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OLQP Music Ministry Fall 2010 Schedule

SEPTEMBER 14- 6:30-7:30 Family Choir 18- 6:30-7:30 Family Choir

9- 6:30-7:30 Family Choir 7:30-8:30 Adult Choir 7:30-8:30 Adult Choir
7:30-8:30 Adult Choir
Weekend 16/17 Michelle Weekend 20/21 Megan
Weekend 11/12 Mike 10am Family, Noon Adult 10am Adult
5pm Family, 10am Adult Opening: #302 Gather Us In Opening: #743 To Jesus Christ,
Opening: #603 Alleluia! Raise the… Psalm: R&A Our Sovereign King
Psalm: R&A Preparation: #549 Blest Are They Psalm: Let Us Go Rejoicing
Preparation: #445 Amazing Grace Communion: #340 I am the Bread of... Preparation: #604 God of the Hungry
Communion: #312 Here at this Table Closing: #602 We are Called Communion: #334 Behold the Lamb
Closing: #602 We are Called Closing: #612 Soon and Very Soon
21- 6:30-7:30 Family
NO REHEARSAL 7:30-8:30 Adult Thursday
25- 8:30am Thanksgiving Mass
Weekend 18/19 Megan Weekend 23/24 Mike Both Choirs
(Steve vacation) (Steve vacation)
10am: Adult 10am: Adult NO REHEARSAL (Thanksgiving)
Opening: #316 Gather Your People Opening: #409 All are Welcome
Psalm: R&A Psalm: #599 The Cry of the Poor Weekend 27/28 Michelle
Preparation: #383 Servant Song Preparation: #386 Here I Am, Lord First Sunday of Advent
Communion: #327 As Grains of Communion: #342 Pan de Vida 5pm Adult, 10am Family
Wheat Closing: #603 Alleluia! Raise the… (no music planned yet for Advent)
Closing: #587 With One Voice
28- 6:30-8 Both Choirs DECEMBER
23- 6:30-7:30 Family Choir
7:30-8:30 Adult Choir 2- 6:30-8 Both
Weekend 30/31 Megan
10am Family, Noon BOTH Weekend 4/5 Mike
Weekend 25/26 Michelle Opening #312 Here at this Table
10am Family, Noon Adult 10am Adult, Noon Family
Psalm: #828 I Will Praise Your Name
Opening: #310 Table of Plenty Preparation: #478 You are Mine
Psalm: R&A 9- 6:30-8 Both Choirs
Communion: #327 As Grains of….
Preparation: #604 God of the Hungry Closing: #587 With One Voice
Communion: #591 We are Many Parts 10- 6pm Ministry Appreciation
Noon Mass is Mass of remembrance. Dinner
Closing: #387 Celtic Alleluia No music selected yet.
30- 6:30-7:30 Family Choir Weekend 11/12 Megan
7:30-8:30 Adult Choir NOVEMBER 10am Adult, Noon Family
4- 6:30-8 Both Choirs
16- 6:30-8 Both Choirs
OCTOBER Weekend 6/7 Michelle
Weekend 2/3 Mike 10am Adult Saturday 18- 8pm
5pm Family, 10am Adult Opening: #557 All Creatures of Our Joint Christmas Show w/
Opening: #603 Alleluia! Raise the God and King Presbyterian Church
Gospel Psalm: R&A
Psalm: Psalm 95: If Today You Hear Preparation: #383 Servant Song Weekend 18/19 Michelle
God's Voice Communion: #338 The Supper of the 5pm Family, 10am Adult
Preparation: #479 Eye Has Not Seen Lord
Communion: #338 The Supper of the.. Closing: #602 We are Called 23- 6:30-8 Both Choirs
Closing: #733 Lift High the Cross 3PM 60th Anniversary Mass
NO REHEARSAL No music selected yet. Friday
24- 5pm Family
Weekend 9/10 Megan 11- 6:30-7:30 Family Choir 10am Adult
10am Adult, Noon Family 7:30-8:30 Adult Choir Saturday
Opening: #576 Sing of the Lord's… 25- Noon Misc Choir
Psalm: R&A Weekend 13/14 Mike
Preparation: #508 Only This I Want 5pm Family, 10am Adult Sunday Mike
Communion: #343 Taste and See Opening: #316 Gather Your People 26 (Holy Family)
Closing: #28 Holy God, We Praise.. Psalm: R&A 10am Both Choirs
Preparation: #332 God's Holy Gifts
Communion: #591 We are Many Parts
Closing: #387 Celtic Alleluia