Evaluate the effects of gender on individual differences Gender is widely recognised to be an important empirical factor in understanding many aspects

of behaviour and in particular individual differences. The question of whether gender has an effect on individual differences has long been debated. Much research has focused on whether, specifically, gender has an effect on the domain of cognitive abilities. Thus this essay will focus mainly on the question of whether there are cognitive differences between the genders. I intend to cite evidence in order to argue that, overall, there are not huge differences between the genders in the domain of cognition, but that within specific areas of cognition there are indeed gender differences. Thus in this manner and through the use of the domain of cognition as an exemplar I intend to demonstrate the effect of gender on individual differences. Further, I intend to discuss possible, biological and social, reasons underlying these differences. The domain of cognition comprises of abilities concerning how people think, learn and remember. These abilities are key to human functioning and thus I argue it is sufficient to focus on this specific domain when assessing individual differences; many individual differences stem from differences at the level of cognition.

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