Q/PC (JEB)/5602/01/2008 Ministry of External Affairs (Junior Establishment Board) New Delhi, the 03rd March, 2008

Approved minutes of the 1st Meeting of 2008 of Junior Establishment Board, in respect of Assistants, Clerks, Chauffeurs and Group-D held on 8th February, 2008 are enclosed for information.

Sd/(Satender Kumar) Under Secretary (PC, PD & PE) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Dir(EAMO) /PS to MOS (AS)/ PS to MOS (EA) Director (FSO) Dean (FSI)/ Secretary (E)/ Secretary (W) Additional Secretary (AD)/ Joint Secretary (AD) Joint Secretary (ADP), Chairman (JEB) Shri Anurag Saxena, Director (TA/TC) - Member (JEB) Ms Ms. Alpana Dubey, US (South) – Member (JEB) Shri Francis Xavier Xaxa, US(Gulf) - Member (JEB) US (PB)/US (PC)/Vigilance Unit/BOS/NGO/VCR/BA (SEB)/PC/PD/PE/PF/ PG/CCP Sections/Transport Cell, MEA Secretary, JCM (Staff Side) Secretary Gr-IV, V, VI Association/ Chauffeur’s Association/ Group D Association Notice Boards.


Mission Abu Dhabi (B) (02-Jul-08)

Name of the Officer in position B K Sikdar Transferred to Hq.

Name of the Officer recommended Ms Manju Sahni Hq. Kathmandu(C ) Hq. Dubai(A) Hq. Kingston (B) Hq. 10-Oct-05 (15-Apr-58/2+2/20-17) Ms Urmila Hq. Beijing (B), Hq. Kuwait (B), Hq. Edinburgh (A*) Hq. 05-Sep-05 (29-Nov-59) Ms Nandi Chowdhary Hq. Nairobi (B), Hq. Abu Dhabi (B) Hq. 20-Mar-06 (28-May-65/2+2/18-13) Ms Pushpa Dhingra Hq. Abu Dhabi (A), Hq. Kathmandu (C ) Hq. 22-May-06 (07-Dec-59/2+2/20-14) Ms Indu Bala Lamba Hq. Doha(B) Hq. Kathmandu(C ) Hq. London (A*) Hq. 01-Sep-06 (29-Apr-62/2+2/23-16) Ms Adesh Sudhir Hq. London (A*), Hq. Seoul (B) Hq. 26-Jun-06 (03-Jun-66/2+2/16-12) Ms R Prasanna Hq. Kyiv (C*), Hq. Vienna (A), Hq. Bangkok (B) Hq. 17-Aug-06 (15-Aug-64) Ashok Kumar Dhingra Hq. Karachi (C*), Hq. London (A*), Hq. Abu Dhabi (B)

Amman (B) (29-May-08)

Ms Kaberi Banerjee Transferred to Hq.

Bahrain (B) (06-Jun-08)

Afzal Hussain Transferred to Hq.

Bahrain (B) (11-Jul-08)

Ms Maria G Kujur Transferred to Hq.

Bahrain (B) (29-Aug-08)

Sanjay Kumar Sharma II Transferred to Hq.

Bangkok (B) (06-Jun-08)

Pardeep Kumar III (Now SO) Adjusted by SEB

Beijing (B) (31-May-08)

Amarnath Sharma Transferred to Hq.

Belgrade (C ) (19-Jul-08)

Nandkesh Narain Nayar Transferred to Hq.


Name of the Officer in position Baghdad (C*)18 m NF New post (11-Feb-08) This post is offered temporarily to Clerks, since Assistants with requisite service at Hq. aren’t available. Beijing (B) (16-Jun-08) Rakesh Jain Transferred to Hq. Hukum Chand(Asstt.)


Name of the Officer recommended Substitute to be selected later.

Satyen Roy Hq. Colombo(C ) Hq. 04-Dec-03 (14-Jan-72/2+1/inf.)

Dar es Salaam(C ) (01-Apr-08)

Jitendra Kumar Nil Superannuation on 31-Mar-08 Sr. 19-Oct-03 This post is offered Hq. 19-Oct-00 temporarily to Clerks, (18-Jun-71/2+2/11-10) since Assistants with requisite service at Hq. Posting of N.M. Naik, Asstt. to Dar es aren’t available. Salaam reviewed. Dhaka (C ) (21-Jun-08) Gopal Dey (Now Asstt.) Already adjusted Dhaka (C ) (24-Jul-08) Joydip Mondal (Now Asstt.) Already adjusted Dubai (B) (06-Aug-08) C D Pandey Transferred to Hq. Ms Madhu Bala Hq. Moscow (B) Hq. 15-Oct-03 (29-Nov-62/2+2/25-21) Bidhan C Sadhukhan Nil Hq. 30-Oct-03 Hq. 30-Oct-00 (31-Dec-75/2) Anil Mathews Alexander Hq. Phnom Penh (C*) Sr. 28-Sep-02 Hq. 28-Aug-02 (25-May-66/2+1/10) Post to be withdrawn IFS(B) Cadre review(2/2) Tribhuwan Kumar Nil Sr. 05-Dec-03 Hq. 05-Dec-00 (31-Mar-71/2+1/7) Rajendra Singh Parihar

Houston (A*) (30-Jun-08) Islamabad (C*) (13-Jun-08)

Dataram Kotnala Transferred to Hq. Sunil Namdorao Chanap Transferred to Hq.



18 B Goswami(Asstt.)


Mission Doha (16-Aug-08)

Name of the Officer in position Prem Chand, s/o Dina Nath Transferred to Hq.

Name of the Officer recommended Rajinder Kumar s/o Phanga Ram Hq. London Hq. Thimpu Hq. 30-Oct-06 (08-Apr-54/2+2/11-10)

Durban (Immediate)

Ramesh Chand, s/o Sant Ram Tilak Raj Hq. Geneva Transferred to Hq. prematurely Hq. New York Hq. Kathmandu Hq. 07-May-03 (01-Feb 60/2+2/19-18) Ishwar Singh, s/o Umed Singh Sita Ram Yadav s/o B S Yadav Hq. Islamabad Transferred to Hq. Hq. London Hq. 13-Mar-06 (22-Apr-52) Mast Ram, s/o Ganga Ram Already posted to Ramallah Vinod Kumar s/o Sri Prakash Hq. Islamabad Hq. Kuala Lumpur Hq. Jeddah Hq. Brunei Hq. 16-Mar-07 (01-Aug-58) Posting of Shri Ved Prakash, Chauffeur to Kuala Lumpur reviewed.

Islamabad (12-Jul-08)

Kuala Lumpur (16-May-08)

Kuwait (08-Aug-08)

Raju Adhikari, s/o Changu Ram Transferred to Hq.

Rajender Singh s/o Shyam Lal Hq. London Hq. 25-Sep-06 (17-Jul-57/2+3/26-21) C B S Dagar s/o Chhotu Ram Hq. Islamabad Hq. Jakarta Hq. San Francisco Hq. San Francisco Hq. 27-Nov-06 (24-Apr-52) s/o Ranbir Singh

Kyiv (27-Jun-08)

Om Prakash, s/o Harbans Lal Transferred to Hq.

London (06-Jun-08)

Rajender Singh, s/o Ajmeri Lal Sudesh Kumar Hq. Dhaka Transferred to Hq. Hq. 12-Oct-06 (22-Oct-74) Satyavan Singh, s/o Ram Singh

London (11-Jul-08)

A K J Ghatge s/o J T R Ghatge Hq. Islamabad

Group ‘D’ Mission Colombo (C) (Immediate) Name of the Officer in position C Ramaswami s/o Chenniappan Already transferred prematurely to Hq. Dhaka (C ) (12-Jun-08) Ram Rattan Singh Transferred to Hq. Name of the Officer recommended Ms Radha Rani w/o D C Kashyap Nil Hq. 20-Jun-95 (03-Feb-66/1+2/19-17) Ms Laxmi Devi Gusain w/o Narender Gusain Nil Hq. 12-Sep-95 (06-Jun-70/1+2/18-21) Ms Leela Devi w/o Diwan Singh Nil Hq. 06-Sep-95 (25-Jan-63/1+3/23-13) Naresh Kumar s/o Chuhar Singh Nil Hq. 26-Jul-95 (10-Sep-64/2+2/09-04) Subhash s/o Das Ram Hq. Islamabad (C*) – as Safai Karmchari Hq. 16-Aug-95 (01-Jul-63) Posting of Ms. Radha Rani, Group D to Jeddah reviewed. -x-

Dhaka (C ) (03-Jul-08)

Sansveer Singh Transferred to Hq.

Islamabad (C*) (19-Jul-08)

Faqir Chand Transferred to Hq.

Jeddah (C ) (19-Jan-08)

Braham Pal Transferred to Hq.

_______________________________________________ Users.hq mailing list Wednesday, January 09, 2008 12:06 PM
Subject: 1 JEB 2008 - Circular
Last date of receipt of representation: 22nd January, 2008

No. Q/PC (JEB)/5602/01/2008 Ministry of External Affairs

(Junior Establishment Board)

New Delhi, 08th January, 2008

Circular Subject: Representations for the 01st Meeting of JEB 2008 The Junior Establishment Board is likely to meet in January 2008 to consider filling up of the vacancies in respect of Assistants, Clerks, Chauffeurs and Group D Staff, arising in Missions/ Posts abroad from May 2008 to August 2008. 2. Rosters and Vacancies: The rosters of Officers at Headquarters and the lists of vacancies have been displayed on the notice boards. These rosters will be valid for the JEB meeting scheduled for January 2008 and also for Administrative Decisions, if any, thereafter. If the name of any official has not been included in the relevant roster due to oversight, or if the particulars indicated are found to be incomplete or incorrect, this may kindly be brought to the notice of the undersigned immediately, in writing. It may be noted that vacancies displayed are subject to change. 3. Representations: All Officers, whose names figure in the rosters and who are interested in posting abroad should fill up the Representation pro-forma, displayed alongside for consideration of JEB. Representations will be accepted only in the prescribed pro-forma. Officers who do not wish to be considered for posting abroad may give their representation in writing, on plain paper. The representations should reach the undersigned latest by 22nd January, 2008. Representations received thereafter will not be considered. Similarly, each official is required to indicate the preference for stations under Para 5 of the Representation Form, failing which, it would be presumed that he/she is prepared to go on posting to any station abroad. 4. Open and closed options : It is mandatory to give at least 6 entitled options (option for A/A* after A*/A similarly C/C* after C*/C would not be considered as entitled options) of at least 2 categories of stations in case of closed option, failing which the pro-forma will be treated as incomplete and the official may not be considered for posting abroad. 5. Direct postings to Chauffeurs: Representations for direct posting are invited from Chauffeurs, to all stations, except those where their families can accompany them at Government cost. 6. Extensions on educational grounds (if applicable): Requests for extensions have already been obtained (Reference circular of even number dated 13th Dec’07). No further requests for extension will be entertained. 7. Review of postings: Requests for review of posting will not be accepted on the grounds of ignorance of living conditions, non-availability of educational facilities etc. Further, any review still acceded to, will entail the name of the Officer not being covered for posting for two years. 8. Leave Periods: The seniority of the Officers, whose names are being displayed in their respective rosters, will be governed in accordance with our circular no. Q/PC (JEB)/5602/03/2001 dated 01st October 2001. 9. Verification of Antecedents: Officers who, have not filled up re-verification/SSQ forms in the last three years, are advised to procure them from the concerned Administrative Sections, and submit them to BOS immediately, failing which they will be not be considered for posting abroad.

1. 2.

All notice Boards/Sections in MEA/Board members. Ministry of Commerce-TC section.

Sd/(Satender Kumar) Under Secretary (PC, PD & PE)

Vacancies for Assistants for 01 JEB 2008 Mission Number of Vacancie s 01 01 01 03 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 02 01 02 01 01 01 01 01 01 02 01 01 01 01 Date of Vacancy

Abu Dhabi (B) Amman (B) Baghdad (C*)18 m NF Bahrain (B) Bangkok (B) Beijing (B) Belgrade (C ) Berlin (A) Budapest (B) Cairo (B) Caracas (B) Copenhagen (A) Dar es Salaam (C ) Doha (B) Dubai (B) Edinburgh (A*) Geneva (A*) Hanoi (C*) Ho Chi Minh City (C*) Hong Kong (A) Jalalabad (C*) 18m Jeddah (C) Kampala (C ) Kathmandu (C* ) Kyiv (C*) Lisbon (A)

02-Jul-08 29-May-08 Immediate 06-Jun-08, 11-Jul-08, 29-Aug08 03-Jun-08 31-May-08 19-Jul-08 11-Jul-08 23-Aug-08 21-Jun-08 20-Jun-08 17-May-08 23-Aug-08, 01-Apr-08 06-Jun-08 29-May-08, 09-Jul-08 18-Jul-08 23-Aug-08 24-Aug-08 04-Jul-08 27-Jun-08 31-May-08 16-May-08, 17-May-08 08-Aug-08 02-May-08 20-May-08 08-Jun-08

London (A*) Lusaka (C ) Male (C ) Manila (B) Mexico City (B) Munich (A) Muscat (B) Paris (A) Port of Spain (B) Riyadh(C ) San Francisco (A*) Sana'a (C*) Seoul (B) Singapore (A) Sydney (A*) Toronto (A*) Tripoli (C*) Vancouver (A*) Washington (A*) Zanzibar (C*)

08 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 05 01 01 01 01 01 02 01 01 02 01

03-May-08, 08-Jun-08, 14-Jun08, 15-Jun-08, 20-Jun-08, 18Jul-08, 25-Jul-08, 22-Aug-08 02-Aug-08 08-May-08 31-May-08 06-Jul-08 25-Jul-08 21-May-08 25-Jul-08 13-Jun-08 04-Jun-08, 04-Jun-08, 21-Jun08, 21-Jun-08, 05-Jul-08 25-Jul-08 06-Jul-08 08-Aug-08 Immediate 20-Jun-08 27-Jun-08, 05-Jul-08 11-Jul-08 30-Jun-08 12-Jun-08, 16-Aug-08 23-Aug-08

Roster of Assistants at Hqrs. for 01 JEB 2008

Serial Name and previous no. postings 1. Prem Kumar Hq. Karachi (C ) Hq. 23-Aug-86 (07-Jul-57) 2. Ms Kanta Grover Hq. Singapore (A) Hq. 14-Nov-94 (27-Oct-58/2) Ms Sharanjit Jaggi Hq. Kabul (C ) Hq. Dubai (A) Hq. 19-Jun-95 (01-May-55/2+1/23) Mahabir Prasad Hq. Islamabad (C ) Hq. Kathmandu (C ) Hq. 03-Oct-96 (01-Apr-51) Ms S K Sethi Hq. Singapore (A) Hq. 31-May-99 (04-Nov-57/2+2/21-17) Ms Davinder Luthra Hq. Dubai (A) Hq. Jakarta (B) - 10 mths Hq. 12-Nov-99 (15-Sep-58) Ms Anita Gupta Hq. Kuwait (B) Hq. 19-Jun-00 (27-May-63) Ms Veena Rani Hq. Madrid (A) Hq. 25-Oct-00 (15-Jan-61) O P Bhati Hq. Bahrain (B) Hq. 20-Nov-00 (01-Dec-47)

Deployment PAI










Finance II





10. Inderjit Singh Hq. Dhaka (C ) Hq. 05-Feb-01 (30-Jun-70)

Copying Unit

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