How to Create Forms using Google Docs

2010 Copyright Lyda Cervantes

Access Google Docs with your Gmail account at

Click ‘Form’.

Enter Title & Description of your online form.

A question block is already created for you to customize.

To add more questions, click the “Add item”.

For each question box, enter title or your questions.

Choose which “Question Type” you would also like to use.

You may also re-arrange the order of questions you added.

Simply drag the items to your desired order.

To add theme to your online form, click “Theme”.

Various themes are available for selection.

Make sure to get a preview of the theme first.

Once you have already selected, apply and save the changes.

Click the link below to view the form.

To access the data, go to “Spreadsheet”.

Should you wish to edit the form again,

Click the ‘Edit form’.

You can now share your newly created form to others!

Click “Send form”.

Add email addresses of recipients and click Send.

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