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just me

ID o

o e

iust no .. _

B Boo~. IR.,evi ev} 'mur "A.i rframe" by M i chaell Crlehten SA StDsj o n es j s:~. ~e:w

59 passenge'~S! are e~the'f ilnjured or de'ad in a \lirtualliy destroyed c8Jbin as tine' pi~ot ma~age's, to land U'ile' pl~ne. As seen 8JS 'this rnldalr ,disas~er occers. a nation:a~ Ii n",~stigatioWil Ii m rn e~iately st ~J1.S iWOMlrilg s ~t1iJty in ths ski es. 3ri1C e"'~nl a shoe kin 91 d~sCO\rleIllf!:

'When tlhl e control op e raters ,get a d i st ress signa'l fro m Trans Pa c irnc flight 54t5 aJsking fOIF a n e.mergeillcy I a n dling and 4 (Ii ambulane e S aJlon9 sidle of their landi Ill'g $ile. Ual€y kn ~w somet h i n 91 was te lil'ii bly wrong.

The Trans P~cific ~~Iill~ Co. imml~diat.~lfY sends c ut an il'lVistilga1.i'[tg team th~~, ~3S to 'fig u F'e, ~lJ1t what tile! ~ed< h:aIPP~rl®dl on 'fiigM, .545 and 'U]I~ be!s't ,WJy to prevent ~t halppening ,agaimL But U]IBY hi3i1ffi 10 do it all ~n a deadline! of 1 wele1k. be!fJme 'the press 'gets the st.O[ljj and S~lIL1tS; ,dmm the airline company.

During th e i r i rilV!stigat ian. the team ru n s into th~e·,at s, old rsco rd s about 'th,e twi ll'il ]et·linew that 'the diss st'e r olcc.ured 10 n, SJll'i!d even a Id i scaveIY th at LJ lI'i,tovers tin e shockjrJg t.r~IUl.

This is i gre-91~ book. ~or tnoseJ who Iliks· suspense. I feel'lhdi the' 8Julthor. Mkh~H3'11 Crichto[~ de's:tribe~ UilIS' 8ict~al re;amy E!lboul ,vhat re'~I~y h~pper~s ln 91irlinE) ,cQmpsrrilies. The only Iprob~em withi the' book is UiI,at. ill ~s 348 pa.ges of mee,Ungs. meals. ,and IQQking at the plane ifll'si,de of a deslerted hanger. Othe~ than thi,at it is a g[1e,i~lt be ck. I rea Illy recommend it


, 1Il B~tJI!t '~O D:iscu5sa 011111 r Dim ml J

Sarah JO!118S

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Please make sure Y'QUf j~lJmal entries, are 'fT'ee or- 'spelling errors and at least two p~ragr~~ns in ~ength Mrs.. :Si;!n~i'llo

C I· rc . k Be 'C'" "'k' t '0',"" D' ne . 'C" "U' ss '·,.IIi'o·''''·'n·1 '~o·,,,, ru m " .',

"._., '.', "" :_., • '.~ I . ,"' 1 i·.······· ",7 .~~ : ,'.. ii', , ' .~~' , i

B Do ek lR'e!vi,ew "cur '''the' Andromleda Stnl~ n" hll' I!I,~ lehae I CI~iic !iktOfnl BA SDsj olm es j~t ~.

'==== n 'YOI1J like Miclui!ed Crichtl~nl read The Mdrorneda .s~'fai!!'!, It is a book ,~boyt an armalZing ,dijsease that comes ikllm space in a!lil American st:!tellile !ll!:i!Je to pick

up baetsria in spacs, Th s s atemt,e Ilands ina sma II '~,~lIiVrg ~ti1 Airiz'Of'l,a e aUed Piedmont. The d iseass has, ss rious ,aitect,:; 0.11 anyith i ngl ~t 't ou ch est rtJ,~ bOlDlk has a ~ot. of m i litil ry msn i 11 it. YOUJI fund OUit. about s ec net di~es se laJbmato ries il1I around Ame,nc a It is S'!:ilJry at tim es wh en yo IJ ti lui out iI'bO ul the di sesse. The plot of' the stony ms tma~: wh en scientists are I© oking where the satell i~e. landed they 11 nd out tha~: it I an as lin ~iedmon~. Arizona. Wile n the sci enfist s affW.e at the' tOllil'iffl they find 0 ut that e'l!elr'ffOl'ile in the tOi1¥m is de~dl! Ihen th e scien~i sts rnysteriou sty di e. Wh'en til ey se rid an o'l~e~ group te in spect th e town lhey al so 'fin d

leveryon e ~ eta d. COI~ld it be ,ali:ens? C(JI~ld it be the' d'i SlE!'Sise'? NOI on e knows_

Ti"I e cha racters in the 110 ok are welll,explil ined_ Th ere· i~ a biSJby wh os e name WilS not me rui oned wtJ 0 wa~ a hu ge part of' '[he 510 ry _ .AtiI nld ma n n,amed Jilckso n wn I) is a150 a n iJrlllpon:ant. pa rl af the! beck. 13 unen an d Sto tIe ,are l\w se i entlsts t hart aJre stu dyi IlgJ the d ise as e.

~n my opin ion th i's w~s 0 Fie 100r Mi'c:hael Crichton's books thai w@ renl t h~~ g fie~t e ornps red to JIlJ I1lSSi'c Park, 0 r The Lo,Sl W'o rid. but if'~.fOU liked the movi e OLl~bn~a'k or The Sum d 1/iou wi I~ I a~· th is boo:k_

IBo ok. IR)fMJi,!!!'W 'fmr '''Ai nfr,imimEi", !rn,\j rJ.inchiili elll tri,cht'(m

• • I'

BA SD:5j Oim !SiS J ctt III o«


"__'_'==I 591 pil'S~ en.ger's am lem her irnjmedl,!U' de·ad in a vi rtu alfiy d es,tJroyed esbi til s 15 ,t he Ipil'ot ma n;a;ges '10 la lull th e plan e_ As" so on a~ t~~s mi d~i r d i'Sii sle r ~ ccurs, a

natie nal investig alien im ma aiately starts ilflvolvi ngl safety in U~ e ski es. _. and e'\l\en a sh oddn 9 d is~ovelY!'

When 'the control 0 pe raters get a dli ~tress s ign ~I from T trans Ps em e ft.ig~t 545, askil'iilQ for an leme~gency la rid ilflg and 40 ,arnlbu Ian cs $ allQI'ilQ sid e IOf tlme~F ls ndli FIg! :S)rtle I they knew SQ,m@thi I'iIg ¥~ S ~,eni bty wrong.

Th e Trans Pa dffi e A.irl i Ile· Co _ i fnmediarl,ely sends out, alfi irive$~ig ali Ilg) team th at has te 'fig me 0 IJt wh at the' heek ha[pp:en e~ en ~Ugh~. 54 5 a Ild th e best \~,ay te ~~everrt it h,appeninQ again. But lhey h~ve' lID do i~; .all in a ,deadline. of '~ w1eek before the pres's geh '~he sl~ry and shuts dOfl,tVTl the ailriirue 'COfllp~llfy,

iD!lJrin.g ,t h~i r in'it~'st~g~t ion. the tsa m runs into th reats, (I11,d ~ecorcl s abo ut the· l~fli ,~e't .• !in er that 'I,he disaster IOCCU ned on. a n~ evenl iii dis cov~ry l:tJal, un CClli,i\e~s '~,h~ sh O[ kin,!) 't,ruHlI.

This is ~ grei;!t beck fow those v~ho like suspense I feell ~h~l the author. Mvchi;!le~ C~ichtQril d1e~l!::ribes the actual f1ei;!llily abom!~ ,m~t ~eally happens, in ,ai~lijne

co mpan ires. Th~ onll\, problem wi~ h the' ba ok is that it is 34:6 P8Q11@l$ of m ee1 ing's, me,a~s, and 10 Q!ki n~ 8~: the plan e i rilsi d@' 100f a ees erll,edllha Figer_ O~ h~r t~anl that it is s ':

lka,thesanl:~llillo, '3 i u~~ 3ge

.. Student can erase this and type in the subject for the post, or if responding to a writing prompt, type in the prompt.

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