the WashlP9~Qn, D.C. area.

"":'''~'' .' .

He stated that the actions of the two men in custody'i_n·T'9.f~~a:~see relative the children just might give his caseenough};p:r6baElecause for search warrants 'to search premises occupied by c; cult-· roup.cal'le'd

t h e FINDERS. " .

Thi 5 agent directed Braoley to telephone TPD and,:"dis directly any' activities forthcoming relative the

A t this time it.' was determined that there was no found,to exist and therefore, this case is being of additional information.

, ..

Customs:vi·tions· .:

closed pe'V.cl~i1g receipt


","_"'c; ; ,I; ~' •

ACTION TO BE TAKEN BY LESD/TECS: Create a permanent ORR/TEeS record:


]l.J1MER}1AN I Douglas Edward;

• F - 2 3 B - a tt'a ch e d L :', -: ' _..~ -., "-


, . .

NCIC: Negative

, - TEeS': " . '.' " ...

': :- CHIR':" ... : .. " ~. '~';;'",CTR" :.~ ;; '-:<. "-: "', ·····,FBA '; Negative

. :,';' PAIRS': Negative

~. '_.-. ~'- .~-. . ..~'" . .

. '-.', .' ,,_ ..



HOWELL, Ja~es Michael tCF-23B attached)


.scrc, Nega ti ve

~ 'tEes: 11

~··'_.CMIR:. .,

': ~ CTR : Nega,ti ve

FB}I,' : "

PAIRS: Negative


(CF-23a attached)



eMIR: ..

CTR. :. "

. FE.:": ..

'PAIRS:· "



Resident ~gent in Charge Special ~gent~

Customs cooperation/interest in Tallahassee/Washington HPO child abuse





• " • a


On Thursday, 2/5/87, the duty agent, SS/A Bo~ Harrold, receive'd a call from SSjA Walter Krietlow, uses, Tallahasse~, Florida. 55/), Krietlow was seeking assitance in contacting an appropriate local police' agency to- coordinate a child abuse investigation in with the Tallahassee Police Departmen~. ,SS/)'· xrietlow further requested assistance jn checking so~e names, addresses and a vehicle through the Customs chrld.po~nog',aphY Unit e e c a base, and stated there was some susplcion'ol.tlie subjects being involved in supplying children, for. t~e , production of child pornography. Further, he was informed' by the Tallahass~e Police Department that the child~en may h~ve been encoute to Mexico from the Washington, D.C. area. The possibility of ·customs interest in the investigation due,to possible violations of the Child protection ~ct of 1984, and the alleged nexus ~i~h the u.s./Mexican aord~r were ~iscu$sed and ag(~ed upori. SS/A Rrietlow related the following

,background information.· SS/~. Krietlo~.was Gontacted by. the' Talla~asse~ Polic~ Dep~~tmen~ foc a~sistance in irlen~ifying six chi 1 d r e n' and t· w 0 . a j u Its' t a ken i n t;' c us t"o dy in the '1' a 11 a has see a~e~; U.S~ ~u~toms ~as ~on~a~t~d because the police officers involved suspected' the ad~lts of being .involved-in c h.i Ld pornograp~i,and knew·~heCustoms S~rvice· to hav~ a network of child pornography in~esti9ators, and of the existan~e of the Child pornography and Protection Unit. SS/A Kriet10w stated· the two aduls were well dressed whit~ males. They, had custody of six white children (boys and girls), ages three to six years. The children were observed ,to be poorly d r e s s e d , bruisedr dirty, and behaving like animal~ in,a public park in Tallahassee. The police were notified by a ccncerned~citiz~n and all eight p e r s o n s .... ere taken into custody. The··subjects

' .... ere living out of a ~hite 1979 Dodge van, Virginia license no.

X 13 W 557. II P 0 n be in g t a ken in t 0 c us to d y, the ad u 1 t w hi' t e ma l"e s

refused to coope~ate/ one of v h o m produced a ~bu.siness~ card './ith a name on one side and:; statement on the other. , The statement indicat~d that the ~eacer knew his constitutional rights to remain silent and that he intended to do so. Upon

i n t e r vie win 9 the chi 1 d r e n ~ the pol ice 0, f fie e r s f 0 u n d t hat the y c 0 U 1 d not a d e qua t e 1'y 'i den tiE Y , t h -e m s e 1 v, e S 0 r the ire u s t 0 d ian s • Fur~her, they stated they were ~n[oute to H~xico to attend a, school for ·smart kids.' SS/A Krietlow was f~rther advised the

children were unaware of the function and purpose of '

telephones, televisions and toilets, ~nd that the children had ~tated they were not allowed to live indoors and were only given food as a re\Jard.


After receiving the request from Tallahassee, SS/A Harrold

con t act e d J:\ e w h i 1 e I was 0 n 0 f fie i alb us i n e s S', ate us tom s Eeaaquarters. Be requested that I conduct computer checks on che customs Child pornogr~phy unit'data base The checks were to be conducted on the names, addresses, and a vehicle provided by SS/A Rrietlow. A~ter conduc~ing the computer check~, I made direct contact with SS/K Krietlow to inform him that all' the checks were negative. At that'time I was informed by 5S/A Krietlow that the Tallahassee police had discovered large quantities of records, to include computer discs and a U.S. passport in the van. From some of theSe records the police had obtained tentative identification of the two adults, and partial identification of the children. Furthemore, the two Washington, D.C. addresses had'been discovere~ through these documents, one of which was verified t~rough thevehiel~ ,

reg i s t r a ti 0 n . I a d vis e d S S / A K r i e t I 0 v ,1 w' a s lea v i n 9, \';" "

Headquarters and he would be receiving a- response toth.e remainder of his request from SS/A Harrold. I then left as

stated and proceeded to conduct other business. in the District.

A short time later, at approximately 11:30 a.m., S5/A Harrold contacted me by radio, and advised me that a Detective Jim Bra~ley of the washington~ D~C. Metropolitan Police Department (KPD) was. interested in ~he informatio~ provided by ss/i ' F:rietlo .... ,' ... ·as in contact with Tallahassee, and .... ould very probably be conducting search warrants in the area,later in the " day. He also informed'me th~t U.S. Cu~toms was invited to parti~ipate due·tothe continuing' possibility of'v{olation~ of law enforced by the customs Service. ~s I was already i~.

Wash ington, I termina ted my' other business and p r o c eeded .to

~ake contact with Detective Bradley, Intelligence Division, MPD.

Upon con~ictingDetective Bradley, i learned th~t h~ had

in i t i ate dan' in v est i gat ion 0 nth e· t'w 0 add res s e s pro 'I ide d by the Tallahassee police Dept. during December of 1986. An informant had given him infor~ation regarding a CUlt, known as the "Finders. ~perating various businesses'out df a ~arehouse

10 cat e d at 1 3 07 4 t h St., N. E ., and we res u pp 0 sed to be h O_U,S i n 9 ~ chi 1 d r e nat 391 B / 3920 W St., N. W • The in for mat ion was "s p e c i fie in describing "blood rituals· ,and sexual orgies involving children, and an as yet unsolved murder in which the Pinders may be involved. With the information p~ovided by the informant, Detective Bradley was able, to match some of the children in Tallahassee with names of children known alleged to be in the custody of , the Finders. Furthermore~ Bradley .... as able to match the tentative ID of the adults with known 'members of the Finders. I st'ood' by while Bradley c o n s u Le e d 'with AOSA Barry Benner and obtained.search warrants for the two

premises. I advised acting RAe SS/A Tim Holloran of my intention to accompany MPD on the execution of the warrants, received his permission, and was joined by SS/A sarrold.· 5S/A Harrold accompa~iea the ~eam which went to 1307 4th St, and I went .t o 3918/20 W st.


During the execlltion of- the ..... arrant at 3918/20 1-1 St., I was


I ')

able to observe and access the en~ire building. I saw large quantities of children'S clothing and toys .. The clothing consisting of diapers and clothes in the toddler to'pre-school range. No c n i Ld r e n .... ere found on the premises .. There were s~veral subjects on the premises. Only one .... as deemed to be connected with the Finders. The rest were renting living space from this individual. Be was identified as'Stuart Hiles SILVERSTONE, DOB/061941, O.S. Passport No~ 010958991. SILVERSTONE was located in a room eguipped with several

computers, printers, ana numerous documents. cursory ! examination of the documents revealed detailed instructions for obtaining children for'unspecified purposes. The instr.llctions included the impregnation of female members of the community

k now n asP i n d e r S,P u r c has i n 9 chi 1 d t: en, t r a din 9 " and .

kidnapping. There were telex messages using Her accoun~' I'

numbers between a computer terminal b e Ld e ved to be.:.:,;10c~,;,ed i·n ..

the same room, and others located across the. country 'and">'in .. ' foreign locations. One such telex speci£icallyordered·the. purchase of two children in Bong Kong to b e.ia r r e n q e d .. :through a

eon t act in the Chi n e seE mba s s y the r e • An o.t her. tel e x .e x pre sse d

an interest in "bank se6recy' situations. Otherdocuments identified interests in high-tech transfers to the United

Kingdom, numerous properties ~nder the control of the Finders,

a keen interest in terrorism, explosives, and th~ evasion of

law enforcement •. Also found in the 'computer' ~oom· was a

detailed summary of the events surrounding the arrest and

taking into custody of the two adults and Six children in

Tall a has see,' P lor ida 0 n . the pre v i 0 us n i 9 h t .. The r ewe rea 1 so. a set.of in~tructions 'whic~'appeared to be broadcast via a: . computer net~ork which a~vised participan~s to mpie -the

chi 1 d r en- and k e e p the m m 0 v i n 9 t h r 0 1.l 9 h d iff ere n t j uri s die 't ion s , and instructiobs on how to iveid police attention~ .

One of the re$idents was identified as a Chinese_National. Due to the telex discovered referencing the Chinese Embassy in Hong Kong, he was fully identified for futUre reference:. W~NG/Gengxin, DOB/092747, POB/Tianjin, Peopl~"s Republic of China Passport No.' 324999, entered the O.S. on Ja.nuary 22,

198'7, ad mit ted u n til Dec em b e r 31, 19 8 7 • E e is in the U_ S ;-' a sa' graduate student in the Anatomy Department of Georgetown university. Bis Visa was issued on November 10, 1986, in· London, England, number 00143.

During the course of the evening, I contacted Sector 4 to initiate a TEes check on SILVERSTONE, and initiate an archives check on him for the last four years. I also contacted SS/A Holloran to keep him adVised of the proceedings and asked for and received permission to contact SS/A John Sullivan of the CPPU to guery some names through the CPPO data base. SS/A Holloran told me he would call Southeast Region Beadquarters to keep them posted on the proceedings as well. I later contacted SS/A Sullivan for the stated purpose, and in the discussion that followed, I gave him some background en the purpose of the reques~. I advised him that the information was not for dissemination at Beadquarters, that Region was being notified,

and that Region would probably contact Headquarters later if Jeemed necessary. SS/A Sullivan assured me that the information would go no further until officia\ notification was made by Region. No positive matches were obtained from the CPPC data base. I was later' joined at the W Striet addiess by SS/A' Rarrold_ SS/~ Earrold advised me that there were ~xtremely large quantities of ~ocuments and computer equipment at the warehouse, and that HPD was pbsting officers i'nside the building there and sealing the building until morning, in ~hich ~ second warrant for that premises would be obtained and

executed. SS/A Earrolo also advised me that the neWS media' had a been notified and had been waiting for the execution of the

warrant at the 4th Street a d d r e s s . . Detective Bradley later'

stated that the HPD public Information Officer had been

contacted by a Tallahassee reporter. When it became apparent

the PIO had no information on the search w~rrants, t~e reporter

con t'il c ted 1 0 cal me d i a 'r e pre sen tat i v e san d a c h e e k 0 f pub 1 ie' '.

r e c or d s containing the affida...,its for the s e a r c h warrants'· dis~}osed the locations and purpose of the warrants. 'D~tecti¥e Bradr~y surmised that someone on the Tallahassee police

Depa~tment was the original source of information for the

press. I advised SS/A Eolloran of the involvement of the

press, and he s~ated that he would, in turn, relay the

inf6rmation to Region. SS/A Harrold and I assisted in the transport of the,evidence seized pursuant to the warrant· and cleared MPD after, the,pres~' left the area.

On Friday, 2/6/87, 'I metnetective' Bradley at th'e warehouse'on" .,l t h street, N. E .' I a u 1 y advised. m ya c tin 9 9 r o_ u p supervisor, 55/').. Don Bludworth; I'was 'again granted'unlimited access to , t~e premises. I ~asable to observe numerous documents which described explicit sexual conduct between. the members of the community ~nown as finders. I also saw a large c6llection of photographs of unidentified persons. some of the photosraph~, were nudes, believed to be of members'of Pinders. There were numerous photos of children, some nude, at least one of which was a photo of a child 'on display· and, appearing to accent the child's genitals. 1 was only able to examine a ~ery small

amount of the photos a~ this time. However, one of the ,

officers presented me with a photo album for my review.- The album contained a series ·of phctos of adults and children dressed in white sheets participating in a "blood ritual." The ritual centered around the execution of at least two goats.

The photos portrayed the execution, disembowelment, skinning and dismemberment of the goats at the hands of the children.

this included the removal of the testes of a male goat, the discovery of a female goat's 'womb' and the, "baby goats· inside

the womb, and the presentation of a goats head to one of the


Further inspection of the premises discl~sed numerous files relating to activit,ies of the organization if} different parts of the ~orld. Locations I observed are as follows: London,

G e r m a I\Y, the Bah a mas, J a pan, I:l 0 n 9 K 0 n g, Mal a y S i a I A f ric a, cos t a

Rica, and ·Europe." There was also a file identified as '

.. '

. ".

'palestinian.· other files were identified by member name or .~

= p r o j e c t;" name. The projects, appearing t.o be operated for commercial purposes under front names for the Finders. Theie

was one file entitled ·Pent.agon Break-In,' and oth~rs which referred to members operating in foralsn countkies. Not

observed by me but related by an HPD officer, were intelligence files on private familfes not related to the Finders. Th.e

process undertaken appears to have been a systmatic response to local newspaper advertisement~ for babysitters, tutors, etc. ~ member of the Finders would respond' and gather as much

information as possible about the habits, identity, occupation, etc., of the family. The use to which thi3 information was to

be put is still unknown. Thera ~a5 also a large amount oE 03td collected on various child care organizations.

The warehouse cont.ained a large library, two kitchens, .asauna, hot _ tub , and a • v i d eo roo m . • T h ~ v ide 0 r 0 q;n .. see m e d·t 0 .~ e .·S ~ t up as an indoctrinatil;)n center. It al:ooapFeared",thn.t ... the

o r 9 ani z a tiD n had the cap a b i 1 i t y top r 0 c:l u c e its 0 ' .... n =v 1.d~6S: ,:". There. \.Iete "."hat appeared to be training· areas, for chi"fdr·en and what ,appeared to be an altar set up in a .r e s i d e n tLa L area of the warehouse. Han1 ja.Is of urine and E!c~s ~ar~located in

t~is a=~a.

! should also mention that both premi5~~ were equipped with satellit~ dish antennas. '

I jiscl.lssed ·the course .of action to.be take!Lby HPD '.Iit.h Jetective Bradley. He stated he"was;only interested in making the child abuse case(s) •. I was assured that all of the evidence would 'be available toU.·S~' customs· in furtherance of any investigative/criminal action pursued. MPD. personnel w~re to begin around the ~loc~ review a~d sorting of the eVidehce until completed. customs will have .access aft;er this is accom?lished. This will include several U.S. passports discovered during the search.

upon leaving the 4th Street premises, !. encountered a news media repreEentative and was asked the reaso~ behind 0;5. customs involv~~ent in the investigation. I advised the

rep 0 r t e r t hat leo u 1 d not dis C U s san y t h i n 9 and r e £ err e d. h ~ r to· t~e R~C/DC .. I left immediately ther~after.

There is no further information available at this time. It should take three to five days for all the .informetion to be sorted, reviewed, logged by the HPD. I will maintain con~act with Det~ctive Brad~ey until the evidence is again acceSSible.

Resp~ctfully submitted,


Ramon~. MartineZ speciai ~ge~t, uses

.-, \




OU",-.TM(N1 OF 7HE 7;;EA.Su~y u ..... r t o ~':' ... 1"(.S [\,JS'O~!f~""'Ct

~, 'La .... CClloJ COOL



OF 2


s, L.A5ES':'ATUS O··~"':·'.-IP..f'OC>"1

. 0 I .... "'_A~, o C;~;""T."'"CI~""', Dot;._ ... cll''IoII [KJ ' ....... '",;,. Do- .......... ,_~
l. o ... r t AU,C,"'EO 'Ci_,<.SS : - " i. ,~oc, ....... COOt. '0, "(101\1 "0
02/05/87 1 700 1 c. ~uo ... r D"T~



"10:. _

1]. -r--r"f O}- AE..-oA.T

Os.... ... ·c.bo' ... ,

o 0 ....


.,;;, ..

-. . -, :~ -. ~'. . . ,-~-' "( ""

On Thursday I Pe-bruary 5;·~. i 987 " Senior' S~e~lal Agent Barr'old and I .

a s s i s t e d .theWashington, D.C~ Met:-opolitan Po Li ce Departme'rit" , _

(MPD) with't~ose?rchwarrants' in~ol~{rig th~poSsible ~~xual'

e x p l o i tation"of children' ..• 'During the .course' of the search"

\.'a~ rants, nUID'e reus d o cume n ts we r e discovered whi ch appeared to be concerned with international trafficking in' Children, high tech transfer to the Uriited K~ngdom, and international transfer of currency.


___, .

~AC/VA Beach R.tJ,C/Ta 11 ahassee

"~·'.Z':'lC-I1' ~4~. I ~.

,'. ~. . -r _______

------1-=:-:--------1'. - " .... ~ .

V LjifuOOD ROUNTREE, Resident Agent in Charge


~~ I

... ~ ~.. .... ~. .

D( P,l..~T';_~(;,...'l" Cj: Th't r ~ t .-...sUM Y u,",I'lC~I ..... r t s Ct,..~'O~ ~("""I~t

2 OF 2



On March 31, 1987, I contacted Detective James Bradley of the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). i.was to meet with Detective. Bradley to review the documents.sefzed(. pursuant to two search warrants executed In·February·~987. )he

meeting was to.take place on April 2 or 3. 1987.. .

On April 2, 1987, I arrived at MPD.at approximately 9:.00 a.~. Detective Bradley was not available. I spoke to -a·:thirdparty who was'willing to discuss the'case \Jithme on a strictly '''off the record'" basis.

I was advised 'that all the passport data had been tuined over to the state Department for their in~estigation. The state Denartment in turn, advised MPD that all travel and use of the pa~sports by the holders of the passports was w{thin the law and no action wo~ld be taken.· This included travel to Moscow, North Korea, and North V i e tnaa f r on the La t.e 1950's to mid 1970's.

The individual further advised me ofciTcumsta~6eswhich indicated that the investigation into the activity of the FINDERS had become a.CIA internal matter. The MPD .report has been. . classified secret and ,\Jas not available'for review~ 1 was advised that the FBI had wit~drawn fro~ the investigation several weeks 'prior and that. the FEI Foreign Coun t e'r Intelligence Division had directed MPD not to advise the PEl Washingt~n Fiefd

Office of anything that had transpired. .

No further information will be available. No further action will be taken.


No action to be taken on the basis of this. report.