ELN1M project fall 2010


MEMS sensor interface study and practice
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ELN1M Project fall 2010

Make an interface to the classroom computer ADC system for a static characterizing the sensor (I/O pressure) with equipment available 3. Make a 5-point I/O compensation curve for the sensor using the programmable sensor interface 4. Make a connection board to the sensor applying supply voltage 2. Presentation and report will be evaluated by the course lecturers and counts 30 % of scoring in the course (the rest 70 % is an individual written exam) ELN1M Project fall 2010 .The ELM1M Project Three hardware items A pressure sensor A computer system in classroom with ADC hardware A programmable sensor interface (Melexis demo kit) What to do in this project (all teams get the same objective)? 1. Report and present the result writing a scientific paper of the team findings 5.

2. . Pressure chamber Pump for evacuating the pressure chamber Pressure meter ELN1M Project fall 2010 3.MEMS sensor interface study and practice Hardware/Software components Computer software LabView/Mathlab Computer system with ADC Melexis demo board Equipment for testing the pressure sensor: 1.

ELN1M project details: SP82 pressure sensor from Memscap Picture of the sensor Fronter reference: ELN1M Dokumenter/project/sensor/SP_82_Pressure_Sensor.pdf ELN1M Project fall 2010 .

SP 82 pressure sensor details Vacuum chamber Diaphragm Cap Silicon Chip Set Gold Wirebonds Transist or Header Connect ing Pins Pressure Connect ion Tubing Pr essu r e Cross section Diaphragm with bridge piezoresistors Silicon wafer with sensor chips ELN1M Project fall 2010 .

PB: Bonding Pads.SP82 Diaphragm layout BP R3 BP Square diaphragm with 4 ion-implanted piezo-resistors R1 to R4. temperature control components not shown R2 R4 R1 BP piezoresistors n-type substrate BP ELN1M Project fall 2010 .

figure 9.4 in textbook   R 0(1 + Ge) R 0(1 − Ge) Eth = VS  −   R 0(1 + Ge) + R 0(1 − Ge) R 0(1 − Ge) + R 0(1 + Ge)  1 + Ge 1 − Ge  Eth = VS  −  2   2 Eth = VSGe e: Strain in diaphragm ELN1M Project fall 2010 .SP82 deflection bridge design 4-element bridge.

Analog-Digital Converter National system NI PCI-6221 installed in one of the classroom PCs • Description of the computer ADC system is found on the Fronter server under the folder documents/project/computer AD-system ELN1M Project fall 2010 .

MLX90308 Programmable Sensor Interface The demo kit You find details in Fronter server folder: Dokumenter/project/ mexesis electronics system MLX90314 Microcontrollers A closer description of the demo kit and the chip will be given next week ELN1M Project fall 2010 .

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