Synonyms 1 ABASE 2 3 4 5 6 7 ABBERRATOIN ABET ABEYANCE ABJURE ABLUTION ABNEGATION (a) incur deviation conceive obedience discuss censure blackness (b) tax adhorence wager discussion renounce forgiveness self-denial (c) estimate dislike encourage excitement run off secretly mutiny selfishness (d) elope absence evade suspended action perjure survival cause (e) humiliate anecdote protect editorial project washing effectiveness primitive inhabitant fruitful

8 9


first design unsuccessful restrained eating or drinking profound stimulate bottomless fail index sheer endurance capture appear superfluous boldness make noble righteous easiness entertain recommended doubtful venturesome

absolution consuming

finale financing

concept familiar

10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28


vulgar display irrespective grasp eternal compromise report nooisy fortirude waste way be absent fortitude asperity anoint prospective greed transform commiserating virtual dedicated

deportment suspended opposite meteoric correct upslope of a hill astral session govern weaken unusual strength increase assistant statement turn away started deadly mild

reluctance protesting widen diabolic consent character unusal heinous act award prize testify clashing stature harvest archaic invoice lead toward crooked conventional fanatic

population not thorough adjoin adjoin mollify negotiator clever hatred defeat soothe lovely anchorage reach mandatory power displease psychological virtous memorable

29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58


philosphical intellectual conflicting sensitive brave insight careful weaponry shameless enquine opening diseased voluminious lock discord youthful vague loyal unite developing musical marine foolish indirect galvanize abortive

trite thankful noisy pompous oafish chowder salty boasting quick pathetic pamphlet repulsive indecisive hiding place dance holy outspoken timid fear brief episodic economical swift complete visualize secret fear of spiders waterfall vehicle begin

dramatic decisive testimonial rapid romantic gold chosen skirmish modest hasty censor rustic convincing tide appluae mild experienced curt record distant hotheaded impolite early obvious locate tangible love of books assembly morale force

heedless poisonous greatful sufficient speedy clear soup tough encounter pleasant spoptted bureau twinkling plump automobile type of telephone colored anxious pure skid economical global compact constructed aware quote doomed fear of grammer adherence platitude icense

discussed remorseful adolescent expensive dry stew wet position meldramatic mild tasting pin cold bookish grapping hook rooster seated sallow outspoken scold fantastic seasonal young hairy tortured signal approved fear of closed places surplus pique ignore

CLAUSTROPHOBIA of confidence lack CLEFT CLICHÉ COERCE split increase recover

59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88


policy hold together furor burnt dialect cozy flammable yielding communicate numerous numerous defend thrive build discuss agreement slight magic gourmand



omission materialize spree gifted discussion dumb specific equal in extent diminish limited adamant quarrel drink infuriate exit pride existing at birth form delinequent relief sheaf erect beam smug bodies of land difficulty recognized explain gather familiar

examination understand lunch problematic expansion grim plastic roving sympathize expensive livid react invent overlook convey restraint classified place interpreter understanding crevice block inform creative self -restraint smuggling perspring swing motivate pedantic

occur simulteneously recollect emphasis polished diversion restrained industrious unattractive expand yielding veracious activate wonder evaluate discover ambition obscure guess lover of art friendship distillery political announcement alert waterproff extremely sleepy repay liesurely soft integrate intrude pierce seize confinement thorough position humidor bloosletting insignificance reserve polutte quarrelsome embryology rascality restful mind question incorporated


general agreement project explain arrest squealing humanity purpose smart turnover propose ignorant promote prepare surprising research rogue penitent contradict restore speaking

89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99


plentiful regenerate kill trap flavored momentary feebleness failure to act determination manicure surprised delaying confusion refuse action wickedness insane blow joy mystify countenanace requisition pious enterance debassed deadly garrulous set free doff cherish

cheating obese disgrace quadrangle demure emotional disease tendency to err desertion ride lowered experimental deception blacken scenery sadness systematic inhabit speed suffice encourage organ shocking bird respectful eloping primevl take back don overheat

dishonorable different search quarter flowery suppressed coolness desire to remedy invitation pollute ascended harmful flood terrify resort heaviness neighborly spin treasure improve recognize charge anxious exit drooping evasive vigorous make worse absond entangle

adventutous hungry collide activity low-necked proper melee debt affectoin assemble learned graduating mountain admit charcter tidiness alphabetical lessen warmth erect blackball accordion socialable double gay simple disparate embolden adorn assure

inspired bloody deride downward slope sweet unexpected crowd misunderstanding reaervation order prejudged glorious weapon review solution seriousness surrounded combine lack entertain rub out dummy gloomy progress charitable peteified thin run away equalize worry


119 EMENDATION 120 EMINENT 121 FLORID 122 FOIL 123 FOMENT 124 FOOLHARDY 125 FOPPISH 126 FORAY 127 FORMIDABLE 128 FOSTER 129 FRANCHISE 130 FRITTER 131 FRUGLITY 132 FULMINATE 133 FUROR 134 FURTIVE 135 GADFLY 136 GALLEON 137 GARISH 138 GARNER 139 GARNISH 140 GARRULITY 141 GARRULOUS 142 GAUCHE 143 GAUDY 144 GAUNT 145 GENUFLECT 146 GERMANE 147 GERMINAL 148 GIST correction purposeful ruddy bury spoil strong scanty excursion dangerous accelerate subway sour foolishness fulfill excitement underhanded humorist liquid measure sordid prevent paint creduility arid rigid holy victorious faisfy bacteriological creative chalff interpretation high rusty frustrate instigate unwise radical contest outlandish fondle discount chafe extremity contemplate worry coy nuisance ship flashy assist garner senility hasty swift showy tiny trick Middle European excused summary exhumation delectable ruined shield interrogate brave orthodox ranger grandiloquent inquiry curious patient desire spray futile dandyish insttution impenetrable fault urgent poetic gain maintain erudite magnificient fish venerable roll fashion abuse economy meander lover abortive thief printers proff thoughtful consult banish artistry talkative needy whimsical nervous pronounce correctly relevant strategic chore become infected rise licence dissipate indiffernce talk nonsense flux rilliant scholar armada promientt collect adorn loquaciousness sociable awkward sentimental stylish project prominent sterilized expostulation reason cancel enthusiasm protest loudly anteroom quick bum company lusty compute abuse speciousness quaint taciturn mild haggard bend the knee warlike primitive expiation .

149 GLIB 150 GNOME 151 INCLEMENT 152 INCOMPITABLE slippery fury unfavorable capable fashionable giant abandoned reasonable insignificant complaisiant straight invove educate pusillanimous bombast poverty doubtfully drunkenness spiritual unbelievable age stimulating anonymous not dangerous suggest flat unite amuse dispute fleet flexible stubborness hot abnormal antiquated dwarf kindly faulty subsquent crass inconceivable initmidate exonerate penurious obeisance latitude carefully felony foolish perfect inoculation natïve fanciful not egar report wily flow relate prohibit occasional unruly novelty understood above artuculate native selfish indifferent insufficient wanton unreliable lacerate prpare affluent insult aptitude carelessly starvation clumsy inaccurate hospital worried accurate not frank rectify talkative copy frequent decide fearless efficient timidity callow abandoned anticimatic allien active alienated preceding false. unreformable prevaricate embrass contrary message anger certainly gluttony abundant inquisitive unity cautious atypical not peaceful lecture lucid assume abandon fret responding base cupidity courageous basic 153 INCONSQUENTIAL disorderly 154 INCONTINENT insular 155 INNCORRIGIBLE narrow 156 INCRIMINATE 157 INCULATE 158 INDIGENT 159 INDIGENTY 160 INDOLENCE 161 INDUBITABLY 162 INEBRIETY 163 INEPT 164 INFALLIBLE 165 INFIRMITY 166 INGENOUS 167 INIMICAL 168 INNOCUOUS 169 INSINUATE 170 INSIPID 171 INTEGRATE 172 INTER 173 INTERDICT 174 INTERMITTENT 175 INTRACTABLE exacerbate exculpate lazy pomposity sloth flagrantly revelation outward final disability clever antagonistic not capable resist witty tolerate bury acclaim heavy culpable 176 INTRANSIGENCE lack of training 177 INTREPID 178 INTRINSIC cold extrinsic .

179 INUNDATE 180 INVEIGH 181 MAWKISH 182 MEDKOCRE 183 MELEE 184 MELLIFLOUS 185 MENIAL 186 MENTOR 187 MESMERIZE 188 METICULOUS 189 MASMA 190 MILITANT 191 MINION 192 MIRAGE 193 MISANTHROPE 194 MISCHANCE 195 MISDEMEANOR 196 MODISH 197 MOLIFY 198 MONETARY 199 MORATORIUM 200 MORDANT 201 MORIBUND 202 MOTLEY 203 MUGGY 204 MULCT 205 MULTILINGUAL 206 MUNDANE 207 MUNIFICIENT 208 MUSTY abuse speak violently sentimental average heat porous intellectual guide remember steadfast dream combative monster dessert benefactor gambie felony sentimental avenge boring burial dying dying active attacking swindle variegated global grandlose flat deny orate true. bitter brawl honeycombed clarivoyant genius hypnotize recent noxious fumes dramatic quorum illusion philanderer ordinance peccadillo stylish attenuate fascinating gathering trenchant appropriate disguissed fascinating hold polygolt futile puny necessary swallow disturb certain medieval attempt strong service talker delay quaint scenario religious majority water man-hater aperture indignity vacillating attribute fiscal delay fabricating leather bound variegated humid record multilateral spatial philanthropic indifferent treat apply devious industrial weapon smooth arrogant philsopher bore painstaking quantity quaint host miror aesthete anecdote flat contrary monthly stationary refusal controlling answering somber characteristic print polyandrous heretic poor nonchalant flood whisper carefree africultural choice viscous laudatory stylist analyse overt total paternal dependent statement epicure adversity illliteracy adorned appease scrupulous susicion avenging undertaking sick gelid fertilizer multipiled worldly gracious vivid .

209 MYOPIC 210 NASCENT 211 PHLEMATIC 212 PHYSIOGNOMY 213 PIEBALD 214 PILLAGE 215 PINION 216 PINNACLE 217 PIOUS 218 PIQUE 219 PLACATE 220 PLAGIARISM 221 PLAINTIVE 222 PLATITUDE 223 POLEMIC 224 PONDEROUS 225 PRECARIOUS 226 REFRACTORY 227 REGEL 228 REITERATE 229 RELISH 230 REMISS 231 REMONSTRATE 232 REPARTEE 233 REPELLENT 234 REPERCUSSION 235 REPLENISH 236 REPLICA 237 REPRISAL 238 REPROVE visionary incipient calm posture motley hoard express foothhills historic pyramid determine theft of funds mournful fatness blackness contemplative priceless articulate opperessive gainsay desire lax display witty retort propulsive reaction polish museum piece reevaluation prevail nearsighted ignorant cryptic head coltish plunder report card game devout revolt transmit theft of ideas senseless bravery lightning moist premature sinkable royal revive nibble lost restate willful departure unattractive restitution repeat famous site assessment rebuke moral loyal practical physique hairless versify reveal pass multiple resentment pacify belief in god persistent dimension magnetism rambling primitive vaunted major revenge savour foolish protest spector porous resistance reinstate battle emblem loss ascertain glassy treacherous salivary face thoroughbred denigrate submit taunt fortunate struggle allow arson rural trite remarek controversy bulky hazardous useless basic repeat vindictive violating resign monoogue stiff magnificence refill facsimile retalation prove false blind unnamed dishonest size delicious confide restrain peak authoritative inventory define ethical theory evasive strong belief grimace erect unwelcome unmanageable entertaining return avail ambitious relterate sacrifice elastic acceptance refuse replacement nonsence draw back .

239 REPUDIATE 240 REPUGNANCE 241 TARRY 242 TAUTOLOGY 243 TAWDRY 244 TEMERITY 245 TEMPORAL 246 TENACIOUS 247 TENACITY 248 TENDENTIOUS 249 TENTATIVE 250 TENUOUS 251 TEPID 252 TERSE 253 TESSELATED 254 THESPIAN 255 TITILLATE 256 VOLUBLE 257 VORACIOUS 258 VOUCHSAFE 259 WAIF 260 WANTON 261 WARRANTY 262 WASTREL 263 WAYLAY 264 WELTER 265 WHINNY 266 WINDFALL 267 WINSOME 268 WIZENED besmirch belligerence polish memory orderly timidity priesty fast running splendor biased prevalent vital boiling brief in speech striped foreigner hasten worthwhile ravenous borrow soldier needy threat refuse ambush heat complain unexpected gain victorious magical appropriate tenacity ewareain repetition meretricious resourcefulness scholary intentional perseverance likely portable thin lukewarm bold in manner annoy renewal supass tension reclaimed boldness secular obnoxious tendency absurd mocking careful freezing under strain reject pity linger simile filtered tremulousness sleepy holding fast ingratitude festive wry dangerous gaseous without honor uniform magician incorporate loquacious pacific desire breeze orintal issue tolerance road map universe neigh autuman permanent swift avow loathing disturb lack of logic proper caution sporadic collecting decimation literary experimental necessary cold beyond fear trimmed actor enlarge circular tenacious qualify spouse unchaste fund song song tumult gallop wait pained active made of mosaics piebald skeptic fasten serious spacious grant urchin passive guarantee spendthrift journey greeting hurry dydreamer stimulate terminal truthful punish surrender rumored order for arrest mortal rest recovery request wide spread destruction calm gracious clever married shriveled .

269 YEOMAN 270 ZEALOT masses beginner middle-class farmer proletarian patron fanatic indigent person murderer man of rank leper .





pr .






ANTONYMS 1 ADULATION 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 ADVOCATE AFFABLE AFFECTED AFFLUENCE AGILITY ALACRITY ALLEVAITE ALLURE ALOOF AMALGAMATE AMBIGOUS AMBLE AMBULATORY AMELIPRATE AMICABLE AMORAL AMORPHOUS AMPLIFY ANALOGOUS (a) youth define rude weary poverty awkwardeness slowness endure hinder triangualar equip salvageable bedriend convalescent make slow penetraing unusual nauseous distract not comparable (b) purity oppose rubby unfriendly fear solidity plenty worsen repel gregarious separate corresponding hasten valedictory make sure compensating unfriendly obscene infer not capable deceive cruel dull bastion requisition signed subtle objection (c) brightness remove needy divine perrsuasion temper filfth enlighten ignore comparable generate responsible steal bedridden make young unfriendly ethical providential publicize not culpable regulate red-blooded homorous giraffe registry defined isolated willingness (d) defense inspect useless unfeigned consideration hormony courtesy maneuver leave honorable materialize clear browse emergency make worse zigzag suave definite decrease not corporeal radiate ventiliating lengthy grimace regularity expert celebrated abstension (e) criticism deiscern consious slow neglect warmth despair humiliate wallow savory repress auxiliary prattle congenital make able inescapable firm happy pioneer not congenial bless hazardous realistic favour radation written modern fondness ANATHEMATIZE locate ANEMIC ANIMATED ANIMUS ANOMALY ANONYMOUS ANTEDILUIVAN ANTIPATHY pallid worthy pterodactyl desperation desperate transported profundity .

29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 ANTITHESIS APHASIA BARAQUE BEATIFIC BELITTLE BELLICOSE BENIGN BENSION BERATE BESTIAL BIGOTRY BIZARRE BLANCH BLAND BLASÉ BLEAK BLITHE CAPACIOUS CAPARICIOUS CAPTIOUS CARNAL velocity volubility polished glorious disobey peaceful tenfold curse grant animated arrogance roomy bleach caustic fiery pale spirtual warlike satisfied tolerant impressive maxim necessity constant dreadful forget naval peaceful bachelor praise noble approval veilled scatter meager clever sudden profouse cordial insured capable minute tangential uncritical patience ironic pacific state married enclose similarity pain transformed theatrical magnify amusing blessed wedding refer zoological mourning subdued darken soft intiguing dry cheerless curious photographic frivolous spritual productive unintellectual generosity impartial narrow acerbity retired interest acceleration crack simple crooked extol piecemeal wavering orgy purchase clear promptness trimphant analyse uncooked slim narrow hybrid not spacious scattered winning actual weak illegal understatement qualified weighty delay commodious praise reaction prayer aglow handsome envay errant malignant tragedy deny dusky tolerance normal subdivide helpless ardent cheerful comfortable not capable steadfast recollected private vegetarian terse honesty permanent funny infamy dubious penetrate CARNIVOROUS gloomy CARPING CASTIGATION CATEGORICAL CATHOLIC CELERITY CELIBATE CENSURE rapid commendation negative religious assurance investing process .

58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 CENTRIFUGAL CESSATION CHAFFING COY COZEN CRAVEN CRUX CRYPTIC CUPIDITY CURTAIL CYNICAL DANK DAPPER DAUNTLESS DEARTH DEBACLE centripetal premium achieving weak amuse desirous affiction tomblike anxiety mutter trusting dry unintelligent stolid life progress ephemeral gravity serious airy treat honestly direct spark futile tragedy lengthen effortless guiltless untidy cowardly abundance refusal lasting beginning captalistic brazen prate bold events famous generosity express conclusive warm uncertain irrelevant brightness masque barometic composition sneezing old shackle civilized trivial point candid entertainment burden gallant babbling ungrateful peculliar terror cowardice algebraic apathy expensive tiresome villify controlled belief indifferent love shore up vertical reserved unhealthy particular width traffic .

74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 DEBILITATE DEBONAIR DEROGATORY DESECRATE DESPICABLE DESTITUTE DEVOID DEVOUT DIABOLICAL DIATRIBE DIFFIDENCE DILATE DILATORY DIMINUTION DIN DISABUSE bedevil awkward roguish desist steering affluent latent quiet mischievious mass sharpness procrastinate narrowing expectation lightness crash repress windy immediate intergrate strength balmy opinionated confuse animate strong praising intensify featreless characteristic suspecting straightforward azure elegy dialogue participate portentous appreciation hunger control joyous scrutinize gasp humility wait distasteful dishonest identity directness preferable clear steady abrupt deaden strormy conferred consecrate incapable explanatory evident wrong redolent starvation catalog divert sour difficulty promptness deceive prominent agree avoid kindness mumble eternal scanty luster urgency rough universal unknown round worthy of esteeminevitable dazzing eschewed dual lavish range boldness contract prompt context safety violate thankful sputter doubt excitement request passing decisive stirring peace able to learn quaint free dignified stationary full of impious seraphic eulogy maicontent conclude eniarging validity silence renege theatrical arrange scuff seriousness deliver popular stormy volume inequity unfair azure popular curious DISCONSOLATE unprejudiced ENERVATE ENHANCE ENNUI ENUNCIATE EMPHEMERAL EQUABLE EQUANIMITY EQUILIBRIUM EQUITABLE EQUIVOCAL ERRATIC ERRONEOUS strengthen degrade hate pray sensuous flat agitation imbalance able to leave mistaken unromantic accurate .

free merry watchful bargain vanquish accumulate meditative fidget inter rebuke reimburse counterfelt picturesque expressive cursory introvert functional pithy similar bearish stylish distaste gloomy oratorical vast martial conspiring EXTEMPRANEOUS rehearsed EXTRANEOUS EXTRINISIC EXTROAVERT GRANDIOSE GRATUITOUS GREGARIOUS GRISLY GULLIBLE GUSTO GUSTY HACKNEYED HAGGARD HALCYON HAPHAZARD modern reputable clown false. warranted antisocial suggestive incredulous noise calm carried shrewish wasteful safe .103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 ERUDITE ETHEREAL EULOGISTIC EUPHONIOUS EVASIVE EXASPERATE EXCORIATE EXCULPATE EXECRABLE EXECRATE EXHUME EXODUS EXONERATE EXORBITANT professorial long lasting pretty strident frank confide scandalize blame innumerable disobey decipher neglect forge moderate stately earthy critical letheargic correct formalize encourage prevail philosophic enact sadden consent accuse partisan hybrid decisive inherent hero ideal frank anticipatory doubtful fickle panic noisy original inspired prior indifferent short ill briefd literary empty placate avoid acquire physical perform integrate entry record military humiliating essential swift ectomorph proud ingenuous glorious untidy tantamount atmosphere fragrant banned plump subsquent deliberate unknown critical stern significant fertile betray praise ravish excellent acclaim admit gain doctor barbaric statesmanllike effective ambitious neurotic simple frgual horrendous pleasant easy gloom routine timely maidently puerile tense ignorant false.

narrow-minded fantastic worthy not certain lazy fraglle correctable mischievous stimulated inflammed ruddy courage submerge bloodless fortunate overtake interpreter unlikely local weakness erudite killing leave capital wakefulness wastefulness purebred curve extreme shameful wizened considerate nurture pacifist similar seaonal casualty quiet frantic transform axie vale friction oafish understatement inarticulate amiable opposed shapely depart owner banished discordant paculty long dissuading solidify wax vestment cowardice genial expansion cautious modest axiomatic known not brilliant excessive varied legal violent void unblased sedate liberty repent blind HETEROGENEOUSrthodox o HIBERNAL HILARITY HIRSUTE HORTATORY HOVER HUBBUB HUMMOCK HUSBANDRY HYBRID HYPERBOLE musical gloom scaly inquiring commence calm unmusical sportsmanship productive velocity HYPERCRITICAL tolerant HYPOCRITICAL sincere HYPOTHETICAL rational IGNOBLE ILLUSIVE IRAKSOME IRRELEVENT IRREPARABLE IRREVERENT JADED JAUNDICED JAUNTY JEOPARDY JETTISON JOCULAR produced by fire not deceptive interesting lacking fragile legible related upright whitened youthful patience salvage arterial given to questioning huge not obvious tireless congruent proverbiall respective aspiring quickened strong safety descend verbose not coherent devious pertinent consice pious applied aged untaveled willingness decelerate serious .132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 HAPLESS HEED HERETIC cheerful ignore sophist consistent hope believer pagan summerlike heartiness blad denying southe fury scorn dishonesty special climax false.

161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183 184 185 186 187 188 189 JUDICIOUS KINDLE LACHRYMOSE pinitive dislike cheering unwise quench smooth possessing time verbose praise length forbidding unwashed disclaming stirct compulsion beautiful dam proper turbid impid mundane evident sentimental clear lacking hypothecation satelite biased marauding dismayed renowned fleeting criminal gather passionate ambitious wicked abandon embarrassment execrable timely defamatory shrill zeal enervating praise gigantic tangential facetious positive deliberate soporfic cold benign affirmation desperado prodigal patrolling fragrant inactive finite licit sparkle curt pusllanimous flagrant sail wine early decent inflammatory boring addiction invigorating blame elegant timid inspid undiscolored eager soothing fundamental pompous violation handwritng bankrupt daily sleepy interpid fascinating temporary estrange tense intelligent derelict fly avarice obvious frugal debased cowardly purity interrogating solemnity barren weary vast vast tiny sedate porous futile anticipation violence placated fallow inquisitive invincible permanent LACKADAISICAL monthly LACONIC LAMPOON LANGOUR LATENT LAVISH LAUDATORY LAX LECHERY LETHARGIC LEVITY LILLIPUTIAN LIMPID LITHE LIVID LOATH LOQUACIOUS NEBULOUS NEFARIOUS NEGATION NEOPHYTE NIGGARDLY NOCTURNAL NOISOME NOTORIOUS OBDURATE milky darken vitality trim hostile dirtying salty trust convalescent bridge destructive erect stiff alive loose tactiturn starty various postulation veteran protected harsh quiet fashionable yielding .

190 191 192 193 194 195 196 197 198 199 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218 OBESE OBJECTIVE OBLIGATORY OBLOQUY OBSEQUIOUS OBESSION OBSOLETE skilful indecisive demanding praise successful whim heated cadaverous apthetic optional rectangle democratic loss desolate quiet transparent redolent liking democratic ignorant sleep fragrant clever markedly inferior facile circle supercilious phobia renovated remote tranquil fetid dominant despotic essential stimulant fragile unpredictable lucid emotionally involved authoritative friendly dialogue ambitious delusion frightful lucid timid deligtful hasty passionate trival laziness awkward adversary freedom minimum passion illicit acriminious delighting divorced cure lamentable feud automatic active shrewd puny atrium late isolated despair neglected colleague praise chosen poverty irrational exaggerated declaining warranted void abolished distinctive danger inherent lasting OBSTREPEROUSturbid OBTUSE ODIOUS ODIUM OMINIPOTENT OMINISCENT OPIATE OPPORTUNE OPPORTUNIST OPPROBRIUM OPTIUM OPULENCE sheer fragrant noise weak sophasicated distress occasional man of destiny delineation pessimistic pessimism man of principle chageling aptitude knowledgeable patriotism unassuming impotent legal philandering imminence captivated thorough planet stationary effective majesty worst potency impolite avid determining OSTENTATIOUS inactive OVERWEENING humble PEJORATIVE PELLUCID PENCHANT PENURIOUS positive logistical distance imprisoined incomphrehensible vargant dislike generous insipid apogee disarming plodding attitude vacant vicarious refugee seeking impenetrable PERFUNCTORY official PERIGEE PERIPATTIC PERMEABLE eclipse wordly perishable .

219 220 221 222 223 224 225 226 227 228 229 230 231 232 233 234 235 236 237 238 239 240 241 242 243 244 245 246 247 PERNICIOUS PERPECTUAL PERSPICUITY PERT practical momentary grace polite comparative standard feature perishable consumptive living moral anticipatory magnificent diva activation calm prior condemned assumption thrifty indignant desecrate backward indifferent harmless serious review moral superficial discontented declining cautious conclusive aria motivation unassuming exterior irreligious corruptibility consistent indifferent define barren redundant tangible industrial difficulty delibrate skilled puzzling underhanded considerate intelligent aftermath proposition futile private cautious extent compatible indisposed manifest conroversial livid brushing virtue indicative imaginative rapid retrace disabled aural soulful detailed interpretive vagueness stubborn advertised irrelevant uncomplaining welcome predatoty duplication humility volatile cautious critical upswing remote insufficient urge unfocussed pithy favorable simplicity unfavourable rhetorical unfavorable involve remote sophisticated sane PERTINACIOUS vengeful PERTINENT PETULANT PRECIPITATE PREFACTORY PRELUDE PRESUMPTION PRETENTIOUS PRIM PRISTINE PROBITY PRODIGAL PRODIGIOUS PROFANE PROLIFIC PROLIX understood angry dull outstanding intermezzo assertion ominous informal cultivated regret large infinitesimal sanctify upworkable stupid PROPHYLACTIC causing growth PROPINQUITY PROPITOUS PROSAIC PROTEAN PROTRACT PROVIDENT PROVINICIAL PSYCHOTHIC remoteness rich pacified amateur make circular unholy wealthy dangerous causing disease antangonisic uniqueness induced reprieved catholic shorten rash crass clarivoyant health prompted pensive unchanging further miserable literary criminal .

248 249 250 251 252 253 254 255 256 257 258 259 260 261 262 263 264 265 266 267 268 269 270 271 272 273 274 275 276 PUERILE PUGNACIOUS PUISSANT PULCHRITUDE PUNCTILIOUS PUNITIVE fragrant pacific pouring ugliness happy large adult feline fashionable notoriety active humorous chained quarrelsome foolish placid accepting fashion inclining dishonour scant violent nave lonely mature articualte bestiality vivid rewarding posthumous undisputed worothy remorseful repetitive treachery evaluating age peaceful vicious grotesqueness feminine angular healthy masculinity careless restive courageous powerful insolent resistant avoiding loquaciousness concentrating precede grim villanous slimness strong defence exoitic developed capital mercenary militant pious vaccant veracious permitted maudlin lose masterly inactive weak servitude futile languishing strident unremarkable unyielding retiring fascinating magnimity directing wake mature hungry impropriety glib answer creative quiescent zealous civilian maximum grateful fortune fallacious minimum wanted confuse PUSILLANIMOUS poverty.stricken PUTATIVE RESILIENT RESTIVE RETENTIVE RETICENCE RETROGRADE REVERGE RIFE ROBUST ROTUNDITY RUBBLE RUDDY RUDIMENTARY RUEFUL RUSTIC RUTHLESS colonial pungent buoyant forgetful fatigue progressing advance direct weak promenade artificial facade robust pale trite urban merciful unbroken stone pale complexion witty polite content slow majestic paltry quaint bitter ruddy bloody outfit wan asinine capable corroded mighty mercenary kindhearted voracious colorless miasmic burn SANCTIMONOUShypothetical SADISTIC SAGACIOUS SALLOW SALUBRIOUS SALVAGE happy foolish salacious salty remove .

277 278 279 280 281 282 283 284 285 286 287 288 289 290 291 292 293 294 295 296 297 298 299 300 301 302 303 304 305 SANGUINE SATIETY SCANTY SCURRILOUS SECULAR SEDENTARY SEDULOUS SENILITY SENTENTIOUS TRACTABLE TRADUCE TRANQUILLITY TRANSIENT TREMULOUS TRENCHANT TREPIDATION TRITE TRUCULENT TUMULT TURBID TURBULENCE TURGID TURPITUDE TYRO UNEARTH UNFEIGENED UNGAINLY choleric emptiness collected savage vivid vicarious indplent virility paragraphed ummanageable exhume lack of sleep carreid steady lacking bite slowness correct juicy sacrcity clear reaction rancid amplitude infant conceal pretended ignorant sickening warmth remote scabby clerical loyal guileless loauaciousness positive irreligious increase lack of calm close obese imperious amputation original overflowing defeat improbable approach shrunken heat rubber gnaw fashionable graceful rampaging washed warranted erectness invisible decent punitive accidental vindicitive forgerfulness posthmous mortal purchase emptiness permanent young inessentieal fearlessness distinguished peaceful coolness inavariable improperiety cool wealth personnel clean wary detailed faulty neat irritated ignorance plentiful volatile positive active upright youth pacific inacapable extol renewal removed healthy unafraid adroitness premature determined density honest calm explosive virtue idiot fling switched dancing pensive showy pessimistic strighness straight major varying afrad inncorrect majority wordy unreal donate closeness certain unkempt narrow-minded death certain false serenity turgid hostility painful quiet expert react colonial pedantic through tawdry UNIMPECHABLE fritful UNKEMPT bombed .

306 307 308 309 310 311 312 313 314 315 UNRULY UNSEEMLY UNSULLIED UNTENABLE UNWITTING VACILLATION VALEDICTORY VALOR VANGUARD VAUNTED chatting effortless tarnished supportable clever remorse sad admonition regiment unvanquished obedient proper countless tender intense relief collegiate injustice rear fell definite conducive soggy sheepish sensitive respect derivative cowardice echelon belittled lined pointed papered tremulous freezing steadfastness salutatory generousity protection exaciting curious informative honicidal adequate intentional inoculation promising repression loyality believed .

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