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Published by: watchfirefly on Sep 24, 2010
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A good way to begin making changes is to start a TLC diary.This
can be a diary of what you eat each day and other information,
such as your physical activity and, if you need to lose pounds, your
weight.Box 35 is a sample food and activity diary.You can copy it
to record what you eat and what physical activity you do.But all it
takes is a small notebook.Use the diary before you start on TLC
to see what you need to change, and while on TLC to see how you
are doing.Diaries help you keep on course and give you a boost by
tracking your progress.A diary also can help your doctor, dietitian,
or other health professional assess your progress.

If you are walking for physical activity, a pedometer is a good way
to keep track of your progress.It tells you how many steps you’ve
taken, so you can set a goal to increase your activity.Record your
progress in your TLC diary.

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