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Set Your Metabolism on Fire V1.0

Set Your Metabolism on Fire V1.0

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Published by: johkent508 on Sep 27, 2010
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  • Are You Ready?
  • Your Plan for Success
  • You WILL Succeed!
  • The 3 Pillars of Fat Loss
  • 3 Pillars of Fat Loss:
  • The Secret: Resistance Training
  • Whole Body Workouts
  • Sample Whole Body Training Routines
  • Scheduling Your Workout
  • Twice Weekly Weight Training Schedule
  • Three Days per Week Training Schedule
  • Body Part Split Training
  • Sample Split Training Routines
  • Wrapping Up
  • High Intensity Interval Training
  • Steady State Cardio
  • Types of Cardio
  • Your Cardio Rx
  • Cardio Starter Plan
  • Intermediate Cardio Plan
  • Maximum Fat Burning Cardio Plan
  • Why Six Simple Steps?
  • Step 1: Eat Clean
  • What to Expect
  • Guidelines & Tips for Step 1
  • Approved Condiments
  • "Clean" Foods
  • Step 2: Eat Breakfast
  • Step 3: Eat Protein
  • Step 3 Sample Meal Plans
  • Step 4: Eat Frequently
  • How NOT to Get Fat like a Sumo Wrestler
  • How to Get Lean like a Physique Competitor
  • The "Calories in Versus Calories Out” Myth
  • Eat by the Clock
  • Sample Eating Schedule
  • Step 4 Sample Meal Plans
  • Notes
  • Step 5: Eat Proper Portions
  • Carbohydrates: The Fuel
  • Fat: Friend or Foe?
  • Step 5 Sample Meal Plans
  • Step 6: Eat the Macro-Cycle Way
  • How it Came to Be
  • Nutrient Timing
  • Macro-Cycling 101
  • Step 6 Sample Meal Plans for Women
  • Step 6 Sample Meal Plans for Men
  • Advanced Macro-Cycling
  • Low Days
  • Sample Low Day for Men
  • Sample Low Day for Women
  • Medium Days
  • Sample Medium Day for Men
  • Sample Medium Day for Women
  • High Days
  • Sample High Day for Men
  • Sample High Day for Women
  • Using Your Macro Cycle Diet
  • Reevaluate for Ongoing Progress
  • How to Evaluate
  • Consume Workout Drinks
  • Workout Drink Rx
  • Prepare Your Meals in Advance
  • Avoid Calorie Containing Beverages
  • Drink Ample Water!
  • Do Not Eat until You Get Full
  • Do Not Diet
  • Have No More Than One Cheat Meal per Week
  • Cheat Meal Guidelines
  • Rapid Fat Loss Sample Meal Plans
  • Substituting the Right Foods
  • Clean Foods List
  • Protein Sources
  • Carbohydrate Sources
  • Fat Sources
  • Free Foods are Your Friend!
  • Veggies “Free Foods” List
  • Substituting the Right Amount
  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates
  • CChhaapptteerr 88::
  • Turkey Meatloaf
  • Pecan Crusted Chicken Tenders
  • Chicken Quesadillas
  • Lemon Pepper & Garlic Roast
  • Taco Style Ground Beef
  • My Ex Girlfriend’s Chicken Salad
  • Mini Frittatas
  • Low-Fat Chili
  • Strawberry Egg ‘n Oat Pancakes
  • Yam Puree
  • Baked New Potatoes
  • Eating Late
  • Weight Training Versus Cardio
  • Calories
  • Eating More
  • Fruit
  • Picky Eating
  • Glycemic Index
  • Carb Sensitive
  • Vegetarian
  • Cool Resources
  • About the Author

The fattest group of people I know of is sumo wrestlers. They actually want to be
fat in order to be well-respected among their peers. After all, how popular do you
think a thin sumo wrestler would be? Probably not very.

Over years and years of trial and error, they’ve discovered a method of eating
that enables them to pack on as much fat as possible.

So what is the “sumo wrestler way of eating”? They eat one large meal per day.

Yep, you read that right. They eat once per day. As surprised as I’m sure more
of you will be, physiologically this actually makes perfect sense, and here’s why.

By, in essence, fasting for 23 hours, they cause their body to sense starvation.
This results in their metabolisms slowing down and tells the body to store food as
opposed to burning it. As you know, excess food is stored as body fat.

To top that off, when sumo wrestlers do eat, they eat way too much! They
consume far more calories than they could ever burn in the following few hours.
In fact, they eat more than a days’ worth of calories in their one meal of the day.

This combination of eating too much and not eating often enough works perfectly
to pack on fat, and quickly!

Now let’s look at the other end of the spectrum: lean people.

Set Your Metabolism on Fire: 6 Simple Steps to Permanent Fat Loss

© 2009 Dr. J. Clayton Hyght. All rights reserved.

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