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Set Your Metabolism on Fire V1.0

Set Your Metabolism on Fire V1.0

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Published by: johkent508 on Sep 27, 2010
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The Simple Steps Eating plan is designed specifically as a progression of stages
(or steps), with one stage building upon the next. Doing so will help you avoid
plateaus and ensure steady, ongoing progress.

I’ve intentionally made Simple Steps Eating very easy to follow and adhere to.
This way, you don’t have to worry about getting overwhelmed with dozens of
rules and guidelines. Simply start with Step 1, then, when you’re ready, move on
to Step 2, and so on.

Focusing on one change at a time, to the point where it becomes habit, is the
best way to ensure steady, life-changing progress.

In fact, entire books (i.e. The Power of Less) have been written on the fact it’s
better to make small, incremental changes when it comes to achieving goals.
Doing so gives you a singular focus that is far better than restructuring your
entire life around a plethora of changes all at once.

With that being said… if you find that one of the steps is a habit that you already
have, then go ahead and move to the next step. But if you have any doubt at all,
please start with Step 1. Doing so helps keep things simple, easy to follow, and
helps ensure your success.

And for those of you in a serious hurry to lose weight, consider starting with the
Rapid Fat Loss Plan…but only on one condition:

If you have NOT been dieting for at least four weeks and HAVE been eating
at least three good-sized meals per day, including breakfast, then feel free
to start with the Rapid Fat Loss plan.

While not as easy as starting with Step 1, it is the fastest way to lose fat quickly.

If you have been dieting and/or purposely restricting your food intake (i.e. eating
just two meals per day), then you should start with Step 4 for at least two weeks
before implementing the Rapid Fat Loss plan. Otherwise you’re likely to be
starting with a slow metabolism, which is NOT the way to achieve permanent fat

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the Six Simple Steps.

Set Your Metabolism on Fire: 6 Simple Steps to Permanent Fat Loss

© 2009 Dr. J. Clayton Hyght. All rights reserved.

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