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ee/ai/zere, 13:95 6838688739 ‘SWANSEA TAX SERVICE PAGE 91/03 is . —_ ‘United States Dapartmont of Agricature State Ofte ‘Columbia, South Carling September 3, 2010 ‘Town of Swansea Atm: Ray Spires, Mayor Post Office Box 429 Swansea, SC. 29160 Dear Mr. Spires: USDA, Rural Development in Columbia, South Carolina, is in receipt of a Freedom of Information request, a copy of which is attached for your review. ‘To assist. usin determining whether responsive documents, if any, are protected from disclosure by exemption, please find enclosed pages 21 through 27 of RD Instruction 18-F, “Availability of Information,” regartiing exemptions from disclosure. Please ‘the questions outlined on page 24 under “Confidentiality” and page 25 under istence of competition” and “Substantially competitive injury” that are relevant to the ithholding of information: Also, any other issue you wdald like to voice will be However, if we have not heard from you within 15 days from, vill assume you have no objection to the release of informati make a final determination. IF you have any questions or would like to discuss further, pleas ontact me 8 805-253-3993. i