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The Congratulations

The Congratulations


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Published by: tony on Apr 25, 2007
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The congratulations


The congratulations you gave all upset like a ballgame Force of habit shines like clocklight/ More sisters stir broth than bathe clothed Awesome, I’ll bring the papers and you just sign the thing. Which habit were we to form today? ME, I CANNOT happen to understand; Nor can I wonder where wandering SHALL DIRECT u. Make a synonym for a blank statement and follow my light  Cold-storied pastas in sauces embossed with frank, melancholy dances I’m supposed to lead you to the shiny molecule not u. The congratu Lations u Gave Make a lot of sense when you ‘re asleep

The complaints I delivered were delivered with opp(ortunity and sighs, meas)ured up not unlike an enormous statue of Roosevelt.Make way for the final bounty amounting to 1 times a zillion (& don’t u forget it!)

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