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Re Launching Frooti

Re Launching Frooti

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Published by: Sai Nirmal on Sep 27, 2010
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overview y Introduction y Strategy y who is digen verma y Campaign y Challenges y Cost effectiveness y Advertisement y Conclusion .

Introduction to case y Frooti' was launched by Parle Agro in 1984. . had dropped in the top-of-the-mind ranking to 60. Frooti had a majority market share of the Rs.. With pressure mounting from all sides. The sales of 'Frooti' also had dropped over the years. y The brand. The situation worsened with the increase in competition.. Parle Agro was forced to rethink its strategy. Frooti' witnessed heightened competition in its own segment tetrapak fruit drinks and juices. 300 crore tetrapak fruit drink market. from 95 two years ago. By 2000. It was the first tetrapak drink to be introduced in the Indian market. which scored a 100 on product likability and quality and a 95 on product recall. However analysts felt that this 16-year-old brand had been losing its appeal over the years. In addition to the threat it faced from soft drinks marketers.

Parle Agro planned to re-launch 'Frooti' by positioning it as fun drink for the youth. the packaging of the product was also changed and the baseline changed to 'Just like that. The case discusses Parle's teaser campaign which was unusual in that it revolved around a faceless person named 'Digen Verma' ' Frooti' was the first tetrapak fruit juice to be launched in India. owing to stagnating sales. As a part of the strategy. . y The teaser campaign evoked enormous public interest. This teaser campaign revolved round a faceless brand ambassador who was positioned as someone whom the youth could relate to. it launched a teaser campaign. However.Strategy y The case 'Relaunch of Frooti-The 'Digen Verma' campaign' analyses the re-launch strategy adopted by Parle Agro for 'Frooti' and the promotional campaign run by it. As a part of the re-launch strategy.

Who is Digen Verma .

there was bound to be an interruption all of a sudden with a handwritten message saying. . ³Will Digen Verma be in the next bus?´ Or. y Some thought it was a campaign for the launch of some new fashion label.Digen Verma y There was no getting away from him. your car is being towed'. when watching a movie. A poster at a bus stop in Chennai asked. The enigma called 'Digen Verma' was everywhere. while others thought Digen Verma he was a philanthropist. 'Digen.

The campaign seemed to have been successful in evoking tremendous interest. The 'Digen Verma' promotion campaign was one of the most interesting and innovative teaser campaigns ever made in India.campaign y In the 15 days that the campaign lasted in (February 2001). it was a series of teaser campaigns launched by Parle Agrochemicals for its mango drink Frooti. especially teenagers.. Designed and executed by Everest Integrated Communications (Everest).. . Digen Verma seemed to have become the most talked about faceless name in the country. which aroused the curiosity of the public.

challenges y The youth segment. was extremely difficult to break into partly because of the perception that 'Frooti' was a kids drink and partly because of the hold that competitors had already established over the market. . not to mention other tetrapak fruit drinks and all the other beverages targeted at the youth. 'Frooti' would be in direct competition with the Cola MNCs (Pepsi and Coca-Cola) which were immensely popular. y By targeting the youth. which 'Frooti' targeted.

Though the campaign had been successful in generating interest.. the customer awareness it was likely to capture for 'Frooti' seemed quite phenomenal.Cost effectiveness y he 'Digen Verma' campaign seemed to have been very successful in terms of the interest it generated. some analysts were skeptical about whether a campaign could actually generate sales.. . For Rs. 30 million spent on it.

Labeling and packing .

advertisement .

Mango Frooti has 85 per cent market share in the category that has other brands such as Maaza and Slice.000-2. Chauhan declined to reveal sales figures of Mango Frooti. However. .500 crore.conclusion y According to Parle Agro. The domestic packaged fruit beverage market is estimated at Rs 2.

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