Boston Bikes

+ launched in 2007 by Menino at the time, City had no bike lanes + Now have 17 miles of bike lanes + Existing off-road multi-use paths 14 miles, Emerald Necklace, better used + Currently working on a bicycle network plan for the next decade: +100 miles, piloting separated bike lanes
This is me. Clearly. Biking along.

Increasing Rates of Cycling
From 2007 - 2009, + cycling increased 43% in Boston + that’s 3X the national rate of increase + expected to see even more in 2010

This is my friend, riding along.

Infrastructure Lag
+ Increasing use is happening faster than new paths are/can be built + More visible presence, more accidents, more conflict with other road users + Need to address these issues in the lag time as the City upgrades infrastructure

This is my sister, who is scared of riding on streets

Bikes Behaving Badly
+ City bicycle-safety summit in response to accidents + Tenor of articles/conflict + Stepped up enforcement in key areas

This is the dude on my street who never wears a helmet

Contested Spaces
McCann, 1999: • where competing culture groups strengthen & legitimize themselves through development of adaptive spatial practices • normally sites of war/conflict/strife On micro-scale--and without divided bike lanes-could the presence of bikes in the street (for cars) and sidewalks (for pedestrians) create contested spaces? Given that both cars and pedestrians intrude into the bike lane?
Urban warriors?

Enlisting the Experts: Having Meetings With...

Boston Cyclist’s Union
• •

bike workshops at farmer’s markets this summer convinced City to change accident reporting

Anne Lusk

• Researcher on bike safety & infrastructure at Harvard School of Public Health NIH grant studying what makes bike paths work

Livable Streets Coalition
This is Anne, riding along.

Project Ideas
Reforming the cycling legal code based on sound safety/accident data + campaign to publicize code + campaign to change behavior + enforcement plan in targeted areas (Comm Ave) + creating a cycling culture that can feed into the developing network infrastructure

This is my project, riding along.

Next Steps
Hub on Wheels: Citywide bike festival Sunday + planning on interviewing participants Meetings with aforementioned experts Talking to some more cyclists just generally around Boston Refining the project scope and site: any ideas?
This is my project riding along faster.

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