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The site that you are looking at was uncovered in a heavily traveled shipping channel in

an America port. As you may have guessed this is a submarine. The sub has been lifted
out of the water and half of the sub has been removed. As you examine the site look at
all the artifacts that have been exposed and use them to explain what happened here.
Remember the dead will answer every question you have; you just have to ask the right
question and listen for the answer!

1. What is the area in the bow of the submarine used for? (in front of the half wall)
2. What can this half wall tell us about the construction of the stern of the vessel?
3. How many crew members were aboard the submarine when it went down? (based
on the physical evidence.)
4. Where are all of the remains of the crew?
5. Why are the remains of the Blue skeleton in order?
6. Why are the remains of the red skeleton either missing or in disarray?
7. What is the approximate date of the wreck?
8. What is the large pot used for?
9. Why are most of the shoes located in the bow area of the boat?
10. What sank the vessel?
11. How is the vessel propelled?
12. Is there any evidence of religion onboard the boat?
13. Is there evidence of any particular ethnic group?
14. How did the blue skeleton suffer the trauma to his body?
15. Did the damage to the stern of the vessel occur during or after the vessel sank?
16. What would the bottles have been used for?
17. How did the crew die?
18. What do the artifacts tell us about the crew’s socio-economic status?