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Potentials of BLE Flavonoids and Alkaloids Extracts


Hypercholesterolemia and Hyperuricemia are common bodily disorders experienced by
many adults which lead to fatal diseases. This study entitled “Flavonoids and Alkaloids Extracts
of Matured Bamboo Leaves: Potential to lower Fats and as Uric Acid inhibitor in Broilers” aims
to determine the potential of Matured Bamboo leaf extract in lowering uric acid (UA) and fat
deposits in the body.

Three set-ups were prepared: Broilers in set-up A were treated with 0.75mL of 15%
(m/v) Flavonoids, set-up B with 0.75mL of 3% (m/v) Alkaloids and set-up C as control. Initial
and final weight of broilers, initial and final serum UA levels were measured. The average
amount of feeds consumed within 5 days treatment was calculated and compared with the initial
average amount of feed consumed. Amount of fat deposits in the poultry were measured among
the three different set-ups after the final observation.

Results of the study revealed that broilers treated with Alkaloids (set-up B) show better
effect in decomposing fats in broilers. MBLE also enhanced broilers’ appetite, thus increasing
metabolism without increasing amounts of serum UA. There was no significant difference
between the weights of broilers in three different set-ups; however there is a significant
difference in the amount of fat deposits in the poultry of broilers in three different set-ups.

Researchers concluded based on the results of the study that Bamboo leaf extract is better
in decomposing fats and a possible source of drugs against hypercholesterolemia.