Redefine the

rules exercise
Question # 1
What is the goal
of the exercise?
What rules can we get rid of today – and
thereby create more value for more people?
Strategic thinking questions what
people believe will happen.
Question # 2
Can you please introduce
yourself to everyone?
Start the brainstorm by asking people to introduce themselves to
everyone with 1) their name and 2) a humorous lie about themselves.
My name is John. I climbed mount everest wearing only a straw skirt.

The more ridiculous and humorous lies people tell about themselves, the
better. Why? Because laughter creates a relaxed and creative atmosphere.
When people have already broken the rules of what is acceptable, they
are much more likely to generate really radical ideas.
Question # 3
Can you please
choose a challenge?
Challenge # 1:
Redefine the rules in education.

Challenge # 2:
Redefine the rules of restaurants.
Please get together in the 2 groups.
Question # 4
What goal will you set?
Write down 5 rules that need to be redefined
to create more value for more people.

5 rules in education that need to be redefined
Example of rule:
When people want to learn, they go to a physical building,
for example a school building or a university building.
Step # 5
Redefine the 5 rules to create
more value for more people
When people want to learn, they use social media.

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