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Thought Leadership Marketing Frameworks

Thought Leadership Marketing Frameworks

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Published by Dana VanDen Heuvel
A collection of different perspectives and frameworks relating to thought leadership marketing
A collection of different perspectives and frameworks relating to thought leadership marketing

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Published by: Dana VanDen Heuvel on Sep 24, 2010
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Someone who delivers business results by agitating for and leading 1. change 2. Vision & Insight 3. Eloquence & Influence 4.

Courage & Endurance 5. The Drive for Results

1. Cultivate the Press 2. Write

Mike Figliuolo thoughtLEADERS, LLC

3. Spread the Word

Elise Bauer Be A Thought Leader!

4. Speak 5. Use Your Website 6. Unlock Your White Papers Make thought leadership a strategic 7. imperative for your company

1. Scan the media 2. Track your competitors Analyze and understand 3. your ‘true north’ Review your current 4. intellectual property 5. Trend spot 6. Identify a TL champion 7. Panel of thought leaders

Craig Badings Author of Brand Stand "START IP" Thought Leadership Process

A thought leader is a recognized leader in one’s field. What differentiates a thought leader from any other knowledgeable company, is the recognition from the outside world that the company deeply understands its business, the needs of its customers, and the broader marketplace in which it operates.

1. Value First, Brand Second Experience Value Prior 2. to Purchase

Paul DiModica Value Forward Marketing

Give Away 5% to get 3. Prospects to Pay 95% Multi-sensory and Multi-dimensional 4. Marketing

1. Relevancy 2. Application 3. Resources 4. Action 5. Impact

Laurie Dillon-Schalk Defining thought leadership and what makes it so

Thought leaders contribute to their industry's body of 1. knowledge Thought leadership marketing is on issues not on products or 2. companies Thought leaders take a credible and intellectual approach with 3. NO HYPE You must have 'message allies' 4. and use WOM Thought leadership content 5. cannot be generic Content must be 6. syndicated Thought leadership works best in complex and dynamic 7. markets TL must be conveyed by others, 8. not self anointed TL dynamically evolves in relation 9. to others and markets

Value Forward Marketing involves investing in your own value by giving some of your value away for free in the form of education to targeted prospects so they are induced to pay for the rest of your value based on their experience and evaluation of your offering.

Unique Insights in the 1. Problem at Hand

The Bloom Group Hallmarks of Thought Leadership

Experience in Solving the Problem With Other 2. Clients Results from Those 3. Experiences 4. Approach to Doing the Work

Larry Genkin Thought Leadership Marketing

Novelty of Problem 1. Diagnosis & Solution 2. Topic Focus 3. Relevancy of Problem

The Bloom Group Seven Hallmarks of a Market-Ready Point of View

4. Validity of Solution 5. Practicality of Solution Rigor of Core Argument (problem/solution 6. statement) Clarity of Core 7. Argument

1. Work with the media 2. Publish a case study 3. Speak at events 4. Sponsor an event 5. Quality website content 6. Industry involvement

Maria LoScerbo How to Become a Thought Leader Carl Friesen Eight Mandatory Attributes of "Guruship"

1. Marketing 2. Qualifications 3. Body of Work 4. Body of Knowledge Continuous 5. Improvement 6. The Network 7. Physical Plant 8. Self-Management
A guru is, of necessity, an individual. A firm can't be a guru, although it can contain them. A guru may train "disciples" to teach her or his methodology, but success ultimately depends on the individual behind the methodology.

All thought leadership we develop at Accenture must have a marketing message and value to the business … [It has] to connect firmly to our core brand value—High Performance Delivered. If something is not aligned to that, we don't do it."

Thought Leadership [Marketing] Frameworks

Is the company developing a sufficient amount of deep content on topics that matter to the market? Content Are the channels Accenture is using to reach connoisseurs of its thought leadership the right ones? Channels Do Accenture employees know what thought leadership is available and in development? Connectivity

Terry Corby - Accenture "Three C's"
Be Generous with your 1. Knowledge

RainToday Five Rules for Successful Thought Leadership

Be Consistent & Continually Connect 2. with your Market 3. Deliver Value 4. Take a Stand (risk) 5. Focus on Long-Term Benefits

‘Thought leadership' means: ‘A research-based publication or campaign on a subject of current business interest, commissioned with the aim of attracting media coverage, building the brand and engaging with clients, prospects and colleagues.'

1. Get the Right Theme 2. Take a Position 3. Well-timed Research 4. Shape a "House View" Impart the Firm's Own Advice - Share Personal 5. Wisdom High Impact + Succinct 6. Solid Analysis
Across the diversity of their fields, personalities and motivations, thought leaders tend to share the following seven characteristics.

Ben Kent - Lighthouse Putting 'Thought' into Thought Leadership

1. The Love What They Do 2. They Feel Driven to Teach They Reach Out and 3. Communication They Take Risks with 4. Their Messages They Balance Confidence with 5. Curiosity & Learning They Risk Today's Time for Tomorrow's 6. Potential Gain They Keep Working, Connecting, 7. Communicating

1. Take a Stand Tell Me Something I 2. Don't Already Know 3. Be Vertically Famous What Does Your 4. Competition Miss? 5. Develop Your "Voice" The Power of Public 6. Speaking 7. Get Published Start a Newsletter, RSS 8. and/or Blog 9. Get a Greek Chorus 10. Talk Less, Listen More 11. Press the Flesh 12. Practice Out-of-the-Box PR Be Focused, but Don't 13. Develop Tunnel Vision

RainToday The Thought Leader's Mindset - 7 Characteristics

Larry Chase 13 Essentials for Thought Leadership Marketing

1. Transparency

Jeff Gahnz - Nicolet Bank

2. Talent 3. Third-party Credibility 4. (Trust)

1. Vision

Britton Manasco

2. Visibility 3. Credibility

1. Research the need
In such a crowded market how do you tell the good from the bad? Good thought leadership exhibits four characteristics:

Determine the readiness 2. of the organization

1. It is Relevant and Practical 2. It is Backed Up by Thorough Research 3. It Says Something Different or New It Does Not Try too Hard to Sell the Services of the [Organization] that 4. Produced it

Chris Koch ITSMA - Five components of a successful thought leadership program Fiona Czerniawska White Space 2007

Build a thought 3. leadership network Create a publishing process and calendar Create a content 4. development process Install systems and metrics for supporting 5. thought leadership Align thought leadership vehicles to the buying process Install a lead tracking and nurturing system Get agreement with sales on a sales-ready lead

Thought Leadership Marketing Elements.mmap - 9/23/2010 - Mindjet

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