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Warhammer: Dogs of War (old version)

Warhammer: Dogs of War (old version)


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Published by Mathias Eliasson
A fan-made army book for Dogs of War for use in Warhammer. Note: This version of the book is outdated and is no longer being supported. The current version can be found at http://warhammerarmiesproject.blogspot.se

A fan-made army book for Dogs of War for use in Warhammer. Note: This version of the book is outdated and is no longer being supported. The current version can be found at http://warhammerarmiesproject.blogspot.se

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Published by: Mathias Eliasson on Sep 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The most beautiful woman in all of Tilea, and some say
even the whole of the Old World, is Lucrezzia
Belladonna. She is also the most dangerous to know.
Lucrezzia is a renowned sorceress and rumoured to be
a master poisoner, mistress of many assassins.

Lucrezzia's first husband, Luigi, Prince of Pavona,
perished at the hands of paid assassins sent by rival
Merchant Princes. Lucrezzia, then only a very young
woman, was determined to keep her hold on the
principality at all costs. Several mercenary generals
who commanded armies in defence of her city became
her husbands and therefore also Princes of Pavona.
Every one met with a mysterious demise, usually when
their political and strategic skill was found wanting!

Consider Borso, who lost the battle of Etobrutti and
died soon afterwards when his wounds were
mistakenly treated with poisonous herbs. The next day,
the mercenary captain Donato assumed command, won
a great victory and saved the city from the Verezzians.
Donato married Lucrezzia soon afterwards and became
Prince of Pavona. A few years later Donato was about
to make a disastrous alliance with Trantio against
Borgio the Besieger, who was married to Lucrezzia's
older sister Dolchellata at the time. However, before
the army of Pavona was committed to this unwise
course of action, Donato succumbed to a meal of
poisonous toadstools which had been gathered from the
woods by an ignorant kitchen servant unable to tell the
difference between edible and venomous mushrooms.

Lucrezzia was of course angry and distressed, but not
so much as to prevent her subsequent marriage to the
dashing captain Ranuccio, after an indecently short
interval. He immediately rushed off at the head of the
army of Pavona to attack the rear of the Trantine army
just as it was deploying against Borgio and expecting
reinforcements from Pavona! For this show of
solidarity with an old ally, Pavona was richly rewarded
by Borgio.

Lucrezzia's seventh husband, Poggio, recently made an
abrupt exit from the political scene after drinking three
bottles of very dubious quality wine. Lucrezzia is now
casting her eye around for a new husband to share the
government of Pavona and lead its armies to victory,
with her by his side.



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TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character).
MAGIC: Lucrezzia Belladonna is a Level 4 Wizard.
She uses spells from the Lore of Shadow or the Lore of

It is said that Lucrezzia Belladonna is the
most beautiful lady in the Old World.
However, Bretonnian Knights consider this
honour to rightfully belong to the Fay
Enchantress of Bretonnia. When a Tilean
noble once praised her beauty at a tournament
in Bretonnia, he was immediately challenged
to a joust by a rash Bretonnian Knight. The
Lady Belladonna, who happened to be present,
appointed the Tilean as her champion. When
the Tilean, following the local custom, asked
Lucrezzia for her favour, she simply kissed
his lance. Unfortunately the Tilean was
unhorsed in the joust, though he did score a
glancing blow on the Bretonnian which
resulted in nothing more than a scratch.
However, the Bretonnian quickly slumped in
the saddle and fell down dead. When the
heralds asked whether the lance tip was
poisoned, Lucrezzia said; "How could it be
poisoned, I have just kissed it and I don't feel
at all unwell!" Since then no one has claimed
to be more beautiful than Lucrezzia
Belladonna. To cast doubts on her beauty is
the kiss of death!


SPECIAL RULES: Master of Intrigue (see War

Stunning Beauty: Lucrezzia Belladonna's beauty has
an amazing effect on human mercenaries in the army.
Any friendly Human unit within 8" of her rallies
automatically during your Compulsory Movement
phase, being ashamed to be seen running away from
the enemy before such a beautiful and commanding
lady. This does not affect any troops that are Immune
to Psychology.

Lucrezzia's Kiss: She has been known to kiss the
weapons of a hero who she takes as her champion. Any
one character or unit Champion gains Killing Blow due
to the potency of the poison in her lipstick.

From a collection of letters sent by
Gossippa Lotta to “various Princes and
other notables”. This letter was sent to
Lucrezzia Belladonna and refers to the
poisoning of the Mercenary General hired
to defend the city of Trantio against
besieging forces of Luccini.

Dear Lucrezzia,
At last that idiot Brazino Innuendo ate the
wrong kind of mushroom, the one that was
meant for him! Of course they think it was
you. I heard that the cook was tortured into
confession and mentioned your name, like
they always do. Far be it from me to point
the finger, but one cannot help admiring the
expert choice of time and place! Brazino
paid far too much attention to that fool
Marmalodi. Now someone else will take
charge of defending the city and will
probably succeed in holding on to it. Of
course you can rely on me not to breathe a
word of my suspicions to anyone!

Yours, Gossippa Lotta

It is interesting to note that Gossippa is said
to have employed a succession of Halfling
food tasters in the years following the siege
of Trantio.

"You Imperials think us weak, but you’re
just fools who assume your nobility
without question. In Tilea, only the
strongest and most cunning rule. Not
through blood, but through skill alone is
power won."

Lucrezzia Belladonna


Although Lucrezzia is a Master Sorceress, she does not
have magic items. Instead she has various Poisonous
Items, reflecting her special skill as an arch poisoner.
These items are not affected by anything that normally
affects or negates magic items.

Phial of Poison

Long before the battle, the enemy camp is infiltrated by
Lucrezzia’s paid assassin, equipped with a phial of
poison specially prepared by his mistress. This will be
tipped into the drink or meal of one of the enemy
leaders during the feasting on the eve of battle. The
poison is slow-acting and will strike the next day as the
armies draw up for battle.

Nominate D3 enemy characters at the beginning of the
battle. Roll a D6 for each; a roll of 4 + means that the
character has been poisoned and starts the battle with
one Wound less than normal. Daemons, Undead,
Forest Spirits and models immune to Poison are
immune to this effect.

Poisoned Stiletto

Lucrezzia always keeps a stiletto dagger secreted in
her garter. This is not only for self-defence, but
because you never know when you might want to do an
off-the-cuff assassination and may not have a ready
prepared poison to hand. Of course, Lucrezzia's stiletto
has been dipped in the venom of a toad and used to
chop poisonous mushrooms.

The Stiletto dagger gives Lucrezzia an additional
Attack, and all her attacks are Poisoned.

Potion of Pavona

Lucrezzia will mix up potions to strengthen whoever
drinks it, selecting the right ingredients. However,
there is a risk, as the potion may prove slightly

At the beginning of the battle, Lucrezzia may give the
potion to any one character, unit Champion, or take it
herself. Roll a D3 and if you roll 2+, choose that
number of the chosen model's characteristics to
improve by +1. For example, if you roll a 4 you could
choose to improve the model's WS, T, W, and I by +1.
You cannot apply this bonus to a model's Leadership
and cannot increase a characteristic by more than one.
If you roll a 1, the model loses a wound; if this kills the
model then it counts as a casualty for all purposes.


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