Do diverse executive functions develop along differential trajectories?

Executive functions are general purpose control mechanisms that modulate the operation of various cognitive subprocesses, and, like other cognitive functions, shows a main effect of age on performance in tasks of executive function.While a common finding has been for gradual improvement during the course of childhood, the developmental trajectory of executive function, where performance is mapped against age, has been found to vary with the experimental test task in a way that has resulted in a recent suggestion that executive function is a set of subprocesses as opposed to a single, unitary process. To truly assess whether executive functions develop along differential trajectories and whether this provides evidence for functional distinctions in executive function, it is necessary to evaluate whether these developmental trajectories differ between groups of executive function tasks, and whether developmental trajectories correlate within these groups.From looking at the evidence, I will conclude that while there is evidence to support prerequisite elements of the claim that diverse executive functions develop along differential trajectories, an experimental approach that evidences a causal relationship between executive function and differential trajectories has yet to be employed. For more, visit

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