Purpose : The purpose of this Policy is to set forth attendance expectations and to establish standards for employee attendance and punctuality. Policy : Every employee, as a condition of employment, accepts the responsibility to report to work promptly every day that he/she is scheduled to work and to maintain a satisfactory record of attendance. Unscheduled time-off is unacceptable and should be avoided. Unscheduled time-off is defined as: Type of Incident Definition Unscheduled Absence An occurrence of absence and/or lateness that is unrelated to approved time off. Lateness Reporting more than 5 minutes late but less than two hours late to work. Leaving early for lunch, returning late from lunch or leaving prior to the end of the scheduled workday without supervisor approval. Late Report Failure to notify supervisor when unable to report to work within 30 minutes of the start time. Partial Absence Arriving for work 2 hours late but missing less than 50% of a scheduled workday. Full Absence Missing 50% or more of a scheduled workday. Unreported Absence Failure to notify supervisor of partial or full absence. Patterned Absences Absences before or after weekends, holidays or discretionary days or absences following payday.

If an employee is unable to report to work, he/she is expected to notify their supervisor at least 30 minutes prior to their start time. If an employee must leave work prior to the end of his/her workday, he/she must obtain the permission of his/her supervisor before leaving Supervisors are responsible for communicating the attendance policy to staff, and for the fair and consistent application of the policy.

For XYZ Company Mgr HR Re: warning letter for lateness Ambikakamath or anyone esteemed forum member. * Employee with late coming issue and low performance --> must be thrown out .. who knowingly and repeatedly reports late.with regards to your not reporting to work on time.r..... how much importance should be given to an employee w... Non-compliance of the same will result in dismissal of your employment at .Any employee.. patterned or unapproved absence(s).......t his late coming. Please advise.. that violate this policy may be subject to disciplinary action as per the discretion of the Management. With reference to our recent observation. has unreported. this Memo from HR department documents that you must make immediate improvement in the above stated matter.. it has been brought to our notice that inspite of being given repeated verbal warnings and our warning letter dated . Hope the above is understood. Mubarack Manager -HR Kar Group Chennai ===================================================================================== Re: warning letter for lateness Dear . accepted and put into practice by you with immediate effect.

* Employee with punctuality and low performance --> could be given chance for improvement w. Warning Letter in case of absence without information Date: ____________ To Mr. ± Warning Letter Mr. Lets say if he is super performer but is late comer on regular basis. Sub. Thanks Re: Warning letter format Hi Sameer. failure to do so shall . resulting in willful insubordination and gross negligence of duties. Absenting yourself from duties without prior intimation is a misconduct for which you are making yourself liable for necessary action. what should be the criterion specified so that we can give warnings and then take further steps.r.t performance * Employee with high performance and punctual --> should be given accolades * Employee with high performance and late coming --> ? In the fourth case. Designation:. You are hereby warned to refrain from such activities. Find below the format of warning letter on Absentism. how should we react? Do we really need to throw him out? He might go to our market competitor!!! Could you please advise on the steps to be taken. It has been observed that you have proceeded on leave without prior permission of the concerned authorities. in your capacity as Designation.

For Company Name Authorized Signatory. You are further advised to submit a written explanation on your unauthorized leave as soon as you receive this letter or as soon as you resume duties. Kindly treat this as very urgent. .invoke appropriate action.

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