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UNIT 7-THE LIVING PLANET(The natural environment)

Detalieri ale continuturilor Competente Activitati de invatare Resurse Evaluare

unitatii de invatare specifice vizate
1.READING -read the texts and answer
Exam focus :Part 4(multiple the questions. GOLD
« Tearing up the map of 1.1;1.2 Homework
creation »
2.WRITING -read the writing task and GOLD Homework
Part 1(essay) 1.3;1.4 think about the following; PROFICIENCY
-write your essay.
3.USE of ENGLISH -complete the second
Part 4(key word 2.1;2.2 sentence so that it has a GOLD Homework
transformations) similar meaning to the first PROFICIENCY
Part 1(open cloze) sentence
4.LISTENING -listen to complete and check
Part 2(sentence completion) 2.3;2.4 your answers. GOLD Homework
Part 1(short extracts)
5.SPEAKING 3.1;3.2 -discuss the questions GOLD Discussions
6.GRAMMAR -join the sentences using the
Cause and result 3.3;3.4 words in brackets; GOLD Homework
Conditionals -rewrite the following PROFICIENCY
sentences beginning with the
words given;
-underline the structures
introducing the conditional
7.VOCABULARY -fill in the gaps with the
The environment words from the box;
Style -use an appropriate form of
Word formation;fixed 4.1;4.2 each word to complete the GOLD Homework
phrases sentences below. PROFICIENCY