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Chairperson Len Leniahn
Bryan Ball
President Erie County Democratic Committee
Ellicott Square Building, Suite 115
Kitty Lambert Buffalo, NY 14203
Vice President
Community Outreach
September 27, 2010
Bruce Kogan
Vice President
Party Outreach
Dear Chairperson Lenihan,

Ronald Groth On behalf of the Stonewall Democrats of Western New York, I write to
Treasurer inform you of the recommendations our organization has made for the New York
Thomas Peglowski State Supreme Court seats up for election this year. Over the last two months, the
Secretary Stonewall Democrats have reached out to and interviewed all known candidates
for these offices, and we have made the decision that each of the five candidates
who responded and interviewed with our membership are worthy of a
recommendation for the judicial offices before us.

Those candidates are Catherine Nugent Panepinto, Judge Betty Calvo-

Torres, Judge Jeanette Ogden, Judge Eugene Fahey and Judge Debra Givens.

In the interview process, each candidate demonstrated an uncanny ability

of knowledge, fairness and inclusion of all people as equal, and the Stonewall
Democrats are confident that each will either continue or begin to use these
abilities to serve the NYS Supreme Court.

Without hesitation we recommend Judge Fahey for reelection. Judges

Calvo-Torres and Ogden are also candidates the Stonewall Democrats have
supported in the past, and we confidently support them and their proven judicial
abilities for the NYS Supreme Court. As we do Catherine Nugent Panepinto, who
we have known as a community leader and ally; and we highly recommend her
and her great intellect for the Supreme Court.

In conclusion, we thank you for your consideration of our

recommendations for the NYS Supreme Court. And as always, we look forward
to continuing our great work together of electing strong, good Democratic
candidates for public office. Thank you.

Bryan Ball

Stonewall Democrats WNY – County Court Questionnaire 2010, page 2