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I-9100 Users Manual

I-9100 Users Manual

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Published by: Egay Samar on Sep 25, 2010
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NOTE: If you have a DVD/CD-RW combo drive and you experience recording problems, check for

available software patches at the Sonic support website at support.sonic.com.

NOTE: Most commercial DVDs have copyright protection and cannot be copied using Sonic


1Click the Start button, point to All Programs→ Sonic→ RecordNow!→ RecordNow!

2Click either the audio tab or the data tab, depending on the kind of CD you are planning


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Using CDs, DVDs, and Other Multimedia





| support.dell.com

3Click Exact Copy.

4To copy the CD or DVD:

•If you have one CD or DVD drive, ensure that the settings are correct and click Copy.

Thecomputer reads your source CD or DVD and copies it to a temporary folder on your

computer hard drive.

When prompted, insert a blank CD or DVD into the CD or DVD drive and click OK.

•If you have two CD or DVD drives, select the drive into which you have inserted your

source CD or DVD and click Copy. The computer copies the data on the CD or DVD to

the blank CD or DVD.

Once you have finished copying the source CD or DVD, the CD or DVD that you have

created automatically ejects.

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