The Wish If only I could wish for a thing, I would have wished for love that Has no cure;

affection so pure the The timbres of the night radiates The desires of my heart. If only I could guess the perfect word, I would have guessed love; where Partiality is down to zero, and everyone A hero. If only I could whistle to the freedom song, I Would have whistled love; where war is Only an imagination of the mind, and chaos An emblem of falsity. If only I could long for a treasured moment, I would have longed to share it with the One I love, who hates me not but cherishes Me despite my shortcomings. My words are simple, my philosophy divine. I would that I love those who love me, but No; I love those who hate me. For when I reciprocate evil with good, I m wise, and My haters also wise. If only I could wish you, if only I could wish



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