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President Obama Speech - Night of Super Tuesday

adverteaze is an all pervasive advertising solutions platform for television, newspapers, radio, internet, out of home. You can call us an platform that has buyers and sellers for marketing, branding and advertising ideas, concepts and campaigns. It s a forum to bridge the gap between established advertising agencies, corporate communications teams from various companies and the creative geniuses who haven t had a chance to make their mark or waiting for the right opportunity to showcase their talent; who can provide advertising inputs, marketing ideas and campaign designs with refreshing novelty. adverteaze Digital is digital media marketing arm of adverteaze.

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Vision loyalty of profitable customers customer centric digital marketing program SEO & SMO Search Engine Marketing Social Media Marketing ORM Direct Marketing EDMS. SMS Campaign Viral Marketing Blogging Services Rich Media Virtual Seminars Chat .

We ve developed our frameworks intelligently.We hate to depend on stupid people to get shit done. .

Mashups 2.0 ECOSYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION SCOPE Virtual Events . SMO. ORM Advergaming UGC. Vlogs & Podcasts Mobile Marketing . Live Chat 2.SEM. SEO.0 ECOSYSTEM Microsite. SMM. Community.

corporate and social and personal restrictions.Website Micro site SEO PPC SMM ORM Mobile WEBSITE BRAND IDENTITY The concept and the design is based on mission and vision of the corporate. Built initial identity of the website based on the principles of engagement. It should be SEO and SMM friendly. The website is designed to manage communication on the digital channel. Success of website as a marketing tool depends on content Identity creation Content Communication The website execution needs to take care of legal. Work on plan Concept Execution Incorporate Client considerations while working on the plan. .

strategies. branding and content creation considerations. involvement of customer with client is the idea behind the microsite. Manage Communication The communication on the digital channel is calculated and engaging. . corporate and personal restrictions. Success of microsite marketing can never happen overnight. The microsite execution needs to care of legal. The execution need to take care of client participation. It is a continuous process. Work on plan Concept Create Foundation Set Expectations Execution Incorporate Client considerations while working on the plan. Observe the interest and manage microsite viral . AWARENESS Motivation. editorial.Website Micro site SEO PPC SMM ORM Mobile MICROSITE VISIBILITY. Built initial engagement.

AWARENESS & LEAD GENERATION Its not about rankings.Website Micro site SEO PPC SMM ORM Mobile SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) VISIBILITY. Build End-to-end measurability for successful implementation and ROI based decision making. its about relevant traffic and conversions. Understanding SEO All our SEO resources are seasoned SEO professionals. Measurability We ensure our customers are able to best leverage the search engines . Relevant Traffic Understanding Market Conduct Marketing driven SEO promotions rather than optimization driven SEO promotions .

Landing page experts PPC Optimization Use Google adwords and multiple other PPC alternatives (MSN. niche search portals. Ad-Networks) for best ROI. Baidu. Measurability We ensure our customers get the best traffic at the lowest per-click costs to meet their growth objectives . Google Adwords All our PPC resources are Google Adwords certified. Yahoo.Website Micro site SEO PPC SMM ORM Mobile PAY-PER-CLICK ADVERTISEMENTS (PPC) LEAD GENERATION Our experts ensure your ad-copy as well as landing pages are best suited for causing conversions Build End-to-end measurability for successful implementation and ROI based decision making. Miva.

as well as brand for key individuals in the company Communication Define the customer communication right Define message Blogging is must Develop corporate blog. build communities and leverage existing forums. We help our customers reach their targets and build branding . blogs Build brands Measure SMM Build End-to-end measurability for successful implementation and ROI based decision making.Website Micro site SEO PPC SMM ORM Mobile SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING (SMM) INTERACTIVITY. ENGAGEMENT & BRAND PROMOTION Develop virality in the message and Promote message in the social media world Build & leverage a corporate brand.

.Website Micro site SEO PPC SMM ORM Mobile ONLINE REPUTATION ENGAGEMENT & BRAND BUILDING Accept the negative feedback and consider it as opportunity to improve your product or service Your opportunity to set record straight Engagement Be as authentic as possible Engage with potential and existing customers Set record straight Integrate ORM If you like us. tell others. tell us Integrate ORM as part of customer service Community backfire can be very strong Ensure you only use experts for content seeding Content seeding Monitor discussions Promote providing negative feedback to you only Ensure people don t talk negative in other forums. If you don t.

events. etc.Website Micro site SEO PPC SMM ORM Mobile MOBILE MARKETING ENGAGEMENT . Introduce new products. Mobile apps Gaming Mobile gaming is the next big thing. interactive contests. and development. Accept the negative feedback and consider it as an opportunity to improve your product or service Mobile apps are good tool to connect and engage the target audience. and receive feedback via SMS Define message Engage community Use mobile to engage with your customer with honesty. deals. BRAND RECALL & BRAND BUILDING Develop virality in the message and Promote message in the social media world. It is the most effective and engaging tool to promote product and services. through polls. Ensure you only use experts for mobile apps conceptualization. . Community Define the right customer communication. At mobile community publish interesting content.

Contests. Photos. blogs where relevant customers visit. Polls.EXECUTION APPROACH ENGAGEMENT & BRAND BUILDING Content Proliferation across the internetNews. Moderation and reputation management Reputation management Viral Campaigns Viral Campaigns for reach and engagement . Videos. Feedback Community Online community development for brand promotion and sales generation Content Proliferation Presence & participation Presence & participation at top forums. PPTs.

We re known by Company we Keep President Obama Speech .Night of Super Tuesday the .

CLIENTS FMCG I IT Software I IT Hardware I Mobile I Education I Lifestyle I Communication Agency. .

We re the architect of the adverteaze President Obama Speech .Night of Super Tuesday .

PepsiCo. Monster. He is founders of Adverteaze and Farzaap Media. Strategy He believes that companies should extend their brand DNA to social media instead of creating a new one. In his new role he drives corporate communication. business development. In the past he has worked with Accenture. in the fields of content development. .com. marketing and branding. creative content and research content of the venture.Braj Mohan Chaturvedi Braj Mohan Chaturvedi is a social media marketing evangelist and marketing expert. He has also written several articles on branding and marketing related issues. He comes with 10 years of corporate experience. in various journals and business magazines published by ICFAI Press. and ICFAI University Press. corporate sales. He has also edited a few books on branding and marketing.

Reddy Labs and ICFAI University Press. Rewards & Recognition.Madhumita Mishra Madhumita Mishra is the co-founder of Adverteaze and Farzaap Media. She believes that employee 2.. HR MIS & Planning. and an effective conversationalist. a good team player. . Performance Management System. Operations She is a Social Media enthusiast and at present working on various models of engaging employees with the social media.0 is the next big thing in the field of Human Resource Management. Employee Relations. Satyam Computers. In the past she has worked with McKinsey & Co. Recruitments. Synthes Medical. She comes with a total of 6 years of corporate experience. Dr. and various Satisfaction Surveys. HR Process Re-Engineering. in the fields of Content development. She is a highly motivated individual with an astute ability to analyze.

Operations . Ltd. operations. This venture also provided technical resources at our challenging customer environments. Ltd.Asheesh C Vashisht Asheesh C Vashisht is a young professional with unique combination of business experience and analytical technical skills. bringing to the table ability to combine business objective with technical applications. He is founder director of Futuristic Info Solution Pvt. which was renamed Metaphor Tech Solutions Pvt. using the problem solving. It is a preferred vendor for its clients for roll-out of IT solutions to Indian geography. analytical skills. in his previous avatar. project planning and management. inter-personal skills. Business and functional knowledge acquired from eight years of experience. ERP implementation. communication. leadership. he has successfully carry out operations in various areas of handling a strategic business unit.

Samrat Nigam Samrat Nigam is a marketing professional and holds 5 years of corporate experience. with specialization in International Business. and a Bachelor's Degree from St. he has worked with Accenture (Management Consulting). and Citigroup. UK. Samrat holds an MBA degree from Cardiff Business School. Media . New Delhi. He. Prior to Adverteaze. as one of the co-founders of Adverteaze. will drive the company's marketing strategy. ACL wireless Ltd. Stephen's College.com. Indiatimes.

.com +91 9958166889 Thanks.Braj Mohan Chaturvedi braj@adverteaze.

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