TENETS 1. TAU GAMMA PHI is the Triskelion Grand Fraternity, my Fraternity, the Supreme Fraternity. 2.

PRIMUM NIL NOCERE first of all do not harm, let alone in defense of one self for what ever cause man has come into being, for whatever he is destained keen to all living creatures around him, man is brother into man. 3. DEGUSTIBUS NUN DESPUTANDUM EST of likes and dislikes there shall be no disputting live and let live.

4. Preserve your self, brawn, brain & blood. 5. Brothers and Sister I shall love and respect their counsel and I shall be heed. 6. ______________ is my alma matter by its rules and regulation be govern and be guided. 7. The GRAND TRISKELION is righteous just and strong he shall be obeyed.

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