Triathlon  Training  Template  

Easy  ride  for  work.   Must  recover  from   previous  week  to  start   hard  training   tomorrow.     3  days  (2-­‐4)  of   hard  training.   Order  of   sessions  can   vary.    
Day   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   Shift   0630-­‐1630   0730-­‐1730   0900-­‐2100   1630-­‐0630   /   -­‐   -­‐   AM   Recovery   Bike:   Intervals   Run:   Long   Run:   Intervals     Brick   Bike:   Long   Swim     PM     S&C    

If  previous  day  easy  and   well  recovered  then  can   bring  harder  training   forward.  Day  5  will  have   to  be  for  recovery.    

Swim:   Intervals   S&C  /  Recovery  /   Catch  Up   Swim:   Steady   S&C   Bike  or  Run:   Speed    

8   -­‐   3  days  (6-­‐8)  of   hard  training.       Order  of   sessions  can   vary.   Race  pace  work.     This  should  be  a   very  hard  set.    

Any  training  must  not   compromise  the  next  3   days.    Coming  off   nightshift  will  play  a   role  in  choice  of   training  here.    

If  longer  training  missed   during  the  week,  then  can   change  to  longer   intervals.  Aim  is  for  a   very  high  intensity  as   next  day  is  for  recovery.