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Project Management

Project Management

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Published by: Priyankita Hazarika on Sep 27, 2010
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Business Idea

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Anjan Brahma (22)

stone chips and just about every other type of minor automobile paint damage can be quickly and easily fixed at the customer's site using special equipment and color-matching paint. Bumper scuffs. fleet owners and insurance companies. . or service center. key scratches. As customers have to bring their motor vehicles to the garages. other potential customers include new and used car dealers.000 of cars.Leena Sharma(43) Priyanki ta Hazarika (28) Company Name : Automobile Paint Competitors : Garage. especially when we consider that there are more than 1 lakh vehicles registered in Guwahati. so is the demand for car painting also rising. our firm would also provide home delivery services (paint touch up) Market and Demand Analysis : In late 90’s there were only about 50. but in present situation more than 1 lakh cars have been registered in the city. Service center Overview : The future is bright for a mobile automotive paint touch-up service. As demand for cars in Guwahati seems to be ever increasing. In addition to car. van and motorcycle owners. truck.

we found that there are minimum ten cases per garage per day in the city.000 40. customers have to wait in a long queue and they donot provide home delivery services also. AT road t* y -6.000 20.000 5. Local garages and regional service centers are the main competitors of our firm. In every garages and sevice center.After doing our study. As our business will be only sold purpose of the vehicles. so we are going to have a mass customization for that our price will be low. Trend Projection : Trend projecton of car paintingYear(t) 2005(-2) 2006(-1) 2007(0) 2008(1) 2009(2) Sum=0 Demand/yr(y) (apprx) 3.000 Bimal auto agency.000 Sum=44.000 Sum=54.000 11.000 t*t 4 1 0 1 4 Sum=10 b={covariance(t*yt)}/(sigma2 * t) =4400 .000 15. Therefore we can say that there is always a need of this type of firm.000 0 15.000 -5.

.Therefore their present consumption is more than 4400 paint customer. So there are valid numbers of customer for us.

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