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Atpadi (Marathi: आटपाडी) is an administrative town of Atpadi Taluka of Sangli district in the Indian state of Maharashtra.
Atpadi is located north-east of Sangali District and borders adjacent Solapur and Satara Districts. Atpadi is a town which
have Taluka administrative office, Panchayat Samiti, Court, Police Station, Government Primary Hospital, various schools,
colleges and a Cinema theater. Atpadi's economy is based on agriculture products mainly pomegranate and cotton, Sugar
Factory, various small scale industries. Atpadi is a major market for in and around area for agriculture produce and has a
Pomegranate auction center. Four prominent Marathi authors belong to Atpadi.

Earlier history before 15/16th century is not documented.Some editions of Sthal Puran mentions of town Atpade(अटपडे)
but time of writing is unknown. In historic times Atpadi was part of Manank yadav kingdom of Mandesh ruled from near by
village Devapur. In 16th century Atapdi was part of Adilshahi kingdom of Bijapur. Later in 19th century it was a part of
princely state of Aundh as well as a palace city, hence it was called as Atpadi Mahal. After Indian independence and
merging of Aundh into republic of India, Atpadi was in Khanapur Taluka in Satara district till new district, Sangali was
formed. After formation of new district, Atpadi was separated from Khanapur Taluka and made a Taluka place itself.
Prominent Marathi writers like late G.D.Madgulkar, late V. D. Madgulkar, late Shankar Rao Kharat, late N.s. Inamdar,
late Arun Kamble and former petroleum minister of India, Ram Naik were from this place. Narayanrao Deshpande has
invested so much of his life for studying Goat Farming and got so much of awards for that.This Concept of Stall Fed Goat
Farming is a big time hit, as it is warmly accepted by all the farmers across states. Sheti Pariwar Conducts trainings to
promote the same at various locations.

Atpadi is situated about distances from major cities/towns as
 Atpadi to Pune-> 230km.
 Atpadi to Mumbai-> 400km.
 Atpadi to Sangli-> 90km.
 Atpadi to Kolhapur-> 130km.
 Atpadi to Solapur-> 130km.
 Atapdi to Satara-> 120km.
 Atpadi to Pandharpur-> 55km
 Atpadi to Hyderbad-> 430 km
 Atpadi to Banglore-> 850km

Atpadi is located at Latitude: 17° 25' 0 N, Longitude: 74° 57' 0 E with population of approximately 25000. The language of
town is Marathi. New and Old Atpadi is visibly divided by a natural water canal into south and north portions. North side
area of Atpadi has government administration office and Government Hospital, Court, Police station, Electricity Board
office, colleges and newly formed colonies. Major development of new Atpadi area is on north side of town while south
side of town old and is more populace. South part is a commercial place as well as it serves as downtown area of Atpadi
and has MSRTC bust stand,old government hospital. Old Atpadi town has a market place for weekly bazaar (vegetable,
fruit, cattle market), designated road for shops known as Peth. Residence areas in old town is marked by its
caste/surname of people known as Galli.
 Galli in old Atpadi Town can be listes as Wani Galli,Brahman Galli, Navhi Galli, Kosthi Galli, Kasar Galli, Deshmukh
Galli, Kumbhar Galli, Parit Galli. Other newly formed residence colonies are Choundeshwari colony, Vidya Nagar,
Sathe Nagar, Phule Nagar, Vithal Sampat nagar.

Surrounding area and villages

Atpadi is surrounded by small farming hamlets from all directions of town known as 'Waadi'. These places holds houses of
farmers and comprises in to communities. Lacks commercial market and higher education schools, surrounding are
depend on Atpadi town for trading agricultural produce and education. Proximity to town area, expansion of town with
growing population, infrastructural needs and well connected roads are making surrounding places becoming part of town.
 Bhingewadi:Bhingewadi is small Grampanchat Village 3 kilometers from Atpadi Town situated at north-west.
Bhingewadi consists of farms of people whose surname is Bhinge, so the name Bhingewadi.Bhingewadi is a small
village of 2000 people and farms in and around houses. Wheat, Jowar, Bajara, and pomegranate is main produce
from the farm lands. Its adjacent to swatantrapur.
 Deshmukhwaadi: Situated at east of Atpadi.
 Yamaji Patalachi Wadi: Located on Atpadi-Sangola road.
 Mapate Mala: Located on Atpad-Nimbawade road, north-west.
 Sonarsiddhnagar: Located on Atpadi-Kauthuli road. It has industrial colony of Manganga Sugar Factory.
 Swatantrapur: It is located in between Atpadi lake and Bhingewadi, it is a free custodian colony built in 1939. The
Hindi cinema, 'Do ankhe baraah haath' is based on Swatantrapur.
 Location of Atpadi with respect to surrounding area and other major towns.

Dighanchi, Karad-Pandharpur Road, MS

Mhaswad of Satara District Pandharpur of Solapur District
Highway 76

Sangola of Solapur District and YP

Atpadi Wadi

Bhingewadi, Atpadi-Sangli Road, MS

Highway 76

Summer, Mansoon rain and Winter are main three seasons year around. Region falls under rain-shadow area resulting
less rain

Water resources
Atapdi has a lake dedicated for drinking water.Shukra Odha and Manganga River flows near to Atpadi. Various water
canals are projected through Atpadi Taluka under Khrishna Khore Vikas Mahamandal.

Forest Area
Atpadi has a forest office, near Swatantrapur. Dubai Kuran is reserved forest area. Initially this area was created as
grazing grounds for cattle in summer time which plantation of Babool trees. Now cattle grazing is not allowed an it's
reserve forest areas. Wild animals like wolf, wild hairs can bee seen here.

Political and Judiciary system

Atpadi town has a gram panchayat administration for town, while Panchayat Samiti is to administer the entire taluka.
Atpadi is part of Atpadi-Khanapur constituency of Vidhan Sabha, Maharashtra State Sangli Constituency for Loksabha.
Atpadi Magistrate Court looks after criminal jurisdiction as well civil Court is presided over by junior Division and Atpadi
Police station overlooks law and order. Recently old building of Atpadi Grampanchayat is renovated, though original
design of Grampanchayat building is not changed.

Atpadi's industry is based on agriculture and dairy products as well as bi-products. Industries are located around Atpadi
Town. Industries have created sizable jobs and business for people leaving around Atpadi. Sugar factory is largest of all
industries in Atpadi. Khadi gramodyog, started by Government of India to promote rural employment for woman.
 Sugar Factory:Manganga Sugar Factory
 Cotton Mill: Babasaheb Deshmukh Shetkari Sahakari Sutgirani
 Milk dairy which produces packaged milk under brand of 'Sakaal'
 Domestic industry of woolen blanckets (Gongade/Kambal घोगडे /कंबळ)
 Khadi Gramodyog
 Food packaging (Pomegranate)
 Zep Soap Company (Zep Trade Tech)
 Garment factory on Atpadi-Dighanchi road

Agriculture and Cattles

 Agriculture: Jowar, maize, wheat, cotton, sugarcane, bajari and pomegranate are main agriculture product at Atpadi.
Pomegranate plantation is quite new and modern irrigation techniques like drip irrigation has helped local farmers to
grow pomegranate fields. Being a export product to m,iddle-est and Arab nations, pomegranate has given higher
yields to farmers than tradition crop based farming. The less mansoon rain has become boon for farmers as it help
pomegranate tree which is a desert tree.
 Khillari bull (Atpadi Mahal)- The breed is well adapted to the tropical and drought prone conditions present in this part
of the world and are favoured by the local farming community due to their ability to handle the hardships of farming
pretty well. In spite of this lately the breed is showing a steady decline in numbers mostly due the low milk yield which
forms an alternate stream of income for the farming community. The Khillari is between 4½ to 5½ feet tall and weighs
between 800 and 1000 lbs.
 Buffalo, sheep, Goat