IT·l"f .. ".M .'"'~' "~~'il]\m\1'!"'ljm't' . ltill!H;\!'~J',\I';H\;\l!lW.!J~W\lg,~.II'!!, l!l:'1;rmMW 30 Ching Wah Street: Tel: 2570 4594 E-mail:

hk Kiangsli and Chekiang prlmarv, International Section: 20 sraernar Hill Road North Point Tel: 25701281 E-mail: Inter2@k( Website: Klangsu-Cheklang College, International Section: 20 IIraemar Hill Road North Point; Tel: 25701281

Tung Avenue,

Tel: 3658 0508. 3658 0338 E-mail: Website: www.delia_edu_hk

. HK$90,000; Gll-12: M~~~','JUU,

: HK$I.S00; GI-12 Textbook HK$I,OOO,

challenglng retundahle: G9-12 Laptop Deposit: HK$2,00a, : rerundab Ie; G9-12 computerTechnology Fee: ..•• HK$500; Application fee: HK't~OO, non-

.• refundable

36Nam Long Tel: (852) 2525-7088

E-mail: Web5lte:

rj;~.·; '~1('i~""1~, ·;if ~~1{~~1~~~~"


460 shau Kei Wan Rca ; Tel: 5-5388; Fax r .. ; . . '. . .. ". .. .on of :. Ganeyou ~ H K 48,700; Pre-school - H·K$65.950;

Number: 3665-5399; E-mail:oiiibershipimt M!~~egioilal(oundl of. . Elementary - IIK$105,950; High school-

elsahighschon I@carmel.edu_hk. t~armeI.SChopl's.Elem~ritil[vprog(~l11me is an . H K$124 ,450; Capital Levy - HK$15,000 (noll-

Mld-Levelsr Carmel Elementary and Pre·school; -c. .' .... . '. bgritmm~itisfhg an Ari1erlcan cUrrlcoium,taught refundable for Elsa High School only).

10 Barrett Road; Tel: 2964-1600; Fax Number: iijl~i1t5shoulilb~c0tl1e5kil1edand k~owledgeable In thatradlttonal Application fee: HK$I,500 (non-refundable)

2813-4121; E-mail:[IS. '.. ., .... '. ce;sodar5t~die5'artjl)1u51c, and physical ',

Mid-leVels! Ganeynu Early Childhood Center; 70hig .' theirs~condlabg~ag~(eltherHebrew or

Robinson Road: One Robinson Place; Level 3; Tel: Jngllsh:t : :... .s~lioor~lsj} .' . . .. (Mandatln)IQ,~11 gta~~s: Medium: ~hgnsh,

2249-7600: Fax Number: 2249-7690; E-mail:MandaJln;H~br~\IIf~M~la' pr9fir~nil11eSjE~glls .as~IiAdditi~iJal~angu,~g~;.The.Learning

~;~~~I::~::~:,~:J~i~t~ebslte::~it£~~t~rv~~~:~I~~e::;g~fw~/r;"~~'f:~~I~tn1.:.tY2{~~~g;!~~.I~~'rf:-S~~091~ .. "'~' •. ..

I~;'~ aAhQ:~o[r~paYJt~l;llw~a·~~F~u;r.\T~ej~,: ~25~51:~1: ¥82~3~4~E!_:I~l1alllrmlt.;~~~]~~ shau Kal Wan: 460 Shau Kei Wan Road; Tel: 36655300 E· mail: kel'etl@keliettschooLcom Website: www.keliettschooLcom


. 5S'LE!i King! Road; - > >~,"1> • ",.H ~.

Tel: 2569 5500


9ngKong shljil{~nibridge ."

.' .' .. . .. . .. . dgeLoWHse@n ar.Y"~rQ~r ))ieiCambtidgeMlddle .

!;eco~darY .. .. ~anlb(idge tijJHrS¢(;OndarVPrograri1riie:ye~r:r(lIinde.d:1994:· .

"i!urrlcu[~mtW~M .owtheiprescrltted~YI.I?bl and requlr~ ailst4dei1tst~ f~~e\l1ea~s~~slllents of

. !:anibrldgeUnlver$l\y'"'~terhMlonal ~du(,~tiori.Yea(S10.ilndl1s.tuderits.foHow~~mbJldge lGCS~ Hpdyears'12a@j3dq"C~I)l,brl~~e~ ,Levels; ",edlul]1IErigllsh.s~iiiliii ~r,ogratl1l1,eS! ESL. . Ilrogrammes atallygarlevel$:r~ceptI9~to.year.13"~~I'1~~r,.9U~achBr5;~O; Averagetl.ass size! 15; Extra·currlwliir aCtlvltlesi Extra language classes irtErig!lsh anllMandarlit ..





secondarv sectlom 30 oi Kwan Road. Wan Chal; Tel: 2919 6966 E-mail:

for the enrolment of one student only. H K$120.000: corporate: HK~250,000, .

Levy: Personal onhenture Holders HK$8,OOO:

Corporate Debenture Holders HK$M,oCiO (onetime payment). Application fee, HK$2,5QO

Tel: 34021102

E· mall: Website:


Set in the hlstorlc and beautiful city of Bath, Bath Academy offers

a warm, caring, supportive atmosphere for students.

We offer one and two-year A-level courses in a variety of mathematical, scientifiC and business orientated subjects. A-levels are considered the 'gOld standard' world wide and are a prestigious qualification for entry to the top UK universities and for employment prospects in later life.

In addition, we provide the one year University Foundation Programme, which is accepted by most UK universities as an alternative to A-levels.

This course consists of three compulsory modules in mathematics,

IT. and communication skills and three elective modules from the areas of Business & Finance, Law & Social Science and Science & Engineering.

Accommodation is in one of our three hostels, with resident managers.

or with friendly local families.

For further details see our website www.batllacademY, or contact us at prlnclpal@bathacaderny,


. Section: MYP HK$86,400;

~ HK$107,000 (2010-2011). Deposit: Primary

' .. ' .. section HK$15,480, Application fee: flK$500 for ;: non Victoria Educational Organisatlon'

.'~ kindergarten students

W:ELL1N(l'fON C01.U:Gf.

• 'Premier League' for A and B grades at A-level

• A-levels or International Baccalaureate

• Co-educational entry at 13+, (14+) and 16+

• Scholarships (particularly academic and music) and

bursaries available

• 40 minutes from Heathrow Airport and west London

• Positive, vibrant, inspiring and challenging environment

• Ethos based on eight aptitudes

• Well-being focus ('happlness' lessons)

• Superb grounds and facilities

For further Information and details of visitors' days: I +44 (0)1344444013 t,






~.' :;rr!'11i'11~,"j1j'1'li'fi.\~~r:1''lj11l'n\''rl\l~w.'f!f..~ , ~.~,~mUM'!lU_),;lI\I,\,Wgll!a~~-I!!""';~Ir! 3A Norfolk Road:

Tel: 2304 6078 E-mail: info@aishkedu_hk . Website:

Childhood 2 ~ Grade 2:

Grades 3 - 5: HK$83,500 8: IIK$89,500 per annum; HK$98,OOO per annum. API)II("mlll , HK$LOOO


~1I",.~~ .. ~~~~~r~~*~~{~'j}:·;j;'"·?J

~ ~,,,,,,l~S

2'. \ill'! eros uent,lll p;.<,>:: Recept on HK 64,400; Preparatory to Year Six

~i~a\!MaI8aCC;ilaut~a!~ (DP,);ASsoclil,tlon '1!K$92,400: Year Seven La Year IO.HK$to6,600;

,IUnlrAlSHKJOJlciwsth~c(jrrJi:ulumofNew ': ". Year II and year 12 HK$112,OOO with

alli~Gcillaure~teblploi)lal~ Years1Hz: ".", ': Depreciating Debenture (12.5%) o!HK$100,ODO

'Hlgh¢r~cllool(ertlfld(e(HS()ci(t~e I~, "or Capital Levy of HK$L2,OOO. Application fee: darln; Spedill programmes: ESl,LearniIlB ' '., HK$I,500

urn er or teachers: 851 Average dass sl~el 22· !.Mtl'Jl,tl{".f.~Clls9i1jr9r,t,irtS;'~c4d,eIPIC an.~

2 Fu

mail: i .hk

christian Alliance International School (shak :

KI p Mol Campus): 15 Tong Yam Street, Tai liang Tung; Shamshuipo: Tel: 2778-3370 (after August !) E-mail: webslte.

45-47 Tel: 2547 Fax 25470673 Website:

, Year 1·6

HK$6,162 per month (x II) Yr. to

'. month (xIO) Yr. 11 HK$6,258 per'

'12 HK$6,906 per month (x 10) Yr .r: HK$6,906

" per month (x 9). Application fee: year 1 to Year 13

line 'II!{I!UIl'e", ': HK$600 .

3 Primary Sch DOl: 2 Kent Road: Kowloon Tong:

Tel: 23387106

Secondary Schooh 3 To Fuk Road, Kowloon Tong, Tel: 2338 7106


Webslle: www.ycis·

r~atlorlaIIBacc;il;lur,eate>, Learning Programme: 3 days - HK$48,600JYear, "'<i:;j~:~~;';'~()~~rkfrO;l1' .,' 4 days - HK$64,800, 5 ;Jays - HK$8L,OOO per

d .vear: 2"s - 5's Whole Day Programme:

, II K$124,080/Year: z's - 5's Half Day Programme:

HK$66,600Near; YI-Vb (Prilll~ry): IIK$134,9601 ¢la~~r,)oni(lrlte.rI.51~e:~I~glish' year: Y7-Y i3: IIK$ll2,OOOIv~ar. Prl mary:

~f:'I~~e~~~i:&i::i~j?~/~Mr~;M;r~~:;r~:trt:Ml:~.!jl:~I~lt~ir~~~fll~lri~Uf~~ , ".' Miscellaneous Fee IIK$I,335 per term (x 3 terms];

\I,,' Secondary: Miscellaneolls F'ee IIK$I,175 per term

Pllrl:ji~t~gjjjll'~~I~~,11 -. . (x 3 terms), Debenture (for Se'col\~ary only)

':, ... ·· .. '·IIK~200,OOO (refundable and non-interest ',,:.:,',,: bearing), IIpplication fee: For 2009-10 school , :,'; year, Early childhood EdUcation SecHon: Nil:

; Primary and Seconday: HK$L,OOO (non'

i refundable) ,


Tel: Kindergarten 29L4 2142 Fax: 2987 7165 Prhnary/Secondary Tel: 29877331 fax: 2987 7076



.. ~

labl e at




•• .. ;;~Ulm

011 a 10· year: Kl· 2 (Half

day): HK~4,500/ month: K3 (Full day):

HK$6,3001 month; GI' G4 (Full day): HK$6,950/ month; G5 . G6 (full day): HK$7,300/ month. Non-refundable capital levy: KI" 2: HK$2,500/ annum: K3: HK$5,OOO/ annum:GI- 6:

HK$5,OOO/annum. Application fee: HK$600


, I IOn Muk lane; shek Mun

Tel: 3920 0010

E·mail: website:

House 19, tantau: 2984

Lower PrhllarVI House 113, long Fuk: Tel: 2980 3676

E·mall: Website:

i75 KwongFuk Road: lai Po: Tel: 2638 0269: E· mall: klnder@nis,

Kam shan Campus (PI'lmarv): 170 xarn Sham Road, Tai Po; Tel: 2658 0341; E·mall:


Shaftes6ury Schoof

and Specialist Sports College

co- educational day and boarding for 1'1-18 year olds


Shattesbury School believes in nurturing potential to achieve academic excellence. Set in a beautiful rural location with good links to London, the school has many excellent academic and sporting facilities, including an indoor climbing wall.

Boarders at Barton HHI House enjoy a supportive and caring family atmosphere, described by students as "horne from home", The House has recently benefited from a £3 million new build and extensive refurbishment. There are no tuition tees, Termly boarding £2,500, '/!\s a sixth form student you are given more independence."

Fiona Cheng, Hong Kong

For further information, please e-mail

tra cay.dun Telephone: +44 1747852469 I

Students must be British or EU passport holders

! ' '1


; Supported by the I


I •• COU~Cll

'. '






;. !

Developing the individual

Situated in the hea rt of Engla nd, in 25 acres ot land comprising new swiminl I1g pool complex; floodlit all-weather sports pitch; tennis courts; modern sixth form centre. Its small, friendly community means that we know pupils as indiViduals and they receive all the benefits of a boarding experience in a "family" environment.

Facilities available,

Sports, basketball, cricket, football, gymnastics, netball, rounders, swimming, tennis, The Arts: A reputation for Music; The school is invited to perform at high profile events throughout the year and we have our own theatre where we requ larly entertain parents with our variety show performances, Dance and drama are

also ava liable, '.

Old you know? The school is horne to a group of elite British swimmers (aged 11 to 17) who are all at national level, hoping for Commonwealth Games and Olympic success in the near future,


California School

Primary and secondary: 3/F, Front Block, Lung Ma Bldg, 550 Nathan Rd, Vau Ma Tel. Tel: 2388 9844.

Vuen Long campus (primary): 1/F Arcade, Unit 3. Yuk Lung Mansion, 18 Fung Kam St, Yue" Long. New Territories. Tel: 2474 3364.

E·mail: Website:

Founded: 1992. Small, private tngllsh-medlum school for ethnic minority students. Primary available at both campuses and secondary In Yau Ma Tei. Pupils Include Indian. Pakistani, Nepali and Filipino students. Small library and computers. nenates, and outings arranged. lnter-srhool hockey. Hong Kong·based curriculum at primary. secondary students follow a UK·hased currkulum and take IGCSE and A·levels. tmphasls on buslness-oriented subjects. Cantonese also

-~ ~

Hong KOllg Academv

4/F Chung On Hall, 15 Stubbs Rd, Wan Chai. Tel: 2575 8282, E·mail:, Website: Founded: 2000.

Currently caters for pre' kindergarten to Year 10, and Intends to grow to high school. Accepts nonnative·English speakers and children with special needs iflhey can integrate into mainstream. Parent participation encouraged. WASC accredited. Member of ACAMIS. Authorised by the IBO. Emphasises active, hands-on and lnoulrv-based learning within tile I B PYP and MYP framework. Seeks to educate children conceptually and globally, rather than nationally, and to relate learning to experlences in Hong Kong. Integrated technology, and Chinese culture and language (Putonghua). School prides itself on its intimate environment and progressive learning programme.

Kong Kong International school

lower and upper primary: 6 & 23 South Bay Close, Repulse Bay Middle and High schools: 1 Red Hill Rd, Tai Tam. Tel: 3149 7000, E·mail:, Website: founded: 1966.

A private, co-educaticnal, international day school serving more than 2.500 students from Reception one-crade 12 who seek an Amerkan-stvle education grounded in the Christian laith.

H KIS has four divisions: lower primary (Reception One·Grade lWO), upper primary (Grades ThreeFive), middle school (Grades Six-Eight) and high school (Grades Nine·12). More than 40 nationalities are represented in the student body with about 50 per cent being US citizens. More than 400 faculty and staff are employed bv HKIS. Cutting· edge facilities Include science laboratories. video/computer laboratories, libraries. swimming pools, gymnasiums, sports field and music rooms. The school Is accredited by WASC and is a member of ACAMIS. American-style education with a curriculum acknowledging students' multicultural and International character. This includes putonghua at each grade. Asian and Chinese studies In all divisions and IT Integrated at all levels. Secondary students engage In intensive college preparation.

International Chrlstlan Quality Music Setondary and Primary School (PIS)

182 Po Kong Village Rd, School Village, Olamond Hill. Tel: 2777 3828, E·mall:, Website: Founded: 2003.

Specialist school under the PIS scheme and the first music through-school in Hong Kong offering basic musicianship to all students. Run by the evangellcal Hong Kong lnternationallnstitute of Music. Music camps and study tours. Scoool has strong Christian evangelical mission and parents are interviewed to assess their commitment to its Vision. Facilities include 800'seat concert hail, chapel-curn-recltal hall, 44 practise rooms, music thr.rapy room and dance studio. LOcal curriculum SUpplemented by special focus on classical music, Bible study and arts. pUpilS get an hour's individual tuition on chosen instrument weeklv, and give weekly class recitals. Student assessment is stated as being based on principles of biblical truth, Medium of instruction: .

Cantonese at primary, English at secondary. ..

Po I.eung Kuk chol Kal Vall schco! (PIS)

6 Caldecott Rd, Piper's Hill. Kowloon. Tel: 2148 2052, [·mail:, Website: Founded: 2002. . .

A bilingual school focusing on all-round education, providing a 12·year through·train curriculum. Aiming to produce lnternatlonallv-mlnded and independent students. Since 2008'09, the school has catered for Vear One to Year Eight students, progressing to Year 12 in four years' time. One Chinese class teacher and one English class teacher per class. theme-based approach integrates local curriculum with overseas experience. Targets language skills, creative and logical thinking. Reading stressed. Pupils must take up one sport. art and Instrument. From P2, Chinese taught in

Pulonghua main subjects in English, including maths and science. Secondary offers tailored curriculum based on National Curriculum of England and Wales leading to IGCSE amllB Diploma.

Rosaryhltl School

418 Stubbs Rd, Rosary Hill. Tel: 2572 0228, f·mail:, Website: VI'/ founded: 1959.:

Co·educational Catholic school founded by the Dominican Fathers. with non,prhfil·making kindergarten. private primary, aided secondary section and private lnternatlonal senior seronrlarv section specialising in business studies. The school aims to educate students aS~fonscientious individuals, useful citizens and Christians. Kindergarten emphasises learning t~rough play, with a curriculum designed to develop balanced knowledge and morat. physical, social, aesthetic and Intellectual skills. Anglo·Ch!nese primary follows the local curriculum. teachini(j'eligious education and emphasising moral education. Science and maths taught in English. Putollll.lua taught from PI. At secondary, students study for HKCEE and HKALE. The international senlorsecondarv gives an alternative to international schools for ethnic minority students. Apart from'!1 KCEE and HKAlE, students there can prepare for exams including GeE, IGCSE and Pitman diplomas. Open to 54·7 students.·~



Sir Ellis Kadoorle Schools ",

prlmaryl 9 Eastern Hospital Rd, Sookunpo, causeway Bay. Tel: 2577 3489. E-nidil: Founded: 1890. .

Secondary: 22 Hoi Fan Rd, Tai Kok Tsui. Tel: 25761871. E-mail:, Website:, Founded: 19605.

One of Hong Kong's oldest international schools. previously private and catering for the Indian community, now a government school providing English·medium education fat non-Chlnesn speakers. Students come from the Philippines, pakistan, India and Nepal and manv other countries. Some are returnees from overseas. A special programme is arrange(l for newlv arrived children on saturdays. Bridging programmes are arranged for pupils during summer holidays to help them learn in Chinese. The primary school fo!1ows the local curriculum with English. Chinese and maths as the core subjects. Putonghua, Hindi. UrdU and Nepali are also prqvided as language groups. Homework tuition classes are organised after SChool. Cross-turrlcular activities ami post· lesson activities are also provided. The secondary school follows the local curriculum and prepares students for the HKOSE. Hindi (GCE), Urdu (GeE), french (GCSE) and Chinese (GCS E/HKDSE) are taught. (ross·curricular education programme aims to promote civic awareness.

Macau Schools mternatlonal school of Macao

Macau University of Science and Technology (Block K), Avenida Wai long, Taip~iMacau. Tel: (852) 28533700, E-mail:, Website: Founded: 2002. ,'.:

Multinational school offering pre' kindergarten to Grade 12, serving 800 local aMp international students. Founded in 2001, It Is the first out-ot-provlnce school accredited by t~e Ministry of Education In Alberta. English is the primary language of lnstructlon, secondar{p.rogramme leads to the Alberta Secondary School Diploma. Oaily Putonghua, Many extra·curric~Jrr activities.


Macau Anglican college ! ;

109·1l7 Avenida Padre Tomas Pereira, Taipa, Macau. Tel: (853) 2885 0000, E·mall:, Website: Founded: 2002. :;!

Multicultural primary with an International ethos. Teaching is in English, with daily Putonghua. Numeracy and literacy strategies have been adapted from British model. Jntern~tional primary Curriculum used for all other lessons. Anglican. but teaches all major faiths. Facjlities include two playgrounds, music room, computer suite, science lab and a multi-purpose hall/Since 2008, school has expanded into secondary school sections, offeriilg·IGCSE. Extensive cxtra-turncu lar

activities offered,and after-care until6.30pm provided. ;;.

school of the Nations

136 Rua de Minho Talpa, Macau. Tel: (853) 2870 1759, E ·mall:, Website: Founded: 1988.

rhrough-srnool for local and international families. Classes from ktndergarten-secoudarv 6. and an I B programme for forms 5 and 6, The final two years of the Secondary program, students

prepare for International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma. ·0

* Schools which did not fill in all details have been summarised in this section ..




17 Po van Street; sheung Wan; Tei: 852 Primary schooh (Jardine's Lookout); 34 Prince Road Jardine's lookout Tel: 8522577 6217 E·mall: Secondary schooh (Jardine's Lookout); 165 Blue . Pool Road: Happy Valley; Tel: 8522577 6217 £ ·mail: Website:

: Reception Class/Primary:

HK$97,OI9; IB: f1K$121,353 n fee: . HK$3,800 (non- refundable after acceptance by

. , school), Subscription to a company debenture, category A: HK$llO,OOO,OO: Subscription to a

. private debenture, category fl: HK$60,OOO.OO. Fr~n~'l~(lUcaH~)n ilbroacl): Application fee: HK$500 (non- refundable)


E ·mail:

Pok Fu Lam (Kindergarten and lower Primary); 162 Pok ru Lam Road,Tel: 852 2849 6216; E·mail:


~~;uo~:~~:;~!~k~~,;~'~Yu:i:e~~n Path Braemar Hill Road:

: 2566·5311; E -mall-



, ':'-~ r7·~ '., '. '





The Harbour School

2!F, I(ennedy Town centre, 23 Belcher's Street, Kennedy Town. Tel: 2816 5222, E·mail:, Website: www.!

International bilingual kindergarten and primary school for children aged four to Il years. Minimum teacher to pupil ratio of 1:9. Parental involvement encouraged, Managed by the founder of the Chlldren's Institute (see special needs listings), Comprehensive curriculum that Includes accelerated levels for students with exceptional academic abilities as well as modified subject material for children who require learning support. IT taught during scheduled course times and Integrated Into the daily timetable where appropriate. Instruction in English and PlJtonghua.

Think International School

117 Boundary St, Kowloon Tong. Tel: 2338 3949, E ·mail:,hk, Website':' .

English·medlum school offering kindergarten and Grades One to Six. Putonghua using traditional

Hong Kong Instructional materials is taught one hour per day. Curriculum addresses the areas of cognitive, physical, social artistic and emotional at both kindergarten and primary. At primary, the Canadian curriculum Is used. The subjects taught are English·language arts, mathernatlcs, science, social studies, music, art and physical etlucatlon, Technology is integrated into subjects like language arts and mathematics,


20th Street: Hong Lok vuen, Tal Po; Tel: 2658 6935 E·mail: We blite:


.'. Pm Nursery· part time: HK$24,SOO. Numry: d., •. Part-time HK$48,800; Nursery to Year 6 lulltime: II K$84,850. Reservation Charge (non

...• refu ndable) HK$15,QQD. Refun~~ble nebentu re '. HK$30,OOO. Annual Capilal Levy (non

. refundable) HK$12,000. APplic~tion fee:

.... HK$I,OOO ,n

.~ j


. . __ . . ~ff~ij$~:i~~~J~1~

: HK$7,BOO (10 installments) wit Annu~1 Capital :' Levy of HK$14,OOO. APplicatloN'[ee: IIK$600

. . :' ~



4663 Tal Po Road; Tel: 2834 3531

E -mail, Website:


4663 Talpa Road Tel: 2652·2313

E· mail: website:

Upper I

Lowar primary and Admissions Office: 113 Waterloo Rd, ~owloon Tong: 2337 9031; [·mail: enqul; Website:

~ ;\

umah International prhnarv School .

rung Chi rsuen, Wang (hau, Yuen Long, New Territories. Tel: 24461258; 2618 317?, E·mail:, Website: Founded: 1996. ,~,

Non·profit·making school for non-natlve-Chlnese speakers founded by the Uniteo Muslim Association of Hong Kong. Open to all faiths. PH. UK· based curriculum with the'a~dition of Cantonese. computer studies for all students, child·centred approach. English is,Jhe medium of

Instruction. Urdu and Arabic are taught. , "

* schools which did not fill in all details have been summarised in this seetioll,

Year groups taughtt Secondary to 6; Number studentss 25; Accredl!atlon! Saint Mary's University, Hong Kong; Year founded: 1997 curriculum: UK·based IGCSE Curriculum, prepares students for the annual Cambridge IGCS£ level Exams and the (ambridge A· Levels. Medl urn: English, Sped al programmes: Gifted Students may be accelerated and accepted Into our affiliated Universities. Private tutoring with professors available. N umber of teach ers: 5; Average class size: 10:


63 Begonia Road; Kowlnon Tong Year grou ps taught; Graden·12; Number ofstuden!s:IOO; HK$78,000 by two instalments (subject to EDB approval) with

Tel: (852) 27B9 9890 Accredltal10m Evaluated by faculty members of Concordia As~ociated tees: HK$11,500 to HL$14,700 (Fee, for after-srhcol

E>mail: University (lrvi ne), USA.; Association membershIp: National ESL class, oversea, and local study lou rs not yet included)

Website: ASSOCiation of secondary School Principals: Association for Supervision and Curriculum DeVelopment: Year fou oded: 1990; Curriculum: North Amerlcan·based with emphasis on the core four disciplines: English, Maths, Science and Social Science. Medium: English: special programmes: A~teT'S(hool ESL crasses

. for students with need. Number 01 taachersr it: Average class Size: 15; Extra-curricul ar activities: Servite Learning, Sports .stedent Council, Interest clubs, Overseas 8, local trl ps, Model United Nations; Results: Pass rate in 2008, 93%; Percentage of

20081eavers attending university, 85.. '.


60 Sha Tau Kok Road: . .. Year groups taugh!1 Year 7 to 13: Number ofstudents: UO,' . Y7'9:$110,OOO; Y1O'11:$115,000 with Refundable capital Levy

Tel: 2655 9212 . . Accreditation: ISOP Pre·Authorizatlon:·Assotlatlon. . HK$60,000. Applicalion fee: HK$2.000 .~;

E·mall: . membership: ACAMIS:Year fOlll1ded:2008 curriculum:' . 'J

Website: follows the UK National curriculum using an lnqulrv-hased I:,

approach In lower years while preparing students for the IGCS[ l' .•...

and the IB Diploma. Medium, EnglislirSpeclal programmes:

Enrichment Programme in Year 10/11. CHOICES all years. Number of teachers: 15; Average class size: 15: sxtra-eurrl cular activities: Rock Climbing, MUN, Choir, Drama, HKAYP, Junior Achievement, Basketball, Yoga/Dance, Film.




___ ~"'"!IIIi1 __ ~.;1III4 •• III11 __ n_~iInII_~ IIII!!I "" __ """"'''''''''''_i:i·",,''~~"'i:i#J;:;qj'" ",,>iiw"_-' "'r;--:iW(4WWN,f.lInmtm

ESF refining curriculum changes

About !100 final-year students will leave English Schools Foundatlon schools this summer and some 90 per cent of them will have studied for an International Baccalaureate Diploma. They arc the second batch of students to complete the m ctnrlculum.

Each year, about 95 per cent of ESP school -leavers go on to universities and colleges. Nearly half am admitted to universities in Britain. Others head to Australia, the US, Canada and elsewhere.

The ESP was established in 19(i7 and manages five secondary schools, nine primary schools and a school for children with special education needs, while its affiliate ESP Educational Services oversees two "all-through" private independent schools and four klndergartens. Any child who applies to an ES!' school may also apply to the private independents Discovery College and Renaissance College.

The ESP has traditionally offered a modern, liberal education based on the national curriculum of England and Wales, and still does so in terms of the GCSE and IGCSE progrmnmes offered in Years 10 and 11. It was decided, however, that a more international focus was

needed for its education system, one that afforded more opportunities for students planning to go to university in countries other than Brit'lin.

About G5 per cent of ESP students arepermanent residents ofvarlous nationalities, including local and overseas Chinese. Others arc [mill Britain, Australia and Bast Asian countries. The ESP is becoming increasingly attractive to the Chinese middle class and is also chosen by many Indian families.

Students of all academic ability levels am admitted to ESP schools, provided they pass a test designed to assess whether they are able 10 learn in English. Students can only apply to Ole designated school for the zone they live in and priority is given to students who speak English as a first or alternative language, but do not speak Chinese mid! or read and write Chinese.

TIm International Baccalaureate Organisation's programmes for primary and secondary students are recognised worldwide. However, U18 1B Diploma is VCly demanding lind does not suit every student. The programme requires students to take six: subjects, three at



~ •• r"lng for lift

Independent Education for Girls aged '1'1-18, Day and Boarding (full, weekly and ftexi)

Harrogate Ladies' College (HLC) features outstandingly good facilities for day, full-time boarding and flexi-boarding pupils with a long tradition of academic excellence whilst also providing a broad education for its pupils. Pastoral care is given the highest priority.

Headmistress: Mrs Rhiannon Wilkinson MA (Oxon) MEd Clarence Drive. Harrogate. North Yorkshire. HG1 2QG Tel: +44 (0)1423 504543 I Fax: +44 (0)1423568893

Enquiries: I I Affiliation GSA. BSA

higher and three at standard level, follow a tl1801)' of knowledge course, complete an extended essay and take part in a course called "creativity, action and service". The six: mandatory subjects include maths, a science subject, an arts subject and a second language.

ESP secondary schools are also in tile process of developing three vocationally oriented alternative programmes for students who are not suited to the lB curriculum: an Advanced Diploma, an Intermediate Diploma and a Foundntion Diploma.

The Advanced Diploma courses that me already available include a BTEC National Certificate at West Island School, and media and business courses at King George V School. 11m UTEC is also offered by Island School and South Island School.

The Poundatlon Diploma allows students to study III subjects, but ruther than tim slxrequfred for the III Diploma, they can choose five and still gain entry to some tertiary institutions. They can also mix their subjects - for example, taking more humanities subjects rather than maths or science. All ESF primary schools offer tile lB Primary Years Programme.

-International "Academy



While he was pleased witl};the first balch ofIB graduates across l\tiP schools last year. Chris Durbin, the E,~I"s secondary adviser, said tlJere,{yere still improvements to be made. i'

"As educators, you're ncv¢;' satisfied.

You're always looking for thlngs to improve. As a fJ rst attempt we are VCly pleased with it. Bill we alway~ look to improve and refine things <IS we go.

"Different schools have d(ITerent things they call improve. I'orexnmple, we need to make sure that studeilts are in 018 light level in mathematicsfor (he JIl Diploma. We didn't get that right the first time round. Every student does maths,"

Durbin said. '

"That's tile big difference from A-levels. When it comes to options, students choose which level they will study. So lf'you're oITto study English literature, then you're best oIT choosi ng maths studies, but if you're doing economics or maths, then yon have to do higher-level maths, which is waynbove A-level standard. So we're working on

that now," .


Annelllarie Evans

EF International Academy offers A-level & : ' ..

IB Diploma programmes for secondary students who wish to study in top universities in the UK

• Ideal study locations: Oxford and Torquay "

• Over 50% of our students are placed in the lop 10 UK universities

• State-of-the-art campus facilities '

• Personal tutor, individual UCAS preparation

• Pastoral care. specialized in helping international students

• Regular progress reports for parents through EF office Hong Kong \

For further information or a personal consultation.

please contact Ms Mandy lam at (852) 2158 2904 or

visit our website

EF Education First Hong Kong 23/F. Shell Tower. Times Square. Causeway'Boy


mWhuz;:g; iU PO :e:&WlidiWil .... "'%.-jM.w,.,)m •• , .iAJ. ".,_

Year groups Year i to 6: Number students: 360:

Accreditation: council of International Schools and Western Association , of schools and Colleges: PYI' authorised school: Year founded, 1959;

.' Curriculum: Using tile 180 I'VP programme to frame our curriculum, all .~\\qu!~~~~gs,eSlf.eIlu,t~k' child ren at Glenealy learn through an I nquiry based approach along with

.:' a well-rounded experience in performing arts/music, sport and Mandarin ·W~lw'I~'.'lealv.l.uu,lI~ -: programmes, Medium, English; Number ef taachersi 19: Average class -. ':' .: slle) 30: Extra·currlcular activities, Gymnastics, Mini-Tennis,

.. : .. ,!. TaeKwonDo, Jazznance, Soccer, Basketball, Art, Chess, Drum and Guitar.


19 Sha Waoorlve: . . ; Year groups taught, Years 1-6: Number of students: 900: Association pokfUlatn·:. ..: membership: Education and ManpOWer Bureau (Hong Kong ,

Tel: 2855 Om " :'0-: Government) (1967): English Schools Foundation (Ordinance) (1980):

Webslte:.'« ~ Department of Children, Schools and Families (UK) (2001): Durham)

www,kennedy.edlLh~': University (INCAS/PIPS) (2003): International Baccalaureate .

.. '.. , Organisation (lBO)(2007): Council of International Schools (2010): Year

"'. '.". :1 foundedl1961 currlculumr IB PVP currtcutum framewcrk. Medium:

'. ...••......• ,: ....• ; English: special programmes: Gifted and Talented, EAL Support, SEN

.:.:';. '\ .: '. '. '. support, catch- up programmes for Literacy and Maths; class Educational

., .•.. , .::.:',.....,: Assistants In all vearbands and parent lunded EAs for certain children

",:.::;:,.: :1' .: '.: ::: with specific learning difficulties, Number ofteachers: 44: Average

: .... ::.'. "',',,': class size: 30; axtra-currtcular actiVIties: The school has a rich and

'. ::.":', ':" ,"",' .•. ::.; diverse programme of nearly 70 extra-currlcular activities run by school . '."> starr or outside agencies,

fI'~r'1:~WT)!TIA~·J.I'¥"fr~~~~~~~ "'l!J#M\.l<Wi£, .. ~J:I.~1\t,'!l'fIl~~~~~MIlM~ilM~!I 6 HauyuenPath:' .'; Vear groups taught: Primary 1-6 (ages 5·11); Number of students: 712; Jlraemar 1:1111"':' :: Year foundedl1950s; Curriculum: The School is a trial school for the Tel:.251i6 4242 'i'" " International Baccalaureate Organisation's Primary Years Programme. E'mail:·)'·'.'· :::"'. ,! '.: Medium: English, Mandarin: Special programmes: Children with offi(e@.qbs_edu,~L':: Special Needs are accommodated and extra assistance can be arranged, website: .......•.. ; ';The School has an Individual Needs Department and a Learning Support WWW,qbS,edU;h~.·'.' :., '.J Class. Depending on the case, parents may pay for additional EA support

... .• ,'.<" Number of teachersr 39; Average class sl~e: 30: Extra·currlcular

...... '.,. ::. -: .... '<; ranging from a cookery club, Mandarin lessons, sports activities and

. ":',i crafts,


n ~de RQad:~oVllovn:'i Vear groups taught: Vears 1 to 6: Number of students! 540:

TonK" ....•... ....' ;Ji.· i Accreditation: 160 World School; Association membership' southern Tef, 23365221. 'j China PYP Network; Vear foundedt 1967Currl cui umi Aligned to the ,E,'mail," .•. , ....•.. '....' .. ; philosophy of the Primary Years Programme of the International

bhs@lIhs.eou,hk« '::' saccalaureate Organisation and involves an inquiry-based, investigative

W~bslte). ::" "', .J. .) style of teaching and learning Medium! English, Mandarin: Special

WWw.beacon!IIIL··' ' ; programmes: Support programmes available for students with special . . .: , educational needs: Nil mber of teachers: 31; Average class size: 30:

":,-,,,:,_,-,::,-.:;::.:;-: ""_.: ~,.;_.:::'.:-:::-/.>_:::j -; ENtra-turrlcular actlvltlas: Art Club, Art & Craft Tuesday. basketball. .' .....':,>: .. "'. ',. 1 Oattie of Books, biathlon, choir, MAD (charity) Club, Chinese chess,

e. j cricket, drama, environment, fitness, football, Friends Club, Media Club,

.. j netball, rugby, Tournament of the Minds, Year I games,


D022Hot235 "'i Year groups taughtt Year 1 to Year 6 (5-11 years old): Number of

ClearWater BaY !toaQ,,.l students: 720: Accreditation: International Baccalaureate - Primary K9wlomi.Tel:.Tel:j-8:52: i Years Programme (PYP) Authorised status, Council of International 23583221·>:' •• ' Schools - Candidate Status; Association membership; English schools fax:+8522358}246 ... ; Foundation: Year foun dedI 1992 currfculums A philosophy and

Website: "c:' .. ", : '" curriculum framework which aims to combine the best research and jpracticefromarangeofnationalsystems.ltls an international,

.. . ... ,. ...... . ::; transdlsclpllnarv programme deSigned to foster the development of the

'" '.:':..... 1 whole child, not lust in the classroom but also through other means,Q!

.. ':'.q learning, Medium: English: Mandarin; special programmes, Learning ' .. :,'::,,: support class which caters for the needs of children with moderate,

.: ..... ji learning and physical needs: Number 01 teachers, 38: Average class

, .. :'J SilO, 30: txtra-currtcutar nctlvltlesr clearwater Bay School offers a

.. , wide range of sxtra-cu rrkular activities run by [Sf Educational Services , as well as private companies.

Bradbury schoot

43C Stubbs Rd, Happy Valley. Curriculum delivered through an inqutrv-based approach that fosters higher levels of thinking. PYP candidate school. High level of sporting provision, Including swimming. Strang community outreach, Provision for children with learning difficulties including a learning support class. Partnership with parents a feature.

Kowloon Junior school

20 Perth St. Ho Man Tin, KJS operates over two campuses, Years 1 to 3 at Perth Street, Ho Man Tin, and Years 4 to 6 at Rose Street, Yau Yat Chuen, servir-g 900 students, Concentrates on all-round development. Specialist teachers, strong ICT and daily Putonghua. Learning support class for pupils with special needs, Strong family traditions over several generations; Supportive PTA, Peak School

20 Plunkett's Rd, The Peak, The school has recently received full arcredltatlon status from the tounrll of Internalional schools and the Western AsslJciation of Schools and [alleges.

5ha Tin Junior Sthool

3A Lai Wo Lane, Fa Tan. Parents are dosclv Involved. Shares a campus with ESf's Sha Tin College, giving pupils access to facilities usuai\y associated with secondary schools and smoothing transition from primary to secondary.


, Year grou ps taught: Year 7 to Year 13

~",,,.~,, •. ,,,,,; •. ~ .• ;,.,"'.'j students: 1,171; Accreditation: IBO; Year Curriculum,

. Tradit1onally, we followed an adapted version the English National

W) n Curriculum leading to GCSE or I GCSE and GCE Advanced Level exam and

we now offering the I BO Di ploma Program me (lBDP) at tsland school for Wc'b$lt~,wWiW,isl~lnd,.'! Sixth Formers, Medium, English; Spetial programmesi The 5chool and :';:''';.;; the Individual Needs Department aims to provide all students with equal .....: .. access to the curriculum and every aspect of school life, to sup port them •. : -. .' ... so that they can achieve their full potential academically. The main focus ':" ';.':' of the department's work is to ensure that students become as

':':, independent as possible In their learning, and less reliant on the

'. Intervention of other adults. Number of teachers: around 100: Average '.' class size: 30 students per class; sxtra-currtcutar aC,tlvltiesl sports:

.. -.' .. drama: music etc. Results: Pass rate in 2009: 94%: porcentage of 7.008

leavers attending un Iverslty; 90 i i~"",,=>

~~~~ !B.m.II.Ifi.ri.II.I'II~J.I;~u[tm

50N~!1l.. :vn Year groups taught, Years 7 through 13, (6-12 in the u system):

iatltl~ ~1~11~li~~{f,t{w;~~1~[~1~i~~~fill~~:::'

pi . ·il; ..... :.· ... 1 tile International I GCSE qualification in th~~e sUbJect~llfi ears 12·13: IB

..... ,. " ::, .: :" . .y",' '.,:<:! DIploma or Advanced Diploma, both prestigious pre-un versttv

~: .. ::.-,: .. :.::, .. ,::,"'::'::".::.': .. ~' ... :.:'::.',.~~·:·,::'.)\E;;.·:,:: ::/::~_'·:i qualifkat Ions Med lumi EngUsh special progratnmes\~AdditionallleedS, .,' .... " ... , . ..,. '>I;::";J Addltlonal language, Gifted & talented, Number of te~.chers: lOB: ,,'/,'/ ") Average class size; 15-24: Extra-curricular activities,: Badrnintnn, Basketball, Football, Ruglly, Debating, chinese Dallce/j(ung Fu, Drama, Fine Art, Math etc. Results: Pass rate In 2008, 100%: Percentage of

20081eavers alten It ,90%, .

i Year groups taught: Year 7 to Year 13 (ages 11·18); Number of

.j students: 1,640; AccredltatiomlB Diploma, CISWASC:Secondary

':', Geugra phy Quality Mark: Year teun dedi 1902 cu rrlculunu Students are /~ req ul red to study a broad and balanced curricu lu min Wars 7, 8 and 9,

:e; Students then continue in Years 10 and 11 with a range Qf GCSE, IGCSE and '::J alEC courses some of which are compulsory and other's which are

:..:'/i optional. I n Years 12 and 13 students follow either the I B or BTEC Diploma, -. ,:,) both of which lead to university entrv, Medium: English; speclal

i; ix:.h"i',l ri~~![~~:~~gr~~;~I~~r~~il~;l{i;~;c!~~~~t:2J:d~f[i:~~it~~r~~r~~~~u~~

';> <;.\,C,i{<j re~~11~r~~~~~~~~:~aS~trlr:~~rz~:~~j~~U~1~1~~-~e3 J~~~~~\~t~nn~~;~.of

.•. '<:.: •..• ' 'C" .... ':":'Y': :,; Extra-curr cular activit as, Extensive txtra-currtcutar programme for

; .... :,;.:./,\ .. , ..' .' . .'.:':." students: Results: Pass rate in 2008, 92.4%: percentage of 2008

' .. " "':;~};: ::~::'::.~:-,-::-: .. .: :.j leaven attending unlversltV175.

13 (5Jears to

." lBWorl School, 10 offer the

....• : PYP, MVP prograrnmes.. Association 11lember~hlDI council of

~;,~~i~~J;~7~E1~N.h~.j' I nternational Schools: Year founded: 2006 currl CUh('iU lin authorized il; IB World School, offurlng the Primary Years Programni~ (PVP), Middle

" Years Programme (MYP) and the Diploma Programme (PP), Med IUIIII ./.", English: special programmes, Scholarships· Academic, Performing

•.... : . .; Arts, Spor t and Visual Arts. Youth Empowerment SchoJarships (YES).

':i':' Number of teachersl180; Av@ragedass slle: 20 to is: EKtra'

. ,''', .' curricular activities: Community & service programJ\le, Creativity, :'.: ,., Action and Service - CAS Programme, team sports ran~ing tram

.. '. volleyball to basketball, tennis, football and badmlntop." chess club,

••• music ensembles - chamber orchestra, choirs, stage b~nd; Resuitsl Pass . ': rate in 2D08: 87 % awarded 18 Diploma; percentage of.ZOOB leavers

• atlendlngunlverslty, 98, t

sha Till college

3 tal Wo lane, Sui Wo Rd, ro Tan. Led ESF in implementation of the IB Diploma, Strong commitment to creativity, action and service as part of the curriculum. Wide array of technology, mathematics, science, language, media, arts and music projects, Courses for students whose first language is Chinese being developed strongly, close relationship with partner ESF primary, Sila Tin Junlor; Higher proportion of ethnic Chinese than other ESF secondary schools, Languages offered: Putonghua, Spanish, rrench, Japanese.

West Island School

250 Victoria Rd, Pok Fu Lam, Tel: 28191962, E-mail:, Website: W\ Founded: 1991. A school with modern facilities and a recent extension to cater for its diverse student population of around 1,200, Wide use of technology In all subjects, Cultural, sporting, outdoor, art and environmental activities, opportunities for student leadership, lndudlng school councils and service work, A cohesive sense of community spirit. Has previously received an outstanding school award from the Hong Kong government. Has links with schools on the mainland and introduced the IS Diploma as well as career-related courses to cater for inclusive

student needs, Additional languages: Putonghua, French, Spanish, :'

• Schools which did not fill in all details have been summarised in this sectiqo,





, .

. '

DSS schools find middle way on curriculum

In just nine yeurs, Direct Subsidy Scheme schools have established a distinct middle path between the Intemational education offered in the independent sector and the one-size-flts-af approach of government and aided schools.

The 72 schools in the scheme, which are given equivalent funding per student to the average government and aided school but can also charge fees, are allowed freedom til set their own curricuhun, admission rules, language policy and class sizes.

Some leading DSS schools are using this leeway to offer their own brand of international education at a fraction of the price charged by most internatlonal and private independent schools. 11lCY arc setting up programmes leading to the International Buccalaureate Diplomathe predominant qualification in the imlependent sector - alongside the new senior secondary curriculum that is being tolled out across public-sector schools.

Two schools - Creative Secondary Sehoul and Diocesan Boys' School- will be the trallblazers in offering the dual curriculum in the new academic year.

DBS last September launched a pre- J[I programme, a one-year preparatory course limbering students up for the IB



Diploma to be launched this September. Porty-one students am currently in tile pre-Ill stream, compared wiUl229 Porm Four students taking the first year of the three-year senior secondary currlculum leading to the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE).

Terence Chang. headmaster ofDBS, said: '''111e 113 curriculum helps nurture students' international outlook and their critical thlnklng by pursuing an inquirybased teaming approach." A total of 41 students had been selected for the m programme from more Ulan 60 candidates, most of whom were hoping to attend university overseas.

"Selection lntervlews were conducted: to see whether an applicant was suitable ' for an JB education," Chang said.

"Applicants had to write an essay explaining what makes them a suitable 1B candidate. lIB the IE puts a lot of emphasis on all-round development, applicants' records in community service and extra-curricular activities were also taken into account."

Annual tuition fees for Form Pour students in the HKDSE and pre-Ill streams are the same- HK$33,OOO. But in Form Five, fees for Ule JB Diploma are HK$S(J,OOO, compared with HK$43,OOO

for the HKDSE. Despite the higher cost, Chang said the tuition fees barely covered the investment the school had made in preparing for the III Diploma.

"We aim to break even after three years," he said. "'11m teacher-student ratio for an IE class is around 1:10. II. biggcr class size will flout IE regulations. We have to employ extra staff, most of whom arc coming from abroad, who are IE curriculum specialists."

Nicholas Lam Inn-hay, 1ll, a DBS Po rill Pour pre-Hl student, said he was impressed with the IE curriculum.

"Instead offollowing textbook instructions to the letter, the teachers encourage us to test our own hypotheses in science subjects," he said.

"For example, when doing a lab project, I was asked in the past to do experiments to prove the theories spelled out in books. Now, I don't have to follow what tile book says, and I set my own hypotheses WId conduct experiments to bear them out. Even though my premise Illay turn out to be wrong in tile end, I learn a lot from the process."

While DDS students have to opt for the pre-Ill or the HKDSE progranune after Form Three, Creative Secondary School in Tseung Kwan 0 has gone a step

further, by incorporating the lB into tile local curricnlum.

I ts I B Middle Years Programme (M Yl') is embedded in the structure {if the local curriculum.In the flrst year of the new senior secondary curriculum.Form Pour students complete the MYP While also pursuing the first year of the l\i'cal diploma. In the second year, &tudents' paths diverge, with some taking tile IE Diploma and others the HKDSI3.

Fees for the JB Diploma pl:9'gmmme are IlK$7B,OOO a year, about qik third more Ulan tile HKDSE, at HKf~9,OOO.

Principal Cheung Slu-ming'sald the overlapping of tile clinic lila iti~llbjects such as English, Chinesc and hlatlls made the special arrangemeritfeasible,

The lB Diploma and HKD?,ll complemented each other in 'ehriching students' learning experience'jmd schools overseas commonly ollered the IE alongside another qualification,

"Many state education systems across the world welcome Ule presence of IB programmes within their schools. Hong Kong is but the latest to join this world

trend," Cheung said. .

Elaine Vall




• Independent girls school for boarding and day pupils.]'

aged 11 -18 ";

• ldylllc rural location just 30 minutes north of London':';,

• Exceptional pastoral care and support ;:!

• Impressive academic achievements r;,:

• ExtensiVe facilities and extra-curricular opportunities:

• Fees include English as an Additional Language tLiitiot{. comprehensive weekend programme and airport trans[~rs

• Scholarships and bursaries available f

Princess Helena College, Hitchln, Hertfnrdshire, lll( i\ ..

Telephone: (+44) 146244338(1

t-mau: registrar@princessilelell<lCollege.c:u.ull



10 Ling Kwong Street, Tiu Ke ng Leng Tel: 2535 6867 E-mail: Website:


33 Mong Tet: 2396 6675 E -rnalh Website:

58 Tai Po Road Tel: 2777 3679

E-mail: enquiry@\ Website:

In Street Tel: 23661802

E-mail: Website:


6 On Muk lane: Shek Mun Tel: 26372270; 2637 2277 E ·mail: Website:

24 I Tel: 2712 E-mail: E-mail@plklm( fa rm Road Campus; 2 farm Road To Tel: 27111036

E-mail: E-mail@plklm( Website: wl' hk




I ~ I I

, I - I

, i


. , .. --,_ -_ ..

j t4¥¥ t".Mx:'"t 4

! ' !

·_;--··c·······litt-· ·'·"'·'t4$.A


Te!: (·mail: pcs· Website:


St Pau!'s college Primary Schoo!; 70 Hill Road Tei: 2546 8887



k~ Moira House


Are you looking for top quality.

A-level courses in London?

Collingham College provides teaching excellence and exceptional suppptt

• Colling ham is a leading sixth form college, with pupils aged 14 .. 19

• Expert teaching by specialist tutors and a clear structure of work

• Maximum class size: eight ~ ~

• Situated in a quiet, central a rea of London

• Students supported by personal tutors ! .

, Friendly, caring environment

, 90% of leavers go on to universities, including Oxford and Cambridge , Inspected by OFSTED; accredited by British Accreditation Council;

member of British Council Education UK Partnership

• A·r ated sponsor licence for tier 4 visa applications

For further information and admission, contact the Director of Studies.. Tel: 0044 (0)207 2447414 fax: 00 44 (0)207 370 7312


Excellence in EdUlcation

• Boardinq and day school for girls with 360 pupils

• Excellent GCSE and A~level results

• Wide range of subjects offered

• Entry to top UK universities

• Art, Drama, Music, Sport and numerous other activities

• Separate Sixth Form boarding house in preparation for university

• Pre A~level one-year intensive English Programme

• Secure location in attractive coastal town

For further information please email the Director of Student Admissions, at


80·86 Broadway Kowloon

Tel: 27~2 20211

E·mail: website:

B· Wang Tel: 2626 9100

E·mail: Website:

I Tel: 2685 Fax: 2685 1212

E·mail: Website:

10 . 00 sha Lan'~;Ma On Shan, Sha Tin

Tel: 2640 0421

E·mail: Website:

56 Siu Yuen Road

Tel: 2345 4567

E·mail: website:



2. i Po Tau i Tel: 2665 3459 E-mail: enquiry@tpsy_edu_hk Website:

, .... 1

creative primary School (Private) and Creative secondary School (DSS) 2A oxford Rd. Kowloon rong. Both schools together with the kindergarten seek to integrate Chinese and Western educational ideas and to foster the potential of each student. Medium of instruction: PrimaryChinese (Cantonese or Putonghua)_ Secondary - English. with chinese learned in putonghua_

Diocesan Boys' Schooll3l Arll'/Ie St, Mong Kok. Kowloon. Aims at a liberal education based on Christian principles. Traditional prefect and house systems, Non-Chinese speakers admitted. Local. curriculum leading to HKCEE and HKAlE. Medium of instruction. Primary: mainly English. Chinese and putonghua also taught. Secondary: mainly English_

HKUGA primary and HKUGA College 9 Yee Shing St. Chai Wan. The school emphasises the integration of Eastern and Western culture. school and family. and school and the community. Average primary class size is 30. primary's medium of instruction is Cantonese with putonghua used in Chinese lessons. secondary: English. with Chinese taught in Putonghua.

Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union Logos Academy 5 Ling Kwong St. Tseung Kwan .1 0_ Co-educational Christian through-school offering primary and secondary education over II . years, divided into foundation, development and secondary stages, Currkulum aims to give pupils,;, II global perspective. Medium of instruction: Chinese and English at primary and mostly English at secondarv

Lutheran Academy Offers New Secondary School curriculum and intends to offer three levels of the 18 programmes in the future, namely PYP, MYP and DP. Academv anticipates becoming II candidate school in two to three years. language of instruction is English, except for Chinese subjects, taught in putonghua.

Pul Klu College I Tal Wai New Village Road, Sha Tin. "Through-train" school provides instruction in both English and putonghua.

SI Paul's cO'Educatlonal college and Primary School 33 MacDonnell Road. Central. Highly competitive elite school run by the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hul, Emphasis on civic and moral education from a Christian standpoint. Fosters a global perspective through exchanges, but stresses chinese culture and ethics. Special provision for gifted students. Maximum class size Is 30 to 32.

PLK HKTA Vuen Vuen primary School Castle Peak Road, Tuen Mun, New Territories. To foster blliterate and trilingual education, subjects and school activities are to be delivered in English, Putonghua and Cantonese. class size limited to 30 students per class.

WF Joseph Lee primary 5chool9 Tin Fai Rd, Tin shui Wai, New Territories. Run by the independent Woo roo Foundation in Y2K campus. Encourages parents' partlclpatlon, Admits nonChinese students. School-based curriculum using activity-based learnlng. Stresses biliteracy and trilingualism. Special attention given to environmental education. Medium of instruction: English and putonghua.

Buddhist Fat Ho Memorial College Tal 0 Road, Tal 0, Lanlau Island, New terrltorles. Run by the Hong Kong Buddhist Association and sponsored by the Han!! Kong Po lin Monastery.

Delia Memorial School (Glee Path) T-151-3 Glee path, Mel reo, Kowloon. Chinese-medium OSS school operated by the Delia Group.

Delia Memorial School (Matteo RiccI) 223 Hip Wo Street, Kwun Tong, kowloon, Chinesemedium DSS school operated by the Della Group.

Della Memorial School (Vuet Wah) 19 Yuet Wah St. Kwun Tong. Kowloon. Chinese-medium DSS school operated by the Delia Group.

ECF saint Too Canaan College 6 Lee On Lane, Kwun Tong, KOWloon. Christian. English-medium school serving 800 students with the mission: "Based on thl~ teaching of the Bible and through the practise of love. we are committed to creating a learning environment filled with ([eativity. initiative. care and trust."

Fuklen 5econdarv school 83 CllUn Wah Rd, Kwun Tong, Kowloon. Y2K campus with language centre, campus TV.l.200-seat auditorium and over 15 speclalist rooms. Strong school-home co-



operation nourished. Small-class teaching adopted for all classes from 2006-07 SI putonghua used as the medium of instruction for Chinese, Chinese history and I

Hang seng School of Commerce Hang Shin Link, Slu Lek Yuen, Sha Tin. Provides .

related education to S5 and 57 graduates Two-year H KALE course and one-year pre-associate degree course available for S5 graduates. Associate degree and top-up degree for assodate degree graduates also offered.

H KFVG Lee shau Kee College 12 Tin Kwal Rd, Tin Shui Wai, vuen long. New Territories. A new English-medium Direct Subsidy Scheme secondary school. The college will follow the ~ix-year local secondary school curriculum. English wilt be the maior medium of instruction.

HKICC Lee shau Kee School of creativity 135 Junction Rd, Kowloon tong, Hong Kong's first "fame" school dedicated to arts, design and culture. The brainchild of leading members of the arts community and run by Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary tulture,

Hon Wah College 3 Harmony Rd, Siu Sal Wan. The school is run by Han Wah Educational organisation, a secular group with a focus on forging Chinese national identity. Strong 'emphasis placed on developing students' social responsibility. moral values and whole-person qeve!opment. Medium of instruction: Chinese classes held in putonglllla. maths in Cantonese. English and liberal studies In English.

Lam Tal Fal College 25 Ngan Shlng St, Sha Tin, New Territories. Curriculum specialising in fashion design. IT, sports and health education. Support from tertiary institutions, such as polytechnic University and Chinese Universltv, PolyU will give preference to 57 graduates excelling in fashion and design.

PLK Ngan Po LIng College 26 Sung On St, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon. The school focuses 011 all-round development, languages and IT. Diversified curriculum in lower forms. including lntegrated humanities and sciences. Medium of instruction: English, and putonghua for Chinese.::


QuailEd College 2 Kan Hok Lane, Tseung Kwan 0, New Territories. cooed school that I\rovides both English and Chinese-medium instruction.

st Margaret's Girls' College 97 Caine Rd. Hong Kong. Active student unlon, house and prefect systems. Family education camp. volunteer training and community servce. The school uses the local curriculum leading to HKCE£ and HKALE. French and abridged Chinese language offered to non-Chinese students. Medium of Instruction is English, except Chinese language and:Chinese

history. :'1

St Paul's convent School 140 Leighton Rd, Causeway Bay_ English-medium Catholic l1irls' school run by the Sisters of St Paul de Chartres. secondary turned OSS in 2004, primary remains private,

and the two operate Independently_ Medium of instruction: English. .

Tak Sun Secondary School 27 Ning Tai Rd. Ma On Shan. Sha Tln, Boys' school run by East Asian Educational Association, a non-profit Catholic organisation that is linked to Opus Dei. S~hool fol!ows local curriculum leading to HKCE£ and H KALE, and later to HKDSE.

United Christian College (Kowloon East) 2 lee On Lane, Kwun Tong. Kowloon. AProtestant school offering whole-person Christian education based on biblical principles. school-based

i, curriculum. Students are streamed according to their English level. Third language (French or

i Japanese) compulsory up to 53_ Medium of instruction: English. II

Wal Klu college 17 Wal Chlst, Shek Kip Mel, KOWloon. Relatively small SChool that has gained from Quality Education Fund support for various projects. school-based curriculum, with an emphasis on life education and liberal studies. Medium of instruction: Chinese, but with an English class in

each lower form. Chinese taught in putonghua in 51-2. .

Ylngwa College 1 Ying Wa Street. Sham shui Po. Kowloon. Ying Wa college is an AnglO-Chinese secondary school for bovs. English is the medium of instruction at all levels apart frornclasses in chinese language. literature and history. and some cultural subjects,

VMCA of Hong Kong Christian college 2 Chung Vat St. Tung Chung. tantau, English-nledium school as an alternative to international schools for both Chinese and non-Chinese children,

~ ..



.. :


UG2, 21-53 Wharf noad, Home World Centre

Tel: 257.6 3061

E-mail: info@apschool.edu_hk_ Happy Valley: 2/F, 17B ventrts Road Tel: 2526 3061

E-mail: info@apschool.edu_hk Website:

per month with APplication Fee:

Monlhly5chool Fee: HK$17,500;

. Refundable One-Month Deposit: fiK117,500_

'. Appllcati on fee: HK$t,500 "

i :


HK$2,OOO-HK$8,800. Application fe'e,: HK$t,OOO '

, .

, ,


, '

~1mt1Dlm1!.mj~1!!crm;n.llr .. ~ m!l!1If~_

41 Mount Kellett Road Tel: 2849 6t38 E-mail: info@cdchk,org Wall Chal: 282 Queen's Road East, Tang Shlu Kin Hospital. Community Ambulatory Care Centre Tel: 2849 6138 E-mail: Info@cdchk,org Website:

. Depending on programme, HK$650'HK$6,200.· : One-month deposit based on programme

; received. Application tee: HK$650 :

lmUiI[!m~1r'{lr1i,m' J!(tI~al~Om:~.1

2/F, 23 Belcher's Street lei: 2812 7.144

[-mail: Website:

Monthly tuition is HK$25,300 for 12'lllOnth programme with Application fee HK$2,OOO, Annual Capital levy HK$30.000 or .:

Depreciati ng Debe ntures, Application fee:


rrcrl~~\;}'~n!1'¥n1;>';"UWJ~':lm!!.u;~~ ~L}__~~~}.M~.Jc.\~~l&;ij~~L:~~~4~~t~ lGjF, 2 Sal VI ng Pun community Com plex ' .... Tel: zsu 4550


ell al Want Chai Wan Integrated life ski lis Centre, '

3 t.ok Man Road Senior Staff Quarters Pamela voude- Nethersole Eastern Hospital, is/r, stock F Tel: 2813 4550

E-mail: Website:


Hrll~DlIJtVtI;.:,iJl~J}m'~~1~.I •• R'

to Sai Vuen Lane; Yuen Fai Court, G/F Tel: 2548 7123 E·mail: rainbow@rainbowprojecLorg Wan Chai: Rainbow Classroom at Hong Kong Academy, 15 Stubbs Road, Chung On Hall, Room 202 Tel: 2537 O1l4 E-mail: ralnbow@rainlJowprojecLorg Website:

, rr'~


.': Earlv Intervention Proijlamme: HK$a,OOO a

•. month for half day, HK$lO,540 a month for Iu II

" day; Primary: HK$t2,121 a monlh wlthrefundable ., deposit: one month tee

.• Consultation tee/Assessment fee: HK$I,OOO

~rn;.t~o~t~he~alg~emO~S~I~~;~'~.·~· .~ .. G~\o~v~e1r~n~m~e~nt~,s~{U~b~Si!d~ii~se~Bd~p~iro!~g~ir~illm~lmieii~Ht'~K$~5f~~(EJm

enslve andwell-rounded ". month, self-financing preschool program m e dgroup),speechtherapy, trom H K$2,500 a month to HK$4,000a month,

Occupational Therapv, Physiotherapy and MUsk} sapproachas and ••... (Fee Rem lssion available for families wi th

curriculums, InclUding AEl>s and Mcquarle progranCantQllese; speclal.···.. .' financial difficulties), foIo Application tee for

pregrarnrnasr 51, Iherapeuti~ listening, MOllE, era ch.nGrOW1 Number of ... government-subsidised programme' .

IUeher$IIO; Average cla$S!llzellna~[mum,6 chl!.. . . .. . nlng leVeIS11!xIr~· .... ': '.

'currIcular actl~ltle51 self!fln~ricl~gprowall)meon\'ie~kd~v~~Ms~turdaYS,.lncllldingIndividUal

therapy (OT, ST,MT &.pT).and groiJps,.'.·..· .:' ,,: ~: :'.',,' :'1 .•... ' .i>. ' .... . .'.

~;r~!l!{;lia:[(a;ljntf~fll~Ir!W:.i1i, ~~~.Q tI ••• ~'~.~'fII~J;f~~i4tl~~.~~~~lllli4~tmI};'.t~tTin!'m

28 Tin Kwong Road ~ . . . '.' ". fI1aryali 5 . ..... Yearsl)!d~ N.lmber of students I 60; Primary: HK$58,lOO a year; seconoarv,

Tel: 2761 9893 :Awe~ltalqOl Wor,k,~gloWar~$ Pyp~uttlOr sauon mprhnatv whlt~ seellndary students USe the . HK$89,250_ Fees are payabl e in ten monthly

E-mail:;Assoclatioil menlb~rshhiI'Ei1gllshS(hools FoundatiOn; Year instalments over the course of the academic

Website:;·CUrl.lculilli1:Pri!iJarVYeilrSPrograrilme.TtleJock~yClub Sarah Roe School is year. Refundable deposit for Primary: HK$6,OOO;

curfenUy,desig~Med as Jliltiternati90,aIB~,t~lau(eat~ (lB)cand!~atesthoo!'Our secondary . Secondary: HK$lO.OOO

student~Joliow the ASDANAward rrograll)me.The14'15 year . follow the Transition

ChallCh!ie p[hgrain)\\e;Me~IUmi Enilli~i1,Ma~aloitSJ~n tang lprognlillmesl JCsnSis .

aputpo~~;buIIUnternational.specia[$tboolwhJchPiov!des a q '. nc uslve education tor pu pils

witli SEVere learrilng difficulties and complex needsi.Nulnber of teatherSl8; Ave rage cfass slzelB,

C,"._". ,,,,, """"1"mT;~'~'l'II'¥.Hi~~f'i"1IT

~,:i~1 J:V!il~1~;~~ljJ:t!~!JHI~;,~l,'W~lU~ G/F, 12 Borrett Road,

lei: 2521 7364

E-mail: Kowl DOn: 4 Jordan Road

Tel; 2377 9666

E.mail: Website:



*,44AW UlJAJiOidLC a; nwa:r:::!JJSl:lI.c;gpOlQ)"';';9:;WM'L S,sh .k ..

i ' : I ! BEIJING

Cttlladja h)ternatiohal school of Beijing





Dulwlch College S hanghal

38,LI~nBlIlaqiao Roa~,' Year groups taught: Preschool to chaoyang dlstrkt, .... ':' of students: 680; Accreditation: neiJing 100125 . ' .: '. .: Diploma programme. New n runswick Canada Tel: (8610) 6465 77B8 .. , Department of Education; Association

E·mall: admissions. '. memhershlp: ACAMIS (ASSOCiation ot China

@cis'beljhjg.COlll· :.: and Mongolia international Schools) Unesco; '. Year founded: 2006; currlcutunu Preschool & ::. Kindergarten (18 months to 5 years 01(1).

.. Montessori Education. canadlan-based

: curriculum Grade 1-12.IB Diploma Programme · at High school level; Medium: English.

'; Mandarin. Korean. French: Number of

· :. ~ teachers: 65; Average class size: Ma:<lmum 25 ' .. " .' i students per class; Pass rate In 2008: JOO per :".: cent; Percentage of 2008 leavers attend Ing

· . : university: 100.

umber 59,900 yuan to 156.500 yuan a year depending on grade with admission fee

DIlJwlth ollege 1l~IJlng

Legend Gardenr.89 ..' Year grou ps taught: Ages I . 18: Number of

capltal Airport Road, students: 1.3LO; Accreditation: IBO;

Tel: (86) 64549000 Association membership: FOBISS£A; [SAC:

Additional campuses: ACAMIS; Year founded: 2005 curriculum,

Riviera Campus •..... toddler, Nursery & reception (age 1·4) . River Garden campus' standards set in the English Early Years wWlv.dulwlch".··· .. :.': Foundation Stage. Key Stages 1· 3 (age 5·13):

beijlng;clI .' .: ' •.. » English National curriculum. Key Stage 4 (ages

. .. " 14'15), (I) GCSEs. Key Stage 5 (ages 16-18):

. International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Medium, English, Mandarin, Spanish. French. special programmes:

Learning Support & English as an Additional Language. Number of teachers: 280; Average

· class size: 16-21:

27,200 yuan to 191,100 yuan a year with application fee. placement deposit and admission fee

IlIterul'IU rial Sthilol t heJj 11 g

10 An Hua str~et,:: .... Year groups tauijhtl EC-3 to Grade 12; ~umber

shunyl district, Beijing < of students: 1,872; Accreditation: IB!World 101318 BeiJing ": '. .... •. : School: New England Association of Schools and Tel: (8610) 81492345 : Colleges, Council of lnternatlonal Schools. NCCT ~·mail: ' .. '.' .. ..' (china); Currlcuhlml School offers ESOL

recruitment@lsb. . programme. International Baccalaureate .:..... . Diploma programme, Advanced Placed courses

webslte:www.lsb .: : .; .:: in mathematics: Medium: English. Numb er of ' , ... :::: tnacharsr 194.

A year' EC3 (half·day):

US$9.170; EC4:

US$16,760; K·G5:

US$19.650; G6·8:

Us$2I,080: G9-12: $23.180 with Annual capital levy: US$I,590' U5$4,580 Application fee: US$l50

british Scllobilif Belli g .: .

Shunvl tampusJSouth. Year groups taught: From Pre· nursery (2 years Side, 9AllhUa.str~et;'· old) through to Year 13 (18 years old): Number Tian~huDevefopmei\t. ';, of students, 800: Accred Itatlon: ru lIy

Zonei Tel: (010) 8Q4/.! registered at the Qualilication and Curriculum

3588E·malli :: Authority in the UK and fully licensed by the

chlara.rnarinl • .•.... .•... CIllnese Ministry of Education; Association @brltlsh~c~Qol;org;cn: cj membe~shlp: Includes (oun~1I of Br!tl~h AddltlMal camilu;:; tnternational School. Federation of Bntlsh Sainlltun Campus. '.' International Schools in south East !Isla: year www.brltishschool '. founded: 2004 currlcutunu English NaHonal '. -. ',: . . .::: Curriculum. students takes, SAT'S. IGCS 1;'5 and

.... . A·levels, Medlunu English; Number of

. O'i teachers: 70: hverage class slzes Preschool:

· . j 15·max 20: axtra-eurrtcuiar acttvltles I 60. .' .. : ': activities plus an extensive programme of

, com m unity/charity work.

WesterlU adeJlW <If SelJlng

10l~1 GuangYlng Dong; Year groups taught: N urserv to Grade 12:

LU,~eljlng 100102>< j N umber of students. 1.547: Assoclatinn

'rel: (8610) 8456.4155' , membershhn European Council of E·mal1:,.':·,·':'.':' .,; .. : International schools. New England Association wabllifo@wa.b:eOu.·.·.· . : : of Schools and Colleges and is authorised by the wWw.wab.ed.ll·. ':.: International Baccalaureate Organisation: Year

i':·· . ' ~~~~~ead~~~~~~l~I;~~C~~~n~~I~:e~~· .~~~da;~2,

": ;... ::il MedIum, English; Special prngrammess

... ... ::., ,: .... :.! English Language Support. Learning support.

.. ': ...>.ii.l ~~~~~i~~rao::W;!':l~~~~~!~~~~!~S~~;·i~: 100

/·:.:'eJ per cent, Percentage of 20081eavers attending . ":! university: 95.

al schecl of Beijing

YeW thh~g Ihternatlol

5. HouballzhlJangi .. : Year groups taught: Ki ndergarten 2 (Age 2 )to

Hongllngjll1 Park,.' . Year 13 (Age 18); Number of students: over

Chaoyallg dlslrid, ..... 750; AccreditatIon: Includes Tile New El1glan d

Beijing 100025. .'. . Associations at schoots and (alleges, Till!

Tel: (8610)85833731. . Counril of International Schools: Assocl11tion

E·nlail~· > ·c· .. :,',': mombarshlrn Association of China and

~nquliy@bj.yi:etCDrn .. Mongolia International Schools; Year founded: www.YGJs -. ..•• '. 1995 curriculum: students work towards ths

.' IGCSE in Years 10 & II and move on to the IB

•. '.'. ',. Diploma programme in Year 12 & 13. Medium: " .' ': Enp,lish. Mandarin; spadal programmeut

:. World classroom, Experiencing china; Number ., '. of teachers: Over LOO: Pass rate In 20081 100

· . per cent; Percentage of 200sIeavers · attendIng university, 100.

SATUnOAY. JUNE 12. 2010

87,416 yuan to 200,490 yuan a year with admission fee

70,000 yuan to 166,000 yuan per year with adm lsslon fee

59,000 yuan to 185.000 yuan depend lng on grade; with deposit and admission fee

::<,j Year groups taught: 2·18; Numberof

..•. "j students: 1,300: Accreditation: CIS. WASCo

:sh :.':< NCCT. World 18 School; Association

Y. 9910.': membership: Includes Association of China

:DUtKS.(b ' .. n"', and Mongolia International schools (ACAMIS):

,colleRe KI. rG~rt~.n' Year founded: 2003 Curriculum: Enhanced :Sha.i18~a,I)"l25Mhaii\ EnBlish National Curriculum from Toddler to

.'Roadc : ··:.·::,.··· .': Year 13. offering the IGCSE In Years 10·11 and

E'Olall:adin!ssjonsi' the International Baccalaureate (lBDP) in Years :@4~IWI~h'.5b~.nghaL~n) 12 and 13. Medium: English. Mandarin: Number

:WwW.dulWI~h· ·.) of taaehersr 170; Maximum class slle: 12·20;

;~hanghaI,Gn "'; Pass rate In 2008: 100%.

63.900 vuan 10 211.200 vuan a year with application fee~

place ment deposit and admission fee

Raillbow Bridge Illternatiollal school ! '. i"

·2381HonilQlill).RoaQi Year groups taught: IS, month old group, earlv is. hai1gnaI.P~stcode:" ; Childhood. to Grade 6 of elementary sthoul.; ,lel:(8621)6268:9773/: Number of studenlSl342; Accreditation: :Ehiail:rIJIs® ShI63,Mt: Candidate school of IB Pyr program from

:Wl'Iw,r/llschIQ~:tJrg '.' January 2010: vea~ founded: 1997 .

);.. ..•. . .' : ... :: : .. Curriculum: American based with English

';: ... :: :i. ;: ... : .. :::.:,., :::-! Immersion: Medium: English, Mandarin;

h:' . "./"" .: .. : :.;...: Number of teachers: 46: Average class size:

r·c ...... -, ...,. : ;:: Earlychildhood classes: 16: Elementaryclasses:

< "20

Declined to provide

I I • I ~ !

104.118 vuan to' 169.470 yuan per year with additional charges

ipii~Camil.ust258(Jhi' Nu mber of students: 3,000; Accreditation, :F~~gRiJad~Huacaii: Western Association of Schools & Colleges ;lown,.Minhami Dlstrld. (WASC) and Authorized by the 18 and AP ;TeI:622H415iF~x{i'" programs; curriculum: American curriculum '1'>221'2\>60.;:·\ .,': fO.r grades Pre·K· 4 through 12. Th~ school offers .Md)tlollal ~a.mpus, ...• :. Ii!gh School student~ the International

C;iimpu$ • :'.'::. Baccalaureate (lR) diploma and/or the

:' ....... Advanced Placement (AP) program. Average

....... :.: •. -:..: class sIze: 18 (max) in core classes. student:-. ·",'··:·c) Teacher ratio: 6:1.

Llvingstoll American school Shanghai : .. ; < ::


1!.iII .. p.··i! .•. T:t.·] Year groups laughtl Toddler program through lacrRQad;:., Grade 12; Number of students: 1.900:

:t... .' .1'4338'';, Accredltatlon: Includes Western Association of '(.IF.S.,. iI. '.·· .•. 8. 6'2 .. 1'6 .. 2 n 6.1 .. " .. 6.3 ... 9 .. ): ... ·. Schools and Colleges, National Centre for :Addltllinal ~.iimpLises,/: curriculum and Textbooks; Association

i){9i1BqIMEC;~:':'i membership. Association of China and iC~inpU.s>. \., .. :::'.: •..•.. :.:: Mongolia International Schools: currlculunu :I>~ilongL(Jwer;5Chool! lnternatlonal Currlrulurn based on an ~nwrlcan 'I>Utlollg upp~rs~ho(J1 J framework. M ed lum- Engh sh, Mandann French. !H~ng~h!iU ~,.: .. :<i'.: Spanish; Special programmes: EsOL (English IIMilrhilttima!Sc"i!~lj as a second or other language); Number of ;WwW,~tI~~hln~,oJl!:.) teachers: 22S; Average class 5 I~e: 18; Pass ",...:",::",: .• :'i:"': rate In 2008: 100%; percentage of 2008

: , .•. "·:··'1!eaversattendlng university: 90.

.... ', Year groups taught: 3-18: Number of ",. students! 180; Accreditation: WASC

:." candidate; Year founded: 2003 currtculunu ,:: Modelled on the california school system: •

' ... Medlu rm English: Special programmes: Part· '" time Enrolment catering to hom aschooled

'.:: students Number of teachers: 31: Average

. .; class size: 8·15 Percentage of 200sieavers .•... attending uolversltv: 100.

" Year gronps taught: Ages 2-18; Number of

:'j students: 420; Accreditation: NCCT (National '." (enter for currtculum and Textbooks In china), i CIS (Council of International Schools), IB: Year j founded: 2003 currlcuhum Operates on the \; English National Curriculum with !GCs£ at the ::':age of 16 followed by the IB Diploma

...•• Programme: MedIum: English; Numberof ".0 teachers: 89: Average class size: 16-20

: .x Year groups taught: Ages 5·18 years; NUlliber ..... ofstudents: 1.000; Accreditation: In/ N(CT:

• l Association membershl p: I B school: Year

.• i:·· ". founded: 1996 currlculunu International

. :-'. Baccalaureate (I B) programmes. Mandarin and -. Mathematics according to the chinese national • currkulum, Medium: English Mandarin;

,'. N umber of teach erst 80 fore ign teacllers; ~".'-'c,.:"· .•..•. Average class slze: 25.

.... iii W lU&4QJ&UW$lMUilflibNi

Declined to provide

85,000 yuan to. 161.000 yuan per year with meal. adnusslon

charges .

88.000 yuan to . 108,000 yuan per year with admisston t~.~





, "

The Ih'ltlsh I hte rnatlonal scho 01 Shangh

wl'IW;blsW~@MI'~Q!rli Year grou ps taughtr Preschool· Year 11;

': '., . .'. :··:/>,'.>c: Number of students: 2,080; Accreditation:

... . .. ...\ IB; ACIIMIS; COBIS: Year founded: 2002

., Curriculum; The English National Curriculum, '. has been adapted to meet the needs of

., expatriates, applies to all of our pupils from The '. ..•. Early VearSfoundation ~;tage to Key Stage 4 (16 . .: .. , :.' years). students then follow the IGCSE and Ie

. 'programmes. Medluml English, Mandarin;

'. , Number of teachers: 216; Average class size: 20

nternatlonal ScHbol of Shangh


pu'xI:'555l1anmlnRd, '.' Year groups taughtl Nursery through to Grade xullng; Qlngpu Tel: 1\6'; 11; Number of stude ntr.1 300; Year teundad: 21,69766338 Emall; .. 2006currlculum:IBprogrammes(PVP.MY!.. aomissiilll@wlss,cn· .. : DP); Medium: English; Special programmes:

wWV/· .... Special Learning Needs teachers available, EAL

.. ." , programme, German mother tongue offered,

'"c :.," focus on sound Sustainable practice; Number

of teachers: 60; Averalle class sl%eI16-20;

156,465 yuan to 224,862 yuan per year with registration fee

54,lOO yuan to 189,700 yuan a year wilh deposit and registration fee

VeW t~u g Inte~natlDllill School of Shan

Puxt campus- , . Year groups taught: Kl (age L) through Vear 13

Hongqlao; 11-15 shut. (age18); Numberofstudentsl2,OOO;

Ch~ng Road; S!1anilhal:, Accre dilation, Includes New England , postcode: 200336 ........' Association of Schools and Colieges;The Council shanghalrel: (8621)" of International Schools (cish Association 62423243 Email: " .........• ". membershlps University of cambridge enqulry@sh.ycef.tom .' International Examinations [(I E); International AddUlonalcampuses: ' -, Baccalaureate Organization OBO)_; Year

Puxi campus-aubet founded: 1932 currtcut u nil Based on the

p"dong carripus~:'-,-", National Curriculum for England; taught in

. Reg6ricypar~ .' ' ... ' "':' English, with daily Mandari n lessons and weekly Pli~ongcampus·· ..... chinese culture Medium: English, Mandarin: centurY Park ., .', ". Number of teachers: 250

wWw.ycls· .

43,000 to 218,000 yuan per year depending on grade, placement deposlt and admission fee


UAI'lGZHOU Guangzhou liR China.

US$9,700 to U5$22,9S0 per year


• Grades H2; Nu ellIs: 965;

Attredltalfolll WASC, The People's Republic of .: China as a School for Foreign Children;

:: Association membershl p: CIS, EAnCOS,

· ACAMIS, APAC; Year founded: 1981 currtcularm PVP through to Grade 5, In the Middle and IIlgh Schools the currtculurn Is rtspartmenralised by subject for Grade 6-12.

.: Some Advanced Placement (liP) courses and

· exams are offered to students in High School.

Graduates earn an American HIgh School Diploma and/or IB Diploma. Medium: English, Number ofteachers: 95; Average class size:

"'.' "".'." .. , '.' Preschool - Grade 5 = 17 to 22, Grade 6 -12 = 8 to

"'.:' 22; Pass rate 1112008, 100% Percentage of " Z008 leavers attendlllg unIversity: 94,


aloc.k4/GrQulidJloo.r: Number or students: 63 students hi Year Morning session

GqldMch, trsha Island, groups taught: IIged 2-4. Foundedl1992. US$2,500 per

Gtiang~hou ~ost((idei'.: Accreditation: Gold Arch International semester, add itional

510100 Guangdong Tei: . Preschool provides a ho listic approach to early charges tor optional

86 20~735 32'05 (rail: childhood development, in a nurtu ring and afternoon classes .

GOldarchlr.r~sc~M\. 11'I,atPePrXaetnl'ovnlraolnpmreesncth' OCOulrwrl~~~rnTi~!?c~~d~~~' ~a~~!~f~~r/qe~i~~:I~t

@hotma ,com,·...... "

. • ." "":.,:. learn from "hands-on", concrete, Interactive, fee: 600 yuan

:',,0;" age-appropriate experiences Using a chlld-

. . centred, learning approach.

Gold Arc IlIternatiMal Prescllool

duahgddng country Garden (I B World)


G~angdong (OUI1t.[1.".: Year groups taught. Preschool through Grad~· Garden SchiJO!t·BeIJiao:.· 12;.N umber of studantsr 3,500; Association foWn,5hunde Dlstrl~V' memb arshlps 180 (Inte rnatlonal Baccalaureate 528312 foshan city, J~I: organintion); Year founded: 1994 86,757'26677888;'<, currleuunm PVP, MYP, and DP, and A-level and Efliall: bgr. •.•• ":;' IG(SE programs, Medll!m: English, Mandarin; @bgymal .gd,cn "." Numb~r of teachers: 450, among 40 of them "" are foreign teachers,

37,600 yuan to 120,100 yuan per year depending on grade, students' cttlzenshl p with deposit and admission fee

Ihternatlonal Stllool of SI no Canada

Isse: Flat 166<>,: Year groups taughh Grade k-12; Number of N;inguang~uSheilzMri. studelltsll80; Accreditation: AP Courses, Post. code: $18052,. ; ....... ' Soon to have IB; Association membershl p: All GuandongTel: il6'/55-Y' teachers have Bachelor of Education; Vear 2666;LOOoemillh:'" founded; 2002 currlculuuu Canadian karenberr @Y<thoo,~o!TI: Curriculum Medluml English, Mandarin, French

.:«. ,' '. , , : ...•... ,," activity classes Special programmes: Our

. .. " English Second Language Num ber of teachers:

.: 28; Average class size; 15 students per class; sxtraeurrtcular attlvltles: Sports


US$13,OOO to

U 5$15,000 per year with admission lee

t, £SE

Jl ling feng N~nlu,.·.,.; Year groups taughtl2 to 17 year olds; Number DoilgguaillNimtheng'! of students: 215; Accreditation: Applying for 'postcod(himI29Tel:. Middle States Amedltatioll of Colleges and 8~,;i6%22300131., schools in zou, Assodation memhershhn Emall:donggu~IL.' Quality Schools International; Year founded:

@qsl;org··' .. ·· .•.. , 2004 Curl'l cui urn: qSI uses a mastery learning/

httplllq-5't6rg.'.· :outcomebasedcurnculumdeslgn.Medlum;

. .:< ••...•... ". ~~:~il;~:S;~~;o;ve::a~:~~;~~Wi!':e[3NsW:~~~~sOf

: 20 Maximum Class Size; txtracurrtcutar

. ".: .. activities: Middle School/ Secondary Sports

.: Elementary After School Activities; Pass rate in ':",2008,100%; Percentage 01 20081eavers

':'. attending university: 100

29,670 yuan to 97,29 yuan per year with application, capital Iund lees

QSllnternatlonal School of Shekoll , 1 : ,- • , 1

QSUn!' Year groups taught: Age 2-4 Earlv {hlldhood, schonl ofSh~koWl8Wi Age 5-13 (Kindergarten - Grade 8) Secondary 1- ZIROad?18067";', IV (Grade 9-12); Number of students, 967; snenzheri,tel:,!I6,7!is, .. i. Accredltatl 0 m M iddl e States Association of '2667,.6Q31Eniall..····.' Colleges and Schools: Association shekOu@q~l.otgi.member$hlp; /lCAMIS, EARC05; Veal' founded, " wWW.qslweb;c.lrg(shk:200ICurrltulunu American international, rn

.. ' .. ..... . ",;, •. , '{ Diploma Program, AP Program Medluml

.... " '. English; Number of teachers; 107; IIverage .', class size: 15; Pass rate In 2008, 100%

45,000 to 98,000 yu per year with capital (und and admission leps



Dpcli ned to provide

QSIIt1ternatlonal School ofShllnzhen ,:*,

QSllnternational '): Year groups taught: Preschool through 8th ,scilnol of Shenzhen;'" grade; Number of studelltsl105;

, iiad' Accreditation: Beginning process for J'

6';'; candidacythrougli Middle States ot schools and i: ,', Colleges; Year foulld~d: 2007 Curriculum:

';' American based Number of teachers: 12,

'.: Year groups taught: 2 year old class through .-.: Secondary; NUllIberof students: 52:

"! Accreditation: Middle States 01 Schools and " ,colleges; Year founded: 1999 Curriculum: .. ' American based; Number of teachers, 15;

. .•. Average cl ass slzel From 12 to 18 rr~school it is 5 per adult.

35,880 yuan to 113,1 yuan per year with capital fund and ~dmission tee

Shekou I nternatlonal School Guangdong , '; :

if>;lrKMd~':1'!; Year groups taughtl Preschool th rough 12; 'Villa$Sh.~~9: Number of students: 640; Accreditation:

'SI 1 WASC, NCCT; Association membership:

:5 i ACAMIS; E"'RCOS; rrc, PTC; Vear founded: 1988

'. .', Med hum £ngllsh: Nmnber of teachers: 100;

.b "') Average class slzel16

'.W'WW.5': ... ·,· '.'

Declined to prnvlde

Utahloy I nternatlonal School Zengcheng City, Guanlldong. I' l _

8p,752 yuan t? 132,7 yuan a year wllh boarding and admlsslon tees

~oLi Year groups taught: Kindergarten to Grade 12; usn: Nnmber ofstudents: 899; Accreditation: Full

• . . a.d) 18 World School; Association me mbenhl p;

'8a!Y4ri DI~trlckTel' ...:' Member of the Council International srhools., !862ij;(rt202019, Email:' Vear founded: 1997; curriculum: IB, PYP,MYP '~IS.®Uli\hloy,~Oll1: an9 Diploma Programmes, Medium: English, ·Ad~ltlonal.campu5: " .' {hmese, French, German, Japanese, Korean and

:leng~l)enri 9uilp"S .. Spanish_ Number of teachers: 108; Average !"',:

.wWw.utahlov.cofli···: .• class slzel15 to 24,

Ac( Western of

'.' Schools <lnd {olleges; Year founded: 1997

.: Curriculum: American b~sed; Medium:

"1!ri'i;;i1g~~s~II\'I!':.i'· English, Mandarin; Number of teachers, 27;

a( Average class size: 14 -16; pass rate In 2008;

, . 100%; Percentage of 20081eavers attending . university, 100_

Q511 nternational Seliool of thengdu !'", • ,! i' , ,

:iBBt-rali 3 nuan.ard. .: Year grou pstauglltl Preschool through Decli ned to provide

i~lngno.a~Aiii~rJc,a~ .•.. secondary; Number of students: 135;

,GardeIlHel:86'28·< '.> Accred ltatlem Midd Ie States of Schools and .S5J~-3853Ernall:: Colleges; Association membership: None;

chengdu@q5J.qr~ .... :. Year tou n ded: 2003 currlculu III: American

...... ;. based Nllmber of teachers: 15; Ave rage class , ".j sl%e: From 12 to 18 Preschool it is 5 per adult.,

QSllilternational School of ChDngqln~ I ; Il .'

'Chongql~guolver5Ity ,Vear groups taught; Preschool through Declined to provide

WestfloadUnivers!ly".i secondary; Number of students: 27;

Toviii,Sna[ilngbiii Tel: .;. AccredltatlD11I Candidate for Middle States 01

• 86B6;~3-65620109."\ schools and Colleges; Year founded: 2005 Email: ~h9)1gqiliiL .: Curriculum: American based; N nmb er of ,®q~Lorg ." . '.':. teachers: 5; Average class slzel From 12 to 18


, ,



Ila?'; ijQUW1wmmumm l1:1iWllill, iPIilWIIT :

2'HlIxla st,vuanvang • ". Year groups taughn Kindergarten to high

Town NeW Northern .: school: Number of students: 100: Association

zone; Tel: (8623) . • membership: Member uf International schonl

67638482 Email:' -: garden: Year foun ded: 2001 Medlll 01: English,

enqulry@cq,ycef,com' Mandarin: N umber of teach ers: 21; Average

IYlYw,ycis·cq,com . class size: 20

• Jlahu. ~o:nlilu Jlal\gnlng' Year groups taught: Pre ,Nu rsery, Nursery, JlaJig~~"Tel: 25S'2ro;' .;. Reception, VI, Y2, V3, y~, Y5, Y6/7: Number of 89lf,'.E!lla[l:Ii1fo .. . .•• students: 101; Accreditation: C08lS; Year @bsn; ', . .. ' ..... founded: 2007 Curriculum: The school follows .wWl'l~b~n,· ' .•..•• t he National Curricullllll of England adapted for · .' .' .. ", local conditions; Medhll1l1 English: Nllmber of

...• teachers: 25; Average class size: 12;

34,200 yuan to 53,400 yuan per year with deposit. admlsslon fee

143,500 yuan per year with admission, deposit fees


360, Gang Tian Iload, Year groups taught:

suzhou Industrial Park,. to 15 years old): Number 550:

Tei: (86 512) 6295 . Accred ltatlenr Unive rsity of Cambridge

9500, Email: info tnternatlonal Examinations ((I E)

@dulwich· fdexcel; Association memhnrshlps The

www.dulwlGh'· federation of British Intemalional Schools in . South East ASia and East Asia: Year founded:

. . 2007 Curriculum: National curriculum of England. Medium: English, Mandarin, Spanish, Korean .. Number of teachersI57

, , :! ., JIANGS

Iwlth Cblhlge suehou

. I

. OTHERPROVINcES·CrtUEs '. r !; i'

Nlngbo International schllol ':! ~ .'

'15HAmel lU,Gao xln . Year groups taught: Toddler· Grade 10; 40,500 yuan to 93,600

.OU Ningbo Post code: Number or students: 142: Accreditation: yuan depending on

·315040.Zheliilng Te):' Close affiliation with South Australian Education grade .0874.876U005 Email: 'iDepartment; Association membership:

hblsJnfci@gmalt.col)1·· Applied COIS; Year rOlinded:200S www.nbts.Jle.t.C!l ..•... Curriculum: south Australian Medium:

..•• English: Special programmes: TF.SOl, chinese .'. language. Number oftea(l!arS: 32: Average

. class slzel1O·12:

i i ~ .~

N II illg 1I1tel'natiortai Sehool yuan to 137,000 yuan a year with testing, capital, (egist ration fee

shenyang International sthool . . .. . (c - : " 1 (

Number ofstudenU:S02; AccredJtatfon: CIS, NEASC, NCCT: Association membership:

ilCAM IS (Association of China and Mongo lla International schoo Is), EARCOS ; Year fou II ded:

1996 Curriculum: Offer all three IB orogramrnas- PYP, MYP, and DP for children from 3·18. Medium: English, Mandarin, French,

. German: Number 1)1 teach ers: 76: Average . class sizeJ 20; Pass rate fn2008:92%.

55 .zusheng ~Qad, : , Year groups taught: IK . 12, must be 4 years of

Heping District' ' ,age to attend: Number of students: 165;

shenyang.Post code: . Accreditation: Western Association of Schools

l1011711aQnlng rehl86 and Colleges: Msoclatlon membership: 024)89121117 ~mai " Includes Association of china and Mongolia 'studentservkes. ": International SChools, Year founded: 1998 · -: .... currlculunu North American collegewWI'i,sylschlna.c<ill) .' ::' preparatory curriculum Medium: English:

· . .. . ..' ' ..• ' ...•• N umber of teach Drs: 33; Average class size:

. < 14: Percentage of zcoa teavers attending 'university: 100.

xue Heng tu 8, Xian Lin colfege.and unlversltv Town Qixla Di>tric(, Tel:

86 ~5 il589 9111 ..

Email: enquiries @5(aff.nanling' . schcol.coni '.' www.nanilng'

121,990 yuan to 163,280 yuan per year with sdm ission fee




Yangcheng Lake East .: Year groups taught: Preschoul through Road 98, Xiang Cheng, secondary ist year; Nmnbe r of students. 33;

suzhou City, Tel: 86 . Accreditation: Beginning process for

512'6618'1009E mail, .: candidacy through Middle states 01 Schools and '. Colleges; Year founded: 2007 currlculunn c: American based curriculum. 'lumber of

. teachers. 5; Average class size: from 12 to 18 , Preschuol it is 5 per adult.

declined to provide

Ihternational School of TJanJln .:; :, ~'i


71,700Vuan to 133,100 yuan depending on gradewith ca pital fees and exam fees

:Wei}hanRoad,Shuang: Year groups taught: 3 ·18; Number of :Gan~ !In NanPfstrf.ct,.: students: 480; Attreditatiom Includes .YlanJin ri!st code: ........; council of International Schools: Association :30[l350M,ChlJia!el: membership: Includes East Asia Regional

'2001-' c.:.:; Council of Overseas Schools; Year fou nded:

:,; 1994 currteuhnm International Baccalaureate .> )(18) World School: Medlu nu Engl ish N umber of :, .. : .: c; teathers: 70; Average class size: 15·20 Pass

' ... ) rate In 2008:100%: Percentage of 2008

·~.Ieavers attending university, 100

Think International School

Nursery, K I ,K2 & K3

U, K. I:arly Years Foundation Stage plus Mandarin An international play based approach to learning for children who require an English speaking & learning environment

English playgroup Mandarin playgroup Summer camps Learn through Play classes (English & Mandarin) School Bus Available

Enquiries Tel: 2650·3339 website: Fax: 2650·4449 G/F Yat Nga 0, Nam Wan Rd Toi Po

School Locations

Primary/Kindergarten (2 years 10 15 years old) • 117 Boundary Street (Kowloon Tong) I{indergarlen/Nuf!l(lry (2 years to 6 years old)

• Laguna City (Lam Tin MTR)

• 626 Sai Bha Road (Sunshine aazaar, MOS)

• Nob Hili (Mel Faa MTR, C exil)

Playgroup (14 months to 32 months]. All of above locatlons All of above locations Website:




2727-4747 2633-7600 2727-7565


GOOD SW09~S GUIDE 45 ! :"~

I' I

. ,

, ,


<in! Year groups taught: Preschool (3-5 year-aids), k;·,:;; Kindergarten, Grades 1-12: Number of

Hi}: students: 422; Atcredltation: Western

. .. . .... . ..'.;: I\5soclatlon of Schools and Colleges; National .llanllnTel:8()i~~.3!I:: Council lor Curriculum and Textbooks; (j900EI~an:.i;:;·i,:"'\' Association membershhn Includes East /Isla

adriJI$Sloli$· .. ~egional Council of schools, Association of

. ..:/ China and Mongolia International Schools; Vear

,-:_:; founded: 1986 currlcutunu North American

: ... ;: curriculum that Includes Advanced Placement .'.;., courses; Medium: English;

",.: Number ofteachers: 69: Average class size: . ·:112-15; Pass rate In ZOOB: 100

37,500 yuan

to 139,500 yuan per year with re-enrotrnent fees, registration fees,

. capital fees and English language support fees

Wullan va~gtze Ihten'latlol1i11 School

24,eo xu~(oM •. :... :. i Vear groups taught: pre-Kindergarten through 70,000 to 128,000

Wuhai)ECoriolhlc & . :: Grade 12: Num bar of students, 110; yuan depending on

T~thnologv: .. , .' Accreditation: Advancsn- North Central grade with reglstratlon

i)evlllopmei1l ~one ' ... , Com mission on Aceredi tatlon and School fee

Poslcqde( 43QO~6 . .; Improvement; Association membership: East Wtih·an, HObel ... '·.:1 Asia Regional Council of Overseas Schools; Vear

Tel: B6-27·M23·S713", founded: 2003 currtcuturm Amerlran based:

Email: Inlo .: Med Imm English; Number of teachers, IS:

@VII'is~hlna.c6h):' , ,Average class size: 9; Passrate In 200BI viW\'i,l'IYlschl~a,corr\ :'\ 100%: Percentage of 2008 leavers attending

': .:.: university: 100%


US$10,900 to US$16,700 with acfl'ilission, registratio an.~ activity fees

.. ' Vear groups taught: PreK-12; Number of 'i;' students: 350; Accredltatlom Western <, Association of Schools and colleges;

·,··i Association mem bershlpt Inc ludes East Asia ... Regional Council of Overseas Schools,

··>i Association of China and MongOlian

H I nternatlonal Schools: Vear foun dedI 1997

... ;j Currl cui 11m: The cu rrkular framework are the ;:: IB PYP, MYP and OP programs. This Is connected :' and articulated through the WashinglOl1 States :i; Standards and Benchmarks: Medium: English

.;.;.:/'.' ;,,: '.;.< Mandarin: Number of teathers: 49; Average

.<.. . ;;:;::.; •• , class sl~e; 20; pass rate in zoos: 100%;

., '.......... •... : , •..••.. \.,>; Percentage of 200B leavers attending

, .. ;.. .. .': -. ... ";.':.: university, 95

YeW Chung International Scholll ofQlIlgdao ; .:" 'I' ,

.. Year groups taught: Kindergarten 3 (3 years of t~rlla'IRPi\!S!C~QOI[~f.i: age) to Year 13 (18 years of age); Numbe r of students: Over 120 students from over 30

sm."oI!p.T;on' nationalities: Vear founded, 2006; curriculum: YCIS Qlngdao otters a global

. education in a bilingual and multtrultural environment through lntegratlng the best of

. East and West Programmes offered trom Early .., Childhood education to senior secondary, aged .... ." 3 to 18 years old. Students work towards the

! IGCSE In Year 10 & 11. Medium: English

Mandarl n: specl al programmes. World classroom, ExperienCing China; Number of teachers: Over 40; Average class size: Va rles according to year level;

mi980 to 148,000 yuan with placement d~Qosit and ad mlssior lee.'

,~ "


! >! ' e ~ 11 ;

; 1 :. :


Access International Academy - Nlngbo 1Ai Xu Ild, Bei lun District, Nlngbo, Zhejiang, 315800, Tel; (86574) 8686 9999, E-mail: info®aian_org[ll, Website: www.illan.orgcn.

Australian International School of Beijing 7 louzlzhuang Rd, Chaovang, Beijing100018. Tel: (8610) 8439 4315·6, E-mail: enquiries®« Founded: 2004 Beiling BISS International School 17, Area 4, Anzhenxili, Chaovang, Beijing 100029. Tel: (8610) 64433151-3, [·mail: admisslons®,,cn, Founded: 1994

Beijing Cltv International Scllool77 Balzlwan Nan Er Rd, Beijing 100022, Tel: (8610) 87717171, Email: admissions®, Website: www.bcis.cll_ Founded: 2005.

Bell1l1gWorld Youth Academy 18 Hualladl Beili, Chaoyang district, llellinglO0l02, Tel: (8610) 64617787, E-mail: admissions®, Website: www.ibwya_net. Founded: 2001

Clifford School Clifford Estates, Panyu, Guangzhou 511495, Tel: (8620) 84711441, E-mail: adm®clif[, Website:

concordia International School Shangllai 999 Mingyue Rd, Jinqlao, pudong, Shanghai 201206. Tel: (8621) 5899 0380, E-mail; registrar®,r;n, Website:,cn. Founded: 1998 flldan International School 384 Guo Quan Rd, shangnal 200433. Tel: (8621) 65111292, Website: .

Guangzhou Grace IIcademy Riverside Garden, Gliangzhou. Tel: (8620) 8450 0180. Guangzholl Nanhu International School 55 Huayang st, Tiyu Dong tu, Tianhe district, Guangzhou 510620. Tel: (8620) 3886 6952, E-mail: admlssions®gnlscllina,com, Website; Founded: 2002_

Hangzhou International Schoo180 Oongxln St, Binjiang district, Hangzhou 310053, Tel: (86571) 8669 0045, E-mail: scook®scischina,org, Website; Founded; 2002_ International Academy of Belling Elementary campus: Lido Office Tower 3,lIdo Place, 6 Jianglai Road, ChaoYilng District, Beijing, China 100004 Tel:86 6430-1600 Fax:86 6430-l208 secondary campus: No.1 Yangshan Rd, Olympic Forest Park East, Chaoyang District, Beijing Tel: 8493-8680 Fax: 8493-1506, E-mail: iab®labchina,net, Website; Founded: 1999.

KlIl1Il1lng International Academy 55 Zusheng Road, Mlnzu Economic Development Zone, Dangling district, Silenyang, 110117_ Tel: (8624) 89121177.. E-mail: studentservices®syischina,com, Website; www_SVlschina_com. Founded: 1998.

Qlngdao MTllnternatlonal School Qlngdao saishan Campus Dongjiang, shazlkou, Laoshan district, Qlngdao 266102. Tel: (86532) 88815668, E-mail: qmis®, Website: www_qrnl~chlna,corn. Founded: 1996_

qlngdao No 1 International School Shandong 70 Songling Road, Qlngdao 266061. Tel: (86532) 88909802, E-mail; admissions®qlss.org_[Il, Website:,[Il, Founded: 2007_

saint Paul American School tonggang Rd, olngha, Haldlan district, Beijing. Tel: (8610) 8070

~ ,';

3429, E-mail: stpaulschool®, Website: ' "

Shanghai High School International DIvision 989 Baise Road, Shanghai 2q023L Tel: (8621) 6410 0430, Website:

Shanghai Pinghe 5chool 261 Huangyang Rd, pudong, Shanghai. Tel (8621) 5P311866, Website: .:

Shanghai Singapore International School Minhang campus; 301 Zhujian Rd, Minhang, Shang! 201107. Tel: (8621) 62219288, Minhang preschool: 1 livu Rd, Minhang_ Tel: (8621) 6296 6110. xuhul campus: 1455 Huajing Rd, xuhul, Tel; (8621) 6496 5550, E-mail info®ssischoQliCOm, Website: Founded: 1996, .'<.\

Shanghai World Foreign Language primary and Middle School Primary:}5 Lane 239, Gul Li Dong Street, Xuhui district, Shanghai 200233. Tel: (021) 5448 3464, Webslte:\, '::

SMIC Private School Beijing EconomiC-Technological Development Mea, oj lIangshuihe 2nd Street, Beijing 100176.

SMIC Private school Sl1anghal3lane 19, Qlng Tong Rd, Pudong New Area, Shanghal.(8621) 58! 4588, Website: www.smic-schooLcn.

SMIC Private school Wuhan 8 Zhongxln 2 Road, Wuhan. .: .

St Anthonv's English Nursery and Kindergarten 743 Av da Praia Grande, l'andar, Macau_ suzhou EtonHolise I nternatlonal Scllooll02 Kefa Road, suzhou Science and Technology Towl suzhou New District, 21501L Tel (86512) 6825 5666, E-mail: enquiry-sz® Website: www.etonhOtiSe-Sl.com_ Founded: 2003_

suzhcu Singapore lnternatlonal school 208 zhongnan street, Suzhnu Industrial Park, Jiangs 215D2L Tel: (86512) 6258 0388, E-mail:, WebSite: wWw_ssis-suzhuu,com

Founded: 1996. "I'

Taihllinternational school Jinshl Rd, Bin Hu district, Wuxi, Jiangsu 21412L Tel: (86510) 8507 0333, E-mail: olfice®-wuxLcom, Website; WWW.( Founded: 1999_

Teda International 5chool72 Third Ave, TEDA, Tianjin 300457_ Tell (8622) 6622 6158, E-mail: info®tedainternatlooaischooLnet, Website: www.tedainternatlonalschool-net. Founded: 1995. The British School of Guangl!hou Main Campus: 983-3 Ionghe Rd, NanhuiGuanglhou. Te!: (8620) 8709·4788. Infant School Campus! 828 Tonghe Rd, Nanhu, Gliangzh~ii_ Tel: (8620) 3430 5886, E-mail: Info®, Website: Founded: 2005. .::

Tlanjlll Rego International 5chool38 Huan Dao xi Rd, Mei Jiang Nan Residence Zone, Tianjln 300221. Tel: (8622) 88161180, E-mail; admlssions®, Webslte'(www_regoschool.o

Founded: 2000_ '

VK Pao school 20 Lane 1250, Wuding Road (West), Shanghai 200050. Tel: (~62l) 5237 8'100. • Schools which did not fill In all details have been summarised in this section.

",~,.:~ ~. c.; ," ;: ',-.- c ,:,.:-,<:.~":.,:~ ':~:::.-r:~ -' ~ i-.~F:.::;':":·'·· i'::'!'_:~';' <:,-;.::,i· .. ·:·· "~"r ;,' ;.'::~'~ -,"

c,.:,'; '_?: >", . _" ,"._,_,,-,_. "',, .. ',, .. : -, _~,.-:.: ... ' :-'(-',:::",._~:~-_:>'-'. . ':~~

-\l····(~·i~ th~~·.W~~h.Jb.~.·a.,rticle$,tip*.·~h# •. listi6g§;,i.~;1bl~t~yi.~·.~ •• ~r.§·i~v~ilab.l.e.:atwww.scmp.comf;~pecials



.. AUP('il

. !


. JiJU .


,i ,)


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