September 23, 2010

William B. Solomon, Jr. General Counsel ALLY Financial, Inc. 200 Renaissance Center P.O. Box 200 Detroit, MI 48265-2000 Dear Mr. Solomon: It has come to the attention of the Illinois Attorney General=s Office, via press reports, that ALLY f/k/a GMAC may have been engaged in deceptive debt collection practices pursuant to the Illinois Consumer Fraud Act in your pursuit of home foreclosures. Please be advised that the office requests a meeting with your company to discuss this matter as soon as possible. In the meantime, immediately please provide this office with the following information: 1. 2. 3. 4. The number of homeowners in Illinois affected by the stay on foreclosures; The names of the law firms in Illinois that are retained by ALLY to pursue foreclosure actions; How these firms will implement and monitor the stay ; and The length of the stay on foreclosures. Sincerely,

Deborah Hagan Chief Consumer Protection Division

Susan Ellis Assistant Bureau Chief Consumer Fraud Bureau

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